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Jul 3, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was sort of fill out. But it's Friday night. It's Thursday night but this is the beginning of a long holiday weekend many of the essence this crowd is arriving. Every Friday on the show we always play this dog somewhere. There will always place on Friday. And since this is the beginning of the fourth of July weekend tomorrow being quiet but we've got that weekend mentality going to let's go ahead play -- Right now if you have some work to do over the weekend. I hope that you find time for. It celebrates. America's birthday. -- over. Crank it up. This -- What you've been working -- Don't exactly what people on the East Coast are dealing with we have been through that so many times. Before in this part of the country forecasters have issued a tropical storm warning for Nantucket Island. And parts of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. As hurricane author approaches that that area. And Nantucket. Cape Cod Massachusetts. This is early July. Hurricane tropical storm warnings. This is slightly unheard of the National Hurricane Center in Miami indicates that the center of the storm is likely to pass the New England area until late Friday early Saturday that they have issued tropical storm warnings. -- expected to grow to a category two storm with winds of 96 miles per hour before passes over North Carolina. Very early tomorrow morning we know exactly. What that's like. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight hear the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Didn't say hey yeah. You -- You get below -- the same OK okay. It's time for tonight's top rated eight. Hit the topic things like you know his view we -- our show tonight and to be WL. Number. -- Number eight. Best of fourteen is the year music food and -- please. -- under plans. Essence -- -- clues like -- region obliged to -- There's stuff going on Oldenburg -- the convention center in the Mercedes-Benz superdome at one point Versailles I picked up a couple of the that the biggest. The biggest Hercules I've ever seen. Aren't put there's a little little Booth. On pointer street just across from the station. And I -- of openness of it for dinner that the biggest Jumbo -- lakes I've ever seen smoke and they were absolute well I started with one of -- good to eat in the Atlantic until Thanksgiving. Delicious but anyway the festivities have begun. I will tell you that if it's gonna be like he was last year and the year before by two years of living downtown -- essence -- it's a great crowd it's in town. But there will be a lot of traffic. Pointers. Canal street and all the side streets between pointers and canal. So if you are coming downtown keep yourself a lot of time in that traffic. Will remain bumper to bumper and -- and canal and the side streets until very early in the morning but we welcome everybody who is in town to enjoy. -- -- Never -- never -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. George Clooney starring as Edwin Edwards in a movie. Negotiations apparently are underway for a movie about it would have which biographer Leo Honeycutt says that he's working with somebody on -- -- a screenplay about the life and times of Edwin Edwards. Which you go see that movie. Now UN I know a lot about it when Edwards because he's in the news all the time here in over the years we're familiar with his story. But I guess because of this phenomenon of him going to prison getting out of prison. Being an older gentleman having much younger wife. And now fathering a child that I think mathematically could be his. Grandchild. Enemy could be used pretty good to be is great grandchild but it is great ticket to easily his child abuse -- So that a cause a lot of a lot of talk advice. And since he had a reality show I don't know if it's distilled water and two which -- -- -- his wife and that is created some interest around the country. But I think OK George you know I saw the picture that we got on our website at WW dot com the picture of George Clooney and young it would neighbors. George Clooney could play Edwin -- here's the big question now. How many different actresses. But I have to hire to play all of his wives and -- France number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The unemployment rate has fallen to six point 1%. The US economy added 280000. Jobs last month. That is the fifth consecutive month of an increase. Of over 200000 jobs each month. Now I tell you this because if you watch Fox News or listen to ultra right wing talk show host you know you can hear much about it. Because this is really positive positive news about the economy. Now it's interesting that a lot of people will say all that the numbers are cooked of those hard or serious number greeted as they did something with the numbers to make it look good. But it's also interesting to note that the same people who believes the high unemployment rate. And use that to condemn the president. But the same ones who now say well those numbers don't really mean anything. So you really can have it both ways also the Dow Jones did Dow Jones closed in over 171000. For the first time ever. I honestly I honestly thought the economy was gonna collapse if Obama was reelected I'm not saying this out of defense of Obama. But I'm not principally. Talking about how ridiculous it -- to save the economy was gonna collapse. If Barack Obama was reelected president it has not. And I hope that nobody's disappointed. That the unemployment rate is down. And and beacon mortgage rate has has gone down as well jobs are being added. And the Dow Jones closed over 171000 for the first time ever now of course there may be a correction or somewhere but the point is. The president really doesn't have as much as a lot of people. What you to believe. It doesn't have as much due -- economies and people would have deeply. The president is more of figurehead but. He doesn't really controls the economy to where some people seem to think and and all these threats that -- in and that that's what they weren't they were threats if you vote for Obama he. The economy's gonna collapse. And that hasn't happened so I just I thought it was fair to point that out number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Cable news ratings continue to draw up. Fox News still dominates MSNBC and CNN but the ratings for all of the cable news channels. Are -- MSNBC was number two CNN struggling at number three. He's still watch any of the news channels. And which ones you watch. I help you you you channel surf I hope you go back and forth between the different wanted to just focus on one. They are biased and I don't think there's anything wrong with that tidbit you just need to be Smart enough to know that their cable news channels are biased and they have a right to be bias but it you know you have to use your intelligence in and realize that. That they are. IC what CNN and MSNBC are doing and -- -- fox is by far the best they are by far this quickest if they're not fair balanced. There. Very conservative although they seem to be changing just a little bit and -- on the show last night Megyn Kelly's new here hairstyle. It reminds me of David -- The early years of David -- reached really attractive entry Smart. And I -- new hairdo. So you might -- down on Fox's the departures usually -- in terms of the presentation in the entertainment value. But he watching any of the cable news channels. And which one do you trust the most -- of the we'll talk about tonight if you would join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a text number is 87870. The year cable news. Channels do not really attract as many people as you would think. And a -- came in in in fourth place but -- while Fox News still dominates. A Fox News is still losing a lot of viewers in the very coveted demographic of 25 to 54 adults. And most of those who watch the cable Newser channels are over over seventy. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Police in New Orleans are looking forward to more people in connection with the Bergen street shooting. Justin Odom the twenty year old who was questioned as a person of interest. In the fatal urban street shooting early Sunday morning. Has been released because of jail overcrowding. I know I mean you I'm wondering well is there somebody that we could let go in May be kept him. But he's innocent until proven guilty. I he was being held in Jefferson Parish but questioned by NO PD -- Lisa arrested on -- and related to charges but now they have have released on. Still photographs of -- they're not they're not. Graphic photographs I believe their infrared photographs. Of two other people that they're they're looking for the -- -- tonight is about its rush to judgment. In suburban street shooting case and also in the case involving the Georgia father. Who left his 22 year old kid to literally bake in the car. And the scoop legs about how many Americans a rush to judgment in both of those cases. And may have been very wrong this duplicates on our website at WWL dot com -- chairman others. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I wonder if those who have signed the petition demanding that the charges be dropped against Justin Harris the Georgia father who left his 2.2 year old son in hot cars die. I wonder if now they're having second thoughts. After it was revealed in court today that the father apparently had an unhappy marriage. And we sexting six women. One I believe under age. Six women as he sat at his desk. While his son. Was dying in the hot car. That could establish. A motive. It was also revealed today that he was having financial trouble. He -- wife the mother of their son Cooper was not happy with his spending habits. They had a total of 527000. Dollars in life insurance policies. On just went to Michael. -- a little bit unusual not everybody takes out a life insurance policy on their child. It's not unheard of -- I'm assuming it was whole life of me he could not possibly have been term insurance. Maybe he was just trying to build up of a bank account for the child but here's a guy who was just initially. Defended by so many people. Oh look at the cute pictures of him and his -- oh my god this father's destroyed the police should drop charges because he's a grieving father. And it is grief is enough of -- punishment. Well. Certainly the the sexting. And the information about the life insurance policies and an unhappy marriage these things. Could simply be. Coincidence. This could be simply circumstantial evidence this doesn't necessarily mean he's guilty but it does paint a very different picture. Of the -- so many people rushed to defend. As soon as they heard the story. Number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Well she she looks like she could be trophy wife Monday. But right now she's a trophy hunter Kendall Jones is a nineteen year old cheerleader for Texas Tech University really attractive girl. She's being criticized because she goes to Africa. And she trophy hearts. She kills lines. White rhinos and other majestic animals. So obviously they're there women who hunt and I've known that that's that's not to. A secret. But when I saw this story I I did have to ask myself. Why would people do that and and I'm I'm not a harder but he admitted that on the show. I'm you have a right to hunt dive I don't two I don't oppose her -- a beat -- not against you if your daughter. And I know there's so many hunters in this part of the country but I'm just simply being honest -- -- I'm not a harder. Now I I eat some meat I don't eat red meat but I do enjoy. And poultry and fish so I guess it makes me somewhat hypocritical I don't particulate. But but honestly if if you kill it I don't -- -- the lobster in the pot of boiling water but I'll eat it. I don't wanna put the -- you know and nobody -- the crawfish to look at you with those little black beady eyes. You know they look up that -- their claws -- please please don't put in the border please don't. I can't do it digest. Can't bring myself to do that. If you put him in here. -- -- But I got to thinking about this said -- attracted nineteen year old cheerleader. Who's a trophy under. And it may be it may be wonder what do you get out of a trophy hunt and maybe you've never being. On that kind of a heart. But if you're -- -- and you wanna explain to me and and again I'm I'm. I'm accepting this information with an open mind it's it's not something I do I'm curious. What is it that you get out of it. I understand more. About hunting for food or if you enjoy the sport reporting. You eat what you kill. And a lot of people have that philosophy. If they killer. -- edict. Against -- careful about what they kill. But what is it about a trophy hunt. That would bring you satisfaction as a human being. You're sneaking up on an animal with a high powered rifle Nikhil. -- to do anything to you know like you -- and fear fight with the animal. Killer disease in the process. So what is it that somebody gets out of being a trophy harder. And are you woman who -- As your wife or girlfriend. And I would want to try to understand the pleasure. In killing a beautiful animal. Simply as a trophy. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- Texas State 7870. Already getting some -- here's one that says they scoot the increasing jobs is smoking mirrors full time jobs are being replaced by part time jobs with no benefits do some research. Well then if you don't believe. These statistics. Then you can't believe the statistics. When they are used in a negative way against the president or any administration for that matter. You either. Believe that he the stats or or you don't it it is true that there are a lot of jobs that are now part time jobs with no benefits. This may be something that's happening now but some people perceive that this is a new thing and it's really not a new thing. I -- through throughout my career. I've known of of of cases where. Seasons. People in this business not here at this radio station with this company but another city's season people with experience. Have been let go. And they've been hired by people they could hire for less this is all part of the whole system of American greed. In America. And finally tonight's. Number one and on tonight's list of the top candidates. Great job an opening in nine and -- -- just was practicing when I was in on -- was a real price practicing when when Bob Mitchell was -- -- so you can. Keep up with that -- tomorrow's the fourth of July America's 238. Birthday. Several East Coast cities are making plans for hurricane author of most people are thinking about the beach or fourth of July parties here's -- double give you a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Are you doing anything. To celebrate America's birthday. Going to a party having apart are you doing anything to celebrate. America's birthday tomorrow. Millions of drivers will be on the road and it's always a lot of talk in warnings about drinking and driving both the CDC is now warning about the dangers of driving. While drowsy. That's a that we talked about on the show. I know somebody's gonna take this wrong. But when I have been really really tired. And the times that I have admitted in the past. That I have beer and drunk behind the wheel of a car. And thank god nothing ever happened that's not something I do anymore but I have to look back in my life as many of you would have to and admit that you did get behind the wheel of the car when you had too much to drink. I felt like I was better. Having had too much to drink there when I was tired. Because and it does it mean that I'm promoting either one. But when I'm trying to point out is I don't think we pay enough attention to how dangerous it is to drive while drowsy. And there's also a new study that shows that speeding related deaths are increasing. So I you know I see it all the time people speeding. Why do people speak what you speak we think about why do you speech. And is it my imagination or does it seem that more men speed. And women. And today on America's birthday April the eve of America's birthday as we head into the fourth of July weekend. Let's talk about what makes you proud to be in America. And also. What is it that -- -- not proud of about America. Because by recognizing what we might not be proud of might be the beginning of but figuring out how to change it. What makes you proud to be an American. And -- -- you not proud of about America. Our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. XX number 67870. This is dispute showed up Thursday night it feels like a Friday beginning a fourth of July weekend and essence fest is in town. And will be right back -- W well. We know you'll love rock and roll in -- getting giveaways and more tickets to see The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton a coveted concert together champions square Sunday night. July 20 at 7 o'clock. That -- you -- a -- -- listen Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning between six and ten. When you hear part of The Doobie Brothers or Peter Frampton song I don't know which they're going to be tomorrow but when you hear part of one of those songs. They'll stop the song and if you're the first caller with the lyrics that follow. You win. To listen to music sing along and win and is another way to win. Go to our Huckabee WL FaceBook page which used to be if you will radio with The Doobie Brothers. I keep on -- into the station that he loves rock and roll -- if you will. There's an update on our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll are you doing. Anything to celebrate America's birthday yet this is July 3 the eve of the fourth of July weekend America's birthday which is tomorrow. Are you doing anything to celebrate. 43%. Say no. 57%. Say yes. You're shipping you're going to our web site every trivial to account. And the -- blog tonight is titled rush to judgment can sometimes backfire. And there have been two cases of the news of urban street shooting recently and also the cases. The father who left between the two month old child in the car who died. There was rush to judgment in both of these cases and what we know so far about both of those cases the rush to judgment was it was clearly wrong. I do I join us for the comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text amber is 87870. Bet you're on WW LB leading. Do you do arm and I'm good. Oh great -- in that's what you know right now there. Now it's deliberate leadership out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New Orleans. And I'm just glad I was able to its earlier this year started on a stimulus. All right actually intelligent or something I really don't talk radio and John. In Asian and one thing did hear Jack cheerleader. When your trophy on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just quick check Dutch or whatever they do you like yes but. And for the most tortured man and he -- used to do. That many different. Deer species that you might species -- there just one. No I cannot I'll look I'll look into that but there are people who do go out and and and trophy hunt you -- do you -- do you understand the and the joy of trophy hunting. Orders sir adult but I implements -- it did -- out -- -- out so well. Yeah that it that year like species. One -- I think it's cool look at salute was he like. I'd pyramids concert the year -- I'm -- are we gender gender and -- But you eat everything that jail I mean it's enough he's not so they're obsolete and usually Turkey for an entire year. Yeah and and to me that the sport of hunting and eating what you kill is more understandable and that majestic. Animal being killed for a fracture for trophy it's this -- kind of what to -- Rico. Absolutely. Some people -- -- our government mean it was younger people there still into hunting club and it's great arms saying. 67 yoga you don't really like making the try to stand walker climbing out there and out. It's mainly younger now in you have a religious people -- -- -- is -- economic grow out of in. It becomes more about the principle that money as opposed to go on to stop this much just. Enjoy life enjoy nature in Georgia out of the shoot me in. Tricky nature whatever is left. Back -- you let your speed. Let's speed the puck well I'm not analyze it -- it out yet try not to. Not when you when you speed what are you wearing it are you speeding. Well I mean we're -- -- Which chg turnover over water. Well no no no I would cease. I would say speeding would be at least ten over the speed limit. What a neurosurgeon. You don't like the short order -- over because that's when we shall get -- Especially on the interstate there are a lot of people who who do speed absolutely haven't seen him on -- -- bad drive. The drive carefully -- tuning into our show tonight thank you very much -- at before. Saying to you if you enjoy his figure comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- early Saturday text Amber's age 7870. Here's a Texan -- auto home our -- auto makers that marketing. Is one of the causes for speeding they advertise their cars to be fast and powerful after paying a king's ransom for one. You wanna get your money's worth out of it. Like testing the tire grip in the brain insane. So -- you speed and a study out shows that there are more speeding related accidents that's on the increase. And also the CDC the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are now issuing -- warnings about driving while drowsy. You know there's a lot of talk about two drinking and driving and there has been for a long time and that's really good. But there needs to be more attention paid to driving while drowsy which is also very very dangerous hijack your alaskans chilling WW well. I'm on yeah did you. Just say one thing. On a meeting. We. Sure not kid how to aren't. Trish and everything that the kill and eat it. -- On and you. Shot and who Oreo. Oh you didn't you didn't. You'd -- it. -- -- -- It. And but it wasn't that good. It's -- -- Am so do you want to. Cute. The bunker. Or easily. It's a great story in an open atmosphere the -- do you understand trophy hunting killing a majestic animal -- -- Order -- -- Earl. -- -- You know. Like content. There. Can't shoot or why. You see I'm a little bit ago go there. -- -- Paul bit. Ago. And shooting. And a court than. Just -- to me and Tory and our. The shoreline. And to -- -- do. And -- They're guys that aren't just take it. And shows no probable. Story. That's been a problem with killing them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean it's a bear started to attack you and you shot him out of self defense be entirely different. Eight. And go on and on every year. Patrol boat don't cotton include certain an Oreo line. Here. You know I can't. Go. Shop. -- I appreciate you sharing that witness in the thanks listing -- agree for the joint weekend. And not being critical as much as and I'm trying to figured out when I heard about this this trophy out the final bit more about -- -- achieved she -- these animals are they were just attract allies. But when I thought about this at this trophy hunter. And trophy hunters somebody that -- kill animals -- a nineteen year old cheerleader. And it just doesn't really fit the stereotypical image that I have wrong as it may be. For somebody who are trophy once. I don't understands. I don't understand the pleasure that somebody gets out of out of a trophy got. Here is attacks today it's it's and calling the nineteen year old harder. A potential trophy wife. Is the most sexist comment I've ever heard. While. You must to get -- very much. There are trophy -- out there. And on many women are both at fault for creating trophy wants women fixed themselves up to be trophy wives women. Not all women but women who become trophy wives. On the they sacrifice. What they would usually be interested in -- they would usually be attracted to. For money. And you see a lot of old ugly men with tons of money. That trophy wives. So I don't know why that would be that sexist and then of course the men pay for the trophy really it's it's -- bearing and I guess. Well Japan paying her for. The relationship right and you know there's -- word that. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a text ever receipts have VA seventy -- students the eve of the fourth of July. Along weekend for many of you ever come right back and WL this is my favorite new bands when republic. I I think this is the -- currently has had five singles. Released from one CD. You know we just kind of in Europe and usually release. You know a couple of songs and and they move on and make you buy into the CD but it when Republicans just been cranking them out. This is the -- -- -- Thursday night it feels like a Friday night because tomorrow is the beginning of the fourth of July weekend and tomorrow is for the July. And we welcome everybody -- in town for essence fest from Georgia deal a year and a BW -- good evening. Whose current. Disparity -- so you're doing. -- you have the room where and obviously coach Grier soccer violence that's the challenge seeing cool. Well on patrol -- co -- for how that's debatable. All the way. Gullible are you about the stroke lives but it got a little. You -- so well. Well plantations usually owned by someone. Can't reconcile the and -- -- and -- -- plantations that are under attack throttle well. Without one here in the city and Albany. Or south West Jordan but not a well vote so much. And we got a plantation here. Oh man. But it may outlook related -- in this news but he old business. Powell might have been my image larger way and you know blog search term or UP. We're trying to -- -- and and oh what do those things. Well it can't keep it secret that it you know who just. This -- Is it done and based on that Victorian kind of feeling. Sort. I really. It and and the Latin batteries it is not so Korea and he's got you were torched -- -- -- -- -- plantations for our. And -- that he. Administration. Of the bush -- era. Both of them badgers to fly here in eagle and manner for long age or -- or a Colorado man. Utah police abuse they reduce political or Glock and -- The hard core idol as a result that quite a -- here. But they were a lot better collateral it would. Our Google be resumed in the state well looked -- will be unity he went back in the big politician and course we -- -- -- salute for. This get right to retire from Norton announced late but a US soldier. Is it good to quit it and they had the -- animal ambulances all or should out there and party or bad. Well not so much -- like -- Some talent remote call or should. -- look at. The silliest I really like about it is editor of the points. She puts. Them. I'm gonna have to draw a stick figures to militantly figure and a Buick I appreciate you telling us tonight happy fourth. -- And -- here's a text I have nine grandkids. Each insurer for 25000. When they turn eighteen. They can renew it. Or cash out for college. I it's not that unusual and what we're talking about his senior the father in in Georgia he's being held without bond. He still in -- And there's a probable cause hearing today in Georgia and he's staying in jail this was the father who leftist when he two month old child and car. Not long ago in the child's died. And became noted -- court today that the file otherwise sexting. Six different women. While his trial was dying in the car. And some of these text of some of these -- were explicit he took a picture of himself. And send to girls and they sent pictures of their breasts to him the typical texting stuffed it was not only words but also. The pictures. And he also -- had two insurance policies who went for 2000 dollars and the company 125000 dollars to a company on the delight of his -- child. While those things or not. Necessarily. Conclusive evidence that he did this. They do establish a potential. Motive. And so that's why this trial will continue and of course will be following it and bad guys still in jail but what's interesting is is. They were so many people who immediately said drop the charges against this guy he's a grieving father and hampered his grief is enough of the punishment. And yet we're learning things about him that he had his double life and I wonder if people who've signed that petition. Maybe having second thoughts. There's always a big rush to judgment -- a rush to judgment when it came to the two. Of people who were allegedly involved in the shooting on Bourbon Street early Sunday morning. So the people of interest Wear white but that's all they are people of interest but it does go to show you that you can't be too quick to judge. If you're gonna join us with your -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every taxi 7870. This is the -- show and we'll be back -- a WL. I mentioned earlier did this nineteen year old cheerleader for Texas Tech University Kendall Johnson looks like she could be a potential trophy wife does it mean that she will speak that's sacrificing her life which. You know I added as a big sacrifice. I mean I think people sacrificed their integrity to be trophy wives and I think people sacrificed their integrity to buy. A trophy wife is that's kind of essentially what you do it sure there's some cases we're. You know you just happen to have -- really attractive wife and she says accused of being trophy like achieved she really isn't. But this is some this isn't a young Texas Tech cheerleader who is being blasted with criticism. We're going to Africa and shooting wild animals. And it just made me wonder about the pleasure of doing -- I understand the -- that the sport of hunting. And I'm not being critical partners in anyway but I admit I'm not a -- Because I'm not a hundred doesn't mean that died and critical of of -- Here's a Texan -- 28 years old and ninth generation harder and a woman. I've -- by first year when I was eight and was taught. By my father and grandfather that you heart to survive. Feed your family. And all that. Anyone who points for the sport and not necessarily. Oh anyone who hunts for sports. On and not necessity has a huge ego problem killing an animal just to kill -- Proves athlete nothing except a sport -- is trying to make themselves look big and bad. And you press others. These -- all about ego. Is killing an animal for a trophy. Is that about ego. If you gonna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text number is 878 Saturday police looking for two more people in the investigation of the suburban street shooting early Sunday morning. We've got their pictures it's scan of infrared pictures so we really can't see any. Real distinguishing. Features. The I'm not sure what race they are but I think we learned about the the two people of interest. Whose pictures were posted our website and an all over the media is that he you can't be too quick to judge who may be involved. And even if it does turn out to be young black males. How does that affect the fact. That it happened. Here's a Texan -- good I've heard you say on the radio before that if the speed limit is seventy you'll do 79 and the reason is. That you gave was because you can get away with it over nine miles over the speed and you know I don't of course and I could get away with it but I have traditionally driven. Eight to nine miles an hour over the speed and it's not ten miles an hour of the statement. I don't remember saying that that's because I can get away with it that's the only reason I do it but with this with this Labor Day on this budget with this fourth of July weekend coming up. And so many people being on the road there -- a lot of warnings about driving drinking and driving driving drowsy. And a lot of people do that not just over the fourth of July weekend but far too often people dozed off behind the -- that is very dangerous. But also I read a report that two did the accidents related to speed. Are on the increase. And when I see people whipping in and out of traffic I mean going like really fast over -- -- the speed limit whipping it out. I sometimes think we don't maybe there's an emergency. You know maybe their child is in the hospital. Maybe they're they're rushing the 'cause somebody sick. Or somebody's done maybe is really truly an emergency. But I know that there are people who just speed to speed. And so the question is why -- speed. -- I did that I don't my goal a bit over the speed limit but I'm I'm not a speeder. I guess that would define speeding is anything at least ten miles an hour over the speed limits of people go a lot more than that. So do you do just for fun. And in my the only one who notices that there are lot more man -- speed than women. And if that's the case. Why is it. If you -- -- ushered right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. At a tech's number 677. Isn't updates on tonight's -- WO pretty jaguar opinion poll are you doing anything to celebrate America's birthday. 54%. Say no. 46%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to WW multi count. Now by the way for those who say they're not doing anything for America's birthday this is not to suggest that they're not patriotic. They might just be relaxing and enjoying the fact that they have the freedom to relax and do nothing so this is just a poll about when you do something to celebrate America's birthday it's. It's not a test of patriotism. But tonight as we sit here on the eve of the fourth of July and I thought we'd also talk about. What makes you proud to be in America. Seriously what makes you most proud to be an American. And what is it that doesn't make you proud about being an American. This is this cute show on Thursday night heading into the fourth of July weekend and we'll be right thank after the news under the WL.