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7-4 7:10am Tommy, best and worst presidents

Jul 4, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the best and worst presidents

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I had the option of being off today. You have the option and I did but I had been gone so long indication. In what they did they often policies of my favorite days -- we could just and it. Keep it light shoot the bull you know horse around -- around exactly asks. -- who gets so many things going here and mentally fit than ever none of which take a lot of thought. Lot that does things we have gone that you and Colin -- you guys that you're exactly you don't have to strain the bank holiday why should you make your brain work today unless she is setting a charcoal fires and you should never ever. Squirt the flame onto -- opened fire because it can back up into the bottle and then. Just ruin it by now you know a saga explode the -- -- 25 anniversary of Steinfeld what's your favorite signs held episode favorite Steinfeld moment maybe line that you always. Quote not ready jaguar opinion poll asking you who is your favorite. Signed health care Carriker Houser -- now and all that you looked at the real number well we're certainly at some of the the outlying precincts all -- -- -- bright apparently -- territory because. Kramer's leading at 31% now followed by Georgia twenty time. So maybe it is in fact the summer of George. I'm policy. 19% free lane 13% for Jerry Newman zero not -- for Newman but don't forget it he who controls the -- controls information. And somebody else 13%. -- argument that in and I found this on our website about. A possible movie featuring Edwin Edwards. That is correct and I just wondering -- look again I'm nobody to tell like jokes -- Newman praising just came in David I'm getting word. And getting word. Newman is getting some votes now earnings announced -- -- -- -- getting some numbers and on Newman they tell me in the control room and -- Updated. News survey for you and updated. Vote tally in a little bit they can they're saying it's in the area of 5%. So Edwin Edwards -- and -- nobody tell height chips right. No no I'm a little bit uniter not a very tall nobody. Hum. Are your price feet idea when he talked about it when Edwards. And some money playing him they suggested George Clooney but I think George Clooney would be too tall for then I think you would have to have somebody. That more resembled the governor will. It is everyone's got a medium size and -- -- is mine is zero landing in college went on signs that respect he has made you know where the restroom. That's my claim that -- dot Edwin Edwards stopped me at you know with a state police as they can you -- at a men's room has interviewed had an iPhone and then you're gonna say gonna snap shot and they had it on your wall -- -- that operatives so about Tom Cruise and not a big Tom Cruise fan but he's 57 inch. At all or not Thomas is -- would be an awful miscast Robert Downey junior. 58. -- -- in his eighties let's -- well known in the story would not be about him in his while that's true you not him you -- undergo coming up thing you know Gibson Friday. Christian -- 57. And I jet black now. Ryan Seacrest I think he's got enough shows now almighty god don't give him any more work or money -- attacks here Danny DeVito. Tammy now and -- and Matthew Broderick is only five foot eight and so maybe him. Your right so they've got to do that it did to hold you know from the beginning yet. All the way up and that if that's gonna take Watson -- make up work and and good acting now Vern Troy or perhaps could play him as a baby. You know Hoover controllers don't you know many meet ball -- yeah out as a -- eased to eight. Run little finger in the miles you know -- and it played. Harry Potter who is that Daniel Radcliffe and 56. Mark Wahlberg does surprises me his only fives and getting -- and now I thought it was all an act it's you know. It seems to me that any of this stars that I've either seen. Or heard about there are all little the good guys I mean that just believable about this bin. Together played George did it that was George to stands. Frank has Kansas on in real life like in the name -- And still -- he's 57. Possibly David Spade 57 you've got a lot of searching to do Dustin Hoffman. Now very ago. 55 to be a perfect guys that might be that might work and finally set green bang he's teaching this -- started as the teaching guy with the rallies commercials remember that -- And and a ton of money doing so funny are you just as soon -- Yeah yeah yeah. This. -- -- But as you forgot. Into a debate with somebody and I hope this doesn't happen net. A barbecue today a fourth of July barbecue maybe a family gathering her friends where you get into this parsing words debate. Over yesterday is no it is and yes it is no it isn't yes it is no news. I try to stay away from those but they can happen Melissa happened in Atlanta. Unfortunately it was a guy calling 911. And an operator got into a debate with the -- all over the phone whether we -- a woman getting carjacked. Or whether -- just a a car theft. So -- guy calls 911. And the -- any tells the would the operators that I guy. We as he was -- in a female motorist guy pulls her out of the car throws or underground. And then took her car out carjacked so the 9/11 operator nine on one operator says she is in this sir that's not a carjacking that's a death. And then. There's a delayed response of about thirty minutes. Because the operator is arguing with a guy. As that term or not it was whether or not it's a carjacking or theft. To skip the cop well and I guess it depends on whether or not since league I was gone -- Whether it was something that necessitated an emergency call but if it's somebody pulls a woman out of a car. And then drives off it would certainly seem like a carjacking announcement. And I think a lot of times owning these tapes about the nine. 11 operators I presume they have help on the way in and they're talking to the victim but it's. We'll -- in -- house lead on -- I don't like it pops out here now. We'll be back Tommy Tucker David Blake definitely. I tomorrow 25 anniversary of the airing at the first sign filled episode about this. And then you say you -- struck. Net proceeds to ricochet. Off the temple striking Newman between the third and -- -- came off the red beta right. I turned. And could drop a baseball cap. This bad then splashed off the rest positives. In -- Have -- It makes a left turn. Lands on Newman's lap car. His one magic -- -- is my favorite Steinfeld episode in scene of all time boo when you consider. That they key inflation back to the old footage of Keith Hernandez allegedly spitting on -- Kramer. And Newman and that no man Wayne Knight the guy that played him was also in the movie JFK. And was sitting in the exact seat where he was with a -- felt parity we still have some more tickets to giveaway to that big concert in champions square. And we'll do it soon Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton coming into long ones planned live -- champions square Sunday July 20 7 o'clock kick on that. -- -- We got you tickets a couple of different ways to win on -- and on FaceBook. This morning before 10 o'clock. I'm gonna play part of eight Peter Frampton song it is and then we'll cut it often and you give us. The next line. It's that simple but the first in wins first correct answers so listen to music and sing along to win. We can also and if you go to our debit WL radio FaceBook page look for The Doobie Brothers Peter -- and contest like does. And registered -- win so another chance of that coming up and in addition -- felt we're talking about. A bunch of things. It Edward Edwards now the drama making a movie about his life who would be. A good actor to play him and somebody texted this and -- I don't know that it would be. You could find anybody better Paul Giamatti. Paul Giamatti as it is a smallish actor but this guy is tremendous and he's played political roles before signed him I think he'd be a good choice -- -- said. Robin Williams as far as -- felt episode. Any signs -- episode with David. -- aren't the best. And one other thing gonna throw in here as we did you shoot the breeze on this fourth of July morning is length of vacation. We had a great time in Ireland with a lot of WWL listeners. But I was Jones and after five or six days I was going crazy because I have never been on a vacation that long and by the time -- weekends and travel time. I was gone for about two weeks and I don't know that I'd be able to do that again I think the ideal vacation ideal length of vacation. Is you leave work Friday you get the weekend you take five days and get the weekend and you go back to work. But precious may give gimme a call -- -- how long you've been on vacation what's the longest. And what do you think the ideal length of a vacation years for use there's not a right or wrong here -- issue what's the link that time you prefer. To stay on vacations 723. Tommy Tucker time -- Traficant for that would go to Terrell Robinson. Why did it. Why did they call it old -- a mug is round. The jar is round. -- -- -- -- -- Gold and I think -- it was very influential because. You know lot of times these lines from that in everyday life for example if you're having a meeting with somebody and this goes back to the Kramer episode where he was the movie guys. Memory was the movie phone thingy started given it any -- people press the button -- didn't realize it wouldn't be able. Did know what button they were present for what movie. And that that's a metaphor for me for when you have -- a meeting with somebody. And they ask for your ideas then they tell you what it is that your -- who. And I feel like Kramer sometimes saying why don't you just tell me what you want me to do is to be a lot quicker for everybody. And now partly cloudy hot humid today 20% chance for a few showers and thunderstorms and downpours possible highs around 92. If -- like 95 -- hundred and we are already. Over eighty degrees in the Crescent City and surrounding areas who could play Edwin Edwards and a movie Burt Reynolds. Thing is I think he would have a hard time. Pull it off the younger governor but you never know with. Make up George and shrinkage is an answer that comes -- bomb another one says Mandalay industries. And I think one of the funniest -- -- -- win and I get some text here -- to. Jerry Stiller being one of the funniest characters. You know. When -- eaten dinner and George decides -- abroad salesman. And Franken stands is picking his teeth examining a breezy here and trying to explain to George. The way it works miles an instant text about the best length of a vacation. Some people say seven days you need to take seven days off forward to be real vacation not seven days total but seven days off of work. And another taxes exactly what you say leave early on Monday return late on Friday. Yet the weekend both get ready for the trip at the weekend after the recovered Gator adding clean. And get back to work -- -- -- -- 260187. Neitzel 3866. 8890 late seventy what is the ideal length. For vacation for you. And what's too long it's too short what is G -- right. And something else I noticed David Blake is is traveling around some people trample. Even if they're on vacation like a business -- they are they don't -- a flight they don't want the window. Just give me away I am going -- other people. Enjoy the whole process they enjoy going to the airport get on the. -- it's Adam and you know what that may be that the people who don't travel much. You know I'd be right that could be -- that slick -- kind of exciting at all yeah and you gonna look over there NC. -- on the guy that doesn't or all the time it's like -- god here ago I don't travel a lot but wanted to do it's more. It's more of a nuisance in on and just do it had to deal and get on a plane -- -- about you. How about saying and just get there and and enjoy it yeah Dutch I David Blake now -- WL first news. I know you have work to do and you don't have time to sit around and cool with me but -- -- today's show is just relax it's Natalie do you sit around a barbecue. Engaging in idle conversation yes maybe roasting a marshmallow yes what. On the fourth of July what. Fargo it doesn't involve a lot of thought -- not to justify anything it's a lot of gut feelings here like for example what's the ideal money time for navigational last. Somebody says my perfect vacation like this permanent but I'll bet it's not. I'm then you get tired you would miss home values regular two weaker Stallone too much it is it was from me yeah yeah I had that feeling -- are finally got to start getting antsy at the five days -- you liked about I'd say yeah five days yet. From another good thing you can talk about if you like NT six -- 18780386. Exit 89087. These things you can't -- there's no metric -- and I'll desperately is from your memory. A new poll shows most popular president since World War II was Reagan. And the worst Obama -- agree. And if you could barbecue with one person. Who won present one person hang out. So you know in the presidents sit around shoot mr. Allen there -- other people too but. I would go with Bill Clinton some people are seen Kennedy other people nobody said Johnson. Or eyes and now now I notice that Kelly said Nixon. There are no Nixon votes yet you know what -- mentioned courses as. Before world war two and I would I would think Teddy Roosevelt might have been an interesting. Archer product Teddy Roosevelt to sit down with Eddie Manny and look at his elephant guns and party. Animal or 101000 well yeah he was what do you think got him charge up -- him to charge chips and one hill music now he got charged and not -- don't -- know how to party with -- our agreement signed -- and twentieth anniversary tomorrow the first. Steinfeld episode which your favorite scene. Or what's your favorite episode in DD year remember this when we're playing some of the iconic quote. I say weird planet in tells Shelton buttresses my phone we're playing similarly I kind of looks floats yeah. Yeah the girl they look off each other team dropping on us I knew you look familiar yeah. And it. There's anything wrong with that. Of course -- that is why that's excellent I mean I've mitigate friend Mike has yet. -- -- Great CL I -- a lot of the this scenes of assuming a legacy that became iconic image cult T six -- 170 toll free 8668890878. The ideal length for vacation. Who do you think was the best and worst president since World War II. -- good barbecue hang out with one of them today who would you pick Tommy Tucker wait for your call. At T 60187203866. And 89087. Back in a flash on debit W well. -- -- Partly cloudy day hot humid 20% chance for a few showers and thunderstorms some downpours -- possible highs around 92. Feel like 95 and a hundred right now 81 degrees. We're talking off the air about them the best thing to -- for the fourth of July and is that a mandatory. Barbecue day. And I kind of think it is you know some people's -- of red beans and -- others fried chicken. If you have some kind of non traditional food that your coconut day of the year. Doesn't have to be Barbeque. And -- you don't know barbecue today. And a little bit to talk about freedom in this country. And there's a new survey out that says. People think their freedom. He is disappearing Americans feeling less satisfied with the freedom to choose what to do with their lives it's according to a new Gallup poll. And might be tied to link to perceive the rise in government corruption. Americans become significantly. Significantly. Less satisfied with the freedom and choose what they want to do with their lives. 79% of US residents are satisfied with their level of freedom. Down from 91% in 2006. That's a significant drop. Pushes the United States do these results from among the highest in the world in terms of perceived freedom. To assert 36 place. Behind countries like Paraguay. Paraguay's world Wanda. And the autonomous region of Nagorno car box. Ten nations experience they experienced rather sharp drop in the US. In terms of satisfaction. Of citizens with their level of freedom. And they were Egypt Greece Italy Venezuela's Cyprus. The Czech Republic Romania in Yemen Pakistan and Spain. And if you're wondering who is most satisfied. With their level of Freel in the freedom its New Zealand. They topped the list that 94% Australians who come in second at 93%. And they say may be one explanation for this is that. Americans have been feeling constrained by the economy since 2006 and perhaps they don't feel. As of America is truly the land of opportunity wearing go out and get whatever you want and be whatever you want if you work hard enough. So you tell me at T 60 money seventy tool creates XX eighty -- nearly seven and again this is one of those deals where. I don't know how you can measure it other than what is with the new in your heart and mind in the way you field. You might disagree with me that's fine I think we have never been more free in America -- we are now. In light of some of the Supreme Court rulings went do you like them. Or not in terms of media scrutiny of what goes on. In congress and other places. -- and exposing corruption. And maybe even. When it comes to deciding who for whom you wanna vote. -- and back in the day talking about presidents since World War II. JFK at a lot of indiscretions but. Nobody reported it you know what happened to Bill Clinton in his and discretion and with Monica Lewinsky and then lying under oath that led to him. Being the second president ever to be impeached. So do you feel. As free as you ever did in this country do you think your freedoms are expanding. Where there is an attempt to take freedom away from -- So that you feel -- argue with him just curious rich in Gulfport a morning or debit WL. -- -- Seems like Eisenhower was the best broad. He should be aware of the military. Industrial pot and he did. And that's always booed booed. Patent for the work ago I would talk between. Bush he invaded the wrong country. Harder Clinton. Obama's not. -- Look bush invaded the wrong country when you say about Bill Clinton. Well you know his problems. Does that matter to you does that make it has a lot of people tell you they were thriving economically and the Clinton and and and you know strictly politics what is. Bianca Lewinsky affair and it didn't really matter and and when it comes to president -- or an elected official do you really care what they do and private life so long as they don't compromise security themselves. Those who he was in the White House and now. -- So -- -- he was president. European. I think you get to live in the White House right as president. -- ago about fifty made bogey there. Our rivers and Secret Service state and. You you do have to leave a sizable security deposit. You know imagine. They're. Obama not that bad really. You know -- really. Majorly messed anything partner. Interesting a point here as well rich fun fact. If you go into the White House as a present and without any pants you don't have to leave the pet deposit. And then if you get a pet after that they waved him home and however if you have. A couple of pets when you move and you have to leave the pet deposit for the carpets. And no carpet cleaner Stanley steamer and then. Now while I mean I -- -- people would do that but if they can't clean carpets in the -- house and not gonna get your deposit back. -- fact about the presidency -- a lot more out cheers throughout the morning. With yet. Texans and tired of the barbecue as far as the fourth of July food go on with boiled cramps. And CIA I think the best time to barbecue or broiled seafood and I am and I am. Backward on this with a lot of people is when it's cold outside. Because any -- the world you wanna do. When it's. Steaming hot outside his stand over either a boiler to cook seafood or. A barbecue pit to grow some food but that's just me. Another fun fact for you George Washington loved pizza rolls. And he was a big fan of of frozen pizza as opposed to delivered pizza. And of the three -- no disrespect anybody. Of the three terrible. -- pizzas that are out there he loved pizza but the best. 750 time a look at Traficant that would go to Terrell Robinson yeah. For the July. And now we have a history major here Jordan -- magnate who money from the University of Alabama and after -- called just now we thought it might be. Interesting that they give you some fun facts about the presidents. Of this great land of dollars Jordan tells me I didn't realize this. Contact Herbert Hoover. Started out as a door to door vacuum -- It was a good night and realize that. In. July nation's birthday and it. If that doesn't motivate you. To call that about him and -- Radio. Like it's pretty. Imagine my team and did -- every day Lawler dome light and some people you know some people that they'd use. And neatly one against the other in the republic in European immediately Democrat the enemies and enemies in this it's -- people that things are different ways it is. Recap everything we're doing here and you can jump in where you feel comfortable. What is the ideal amount of time. For a vacation last I was on four -- It and we have more presidential fund tax coming now it's -- Some -- the right amount of time for vacation I miss my country I honestly didn't really do believe the United States' best country in the world and as the United States. I -- the people who work with Imus might. Miss the people who work with. So even as the dialogue. Scientists thought that was entirely too long I think the ideal amount of time vacation. Is five days. -- shows most popular president since were report to Ronald Reagan hours Barack Obama. You agree. And you need a reason for this army who do you remembers the best president of the worst. He had a reason that's an argument but if you could hang out. And Barbeque with one president today. Who did it. A burger maybe a beer and shoot the ball. And as in whatever questions one. 61872036. X eighty -- early seven. Danny were full in -- morning Danny. It's not anywhere listeners. But it is hard to believe that he won a Heisman Trophy. Well Danny were full of it anyway go ahead would you want. In my opinion the best and the worst since president thank you. I would think that Reagan at the time I could only could I experienced it we did well. Started raining and the country was how united at that point. And the worst would -- borrow because. You -- to blame dark when he walked into the White House. And it still it. Com. DD think. That. When it comes to Reagan and you know I think the if you're old enough you remember when the challenger crash and he came on TV and actually comforted an entire nation he really did the first. Space shall I guess his challenger and now. And do you think that's part of a present and is being in. Like a national father to everybody or is it all about. Nuts and bolts managing the defense. The country and legislation etc. I think that's what devolve into nuts and bolts but I mean. After Reagan and before the Reagan years it was all book they're here for the country people looked up for the presidency. Duchess Kate thank you -- im glad you all -- in the west bank of mourning on -- WL. Hey Michael -- hang on I didn't realize only a twenty seconds hang on doesn't wanna give you your full amount of time to talk. -- come back. Tommy Tucker no arguments this morning you tell me do you think was the best president since world war to end the worst. And if you can hang out with one president today. We'll debate that can flash and evidently well.

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