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Jul 4, 2014|

Dave talks about the 4th of July, most American food, and are fireworks special

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this fourth. Of the July 2004. Team and a -- GIA. Half let me be the flowers to welcome you. To Iraq a. A today and do the -- of July and today it's nice when that too. Cross down when this fourth of July and Friday there any holiday Friday the same ones and make it super special. I think so it doesn't always happen but we got at this time. Yeah yeah. At a time. I -- Uncle Sam Dan last night. And afternoon hard. The Greek word. That it and it's definitely find it. Yeah I think if you I -- got some it's got some spins on the wall yeah. You know I think it is -- guy who was playing the superdome that many years they. That was playing Uncle Sam him -- and apart which is nice balances. It's the guy likes to work and to check -- Absolutely and he did engage BC -- -- could be. You can tell -- that in them. A crowd for fourth of July show some of the people were there to see him others were just there for the fireworks. -- -- Just kind of mingling around the gas. And even some of those right up close this day and ending it and act -- It crowd resigns you really nice be proud flag waving and greatly. And fireworks and lots of families. Did that brought them all in. On chairs blanket and things like that they do that stuff awfully well again this park -- -- doesn't play. North shortly after the east bank West Bank but anyway you're on the fireworks. That baseball game it's -- field and after one or Ecstasy and it was alleged true. I had a -- governor -- like to look at the clock is what's on our. Can do the part of the game. A little light. Before the July yes you do in celebrating in the it's -- -- -- In is. Everybody's. Rallies around a single point out here we -- if you live in the United States of America. Most Americans now it is it that we celebrate being America. And the things we do on this day are so darn America and I'll -- you know from a hot dog eating contests. And the people legitimately as a fire works -- well that is not eating at this while. It is two subsidizes that don't I don't like a swagger wise there's different methods on -- -- to bond in the water. On these -- -- -- But they'll be. Nicely done hot dogs on the backyard grill out. Amber's all hand. And it's just it's -- it's a neat day. And today I really enjoyed -- you might end of the year or cats are right now as well well just get through to and it's going to be hot and you'd should be on the fourth I think a -- few showers here -- there but nothing to interfere with the fireworks. What's the most American food but -- screams. Moret is hot dog amber. Discovery of this. Or a stimulus that's a real good one I. Something tells me hot dog and and one of the reasons why is I had done. Someone on on our staff -- had grabbed me I'm going to on the hall. Talking about being off today and nicer bullets really -- and the tickets are good for you and -- -- and and she says and I'm gone out. Hot dogs. And I -- -- good for your that sounds great -- eating. Doesn't make you feel better start talking about -- and on the grill -- -- -- target on mustard and you know. I do I do is they're kind of a combination of the sweet like that sweet mustard. Honey mustard if you William ruled both out on their I do like -- a light line of -- The dog some relish and then all oftentimes sprinkles and achieves over the top and -- As it would melts. -- Their own particular. Way they like IS sometimes I want to the simple just playing that a monster -- -- you know with. And I like the Chicago style dog to you or are things loaded you gotta have vehicles. Relish. Ketchup mustard. Good. Some -- hot peppers celery salt yeah -- tomatoes. And it hopped on practically a salad on top this thing in candidate. But -- like that sometimes. -- -- on just the normal ones and an abductor though let's give it to boil them. But now we left out -- hamburger we've left out the ribs. Mechanism known the only time in the evening. It seems to ago. Maybe it's just the fourth I don't what exactly folks and it's and it's what's the most American food. What food when you. Eat it do you feel right way to mobile -- Thank you David collective commitment -- news yeah this fourth of July happy fourth -- element. Happy Independence. Day. -- -- -- Does it. I'm Dave Conan clearly edition of WWL. First news we're back with -- Fourth of July forecast and sports here at WWL IMF on the back -- thank you so much. For being a part of the early edition of WW well -- -- live and in America. As it is to make you feel a little patriotic is that. I'm Dave Cohen thank you for being part of the early edition of WWL first news. So I ask you what's the most American news. One person next minute that any attendees at the big -- That a person has taken. Cheeseburger is the most American -- -- -- it. Just feels good -- the American viewing your red white and blue event. I've got my -- on. Got some wise they read write -- got to read lately Thai flags are aware of that tonight when I go forth. Actually via. Watching him that party with a bunch of folks. And that's all I Wear my -- -- -- -- that I think is the only time ever where it is if I go to a party. If it. Make sense to where it. You're due out about -- gonna wanna Wear -- -- today you know after. This fourth of July holiday looks mostly sunny and hot ninety -- this afternoon. And -- chipped to about 20% now we happen -- storm should wrap up by evening said not too concerned about fireworks at night. Temperatures will be falling into the eighties with overnight lows tonight about 75. In the weekend looks hot and humid again with straight thunderstorms highs both afternoons around 92 to 93. The pinpoint forecast senator I would urologist -- tell. Are wearing her blue dress and her red necklaces she's got at least those two of the patriotic colors. Taking care of right now it's mostly cloudy and eighty degrees at the airport in Canada -- northeast at twelve. 21 miles an hour like fronts on the winds whip up a little bit. And on the North Shore and slide out partly cloudy 73 degrees relative humidity 81%. -- gave it the early edition of WWL first news. As sports time now. Mark my -- in for Steve Geller on this fourth of July happy fourth and happy Friday march same to you happy America happy America yet. America happy today. In this world of sports. You know I guess it's a little bit six of one half a dozen of the other we consider that there's no Americans left in Wimbledon but. You know no Americans left in the World Cup no Americans left in the World Cup but we can enjoy watching Wimbledon in the World Cup if we so choose. Because this is America that's right and watch what we want. -- we'll start with Jimmy Graham -- -- -- -- Stephen Burbank came to a decision Wednesday Jimmy -- grievance against the -- he surprised more than a few analysts when he -- that -- spent the majority of its time on offense lined up as a tight end. Mike Florio a pro football talk dot com explains how Burbank came to his ruling. He drew an imaginary line in the slot anytime that Graham was on the inside of this four yard imaginary line that he's a -- and if he's on the outside he's a receiver and that four yard dividing line that was the mark it would allow Stephen Burbank to find that Graham is a tight end. Florio went on to say that in his opinion Burbank used a method to determine determination that allowed for his own desired result. I really feel like Burbank wanted to find it Graham is a tight and so he manipulated this standard to reach that conclusion and judges do that kind of thing all the time. Grant can appeal the ruling but does have the July 15 deadline looming when it comes to signing a new -- long term deal with the saints. What are your old Canadian -- bush starts coming out party continue to -- all England club yesterday in London she has yet to drop a set so far in the tournament and earned another straight set victory over -- -- -- to advance into the final of Wimbledon. The first Grand Slam final of her career to face -- bit over the Czech Republic. Until the defeat of fellow Czech Lucie staffer -- and is looking for a second Wimbledon title she won the slam back it's 111. The men's semifinals are on tap today -- top seed Novak Djokovic faces record in the -- As seven time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer faces mile -- on. And the New York Knicks will meet with free -- Carmelo Anthony in LA today. Looking to woo him back to the Big Apple all the teams vying for at least talents New York can offer him the most money -- a 149 million dollars over five years. I'm mark and -- and that your early look at sports. I play three they've gone mark Bernard with the on your radio on this fourth of July. Jimmy Graham do you think he will appeal the ruling or do you think -- just announced they'll cash tried this out land let's just get this long term deal. Arm you don't -- a lot of time and eleven days away that's when the deadline is so he may have did you sign a deal without appealing this ruling image have to. Basically concede and say OK you know I'd I'd -- lost this round and and we'll just -- from here. Okay and do you think they get the long term deal done. By July 15 or will he play under that franchise tag -- here. I think they'll get a new long term deal done I think that the whole. The whole argument that he was a lot of receiver not a tied it with a little bit. Reaching. You know I I don't think that the NFL's are gonna make that determination. You know you heard Mike Florio in the in the -- say they didn't want -- to determine patient and so they set it up for the did have to. Now that they wanted that power away from the team so. Yes you know I think I think that maybe he was he had he had to make the argument but. He wasn't gonna win and I think now's the time to say you know what OK I gave it my best shot now let's get a deal on this whatever this thing out let's go full. All right so we shall see over the next eleven days if indeed they can come to an agreement. If Jimmy Graham will be -- and Tuesday multi year contract with the science. Or playing under one year franchise tag at this point. Seven million dollars Jimmie watch is not over -- it's -- -- watch -- and in news here on VW have been asking folks what's the most American -- David Blake thanks hot dog. And that's at least what key when he wants to feel really American maturities. People been texting -- hot dog hamburger big steak bacon cheeseburger apple pie. Mac and cheese. From. -- popular American -- Mac pregnancies. Yeah that's kind of an Italian deal that pasta -- That science is feeling that and that's fine okay. To -- -- round when what do you think is the most Americans. You know I'll I'll tell you what the other day we're watching the Americans in the World Cup I want the most American launch I could get solitary -- and I went and got -- chili cheese hot dog out of the vending machine because what's more American than watching it right now avenue and half. It did it was about as mentioned that actually heats it for you urge you to take another machine and Mike I've put in the microwave our vending machine here does -- do you think. You. -- I had the heat in the microwave but that in itself also Americans is often in the microwave. Right TV dinners may be instant gratification chili cheese dog knew that it really nuclear. I think he did it didn't help the World Cup team I've ultimately it's. The Martin utilities that's the most American thing -- it. What makes you feel American what's the most American food. He -- -- -- 77 emails that what you like. Mike Killian he's apparently mark what do you like there. And it seventieth. Thank you much at this morning call made to six like 786889. Euro aid them monopoly game. And future forecast. The logistics -- July 4 fruit. -- -- and that guy who sells bread for a living. Helps us settle the debate and at Lehman which is more popular hot dogs Amber's made -- share that with you. Activists. 528. On your fourth of July. I'm Dave -- thank you program part of the -- -- -- -- WL -- news with meteorologist -- but -- not -- now they casinos you -- your forecast. Mostly sunny skies for all of those cook outs and barbecues today look for partly cloudy conditions and the afternoon as well -- though. There may be a few isolated thunderstorms just to 20% chance today and highs of 92 fireworks this evening should be just fine temperatures falling into the eighties any rain will have wrapped up by -- And into the weekend Saturday and Sunday low ninety's expected rain chances at 20% for Saturday and 10% for Sunday. For the pinpoint forecast senator and you wrote to -- itself. I'd start now this fourth of July with mostly cloudy skies if -- scoring pattern eighty degrees a bit of debris is twelve to twenty miles an hour on the South Shore not so much of north or north at five slide downward partly cloudy and 73 degrees. I'm Dave -- it. Early edition of WW welfare. I -- the -- man. Next mediate 787. Day. And says that. Hot dog -- outsell hamburger buns three to one. Well. Could tell you that I've got bumped up the number of months in my area 321. Q3 times -- -- that he sit down that you I don't usually one. Mean of one burger maybe enough to make the meal that. So many people weren't one hot -- -- -- Obama. Probably burgers are the most popular food and all of America. When everything -- them. I will keep -- made it 7870 what's the most American food you can think of what foods makes you. Feel a mayor. Bowling Alley loses one person that is really apply pizza -- chili dog. With beer yet and he has various. Just don't feel so well the next day -- and -- that was real commercial I like hot dogs but hot dogs don't like mean. As -- That's pretty America to overeat at the very. The news we're back with more here at WWL -- them. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of July 2000 and -- teams KG I half a gives me great honor and pleasure to welcome you don't -- day it and Independence Day let's get those juices Bob Bennett got. John -- Get down I -- Everybody Jones. I can't help have to get up and job and I go back event. I don't look back. Oh that's right most people aren't working I honestly and well let's jump around event an event to get up ruling all right you know right there and and -- anything. -- did get -- enough of the -- with is that you know wake up maybe not to hear it anyway you might get slotted. Fifth at. It's like what is wrong with you. Had you jumping around the holiday for -- -- lead. Rocks. Sauces. -- old. These things Bhutan and booed him very nice and back I'm overdue for food I am wrong with people -- what. Makes them feel most Americans a fat juicy burgers slather -- chili green onions mustard ketchup on up. Money sesame seed and gone -- out her real soft one watermelon. And -- person. The president and most American food in my opinion scrambled eggs speaking threats now. To make it diplomatic French toast. Among them -- closet lost Brett loss -- hybrid units range. My grandmother called it -- -- I'd never heard that sells must undergo backing to a different time obviously I mean that's -- -- to France. I think so well and so did -- let that -- you go -- maybe that French bread after all out because our -- are very first time I came to New Orleans those like fourteen years old. And went down and of course as there have been yea and and I said this is kind of like lost Brad. You know that there's a similarity. Yeah. -- Different way she did she in the deep in the loyal you know that's -- human -- -- you know fight she Friday you know she -- put them and technology rolls all the -- laden and drop but in the -- but she put under and around forever. -- -- -- -- It was good though accident while all maple syrup and butter Dodgers used brown sugar and butter it is still gonna melted it. So without all kinds of people suggesting area American foods today and it's making me very hungry. I got a watermelon trader at some ribs in the Christina picked up some -- or did you now. Do those. It's. The hot dogs fried chicken anybody mention that's -- -- an error an -- and at some wings yesterday it is a -- buffalo wings surprised pretty American and yeah yeah. But did you used to -- in the government -- -- absolutely yes Nam I just put him in the oven. Like on 450 for about forty minutes. And if there and act create a little crispy -- finish them off with the broiler alternatives put them broiling in the top. And they use a deep -- am now but I. It must have a commercial size deep Fryer at your house. He can't keep up with the demand defeating -- economic deep -- you know it doesn't wings at a time most you know. Personal friars in this story you get a -- plan yet quietly for broiler pan -- -- wings. Now it's and then you would -- sauce and -- in Costa county and I do I it's -- -- solace. I need barbecues. I'd do ramps aside do blogger and to so are on the bonds at all budget. It's movement -- Thank you David Daschle a target for reasons it reduce the -- serve all the time analysts as its. It's this town hey everybody. And if you yeah they do negative effect in less tournaments in our first news here -- WWL am FM that -- happy. Fourth and happy Friday. Alone. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News or definitely born man. Friday happy fourth of July. The -- meteorologist Laura -- now. You get too little blue dress and your read or -- as you remembered it 2 AM what to Wear like at holiday annihilated out last night at the fountains I've got blue jeans and a navy -- -- -- -- I don't have a red ridiculously. Well I -- -- -- -- -- -- he's not here to join that club now and now I think I hope -- the. -- what my style now now. But it looked great idea. That that element demean it by any way any any way shape -- -- have any fun plans for the fourth anything you're gonna go for the family had to go down to. Riverside hotel on the balcony watch in the final -- way to do it again -- plummet with the requisite that. Always delicate gonna read you academies lawman and now we're just hit the streets just that's what we do that try to find a pact to crash somewhere. I would much rather having nice balcony that for you now while that we can Nokia. -- -- Idea -- blanket or lawn care powers when neither. Outbreak because it's easier to hear it yeah I prefer the launch -- is that like it's more comfortable. But and yet you know park long ways away law you know he's got a -- up until launches over your shoulder or you got to bring a wagon and drag the lawn chairs rise as that is not as fun. Those who won the -- -- -- -- we have got healthy eating cheers and at all that kind of make pulled up like at that and I put them on your back it's just for money -- I think probably just just like it would suffice it to get some now that he's the chair doesn't like collapsed like those that just closes in -- -- -- strapped backpack. Double strap it currently used -- -- not with an upgraded -- that -- -- personal preference might be easier and a backpack -- -- what's the weather going to be like -- -- -- and really looks great for today -- rain -- is 20% -- ninety -- storm yeah. And if we see one -- you know wrap up you know before we head into the evening times of fireworks beat rate. Just typical July weather hot and humid that. That's Connecticut says you know I haven't pool parties are at the bee -- like that you want to be warm so it is typical July 4 weather for us. There you go we may have a stray shower here -- there but nothing that's gonna ruin. Anyone's plans for an extended period of time for sure yeah yeah and then for the rest of the weekend and holiday weekend. And keep it about ten to 20% for rain each day just kind of hot and humid 9293. Through the weekend and we can even keep that on through next week -- much of change even through next week. All right so we're doing great hurricane -- is creating trouble though along. Parts of these made landfall last night in North Carolina and now it's pulling a wave from Lee and it's into the northeast -- faster so that's going to be beneficial because made whole fourth of July won't be a waste there for some of those North Carolina folks that are vacationing -- -- But yet it was -- overnight last night with the winds and squalls coming onshore right now heading for Nova Scotia. Happy instantly -- -- Parallel to the East Coast they're actually going to see some high surf and yet some rain from may from a cold front kind of vitamin -- and with that system but it's eventually get ahead up through Canada and -- -- on. It's they go. Did you want to Boston Pops last night that you IT IT's and I got it sorted out. But he could you you're upset you're gonna miss yeah what are you gonna play again tonight because he has some stations are always play on two -- I wonder. -- expectancy actually -- either way you got it. Yeah DVR when it got -- Nightline you're gonna go for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that's something you know blinking at. Headed nestled on the fireworks you know now. I noticed something last night -- -- -- Sam walk during the fireworks a lot of people were just looking at their phone really one other thing we hear. We're taking pictures look at some were more are good that I get the feeling. The fireworks are especially. Don't they say. I think we do fireworks for everything it's just everything that's double every tank that resume every Friday. -- when I'm when I was a kid. He got fireworks on the fourth -- -- line that would that's the only time and they brought in New Year's fireworks. Now it's fireworks you know all that time. And I. It was noticed and a lot of people just weren't up -- now that when the grand finale went off everyone kind of turned ugly campaign attention -- but during the first ten to twelve minutes of the fireworks. Well that was walking around run around the kids to -- they were in their fountains and it's a fireworks lost some of their special on this because we do them so often these. Wondering more so this is that we are still attached to -- that it doesn't matter wherever we aren't and I get out of bullets at that dinner at the restaurant you know everybody's -- -- separately nobody's talking to each other so it may. Addiction for some effects and even some really cool going on. Thought would be -- -- you know middle somebody that we're telling reality is around how you don't want it all right we're like it. Like update our FaceBook status here watching the fireworks except you're not really watching the -- where it. I think one picture of opinions -- -- a nap. Item my favorite fireworks at all time all -- -- -- I just think they keep fireworks light like none and they -- on every night. Just think they're spectacular with the music that you know it's just something as lol I now live it is that the magic kingdom. Yeah thank you learn how to be or T have a very good holiday -- a lot of hot dogs like to -- Hours -- thank you hear about ad I've referred shoo in in joy in my act I can't swallow them so under rated cop die that's. I've done a food eating contest one time I'll never do it there done that fun at all. To do that thread Laura but now live in direct and the -- point weather's better. This fourth of July. We just sports with mark Menard coming up next here at WWL. As of year thoughts on this fourth of July's group. Is high of fifty. -- -- was July. Don's been drive in from the North Shore to the south well I'm presuming that you were on the causeway which we headed down. -- work -- like guys some you know we don't get days off just because everybody else is not doesn't mean that. Police get the doubt that more -- they have to work on days like this for crowd control and on regular days. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I can use the crawfish putt to make all the wings -- lawns. Below more work -- distraught and of the -- but that's not a bad idea appreciate that to what food do you think is the most American. Food. She is amber -- Archie Democrat. -- out -- dark day in their food -- Thank you Dan appreciate it. That it is donating authentic about tackle now it is Friday somewhat of a text to Max Martha actual Mexican. I understand your point but -- like to make a run for the border sports time now on WWL. And for that we while demand -- Menard. In perceived -- market before. Same to you I like to run for the world's. As frequently as I can which. And I'm getting older and has a lot less because it starts to tear you up after insert page now. Got a -- Gas noted that often and housing holiday at all lot more it does seem to be when he got drunk goes of what you wanted it and it was -- and chief. Yet he. Tickets are 49 cents an edit that you'll 1000 colleges the fifty -- than -- 999 where you can get 59 cent tacos and -- -- man. That the united cent tacos at the end of the night to drink in the -- exactly what is this -- All right enough of that support stuck here at WW. Jimmy Graham the argument that he's more receiver than tight -- was shot down Wednesday by NFL -- Stephen Burbank. Now -- is allowed to appeal but has only eleven days left before July 15 deadline to get a new deal done. And Mike Florio pro football talk dot com says the league may not be inclined to speed the appeals process along. Because -- waited more than two months to file has agreements if he asks for an expedited ruling before July 15 the deadline for doing a long term deal. At panel may say hey Jimmy should've done this earlier so he may have to negotiate this deal with the saints knowing that he's lost at the initial level. The what does this mean for other players who might find themselves in the same situation Florio says may be nothing at all if they get a deal done without the appeal being finalized this thing isn't official it's not binding on anyone else going forward with other players. They'll be starting from scratch ever get this fight. If Graham chooses not to sign a new deal before July 5. -- can either play out the year under the franchise tag or set out. The United States might be lacking a presence in the singles draw the Wimbledon but America is thriving. North America that is specifically Canada. Today -- Rihanna faces Roger Federer won the men's semifinal matches yesterday to forty year old Eugene bush are. Qualified for her first ever Grand Slam final with a 7672 win over the -- -- Bouchard has been impressive on grass kids yet to lose the -- at the all England club this year I want outlet for her first Grand Slam title at forty love at Wimbledon champ -- -- Obama. Who defeated fellow Czech -- staffer wrote a 7661. On the slate today in addition to Rihanna vs Federer top seed Novak Djokovic we'll -- -- -- record him a trial. And it looks like Dirk Nowitzki will continue to be the face of the Dallas Mavericks ESPN's reporting the German sharpshooter has agreed to terms on a new three year contract competition for her to be around thirty million dollars. And the deal is -- to keep in -- Nowitzki no trade clause also. The staffers losing last night to round rock nine to seven I believe fireworks went off and. Guy absolutely that far Isabella fifteen. The fireworks. Center field that got back go for. I know what is Uncle -- on the -- -- -- I got back from Uncle Sam. And that was surprised to hear fireworks as we answer that you know but the effort. Speaking of the Uncle Sam union join my patriotic music this morning mr. patriotic it is the second great American Michael McDonald -- sweet freedom. They out American -- accident. And you're predicting that. Jimmy Graham won't sit out. He won't play under the franchise tag that he and the saints will get a long term deal done before the -- in that I think something's gonna end up a lot like Drew Brees is wearing it kind of comes in right under the wire but the negated done and they moved forward and and everybody's. That. Will let you go live your life we'll talk about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL I am met them and a -- your fourth of July forecast is next. Sheldon turn to terrorism. Interesting choices patriotic music that today in your forecast. -- you're Friday this fourth of July looking hot and of course humid 92 this afternoon with that 20% chance for an isolated storm but is it any storm should wrap up by the time fireworks -- pop up later tonight. An overnight partly cloudy skies and lows dipping down into the mid seventies and it still looks hot for the weekend. 92 to 93 for Saturday and Sunday rain chances at about ten to 20%. The pinpoint forecast senator -- urologists Clark walked out. 82 at the airport 73. Now in -- True cart dot com is changing car buying forever. Yes every day true car users receive negotiation free guaranteed savings some features are not available in all states. In the first three months of this year over 126000. Cars were sold by the true car certified dealer network. True car users save an average of 3078. Dollars up MS RP. When you're ready to buy a car just follow these three easy steps first go to true car dot com and find out what other people paid for the car you're looking for. Then register a true cart dot com to see upfront pricing information and locking your savings. Third step is simple just print out your true car -- certificate and take it to their true car certified dealer. For a better. Hassle free car buying experience remember every day true car users received negotiation free guaranteed savings. Save time save money and never overpay visit trump card dot com today that's true cart dot com. And let's. Head to -- Lieutenant commander it would stuff. Yeah again that's not a doctor he's got actually a lot more convenient for the next four hours of fun at WWL. Is America is still the best nation. In the world and no matter we're not. Would like to live somewhere else I don't either especially having been on a country in the ties with the created I appreciating. I appreciate -- some America like I never did before and I joke and money say that I mean that sincerely and it really do you. And I heard some people you know but they're not in the none of the WWO crowd that constantly apologizing for being an American. Like -- again make no apologies for anything will be talking about -- apologized as saying Al ansari would not to water but I'm American but that's. Poll shows most popular president since World War II Ronald Reagan -- Barack Obama if you could. Well first off do you agree and secondly -- hang out with one president barbecue would -- be. And I obviously. Alive and now to unnecessarily because I would say Abe Lincoln -- uses at the circuit charcoal. Ethnic if they seek out -- thank him when he fifth anniversary of signed -- who's your favorite character which you most iconic line from that she'll have you watched. Comedian and cars getting coffee in his new thing. To show -- have a great for the July post on his next to Clinton's 1053 WWL a famine 6110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.

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