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7-03 7:10pm Sports Talk: NBA Free Agency, Vintage Video Games, & recipes

Jul 3, 2014|

Deke talks to to NBA Analyst for ESPN Insider Amin Elhassan about the NBA Free Agency and to WWL listeners about favorite video games, recipes for Independence Day, and favorite sports venues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening went into the final -- of sports saw. I'm big Bellamy indicating came by BA BA is on vacation open -- this out. Colleague here everything is fair game we could talk about if you want to that's with talk radio -- -- to be in general talk. Came in I was talking in sports in purple ball -- -- an L issues but at the Katrina did you know in the midnight. And you know you're at the reveal what Bobby from foursome can take a break in game two in the -- night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there's a lot of different things -- ball a lot going on and new movie you talked about this than disturbing things so -- so what is. Mix it -- this and think you're talking about sports on the aggravate. And tonight we'll talk about. Great being used in sports and stadium not even have ticks me in email me with. Recipes. And I does that go here and Mary Guzman. You -- isn't the against the European moments -- read it right. That's the -- -- read about it wrote both sat down with Boston. I'm assume and it's -- it takes me back now that drab most of them most of like you score a half ago. But I tell me they've always just -- -- -- I'd use some of his stuff it's really good. I wrapped around both sides now would most. They -- for fifteen minutes while waiting mix the -- Chorus of sweet baby -- as barbecue sauce on -- three meter race in the bowl and it's all about. Bread crumbs and bombers on seats I guess has claimed -- on -- -- -- -- detained. Him you know. -- mistakes down in it since before if I mean -- your room temperature and -- -- into -- ourselves in four around the states in the paint. Mason out of three undefeated degrees and -- for thirty. The thirty -- for a -- -- I don't sound like a -- like almost a -- put me you know some I've been used to light but I'm no onions. I don't like on -- like old she likes gallons of an eye on it it got to be cooked -- real good going to be solved today. In -- like being onion rings like that on him to be kind of the end. Like booked like normal I brought up from cope with the line bit it knocked his shoestring and -- -- -- -- but I like him like his notable books grow on him. And like he can leave liken it -- And put more topical piece of meat in the interest them sit there I mean that they don't make the whole piece of meat -- like on it but the cook make it to be routine that. And America to be -- you know when I was of that bag of all the things I would eat as an eagle from the eighties we dictated a certain things they can't call on to have squash. Nicholas onion it was -- talk like that with the argument somebody different arena Allison at some stuff about Dan you are in the business it's Monday about the eagle man. And when asked what it takes a -- -- -- thing about taking announced. I -- that if it was mine and into is dog obeying. I hate to see through without -- some might take it in cocaine gets them in the globe and so there's a -- of the other and come -- unit to. But did you on is the birdie on that -- they would date June 30 but over the long -- reporting weakening Michael -- the perishable. And he is he has -- so I guess I just told. Me house and act before. 260 points in the -- here's here's the guy who's he's very -- as -- as a person said that it's upset because Athlon sports now listen to me. Athlon sports is a pre season publication. What people say as incidental ban on what's on. They have LSU ranked nineteen. Now all eighteen publications ranked the top 25. That doesn't mean anything exit polls don't mean. -- -- -- -- number eleven and number matter even on the sixteenth but I'm having a difficult time dealing with nineteen sorry may be it's just me. Well. I'm -- it you know it's you haven't of the compound dealing with the fact -- -- just a prediction. It has no bearing on anything I mean if they ranked them number one would you be would you be happy. It's no different to me and ranked one -- you know two teams who play in the SEC championship last year when he right he sees it right in the top thirty -- Rewrite of the top thirty. -- -- -- Take appease the mind and the different but -- that thing and see if -- -- similar Deke got used to love. In beating how about heavy bear you had to collect all the pieces that have gone. When you do hear a guy you know every -- and it will play down what about NBA jam -- -- -- -- you know trip -- in the -- -- You know we have to be here. It -- in the -- tournaments that habitats and LT became my favorite especially when we won the ninth to both old Nabil. Paulus frame on my team Tim thank you settlements. -- The tenth. Yet done that techno bowl that LT whenever he touch somebody would stop. And somebody takes me a staff got the brain is so we'll talk about it a Super Bowl the slant. From Montana rice -- could stop. You could put two players exactly where were Montana was called total ball and you put to play it exactly where rice. Turned on a sling it in he was the kitchen every time it was like a made to like it don't Matty -- now. What they OT with the -- he would blow somebody. It was a part of like most who you know Saints defense is not a Super Bowl -- chain to now but lab back those. That offense was made because when quarterback for. But. The you can run a ball mark was it with the quarterbacks -- bay. In -- -- when the quarterback. Though you know tutorial -- but. The defense take a suitable for the Saints was -- especially -- mean they were they were really good. Damn demand slam back those and the and the Jazz I'm -- I think with the best ones at that point by that time it was more about it man games. On the Giants were glued to be was glued to ban as -- Saints -- group -- Eagles are really good too early in the US one of those great teams it just never could get. To win a championship. Smithsonian and -- I -- us Nielsen media and -- many of them have within -- -- that's its status -- solution. That's the agency that. Nice scheme focus from the back of -- thank you. That's sent -- tobacco far. Now I didn't I looked around us that there was that lovely. Heaven sent tickets and the -- next day here fourth time -- NFL blitz note that's a goal. I remember when it's came out blitz was the first game. Then it. It was like OK. Act and the latest into a Super Bowl. But. I can play I can play no but it was good but was hall caught hidden body slam feel that was ago. But other video games -- was when we got those economy in the which could be used the most and like you put on a hot dogs and Italian -- crop -- history about recipe. Someone to use that as well got to walk recipe that I put in as a blog made and a better read about how much I'm users regret about -- amateur and now I've got. Mullah antsy about using -- -- -- must because I used to put some pebble -- by angrily at all I'll -- normal amount so we'll do it seemed teams in I don't know. Might be a go to a 6017866. 8890 -- in the is them getting involved at all continues coming up next that was school we talk him and I like to talk about Bob and I do that sometimes we talk. About live copy misses what are produces. In our program directors give us -- we read if things that are happening fast pace and also showed in a coma in the well Bob and I talked about was coming -- -- kind of comment. Texas cheerleader is being criticized for hunting alliance it rhinos in Africa. She's a trophy on who was someday be a trophy -- I. Because she'd been found a typical in the too hard on you a woman who wants Oshawa growth and says that among them -- Can you really justify -- a majestic animals before trophy and not for food. Well I mean that Lions Lions Q was he Bruce Allen and the -- and don't. Now Atlantic king of the jungle I mean it in the if you go home you can hone in August is in those boat taken on. They used to be shown ESPN. Where they showed -- once upon. Was used to Q zebras missed opening nibble which showed actual keel. It be like close and showman different stuff I don't know maybe it's the same person. It's big in those programs. With some tournaments yes they will talk and you know it is time a year they -- different things. And CBS sports last on aside ahead toward a strong man competition amendment those. Those are all from the hand Magnus and Magnuson in those big -- move him like you know I it -- -- very cute. They were like they pick -- these big Jack attracted tie and he beat Andy with flip them over and then they would they all sorts of things in history and he'd be able to beat because of these big time clock since that promote -- each other. In him as -- -- the assault them all competition. In -- -- they got these beat me spiked shoes and I'm opposed to top on down. And they use their hands all come -- to -- assault Vietnam via. Chainsaw drama like Manuel chopping. You -- you you've got -- series. Serious. Stamina to do -- Carrasco. But that's good stuff that he likes sport that they you know he has been shows summit -- him -- all that but somebody into a sports channels. Spike got into it but like CBS sports -- wanted to. Strongman competition that's why that was groups though they -- have a sitting will be black and some lives in the Swiss Alps. And Britain must Berra commenting on some guns in in in Bergen it was on those. -- be a big deal mean it was a big deal so it was just some different things there also tonight -- screw. Let's talk about the case of a joy to follow that this is saying that he's young sign and a hot call and it's our bad. The prosecution will show some we showed some -- its case in court today charities -- -- to suggestions on what to do so you don't forget you cute in the call. From putting your shoes. In the backseat. And leaving your briefcase in the back seat -- -- now. What did you remember. What do you do remember your talent in the car. I was in no need to -- your pants it's a tension never forgive cuts out and call. I I don't know -- -- Tim -- as you know how could somebody will kind of person. Personal goal. Awesome my little crack in got to go back and hit to crack pipe. -- because McCain -- -- -- somebody's probably gambler and -- -- to give you an idea I don't know what would be at somebody's hate to make and the cute. How was in a car. Even if it's out as you know in air conditioned on gospels in the town call us against the low. Mean if you would like -- and -- summit bank when -- gospel to do anything like that. But that's and it's hot button topic in army he gets real personal -- Tom by the animals in a club we come out humans. Estes and that's on the level by itself. So school to be talking about that also tomorrow as a fourth of July why are you proud to be an American -- is it anything about America. That does not make you proud all in the open now an apartment called I'm allowed people call and talk about politics on man among the things distinction. We push boundaries on this now -- reaching 38 states and beyond we night's eight at midnight on. WW. -- so it got a lot going on we're talking about video games. Jimmy Graham would you be disappointed Jimmy Graham appealed arbitrator's decision. I don't know would you. The arbitrator ruled he's a -- hand. You got to the fifteenth to get a deal -- -- if this is -- merely waited to late April filed this things you heard reports. May be in a timely -- it would have been done earlier but now if you filed an appeal. You will be real close and I -- enough time mean you know for the chance to defeat these basically five dates. So I don't know if I want out -- the league would say no I'll -- you. Have some extra days because. In this appeal mistake in the process. I don't know some of you or saying right now 65% of -- saying you would be disappointed. If there is in the -- Where -- that's a 68 are you saying you're disappointed if Jimmy Graham makes an appeal. 32% are you saying you would not be disappointed. X ball online poll at WW dot com operate at war opinion -- you could ticks me it's in the eighth inning. Email -- a big chief it debuted at you know dot com -- take the penalties for the gaining its outcome moment not agree with you there. How about not -- media -- that's out called a no look I'm I'm I'm right behind him stand we Cuba. There are people they do this is a story this is something that's going on right now. Is it takes that good looking at the the advance Karros it was nonstop balls yet I was wanting to Karros probably with the ball but borrow the idea. That -- I showed about play all the way down field one in OT -- block a few -- Woody -- had a -- to Tim thank you very much if you win a golf was on it Bears internally -- -- Tennessee. The Olympics speedster. A world class speed. In doubt that those those Bears teams on the tags who -- was unreal to. I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk -- on 8 o'clock tonight here on WW. -- As black streak no dignity no doubt. Prints. It's going to be essence fest demand them and think it's going five of six on now the -- don't fall ball -- -- in these poems but the cy will be in the house the mar ninth. Prints made today roots. -- friends having Campbell mentally do you -- it. In the which he wanted to. And Andre amendment he says that there Campbell's. He was like it's out there priorities Quincy Jones does go to him. He got to be. Real popular. Prince has come up on Friday. Let's see who else is now it is the princes and him -- -- -- trying to -- -- WV. On the icing on the same week. In. As -- Sunday's Charlie Wilson uncle Charlie Wilson. Eric about -- season -- Today it is for a team to. So all sorts. A great music in town this week and they -- musical all afternoon -- -- the ring would would like to be there from the foul was -- -- sing god bless the USC. As about a patriotic music game on. So holiday has come and a 260170. 866889. He rates him the is the number two -- involved. He is this is the says the big this is -- to -- 45 minutes will be kind of way -- done in 35 medium. If you like it -- Take ten minutes all that not I'll I'll be third if I want to meet him and I do thirty is beyond thing but I'm try to don't have a game to go back and -- One more time. For. Such incidents. Seeing him on the last one if you would -- At WW real dot com -- fidelity kind of went through the next thing -- -- know -- to go back. But I -- use that I'll remember most though but I -- just try to Boston bread -- email me your brother Luke are more used that UNESCO to. Thorough in -- really slow Earl. You don't -- is no mom I'm glad I'm glad to have some by -- to been allows that they had some call the guys embodies shop and now he may shake and bake all. In -- face it I would doubt it hurt you -- work among. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always that painful world Aurilia at home main -- talked solve all amazed a year drama while OP was your recovery -- an idea. Two okay I got to allow wish you and lesser resolve brought -- -- to have -- had that much recovery time based. Is to I was she will. Not got so was only a matter of. Or that you wrote. Online. There's water right there any stadium. Brian -- you to do one commentator -- bid if -- some a couple of big games and have. You know there is not have been able to go with some some people that are printed and what's interesting about. -- -- I don't know follow stadium tonight but there's there's a set of apartments and condos that are like. A hundred feet from the stadium and I have to be at mistake and won a mean it was unbelievable it truly is Gary. I like to go watch college football anywhere I've been all over. The south in an up and all someplace I haven't been out -- most of them don't travel fault but you know -- -- against the more -- game as I drive anyway I want to gain. That is it that is a place where -- and has also -- -- week coming up the issue which -- she was off in Alabama's playing them I'm thinking about making a triple rating and a power. I really do my -- though I'd I'd just like good college football I think is a beautiful campus and not -- I'm -- I know some teams that way you beat our LSU what came up I graduate -- to not pay for my degree. But I like the college football in with some I saw him Bobby Jose Ramon and I go away a moment ago. That's right right. Any deals or what did -- tomorrow. On. Numbers and sausage ultrasound because you moving -- sizes smoked sausage green onion. Italian. Smoke. -- -- the agreement in Internet years. I've got you -- alert us out go man Carlisle I wish you well you recovery and hope that he is deep VP he'll Dobson. You know it really. -- He looked real close on Alabama -- war. You know almost seen. You look. Look at. -- Bear Bryant you know against quote -- He's the bear Brantley of against ago or animal look hauler -- RI. RI and they're at their argument. -- -- I mean -- John is what is now talking a little sports I mean thank you so much for the time and of course a easy NBA analyst for the ESPN insiders. Carmelo Anthony. Why would he go to LA -- -- and glad the Rangers visit. Thought you know there are a lot of people would think that respect liability. Out there and read -- you. Guys. Back. We ought to do that yeah it. Got it in the -- -- -- Carmelo. I think shots and Warner could be return and you can give you normally I agree. Or not in comparable to them -- -- -- -- -- I think I thought about that will look act and I. Still the way he knows that -- the -- way they -- I've been on it. About me about their stats. And that some greater there than does that Michaels got Jack called you ever. You know he did that and put Carmelo -- -- itself what do you mean like that. That's a pretty big deal out here. A pretty dull and of course in the -- street election year. They'll be Bieber turns out in a short amount of time. Number two Chicago but if you're -- your conference saw. And one of your team. Goes -- you because you know we do not help but become your war. You go out of that the pelicans that they helped the it could go on holidays and repeated to walk out countless players. Game and -- make the playoffs here to. Do what they accomplished just hope -- You are a lot illegally to the political way to go with more there. -- one new York and Chicago develop play of -- mind that article. And down that. Yeah entertain. You got a young team you know he's got. What it all. Your -- and the -- -- reported deal would that -- Lot that the -- -- by the way don't stating -- textured. Well large it's probably your -- -- -- -- in context in California. In the questioner they're the Lakers are pretty well it's become repeat that question. Yes you would -- me. Yeah and I mean now if if if they were paid to him -- look we give you look at Kolby. And would we go we're going to camp Le Kevin Love not late and a and a team rules uniform he's not going to camp over it almost say I. -- -- OK if not I'm I'm all right with but I'm like you take a victory Meehan. Wait a little bit -- this is a dad Mike and -- somebody else to go out there. And they got an opportunity. All all of the Bulls that don't they got that question by the Bulls -- they all listen -- that's the Bulls it was Derrick Rose it was in BP in the Booth at a number one seed. A few years ago but this Kenny played in two years ago. So well how I would I don't know I don't know what he's going to be out. There -- and ditto here in the complement the you guys joke you know. And -- -- -- retirement -- that the other night. That I think could remember. Native country to ignore them. A lot opting out thing about it Derrick Rose puts him over the top or even even with even -- everything you said I respect your opinion. They beat Miami. I don't know I'm Thomas I'm I'm assuming they in my in Miami's got the same guys pay him last year. I don't I don't see the Bulls beating Miami. Yeah I'd disagree out there I think you look at Chicago while they always gonna he spent it may ultimately it scores in the basketball act. The -- load like they have been in you know -- you -- -- -- the legitimately. There is the best second best to score and -- never -- -- whatever they -- -- -- if you feel like lean one. -- that. Saw a lot of problems and need it makes life easier. And things like Butler it's been offensively. And a little too. Of being at second and third option that's not that's not fear got right there. An article about a kicker for charity work all. But he did that but the thing that you meet in. I'm all. And the wall where there are that it's a wonder you in my lane at all wanna go -- spots in half like we often when I'm -- not much. I think that. Without they're good on their vote back or -- and get a good one quarter to do you know. That. All part is that good solid guy. And they're. They're much according. You can convert any part of that conference wide open -- that that -- -- be your everyday by being there. They're a little. Work to people who who -- -- Ortiz you do target like go all the way. Bank on it applies -- all -- and and that's gonna get better. -- -- -- -- -- He cozy in BA's analysts in the ESPN insider and a guy who knows a lot about the game. I Hamid Al -- I mean happy folks -- onto him a man. I mean he at Jeter AM by and then you'll or better. Trotting gay people if you company with right questioned -- denied that he can't be. Will return in the paper that you can't do if you come -- patrol chief electoral. You know we got that. -- -- let -- drop out your anatomy do you. Put it all where it hurt put an aura of being good C dot I talked he has always have a before the -- I'm a man no but aren't you taking it. T 6017866889. -- to back to follow the dog. Amazon com and now -- -- might be in moments ago you know is on the -- secret about me. I don't like they implements it. I mean he'd be a house semi could be on the other side of the house on Wednesday in the big house these like you know since 80101000 square feet. And when you know I like to know some and down about nobody. Close -- would've but I got to be in the house with some by another grown person on and on and not at all. Another person is they got the B I don't like Steve Thomas and bill and his that's when I mean I don't know. But anyway it's a -- from the secrets that Gavin here for Ian Ian thank you for calling WW it. And so. Pretty widely divergent -- first or you were talking about world would call than -- yeah six hours earlier I just recently read a book parties which Bears. Apparently will only call. Now I really -- tactic. And there he was very happy when you want to Raiders after the -- success but the quote optic instrument Jim McMahon. So that will -- go out and actors playing wide receiver. -- golf was a world class beats are probably. You know a little bit before him what you have bullet Bob Hayes and so -- when it was some believe he was there one. Home run threat the bands and I mean offensively playmakers the Chicago Bears to meet. In these all order and I don't I'm not taking anything away from. But it was -- golf one it was Davis did treat two and obviously what -- -- -- was a playmaker and he is it is dangerous. But those guys are just some magic did his changes and -- users that got it was a great I don't know what Iran foreign but he was just this -- on the football field. I think you're into recorders by that comment to others. I'll look to pay him -- -- -- -- 85 bands that 86 Mets our our our if you could go back and hang what a team the one season in time. I mean who would wanna hang with 85 -- you know they did they actually they feel roamed the -- -- shuffle video. That did Tuesday after they got beat by -- Miami. On Monday Night Football I mean they were just but element a Sunday. That you come -- great games at Dakota BA might go to military abandoned in the Boggan that would have been the most hyped Super Bowl. Ever I mean that would have been the most types who integrators placed players who -- to -- but. The 85 -- to meet a -- team I mean interests and that that I just think they were the greatest team of all town in -- loss but. I don't know bill I was seeded team more dominant season and they or coming they would -- -- The court second top records. You -- Bobby were talking -- several weeks ago. About that TV shows that are. Insufficiently reporter -- correct. To do he mainstream now and you mention Sanford and so on and on other shows you'll watch Sanford and Son. Rory were on the other night and of course -- fox -- on a few they're pursuing and it is unedited. Standup comedy. Pretty much stick -- -- -- Red Sox in the Red Sox in a brown paper bag as one of greatest and depth. A ball all on -- is on the league don't know him and did two people who are about the looming threat especially at bet on them. Two people who last saw it were relentless I mean attacks on everybody but it was funny -- him. Rick fox and Buddy Hackett. Buddy Hackett didn't take nothing and all know -- I mean he was is unbelievably you don't nappy consumers in -- and all that but that's. Outlook I I like watching reruns of of the of the he would be martz and every growth mean I was groups that. I bet you this particular -- I was watching admitted me Shiancoe. Conversation you and Bobby were album. You know that want you next. Where is. Sanford it is. In his defense counsel for assignment dropped the court and starts cross examining the -- for a ticket. That cameras and that was that was -- the courtroom and that's one LaMont got the ticket in there were several politically correct statement and that. It was on believable. Well I nickel and they Nickelodeon won't wall may play centric Leo. On TV long one at their version play and I've got all the moment I -- -- all of this and it's on their own -- on BAT's. And dvd now walk out of a thumb drive just in case I'm happy because on the over. And -- but that is that is classic especially when when did when the judge steps up there and Jones is one who uses. -- -- -- I think -- and all his life and he goes that Danny has been one in -- if brits say it's at all when he goes that is simply solve he says. She won't quit. What do you have -- black draft. Why curious why people. And from now they showed this week. In another direction but that was what was so great about Sampras or. Are you an ego he -- -- different direction but limit there's another one too it's like that win -- that comes to town. -- -- -- -- -- And is big money -- Matlock and he's his lateral move Wilfred is quite simple but Monsanto is my son. When asked the whole story about it is that he suppose it was a month date and as a at the bit insane. As the comes over. And -- is Fritz is grip. To get him to have to -- that instant what you see it he says that. Well as the Monsanto has not sign him as the gates it is like the character afraid. It's classic billion on tape in my flat tonight they showed a millionaire. If there weren't ever a millionaire show and it was Sampras on. It was Marten. It was good times. So it was like day in certain music. If I was doing my plan any came down to win a million dollars in -- a -- deposits and because unless I'm incapacitated. I'm under anesthesia. I Neeson nothing from Nomar and no Sampras on -- good times a -- -- and whoever they ever have excellent back -- -- he would. This go to Stephen Gramercy on line three Steve thank you for calling WW. You got a man. On that got -- call it the -- Carmelo that. Good player is that where -- you or that player. -- -- PP that the player that's right. Now via Pete. Played -- back but yet he. All the GO oh you're. Or when it. Well I think I think the point you bring up Steve and I use this analogy you'll correct. And OK Tom Thibodeau is a defense of coat that's fine right I offered but is he. Is -- in the mindset to where I'm I'm I'm open minded enough to know he's an offensive guy. But cannot go would just these little amount of defense. And when Larry Johnson was one of the best scores in this league play which on it. He had to deal Boggs Boggs and allowed them on there was set I mean that Charlotte team was sick in the east now grant. The Knicks the -- the Pacers were a few steps Adam but they were there I mean they come -- east that don't win a championship but when Larry Johnson left. And -- who knew you talk became. That rally was hey look we got how often it's a bad decision showtime here we go through -- Bulent. In sat out into the -- brought him Papa Charles Smith Charles Oakley. But Larry Johnson offensive game suffered so my point would be is it called -- and he does go to Chicago. And he does stop playing better defense. Can he play. Better defense without his offensive game suffered that's what makes a guy like LeBron James is so special. The 'cause they can play as good -- defense as they often. Exactly. Dot -- no -- about that they'll go off. Yeah and he'd give -- he'd do he'd give up sixty. -- Yeah. And that that's gone I think events and that's -- problems somewhere down -- especially when you're dealing with the defense of Monaco. -- -- Almost the you know way out we love food so much -- I I don't know there's an ultimate one. Maine and you know some people -- so much ingenious things I like going to different places -- one way people get. When he got France called out there and they start Clinton Clinton looks on top of the scandal -- may make for recommends. Yeah I've seen ended at saint James before and I've I've done obviously out Bobby now what Eric Martin. And LSU Alabama game and had to vote one Al brown paper bags and we could just take the -- as good -- in the stadium. I mean I love I love -- they like their course. Jumbo -- but. Just just the uniqueness of it I know I know some folks out when I go mr. -- in a different amount -- possibly tailgate that it owner blows it southern. I mean they they lay out a spread out there. Like I have never seen him dominate the sexson when he got grilled food there's a six away this -- -- And it you'll always I mean by tanks -- -- potentially do in the ball because I'm more of a battle highlighted chicken wings. I like I exile like corn cob allied dictators so I -- meg bounce I liked it a bit of -- all. The GOP -- They. All of us out -- out guys on Tuesday. And -- It. Sure the -- Ball they. I was there I was there and early now and when meg now -- -- has me and they beat southern I think it was worth fifty some defeat to some. And they do a lap could easily he has in unbelievable imitate some. Went all caller Rolen in that they want to play house when he used to get to -- nick called equation there's only one way in this stadium he won't play out and when they got you back up but there were -- man you with coming out they would -- I promise you that. Now some great football days back -- and -- I thank god I've never miss stuff like that and thank god I went to those games. You Tuesday have a good full now appreciate to -- All right let's go to the West Bank Kurt Kurt thank you for calling WW TO. Then because it was that. On the lot about their program that. Only occurred you've got to fuel made. You know. First oh rout in game. You know gone out more about. Pretty. Now role and show a shot at that that was my big hesitate pitching. That now president or reading quotes up on the -- -- futile it is the needle -- you know. Being -- on. So what you think if he takes it appear that would -- kind of body a little bit. I think I I I think that I think that the majority of fans would would be and then my -- and I think the majority of fans in looked. I'm not saying that our fan base is the best but I think these fans love their players are more or at least as much as any other fan base -- I think they were -- -- there's -- -- -- that but now especially you talk about. The the the closeness into how close to a -- from the appeal date which will be about the tenth into the actual time we have to get a deal due on the fifteenth. He will be in -- mindset but that's going and now focused on you know give to a good deal become has -- -- in a close to it in this place for robot I agree with -- In bring it back to be almost a lot in common. Into overtime. Or ECD you know. You know you're exactly right you CD. You know but that before blow out to be a great idea. And again. In Astros sure and probably -- it entities spot fight. -- -- -- -- -- Gutsy character which would you do it tomorrow for the -- man. All labeled him a little bit and -- you -- anxious. Now would you look I'm Sammy -- you make your shoes about would you put on. I don't know -- couple times extra. On him. -- -- -- As how much I love bill Deborah Carr out like man I'm like Matt Light you know has got a little. Almost like if you cook in the power of potatoes or what if you Grilli it I like my -- all -- Anonymous I am an advantage as some about this flavored and bill -- -- swing has gotten much talk to it as good stuff man. Yeah even there in LA I even I derail any yellow built that. -- sounds good make -- a dark time which a family here. Me to a -- I could take a beta appreciated that. Because he is one of the best last -- son Evelyn Francis as the you're so ugly it could -- your face it's a batter makes guerrilla group is yet. -- many years ago we made big bear market that the -- out yelled yeah I've really care meters we. I'm not going out to I appreciate all politics in the calls called it -- go to Bob demand to be about thank you for calling WW. Age at all by how are you I'm doing great man at you you've got me you got to break him back. When you start talking about follows those arcade games. I know about backpack and I use use sound like a matured older adult now Wade's group you to be. A bit. Yeah sorry I -- I is saying about go to mailbox it's just those trades in which I thought it used -- voted me. You know what that -- partner this year all can you give me -- phone while I going to man I'd go so. That's why they mean it is that this story. It is stranger than fiction but it is true I'd is that what I started when I started alum I'll wipe -- Dayton we would be Lebanon's slot they'll. Do it live bat. So I. -- -- -- -- -- And -- so we wouldn't bill moguls they ultimately can do all kind of stuff you know we were. -- -- -- you know they had -- they had extra inning of game. In the restaurant -- -- -- Are the noise was like eagle at K double spaceship and should these things and but let's just -- -- on them -- video game you know about a million yen. Though we all there and we can't always wait to get table but at those games but it would plate. Are. All that aren't you say used to going -- we shoot. -- And you know you -- -- and make an issue and yet you know. Go through all these obstacles in all it was like I'm on -- Asante on the gate at -- -- took place in the -- But anyway. Thought I play in game. And a you know my reflexes. I angle play -- -- but also I think a lot and now and you know like that. -- she went out to 171000. You know 181000. And so -- that one day broke -- with the -- on top. And we played the game outlook that they just got 181000. At the best you've ever -- upset that you. If you don't there and -- -- -- -- -- Medium yet they get light a candle that engaged and I'll -- and -- and that. He said -- it's -- I do. And -- when you get a woman thinking -- Sammy battle on all of my game in a restaurant as a keep. -- -- -- -- them empty net that's a good start mom and I hope you have a great point because job but raised in -- amenities got a monotone recipe. And almost gave -- great thank you so much. Oh. Yeah we'll go they've got about a man had a gimme gimme at humorous. You're. About oh OK I don't need it one. -- Trent stuff real well. Now that would be his views you momma you do and you grandma. Ma -- can. You -- Win a great way they're trying to do. Is talk. -- the -- Each. The more people on them all well. And I'll comment. On the yeah. Man really can't at this sounds good a team and I'm I'm all use it more you want to -- him. I'll tell you that that that they were trying to do you know -- yes yeah absolutely absolutely and I'm. You -- or -- -- 00. Yeah. I don't know how. Well -- -- Thought that Man Ray looked at that -- still overrated goes to great thank you so much for the time -- our time -- again thanks everybody takes me all the recipes in the PP got Tampa. Email Tim -- be around appeared out data mono music wondering about some ideas in the one for youth stakes. Is it against the Mallard could not talk about it on -- thanks so much of the load Alice and ransom. Also all of our guest Jimmie and though mom and dog Stephen go -- tire sports there. Take a day out tomorrow enjoy the thought the did not week in I'm -- -- -- welcomed into all of their body down in jaw our great city this. Is WW.