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Jul 4, 2014|

in the Think Tank from 10 to 1. Today he’s talkin’—grillin’ boilin’ chillin’ and patriotism: What are you doing this 4th--are you grillin’ or boilin’? Don’s going to be ‘boilin’ IF he can afford the shrimp. He says he might have to take out a loan because the price of shrimp is so high. Let’s talk best barbecue recipes and secrets to great grillin’ and boilin’. If you share yours, Don’ll share his. PLUS: Are you going to a fireworks show? If so, where? How about some tips on helping your pets deal with fireworks. ALSO: How are you staying cool? Are you going to the movies? Don saw “America” and says he learned so much about our country that he didn’t know. What movie inspires you or makes you feel most American? And, what movies have you seen or are plan to see this holiday weekend? Do you go for comedies, action, super heroes, romance or documentaries? AND: It’s Independence Day…what’s the most important freedom to you? Would you die for your country? Would you join the armed services in 2014…if so, which one? If you are a veteran…how would you rate veterans care?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back into the Friday edition of the think this is also the fourth of July tradition the think tank Adam -- -- view you know by now I'm sure a lot of fuel party into your fourth of July grilling oil oil and meal in the fuel and talk about food that's one of the four -- -- talked about today. Was -- fourth of July traditions in the in the food that go along with the fireworks and by the way -- text and just wanted me to remind. Listeners that you know -- talking about the problems associated with its use of fireworks. Remind us that some return and so PT SD can also be upset with fireworks no warning neighbors return from combat zone. Check with them before was surprising with the boom on ports apples to live. Ian nice courtesy and thanks for that month we're also getting our rare occasion to talk about fishing and outdoors than -- do every Saturday morning on the radio show that. On fortunate on Fridays now is proper venue for we got a chance to do that today it was like broadcast schedules so you wanna talk about dishing it being. Trawling whatever calls at 260187. Total free numbers 866. 889087. You're asking you today are you grilling or you -- trying to get. Handle on what our viewers -- doing -- looking that the latest results that kind of figured it was going to be heavily in favor -- the knows this is a lot -- traditional although. -- seafood on the fourth of July. As is traditional for some losses in its grueling is and other places in the country so right now it's 901090%. Of grueling. 10% or boiling we've talked about some interest in recipes and things that you can -- it -- -- Crawfish boil shrimp bowl ramble on the point all three to -- around them try that but I guess you could do it. Seems like the boiling times on each one is different wouldn't recommend trying to do our also talking about this. On storm that popped up called the great fourth of July's -- moderate member of the circumstances. Very vividly in the devastation and his -- places wars from the year. One of my text is that it was in 8182. -- seem to remember it was more recent than that that not much. If you do remember the details you were involved in it. Loved him front and -- -- Texas -- -- -- John and Kennedy -- talk about that storm and remembered John thank you. But you call -- join you for that to law. I'm happy -- to market. Actually I don't know where that silly talk about the same -- And B 55 -- a few weeks and everything. And we were out I was probably about. Thirteen maybe fourteen years old so without an early 70s70s and read somewhere around there. Without without. The sample referenced him -- everything round election -- Policy positions and our crowd and everything. And that's that I am referring to just came up it was unbelievable it was like it came out of nowhere. And when he did that but people obviously. Receivables and everything -- -- everything. And didn't into the -- to the point where most of the people -- out there. Well actually are trying to keep you don't down on the on the bottom a couple of steps trying to hold those off the the seawall and everything. It was is one thing. But that memorandum and tremendous rain involved in it it was just Indians came up. And just blew everything. I'm sure justice and while we're talking about and it could seventies. It's just hard for me the placed Tom on but I remember you know as -- it happened right there on that seawall. Some of the bulls were actually thrown up on that in a few minutes a lot of people with chronic it'll keep them off that was some people who unfortunately grounded were killed and it. Yeah I remembered as not being in a big rainy it was all it was just some strange wind that came out and no. -- and ultimately it looks like picking up the best my memory. But. It was I was in junior high school I was like at thirteen maybe fourteen years old. And -- does have a good time in the storm came up and it was just unbelievable. One of the craziest things -- wise and have been through all the hurricanes and everything around here. That is down. Argues that the system. In a matter of a couple of minutes he was on top of us and everybody ought you know prepared for. Yeah it was very -- -- hopefully you won't see those again. The excellent the memory I appreciate you calling him. Yes if you want it. Questions or your arm and Brooke I'm getting back into fishing and everything they say -- that the state -- -- that I could contact. Just that refresher courses and everything along those funds. Yeah they're offered by the state -- also authored by the the only US Coast Guard exhilarated that would be my best suggestion just go to their web page. You know in fact -- PSA that I was gonna do tomorrow keep listen -- -- and I'll give you the information I think this one was in Hammond that they do want. All across the area Nicole's daughter -- reports almost could great courses. Is it. Okay John thank you appreciate your call. I let's go now to from -- Slidell line to a -- Good morning and I -- they get less than -- Thank you -- -- have -- over any place here and orders and hard bottom -- you can portraits. Oh yeah yeah not real close there are a couple places close but does seem like if you wanna be success in eagle for the but -- island. Down a -- now meanness like seven rate miles of sandy beach -- decisions that are. -- -- and it. To face up to exit and the plants. Ankle which -- people are and and accurate picture on top water and you talk about life and it is ligament. Oh yeah I've done it you can catch speckled -- down there that is also replacement come in. It's -- public -- you can it's the only island we have in the state that you can actually drive to. And it's just before you get the grand well on the right hand side you'll see it's called Albers island. There's no admission -- Describe -- truck parked and bring you -- you surf fishing gear and have that it. On his estate pork on the east and that you can also do the same thing there and as many spots in between those two that you can go over the Levy. In -- to -- there the other place that really wanted to target those big bull reds in -- -- on top waters. Is the chandelier islands. Breton. -- -- -- That's that that half moon shape chain that runs off the southeast portable of Louisiana around Britain's around. Now that's about from hope -- Bob vote you look in that 45 minutes to an all wrong. To the lower end of that chain from Venice marina you're looking at 2530 minutes. And if you fly out then seat plane it's about forty minutes. But this and they come in around October. And up until that time it's usually try outpatient. But they'll be there all winner in major -- those those islands in the shall those. Are you going to be able deep water in them what you're talking about I mean you can stay in ankle deep water mean you can actually fish off them. The sand island putting it into the water there -- a lot of people like Nixon sharks. But there's some really good -- in their authority and serve tuna here. Close to the metro lowlands area you can actually finish late punch trying to conserve fish. The latter part of the summary it's better on the north Schuller earlier part of the summer you can finish on the -- sure. Not on the South -- it's kind of look easy squishy -- but it's not really. Hard sand bottom you can final -- its pharmacy in the bottom on the North Shore. And then write their by the twin span on the South Shore if you got like a west wing and southwest west or even north west that comes along beside the -- shore line. If you will and a walk a little ways to the march you can get out the enemies aren't enough to walk and so missed him. For my money the two best spots Palmisano and grand doll -- chandelier. Because there's not that locker -- like a big -- read all talk ordered shallow water. Although value on his arms then in in -- ahead. And I. Good luck let me know how you do -- we should call. -- we come back we're gonna stay with the calls of -- LB pat and then now get your calls and also the text messages that chip on those it's a busy. 4 of July. The afternoon here on the VA seventy WW. I haven't got time on what the July yeah could be -- and -- and that you could be ball and enroll in what's gone on in your home Monday kitchen look -- like Paula -- tolerate you'll raise you cooking indoors outdoors and what you cook 260. 18786. Exit 89087. -- also have a text message board. 87874. Quick and concise a key to the point in my to do that at least next responsibly remember note driving and texting. We're talking about. Food fireworks fourth of July 8 edition -- rare opportunity to do that used to do a Thursday night. Outward show on the station from 1996. To 2000. And five but since that time we just a little Saturday morning we go five to seven on the station in the rest -- the -- -- down -- the radio network. And then from seven to nine and we do more -- sister station three WL Nicolaus and all of -- on the web page on. The -- it was god that can't go back and catch the replays or you can listen live at the actual time of the broadcast. -- got a question coming in a text board. Wanting to know. Don can you tell me how long mark crab net line should be off the New Orleans Lakefront seawall banks happy fourth. At before you and good luck on the -- arm. Always been used more than that less. I always say at least thirty feet in the water shallow right there -- -- -- that -- to hang tight up against the the last step right this ligament. Looking to throw like that discus and it way out late you don't wanna start off a pretty good distance up -- and install welcome back close to the fund -- the pattern is. But -- -- say a minimum thirty feet you can always coil up that extra also depends on what you wanted to tiger you use your line up on the top of the -- you want opponents -- -- -- -- I mean wind is pretty cheap you know always been to have more than enough let's say a minimum thirty feet. Tactical mole on the -- that it Jarvis go to pat in Slidell are allied war we've been talking about a very unique but very memorable storm that blew up 14 of July. Calls a lot of damage to both song like punch train on the south tournament sea -- area. And I can't quite -- point win Iowa as we've kind of narrowed it down sometime in the seventies and eighties that you remember about that's. What are not figure -- in -- that your arm band on their credit -- are aware what their lack. From there anyway. I remember a storm a couple of years before Katrina and I think -- proximity. And it's all those are. -- -- and it was there particularly in the paper awhile pretty pared it to damage our name and and Tom and -- it move panel member of their eye on their movement out there are real clear vinegar on again. But yeah I that's exactly the name of I happened to be in Alaska at the time that passed through in. If I mean it took everybody by surprise and thought it was not -- it was a little storm and then when they assess the damage of what it did in the wind speeds that came through it was it was a parking. -- not reckon it was late 70s80s and. Don't know this was this was in the August was like a year or two before Katrina it was in the two thousands. -- You're. No no no -- this one I'm thinking about never got a name. In the just blew up in a very small area right there on the South Shore along the seawall picked sailboats and you'll -- -- on the bank beat him up against the seawall that was some people died. It's on some votes out of late in the like that a call is that it remembered having a lot of rain real black and fears win. Hurricane force winds came bottom that is Ottawa. And I artists yeah that was strangest thing of embassy -- laws in his. Well outside of that the world -- -- Know that Cindy Cindy was asleep or. She snuck in the end did some damage and when it was over no realized saucers that was. Yeah -- -- spate of off from relate to remember a shadow lake or -- Out there. And he -- Good for promote trying to get it at the right arm there under the wrong. You -- probably are -- rhetoric out there tomorrow. That's coming up and a few weeks should be here. -- Okay thanks the -- is talking about as the full hall Christian rodeo all anonymous news story. You real quick it's. Grant doll a rodeo down chronology. On the island proper -- -- alternate Wednesdays and recently did that. Poem the best talk inflation is is off the calls -- and is now miles west -- the exact. In it was burdensome to catch that often. In all in all -- like the grand if you aficionado of them has yet there you -- was capped at one of them it is so they opened up an -- and waste days. Well that alternate ways stationed at the be real popular mean next -- audience and actually. Polls that threat. To the grand -- and rodeo was forest pulled away some of the attention in the participation in the big -- never made it. To the island because they go away then in recorded in Venice Italy the information on him was brought over there and -- put into the rodeo totals. Will they stop this noble we gonna have this. -- weigh station people and innocent yeah. We're gonna have a rodeo anyway and now of course you know with full all means it means like a mistake in. It was acts -- -- -- accidentally this rodeo and it has become one of the more popular -- -- the -- rodeo we got Wednesday it's called the fall on sales and weak and as the grand I'll talk the rodeo but seldom in tennis courts now with the resurgence of low forties. Coming back I can only get bigger and better and more people -- I know it's Erica well apparently Brett we'd go to building season Denham springs won't talk about that time frame for the -- they -- a happy fourth Angela. Org. Purse from pro -- and -- our. They're spoon your current weird happened there -- -- -- that is probably. Sort of story. I was eighteen years we'll go and -- Carter collects on. -- -- eyes turn black. And we actually. And what -- -- but what was so we jump and a call for the I won't get owner there in your soul on the news or boats sailboats that war or mature to a so it was a great seniors would be certainly pretty -- point -- so. It's sort of occurred yet supported -- One point two years ago. All us should you know optional aren't regular -- yeah almost 673. In January 7 trees when it came back into the country. And it didn't seem like it was that summer following immediately from what I came back that it happened but it -- gotten in and now that you mention I think it was closer to the early seventies. Then it was the eighty's yeah we always do that so we used to people can't believe that you brought tensing used to sleep don't look like older they allowed. -- It looked at me you know the next day or later. -- go to war and all the current and so. Reminder that and their pattern. Editor -- and there are more. And let the record. That -- school. And 800 -- this year at all. -- -- -- -- -- I tell you what's on my best memories kid was spent in camp -- nights out there on the lake front in -- can't. In like he's sick sentinels white shrimp thrown dog food out there gas now -- any program that's out there and finish off the seawall and bought one blow one out convenient spot and productive spot that east. -- -- -- -- Here and got sick or salt. -- -- -- So -- A week later on them to the point. Where actually go in early in the morning. -- can you possibly -- listeners that. Well actually I think sports -- with Alexander crime hospital's trauma that was the word go off historically yesterday Netanyahu. We that we were struggling kitchen finished you know we went to that big with a call the debris field out there with the old -- and the guy that -- of mine used to beat. There was one -- was carrots and if you finish in the you have to be in the right spot nobody else on March and the problem all the way to. Four by you pass in the picked up and finish their. We with fictional slack time. And I think what that tied range you've got to more you gonna do real well just get to some live shrimp. In bounce around a look at time lines in the clean water you can fund might even be some birds up there at that point you've been fish in them that long. Billy you know would erosion that side area has suffered in everytime I go this is stuff that they then almost like. Listen to -- -- grunts. Well that's kind of what we're excited look at Portugal because we're at and then there. Ordered some aren't. You'll get ready get ready and be careful because there's a lot of submerged islands now. That you you can run -- -- you know and you can always go by you'd you'd GPS -- because it's gonna show you Ronald Noble overlay attendance open waters well. Careful but are you ready for a shock if you haven't been in that long there's a lot of neat in normal stuff and CNN there. Until it was before that goal and wonderful records are and yeah we got there first term senator and it couldn't -- it. You know. There you know -- crap you're protecting have been ready for congress to. Return until practically the war. He could catch you know our secular progressives. -- them -- rewarding failure. To -- Now back and David what went wrong or yeah got behind them -- -- area. I think we have a apple. So we will be fair or urged it better than war and then to an experiment. So the they thought into. I've got to enjoy your fullest denial is trying to call anytime we appreciate. It thank you. I we come back more text the more calls Nancy look almost thought about that this tackle recipe mogul and that's a good look Ulanova and it's prodded him like that somebody. In particular friend of mine tried and he didn't realize he overdid it when you spread that males Ramon and he can you know Lima who. Ought to come with a warning went anywhere will be right back talk more about that also Debbie Brussels village honest. For go forth on the river right after the news. And good afternoon welcome back to our fourth of July Friday think tank broadcast again it's that time of the day when realist tossed it on up into the ninety's -- human and in his start thinking about well let's see we can do to keep cool and number 81 thing you might need is going to go forth on the river. Just few moments -- going to be talking to divvy Pressler about a you can go and see that where you can take it is what you can expect. Or you might wanna go to the movies this afternoon and get cooled off before the fireworks display at night. In take in that movie America. But Dinesh D'Souza its American imagine the world without highly recommend that viewed by all Americans and surprised nobody had a call that had seen the movie and at some comments on it but. We haven't talked a lot about food fireworks and fission and now let's stop and Nancy in local long line one I Nancy happy fourth. It. I was wondering I I heard the. It talking about the fish taco recipe that I ID chips how to get it -- and that. Okay go to my web page it's done the outdoors guy EU wide dot com. And you -- -- see recipes click on recipes and it'll come up this game more seafood go to C okay food and you'll find and is going to be title don's fish in creole tomatoes taco you'll want. It's all right well. Enjoys it's a -- that'll work don't be intimidated by the ingredients you can shop pulled it to find the salon troll in the colonial peppers in the chipotle that was in the kind of stuff that calls for. But take the time to do it as well war. It you welcome Nancy -- -- -- -- enjoyed it. Let's talk descent -- -- she wants to talk about that no name storm I think that one hit us on the fourth of July many many years ago Sanders at the storm you remember. He it is who ultimately and actually -- In 1970. Connect it in 1971. And that's -- regulated and I have met. My husband yet we've -- 2000. I mean -- 1970. Feet. So -- that -- -- witnesses there and archive and and -- -- did at that Don king and it looked like it became -- -- expectant and the water. From the rain but actually. And not me. The water -- all well. The walls. And they want to try and when we drove and it. And we went out there is in this city it was just dry the wind gusts that we thought it was right but it really that much right now maybe not well. Over abundantly in my strength -- -- you know. When it would be in the black regulated by my my -- and and that's what -- alive it would yeah. See now you're making me think it's it will have been in July 4 of 1970. Than ever before I was before -- got drafted. -- I'm black I'm telling you we talk about this -- attack you know my fictional yet regulate my. Should allow myself and my and -- we hadn't graduated yet from high school when. You. Funny how we associate. Things ally events of the things that that but it helps you remember solo ride their argument will be well you've described it perfectly it was like tsunami waves -- bolts and -- up all the the seawall on the bank and -- against the was crazy. And when and how we remember because my history one now what might that you let the tag. You go down the window and the court -- -- You know evil and everything. Well you know to get -- -- -- out again and when it happened and that -- -- but -- -- know and graduated from high school and had my -- then. And that it did attack in London to one in the seventies it was definitely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She said -- let's go to the -- -- values. Oh yeah. My husband is -- me I just making potato salad and really that popcorn on the neglected that but I am doing but he. Not like a man burden being on a fire. And a year ago -- have been dry. Area. -- -- -- -- me because I. Think you appreciate -- but those memories in and that information is an attack that does not remember that Sunday well we left parts early. And fine go on over blew up halfway back they had the tie themselves to the boat they feared for their lives. All right when was it who remembers I don't know 701970. Or 73 wasn't in the eighties. I don't know -- Most convince them to me she seems to have that. Pretty well the remarked all right we're gonna take is breaking come back and we can -- -- let him be -- talk about gold fourth on the river. One of the best fireworks displays in the entire United States and we probably -- right here in the city that tell you how to enjoy it. This time. And welcome back into the Friday in in this case the fourth of July edition of the think tank countdown -- -- Garland girl back with you on Monday. As -- happened between now and Monday this is the big fourth of July week in and one of the most unique firework displays anywhere in the world takes place -- it's called the goal fourth on the fourth and it's choreographed to a stirring patriotic music that can be heard. All over the United States in the world wide by tuning this station website and tells all about it is that you -- -- you don't. I'm good so good you boys out there you can you -- -- and talk. Share. And gobble up the there is. Is the go forth on the river and you're not talk about this every year it seems to grow and get more and more attention in the in fact as people who actually come justice and the new walls to see this. Describe for them what they gonna -- and I don't. A bit since the 24 annual report on the upper and it could go in -- on show court. Patriotic music and hurt on. The country I want the world. Could bargain that are actually quite -- but why didn't bring it to delivered. At the music. And why is that by experienced than me. But it Butler. So vote on the as a community produced event. Thirty -- sponsored happy about. On who have been wonderful. Birds are and you go out companies uncle and they plan to make that two tribes into barges which allowed to have. I -- Art -- every year. So this gets started at 9 o'clock which is stalk cool lawful that what time do you suggest getting down and giving you spot picked out. I think -- -- at me and you look at that currently go to aquarium got in the shop jacks that they'll go. Robert tractor or god like that you walk shop -- Jack. They're gonna come on a cart. That you could be out there are good -- In. Is still a lot of space along the riverfront there what would be some of the advantage spots you'd recommend to go to view it. Well people Colin from everywhere in -- know that you could be a -- -- the river on the Algiers side of the inside all of it from the walk on to the war so that occurred one of the partners -- visit in the for the canal street the other one got a parallel where it could be would be artillery park. Depending on the -- -- where this Princeton the day. So that's what's so wonderful that -- Again be able to equipment they'll get pregnant. The devil I know that you a really good at providing those little extra goodies and things like we did for the fishermen what does these off fireworks fans are talking about it. -- -- -- -- on the dot com and the board reached some of the content like. Jack's. Shop that Jack can now play a concert there and all of you look on the -- it hopefully. But there for comfort there. And they're popular here and they have Michael across them -- They obviously promote our market and promote it -- -- Look at the light. Reading your -- kind of expect something on. And something to keep cool court. And no consideration is finding a place to Marco what lots might be asked to report on offer discounts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On a golf tournament sites you've got that Paris -- practice -- parking. You've got -- along the bank of the river near the French market. -- Harry you've got. A lot of part that the CB that it currently don't wait what might the of the show. -- and -- -- -- -- technically on the river and Donna and you never partnering again -- support here. Within an organization. But members that altering injuries and fighting in the war on -- currently in between. Support our efforts to support our award dot org and go to web site and the court and that's why we are -- -- the country because. Let me make sure got that right that is support -- war heroes dot more dot org. -- very good. We'll Demi thanks for being with us as always and enjoy the -- the fourth of July and will be looking forward to the big fireworks display tonight in and again next year -- that those scenes like this has become -- very regular -- one that was well anticipated and look forward to buy a lot of folks. Thank you next. Here's the -- It a couple of on the brink. Ever. Absolutely do not to get the radio very important part of it to make at all that the yeah thanks again their season. Already dead wrestler. Talking about the riverfront marketing groups go forth on the river. The safest -- -- -- -- watch fireworks display I know got one boy and a break that taken and we comeback will wrap it up whatever it is you can't talk about we've been talking and no cover a lot of ground on fishing and the fireworks part of it the food part of it certainly and of course some traditions on fourth of July. And now we'll talk about yours and in the city what's coming up front that this program you listen to the think tank the fourth of July edition on the big 87 WW all at -- AM and worldwide at WWL -- I'm wrapping up these fourth of July edition of the thanked several glad to have you witnessed lead and heads you witness all of thanks all of you who called and texted in the talks about the four -- today the fourth of July the food fireworks in the nation. A lot of fun and efficient continues we'll be talking about them that tomorrow morning 5 AM we its audit dark and Italy with the outdoor show that's followed by more outdoors. -- can hear that on not three W well that's thirteen fifteen. Food fun enough -- radio might call. All right what are money there's always something new over Adobe google.com. Including updates on -- opinion polls on the latest on those urban street shootings. Two more persons of interest of saw those pictures that have been released by the panel he'd be. If you recognize in them remember you can give tips anonymously by calling crime stoppers. 5048221111. Also governor Jindal -- fifty state troopers and -- for the rest of the summer. We have the latest on that and and still trending hot what's next for Jimmy Graham in the saints. Speculation is huge got to reach Steve -- article -- sanity as -- point breeze for you Graham sanity has taken over. He links to some of the big national stories about number eighty also. Everything you need to know about -- essence fest including street closures. And the lineup that includes prints and Lionel Richie then. With the July celebrations this list of events in around the wall and sports safety tips. Flag etiquette a lot more and you got to reach -- latest blog rush to judgment. Urban street shooters in hot court child death that's all online at WW well dot com. I really surprised that and I guess maybe it's a little premature. To get any feedback on this movie that premiered earlier this week America imagine the world without her. Produced by Dinesh D'Souza. Very interesting entertaining documentary and Barry inflammation -- in -- In attaining its not imitating the standpoint that it's the skateboard getaway type movie. Typically that she -- at least this is more all informational. And takes a look at America. Americans and we are perceived in. In a very very unique perspective on a lot of the indictments of Americans have come about lately and he kind of -- some point one ball one and we'll probably pick this up and into another Tom have a discussion on the future. Think tank show some of the other things we covet -- cooking recipes oil and seafood by the way Obama whip -- good place to get some. Tips and recipes on seafood also we get into a lot of while gains might want to check that out fireworks. -- in place within a legal. -- buying in and shoot so please be careful we have a lot of good suggestions about. You know especially fuel -- that they made via former veteran with the PP SP posttraumatic stress syndrome he has the make sure that you don't upset them or maybe and ask before you do it also panel is if you have -- around your neighborhood. Advised them can be very stressful time of the dogs. Upset him and actually -- it become injured in trying to get away from him. So take that into consideration it's pretty dry. Over here in saint Tammany parish I know they would burn advisories up and there's been a few occasions where straight fireworks and actually caused. Fires in the woods. -- I'm strong lights up like him to so be careful with the use of those things and always be careful around children. Make sure you'd use those fireworks -- Satan. Legal manner you can do that tonight. Also the fireworks playing you know I'm as -- mentioned some people just don't give in to do on fourth of July New Year's understand that the Thanksgiving Day and celebrate Thanksgiving with fireworks even Christmas Day some people it. I -- text messages might have a few little -- time here's some coming in now to check on the news. -- Arm on his one that says obviously the lakers had more than one bad day he. Yeah it has indeed but this one. If you or around and you were witness to it when you were in and you remember the accounts of the that was not one again I was on the fourth of July in time frame I think the closest it was early seventy's now. And cause a lot of destruction. -- one that says when we first came into loans in 1974. We have launch -- restaurant. On named Manny at least an owner described that storm it -- it happened two years prior to that time which would have been. In 1972. It was 72 that was around the country no it was definitely around. Where to watch the fireworks tonight while we just talked the -- of the browser and here are suggestions are real war. Great place to go you can go anywhere from there on down to governor Nichols street. Waugh parked in the in the parking lots which suggests he confined space Harris would be good. Of the Hilton Waldrop besides close -- the French market. The garage right canal place and -- parking lots all those will be very close proximity. You can park there and just walk over to the war in. Seldom watch it enables or Dave Conan who's directly talk in the news more and he had an. Motel room -- on the balcony. That's the way to go if you can get them and how long you've been in advance it to get that. That's on the fireworks is called go fourth on the river at 9 o'clock is so light off time against you Collins. Kick off for tip off on which calls like works its. The dueling march -- if you'd call polite and off I don't know but it's outstanding it's been selected as a topped one event -- the southeast tourism society. And it's been listed. According by the American pyrotechnics. Association as association does such things like that. They say it's one of the top five -- fireworks displays in the whole United States. And it's uniquely new wall and from the standpoint that. You're asked to bring your radio. Or Euro Internet device and you can listen to on line you can tune in magic's 11 point nine. You can listen to it on the station WW LE seventy on the AM. And also on the FM. 105. Degrees oh lots of ways to. Do it and you'll enjoy it more because it synchronized fireworks with that the patriotic music. Great way to spend an evening. And I kind of like the start time 9 o'clock that's on Vietnam and sought to cool off and -- expect in the web and they noticed that. It was just a little cool this -- low humidity. At a front came through yesterday in. Frank from -- a COLT for a certainly did not change the weather and it was actual little. Cool that yes immortal -- thrown -- the -- in the in the smaller woman got -- back in the -- the horses in the ball market. His -- at me and this is just not like when you wake up and you open doors of the future -- the -- still dark in the flight. 8085 degrees on -- sent -- these so. Anyway it's it's common it is not here it's not right now and they call those precautions you can spend some time out of doors. Again thanks to everyone. Called in and sexton you know fourth of July shall be happier. Take some time in -- and reflect on what this holiday is all about thank a veteran of course happy birthday to America. And if you get a chance. If -- was gonna give you an assignment for coming back -- on Friday think -- Others this movie this documentary American imagine the world without it's it's a mossy. In particular it. All right dusting in the morning 5 AM for those view will be up with me to listen know about going fishing and giving all the information be the same job. And then 79 on three WL on thirteen 54 more outdoors Shelden Williams John -- op board operators and engineers. I'll see you -- right here on the big seventy VW.