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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David what amazes me here in the fourth of July as we celebrate freedom in this country Ian independence. Is how I get some text from people disagreeing with other people calling saying how dare you let the -- Under radio to say that all really and you welcome to. To call in and express your opinion yielding us it was a wasn't gonna. Com argue with anybody all -- today's free speech days they would -- excellent reasons not a Kathleen and those stable complaining need to realize that it that's part of the freedoms we enjoy now the fourth of July is about at least I thought so you may not like what you here. You know from an opinion but that's that's the freedom I hope that that's not. It changing in his country and we're becoming all polarized that would not it doesn't if you don't agree with me you don't have any right to say anything. Because -- find my -- power of the danger of courses. When you're not much happens in -- let me go to -- quick before during guest in who's been holding on our guys about -- hates him to about. Thank you. Haven't -- generators and -- and but -- -- -- had been different -- forest about the war. I think we need to go back a little bit and one of the people who made truly. Very significant decision not believe which Truman. In deciding to go and drop big boy -- -- which resulted in saving hundreds of thousands of love both on the companies and the American side. I don't think any historian has ever disagreed with that. And then number two but I think as far as the war on curricula scroll that they'll have to -- don't -- For all sorts of reasons. Give me coupled gates it's July 4 express your -- Well they'd be the Iraq debacle was it was an off. I think in itself. And also thank the declaration of -- victory when he flew up to the carrier which is very very egocentric and nonsensical. You talk about the mission accomplished you know indeed they alien who would you hang out with did you -- and well. -- I think absolutely. I'll have to hang out with the comeback kid. Then you need at Monaco about two. But also want to make one point eight noted conservative. We'll -- wait money to -- Monica Lewinsky and confused. Monica and build. It used to hang out much. But anyway. For various reasons he would be the most entertaining probably however. Bill O'Reilly has stated lately on true TV shows and in his own. Below book. That Barack Obama is perhaps the most charismatic presidents since John F. Kennedy. I appreciate the call -- -- guests Steve boutique joins us right now. Director of the -- center for foreign policy studies at The Heritage Foundation and happy fourth of July to use Steve. And here. For your. Answers at that time and I know you didn't come on for this but it's become calm. Topic that that people are very passionate about here as we talk about it on WW island. When it comes to the the foray into robot did and historians. And what's known now. Can anybody really made a case for that being. That the right thing to do war's success. Well I haven't been one of the guys who was reading the intelligence for the secretary defense. -- I was in the military assistance at the time you -- and so you write down from correct correct. I have to tell you the insult pointed to. Everybody else out just are not just DOD. Christine German the French the Russians eaten Chinese they know there's Cold War. Paul said that he had weapons of options and was likely to use that insult or at least you've been other people who would. And the decision was made that we had to respond and I know some people think that was all cooked up and why ansari and their role. It turned out to be in the state at least we never -- -- until this most recent. It'd involve a lot of that probably it goes here. But at the time that in these two wise decision. And easy I don't rappers are exactly hindsight one tell if you'd and sometimes a different story but you can't make that decision in hindsight. -- Beat any other thing that I you know -- -- trying to Parse words here but when you hear people say there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at some point there -- because Chemical Ali. Gassed the Kurds. Or Dutch or. And -- the other almost a 100000 Kurds killed just in that series of incidents. So you know some other people who now that world. If this is before I started that what things will work better in Iraq when Saddam was there. I'm sorry if you want the people -- that your head chopped off and shop all drove all the buildings. -- -- your ride on your wedding date eighteen by Saddam sons and -- I would beg to differ. Is it pretty bad right now with -- because we kind of cut right -- on on the war -- finished the job. But I have to tell you that anybody says it was better under Saddam had been buried -- who were inaccurate number. When they come to a talking to Steve -- director the Allison center for foreign policy studies that they aired each foundation he's a former. Former army special offices forces get announced as Steve. A former army special forces officer and a top pentagon officially you just heard. I was recently out of country first time I've ever been gone. From the shores the United States I was in Ireland and and -- nice country. But I -- Italian Steve I was miss in the United States after a couple of days and and you have every freedom and Ireland -- not yet. I just love my country and I wonder if today people are still feeling as though. The the United States syllabus country in a world -- -- it kind of thing almost. Like hindsight but in this case the grass is greener somewhere else. Well I play I don't necessarily agree with that a lot of the policy decisions of this administration. But I can tell you that America is still. Without -- -- I'd -- in a bunch of countries all over the world right there are known. Anywhere close to America were not perfect we make the state -- and have. In -- wrong turns here and there. But overall the freedom the openness the ability -- first differences. There's no place in the world like United States of America and anybody who's who think differently and that really has not had a lot of experience anywhere else in the world. -- now when it comes to our liberties and freedoms and I don't know how you would measure this but other than perception maybe your gut feel. Com. Are Americans losing liberties are they gaining more or is that constitution as they say a living breathing thing. And it's being interpreted and all the at all the we have the same liberties it is we did. I guess when the founding fathers put this together -- maybe even an 1850. Well or 1950s Steve also. You know what we have different technology we have different ways of doing things today so there's. I think there's always going to be some low fare a little bit more a little bit -- that stretched change you know we didn't think about. A nine elevenths type thing before that. But overall America is very resilient. The you know we'd have to be vigilant we have -- constantly have that debate. With different positions as to where we stand in this law good is that -- of good. And overall we continue that open debates and then discussion. America will stay free. The other but Lional have bullets on it along the way but that doesn't mean the country's -- in the wrong direction. I disagreed with some things other people disagree with the President Bush did. What are our leaders like we do the best they can't. And the rest of the -- to join in the discussion. And try and keep them -- we think they should go from voting tomorrow -- a common sense and media. Saying I am but overall America is bird resilience and and I think we're still on the upward trend. Steve I've been candid about this before and and at one point in my life I think I fell for the I'll call it entertainment rhetoric if you will where. People are Democrats were the enemy and they were out to ruin the country and then I feel thankfully that I was enlightened. And realizing -- that he if you're Republican or Democrat or Democrat or Republican and and you see the other side or don't understand what they think that doesn't mean that they're the enemy it seems that they have a different vision for the country. And your friends are your neighbors. Aren't an enemy and and somebody out to destroy the country. Is that the partisan politics and have done that and our people I hate to say this but. Losing the ability to its I think for themselves analyze things themselves and just repeat and whenever bullet points whenever sign what's put out. I I think America has has always been able to frankly blissfully. They know war allies that stopped and the one with their lives that the majority of our citizens but today we we have become polarized and what you you know as I say I disagree with other -- President Obama does I. At the -- friends in the conservative movement won't like this comment that I don't think he set of problems sleeper agent I don't think he you know got the job to -- -- the country. He believes the things that he is pushing he believes in -- actually. I think he brought. But he believes there. And in our country you know I warn you walked for 48 years my son wars or me you know what now. We put our lives on the line to allow people to disagree with one another in this country. And and to be able to press their opinions and -- That fight and fighting quotation marks in the public square. Debate and and rhetoric. Since the side world wanna go out and everybody -- depiction of that site and and have that argument. When we stop all of the one and other America would be fundamentally. Damage. I hope we can she do. I appreciate your time I'm honored to talk tee and I appreciate everything you've done for this great country. You're -- or are you too -- have a great weekend Steve -- director of the Allison center for foreign policy studies. At The Heritage Foundation -- -- six a 187 toll free 86 exit 89087. Is this still the best country in the world. Are we lose and freedoms aren't as Steve just said they are blips and it seems like we are but we really are not. And this -- country headed in the right direction your phone calls on this fourth of July only comeback on debit WL. Tommy talk period -- WL for the July do you think this country's headed in the right direction T 60187. Needle free 866. An 89087. Indians and expects from you. All that. And it amazes me how this can be the fourth of July and you can. Completely denied a somebody else's right to express their opinion because. They are bleeding heart liberal -- It had no ground conservative there there's there's that and the other thing do you really not tolerate anybody else's opinion. And I had a Italian just my opinion but if you buy the Republican and a Democrat thing with the other people are the enemy you're being played. I think you are. And -- being played for campaign contributions. UB and played to watch somebody's TV show or listen somebody's radio program because they try to make you so. Desperately afraid. If somebody else thinks differently than you do that they're the enemy that they got to be put downs you -- donate your money. You better buy whatever product -- bush and I heard one of these guys when times they -- America is being threatened America is at risk your liberty is being taken away. So you would they get that was really happen and they would tell you what was going on. While they would but only if you bought a twelve dollar and 95 cent a month move the newsletter. So it's terribly important to the survival of the country but the only way you can find out. Is if you buy my new years later for two out on the newsletter for two dollars and 95 cents. It's America I and so what I want I got a call BS on that one but if you disagree -- ecology 60187. Neitzel three. 86 exit 89087. Inning. Also competitive eating. And him that it's spectacle at -- Coney Island Nathan's hot dog stand. And there are different stories now on different blogs different respective sports writers. That are saying there is a legitimate sport. That there's a circuit of qualifying. Of sense that there is some athletic -- involved. There's a unique training regiment. Calculated stomach expansion. Exercise to keep. Fat which actually impedes base in the stomach so they have to keep themselves then. And they're saying that competitive eating. And today is -- Where they grand 69 hot dogs down their face or their pie hole if you will. In ten minutes that they think it's -- sport. I don't I don't know I don't think it's the sport I think it's more of a contest and mounting every contest is sport but it's O Mahan -- -- -- -- 720386688. Nines early seventy Jeff New Orleans higher on -- WL thanks for calling. -- And it just yeah I just -- caught fire agreed aegis ship an element as far as the the two parties are quite a all come out that out a lifelong Republican about it -- talk about always. -- want to say mainstream media's liberal. Biased toward the liberals are trying and I still believe now learning that. Think the conservatives in the side there yep that's Tea Party which I've spent a bit about Bill Ayers and other -- producing a -- column India media you know like a -- from her about. Like -- -- George Bush at least she loved this country are wrote that. I'm not travel Bob thank you look the contract is likely get a ball let me speak that. Slogans for. He will be played a couple of parties. Getting mauled to death with these stupid slogans and then I think it -- -- rises the other side it makes and the enemy where you know angry with you the president didn't vote for me of the time. He and I have vastly different opinions on what the country should be specifically when it comes to companies and corporations and bottom lines and and how much money you should be able to make which I think it's American make as much as you want. Tom so long as is not any collusion sellers is long and as is any price fixing which is why there were laws that go back a long time about monopolies in the country. I don't agree with him but I don't think he's out to destroy the country I think you -- he wants the country and his vision which a lot of people don't agree with a lot of people do. I think what -- -- think politics that it is a calm you know black or white or you're at -- that -- called. They're street from a -- Scoop Jackson Democrat and -- -- that's rhinos and you know where you're. Very strong on national time out against abortion but as far as. Financial stop pop -- out. Aren't they all like labor unions or collective bargaining something I'm not like straight down the line one more -- the way the party's -- I can't force people like me who who have an opinion on each issue. You know maybe -- -- -- it's a liberal. And meet Jeff but I'm just the opposite view I'm fiscally very very conservative -- comes social issues -- on the government's got anything to do with that at all. Why not abortion perceive it as it stands to it as it goes to. Who can marry each other. Some other social issues are right on the -- come to mind right now but I don't want. No and I did two and I think it's a human. And I think that's what you -- and I think that if it is the only Seles I think his but it -- it may be trying to amend the constitution but. As it is now agree whether or not it is illegal procedure as ruler of the Supreme Court and I don't think you can have. Chaos it or terrorist activities because you don't believe -- because then. One of -- a law you believe in and and somebody. Is on the other side part Margaret I'm glad you called -- at our at our July you bet if there. 601870. Total free 866889087. I'm laughing because attacks comes in that says mafia involvement has changed the competitive eating. As anybody Jordan you heard anything about this and I'm office. -- in the system -- not noted that Japanese guy. Who won for a long time Kobayashi I think is his name won't take part because. Nathan's wants him to sign an exclusive time contract -- -- -- And when it comes competitive eating did beat the fine that. Fascinating. Do you find it disgusting because I'm known people on both sides of it where they just can't get enough of that pardon upon. And other people just. Say that's the grosses thing in the world it's not pretty when their -- and -- to get that -- thing that they do -- Slobbering. Water in the dip the thing he. On one hand held the ball on any other making it an uneasy. So I don't think it's there I think you know getting hot dog on -- on. People whatever you want on nothing but you can't separate the team and we're also gonna get back -- -- -- conversation at 260187203866. 889087. Need tomorrow the 25 anniversary. The airing of the first signed felt episode we got to poll asking you who's your favorite character in David Blake. I'll give you the results as they stand now as soon as you wrap up WW offers. It sounds like -- deal. Please steal this morning have tickets to see The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton when they come -- new long ones and play live. And champion squares Sunday July 20 7 PM I didn't know that yes two ways to win on -- FaceBook. And between now and 10 o'clock and play a part of a doobie brother or Peter Frampton song. An instance regular hadn't read speed of Brandon is Peter -- actually Shelton's could be planet not me but if you're the first. The -- with the lyrics that followed you win. So ours is like will play at Bieber dates do you have Ebert they TU. And stop at -- and you have to guess the third line exactly but not to happy birthday and install an example. So he can do that or another way to win is -- or -- WOO radio FaceBook page look for The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton contest. Likeness in the in register to win that's gonna be one. What time -- the 25 anniversary of Steinfeld. The first episode airing tomorrow at 2.5 years ago tomorrow. And we've been asking people about your favorite -- -- line your favorite -- felt episode. And maybe even your favorite -- felt character. And led to get your calls on this at 260187803866. 8890878. But you had a choice of Cramer Elaine George and Gary Newman or someone else Lessig got now well what would you think could be the leader. And. IG could beach area. -- Kramer 49%. An earlier Cramer wasn't getting any while we got to Kramer increasing present. There's an area where Kramer's very very strong and those votes -- in count it every time he appears. On that show yet -- -- seems like roots movement a hundred miles an hour to do the -- got out the door flies open these all over the place. And it's his -- 19% George. -- 10%. Tied with someone Els. Which could be the soup Nazi could be bubble he added that he bad man you gotta marry that man but it I had and they indexing or about eighteen inches -- I. Jerry 8%. -- 4%. Any favorite episodes of yours from the mine are way it did I'd still stock download the soup soup soup man I just can't. No soup for you and you know some of the lines. From that show. Stock with people and they still use them. In their regular vocabulary. Today they've become iconic yes they do this he was angry that day my friend like -- Manson and back a couple of suppan a -- It. Know also for you no soup for you. All right T six a when he 720386. Exit 89087. And let's have some fun here and tell me your youth you most memorable line from signed -- We'd love to hear it no forget those three tickets coming up as well Tommy Tucker fourth of July glad you witness if you -- consumption. I'd love to hear which -- go on today on on on the grill -- some ribs going you -- some cramps maybe get some. Chicken and hamburgers what's the key to making it come out G honest. Right. And Indian -- years and they don't understand how people could put ketchup on hot deal. Like -- -- hot -- -- guy and maybe but it chopped onion and some some relish -- about UT's -- point seven -- 3866. An 8908 -- Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW. I Tommy tiger 25 anniversary of the first signs held episode tomorrow and they'll have some fun on the fourth of July talking about. You favored Steinfeld episodes on this one. -- He didn't start. And anyway. Not everybody place dances and tell me. Right now that you have never been at the company Christmas party. And at some point this subject to be -- on signs held dancing. Has not come up police say at the airport I urine -- WLU -- -- today. -- He'd gone somewhere. And -- around. Well good for you. Like the -- And you know really. All adult ones. On the -- Well thank you so much it's nice to be back. So tell me about signed -- -- favorite quotes. -- And -- And he -- Police say yeah we are a lot went ninety -- you. Are sure. From. You know one of my other favorite characters -- let me ask you perceive your favorite character. Well. You know I have to vote for a program. -- column Newman in it again Italian other not. This would probably go right up your Alley in terms of favorite episode when Elaine sends out the Christmas card that unfortunately miles apart that you didn't like. Yeah. Again. Yet thank at least -- let's go now before we -- wind up parking cars and always something new study WL that -- latest on suburban street shootings two more persons of interest sought. We have the pictures released by an obedient if you recognize any problem. In give tips anonymously to crime stoppers please call final 48221111. Also governor Jindal approved fifty state troopers in new wall once for the rest of the summer. We have the latest there and instilled trending -- What's next for Jimmy Graham in the saints. Speculation is huge you -- read Steve Geller is article grams sanity has taken over. He -- some of the big national stories -- number eighty but also everything you need to know about essence fest including street closures. And a line up and includes prints and Lionel Richie and fourth of July celebrations we have a list of events in and around new long ones plus safety tips. Flag etiquette now a whole lot more get a read scoots latest blood rush to judgment. Urban street shooters and hot China a card debt. All online now at W -- that topped analyst this is a factor not -- we were talking about. Cellphones and -- to use social media yesterday in somebody texted me. As -- said Dade dad or either we are or we should remind people put their cellphone. In with their child so they don't forget to take the child out of the car on a hot day. And for the life of me. Having driven around me you know my daughter -- younger. I don't know how anybody could forget that because that seems like. You should know never leave the child in the car and if you know and I'm not trying to be mean here because of -- suffered enough. But if you forget the child is in the back of the car then don't think you're interacting with them enough for maybe the child does not. Doesn't have the top of mind awareness and to use that. The child should because I can never ever ever imagined you know out of the car. And leaving a child in the car but guess that happens. T 60187803866889087. If you wanna get involved. In any of the things we're talking about of course we have a big -- fourth on the rivers celebration tonight. Riverfront marketing group invites you to go to the Riverside. And it's the 24 annual go forth on the river Dooling barges firework show. I think it's one of those things that has been around so long. We all do is presume it's a fourth of July tradition. And it really cool thing is that. You can take you radio and tune it to double WL AM. FM and dot com and hear the music. As it is choreographed. To the fireworks. They do it I don't know but for whatever reason you would prefer the fireworks about music. He obviously don't have to do that so ample parking available Paris Hilton new loans Riverside. French market garage he can now plays and that -- parking lot and if you want some coupon offers. In find out more about it -- go forth on the river guide com. Support -- war heroes dot org and of course and find out all about it. And -- WL. Dot -- is terrible story about a veteran and you know we've been told repeatedly about the feelings of the veterans administration. Man. Refused comment citing significant in chronic system failures in the way we treat our veterans and give them. Give them physical health care veteran -- mental health care to as well veteran collapses and an Albuquerque veteran affairs hospital cafeteria. 500. Yards from the emergency room. And he died after waiting almost a half an hour for an ambulance. It -- between fifty he's 500 yards away from the emergency room. And I think as the one thing that frustrates us about big companies. And about government. And regulations. And all of that making common sense take a backseat. And that answer rules dynamics every bit as a one time I was talking to an insurance company and I as a person pleased. Please. Walk across the hallway. And give that occurs in this piece of paper and he did this is after months and months trouble. They -- veteran collapses Albuquerque veteran affairs hospital cafeteria 500 yards in the emergency room. -- twenty minutes for an ambulance and dies they performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. But it was too late they say staff followed policy and calling 911. When the man collapse on Monday. And she says the policy is under expedited review. Now how in the world. Can you have a policy that doesn't say get this person the help they need as quickly as you can possibly get a tool. And so many times we hear stories of a government and policies and inflexibility that cause people. Money that -- cause people there. Lives in -- messages. Incredibly sick can you imagine. Tom being a family of this man Nolan and helpless 500 yards away -- is gonna wait half an hour. He. Paul Bronson California emergency room physicians -- of ethics and professional policy committee of the American college of medical quality. Said it might sound ridiculous that staff had to call 911. But that practices standard at hospitals typically an ambulance arrive faster. And other factors install workers trying to rush patients to the emergency room. Conflict. So if you were outside of the hospital and somebody was having a hard attacker god knows what 500 yards away. You wouldn't call 911. You get somebody to help you get that person to the emergency room because that was a that the closest help you could find the best thing you could find to try to save this person's life you would just let him laid there. And wait for an ambulance to arrive but if it's with in the hospital. Because of their different policies and on and off its liability out -- out there afraid of the ensued but somebody lays there. And dies and it's very sad. Riding the course today even though it's July 4 -- Dubuque is going to be. In the think tanks from ten until one in today's talk and grill in Boylan chilly in the and it is July 4 patriotism. He wants to know what to do and as for the grill -- or Berlin. And don's gonna be -- and if he can afford their shrimp he says he might have to take out alone because the price of shrimp is so high. Let's talk about best barbecue recipes done says and secrets to great Roland. And Boylan and Don says if you. Tell and Mueller's he'll tell you it is. He's also asking are you go annual fireworks you know in if so where. And hobbled some tips on helping your pets deal with fireworks the set a couple of dogs hated it so much that don't have to go to the vet. And get diseases say on Saturday July -- lives and -- downers. Schism Madison helped. Com the dogs because it would freak out so much now. -- -- this boxer puppy she seems impervious to it is she doesn't care although -- very active and curious dog. -- gave her book to read she got through it like half and now. Terror and apart now not read. Also how are you stay in cool dog -- it we forgot to do this today. Because I wanted to ask. Do you prefer the hot or do you prefer the coal. We did this when we were in the midst of one of those -- really really cold moments. At a Jordan was December January any answer came in 80%. Of you would prefer to be hot. And I wanted did not mention anything about that and just do this survey today. And I would bet that it would come in 80% would prefer to be coal. So basically it's human nature you'll like what you don't have. At the time anyway how are you saying Cody going to the movies. Don saw America. And says he learned so much about our country that he didn't know. What will be inspired you or make you feel most Americans and I -- not heard about. The American movie would lose. Dino about that Jordan America the movie America. That's a commercial release not due to find out all about it with dot. And what movies have you seen a plan to see this holiday weekend -- for comedies action superheroes romance. Or documentaries I would go for comedies. And one thing I hate. Is when they ammo these movies and it's like a video game with a green screen. I'm plus guns to talk about in dependency of course what's the most important freedom to you. In would you die for your country. That is a great question would you join the armed services and when he fourteen. And if so which one any -- veteran how would you rate veterans' care will add to that story edges gave you. I would guess not very high. And that is a very interesting question. About would you die for your country. And that goes back to how we began to show with you know me being out of the country for the first time and realize and I love America. But as they always say freedom isn't free. And would you be willing to put your life on the line and under what circumstances. Would you do it. To die for your country would have to be and guess in his -- don's gonna go with -- -- -- -- have to be some kind of direct attack like we had either on 9/11 -- we had on. Pearl Harbor aware you had a clear cut enemy in the case of Pearl Harbor you know what country you're frightened but. In the case of the 9/11 attacks not really you were trying to weed out some people in a country. Now I know that. Today. The discipline required is the same as it was back in the day but it should be a very interesting conversation. With Don -- thank you all for all of your great. Calls and text that we had this morning taken partners Steinfeld. Survey Jordan's got one signed felled by I think it is take us out here. Since then what's was your friend credit I don't know why because among them and that's why he's not sure we will what do you make. The color my wife he's not sure what to think I don't know what that's about. That's -- don't know why -- an -- nobody -- ago. I told everybody about everybody goes yeah but stopped short. And who could forget frank it's just stands are going into the nail place. And a woman and -- says he was a an odd man with -- -- Way of speaking have a safe and happy fourth of July. Enjoy yourself and have a great weekend and we will talk to you Monday morning bright and early at 6 o'clock.

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