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WWL>Topics>>7-4 6:10am Tommy, how fast have you gone?

7-4 6:10am Tommy, how fast have you gone?

Jul 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Col. John Leblanc, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Comission, about speed related car crashes

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Are you planning on -- somebody else later. Mean all just curious economy forgot my name it's. Oh my god it's getting all my god all -- -- And it is beautiful and that's one of those red flag -- on chills below its next yeah there's. Only the -- -- outside your house and -- right now. Begala and -- -- fireworks. And stuff. -- those shelves yet. It looks like it's coming right engine and it. One we must just in time for the finale I'm just gonna go ahead Wednesday opera and drink coffee all lights and I -- no no chance of sleeping the good thing is that it's Friday night. That's true. I thought about that yeah -- chase you know where I live where my -- is where my humble state is. It's illegal there and and every night last week -- try to go to sleep and the home now apologists as you think it's. It's safe to go into the bedroom. So and it allowed to speak and talk and -- yes -- -- -- argument. -- talk about some serious things that they were to talk about -- serious things a new poll out says that Americans think that thing atlas liberty now than it ever did. As -- -- and that's kinda. Interesting to me because I don't know if we really do or if it's just the perception that. Still talk to run Scioscia friend in Washington try to figure that out. Talk about -- failed you know Steinfeld is celebrating the 25 anniversary of the airing of the pilot tomorrow is not what I'm fabulous show so well school is your favorite -- -- episode. You remember most from that series and share ideas around -- that's the thing people remember she goes from so many years ago and yet they'll bring it up in conversation. At any moment. Yeah at one and -- quote ratio yeah I am now word for word and I don't want to go in this allotment view was actually one episode. That led. To a trial for sexual harassment because one guy that was talking about the episode that aired the night before. With a female employee around the water cooler and -- mild sexual harrassment charges and one. I don't remember now but it wouldn't I don't I do know that it was. The one where Jerry raises eyebrow knows it's lapses for -- the window and says it. So we'll just let it go that gas I think that's. Ready jaguar opinion poll who's your favorite Seinfeld character Jerry George Elaine Kramer. New man or somebody yells. -- a favorite Steinfeld episode. Our favorite episode yeah it would be the soup soup guy the first one. Mine would be on no soup for you yet that was great -- -- -- group for whatever reason the one where they. And -- eighties a phrase lampoon but. Parity and the as a -- Hellman a JFK assassination topped off with Keith Hernandez spitting and and that golf club being uses the later and what made that so funny to me was. They got to -- Newman Wayne Knight was actually in JFK and he was the one. That was sitting in the chair when they when they did the demonstration of the magic bullet. So that one just for whatever reason cracks me up also what do you most what are your favorite patriotic movies. Texas yet to go with the shrinkage show. Like a frightened turtle. So what will it sucks and -- -- if you line. Allen also it's always run and your favorite movie is I was your Andreotti patriotic moment I'm trying to think some patriotic move on as a whole bunch of -- -- nature nation update though the patriot and screwed out of gas and -- born on the fourth of July. In search your private Ryan. Vol saving private right now would undermine that would have to be nine. Get a text here apparently and asset that -- helping it wasn't Regina it was Delores. Delores any thought Regina might be an -- and people are saying is Delores assume ever texted that in. A poll shows most popular president since World War II was Ronald Reagan at least popular worst president was Barack Obama. The agree in Kenya look past party lines or raise and be truly objective when it comes it. Gauging a president I can't tell you David I I honestly and if you try to do some reading and they say that history is. Recorded through the view of those who wanted to pass apart did the pass along -- the parts they like been ignored the things they didn't pan. Out of an -- evaluate president because congress factors into this. Com Ronald Reagan say as economic policies work yeah they didn't they got Iran Contra. They got him and Margaret Thatcher you know. -- and despite all of these things and and you make a valid point and in -- so long west just what happens in your own personal life. Has Maine may be nothing to do with the presidency. And if you're having good times -- lot -- president you're gonna like them. That is one of them. Best points that I have ever -- though I may not and I have made some good ones but I think -- -- right because it ultimately it's all the egocentric and it's all about you if everything is going good at your job you're making money hand over -- are gonna remember -- guy -- the White House has been great if the opposite is true then you know say man what does this -- to a new country when in fact. It has. Anything but to do with what the residents and during the Reagan years I had some great year -- zone that's his opinion. And an -- it was like me I guess with Clinton. And on his Clinton I guess I think bush and Interior Minister did make plans now he did sell onions and texts that are common in Mandalay industries. About their favorite Steinfeld episode another one about. Cramer taking dog Madison and then man hands. My favorite part of -- hands when she reaches over to not the -- -- so authors Gerri space and Michael wide receiver in the NFL. And also what she cracks at lobster -- member -- talk about it T 60187203866889087. We began with speeding down. Speeding continues to be leading cause of traffic fatalities in Louisiana and you drive this -- -- you have to give -- your real name. Do you view of those is -- minimums and what successes. You've ever been ticketed board driving. -- -- and and you drive differently if you loved ones are in a car or -- 60187820386688. Nines early Saturday. Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. Hi Tommy Tucker -- Jordan told me that sound -- had something to do post's beat I get that was signed health. Speeding and patriotic movies I get it. So which issued an -- this morning that's a fourth of July Holiday -- We just gotta have some fun and we'd love to talk to you if you're awake at T six 187803866. 889087. If you not a wake we'd like doctor is well. Speed continues be leading cause of traffic fatalities in Louisiana do you think speeding is more dangerous than texting. Do you think speeding is more dangerous than drunk driving because that's what these. These results are showing. And what is the fastest you've ever driven on the highway. And I'm gonna go ahead and confess this because I think the insurance agent. Is in bed. Asleep early on July 4 and I don't do this anymore. I was not even insured by this company when I did it and I am not advising that anybody do this. But one time when he interstate was wide open. Divided by. The water it was like one going one way when going the other way with water in between nobody else on the highway so I knew I couldn't hurt anybody but myself and I'm not advising you do this. -- 140 on the interstate. And my daughter knows she never drives that says she doesn't have to worry about getting hurt because as we parents say I'll killer. But she had -- Father's Day is gonna look around and get media for a present. The ad money these speed ways where -- you take training and you go around the track and she settle its top speed -- do. And the guy told -- -- 110 and -- -- mind thinks. Because. Having driven a 140 go 110. Is not really BMI to throw but -- love to -- front come on we're gonna give yet. Immunity will give -- phony name when you call and be honest what is. The album the fastest you've ever driven on a highway. T 60187803866889087. And terms of president's again the new poll out that says since World War II. The best president. According this survey most popular was Ronald Reagan in the least popular of the worst was Barack Obama. And look and pass party lines -- race in just being objective how do you evaluate the presidents since World War II. And if you get hang out and barbecue with one president today who debate. I would say Bill Clinton I think he'd be a fascinating guy to hang out with. Talked to maybe bring some girls I don't know. A couple of people here that are of a liberal -- said George W. Bush because they thought he'd he'd be like for the party that'd be a fun guy. So give us call letters notes 60187. 2038668890. Late seventies some of the text that are common and Tommy -- was probably a 160. On a motorcycle. Can you imagine that. And then about dumb another one here a 105. In a 55 zone on a crotch rocket trooper had no ticket books left. Called someone to write my ticket he wrote it for 75 miles an hour and no there's certain speeds. Are certain limits at which the police officer has. As I understand it the the discretion either taken to jail or not a lawyer Tommy drive crazy -- probably you're going to jail. And in terms of signs held favorite episodes bubble boy is common in the broth from men which was either of the bro or the -- year. As I remember it bubble boy had enough I read that one or not. And Keith Hernandez spitting episode was the best -- I also like the candy line up at the auto dealership. Episode Tony good morning on -- WL Tony is not your real name good morning. -- -- What age you get to that speed and where one. -- -- Oh and again let me be clear winner and advising advocate and show. You did did you get on them. It. And I -- states -- this is brand new -- with speed rated tires -- -- right -- and -- This felt like a car was certainly come off the ground I don't think a 140 was top end on a but I thought you know what. That's enough before we go flying over what about presidents who would you most like to hang out with. For Barbara unity thing was the best and worst since World War II. -- Tommy Tommy won the -- -- in terms hanging out at present. I got to. I am glad you called and I just wanna take a survey here to support the July knowing about it after. Come up with arguments or anything just from your gut because it is so hard factual basis to gauge which present as which was -- In your opinion which was the best which was the worst since world war two and you know hang out with one. Two day fourth of July at a -- -- would you -- I don't -- six a five time -- -- traffic and that -- -- province. I tummy -- it -- -- -- glad you at this early on this July 4 maybe get them ribs all. Rubbed off maybe in the smoker going in everything ready for the family later and we're glad -- witness we're talking about. Hold on -- things message you've ever driven even those speed as the number one killer on nine ways. And do you think was the best presidents since World War II in the worst. And like you on batteries and a lot of this is from the gut anyway so you tell me Daniel good morning and WL Mexico. And the user. On the passes doctor it was probably just from our hearts go out within an -- drop in the Boston and much 66 Newport. We've -- at 4:30 in the morning. And Newport was a Chrysler and -- remember. Their course and importantly. He's a certain victory victory an -- it was like 85. Probably at that -- and effective product and ultimately even at 4:30 in the morning I was growing up to -- a couple more games up Austin but. On the best presidents in -- world want to in my book. And -- -- also on the sixties -- would be Ronald Reagan probably. -- elected values and -- like that you want America in which Goldman and foreign policy and I think the worst president. Is the president won all Barack Obama. All he has a different vision in my book ultimate cost him he's transforming the country just like he said he was gonna do and bought tickets for the -- I if you could hang out with one president or fourth of July barbecue and has gotten on to do with politics as personality in your perception of how much fun you'd have -- conversation huge -- Are definitely Ronald Reagan you oh yeah. Yeah. That have a bit predictable and have a couple -- and hamburgers. At Kabila to get a thank you Daniel and let you cult and a happy and safe fourth ranked recruit -- -- you -- 260187803866. An 89087. David Blake they get a text year drove a 160 out west in an eighteen Wheeler. Now I'm off to -- and eighteen Wheeler going not. I don't know why -- guy had a I don't already got sick of night truce on terror goes and god knows -- Nelson there may be downhill Jordan tells me now I guess that could be maybe yeah maybe you're out there -- better make your insulin it -- down. Known as fast and what do you see a 160. Now. Was stopping distance on a fully loaded eighteen Wheeler I think it's two counties is and you sound like. -- didn't sound right to confesses I'm gone was a 145 miles an hour and spillway bridge was responding to a -- with the injury to go it'll applause and connect east around 3 AM. And then there's this from. You know all this is like to be careful when you text with auto correct. Because it's and it's ironic get away. I would say George W. Bush was the most unlucky is present in the history hurricanes nine elevenths in nominees few things that happened on Bush's watch. Bill Clinton had an easier time the only bad thing that happened during his term. And just on you what it says. Was a self made tissue. And I'm presuming. That he meant to say issue. But you never know 632 time and take a letters -- out again and after that we get our friends basically tests. -- -- -- That you did this. For the family did it for me it's. Dialer from breaking -- you know at one point a long time ago she played one of Jerry's girlfriends. Know yes he did. I would have to look out episode up anti gun. And if you Google it and and -- in Jerry's girlfriend you find out some time outside held episodes like fifth anniversary of signs -- And what's your favorite scene who's your favorite characters that's a pretty jaguar in simple. And as a matter does Jerry coming in at 33% tied with Georgia and Alain this surprises me Kramer are getting no votes all come law became man no votes and Newman getting no votes. -- in some meals either Aaron is and maybe go pick up as soon as the day goes along and we'll see maybe the Kramer precinct precincts have been coming. But where you Cramer appreciate you covering election result guy you know they're a little late in on the right on the yeah it's like to and got a big lead. And now all of a sudden it disappears but it Jordan tells -- Kramer's 30% would doesn't mean them. Wait a -- to realism. Some skull dot green going on apparently David we're gonna have to get the secretary to the bottom of us out later we talk about the land of the free Indies still feel as free. In this country as you used to and he have more freedoms or less and Supreme Court decisions about campaign contributions and freedom of speech reviewed by some. As. Unlimited freedom of speech that they can't -- and freedom that you can't. I dictate how much somebody can donate to a candidate and others saying no pilots do and is turning it into an oligarchy. At a government by he -- chosen few I guess if you unit involved and have enough money and power. To determine what happens the -- talk about that with run motion also talked to. Colonel John -- blow we come back he's the executive director at Louisiana highway safety commission. Boats speeding. And this fourth of July weekend whereas in what's the message you've -- gone even though you shouldn't do it. And the drive differently if you have somebody in the car with flash. Morning on WLA. Got. I don't know of course -- will. Let you call. Of course. Be in. New album. And it dutrow. Had won six feet. And and in real -- in the right there. Did you imagine if your daddy had found out you wanna look alana -- Seventy PA if your daddy had found that you have on a 110 and brand new charger. The an -- And move that would not amended anti. -- Olmert says oh no. That was 97 were -- Seven to 72 -- you Danny. You begin your license back next year. Telling about residence. Was the best that you. And use it to you view. These particular ones. It's George WW -- out there. And in terms of just hang in out of the barbecue if you had to pick one who would it be. It Bill Clinton engadget hey thank you pledged obvious stranger call back in time right. Rated may get a good fourth of July 642 coming back with colonel John outlaw. About the dangers of speeding on the highways here in Louisiana. Tommy Tucker -- humans on this fourth of July under the W. 64713. Was seven Tommy Tucker with the on WW well along with Shelden Williams Manning master control Stephens entertain with the while her music when I haven't figured out Friday Sheldon Maria please some obscure tunes and people configure a new wizards doing. Jordan's -- producing David Blake of the news of course partly cloudy hot humid probably just like every fourth of July is -- 20% chance for a few showers and thunderstorms some downpours possible highs around 92. Right now we're ready clothes and in an eighty degrees times changed things changed distractions change but yet. Seems as though there's one consistent factor when it comes highway fatalities and colonel John Blondie executive director of Louisiana highway safety commission. Is here on this fourth of July weekend and tells about morning colonel that morning thank you all thank you colonel and and if there's anything we can do this -- somebody we'd we'd certainly do it all day long tell me about. New studies and nearly totaled studies and the most dangerous thing and. Well be that the Governors Highway Safety Association recently completed a study. That show that. Traffic deaths linked to speeding increased by 7% nationwide there was a multi year study. And the -- remains one of the safety areas where progress. Hasn't been made almost three decades we've done real good in increasing seatbelt use in reducing impaired driving. And that's led to respect of a child is Louisiana back in 2007 look right below a thousand fatalities a year I think it was 997. Last year were in mid sixties six hundred sixty rule which is good drop we've seen a steady decline over the years. But the speeding is as one factor. That we're having trouble. Giving people comply with and we're looking for voluntary compliance and when -- -- You you have less time to react to maintain control. To drive around things and then and then whenever you do have an impact obviously the chance of getting hurt or having property amateur killed greatly increases fast that your going. Carolina not you engage this or what metric you would use but it seems to me. People are driving a lot more aggressively than they used to you -- on the interstate new -- saddling -- and -- -- you'll have somebody come up -- -- seventy miles an -- in there about. A foot and a half from your rear bumper and I think a lot of times people don't realize. How quickly something can happen and you you're talking about turned over vehicles that speed I would think. You're absolutely right I think you hit. Nail right on the head because it's not just beating it's usually combined. With some other type of violation -- aggressive driving type things switching planes without a signal. And things like that those lead to crashes. Not only do you have an increased risk of being hurt or killed but. One of the reasons you should speed is obvious because of the the chance to get that taken behind. The -- going to be at least under adult for first offense. And a lot of times report to go to court get to take off from work it's an inconvenience. There's just no way that's saving a few minutes -- -- -- Worth the risk endangering your -- that the passengers are about the people -- wrote. It's it's not only changed -- it can be costly if you ticketed. -- -- waited the other day in and you know I think it's true that awkward moment where. Somebody didn't just gets incensed with you not necessarily on the interstate and on and happen to me on my so explain they got to go zoom past you and -- right lane. -- -- such a hurry then. He get up to the red light in both the years there and they refused look at because they've they've realized how foolish. Humble -- the action they took was and it's really not gonna speed up significantly where you -- -- hasn't. Not at all I think that everybody -- trouble and who commutes to and from work has seen exactly which you just I've seen him many times. You get passed by vehicle only to catch up with the ahead force stops on the red light -- congested traffic to your most of the time you're really not save a lot of money I think it just as to a lot of stress. And an increase in danger. You know I find on the interstate sometimes go announces Metairie in the afternoon get people that are driving very aggressively in the last point -- teller rookies. Is and our allies need to stop around will what is it needs -- I -- city park avenue anyways so. I don't know if it's little local knowledge or insiders' knowledge or what on the real quick do you think the and then again on and -- you never -- this but. Have a theory that may be because cars or get and so. Nine Sony inside and so insulated you get the stereo system and you got the air conditioner on and you so comfortable sometimes you don't realize you're. You're donating ninety miles an hour and a piece of metal. I think I think a lot of times people. I know that. When I was younger and I used to be worked for the state police. On the road -- stop people of the evening realize -- -- -- a lot of -- -- not even in a hurry. So people sometimes. Get distracted not simply by cellphone sometimes just the thought process -- they don't realize is speeding but. If if we can just increase some awareness and that's what we'll open it Dubuc coming on your show today. It takes a driver traveling sixty miles an hour about twice so long to stop as it would refuse traveling forty under the same conditions. It was a great great risk here in creatures -- -- I think when you're driving any old days of the windows -- -- a legitimate sense of how fast you were going now sometimes feels like years and you eleven or Monica -- but you're not. Right thank you colonel appreciate your time I really do have a great fourth thank you serve and a safe fourth colonel John a blind second of director who Louisiana highway safety commission. And I don't think risking your life for your family's life is worth the two or three minutes that you're gonna get there earlier and if you don't believe me sit down do the math. And you'll realize it's really not worth it I will take a break when we come back we'll continue our Steinfeld. Hum. Conversation and something else I notice they're talking about a movie. About Edwin Edwards being a modern day Robin Hood. And they're proposing that George Clooney play Edwin Edwards. Having met Edwin Edwards first thing George Clinton's -- to do is get on his knees. Because -- is not that tall of a man. And George Clooney is. And I'm not want to be making height jokes I'm just saying in terms of accurate portrayal so who do you think would make a good Edwin Edwards is there to make a movie. About the the former governor 663 time -- -- traffic. And they'll get a -- Robinson. Tommy Tucker -- -- well heavens -- -- on the fourth of July tomorrow Toney fifth anniversary of the first -- -- episode remember this. Georgia enjoying it chip. At a funeral. What are you doing. Can. You just double dip that -- Couldn't double dip chips doubled that what what we're talking about. The chip to chip it took a bite. And dipped again. So that's like putting your whole house right you get -- For -- warm when you take a chip. Just take one -- next days and did. Well I'm sorry -- me. But I don't -- that went -- it didn't happen. You'd get the way you want it -- All that the way I. And then that fight ensues 2601878. Till 3866889087. He had a favorite signed bell episode or a moment. That you'd like to Telus and the only thing I would say is that any with the July gatherings today do not double dip the champ.

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