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Jul 3, 2014|

a Texas cheerleader is being criticized for hunting lions and rhinos in Africa. She’s a trophy hunter who will someday be a trophy wife. Does she defy the typical image of a hunter? Are you a woman who hunts? Does your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother hunt? Can you really justify killing a majestic animal simply for a trophy and not for food? THEN: let’s talk about the case of the Georgia father who left his young son in a hot car and the child died, the prosecution will show some of its case in court today. This tragedy has led to suggestions on what to do so you don’t forget your kids in the car from putting your shoes in the back seat to leaving your briefcase in the back seat near the child. What did you do to remember your child was in the car or was there no need since a parent SHOULD NEVER FORGET a child in a car? AND: tomorrow is the 4th of July…why are you proud to be an American? Is there anything about America that does not make you proud?

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Essence fest 2014. Is here there's music there's food families all over downtown bald and -- hard. Pointers at T shirts into. Delicious food being cooked on -- street right now and toward the Mercedes-Benz superdome there'll always be a lot of activity pointers accounts created all the streets in between those two streets are going to be very very crowded. Especially tomorrow night. Saturday night and that's willing to tonight and early into the early morning hours there will be a lot of people in cars just one of -- about. By essence fest is always a great crowd it's in town and there will be extra security and French Quarter following the shooting that took place but there's there's always extra security the French Quarter when there's so. That is a big crowd in town in essence Brington decry the town Lionel Richie among those performing in essence fest this year. And it's now also as a stresses that it is it is a big family. If it had a lot of damage -- his -- I saw buses talking to the station earlier today -- -- buses unloaded. People getting out of buses and I know they're here forum for a good time. I'm screwed if you -- join us with a comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven it -- -- 87870. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll are you doing anything to celebrate America's birthday. Which is tomorrow. 47% saying no and 53%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site to review real outcome -- is a fourth of July America's 238. Birthday. Several East Coast cities are now planning for hurricane -- to infect. The National Hurricane Center has issued tropical storm warnings for Nantucket Island. And also Cape -- Early July tropical storm warnings for Nantucket. And Cape Cod that is absolutely. Unheard of and the Carolinas are getting blasted -- right now I think current North Carolina is gonna get the brunt of this hurricane which is expected at some point to be a cat two storm. Very early tomorrow morning we know what that's like we know what it's like -- during holidays to be preparing for something like that. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are going to be dealing with the hurricane author and apparently the ideas -- stayed very close to land or over land for a long period of time so that could potentially be a problem. Since tomorrow is America's birthday. Which is when we celebrate our independence it's essentially the beginning of this country that we -- it. I thought this would be good time to talk about the things that make us proud to be an American. And by talking about the things that make us not so proud to be an American. I think that gives is a chance to analyze things that we should maybe think about trying to change. About this country. And really change about ourselves. You know we have to blame ourselves for. The way America is. Because in this country is a collection of individuals. And our nation can be no better than the individuals. That make up that nation. So instead of blaming politicians instead of blaming somebody else is that a blaming everything else. We need to look at ourselves. And realize that the only way to change this country is if we change some of the things that we do. Or some of the things that we don't do. That's how we change. -- -- we changer in America. We change ourselves. What is it about America. That makes you very proud. And what is it about America that make you not so proud. Our numbers 260187. In total free 866889070. Better text numbers 877. Here's a text to reach our politicians we elect make me embarrassed. To be an American. Politicians. -- bears getting a couple of text here that the author is already a category two hurricane Syria we know -- we know what that's like and again our thoughts and prayers -- those people who were dealing with. A hurricane author I guess the best news about this storm is. Did the strongest part of hurricane is the northeast quadrant and that's going to be off offshore. In the Atlantic so if there's any good news I guess that's that's the good news. And a site sit here and do this talk show host on a nightly basis or filling in during the day when I do. One thing that is just so obvious to me is how divided we are gonna -- you sense this as well we're very divided as a nation. We divided along political lines. You're divided along. Socio economic lines we're divided along. Social and political ideological lines. It's okay to be divided I mean have always been Republicans -- Democrats there's always been a strong divide and in my dad was a starch. Conservative. And my dad didn't like did Democrats and Democrats don't like Republicans. That hasn't changed. What has changed is the bitterness. And hate. And if there's anything that makes me not proud to be in America. It's affected that we have allowed hate. To define this country. And and they hate is really. About often people we don't know. We're we're afraid of things that we don't know NN to some degree I guess that's. I guess that's human nature. But we should challenge ourselves to be intelligent enough not to be afraid of something just because it's different. And not to be afraid of change. Because think about where this country would be if we hadn't changed. -- about where we'd be if we hadn't. Supported immigration. So -- in a lot of ways it's it's change that has made this country great. And yet there are those who fear. Any change at all so so what is it about America that make you really proud to be in America. Tomorrow was that celebration of our independence. And it talking about what makes us proud to be an American I think we should also talk about what to what makes us a less proud to be in America. And the bitterness. The the in the intensity of the debate about what you -- Are you a liberal or you're conservative. I had a conversation with somebody earlier today about this and it seems like it's very important to label people. People wanna know what you are. Why. I can't define myself. I'm not a conservative. I'm not a liberal. When it comes as some issues of liberal. But because of some issues I'm very conservative. It's not but I don't wanna choose. I can't. And I'm OK with that. But it's it's seems like there are people who worked just so intent on specifically defining. What you bar. And why can't we can't we just the why can't we just. Like can't we just did you. Enjoy the fact that in this country week can celebrate. Diversity we can celebrate. Differing opinions. Human -- can disagree on something. But we don't have to hate each other. I get a mention a guy that admitted to the boomers and beyond exploits -- and home improvement show with Paul Le grange at the park -- center. Saturday morning and it's big guy comes up to -- starch. White starched shirt. White cowboy -- Machines a big. Old -- with the bull rider on it a cowboy boots. He comes up to me says. My name's blocked. A -- yeah text. Balked at a truck. He's and I don't look I don't agree with anything you say well let -- show. That was a great compliment. We don't have to. We don't have to agree but one thing that should change in this country. Is how divided we are. And we really should come together realized and in this is something that has to happen on Capitol Hill. They need to come together. Nothing's gonna get done if there's not compromise. All we need to stand by our principles. Ronald Reagan was a compromiser. Ronald Reagan and Tip -- page. Date publicly. Battled it out constantly over issues. But when when it really came down to what they did compromise. And we think about it in in in your marriage immediate your your relationships your personal relationships are kind of a microcosm of of government. It's about compromise. You don't always get your way. And it's OK to cut it doesn't make you weak to compromise. Is part of the system. What makes me proud to be an American is the freedoms that we have that we so often take for granted. The freedom that I have to express my opinions the freedom that you have to call the show and express your opinions. What we need to get away from. Is they hate. -- from Metairie patty you're on the -- -- to be WL. Well I'll. -- you Democrat Mary Cheney's. And I like energy and I would I -- more. And it worked on your part. Driving around. Went putt -- And I. I. Am. Actually. And shared. A -- a hole and watching the only. And very. -- That's a lot. It is it is a law it's eight feet. But you know what's great and all. I mean. But that's that's -- That's what I love about that's what -- love about the story it's. It's one of those simple things that a lot of people don't take time even noticed people are driving by there and they're not notice that you took a moment to notice. Yeah we're about to celebrate this country's birthday. Fireworks going off in the year. And you see families. Enjoying it it's a -- Many. Think that I think all of the people work. -- Anyway go back and it shouldn't. Patty I'm glad you did you -- -- join us with your comments tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Insanity. And a text numbers 87870 here's had a VW offered -- opinion poll tonight are you doing anything to celebrate America's birthday. Yes or no -- giving up they'd give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. Now this is done a test of patriotism EU could be doing nothing to celebrate America's birthday and you could still be very patriotic you just choose not to do anything you have the freedom to choose not to do anything. -- -- On a Thursday night it feels like a Friday night because tomorrow is the fourth of July. And we'll be right back on -- BW well. Tomorrow's the fourth of July. America's birthday. And -- this is a Thursday it feels like and Friday night -- were they treated as such your speech tonight identity you'll. -- -- be -- the riverfront marketing group invites you to go forth on the river. Throwing your red white and blue. And join us. Tomorrow night at 9 o'clock that the New Orleans riverfront from one of the top five must see fireworks shows. In America. It features synchronized fireworks between two dueling gorgeous here too patriotic music. On the mighty Mississippi. Bring your radios. Smartphones. Or -- at home tune in to. Channel four -- a meeting on July 4 WWL. At 9 o'clock for an amazing celebration. Here and everybody else. And happy fourth from the station that was the USA. That gives you well. And us go forth on the river is just. Amazing. Debbie Preston joins -- -- WWL -- good evening. Hi. I'm good to tell us about tomorrow night and I I have been so impressed with fireworks displays on the river. Having grown up here have been having lived in other places where there fireworks displays. Not only is this my home but there's something really special about fireworks on the Mississippi River in New Orleans. It really is. I think what makes it's special bulk of this being local here. Is -- definitely his -- Then it's produced by the riverfront marketing group it's terrific it's 34 different sponsors come together to make this happen. And every year we start -- raise the money to make the traditions the locals and tourists every. I've just seen incredible crowds families send young people -- All kinds of demographics it's it's it's amazing to see people come together in in that moment to celebrate the birthday of America. It really is that we're so grateful to you guys that could put Debbie Debbie Allen magic being responses and being able to bring your -- used to deliver here at this time casts. It is so passionately patriotic. And it is wonderful and we're so grateful you got to talk to grow this event and of course. Chevron -- the bar and Sammy Zito who donates it to -- in part two barges so that we can do and doing barge show. And thirty for a response is we're just so grateful. In the fireworks just maybe they just are so spectacular and there's always seems to be I don't know whether it's my imagination but there always seems to be just that very slight this lull before the finale. I don't know whether that's my imagination or if that's really orchestrated but I just since this slight little lull before the finale in the finale is like he's like oh my god could -- do anymore. -- -- -- just kind of builds up in a Christian music's playing Anna -- the -- crying during fireworks -- but I spoke at it and so it's it's wonderful that that we really do encourage people bring it into the river put a decade ago magic -- on. Listen to the musically watch the fireworks because it's just. Amazing I mean it's not a clock you can see it from both sides of the river him anywhere from -- walked down to support. Come out early come and go shopping along the riverfront come out and get your place because that is -- wonderful fireworks yet and people like what -- that the new look. At all. Shop equivalent of the shops that have now placed in jacks in the river boat -- That there's so much to be done Pat O'Brien it is all kind of -- -- in the day on the -- front. Tomorrow is going to be crowded downtown because in essence fest is that the first time that their fourth of July in essence -- of come together to essence fest is this time of year. So what it is going to be crowded. It's just you know find the best place she can depart park illegally and. You know -- walk. That's right come in and walking it down their early for the -- is that your place to park civic you can say that by election and the country. All right Debbie groceries with the riverfront marketing group and to where part of this whole celebration -- -- and a proud to be Debbie thanks for being was have a great day tomorrow I'll see you tomorrow night. Great. Right. A sister Laura is America's birthday we've we're talking about some of the things that make -- proud to be Americans. And some of the things that make us not so proud to be Americans. What is it that really makes you proud to be an American to -- really touching story from a woman named -- As she was driving home as she saw the fireworks display. And left in your park. And she noticed families. Sitting in chairs is watching the fireworks display and on west appalling. I say she noticed Stanley it's. A lot of people just zipped by there in May not have actually thought as much about it is it is -- did. And it's it's good to take time to notice. Simple things. That we sometimes just. Go by in our lives whether we're walking or or driving a week we don't pay attention to some of the simplest things. And I hope that she would find if you come -- to the fireworks display fine just simple pleasure in. In standing there on the banks of the Mississippi River in -- city that is older than America. And the way the fireworks reflect off the river it really is to -- beautiful beautiful site. This is. This is just it's -- it's a wonderful event and yet it's it's somewhat simple just enjoying fireworks display but we're coming together. As Americans. Not as Republicans. That is Democrats. Not as Christians or Jews or Muslims are coming together as Americans to celebrate the birthday of America. And that's the feeling that I get but I see the fireworks display. On the on the the banks of the Mississippi on the fourth of July. Here's a text -- after hearing ms. -- I had to find a place to pull over. And text or call was so sweet and pulling it she. Oh as was your reply great music you announced that segment I feel grateful to live in a land was such freedom. A thank you student that is from Laura if you majorities for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seventy at a tax receipts of creativity. Suppose we take for granted even the simplest freedoms. And if you. Don't. Travel if you don't experience other countries I know a lot of people who have been deployed in the Middle East. Have I have had to have gained even greater appreciation for America understanding what it is like to live in in other countries. And to be part of other countries during this a tough time and in the history of their -- here's a Texan -- I'm very proud to be an American relief in the greatest country on earth. I am a veteran of the US army every generation of my family is veterans. All the way back to the American revolution. I think we all the US a a great debt of gratitude. And thank god almighty. For this country. I agree with that here's a Texan -- -- could you please be so kind as to let people know. They do if they don't have any concrete plans tomorrow. The victory fellowship church on airline drive. Will be feeding the multitudes from 10 AM until 3 PM. Plenty of good food barbecued jambalaya. Hot dogs. And much more. Recently when I was filling in for for Tommy Tucker I guess dismissed have been Memorial Day. We were talking about this big controversial issue of whether or not you you put ketchup -- your hot dog and I had no idea that there was some controversy. I don't always dope against the president put -- -- was for so populace is unheard. No ketchup on hot dog just mustard. And and some people freak -- -- put ketchup and mayonnaise. On a hot dog. Here is attacks that -- say hate that this. Hate that this country celebrates individual listened to the point that we have forgotten the importance. But he shared core American value. In the middle class. Hate it we have not addressed the culture. Whites have helped. Blacks creates. -- Impairs their success. And our full acceptance of them I love this country's natural beauty and diversity. And I don't just want diversity that divides. Only that which elevates us all. And since you played it. I love brother Ray Charles and that is from C LeBlanc if you enjoy saving your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series Saturday Texas a 7870. Is a Texan re screwed I'm proud to be an American. -- -- I go to work every day I put my children through college. And sit on my screen porch every day and feel the satisfaction that my kids will make a difference in this world. Hell yeah I celebrate the fourth of July only in the United States of America. Do you do anything for the fourth of July -- doing in the to celebrate America's birthday that's a -- give you a pretty general people give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. We have also be talking about this case of this father in Georgia. This is a case -- immediately attracted national attention. The guy's name is Justin Ross Harris and today a judge. I've said that he would stand trial this is a probable cause hearing today in court. I watch much of it during the day from from my apartment also applied my guest here -- WWL. A judge has denied bind to. Who murdered his well who allegedly -- he's charged with murdering his his child leaving -- -- -- 22 month old child. In a steaming hot car. And -- just such a sad tragic story and they were people who initially. Signed a petition and the started on line and said dropped charges against this guy this is a grieving father. Who. Is suffering. Grief that should be his only punishment he'll live with this the rest of his life. And yet we learned some things about him in court today. That paint quite a different picture of this individual not that his sexting. Six different women one under age. While he was sitting at his desk at work while his child was literally. Dying. In the heat of a closed up car. He was sexting women. Not that there's a direct connection between those two things. But it does paint a picture of a guy who led a double life. And this is I think one of the reasons why they considered him to be a flight risk and the judge wanted to hold him without bail. But this is you know gonna be one of the stories that when this trial starts this is going to be one of those stories that everybody is gonna is gonna follow that because it. It's well first of all it's. Its interest. It's a tragedy. It has the elements of drama and went went trial when trials heavy elements of of a compelling drama. People will always pay attention. I Georgia and Russia are right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Writes every text numbers 87870 here's a -- reads -- tell everybody to stop and smell the roses. And that's a way of relating what's this woman -- who called just a few moments ago said when she was driving down Napoleon. Al west deploy units on the fireworks display and families just enjoying it and she was very touched by the sight of that. Here's another text or how about this is America and the whatever the hell you want on your hot dog love your shows -- I'd like that idea. The -- the -- whatever you want on on your hot dog. If you wanna join us tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's only Texas a 77. Interesting that in the aftermath of this -- guide Georgia leaving his 22 month old hot carted dies. -- there were two cases here actually three cases one involving pebble poppy. But two cases of what involving a woman in home another involving a woman Slidell within the last few days. Leaving their children in a hot car. We talked about this a little bit on the show last night. What I'm really proud enough is the people reported this to the police. And I guess that's what we need to do we need to look out for those people who are either forgetting. Their children in the car. Or simply not bringing their kids in with them because well I guess it's convenient to leave the kid in the car. As convenient as that might be. Don't do it suffered the child. And sometimes having kids. Is not convenient. A from Hammond Joseph a year on the -- show and every WL. When you start development that gap and Georgia. Are amateurs or human development -- come out you would. -- is the marketplace and on American morning yeah stop Tucker yeah yeah and now. You said that -- -- I elected to report out spitting it out story about Al well at that that doubt about -- giving. I'm at a card -- grip back that story was true. Debt has come out and not only did he do it but now the story is that he and his wife both. Both Google to again we don't know if there's a direct connection but both Google how long. I'm a child it's it's come to that how long your child to live in a hot car. And apparently they did not have a good marriage and what came up and hearing today Joseph is. The idea that they wanted to have a child free life. And they also had financial problems and they had 127000 dollars of insurance policies on on the Charles likes. Well you know I'm not a year. And it's not possible to be accurate job. Okay I'm not as though it impossible. You know. -- job. I'll -- out. -- -- -- -- But they are not dependent on it by then we're back in a goblet of he's strictly -- war you need while. Out. So tepid at its outlook -- -- -- banquet in Iraq. This. -- -- like why it's not like he's not way you know so that next I'll avoid all that. That's what I don't agree with it out. I'm not gonna -- it. Might be operable. In my op would be expected job app blowout hours. Okay but it was felt that go down. You are so -- -- the board about. But sure if I understand what you're saying and I -- I I agree it's something belief forget things -- negligence. -- doesn't make it right by acts by. Accidentally shoot you still held accountable if he actually accidentally leaves his child in the car I that you punish the -- And he did. You know. People that. Well but. You know it'll start out of the accountable. Again that I can do it because it is great well right. So you know. Pretty -- is at -- company. -- And I guarantee you apparent. He -- it would not what I was about to Parikh. Will happen. And what was -- -- -- that -- and -- out right. And not not back on the door and on the go while now. That that would coordinate achievement that would -- that has not. And he would doll that -- has an -- about it we with our program under. You know. But that just a quick that you wait. Yet to round -- more urgent but -- batters he was site. But wait -- wayward you know we are so responsible for that can take an -- You know that one. But you know. Children and this and and the -- but it. I don't -- a person -- A variety of pageantry by the they like it and -- like you're. Aren't accurate Aaron it's just it's so difficult to imagine. Killing your children and again we don't know what happened in this case but he just is almost impossible for rational people to understand how somebody could kill their children. Children and I'll tell him you know it happened at the I didn't put it. The the Julia let them that it that it quick. 2.5. Played here. There and -- you know. A country and echo what they do we keep our freedom and bring it and we have the report on ala also. We want to thank you for what you do for our country and what you continue to do for America. -- Joseph glad you called. You know there's been a lot of talk recently. And when somebody takes liberties. With the star spangled banner -- should've done that elected. Remember this. Jimi Hendrix took liberties with the stars feel better. It's still revered as a great piece of music although I know some people still don't like if you join us with your thoughts Felix tonight on numbers 260187. Week. Sold 38668890. Except -- Had a text them physics of creativity. It's description or Thursday night beginning of fourth of July weekend we'll be right back on WWL. -- two hours of for the July America. As -- are you doing anything to celebrates America's birthday. That's a WW a pretty general opinion poll here's an update 62%. Say no and 38% say yes and again I remind you that does it mean that. 62% of people are not patriotic it just means that they're not doing anything it. So well like they are doing anything special that's the way I interpret our our question. I hope that everybody has at least a little celebration. In their hearts and minds. -- good -- tonight is titled rush to judgment can sometimes backfire. And it's about the rush to -- -- two cases recently suburban street shooting and also the hot. -- child's death of father is being held in Georgia after a probable cause hearing today which outlined considered a flight risk. And he will stand trial for charges that he murdered. Is 22 month old went leaving him in the car. I'm skewed if you at a join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a text number is 87870. Here's a text that every scoot I served for thirteen years eight months between nine days in the course eat your hot dog the way you what I got your back. That's from show all right -- appreciate it. Here's a text I live about four miles from where they do firework show. I can hear the show makes me wonder how many people -- country's at war deal with the sounds. And not knowing what's gonna happen. Right we don't have have to worry about that here -- top of everything else. See that's really that's that's a great thing to think about when you think about a fireworks display. -- countries that where people. We're just like you. -- Are dealing with the sound of wore. It every day. And a fireworks display for us it's just. It's it's just a fun celebration. In this case of America's birthday. Here is attacks that means what I love about America is that nothing. Is that there's nothing like being dragged out of your home in the middle of the night in kidnapped or killed for speaking out against the government. That would never happen. So for all these people who condemn. Who complain about this or that and what the government does stop and think really hard. About where you live and thank god. You're in the USA. Here we are on the eve of America's birthday. For -- -- tomorrow. And I think it's a good time to talk about the things that make usually proud to be an American. And the things that maybe we're not surprised enough because we're talking about those things -- we can do more to. To change. And we're the ones who can change as individuals in this country we can change his country by changing the things that we do. It should change and one of them is they hate. It has become such a part of our political debate and it was so divide it's it's -- if people define themselves as Republicans and Democrats first. An American second. For Texas however Euro is crucial would have to do. Opening statement calling the -- the device you don't let let Unicode is the about in the trail first -- -- obviously Texas. Citizen I would blast out to lawless -- WBO goes through and apologized. Particularly east activity in my group off. A good -- he did. Retired Howard let me bring everybody up -- -- -- Kendall Joseph -- -- nineteen year old cheerleader from Texas Tech University. She's been criticized for going to Africa one on trophy -- And I made the comment earlier that she looks like she could do it if she wanted to she could be trophy wife -- bit cheesy a trophy hunter. And I don't really understand the pleasure of killing a beautiful animal Sibley is a trophy. A gauge public policy cues in early seventy's it was a record deal to when and so folks like intimately in the books and audio books. -- -- It didn't show. Cut back. We -- show what was that like tooling and Carrollton. Are no. No it was it was up the street a little bit of -- to -- yes I I remember that I had thought about -- years. As a Volkswagen dealer walked in and that's politics it is. Always electron boldly told they have to hunt political would get and -- about the issue now Monica but the com article this guy that we actually discussed the and what do they what does -- do it this the lady you know certainly Kindle account. And we is that guy Q now the costly beauties -- last week okay. The way they -- these people do what I -- Now wanting it to the fourth of July around June or July -- -- the capital Texas moral tale. We -- to report -- to operate more and then I'm thankful for America and that's where I lived in Biloxi won't I would Chapel Hill. It's a small Christian channel without fourth of July parade I got my -- About an -- I can just I can just picture what that parade is going to be like a small town fourth of July parade in America I've never been to one but I know exactly what it looks like from. But seeing it in movies and on television. Well yeah yet to come down next year and but what have no -- them. -- report from the won't couple weeks but my religion doesn't want me to believe -- but symbolic. Kind of Bougainville the girl -- -- us. Howard -- -- all the show you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every tax disease 7870. I'm -- and we'll be right back and -- WL. It's -- Thursday night but for most of view it's Friday -- -- tomorrow night is for the July and it's a holiday for many years so be a long holiday weekend. I'm still glad -- -- tonight and from river ridge Rhonda welcome to WWL. It like to issue and every one on July we came a pilot got out of pocket. Really pretty and and not. One. You know between -- pew you know. What a baby around that -- the -- from the heat but. -- And then they would become. An option you played that -- -- membership and I'll let -- arm right to life and it would talk and yet. Plea and going to say that -- out and I. Felt dirty abortion Sunday. -- believe me I'm being. As I am not I don't feel -- strongly either. And that in mind. These people. It would have been much panic situation and foreign debt and probably. They. Weeks pregnant city. And you know of the torture that this child went into the hike -- was very painful and I knew that at some point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they and that the community and do it that you would be. Into. -- -- -- And yet but it didn't agree with -- I didn't. Signatory not to bring into the patient. And I thought about this -- we were talking last night about the Supreme Court decision with hobby lobby hobby lobby is the Christian. Faintly Christian family owns a hobby lobby in the Supreme Court ruled that closely held corporations like hobby lobby even though there. A big corporation a closely held because it's failing held. Accompanied that they have a right to opt out of that part of Obama cares it would required that they cover the morning after -- Because many people see the morning after pill as an abortion -- Which is it isn't from what I've read about it it's very it's a pill that prevents pregnancy which is differ from appeals it. It ends a pregnancy after a pregnancy is already has already happened. But the but the people who are the people who criticize. The morning after pill. What's the alternative the alternative is. Is what you're talking about and that is. Bringing children into the world who have the potential. To end up with really. No caring parents. And I see an hour it's it's inevitable recently. It's like to watch. And I think that people -- judgment and something on the again. Sometimes they need to go out and let people choice but it -- reality. Do you think it's possible to be. Pro. Choice. But yet -- be in favor of abortions. And I -- You know. Should be used at the you'd think that women the right to choose -- currently not. You know the one -- not more for the -- at that thing. About an anti -- Happy fourth. Magic on -- show you can join us or by calling 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And I text number is 87870. It's -- show live from New Orleans on a Thursday night it's the beginning of fourth of July weekend and we'll be right back after the news song WWL.