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Jul 3, 2014|

Mike Triplett joins Deke Bellavia to talk about Jimmy Graham and a possible appeal of the arbitrators decision.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk. I'm big ability indicates he can embodied Barrett is on vacation coming up August program a lot of -- basic YouTube and some that -- go in there isn't a -- of our main. Items on the ball fate as we kind of hit on -- -- the reaction the national media sound off today the day after. Steve Burbank the arbitrator ruled that Jimmy -- -- tight -- we're asking you online at WW dot com would you be disappointed. -- Jimmy Graham appeals Robertson as the season. Casual vote online at WW adept on the becoming a real close but at the July and then five days get a deal done. So between now and then all of you -- say it's going and it is the 260 point seven in the Sonoma Christians -- 866889087. Driving in today. You can always -- -- -- going on nor Mike does a lot on as a lot of people here with celebrated we have one of the best. Foulke shows in the conference. -- -- talk about that later on the program could elect to promote things that are happening in the Big Easy. David -- will be -- -- the quantity of goal for on the -- night talk about working hard. And building something in vision in -- when he first started this they wanted to be good -- -- Which books. I would consider one top five mostly fireworks shows and the -- We'll talk about go -- On the -- Mike Triplett who -- the Saints in. In AFC south but ESPN EE SPN dot com we what is. What do chances Jimmy Graham it's a long term deal done ought chances another teammate come after him. Will get his take in the in the Stephen gallon you know is to visit as you hear -- talk about people across there. Now is that -- -- different names like Christians Kato indicating camp in excellent UConn -- on the right things by the state. And I am who I am Steven -- we call him big game Martin -- but betrayed between Stephen MR it's a column name. Name. Chases in name pronounced like -- -- are since I've been here. I think in the history WBO sports. He can say foreign names. All that he is too long and roll all follow. As good as any about. I mean calling him Wimbledon main collection Djokovic in -- different people and soccer names but that's hard to do. And he'll miss a beat but on the flip side Stephen gala is the best at scheduling peoples names that hockey program. A man huh Aston. I'm pronouncing that right. On knows he's ESPN insider. And farm director of basketball operations with scout video coordinator will talk to him. About NBA free agency. If you're Carmel and they allowed to go to Los Angeles. The -- as a star. They would lottery. -- Salt Lake fans take to be accountable and I'm not -- You got second most titles anybody asleep at the ball we know that. It's a great franchise. But if you go about what you worries you saw. It -- it would have been a in my -- eight C nine amenities. So yeah Carmelo and the -- Ugoh TLE Kobe's -- banking and that would maybe two good years of that. Palca saw. He's he's been in disarray since stated that the -- of a teammate on the team with the Lakers. What's with his girlfriend in him in the Saints fans. Audits it and what do you do. I just don't think com Allen is only 33 million dollars on the tape. Off the sign as many. Big 33 more million dollars but it would stay it would new York and confident I don't know O'Neal won't and to state. The -- in them money. But anyway we're talking about that and Tiger Stadium. Was voted one of the best places to watch college football. What sports venue in all of sports professional baseball basketball football hockey have you been to. Text me 8787. Email me big chief at WW dot com and call with such a conversation today. It was like Ellis said on reports and so many people stop by about the next four miles that's what. The young man named Brian Fisher as -- would. -- -- Who writes for college football 24/7 has been doing a series of fourteen for fourteen. He didn't he out he thought was a fourteen best college football coaches earlier. And he's on the 1414. Best college football stadiums. -- -- he has the Rose -- Then he had number two Tiger Stadium three as husky stadium fourth Kyle feel -- five as Austin stadium that is where are in place. On the fourteenth camp Randall stadium. Always hear from you couldn't that's a debate audience out there which stated -- Big -- of the uniqueness of I've always put on a list of state and to go to -- -- go to the big house I would go to the horseshoe. To see. -- the Ohio State. And needs to gain. Now camp Randall stadium I came into contact in came in to -- on Cameron -- Barry Alvarez was there. Really did a great job a coach in Wisconsin that on the -- both great program. But in that time and in the nineties. Onto a full court one of the signature at things in a cottage stadium. Is at the end of the third and going to before the house of -- jump around and the entire state and especially student section goes nuts. And a year you know you can as people as coach miles less miles who coached in this stadium for many years. As a coach in my houses you know an atmosphere as you've been to the big twelve. Alston Oklahoma Oklahoma State Texas at the ACC atmosphere even on Tuesday as it as Wisconsin is it as it is it in it Clancy's -- question. So I -- it work for that would be a place I would like ago where would you like to account Yankee Stadium I -- new York and anyone. Target you why you've. I'll visit takes a despair about Russell Mora to meet. A year ago it's all right -- from our post on the ground there. The field I always wanted to be a great player on the rough toward the game. But. I had a chance to be a Yankee Stadium in that and now -- 91 I didn't go as auto regrets and I've taken a trip. Scott gained over the Bill Campbell for our state amended -- Mean you know it is a game your chances over and don't know their original league -- caned and now you get a I've been -- Italians a run in the stadium. Dog real. They have -- things and now as well. I have been -- The first. -- -- stadium. -- superdome. 03 Rivers stadium. Wrigley Field -- Comiskey Park. When Nashville reporters play. A few accounts inward -- play. So. You Jimmy. -- if you began and why is it special. Is a certain food taster. Is -- the Saints. -- the united center for a basketball and portable. Game it Rose Bowl not the Michael Durham Bulls and everything that's in -- hockey games. And the the the I guess you'd say they have the respect. -- As a professional a hockey fan base is very unique of this -- and it. When the actual at united sometimes you go to church and some gone wrong and -- They'll hold back you have to wait him -- and then go to -- sprints -- like a services -- memorial service. Hockey games like that if the accident on -- you can move about the state. You gonna -- in your seat you gotta wait in game one as a break in action on or is. They let you go to UC -- way back at a certain area where you -- can't. And that's a weighty as but it just remake it into like the national and what do you should be his go nuts during the National Anthem but the out party -- But those types of stories will be talk about the day plus. If you could visit once sporting. Which one would be would -- be historic Lambeau Field LSU plated in two years. Will it be the big house this implant. Notre Dame missed implant Ohio State. In not always very much all grow tuck and roll music of the tied it with me here today welcome back -- Would like to -- Became a Wisconsin Ohio. In December or September and that's what Todd -- as me. On this again I would -- that I'm I'm one of those now where I've always had is. Kind of a dream all or of one of the things I want to I'd like to be the next -- and somewhere even for a sport they also. I really would go up there they have some very very cool paint. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their vendors and use it don't stretch all the way down -- where we are now we used to be down to maintain our dated but it's all around dominant we got. A veteran all the way down a -- a magazine importers and I want across and as soon as I came up via. Ty mama the Communists in the tomorrow we will would be -- it -- take -- it's OK -- -- -- the B seventy going to try to cross a street. Solid ball pretty big bucks to get -- -- points. And -- -- I -- there was always caught eliminate that was what like a yellow car limiting I want to Seattle could and hit a pineapple but this is the Hawaiian lemonade. -- bits of strawberry -- -- is gaining any news on believable so that's on the -- -- fear to Camden yards both atmosphere -- to thank you so much a lot of -- -- -- 87878. Which sports venue is the most intimidating. Which one do you wanna visit. And which won't have you visited it's been special -- this is sports talk on WW. World Cup earlier this week a lot of excitement the Wall Street Journal. And -- today's deal he brings me on the Wall Street German in New York Times sports and I get to read it. There is are they do a Fiji today at the bottom of the sport accusing wanted to sports it is called the count it's a certain number. In a fetus is American in the World Cup's the -- all. And I think maybe it has to do with the because the World Cup team did good this time that maybe -- pick up some more steam. But there's at the all the hoopla the US men's national team won one game at the World Cup that Briggs Americans all the time World Cup win total. Out of 33 matches to remarkably honest modest eight. Although the US has become a reliable woke up qualifier. Participating in all seven since 99 in scored 25 goals and 26 games over that time. And just won five of those matches. How the US men's national team has span in the World -- all time they participate in 33 matches there record eight wins ninety -- six drawl. They scored 37 goals in 33 game. Matches they've allowed 62. World -- to reach in appointed director of vs Europe is 313 and by they've reached the quarterfinals twice the semifinals once in nineteen there. Knows all the numbers. From the world -- and Milton on the in the -- -- take this out the number is one team. If that is the year in aid of -- -- fights the university toss by itself among concerned that lyrics are sexist the school has announced changes including. In there fight song -- -- walk -- it's all of a -- meaning that the women it was a good look. They're changing that line Rocco it's the fairness to our students on a fine. That being news. And that made the meeting that takes them biblical Leo. I don't know tradition. Being there for continues. In his and they got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean other than when when aquinas it would -- is -- why -- the -- of them all. I mean I don't think fairness is -- the year and I'm not a moment but. It's and I said I was a fan I would be this upon. UNESCO to -- -- in old Metairie -- thank you for calling WW. I -- you don't -- and you. Critic here -- an unusual places and mention -- Circular in the zone and blessed that goes on. I -- -- product or usual places in. A place him in an impression on me it was Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium log -- Their back on out of high school my dad. Whoever -- you policeman. In a private investigator did some work for Lloyd's of London type of long went and saw a soccer match creating a limb and branch at Wembley polian lamented that was that. Man oh man -- mirrors there are. Almost like a 100000 gave it the way he's done it. That's trying to run him out it was so out. And I had been -- I've been a stadium but nothing compared to that I yeah. It shifted because it is day -- day. We -- in us and us -- that you. It's funny you mention it could not favor please coast -- grew up news. Our own Oriole Park at Camden -- Candidate you know it's not as did I I use the kids the the city of New Orleans is the in the crescent to train him leave Ian gold and all want go to upped it to five Chicago -- -- -- -- east. In -- new York and every time you get in the EDC you move from on that train to electric and it's a lot faster. But when you passed through you get past DC and outside America -- pastor Baltimore and you -- -- -- right you see Camden yards right there. It's right there and that -- it manager of like me in. You know part of the reason you're going to for the food they got Boone browser -- Shaq out of left field. It makes to do and make. You know the day. They got everything you can imagine. They'll blow all aircraft cake should -- if that's -- like him but the smiles come out of there. Are made an -- producer. For a little story if you if you watch a game colonias Q and and they pan out so the outfield you see those same two million dollar condominium. Located. And the heart or wasn't such a safe place -- -- -- Me and -- content and friend used to go up there. And we grow rocks from railroad Embree and does that used to it could be you know. Offices but it was close. And I mean police and look at just doing and they say. Beat care also are you know more of those rocks -- -- opportunity in her that'd -- -- 'cause it was -- Now all these years later those bleachers. -- couldn't short lived there in the at a dollar condos and overlook. The stadium. Out in the outfield. But. And you know now in order to rating this year -- Tiger Stadium that -- you sound yeah. Two lane you know on the art -- so much looking forward Mike Cavanaugh. They go to our native Colombia I'm I'm -- Florida you know my schedule out. Alabama to be there early but I will be there when they have against temple and Ernie -- -- capital market and the BS should be great weather. But on that can be I think that when it's -- send down on the huge huge boy I'm not only a two intently at the university. You -- stadium. On September opened up against Georgia Tech will come back and talk to my trip a lot of text here. Talk about stadiums and so far WW of these times for 31 I thought the first things will go to -- hands so. And welcome back to sports talk a big Olivia what stadium. Has impressed you the most you -- you visited which one would you like to -- and why. -- -- -- Unfair scheme where -- is. Today -- seven if they definitions as. Our scheme doesn't mean one -- looks isn't. So beauty. And we will talk about that because University of Iowa assume you to -- is changing that -- the -- In their fight song at the 118 years because of come on professing -- point of the fights on a sexist as alliances including. It -- our co into the fares they're taking -- onto our students on the fines. Welcome back. Best stadiums you've had been 226017866889. Use him many times it's obvious in the 7 o'clock I was volatile -- about. The best video games you can -- sports wise and I got some on emails last night with some people. Nick actually -- me emails late last night as they had heard about -- -- the pockets of a toss that back into the mix -- -- 5 o'clock now too as well have fun ailments eat before the fourth of July and I want it for you football fans teammate Graham has ten days from yesterday to make an appeal of the decision that he classified as a -- -- Operated jaguar people were asking would you be his point of Jimmy Graham appealed audiotape altered his decision. Cast your vote on line WW of that can't peak -- in the Yankee Stadium in 68 thought Mickey Mantle the -- drag -- Gain -- they'll walk. Elegant stadium in 1950 full not that -- there on lately. Has been this series. -- place. In the Soldier Field. Always they would night's game they won not just jumped up and -- at Minnesota field three counts the most recent with a 2000. TN. Which is 11 January 11 NFC championship game between the Packers and the Bears and -- got the tickets almost doubled abuse and Osama to -- argument take it. And out open a beer at the auto the third quarter. In eyes popped down it was a mad degrees. And when the sun went down it was thirteen degrees in the game picked out that he's. The at the top on my hand could feel my things that were announced that it. It is someone misses -- -- yeah you know back in the day in the when there was some great Catholic league games it was some special doubted him on -- quite sure of that. My achievement will probably tell us and they in my journal about -- stadium and I think our. The mind now is one of the only teams. In the division locker -- week in at the -- a lot of teams that want -- -- -- -- visiting locker room I was they have. Yeah it's -- to do it. It's like a man of psychology. And the water cooler Kenny. Actually -- a great experience now. You know when you look at can't stay -- -- -- in the Big Ten -- that's Webb Iowa Hawkeyes by former Iowa stadium. It looks it done the way it's been laid out EW I mean it's hardly a 70000 debate it almost 71000 units they. Yeah I think -- that you know certainly. It means that -- -- -- -- in the hole there I mean it's similar LSU. And the result campers that -- and from and current state. Well they global sport Nebraska joined the Big Ten they were the only Big Ten eight. But no proteins in the states like -- idol shall bosses and -- number one thing on alert we're we're. Yet official what should've fully get it Hussein is another question I've always and I know that your -- tristate area Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa. The fans I want to Disney World and in -- which he was -- on the have a go to Disney World when it's hot again this is -- out of but we waited -- to grab a ball installment has been goofy raffle I thought if I Ment what's his it would to a but -- time we sit in this seat and we started it with 27 seconds on it rat and I'll tell amount goes you know if you go to somebody's big state -- us. Mean that you ran all their -- Mora as what does that hours they fail like Mike that's a big deal. Well I'll tell you I -- just a couple hours to Chicago and so I would I would go to Chicago and Six Flags and held -- there and and so it's ligament and I would just that I'm. I'm a little bit more complexity here speaker. I can't I can't I can't say anything they -- -- Now I have somewhat honest and I -- to -- on the dancing -- absorb that way that's. You know I'd be making a living off of two weeks out -- that's a big league -- -- questionnaire I want my arm. Yet the heartland of America no doubt about it. Jimmy Graham now. What what stood out to you. And what mr. Burbank wrote it in the first three paragraphs a Grand -- of ball he basically back. That's his position that's where cultures on the handbook says and he what do you what in his Facebook he really made it simple to me what what stood out what Burbank say to you. Well I think people might misinterpret that or maybe that's interpreting it I took the first. 568. And that is Himalayan out the facts. Not necessary given an opinion. So and I actually later on that you went on sale didn't went into his opinion he never circled back to the Twitter profile picture but he didn't specifically say the Saints -- Graham the tight and on the roster and no prayer. But I can't let what ultimately I think that's all those pile up. I'm I'm reading between the lines here but I think I think Stephen Burbank wrote a lot throughout that decision about other is nowhere in the local -- what a tight end is. That's why it's certainly not sign in the CPA. And out of the dictionary and layers of the end zone and oh yeah even submitted. Two different dictionary and -- awkward position. I'll let you know -- over everything but there's -- clear that initial what is at tight end and decide. And I think in general the heat but he. Considerable evidence but it just has got which -- This guy -- the tight end that's a tendency you mentioned a lot the physical traits and here terroristic Hauck coached at the evaluate use them how they teach them. And certainly rather -- -- that was one of the -- it -- which went. When Jimmy Graham in the slot a lot of different positions spill into the slot receivers don't but I didn't do in the slot running next -- the slots but generally there are covered. Based on their position when it receivers in the bodies covered by quarter when a tight -- in the slot he has covered by linebackers and Jimmie and still treated as a tight end slot so he's still playing tiger. Mike -- over the Saints and NFC south ESPN EES in that time -- mine now and bad days left. For Jimmy Graham and his agent to make an appeal. Eight what type of shot you think they would have to make it appear and if it does make an appeal play into any part of negotiating a contract with him ignoring. Problem is they can -- them until he. I don't know that in Q could possibly be hurt and sided toward July 13 till he. Thought -- realistic shot at winning. DP Cuba that chant laughter. They may appeal by. And it did appeal like it would be a small chance to win. You know the judges see it differently or think you're Burbank ruled it so Providence that are there -- trying to -- the work -- all. Everybody should be focused on Serbia I think it's unfortunate for Jimmy Graham that he -- but I do -- From a Saints fan base I think it more likely now -- long term deal does get done. If Graham what do one. Arctic coast on the last week I think you might write about it marketers and really -- long term deal on. But now that grant lost it long and the Saints do right by him and pay him work I think pitched this good about it it's played out like Drew Brees -- played two years ago. Mike came in and finally now our whole. Wouldn't -- would another team I'll be interested in other other teams sit back and seeing how this thing. Plays out where where would that play into this as far as that is it pretty much his -- the Asia they'll be down Urlacher that's easy different room was on the Internet in. I do agree with thinking and some of those certainly that so many motor sports I. But settled -- states without that statement at the saint -- low -- Jamie Graham on at the and he refuses to sign and it makes it known that he's -- so. And you would come a lot cheaper. The other teams would be ready to constant but there's no indication that I still think the only way and other into -- -- from the -- to outbid them. Which could take. At least eleven million dollars a year. -- to torture under -- I just I just don't see that and I think the -- well -- fair offer -- -- -- him around ten million dollars the year it's now more I think Indy and everyone does well what because. Is that too much sense -- student stay together and they're perfect at church. Mike how -- folks file you won't win. -- Mike thank you so much it's MI can be -- be waived him based Almonte in the no I and I I think about it every day that I can be horrible we've had to do. It wrote. A little. ESPN espn.com. Trip have a before the July week he. You can't be all right I'm Deke Bellavia would you be disappointing if Jimmy Graham appealed to arbitrator's decision -- operate jaguar opinion poll. WW dot com. And welcome back -- mediate 7870. Is it beat Duke basketball camp indoor arena would love to see a game and no -- I agree with the that is certainly one especially if you could be if the Duke North Carolina but -- game would be one to go to no absolutely. You know speaking to Duca. I was like Adam Richman a story about enrichment to. You may know him man man vs food picked up a lot of weight loss a lot of weight but he's on the fire right now actually -- -- show. Yet and he showed it just debuted as -- comments by -- food. He also -- away at the man vs food because what he meant that through any any game healthy because he's Reynolds. Food challenges in dollar difference the Athens economic good flew on a good to leave a lot of it is noted -- to you. What he wrote. Only is against the Graham about these -- -- each writing and he used the word. That. From did not read this from all of the Washington Post he has take. The inspiration. PH idea and is he now are eight Seattle and those amusing what does it mean well. To a circles who. All our pro anorexia all the -- This is considered. Don't know well I think you could've got away with equipment -- any kind of bad back it's it is. Would award you know we just got to see we have radio which is it we do these things -- computer. When you go you take -- -- clients and it is we just had one on Twitter and it was phenomenal -- about -- And people who like their people who out there that it did look foolish stuff to pick a fight which in Dickenson -- Would patrols and I'm just learns from this thing we took from all our company was suppose I don't know this was patrol -- what they needed. And they always say you don't buy it hook on me to finish no matter how good debate and looks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well at emirates and a bit of hook and I into it in this Greinke went -- -- -- words what this person I don't know he knows person anyway traveled down South Dakota series. And then in the of but the thing about it minutes about and -- about a new suitors if you noticed on the year. Especially this week and you'll -- -- barbecue pit masters juicy barbecue wars. -- lot of food channel all for that week in things and here's. I encourage or news but I also like. Banners driving in that -- Vieri. And I like the Andrew Zimmerman Zimmerman of the most he's won the soft foods -- the Eagles need to -- -- foods America. This just -- showed it is about food but you know a lot about the culture of a place about -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot about West Virginia. In what what some of the foods -- known a day in the big contingency of the tie -- settlers they came in worked in the coal mines. And that's where we go and so but anyway that was alone but to -- on that. More takes hear about the state of Wrigley Field the best particularly beat Oakland's art than decent martz follow that hits in -- one. Beat it's not the stadium Omaha man went to the brew brewer stadium that's over. And saw Bo Jackson break a bad -- -- news that. Also camp Randall is varied. Thank you so much for -- that it must have been so in the seat and not mean you can break that bad within me Alamo Bowl Jets. Was one BT Donovan taking Mississippi and am proud -- fan. And -- -- -- -- home SEC game plan that it is it here might roll it and went on Tuesday and is now. It is -- and and Anthony bordering on too you know no reservations. These -- though -- invent those -- food shows but there is more like a documentary about waited his -- to be visiting Ethiopia. And children has been totally in the Vietnam and Cambodia he's with the leafs in the nearly sweaty at war zone and his. And you learn more about the coach and now you know happy with survive in this. Yet traveled all we want bookstore of break there was one Andrews him idiot and he went to -- -- outside a Mobile, Alabama. And has a settlement of a Vietnamese people in the community in the Vietnamese growth story of seafood was one gentleman. VO discount a contract if you put in the war. And it helps him -- the edge in it was commonly used like we feel more. And Sammy it was just unbelievable in and out and double -- -- -- -- in his hands as he -- for -- -- -- you mean you -- in the Izturis and stuff like that but yes I -- like and it ain't little risk that they that he should. I'm big -- being a sports summit got a lot on the Manuel put some more out there including operated jaguar team -- Jimmy grammys it's it's in his. It's it is legal rights he can appeal the decision if he does appeal of the disease and he's tied in with debt of civic. This is sports talk on WW. You know you could be the first to know about sports news as it happens -- if you've been sad obvious that you don't know when the decision came down about Jimmy Graham is something happens LSU pelicans. World club big sports we have four year. You can be a homeboy text the word sports to 878. Sammy and you'll be on sports. -- team message and data rates may apply -- -- on the river is coming up tomorrow I want a top five must see fireworks shows in. Our great country did address the will be with us next hour -- -- your call -- and operated jaguar opinion -- Would you be disappointed in Jimmy Graham appealed the arbitrator's. Decision -- -- BS they called it -- Stephen Burbank. Ruled he gave his decision and Jimmy Graham is that idea or are Graham and is. Agent Jimmy sexton the side. To make it -- Would that -- you cast your vote. On line at WWL. Dot com on the -- they had before the jet black. And welcome everybody into our great city for his fourth of July weekend Primeau owls a sports talk in -- don't takes over at 8 o'clock. All yet to -- local program in the midnight here on WW.