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7-03 5:10pm Sports Talk: Vintage Video Games & Jimmy Graham

Jul 3, 2014|

Deke talks to WWL listeners about favorite old video games and favorite stadiums and Jimmy Graham and a long term deal. Deke also talks to the Coordinator of the Go Fourth on the River Cebbie Bresler about the world class family friendly attraction.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Air welcome back to sports -- our number two guy in the Deke Bellavia good evening and thank you don't have to Katie came Bobbie Barrett is on vacation. Operated jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com are you making way home to -- to a -- become into the city welcome everybody and now for the -- fourth on the -- the fireworks celebration. That's happening I wanna -- an apartment night the green what is -- -- or as some man you know some songs that. That -- you choose when you hear a degree once league god bless the USA. That's -- you know the year. Tennessee. Walked up -- Miami in the Sugar Bowl. Lee Greenwood of previous from Tennessee. What he's saying it had -- -- -- do you -- in as a second verse where he -- and -- it to that he was at Tennessee in everybody in that dome. Yeah it was eighty corny. I mean it was all SEC Tennessee fans and man. And more every time -- took a -- man. Racquet. Where always beat. Yeah I'd now like to go to even statement I've been in the stadium and the you know a bit different but someone told him look if you goal. Try to go where you can go out Tuesday -- -- -- you know certain that you from the bitter over. He -- a smoke he's and you -- beautiful mountains in Tennessee and we drove through there -- went in an episode seven years ago. But it is a beautiful stadium and I think that as a program. They got the right coach found. At the medicine was with the Kiffin and he severely minister Derek Dooley who sent him back in Sean amount a time. Butch Jones has done a great job and I think Tennessee. Is a Munich they got everything they need him in a tremendous fan base that -- -- that seed and you. So that's a program I think that the -- now in the SEC east as we talk with a bit about the though the goal on the CD -- fall on the room. And that's happening -- -- the widows of the candidates now essence this isn't now tonight knots and Lions. Everything. On it could be anything one might. And tomorrow night prints that's -- Stan the prints he will be the -- land. And I remember I saw prince was in the eighties and he came here or eighties -- now and that was. As being -- parade parade he was a Marie you're real popular with it and it -- the purple rain but. A phenomenal artists. So he will be in town this week with many great to welcome you all to the city but why in traffic. Partake in -- jaguar in info would you be disappointed if Jimmy Graham appealed arbitrator's decision you can Texas and 87. And email -- was of the TP WWL. Dot com Steve Geller has -- he's got to go to WW dot com and talk about as a Jimmy Graham piece feedback from a reaction from Bobby -- -- -- team by myself the not to -- there. But Steve also put together all the national stories. That have been written on -- grassy kind of click on -- and it'll just seeing in different directions so what people ceremonies closed it was close. I'm in Texas and so forth all the big. Entities meeting at these out there they are talking about it and of course Steven has been a feature on line WW decked out. And tell me about your visit to a state. And look it don't matter it could be it could be a unique high school stadium. And Moss point Mississippi. I coverage because animals -- To miss him on the floor at that way. And big. Oh look at Utley in the going to be paying big walks things would area with a -- -- -- then. Unique stadium. That's that has -- can't would Louisiana. Small being you want a school it's on a massive in the campus. There but there is a giant water tank. -- role blew an eight foot ankle rule all -- single room. So most of my dad has no right or wrong that's -- talk about staying but what's the most intimidating stadium. All sports being new you have been through it could be an arena could be. Madison Square Garden can be. Some of the case. And what made that so unique at that point and a public to install it in the right or wrong stores it with tokens with token with each other here. Back on -- Take you cause like the back porch. If -- be careful. The phone Sammy hit what talks like Woody yesterday on yesterday's program and a 7 o'clock -- -- -- -- sound off on him. Without talking about. Sports be -- and we talked about Mike Tyson's punch out. We talk about double dribbled bases loaded. To ideally football ball Payton. You name it. A quick. Boxing game that was on the cost both is Mike Tyson knockout in Tokyo. Was Buster Douglas both of those he had -- -- -- about a guy who had -- -- to -- With both of them so what -- that it makes him in one lady calling yesterday -- -- showed. And she just had that and we'll talk about in television which was one of the first game counts it was a RE. And there was a television television had a better graphics the bonus round. They -- where they got people to follow -- a lot of Activision game pitfall was want there was this casino game we here at college shuffle talked about it yesterday. In the in -- So it and keep it up and that kotsay in his Vietnamese that EA used to go -- level and you solid down the bond. And of course when it when no one of different things came active you that you could pass -- -- its bottom I sake shake assault upon. In those games. So it'll open up the whole. Big book capable residential. And Hanson on on the eve before the July. Inwardly and -- that the video be. Is Pacman. The greatest one now. I'm in the pac man owner Horry remember when used to get disarming and that was -- you got like in the twenties you clear twenty bullet in his green was thought shaken. Eight and eat because not many people get that far -- like one I have my whole family watching in the whole room was out of -- all the guys that this bubble full. And that most of it -- going means as the game was like the pressure on me by the -- Pacman has to be. Armament I was eighties -- The don't call means it -- -- -- coach -- clock on the might be limited to overlook anything to do in the shooting about it. Dig Doug was a -- -- pitfall ops that was a great game. Don't you call. Yeah that I remember -- hat. Top item veto game plan about -- man like I said if I have them -- room all Pedro might have little table. I have some of course the big original at the -- big box game. The one half on this now starting right now the nets to what we're going to 'cause I don't -- -- -- -- great -- nobody rushed -- -- -- -- deviate from the Herman in metric and Dwyane they wanna talk about best stadiums also you guys think about a video game for me to -- right -- to -- And this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports saw Texas -- 8787 would you be disappointed Jimmy Graham appeals arbitrator's decision it's operated. Jaguar -- you -- a lot on the -- Uga puts the phone agree on Nextel to -- -- for the phone to go to but it metric for Scott Scott thank you for calling WW. They'd be traded and he's. Argument comment about is watching you like to go to the stadium yet. It is the pre date especially come out there are content from the -- on the river Obama there we throw -- my -- -- but I commentary -- It's great atmosphere and sidebar it. But the seating at -- -- that it's terrible. Arm the recalling you know 100000 over there's there's to -- aren't your -- -- your back and I'm not -- That'd be like Ortiz there it was a most comfortable game I've ever -- and I'll I'll look at their yet. Just salaries and that's a great trip really nice and fans what they just it's just -- crap that you you can really quickly in the guy. Didn't stand up on the pocket just sit back -- -- -- these -- the backgrounds. But that's not come about. You are you calling to complain you devastate you had a good experience in our audio lets you -- island. I'm a huge -- in there and they got that protect the -- upper back at those illegal and did you know solidly yeah that's -- get out of here and proud that -- South -- -- knows we have been -- -- got -- -- -- -- stadium. I've got to the Alabama and LSU -- catch is that will go we have -- -- thank you so much appreciated. -- -- go to a permanent on line to -- thank you for calling debuted at Uga. Not going to protect my copy of the and all right I've been an accident that we travel they want to Carolina campus our stadium out that Carolina -- What the game stadium -- do you and we priced Nemo game that they got an out there that does. Stadium. Obviously but they'll courses but I -- the year and the one. Masso. Championship so you know that game. Mantra but I mean I guess so but don't do. Is probably a bit. Yes I -- out and have a mile away. Well in 2006. Are not being the bad experience being in there. Being in the stadium in that playoff game. It took. Not been be so ago. And I've been to a lot of they rely on the Carolina. And a whatnot and actually beat Cuba though on what you think. -- We acting on the -- and been in and in the way. I've got -- arm and Herman map appreciate tanyon at a video game you like. On odd Nintendo. Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers and a utility man and -- You know -- -- are you solidly in England my aunt there and play at -- -- and -- and repeat and be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call them in awhile. And there little. La. And then do it again. Yeah not as good -- -- cameraman thank you so much that time and you filed a a separate our country a lot on the main you would you be disappointed Jimmy Graham -- arbitrator's decision. But as we've talked about sports video game just dating somebody called and threw him -- attempts as it you know it. We wanted to talk about about 45 minutes yesterday civil -- of the not to talk about just beat Q beat his one Deke move patrol. Defendant. And ms. Pacman -- -- -- would be -- -- -- yes I remember ball arm all that's all right that's all right if you remember Palmer and the Spurs are shown at eight. And -- is that what you -- Tammy okay out since it don't -- Dot dot dot com arcade games with the guard yes I remember. That -- -- -- -- Nintendo with the accessory of the garden and it came -- don't can't gain. It was legal absent thank you so much. Miss Pacman out I like to miss Pacman more than idea. Pacman. And Gallagher all manga I remember. Michael Bennett. I want to school with Nina. And Michael Bennett his pop -- he's the father of Michael Bennett. -- -- -- The two place they've been as football only one is closed it down -- defense allowed the Seattle Seahawks. Only with the same as gloomy and I -- with the distinct knew Michael was great as it. They had a -- and Amy call gained CU anything Johnny most mostly zone around and he's have all think it was a real hot in the eighties. And Michael would sit day you know -- Gallagher comes out you've got to give Maine -- at the bottom that it was shipped it shoots all the low but alien books. And in Alabama. Was that -- shoot them before it seeded all star shooting you would chase and come down you know again out to make it set up. In the first couple bowl. Idol week. And then I'm all set -- -- -- needless war always I want to be fair and he was terrible I mean you could do to little things the bounds you can shoot twice. Agassi and updated version -- week issued a little faster and have a little more you know when you could. Distraught or aliens an animal he was it takes the technical bogey set Seubert and -- And -- -- simple goals and ultimately. Double dragons yeah that was popular two -- guard Elaine -- -- -- thank you -- WW. JR. Right. But. -- about it you'd ever be in the country that. I -- doing windy Hugo. Club -- that little brief merchant -- it and when they won. Coach. Sure now -- -- a cancer Ellis now that was a great game -- you -- there yet shouldn't. Be sure it will be sure that it scored. Oh. They -- Discount or what. -- doing imitate they've they've made some they made some upgrades they've obviously done a little -- the video boards. I went I went two years ago. I'm not outside Libya got to some some good friend of my and that the Rudolph canyon mesa and I difficult it is onto -- this Buddha. And -- is it's it's it's applauding history you know on a show all the championships and I say -- our program but there's a -- Went right before he showed his medial and they go to to the actual team ball on a feel motivational coming out now. And as upon what -- brats on Manny is active and he's showing like he's coaching once said at -- and at some stadium. And he is like a shady you know -- on -- state initial welcome back to -- and look at and you hear talk. You know I never been member and a winner and outlawed you know -- you -- hate Alabama. You can hate the SEC it don't matter we like but you know what that. That is his best best best and -- -- -- curt answer this thing they did descending a Soldier Field with -- event Allison and Hammond and of course they went back and so. Gayle sayers and Walter Payton and stuff like that it's it's it's and it's a chance -- but he -- especially these big video boards. To really. Educate other fans who have visiting and in their own it and me and I know about about the history of that program being nothing more intimidating and him being a visiting player in this thing now. DL I'm pretty. As some guys don't demise -- 2 -- and understand that that is. That is hallowed ground historically -- no doubt about it that's a great restore -- -- used in the state basketball baseball and football here. The Contra down. BA stalk them and the -- examined -- they would be great email me at night does that -- beat these games were against the Colts. -- -- -- -- -- National golden act it Paulie -- -- follow it from the super pitfall to go but I like it well. Senate -- arcade version with the track well the best game known it was good that was. And says this and that's why I like the shadows received and it takes involved emails out to the emails and minute. And of course. Called us at 26017866890. It's -- right now 60% of you would be. Disappointed Jimmy Graham appeals that -- decision 32 and you would not be a hobby for Tim Tim thank you for calling WW -- It's going to be a commitment yes and two years ago marks on graduated from art school and -- what are our Red Sox grant. I took him why we went to Boston to -- eights and or read -- awards are more. Ticket for. Tuesday night. Well we got there on Sunday. We want and all our our talent right about way -- a -- at our. And at a game -- and alike are and we're going to the game so. The streets that the atmosphere around there I believe we'll shoot block all around state. So we get there and they will play in the -- were partners. No -- I said in ball totally in our our sport to all accept patents. Anywhere in state. We were standing on the green. And -- and -- -- and -- don't mean -- all agree mark that was an unbelievable experience. I've always wanted to go -- I was on Google. To handle gamely to end the -- to make it back to make it the best thing all that was current weight 100 year. So made a whole or in big league baseball. We got cute or Tuesday that they -- -- corporate tickets for realized that our seats. War. Where they were on the the over so we got a few strokes. Called the same guy that's all those perhaps it's he bought my ticket back to all articles more we sat six wrote on. -- you came it is a -- do you. I'm god it was an unbelievable experience year old seventh I'll -- -- well known and yet man -- unless there's some you know yes I'm like it is an outstanding and mommy and gave -- L -- -- -- -- -- and -- got everything in an amicable all -- segment of one. -- you start talking about -- team -- enemy -- opposite at the ticket on the ball accurately. Why not I'm I'm I'm grateful you call them on and that we gutsy -- -- -- found open up to you go to and think about what you want to talk about -- economist additional. Right now. I'm so it might mention Paul what if the first all year -- control mode around the game you got Al handled around. Think you'll regain tender barber and handball as the -- we're only reportedly had a battle with those two tenths shooting yup -- note has good stuff to a man look I'm glad the unions on this like a great time. Thank you for the call conference the on -- let's go to lane. On I want length thank you for calling -- did you -- You okay lane. Surely go back and Dave Barrett and scored very 1981 on May -- -- -- pretty okay. Upon actual goal did this in. Absolutely and that the -- Right -- -- yet yet not a record that's way that's when it was thought to be would be able to do that today imparted yet. You know they -- they at a different pieces at that point obviously. You know Isaiah are Chuck -- did you get man beating his thought and a different piece he had in foursome. The guy who just don't knock everybody out Alan Rick my whole 18 media and -- had the big tall rich guy who was in one of the best centers in the game at a time John Salley. Maybe you bring in the dad is -- garbage points in this is a tremendous rebounder. -- a -- like a rabbit and he got their backcourt with. -- laws and it of course Thomas that you bring a diving in like the microwave Vinnie Johnson though it was just. It was he's that the polls are they paid their dues you noting had to -- go to Celtics. And once they got over to -- than they wanna change you. It's available curtain across we're Crosby's who did that and that's where -- played in my high school we don't play one game a year. Three years we got to play before the -- and do it. Got a plane I don't need to and get -- go and try and shoot a twenty foot jump shot inside the group and so on and so ago. Man. And a sound like good stuff playing yet at Datsyuk the -- -- him back the Big Dig and get beat today. All -- looks real incessantly about our program. Would. I'm which -- I I agree with -- yeah Armisen playing saint thank you so much the call. I appreciated David wrestler as well as -- every year we visit would -- at this time to talk about. Go forth on the river and -- Debbie and everybody who put this thing on several years back. They wanted to be a very special event the people come out to India family -- -- -- well it is that and it's far exceeding its a couple of the top five must see fireworks shows. In the country Debbie thank you so much all the time in a bought a year -- is up past already you would go for the another big -- for father of. It could be yeah it's the 24 annual gulf port on the river but it's how long that community at 34. It's had been working together to ensure that we have won their bowl destination for every and all of the world -- Rollins and celebrate and there. Bibby you don't have to -- this anymore it's showed itself it's got great word about but for those out there who are in town. Why is this such a special you've been to a team. Well I don't argue as it was -- -- is better -- -- Barry -- patriotic music in junior here at. One point nine. Not -- the -- night league -- -- by -- on the river. You can see it anywhere from outside that the river. Starting. Out called out of the court when they come down or caricature played come have dinner come get on the are out there Politico and now they go shopping Jackson. In there to that you could be our city and year. That due in large shadow. It's golf falls on the river tomorrow night here in New Orleans the 24 and Ugoh fall on the -- Dooling -- fireworks show. Gone out and see if spoke she would not be disappoint you well. And we wanted to -- on the court step it up Ellen magic and Chevron or the bar and Ito donate to Utah in part it's so that we can show. We want everybody to come out got to go more on the river dot com and we'll see you not a welcome whoever our. I'd -- -- thank you very much. Thank our ride -- -- comment on line to thank you for calling debuted at Buick. -- -- But I. Regular but it mark -- The track that. They're the board and on. -- vote and you are out it took don't. -- Were superior court. Not bad. And it actually there could be. -- global. And we actually got to watch all all the way and it chipped -- and I. -- And on the in the street by. I do remember a street -- that was a good game to man. You have when you first audience on my apology just -- industry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Low. As that was an easy I say hey guys just make -- you was all right come. Yeah yeah about it and well. Now I mean it that way I thought maybe you might have been -- I'll pull one back a little bit right now my main. Oh yeah. I'm not it will Wales. I got Chicago street five in the superdome I'll which it got thank you so much -- -- appreciate. -- Stephen applause and the why he wants to bring up a very unique. -- In the Haskell ranks and there's so that is very very interesting and it takes place. And these -- -- during certain games you don't know win but certain games of the ability -- this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk to me pray him. The video games the best stadium you've been to which one you'd like to go to the most intimidating. All -- is on. The table to talk table today that's a Blaine hang time -- Steve an a plus for Steve thank you for calling. Good. -- and thank you. I I had. Opportunity actually it's -- -- -- and I travel. -- -- Ernie great stories and and a couple years ago I opened the season with the Green Bay Packers. I went out and low field. I'll tell you man. And he you can you'll go always when you walk and a Lambeau Field it's just an unbelievable. Agility. Preserved. In -- -- it completely slow but it's just it's an unbelievable quality. -- and visited there museum there. Then at Lombardi trophies couple underneath the lights -- -- -- double. Walk in place now in on the packer fans I got on the outcome of that stadium. History they'll get cable. Yeah I I I hope to go -- -- -- this club and makes the owner Alicia plays Wisconsin on time ago did Vietnam and -- ago. Yeah it's going to be picked it to work mandate they -- it down the total of players walk out. The field and they've got their original stone there that all the former players apparently traditional walk up -- that. It is -- or right on the field is that you know. Bart star in and almost got you know that thought that that trees there it just -- unbelievable. Man a -- a -- good stuff man and thank you so much so giving -- Europe. It's feedback on the New -- input on a statement that he is -- with the unique one. That have been to before have been there when this a certain things happened the -- thank you for calling. Everybody. -- -- And Tulane stadium even. Much of developing the superdome that -- -- oh. I. Am. -- Would. Stadium and people. -- -- -- And -- -- we -- them. Simple as important. -- anyway and when you Baghdad in their and the train pass through Tuesday and that's critical to. -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- going to be the NB. I guarantee you are probably both feet and he played well. And I would call all of -- below grew column. And an excellent dialogue and they -- You brought to you until you. Oh yeah no -- it was it's a great -- there I don't blame I think they're trying to get the program back where it was like when you come out those days but. Yet -- -- -- media game played over there and you'd say bad day you hated it Lal trying to violate his age is I don't know loudspeakers somebody's metal. That is exactly what happened train would come through Guerrero -- in the back in the stadium in train passes through. When the stadium. Is great Haskell being used here in the resentment one time. Howard to a game it's a seal it to see is a good program back in the nineties and Jamaican doctors who came nameplate at Tulane it was a part of a team went undefeated. Well in 1990 full -- the -- I was -- Amy was over there and they had. Put all these pitchers in the in the and the visiting locker room the superdome in volatile -- and everything what Amy guys. Allen recalled went on to play for the Ravens and Johnson follows a sweet -- Now the cake OTT Warren what they did they took these big banner down Alastair -- -- little beach you know what the superdome. And they took it down gently. And then they brought it to the goal post immediately walked out and hold and they will hold hands and he walked kudos goalposts. Shown it to those planes annuity did they put on the ground they -- over. It -- that. Nimble adult when that indicates that that -- is not a big -- basis sports talk on WW.