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WWL>Topics>>7-4 8:10am Tommy, best and worst presidents?

7-4 8:10am Tommy, best and worst presidents?

Jul 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux,

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes David having some fun on the fourth of July old Jordan tells me it's time for this again. Fun facts about US president's plan. Did you know. That I'm Ulysses Ulysses S grant's real first name he changed it to go on the politics in the army video news reporters and I have no idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Weird for that time. Yeah of love that country's history got ahead of the game apparently they did some focus grouping and he said there you know Kyle as grant. And I don't work so well so they decided to go to you listening listens. So a little bit of fun facts there when it comes to presidents Michael and West Bank good morning thank you for holding your on -- W well. Was out. -- but it. Yet not mind and Amylin embodied then tell me a new survey now showed that since world ward two. People thought Ronald Reagan was the best President Obama was the worst in at -- I don't know how you measure this really I really don't sell. I think it's just whatever you feel in your mind -- your -- -- who you think it was a best evening was the worst end Michael as a bonus question. It and what -- he could spend the afternoon with somebody today at a barbecue would you. To spend time in a barbecue. OK so you think was the best president. Probably robbery. Yeah. In the bill. Where the best. Yeah and authorities think was the worst of all that time -- George W. Bush that's what you meant. It got to. I'm Michael what are you gonna take cooking ribs hanging out Boylan seafood. We are expecting throughout the rear now burger you know. Michael what is a trick to make -- a really good rib on a barbecue where it. You know falls off the bone it's tender label for a flavorful was -- was -- secret to doing that. -- do -- -- my belt but I'm really did yeah got a lot to do. But did thirteenth lap are -- -- barbecue in bail out jays. And then -- -- -- yet. Did get involved woman is all -- the ball. I mean a lot about that place across his or across naval air station is not the main. Culprit. What would then there was really Jeep that don't get a job or not. A bad that it. And they are in relation. I save some for somebody else Michael. -- solidarity's sampled them. -- -- -- -- -- Hey let me just real quick as we got them runs -- coming up do you feel more free in this country are less treaty thank you gaining freedoms lose numbers dangerous is saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out of integrated schools. And grade. And I am sure it would go. Out there in the gold. -- -- Thank you Michael lady called -- a great fourth. IT 601878. Toll free 86689087. We're gonna. The -- with -- tocchet are friends talk about freedom offers a new survey out Gallup polls is people feel like their lives and freedom. What I do you will be back Tommy Tucker big 878 at W. I Tommy Tucker WW Al talking about this new Gallup poll on this fourth of July that. Says Americans are feeling less satisfied with freedom to choose what to do with their lives and I'm not that. Translates in end feeling that liberties are being taken away or not that we've been talking you all morning about do you feel more free. Were less free is an American today runs O'Shea joins us now a friend a political analyst. And president of the Claris research group to help us sort this all happy fourth of July Iran. Thank you happy fourth -- you at all your audience. Well thanks for taking the time with -- some. One when it comes to engaging. Freedom man and the loss -- they gain of individual liberties is there any real way and gauges that are does it all come down no heart and mind and opinion. Also you know it hit it -- get out the more moderate opinion because. What of people feel forty -- don't feel for years it really -- so important. And Arctic which happened. In the over the years that people feel like. Pieces -- freedom. I have been taken away or restricted -- expense by more government regulation more government law more government program. Activity and and it it limit what they can do. Not only -- great deal of the public -- cultural or -- or. They did do economics editor and that in and the ability to. At least the perception that you can be whatever you want an America and and Bill Gates is always sided but he's. Seems to be. The exception present the rule when it comes a you know write your own ticket day economically in America. Sure and the -- When people feel like you know lowered to a higher. They have to keep war pretty electric in the fourth by. But in their Q school -- war emblem. That all well and that. That that people not a tree. It is currently wanna be here -- feel like they're limited. For answers some -- within their control a lot of. We've been talking about this other surveys that dead in the name president's popularity of presidents and Indiana I don't know how there could be a metric for this between. World war two and now Honolulu has best resident who was the worst of Ronald Reagan came up on top. Barack Obama at the bottom I don't know what the sample group was I presume was a representative sample. And here's my question is when a constant. Really -- rating a president. How would you do that when you when you figure separation of powers when you think of maybe economic situations beyond their control. Well I actually don't remember these surveys so at duke when he when talking about and go from -- out analyze data. And basically what they show when you ask the American people right now. In terms of moderate part. Of who they think was. The recent precedent. What happened. The -- Overwhelming majority of pop straight record. But Democrats split between basically technique include. And in a Democrat sharing Obama true but what happened here that -- race car. Will pop it -- there. Then at the and Clinton's votes split. Then what you ask people who they think was the worst grocer. What happens is. Republican great getting. In. Well well for the most sports some looks like the most and so. I don't think for some of them. Trouble through some of the caller. Most of them so Obama and the Democrats. Most of the saint George W. Bush but a significant number sir Richard Nixon so. The pick up rate in terms of partisanship. -- the bulk order. Republican generally picking willful or in the case they're -- by -- -- important Democrat picking Democrats shouldn't. And usually they're splitting between Clinton and Kennedy. In -- or record well. -- look at the basic Obama -- record and then that Democrat -- splitting up and so that surely you view. Well I'll there and so where so somebody who are. A lot of old there's the one that this bowl which is very it was when he asked you they. Obama has been a oh worst president. Then -- shall be. And it's 39 -- that there are 40%. Or 1% sort of saying. And I think that is a particularly interest in recent data that that it's very -- well. That's essentially what it's saying is only 39%. Of the American people what he was a better President Bush and he received a beacon that. 1% of the vote away lecture. That means. Well more than. Almost -- The people who vote -- well. Cannot now say that President Bush. And of course equal political problem vote late word Democrat people it -- -- -- -- the we'll put them now. About -- ball even better than bush is. Is it a pretty like the approach that Obama stand out. While very inching thank you forget I'm on a fourth of July NBA -- -- this and I'll be have a great weekend. You bet -- -- political land is analyst president of Claris research group. I find kinda. Funny said. All of the same time is that you people can't let go the partisanship even. After time goes on targets if it's a current election where okay. My vote for the Republican because it matches my ideology German vote for the Democrat because that matches my ideology. But even after it's over I don't think people of either party can give somebody else credit just because of that are indeed but yet. When you ask people do you vote strictly for the Republican or strictly for the Democrat they say. The -- the -- got nothing to deal with that I vote for the best person -- -- always had the -- Where the 2601870. Toll free 866889087. He who do you think. Was the best presidents since world war two and the worst and just reload but a funny you can hang out with one today at a fourth of July picnic or barbecue. Who would you pick 823 timely to traffic and that would go to Terrell Robinson icon. I would hang out that Bill Clinton or George W before he found god. And another very pragmatic answer here says I would hang out on the fourth of July with George W. Bush because he owns pardon me cattle ranch. Columbus. And -- on the highway I guess Columbus is a pseudonym or he's in Columbus -- -- I don't know -- Columbus. It was out. People -- July do you lose. Put me at. It pretty. Tell me why Columbus and what are. Yeah. OK. Party -- Up. And I think that. Shouldn't hate boat should not have that freedom. -- it -- you. Seventeen and -- -- there's so. They put a tent that economic and there -- -- here. Well that apparently god they had had our. One day we let a machine and there -- these other weapons of destruction. Let me ESP NS I had good -- -- please. Operations. Should not have the freedom to use them. There in position and ordered. -- -- -- Their budget changes that I think we get may look like our great country even greater. But when it comes to -- and I'm ready I -- -- comments and I'll reserve room to the cinema can argue with anybody but I'd like to hear from anybody who agrees or disagrees with you -- 2601870. Till 3866. 8890 at Sony but I would like to ask you Columbus -- -- -- you think was the best president since world war two and the worst. I think they're plant. Solos but there. And I can't remember that. Economic. Debt reduction and -- and saying Obama is done and -- and escalating. As -- -- Great Fredricka. You. A -- too good ones it was did you tell me the worst. Yeah. Debate that one guy and picked Cheney or threat that didn't. -- everybody -- and YouTube well you hundred. Unique point. It ran out despite a couple of Columbus -- -- -- I -- it when Lyndon and extremely unpopular. And he might learn. From significant debate that black pack and it -- act. The single handedly -- -- -- And we got to go to news the Columbus again as you're driving on the highway. Yet are you mind. Yeah are you behind the wheel of a Nina a pain killers and Maria. Getting alleged -- that'll be have a great day mostly everybody thinks about. -- opinions and we come back right now time for the WL first. I -- he and he and was audits of with Mitchell and David and a little bit we're gonna talk to -- wrestler. About big fireworks Joan Rivers and I don't fourth and river it's one of the top five must see fireworks shows in America. It's write whatever it is tonight at 9 o'clock put on -- red light blue join us on the New Orleans riverfront synchronized fireworks between two. Dueling barges at the patriotic music over the mighty Mississippi River. And I am ahead over the mighty WWL it's just your radio or Smartphones or listen at home. And NC NN tonight for an amazing. Holiday celebrations with the July on WW well. And Debbie WL dot com so the music will be matching where's the fireworks. Amazing hi -- They do pretty much do. I'm just wondering listening to this and you know when it comes to. I'm thinking I put a new twist on twisted. I'll be like him John Madden were to beating analysts on a fireworks display. -- -- Because he would say oh look there's your big shelf hope. I don't there's a big display room and a virus in the background. Would be on. -- hope. Is that it be enters. OK maybe it's just me he has advanced unmanned as the analyst. -- -- fireworks excellent Elliot bloom -- boom it's likely yet Johnny on the Columbus has discovered a way to. Ignite the audience because they're not very happy with the comments he had to make it wanted to. -- -- When he said we have too many freedoms in this country because he can go in and buy an AK 47 if he once. Is that did he think he would be a threat. -- hanging Sam out -- an AK forty senators perfectly safe guy then what's -- worried about and my point is it's easy for him to make. Rules -- to say we should have a law. Against somebody else but -- he himself would not be threatened by what he'd be concerned. With him being enabled himself to go by an AK 47 if you know where I'm going with this so. Then -- Kenny not presume that a lot of other people would not be a threat. As well give me column and to think T six 18720386. X in 89087. -- zinni. And a north -- or good morning and other WL. I know pays it. It is that a nickname. -- name. I had done recently become a Bob Dylan and they've got and that -- later. That you become popular column in the his real name Robert Zimmerman an anyway so I like naming him as the column now. Q how the man like me. I wanted to weigh in on that one where. And I'm not going to be. It will air -- -- but. The bad apple is -- but. If I had the I had the lead in spot talent can't shake chant -- Outlook politically. You know within what was going on exactly what he gave us somewhat -- But it -- or you know honestly want one please. And to stop you for a second when you look at the Cuban missile crisis in the way he handled that in com while our -- name. And we were on the brink any -- ended beat Tom in diplomatic at the same time and I think he kind of pulled it off course. It was a disaster with the Bay of Pigs but at that time I think -- kind and I eve as a president in and I think he let. The establishment lead him into that NAFTA that he said you know what and agony that go down in flames are. More or rise in the peak on my own terms them to do I think is best. -- I'm not I've never calm -- on the radio -- You know how. Why didn't he can't you do great. Friendly. I'm -- try and make the point not a political accurate but it. Anyway. I'd have to pick the water on their pocket the past. And nothing that thing. Mean W -- in a war criminal. World. It will. Staggering. What happens. -- pac. -- in the -- right across the desert in saint. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And annihilated. Me infrastructure. Just think it happens here in America that somebody can rent -- Arrogant and you know in a home in the people died. Well and just in terms of US servicemen Zambian media about twice -- many died in Iraq is in Afghanistan. Yeah and you know -- Me and me and now. I'm the under me but anyway I went in Barrett and the music on around war and opt out and -- I'd vote. And market at that time between him and break and. But you know people will tell you. On the other side that they've. -- embarrassed that the way President Obama was going around the world almost apologizing for America. And answering your own and just seen it all goes and I guess and now you look at anywhere -- out. I'm so glad you are and not just about nothing you did a great job but let me ask you can hang out. With one resident this afternoon I'm -- it would be JFK. It. All our love. -- him or a bomb that went and why I'm just. You know they got it. Yet but yet about Pollack. But it is now. Got a great place. And at this point is that the way. That's the point of the of the exercises forget politics in terms of person who would you like to hang out I don't think. -- -- Barack Obama being bad guy to hang out with that really don't know that you be a fun rice personable on again thank his -- -- lady call. Right now nominate tech senior and Obama locked in vote for him either time but in terms of personality. I think -- be fine dining out with Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. I Tommy Tucker fourth of July 84812049. We'll talk about the big. Fireworks show coming up with Debbie wrestler coordinated for go forth on the river but first. And -- all morning time for another presidential. Fun facts. George Segal -- resident magnate who plotting a graduate of the University of Alabama in history has compiled this list. And it's a lot of things I didn't know. And is that when he gives me now it's as Abraham Lincoln was afraid of heights so he rarely Stewart. I realize that Jordan's opening at these high level meetings he would be sitting cross Lincoln on the floor. Lot. OK let's -- Debbie wrestler now coordinator for gulf wars on the river -- morning daddy. Good first collection and I think a lot of people wonder about this why the decision -- have a midnight nine during the day. At the consumer even during the my movement -- in charge for a reason so. Tell me about this -- Well it's the 24 annual doing -- fireworks show and they're so excited you know Tommy Ellis that it sponsored this would get their master. 24 years it's attracting local and torture over bridges so I was so grateful problem. We get from their board different community organizations and this -- Make it happen it is truly produced by a local people here in the world now is there there are a lot of things and with a five ports. Note tonight it's going to be on the clock albeit -- on the river. In big show that here will put that extra time and money into the show this year. I'd written by Chevron by a bar. And -- Real vocal and donate to into -- -- Which has allowed to continue that have been unfortunate that so long and I presume you can see this anywhere along the river and one. Restarting a lot going -- the onto the porch come out early get -- cars park. It may come and visit the -- -- -- go shopping at canal place to -- river walk through injury. They -- and can't be here good parents get your plate on the river and get ready for the caught fire. He is to be synchronized -- as it is every year that we carry on WWL. And -- -- -- about a -- did you have any idea -- always amazes me how they coordinate the fireworks in the the crescendo of the fireworks with the crescendo as of the music. And -- any idea how to do that. Well I know that we oracle means that it's time that we picked that music and make the -- Together the called the -- kind of go with the music that of course we get that we -- is given to you guys. The station and that -- wearing your -- that their. Are the apps on to the preacher named Debbie Allen magical at one point nine and listen to the final -- music and their fireworks at the same time it is so passionately. Patriotic. It's a whole another steal the fireworks. I don't know on a lighter note here while it's pretty light it is it is but you know we get that Nathan's hot dog eating contests today -- How many hot dogs and -- do you think you could -- forget time limit to how many PG. You know what you vegetarians are coming note that answer your idea about that. Should debate nightly dot. And there are reports of how many how many pounds -- shredded carrots PG. -- and. Have a great fourth -- -- thanks for taking the time ones saying oh you bet T 601878. Till 386 exit 89087. In. And that's where haven't found this morning I would like to know they got the Nathan's. Hot dog eating contest in Coney Island will give you numbers on that a little bit but. How many hot dogs and -- could you -- Joseph hang on to him hang on somebody else will -- -- in the second. Another it's time for -- WL Traficant for that we of the Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Zach and -- WL. Well feeling good on this fourth of July Friday morning big weekend ahead of us and and spend a lot of time it was anything series other than giving -- you'll ride as an American Express your opinion about president's about government. -- not argue with anybody use they would you one of some money doesn't like it they can call in and express their opinion Joseph New Orleans morning on Devin WL. You do on. Or questions or relative to -- to -- Britain. Well is since World War II there's a new Gallup poll out that says Ronald Reagan according to people surveyed was the best. And Barack Obama was the worst so I'm asking you who do you think was the best who do you think was the worst. And if you could hang out this afternoon. Just at a Barbeque -- based on personalities you perceive it -- got nothing to do with politics or ideology here any of that who would you pick to spend some time with. OK -- that's your first question but for a happy that I. Between. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Worst and the words -- that appear before George W. Bush or George W punched out each beat George W. -- yet again. I'm I think he dated a -- And I know before he ran for before it ran for president I think in any thought. I think it was before he ran for president I think that's when he thought that god told him -- for president as I understand. Well that's great athletes on applicable. Already given you know Steffi she committed to a lot of upper. Jordan -- presidential historian -- did George Bush. Was born again before he ran for president was. -- -- That went down you know. Surely -- -- on aptitude and the it is probably. Well Bob Kirby is the personality. He he's he's he's able. -- a people person approach. And that person. -- before -- let you go do you think competitive eating is a sport these people a day are gonna. Get there any hot dogs at Nathan's again ten minutes and I think last year eights 69 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes do you think that's a sport. No -- no -- On the same people do is that pike you mean this is a sport because out these conditions. What is sport you're going to conditioning training to cute you know so on and it's not a sport and we get too far away with this. That people taken it makes circle sports and trying to do is really. Do over you with a beautiful is sponsoring him to leave it there. -- thing I think about his buddy. Professional wrestling is not a sport because they don't bet on an in Las Vegas because they know who's gonna win but I think. You can bet on who's gonna win -- I don't know if that's what makes the sport. Well today in. You know. In the morning with the terms -- useful. To what degree. You know. It's -- sport sport what an activity. Both the physical activity. Centers -- golf. So does this compare what this sport and physical. On the civic importance -- no clarification. Ideal no time limit. -- give you some hot dogs and buns and not a strategy. It worked for her four I think my -- -- be about to hand ready cult have a great fourth. You bet T 6018780386. Exit 890 weighed seven. I'd like to nominee hot dogs and -- you could be if there would no time limit you -- goal and angle winning they'll.

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