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Jul 4, 2014|

a Texas cheerleader is being criticized for hunting lions and rhinos in Africa. She’s a trophy hunter who will someday be a trophy wife. Does she defy the typical image of a hunter? Are you a woman who hunts? Does your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother hunt? Can you really justify killing a majestic animal simply for a trophy and not for food? THEN: let’s talk about the case of the Georgia father who left his young son in a hot car and the child died, the prosecution will show some of its case in court today. This tragedy has led to suggestions on what to do so you don’t forget your kids in the car from putting your shoes in the back seat to leaving your briefcase in the back seat near the child. What did you do to remember your child was in the car or was there no need since a parent SHOULD NEVER FORGET a child in a car? AND: tomorrow is the 4th of July…why are you proud to be an American? Is there anything about America that does not make you proud?

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Thursday night but it does feel like Friday night tomorrow is the fourth of July glad your whether so are you doing anything to celebrate America's birthday that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WW dot com will give an update on that. And in just a moment. -- -- -- even talking about the the father in Georgia who is now going to stand trial for the death of his 22 month old son must have been a hot car. Interesting did that happen and then there were two cases here locally actually three cases recount to a puppy people populist and a car. There's a case of -- woman the at a -- homer and the other day in Slidell. Where two different mothers left their very very young children in the car locked in in a hot car in the summertime in the middle of the day. And how that happens I I I don't know. And there are people who say well it can happen. So understandably people do make mistakes. But do we not hold people accountable for the mistakes they make. And there was an initial. Petition online petition. To have charges dropped against this father Justin Harris and me that he's a grieving father don't don't file charges against him drop the charges immediately. But the police said that there were some things about his his story. And his behavior and it just didn't make sense. At the time that -- The responded to this call that there was this. Dead child that he is trying to revive the crowd gathered at that attracted the attention to place assured somebody called 911. But there are a lot of things that came out in the probable cause hearing today according torture. -- Show that disguised it very very different person from. The person he was perceived to be in those pictures that appeared to be a loving father with with a loving child. Now these things that came out in the probable cause trial. Don't mean that he's guilty. These things to notes. And guarantee that he's going to be found guilty but the -- The 3%. On a motive. He was unhappily he was unhappy in his marriage. There were some financial issues there were select insurance on the child. And he -- while his child was dying he was sexting six different women and I believe one of them -- -- was underage. So -- in the eyes of these. The judge that established. A motive. So that's why he's gonna stand trial it's a trial it will all be following if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven there -- number is 877. -- tomorrow is the fourth of July the 238 birthday of America. And while some cities along the East Coast are planning former king Arthur. And we know what that feels like -- -- you're thinking about the beach for the fourth of July parties -- you're gonna go to -- go forth on the river the big fourth of July fireworks display. Tomorrow night 9 o'clock on the Mississippi River. And there are a lot of people on the road tonight and will be tomorrow as well drive carefully. And and when it thinks it bothers me most on the road -- with people tailgate. Because to me that just seems like such a dangerous thing I mean if anything goes wrong. That can just lead to such a chain reaction and people quite often tailgate so that's one of my pet peeves on the highway. Since tomorrow is the birthday of America tonight that throughout the show we've been talking about what makes you proud to be an American. And talking about what makes you proud to be an American. -- also talked about. What you're not proud. About America. And at top of mind for me is is they hate the contempt. That people have for other people. When it comes to political debate today. We have somehow lost. The great American art. Of debating and disagreeing. And verbally battling. Without it really getting personal. Without getting into. Into real hate. And there's so much hate on Capitol Hill that that's what's leading to. To gridlock that's what's leading to. The lack of a compromise of the past to be compromised. And I realize that both parties have to stand up for for who they are they to stand up for there ideology. Or agenda. But there must be compromised to some decree. Or nothing's gonna ever get done and right now nothing seems to be. Getting done. And that's one of the reasons President Obama has said I don't have a choice other than to use executive orders. Now that's a topic for another show Twitter to get into that tonight. But win when Eric Cantor. And other Republicans. Purposely. Met. The night of Barack Obama's. Original inauguration. When they met. And said that date as Republicans. We're going to block every piece of legislation. This president. Came up with a what is it something that was in the best interest of the American people. That we get shut down because of of politics. What you and IE what you and I need what's best for us isn't as important as the political battle what's happening on Capitol Hill. It'd subways in fact actually we are to blame because we continue to put those partisan politicians. In Washington. The good news this country is changing. And it's changing. In a very positive way. There are younger voters pricing younger voters are talking about people under forty. And the poll showed differing opinions even even with Republicans under forty. They don't agree with all of the the the opinions of the hot button issues hot button in particular the hot button social issues. Of traditional older establishment Republicans. So this country is changing and there are so many signs of it and how we consistently talk about don't -- Cilic. I I love to to always analyze the relationship between mass media and society. And soul often. There are just people who just mindlessly consumed the media without thinking about it. What's happening or what what's what's being done if if you are manipulated by the media you allow the media to manipulate you. I JoAnne here on the -- showing every WL. -- Our Joseph when you're you're breaking up in the beginning so let's start over. Okay but in the end the debate. Many admit that they let the hot. They wanted in there. Yeah. And it was it. -- -- -- Typically. It. I bet that. -- I'm. Not. Aired by the they would they care. There. And his is in walker. A bit this morning. I so that so the baby is still in the car it's still high and they're denying that eats the cars. The police say the -- got out out. And that without it can't. That there is not there debate on what we had. -- -- the data out. There -- you don't. Need that nowhere. Eight feet. But it -- I'll admit -- added that little room for. Aren't -- aren't so the police officers died down by the apart that he'd been out holding out. And -- -- when did this happen. It. So that's part of uses his string of them babies lifting cars in the last couple of days. That. Well I I don't understand how that I don't understand how that happened what. What part of G I'm just gonna run in here and leave the kid in the car what part of that makes sense to anybody. -- -- -- You. Would like. I am here OK you. Know. You know. And -- -- out of that -- How did you get ripped out and -- people. -- But the people in walker had drugs. And the impact it -- -- Any. Panic in. Yet that is what -- But I mean I hit. It OK not that at all. But I'm at -- -- which I don't. No I can't act did not. Yeah I agree and you know in the in the in the aftermath of this this may be dying I heard a national debate about things that could be done and I actually had calls 22 -- show. Things that could be done to help us remembered that we have children in the car maybe they should invent a car seat. Dan that has an alarm on it or one woman today on on CNN an attorney said that when she dies. Because when she she did leave a child in a car. Obviously don't want to have to died but she did forget -- kids in the car. What she does now is -- she takes off for shoes when she gets in the car. As she puts issues in the backseat. So what she gets out of the car she know she's not gonna go very far without her shoes so it reminds her to look in the backseat. To get her shoes and I'm thinking. Well what about just the idea that you have this precious child that you brought into the world and you're taking care of this baby. What about that. I think we get and -- like. Yeah. Don't know what. Happened at -- might be ordered anywhere. -- this educated woman on CNN today said. I take my shoes off whenever I have my kids in the car in the car seat I put him in the backseat. Oh wait wait she went this far. She has she had two kids in the backseat she put her shoes in between the two car seats so she wouldn't forget either one of. -- -- -- -- -- You know I. Don't think there are okay. And this war at all. -- -- -- -- -- It's something that debts rational people just cannot comprehend how you leave your kids in the car and there are so many things about this story and in Georgia that are are heartbreaking and just make it seem like there's just something that was not right develop this situation this. May have been more than just forgetting your child. Joy and happy fourth and magical show. -- -- -- -- been alive but if we get Eric -- the ears. So anyway. Government can't -- You -- doing. -- don't. So the West Bank Samuel WWL. Go to Apatow vs giants -- plug on on money that I was taught about it Robin -- in my opinion forget. You have to edit an -- education complex somebody's stupid which it's every day. -- -- In between the two car seats so she wouldn't forget either one like she would go in and see one and forget the other. I mean this idea that we need these reminders that we have kids to me is just totally Manhattan. Trying to keep these targets as that along with other important things. She needs to refiner and the way you'd take like outcry on what you think is appropriate. And and right. You know each child and each issue. We don't get mixed up or. Technically. And it I would love to. Now. It's honestly -- you passed away and you feel like a beautiful smile and and -- -- -- Certainly there's no higher. Call and that should be enough. And she starred in the beer that are ironically their system -- -- read this morning and that was all Amman should -- audience. To care yeah. And last night sale. Is Tony when -- -- from Hammond -- Thomas. Died as a result of gunshot wounds from the shooting and perverts treated. Here she was somebody who apparently had so much to all for the world. Taken out by somebody who. It doesn't have anything off of the world. Yeah exactly. It's another that would go. Orange -- street about street. -- -- to court. -- central -- or. Does not acceptable anywhere. So you know mayor Lambert show for need to get quote heroic. On that would be that would be rich. -- oh OK yes. Anyway -- was disqualification. Sam I appreciate about drivers yeah -- -- -- -- traffic -- and he's here all the time and it's it's buried -- options outlook and like split out or get them from British army. I've witnessed outdoor record not one flow called it's what -- went -- -- the -- -- stated it's dispatched. Totally blow and you get what they call -- stop him. You know. It doesn't do any good to report if something's odd is that -- done and I -- it -- when you're when you're when you're moving in your reporting somebody it's it's not going to be easy for them to find that specific car and a -- can always pull off the theater but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually it PD a drug tribal or so latter. -- called to a faster blocks mr. Peters school. I'll wait for years to come out that's so that's his car -- -- -- -- -- go to court -- and I left and also. -- -- one -- ticket -- and I get to move. Are channeling that and go out. -- has left. Himself applaud -- and you about the delicate and so horrible ironically. The nurses started to read the squad and I'll get my vote shall rebuild courtesy of someone drug culture and in May and -- same doctor doctor did a great job. On my children for years ago saint -- boast about reverend. You know so consumer source -- but you're right it's such seriously addressed well sand despite what the law enforcement -- on the radio. Happy fourth. -- going to be okay. I hear -- attacks that reads any man who intentionally kills his baby in order to beat childless single and free. Is the lowest form of life deserving the harshest punishment. Here's text reads. -- please admit you're a Democrat. If I wore. I would guy had a caller John which is put this up on my computer screen caller said it's against the law to drive without issues. I thought that I heard this woman telling this story I thought that was the case but I did know for sure. I don't know why it's -- excellent driver issues I guess is the reason Ford. -- -- that would bothered me most about what she said it would bothered me most was is the the idea that. Oh wait I better take my shoes off and put him in the backseat where my kids are so I don't forget my kids. -- mean if you have the ability for your kids. Why you Smart enough to remember you shoes. If you and enjoy a show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a tax receipts and creates every. It's dispute show on Thursday night feels like a Friday night because tomorrow is the fourth of July in the beginning of a long holiday weekend for many here. And we'll be right back. Under -- well we're just talking about driving without without shoes on driving -- Kansas woman on on CNN said that that's a that's a great way for her to remember. That her kids in the car with -- she takes her shoes off. And puts him in the backseat of the car. Is worth talking about this this is kind of a pet peeve of mine or maybe I am the only person on the planet that has bothered by this. But it just seems like such a trashy thing to do. And I don't know why but I just -- the clips of the able -- you don't exactly sure why it bothers you mean it'll actually to try to analyze it it. It's still bond issue. When people and it happens so often this time here. When people are barefoot. In the passenger seat. And they've got their feet up on the dashboard. But they've got one foot sticking out of the car -- Leaned back -- stick it out of the car went to a driving on the street. To me the -- and trash. If you -- issue with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. It -- number is 87870. Is a quick update on our WW a project opinion poll. Are you doing anything to celebrate America's birthday. Several 3% say now 27%. Say yes and again as I said earlier I don't think that means the 73%. Are not patriotic. It just means that they choose not to do anything special like go to a party have a party do something like that for the fourth of July. Here is a Texas thing that I hate about our nation. Is the Mimi attitude. That the world revolves. Around to meet only. I agree with that. Since tomorrow is America's birthday we've been talking about the things that make us proud to be in America and and that inevitably brings up thoughts about things that. Making us so proud to be an American here's a Texas could you mention Eric Cantor and the Republicans wanted to back all of president Obama's agenda. When he took office. If you would like to be fair and balanced. As you profess you are not a Republican or Democrat or conservative or liberal. Then you should also point out that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi also vowed to block everything George W. Bush put out there when he was in office. And you know I I don't I don't I don't recall that. So if that if that happened then you know there is guilty but I have consistently. Said that there is hate on both sides. And I have consistently said that the people who. Are. Defending President Obama. And criticizing the people who were bashing President Obama many of those people were the ones who -- bashing President Bush. And not respecting the office of the presidency because they didn't like the man. So this is another thing that bothers me about America. The -- -- the gross. Hypocrisy. When it comes a solo home many many different issues. And I I hear all the time. You know you want government involved in some things but when it comes other things you don't want the government involved. While. Philosophically. I mean you you really can't have it both ways. What is it that you love about being in America what. What makes you proud of of being an American. I would hope that you're proud everytime you see the American flag. I would hope that -- proud that you you you enjoy freedoms that debt that people in other countries don't enjoy. -- we do have we've grown up with these these rights to these freedoms that we so often take for -- And as long -- we're talking about things that make us less proud to be an American. What about voting. I don't know what the statistics are but you know not everybody's registered to vote. And among those who are actually registered to vote. They're a heck of a lot of people who don't bother to vote. I know the argument is well I I didn't like either candidate. All right well if you stay home. And not vote for the candidate that might be closest. To your ideology. Aren't you essentially. Electing the other person. And when I think about people -- in nations that are are fighting for the right to vote. And I think about how we just so take that for granite. And if it's not a big election is even lower voter turnout in -- -- in reality. It's a legislative branch of government. It really has more of a direct impact on our lives in the executive branch. And the second branch would be the president or where the governor. But it's a legislature it's the state legislature in the that the congress. They have more of an impact on our our lives. And the executive branch and yet. You know there's a lot more turnout for presidential election. So. I think it's the old the lack of of understanding basic civics in the three branches of government. -- -- the expert but it. The -- understanding is that the basics of civics in America. That's something that bothers me about this country. And I would hope that if you would have a good time with your kids each year as partner your boyfriend girlfriend -- whatever. Have a great time go to a party. There's nothing wrong with that. Pay -- fine. But. Takes some time to just think about. What we have to be grateful for in terms of our frequent. Tomorrow is today that we declared our independence. It's the birthday of of this country. And it is a great country. And there are so many things we do take for print. Here's the text. That -- they -- I bet that dumbo on CNN. Didn't forget her cellphone. I know that jerk who. -- kid die in the car. -- he was sexting. I can't have mansion. I can't imagine what I always -- were always drive without my issues I don't think it's illegal. But it's not recommended also totally agree with your pet peeve about people's feet making sort of a car window. I see that especially this time of year. Again I don't know why but I just find this particularly is is it is white trash. That to me right -- seed somebody -- foot sticking out of the out of the car went if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy and a text number. -- 87870 the unemployment rate has fallen to six point 1%. The US economy has added 288000. Jobs -- last month. And that's the fifth consecutive month of an increase of over 200000 jobs per month. For five months arrow. So this is good news. Also the Dow Jones close today. At over 171000. For the first time ever. So. The economy. Is to an okay. The economy did not collapse. But the election of President Obama is doing -- to like Obama. And I've got my criticisms of the president in this in this current administration. But I just thought it was really hysterical and I talked about it at the time. After the election 2012. There were people saying if you reelect Obama are our economy's gonna collapse. Well it hasn't. It doesn't mean needed it might not steal at some point. But the economy is doing fine that you don't you you know here here's what's really sad about that. I honestly believe that there are people who are saddened. By news that the economy's doing well. They're saddened by the unemployment rate being lower. Because. Good news. This study advanced their party's agenda. And obviously talking about the right. And this just speaks volumes about the problem that we have in this country. Where it's more about protecting the image and the power of the party. That it is about doing what's in the best interest of people. There's no way the Republican Party as a group. Wants to work to help make America better working with President Obama. And I'm I'm sure that's. When it's when it's turned around this has been that we in the past it was -- it was always this way. But it's been this way more recently. Where neither party wants to work with the of the party even if it advances America. Even if it's good for this country. Because it makes the the that the person in power or -- it. And that's -- -- even if it's in the best interest. Of our country. Here's the texts and read so I agree scooter politicians first responsibility is to serve their country not their political party. This is it is truly one of the things that's going on in Washington. And it has been the last I think couple of a couple of turner both thought Obama's charms and also -- George W. Bush as well. But it has become so so divisive. With President Obama in office. I hope this comes to an end. Because we can't be a great country if we're if we're trying to. Protect party image. Over doing what's best for people. And there are people who were so protective of their party's image that they don't wanna work with the other side. Even if it's even if it is doing something that's really good for you. And for me. If you -- joiner showed comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our church supper is a 77. Here's a Texan read so what makes me proud to be an American -- preserving our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Keyword. Pursuit. We must preserve these freedoms. For our children and our grandchildren right now. And I agree. The key word is pursuit. You're not guaranteed happiness. You're not entitled to happiness. You could pursue it you have the freedom to pursue it. But you're not guaranteed happiness. And that's another thing is we talk about America's birthday the freedoms that we have in the things that we love about American of things that were. Less proud of about America. The entitlement mentality. Which by the way transcend socioeconomic boundaries that's not just something confined to one segment of the population. Entitlement mentality. Is not just about welfare it's not just about food stamps it's about a lot of things. And one thing it's important for parents to teach their kids is you're not you're not guaranteed happiness you're not entitled to happiness. The only thing you're entitled to is to pursue happiness. You've got to go find success yourself. -- from moment. And -- WWL. I didn't need and I -- you know think that. -- television. And you got to talk happily at the interview with the -- and it's -- issues in the back seat -- the. Call -- she was one of the -- -- one of the legal experts. Well you know even some of them there -- Brighton there there intelligent. And that likely. What each other problem is that you have to remember certain things. And you know to take that gap that stringer and little pinkie finger to remember you take your high blood pressure medicine. Whatever they remember whatever you have to do you think perfectly fine. And you know partly because -- -- you feel like Olympian and we -- on her hand to remember. Hi my son grow you know and -- that I never did forgive him and Clark thank god I'd be bitten by. You know concert and black or whatever I have to do. To -- which yet. Well timed out tying a string around your finger to remember to take your medicine is one thing I I just find it to quite go appalling and a defining of a person who forgets their child. In a car. I just like I can't imagine. You know I mean we achieved on troop constantly -- well I mean she may. You know -- And that are very very ill -- can't remember. You know. -- Or. You know we don't know people go through in every day I know. You talk down about her eulogy had you could be okay. I'm I'm okay. I'd mention I do wanna mention this in this is coming from Texas well do you remember saying this. In the way on CNN she actually went through finding out that she left her child in the car it was fortunate enough that the child lived. And is. It is still doing fine but again. If we excuse people who do this then we only encourage more people to not be as conscientious as I think they should be. Yet you're right you know coming up. -- -- and end the conversation with not and you know maybe supermarket. Should have something in that car that -- it -- you you know what people forget their children or restore parking lot. You know on the front door at that. -- You know not -- to supermarket to do that but we all come together. Watch. But isn't it's costing -- it's it's it's it's come to this -- mean not that law and not that long ago in this country that we never ever be anybody who would accepted excuse for leaving your kids in the car. You have. Together let's try to help each other -- all look at each other caller and try to help each other and grocery stores. On doors and don't forget their children on we can -- magazine rack full. -- the liberty -- then acting out on grocery store doors or you know. I don't see that that vehemently he called it that deals like she's trying to do what you -- do remember her children. I am going to can't appreciate it right you have a very happy. All right I agree that. If you Arnold stay -- this is this cute show pace Thursday but it feels a Friday night we are heading into fourth of July weekend we'll be right back on WWL. I like to teach a lot of new music on the -- Jonas is a new song from MK TO. So let's -- classic. -- Even though it's really can't -- me ask you donate the money here. Russell ideals then you're on this huge -- WWL. You know it -- to the program other man outlet to the also occasion. -- The wandered -- you'd come to the conclusion you do European. Government work together. Politicians. -- -- understand the way this has built constructive. Form you realize that it is impossible. Believe parties. The members despite you know look at what state school. We. What I'm. With the people who. Put the Republican Party. Earlier this so they'll put away and it can't help but be called. And walking boot on leash -- This -- each and it used to industry. We've never come altogether should it can on an ankle. Work out call. Well and I don't expect that to happen but you know -- there was a sound way you know but there was that I mean I I remembered the relationship that Ronald Reagan and with the speaker of the house Tip O'Neill. And they just aggressively battled each -- but at the end of the day they they were more compromising that politicians are today so it's not justify. I think we're gonna -- gonna come together and and just sit around a campfire. No they're always going to be in there always has been a political tension in two different parties but I've never seen the gridlock I've never seen. The protection. Of party image being so important today. And in the past and never saw that the electricity today. Well yeah. Again. I'm absolutely -- at that point. Outlined in the orchard disappointed the I don't think. Oh it is fortunate human -- he would be. Yet I do and this is the same old if somebody and that they're virtually. Well I mean I'm not a night I'm not yeah I'm not naive to that -- their general pretty much the same. Yeah and so -- -- -- -- You now would it in the chicken. Were thinking. Okay has that -- knew what -- Roosevelt did. Create the party you know it'll look like they're. So I mean that -- -- it in -- -- And albeit stroll. And the banking that these people August solution. -- -- there all industry. And I appreciate you calling. There was a time no -- and there was. At least a little more compromise. Than theirs today at nine and is that our third year under the WL. I'm good how do you feel about the name and a hurricane after you. Power. I don't know bad but in the united you know not your fault. You we don't want you got -- -- But a quick because you okay -- number. RT -- turn your radio down the back -- you can get very confused. Just talked to me on the phone. All right. -- -- Don't those people are talking about that you don't believe -- acute Nicole yeah I thought that Spain. -- -- Couldn't concede yet. But you can operate can be put it maybe it's very important. Outback they get that people call it. Did it actually happened to immediately kinship relied on. Why are. Baghdad kidnapped and and maybe it might meet to make shall in -- You know you you generally secure is in a car. And get. Them. Either I don't either I've got to move on but I appreciate you calling an LP and happy fourth. Okay thank you. Thanks -- Here's a text that read CAD. You have to wonder. How good a mother that CNN reporter is -- the if her child is not the most important thing on her mind. From Jefferson Beth you're -- you're showing every WL. And I aren't scared at fourth of July Indy events. I just I guess you know maybe we need to look at the definition of responsibility. And I don't think people. Know what the definition that the more I don't know if they read it if they would still understand it. And you know -- say is responsibility. And down from -- come from the person becomes an apparent. It just comes from human nature. And obviously talk after that but it just get on golf. That it's it's it's the responsibility. Falls on individual. Not on the government. Not all on anyone else -- individuals so -- And that and -- -- -- would -- -- Orton into a model I just had to say it again. I'm glad you did benefits you know this is something I talk about quite often is many of our problems come down to a lack of respect for personal responsibility. And that's something that is continued to. To be to be eroded over time. And it it again. I think we look at this country as a whole which is fine. But we are no better than the individuals that make up this country and if we're not each responsible for our behavior. And what kind of country can we expect to have. That's -- I'm saying everybody needs to look at it that the definition of responsible. Responsibility. And again I hope if they read the definition they even understand it -- happy fourth -- budget called. Here's our WW -- general opinion poll tonight he do anything to celebrate America's birthday final update coming up next. So there's a story out that George Clooney may be selected to star as Edwin Edwards in a movie negotiations are under way with Edwards biographer Leo Honeycutt. For a string screenplay about the life and times of Edwin Edwards. A case or George Clooney plays Edwin Edwards. How many actresses. Willing have to get to play all of his different wives and girlfriends. Move on and actresses we'll be getting some work. I'm -- we'll be right back on WL. Jesus town residents for us this weekend Mary. Minority -- prince hit as. Essence fest 2014. Here. There's going to be a lot of traffic on Troy -- and canal street. Into the theory early morning hours. Great crowd intent for essence -- I know everybody's time. Here is attacks that leads us -- perhaps people need to go back to those big -- on board signs for the past. But put them in the front window instead of the rear window to blind them to remind them that their little darlings are on board. From your friend miss -- Miss Polly thank you for that. Yeah or so hours at the signs were interesting baby on board. It's like oh she I was gonna run -- but I see you have a baby on boards are now marketing acre park. But that did it did that doesn't think there are driving. What's -- that cause they got a baby on what will hit this earlier. And again maybe we needed to be beyond sports science for. The drive to remember that they've got to -- again I don't mean to seem insensitive. And I got a text here from so races that they were they were at the roses. In homeless. And heard somebody say hey so and so your grand babies in the car. I -- that's it I know that's at least the women on. That there was -- there was a disappointing -- As a -- Slidell and then I got a call earlier for somebody to there was a case in walker all of this within the last couple of days people leaving their kids in a car. And -- witnesses CNN. A legal analyst I forget her name might pick her first name was sunny. I don't remember her name. Beautiful intelligent woman I'm just I'm wondering. Why she's talking about how. She has to take their shoes off when she gets that she forgot -- kid in the car wants and fortunately nothing bad happened. So what she does now if she drives barefoot she takes her shoes off and puts him in between the two car seats in the back so she she remembers their kids are there. And again if you would forget your kids why would we expect you to remember you issues. The cable news ratings are down continue to decrease. A Fox News still dominates MSNBC and CNN but the ratings for all cable news channels are falling MSNBC was number two CNN number three. And a -- it was a port number four. Not as many people as you think especially in the important demographic of foot 45 to 54 not as many people -- you think. Watch the cable news channels. Again Fox News still dominates but they're dropping. A lot of people look at the cable news channels. As. A joke and they've actually in some ways become satires of themselves. Well I think John -- our studio producer have a great fourth of July. I'm scoots happy birthday America. Has always bloody New Orleans.