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7-03 6:10pm Sports Talk: LSU and SEC Football

Jul 3, 2014|

Deke talks to Steven Lasson who covers college football for Athlon Sports about LSU and SEC football. Deke then talks to WWL listeners about vintage video games, the best sports venues, and 4rth of July recipes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good evening and welcome to our but the real sports sock I'm big Bolivia. A lot coming up a lot to get to on throughout -- fun topic again this hour you know in Austin viewed as a television here. Exactly when right now AMC. At the top of the sixth clock down Rocky to start. So many one liners I Rocky went before he got to be real. Gotta be real money in the -- -- over the course of the movies don't speak him better in the ratings because it was from the street. Paul call Philadelphia got a I got. From Rocky won the first -- -- Rocky for -- if you talk the same anyway. There's so many want a lot of it has gotten shown scene. When they both come to the hospital from fight. To Philadelphia. And both having surgery that being Apollo rocking. And then of course coming of one of my favorite lines rocket to his when he -- mayor mayor Adrian you know. And a big gap -- you may notice guys a lot of movies he was three up police captain in -- talks blitzes as the lone -- would be. He was also frank and Anthony's body call in the got -- He's the kind of alone -- guy and his unorthodox. When he what is comes a point where Iraqis in the charity diskette to get married and the guys as it. Hockey city where you don't do you might think about investing this much money left the duo of the -- good enough. -- -- we CO thought about it best and so far this Ian O'Connor Amanda the way ago. Marcus and vision who you talk with him is you know is not windy you know some of -- brown over there I think that goes diesel -- as a great opportunity. He says he Sidney knows it's an opportunity to -- economy. It is it will you know about kind of music and it is always follow me and noble things it and use -- -- a threat to. Move him but he but that's our right now our -- he -- a holiday they always so great movies. -- gonna move Zack talked about this before. And again now world reports together with talks on talk with you. There's a new channel on DirecTV 34 it was called el -- You saw a lot of Kong -- move was a called sport as they classified as a sports movie it's become -- movies. At the mouth moves in one direction in the body -- in the although I do you do Janet shot a lawyer but that -- What they also played like -- kind movies like on. People knew you all -- Russell. Some dot com to movies but there was one other data that was on that was so close call wins. World. And it's about. These it's about where you can you can play its futuristic was made it center you'll president Jane -- and it among the good active and you can you can choose to go back to medieval land. The Roman -- ball. West world. In meaning if you wanna go to west or you can be like in the scene -- -- the whole west. You go there howling and apology in the gun fight but they're robots -- -- win in the robots -- it down on me fix them up. Well Hobbs robots go craziness but -- you talk about that -- -- the week before you -- was and you -- as far as the -- There has been protect them out and a year but it was. It was a trip. I digress while Obama on the talk a bit. Operated jaguar opinion poll. Asking would you be disappoint you Jimmy Graham -- the arbitrator's decision. -- vote online at WW dot com when it's sports being you'd tops your list as a must visit place. Is -- historic Lambeau Field. Is it Wrigley Field Wrigley Field is very fortunate. So many people wanna go to Wrigley Field. So we if you wanna go visit -- a Cubs game but the clubs so. I mean they'd pay that good I mean they didn't have a good. And truth hurts and and against the club there at the Jersey -- -- hall Andre Dawson Bryant Samberg. All the greats. But they are terrible something you know it's probably the only place in sport. Sports that a team has been terrible for so alone. If people steal go on this be a follower or a quarter misery -- wave and am. So. -- now what -- be Wrigley Field will be Yankee Stadium would be Fenway Park. If you never meant to tiger. 260178668090. Yards in the they would come out great sports media game. We all kind of came that close and we've been called as a Mike Tyson's punch out just to ought to be coming it was his way before still a classic. Double dribble tech mobile super -- mobile. And it was a comment video game so that is on the main you to your best your favorite Sports -- And your favorite video game. 2601 a 7866889. He writes it whereas a safe place to bring the children to -- boards for hours anywhere along the rumor. It's a big time you can come down here early did you do some shopping you can go eat dinner. It's though there's been plenty of people here it has -- security don't worry about. Trust me I've been before. I had a four year old classic channel. And with -- when. You have a good time. Enjoy yourself as a lot of people in -- have a good time. And now you can really see anywhere longer room or we're over here on our. Where a few blocks down from the river now from the lows and now write it to this at that -- the -- bridge across the street from marvelous. And you could see like so when he -- traits -- -- as a little gap in between there and those obligated to river right now. And that policy here he'd be -- -- fireworks and closer you get to that river. The more you'll be able to see it but you anywhere close to block off you being deceit of fireworks and injury of real. Are to the phones we go and also. When you've gone shopping today. In your -- What do you put on -- -- Him which cook. Tomorrow for the formula. Unique means -- a recipe. You don't nobody to disguise divorce if that's -- -- begin in ideas on the due -- -- owner group. And Mumbai Jonas now. And -- but all barbecue. But got a green eight with top broke it grew up top. The game in ideas on the -- to hit the -- -- -- go to -- for Tony Tony thank you for calling WW yeah. Deke won't be -- tomorrow on -- -- -- a restaurant let them unhittable Mets. I Tonys are you going -- for the last some restaurant -- Exactly -- that let them clean up the mess but anyway. I wanna make it quick comment about Jimmy -- thought you know break in the new equipment allowed -- nights we'll -- and I was upset on the Jimmy Graham they and I think he's done done wonders for the New Orleans Saints -- -- he's a big target. Drew Brees. But I you know you kind of want -- -- -- you know the arbitrator just like if they popped and Rick you won that people can be paid off. You want in a few months the guy Cutler is conclusion. -- Jimmy Graham is a tight. And always lined up and you know Jimmy Graham and I don't need -- standup class that guy I know he's not going to get bit but. You know I guess I would do -- way -- get out of bed and Brian I would put up flat probably go to the -- but you know what coach okay. On the table. But I've -- debate last. They'll probably about a whole point but a lot of people don't quite get to all that well anymore you know I just want to tighten up blocking gets kicked basketball that. It would Italian does I think Jimmy Graham has gotten a -- deal. They nobody in any tight end in NFL history that has caught more passes in Jimmy Graham and five blockers in the. Well unfortunately. If you would Jimmy if you had some bad argument would be in better shape cause you -- him a -- -- but you don't and you got a bad Tampa so. At that moment economic impact -- -- with god comic element in a blue. Already you don't have to Tim -- Clement just will jump writing. I can tell you they don't need arbitrator that so much you know Jimmy Graham at the -- in a wide receiver caught up that guy over against say Jerry sandusky wouldn't. Tony thank you so much for the call we appreciate 2601 a 78668890. At its and his number being involved Tony caller from Marrero. I think I -- Tony EJ one day he was in the in the emergency room. Let's go to Yancy in Baton Rouge -- thank you for calling Bibby did -- Find out -- the -- at -- but when the so called out without betraying you. It's not going to matter -- -- the way we we we we we've ever really talked about. As I asked them you know what's the best game to -- to -- about the writings but give a lot of people have said the superdome. So the ball back right. Where -- sport being new. Stadium but some old in my opinion it -- -- -- basically -- and the good in the bill. Would agree that the eight year although -- actually did it for the greatest. In the world. -- -- been in -- stadium. And -- different ball game. Like like he two days is there or is probably. The outcome will make it on -- -- but other units and technological. Its way there. But it lead we. Quite tight -- he got a point to I was actually born in operated so he became a great. -- -- -- -- -- I like you are gap in the inning. And Gabbert making. But Barca but they do down. Oh yeah we were you want wondering from ties -- one legit Tyson knockout audience -- the exact right thank you so much for the call Yancy is. It alcohol talking on that -- is they feel like Friday anxious and -- -- if you. Nice ones out there we just have to be careful -- big relevant this is -- thought on WW and welcome back -- a time a year where people are China. Get closer to the college in pro football seasons so they get their fix -- pre season publication Athlon sports that was the NFL and NCAA football. Steve lesson Jones nasty thank you so much all the time who's in the top five of Athlon pre season magazines. Sure and I appreciate and the -- -- look eligible years we can close the fourth of July but. Our top five for 2014 number one we got Florida State number two Alabama. Number three Ohio's state number four Oklahoma and number five Auburn's two teams in the SEC and the decisions can't force stayed at number one. They have Boren pick in the same thing over and old. Yeah it's it was one or tougher calls this year was -- state vs Alabama for the number -- by the -- You know to advocate he kind of background we usually go conference by conference and predictions and we need. Later on your 128 and number one vs number two -- for state vs Alabama. Probably stressed that for a couple days at one time didn't come. Instances that again and it didn't happen. But it is. For forced to go back to back on one team during the B yes there. That -- Alabama was able to do that so at the board in the thick forest state but they're certainly equipped with a lot and it's so great talent when the national championship once again. See -- and on and -- sports is just as he has whereas Oklahoma has the. We -- in the before I think our revised fifteen going in between fourteen I think. Fisher -- was kind of almost the starting point to where this team can go in defensively. This team was very young last season had some injuries. I think they're gonna be a lot better -- side of the ball this year they could be one of the best in the country. That they get as -- Oklahoma can -- really gonna depend on -- night we saw what he -- in the ball game. Against Alabama had by far his best game of the season and I think he didn't pick that up for that -- I think Oklahoma will be right there in the mix for the national title. Any chance Dario green Beckham gets the to play this year if Oklahoma. I don't think I think it's going to be a long shot you know -- really good at adjusting because. The NCAA hardship waiver system for rewarding as has been kind of hit or miss and has been inconsistent. I don't think he's going to get it you know course Missouri could file -- I guess in support -- -- in Oklahoma can do the same thing in May be duplicated but I think it's a Hawks had I think we'll be in Oklahoma in 2015. When you. -- Belichick just outside the top ten you know we really like his team in terms of talent calm but also a lot of questions. -- when you say outside the top did what numbers. Number nineteen nationally named just outside it's not -- Ian has almost dumped on there yeah. Yet the most these guys are right nobody -- by the -- do you know -- to give to you from along the phone and -- it like UConn about the way outside the top team. -- -- I disagree with a bill without prediction but you know issue but the higher personally -- didn't pay any attention to that that our step ranking into the open nineteen. I personally to Matt in the little -- I think a lot of reasons optimistic that they'll issue a lot of good young talent and I think that's because you don't issue. Some young players potentially true freshman at quarterback. Running back. Receiver could be -- the next wave as superstars issue I think this team in rebuild mode especially with. Alabama and Auburn and -- you can even -- -- -- need to. As a team on the rise yet he's he -- it was a really tough division but the course of elderly young talent to become together Ellis should be right there in the mix once again. You know. A lot of times people were excited the first coach -- Boise State is -- -- case he's now satellite radio you know he's can be to get turnaround Colorado he saw. Now the coach Dan Peterson who's at Washington Massey he's ranked as one of the highest. Best coaches in college football game as does he does he do to Washington what they stalled peace talk he's it was under Lucas rookies or didn't do anything forced. -- gets a great question Washington I think is maybe one of the sleeping giant of college football like tech is being and that that if you can wait -- and not. There's enough talent and north -- stupid good facilities that Washington brand new stadium. He can win being addicted to one of Turkey's biggest problems. At Washington which is that organs Stanford were so good of the last couple years I like Chris -- a lot I think maybe he is in the -- -- That Washington needs in and of course that the coaches have left which -- -- -- mention. I can't Hopkins and Dirk cutter which airs in the states distraught after but I think Chris Petersen was really big guy that was always there behind the scenes. Yeah it's a reason why Boise State kept winning -- happy to do that Washington Stanley Cup this year organs Stanford. Both probably going to be top ten top fifteen teams once again that -- I think the program take it step forward in 2014. In August that the weather problems dusty -- keys and at the when he was at Washington what won't they still be the same prominence as USC. Yeah to some degree I think one of the problems that and it occasion could have now yeah he is well. Number one's acting improperly recruit better players that you would eat they can't Washington but right now. The only problem and UCLA. Program that it's gotten a lot better the last couple years and urged him more I think you know in terms of balance of power USC -- going to be their program their particular is really a -- -- the last couple years. And was scholarship sanctions UNC doesn't have the roster depth that they need so. I think you better situation form better over pressure over a program but certainly he's gonna have to prove that he can be. We're in Stanford and utility in now -- state to. The defending pac twelve south champions -- more consistent basis. Steve gave me one or two teams that could surprise this year. I would -- it like this this year and it's you know we've we've talked a lot in -- pre season predictions about where to put real issue where the puzzlement. I'm Michael this year I think this team is ready to prize and they've recruited well the last two years. -- will work on the on the rise they give Alabama and Auburn at home this year so. I think there's some potential need to play spoiler. And you know with a little bit CC to turn over quarterback this year I think it really helps to have a guy like both Wallace you know I think she was hurt last year. Wasn't a 100% -- now he's healthy. And having a year to recover make a big deal by Ole miss. -- but the the chance to surprise and you mentioned Washington I think Washington could surprise this year to an elected organs Stanford will be point two in the pac twelve north but. If -- and find the quarterback Pedersen in that been in the peace there. I think Washington -- with Stanford coming to Seattle played this year I think maybe they could play spoiler and the pac twelve -- Steve last Steve how can folks Tebow with you on Twitter. I appreciate that it at affluent -- -- go to our web site Athlon sports to always stunned the college football. I'm content pretty much street and 65 days a year. Steve thank you so much good stuff have a great fourth of July. All right thank you very much -- -- or state and Alabama on the team isn't about Ohio State. And Oklahoma and -- round out the top five at LSU. Eric moment 98 to -- deputies and 631 is not the person who's. And we will go to Jim hands whereas LSU way as -- as -- pre season ranked. Number ninety. Is. -- takes. The first the -- -- call with the old but it was pretty far thank you very much with world was. Was world. Was a great move -- at the -- On to thirteen thank you so much about this will sports -- -- old sport torment Dallas over the phone bill BCC didn't. No it was to see someone wrestle mania has the stuff -- welcome back to sports talk on the ability it. Jimmy Graham. Is classified as a -- it operated jaguar opinion poll asking you would you be disappointing if Jimmy Graham appealed arbitrator's decision. If he -- -- vote online at WWL. Dot com what is your favorite video game of all time. Eskimo would like a top with how we talk about top sports -- that yes they someone called in time outcome of this the first hour sit on the eve of the 4 -- have a little fun. What. Is your favorite. Mediocre at best when you couldn't put them at Patten and -- when Allen came out and that was foreign to our Katie you know. And then a target it was daytime game that the -- horrible but it was Theo you know. It was far in this Pacman came around and you know through the pac man even had a you know to TO -- was there was Buckner and Garcia. Pacman fever and -- They had then. And you -- be collected and arcade in it if somebody went on the nickname gain you BI. -- it is. The rural quarters and MPV Savannah quarters open to wonder Mehmet on the bottom of the screen that you know -- a beautiful. Spot on. That was on. I don't know you know arcade so they have like when you call vacation I I guess our goal or case that would -- to want to some of these or. I think arcades or you know the home video games. On her or him sound each drop. Gladly -- it's all night -- but that's the potent or Goran sometimes. And of course but indicated that at the arrived consent or eight games and you can go to now but that techno bowl born in big box with four people could give donut thing. That was also one play. Video games though just straight video games. Space invaders. That was no problem my phone one. Subtlety doesn't have a track ball on that was on a defender. That was the one. Asked or. That's -- That was long term thing as a model for the flag horses. In jails that. It was a little it was a favorite of mine. Don't think at the actual action action to actual arcade that is playing at home and on the video -- -- -- on pace of Pacman. Gallagher I mention that one. And there was one it was about -- jungle -- it was only would jump beanie had a knife in his Haney with Sweeney is bad alligator. Keep thinking that that was a fallen to. -- -- But like video games at home all manages in in this ones. I'm so like in the candle pin ball Mayan -- the has arisen Nintendo you category -- announced in -- -- Analyst assuming no chance there and use him perfectly. A Super Mario that was classic. The original sumo two marvelous to -- at all tomorrow now as far as video games that I don't know what they Newark. New to me. Lackey can't stop playing with Super Mario caught. That is the characters of the Mario game. That's the queen that's Mario has the -- team that says Joshi. And they drive these call. And they got on different track but when I came out on its super Nintendo and an eight game cute it's who memorial cause and we -- -- LA issue we had -- tournament. -- -- -- Alan Faneca way to reach the air Griffin and big name me. Who else was. Met new church. Least Ross at least Sara Lee Strasburg. I mean they've grown and who we were young -- him we will grown people. And we grew out on a sheet of paper put on wall. The times they had a Super Mario caller. Time. So that is on the mean -- to a two and a fourth of July is tomorrow golf ball on the river. All sorts of great things. Are -- in New Orleans welcome everybody in for instance this thing go forth on the group on -- red white -- And -- tomorrow at 9 PM on the beautiful jewel and roof on it is it classifies one of them must. Top five -- firework shows in America. If -- synchronized fireworks between two -- -- is set to patriotic music over the mighty Mississippi River. You can bring your sport's -- bring your radio Smartphone to -- home. Tune in tomorrow night at 9 PM -- amazing celebration on WW had a fourth mistakes in -- the years they. WW. -- and I also Tom Bob barbecuing. Now I have count my day he got -- he unstoppable some things. And he bought some ribs and it's in the freezer in the season -- of that already season if you give it some don't freeze they just get stronger. Like -- up for -- -- this season mound on a more like a seasonal. Look Tony's something like. But I do believe it's all of the team and you can be make the ribs you know follow. And the importance of some I give me a good rest to some guy calling from -- mall it's its own the best he can he have his tee balls the chicken. -- -- bit for us when scheme -- -- up on the bones as he takes out war and he puts it fall so don't drop tickets army. One of trying to -- the one about problem. Phoenix. Don't -- call totals ago John Oklahoma there it is. Jump behind the jungle thank you that's an -- yes that's was the beauty about -- would take me give me. Right -- and memo Cuba in the year you you jump on the if accused him you know Cuba as McGrath Alison oh Q. That was the clue game two that was going to RK. So was seen haven't than a full moon patrol. That -- -- the Monroe. Attempted and completed. I do remember from Barbara sat phone sat there episode about fraudulent jawed at him and has scored one of the pizza Paula. And he had demanded to battery operated to -- -- -- -- -- and keep his high school and move on. You have -- go to certain places in town. Our place used to -- Kia at least you got the old video games there. And they're still a man in his dispute the same -- will be opening in a place in my -- around town -- article showed of people that are there. They're obviously great business people because it's given business and he still got the same stuff they give it people coming in Canada. But that's what's cool about go to someplace they got these video games and there's a little place around -- over here a call by Arcadia. And they've got like video games and they they've got the idea track and field name we know you hit the board. I -- fancy make the trek Jacko fans it's the Olympic track you. You you were on -- due to her -- that want to go in and they asked for already and this go to nobody got some really good fun games and their two. Along with ski ball all over the past. So then no right or wrong and yes remember Astro under income boom those and went to. Gala -- Galaxy yeah I'll -- axiom I don't I've never played a total of gallons but I knew I knew about them. So you call me a final four to 60 point 786688. Nancy rates and the architects in the 87870. As I sit and watch so Rocky to Rocky does. Got to hide at -- beat easily were that we meet and that reason for this article back in five Apollo creed you get -- substantial. Amount mole in fight to dignified war. I'm Deke Bellavia this is sports all your listening to WW. And what about the sports are 2601878668. -- it's an -- Iraqis imagine as a rocket man around here. They -- throwback Thursday as a gonna want to -- rob what's your favorite Rocky is hands down affair refractive. Iraqi defenders rank him ought to be Rocky Rocky two in the last in the -- Rocky -- that was the deal as he went bad -- -- Maria a man. -- -- old neighborhood in what baseball fits this some of the other ones spider Rico what he's doing -- Philadelphia I'll I'll probably be like that. 34 -- five in those -- -- you'll title Iraq because you Iraqi annual rock you like rocket that. Yeah I've had to rank them 12 in the in the rocket probable missed -- not take John downtown thank you for calling WWL. Okay. I live in Miami in element -- -- -- pretty paper for further than one. Missed field large bowl -- minute -- on Saturday night. It was a it was a special special player like Florida State another game and that Emery started there -- yeah. There are legal and it cost too much to redo it so that's gone and that's not a violent arc. Or the -- favored -- -- when -- favorite. They. Like stadium in Tampa. It's really cool the end zone concourses -- once you consent of the concession much in. And how you -- Texas led them. And before and I -- LSU game on Saturday night in Baton Rouge and the Red Sox game yeah be out of the stadium. No eleven Miami that they what the Louisiana Tech -- -- by stating that Packers. -- -- Saturday -- if you did hear you being able to make it had. -- Yeah they weren't that might. Work. Woods on some low which woods on hurricane games that you go to that will be. Most of my serve early enough that's actually. Number one or number two a couple of Indians in -- national championship. Oklahoma and. Arm and a one time they play it was a big bullet Damon Notre Dame and it was a third and 41. And yet they were backed up and in Miami guy like 52 yards and it thirty or 41 yeah. I -- alone I used -- low when he beat Notre Dame. I mean it. I think everybody -- coach who -- for Miami but they didn't -- people from Miami because Notre Dame was like you know you Columbia native. Yeah I don't know I don't know. Bet they that my it was special and met them -- as a sort of forty forward -- they'll -- that's a sort of secure our. Now you I know it's -- that was that was a special place and no doubt about it ran it. A way to hurricane warning flag down and you know there there -- on that. When they had dad Ron from Jimmie Johnson who you know players -- to Dennis Erickson that was the most lose. That that was the most intimidating in most dominant program in Munich Collins spoke Bobo I mean they would do as they normally would mean -- people knew. They'll all and I gotta say it will keep Pete rose's and they knew they -- went and if you get there and -- kicked. And that's what they -- in it was not make it to about. And -- they were just they were just unbelievable man. -- -- -- Cool but I think Al -- going non slam. He's a -- yet that they use the vehicle to Nazi now where -- go to is facing is he's not facing going to live and rooms insane okay. How does that Cadillac answer fans questions well what's gonna happen next year on a double to win 789 games and not go to a bowl as his team will -- probation. Now he doesn't have to face it so at least that's. And that hurts too you know when you're going to begin with some recruits in other schools and things like and I think he's done got a real good job you know now. And -- was seven know last year they were ranked real high I don't think they were that good but. They they got a good start I think he has the right guy and the interests and nap they can move forward as always close to me. If the ACC. Is going to be Powell for at least top -- -- -- to a three teams in it. That are really good every year they've got to have for our state they got him Miami because wedge -- to get players. Nobody else in the country can get those players with the exception of one of alone as he -- going to be a -- No fraud has not going to be statement recruiting -- -- him into an agreement in Miami a fraud they can get back. The way they were what they were Babin and now in those those two programs -- losing about a -- but in the country and no doubt about it a proven awful. Woods out I'm I'm graduate -- -- -- you got Tiger Stadium and you got a -- popular destinations ago. As its -- thank you so much. All right all right thank you -- two years it takes quarterback club 98 Final Fantasy. Giles only -- years you know I've never played the original game in the call of duty. Zombies those in my face yet. His one began some Contra real with the ball ball -- that -- address that or success on all out assault pebble. Tone Mason as a blog may Manning over night. All right I'm on Monday unlike casinos at the -- gotten house. Anti -- impact. On it the mix and you put on the -- they make that golly. Now got solved coaches -- guys that. Amounted to want the ball -- somebody talk about bone in the day. I made the biggest -- graded out at me it's in the best. I made -- -- that I I you and I don't use pace and I use more pace and it's that solves. And loose with the -- can't -- And -- idea they get -- flavor of it I frat all the neat. In the -- insane. -- -- -- -- team to win in Burma and you know be too high. To vote -- -- Tebow ran him good across the room. Now put some money hits them. Strip. You know sometimes in in in markets up with a with a piece of -- about. A deal. Found a few good New -- -- if you've read about about a term -- tomorrow bought up some of them. The look on out on the today season like Arredondo. And yeah Friday put it on like paved now that it -- and I hit them -- Think would the -- -- only thing and important is agreement among the potatoes but I pulled beef. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You make horrible little bitter the BK saw the decides on the -- But I hand he would -- -- hopeful about 5 o'clock -- It was a band. You know I -- the -- and the book the team as the old on the seventh hole and it beat even -- until about. And of course the -- -- the people like the gators made regular. Besides the game but he came -- in the opening it up the debris. And -- be Italian and make three big -- agree with -- the meat balls. Policy aide in that Mabry. On those who point. But we -- do. All of Bradley and the blue. And green. On here's a Texas is space and base -- likes Obama takes to keep Texans keep making it read and so. Adrian Allison of the year for a stadium I like Jeter's place in Dallas. I went right after open. Alice -- one bowl okay. Thank you very basis sports talk on WW. All right. Boston here Ty came in during the break -- -- a Rocky where Apollo creed is trying to launch a campaign and is there. These meant to Tony -- the ball and again it's been a lot of moves becomes a -- -- -- what are you afraid of Tony. -- -- He's at -- it means. See you beat demeaned. He can come and man -- can't come and then. We don't need to economize man on line. They go in ago animated Disney is a great movie -- to his -- AMC right now. And I am getting want to execute as -- about talking about Athlon sports a regular shoot ninety OK he ranked him ninety. What do you mean to say. People got predictions they can make a deal it.