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Jul 5, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining me on the show this morning at all out trying to our door yet. Black -- yesterday morning the Irish this morning. A little bit nicer we just don't often times feel the tiniest bit of cold -- who walked outside in the morning you know. LSU which you walked out the humid and it's warm. Don't -- and it morning travel clock in the morning that's just how it is here in the summer -- -- boy this is not a delightful. Small break out -- the so if you're gonna get you're just trying to wake up call people -- out the bag -- on the back porch patio. And anxious not just leave it up or combination little bit lower humidity lower temperatures in the -- which. Who knows in the sixties and -- in the year. We always stay in the Arabian on the sixties. At that point not Japan and of course importantly get ago all the -- orange. You're missing a little bit because the -- locked in front street on a more comfortable. -- -- -- be outside people more than the temperature. Just about vision that you are you can be outside sometimes. In the mid to upper seventies and it is so lucky and should it. And the ears is where it -- and cracked below comparable. He can be flawed in the eighties when it's low humidity and such are the actual breeze blowing. And I knew so much more culpable stroke but the appointment call watching humidity and stuff like a lot to do it. -- our culture out there and if you can think Cuba heckling from yesterday early July and I ridicule over yet able Preston. And I uranium and get something done to date. Well triggering worn out there in particular. Won't look around with your coffee in your hand -- are. I'll bet that might need some attention and you know there's always going that -- years ago. You know if you done a great job it is not a plan opting that you need to do which is what we like to be doing this time of the year little possible. In our yard Italy and tapes -- that council and we need to pull a couple issues that may well early in cape. Is maintain -- if you reached pulled so and -- little cooler lower humidity. Wonder where you are few we felt more comfortable. Kitchen you're looking -- shape and neglect she did that -- -- back up again. And you have to hear from the -- meaty issues. There is still. Here. -- electric mine our partners through July and August despite the incredible. We still have -- Clinton don't blindly. That we complaint pastrami the -- -- -- this is. The optimal climate the year at a private party trees and tribes and broke -- person or -- or shady trees and a flowering trees and tribes and things like their low -- this is really stressful on the naturally thought. And they need. Might -- -- milder winter climate year. Is special and the settlements -- on our -- and the cool season from October November for about a war marched. Obama this time of the year. If you do look at Iraq injure your -- today and -- you know that our over the it was so a year earlier but structural -- of played Albert finished immune church -- disease has got to. And that flower -- should not nearly so pretty your your your so well. -- -- don't -- the middle of our. It's to -- planting saying now anyway and I'm liable to leave that bitch is tribal like it is then a magician in Asia are bitten off -- locations -- Other people who want to be able see them. And of the few or that may be met barriers to attract attention that. Does its best to just not shall flowers and a really good. And it's not really doing the job but it didn't force so if you are the -- perhaps -- of course this summer -- trump are just playing out the problem is -- the tune of about what took earlier. -- -- playing out now -- you know I'm not a not a problem you just got players playing out. Don't leave those bad looking hired to pull all angles. They're sort compost pile. An entrepreneurship Shelley you'll be amazed at three beautiful. Hopeful. Are from a betting Pletcher available in an -- -- -- and -- -- with all the colors you can still. -- of those flower beds and boost them up and if you -- a -- from -- Pure landscape regulatory or patio porch. Get a couple of -- -- containers just a little hope that some big beautiful weather -- -- so. Again this is a great -- -- still. To read warm whether bedding plant -- Islamabad plans that a lot you can do so well here in the summer time. Because they love the a wonderful play for the fun as well so. I don't -- you and not as colorful as you want it to be in addition tropical if you will also help. Calls this torture are great -- -- tropical you landscapes -- about it. Decide which tropical he had accomplished pop culture that. And he was hoping that discussions are actors -- to achieve our mental approach -- landscape. A tropical what was established this time the that this is there. They're trying to really do well Andy in that category all. -- if you thought about adding some -- in the new all army beat almost replaced all of model lost in the freeze now that we're getting ended July. -- -- that haven't come out by this point are looking pretty tight street I have to say that again all the locals and plan to do as well so. As always electoral true much although some of the Jewish canyon between the army in the range and be planting and getting into the ground feature war. Other vegetables as well whole column on them and I was speaking yesterday. And like bring some problems so if -- -- question for me this morning that we do that extra -- plant should pixel. 187 B is number that you need to call upon the local New Orleans calling you're not call eight structure. 889. 0870. -- take a quick break QB back with more -- right after the shrill frantic call -- be happy and here guarding question. Well that is -- again this morning and I'll I'll I'll call -- -- regarding question yeah. Ask a few questions -- actually process. Should see your idea to ask you questions get an -- so don't be shot. I want to be and other kind of embarrassed on it yet. You know you can always a -- call I don't mind and that other. Are they do what you don't talk to. Hell calling for whoever told good morning and are what you got the credit markets are. Like trying to dry out the -- bowl orange shirt politics thought that -- and -- -- that pop up at triple. What you. You're guarding all apart in -- as -- losing his -- and be used to the hours to -- defeat them around. 3 to the plant -- come easy they currently they and their heart felt all along without asking any here in. March. You can get bouquet after bouquet. But ultimately you. -- think using has let down here in the trial. Being that don't always do that fronts and that hardly ever. Do that for us from the main issue we have this argument. High temperatures and high rainfall and treat conditions. That make the common targeting the -- at least -- -- To a variety of duties as let me tell you these are. Disease is not just on its like three or four really important correctional and on at least ought to get on the plants and just -- them. The winter's -- More likely we ought to problems what he's a he's a liar this summer. The last like we are -- problems over the summer when makes some pretty using your cart and away something like this summer. About July. Are getting all these diseases. Well it's not practical once they get to the point where you see then that will be spreading doesn't do any good are you really look at the start spraying them. A barrier in the she -- still looked good. And sprayed the regular basis week by protect them from these diseases and not a -- will be you know and one gently start to -- plant. -- to Israel but stable -- it's too late to -- really do it -- so that's that's how it is -- them. -- -- Are you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't not do anything should have been doing -- appearance or losing is once a week also along. But it was just went through this summer really really were ingenious this year. It is that they count on your block on that shall now. -- well as I said there there's not thing. If you're still thinking leader is -- I think that's causing this problem. There probably three or fourth thing going on accusing as. -- -- -- -- So again. That for best actor Austria too late to really do anything at this point are in British -- -- future for. Well to find out what is it actually you're a union -- Tibet you out contact your local. Mr. should be equal approach -- being a Munich optics -- service. All -- And that's available to our -- diagnostics and emerged. And they can look and find out what diseases are present on using his and then next -- when you plunges in his. He could be -- Program in the spring and knew that to this summer and keep using his freer from -- -- -- -- -- thank you so much for the call -- -- -- Ali -- -- calling from Gulfport in the morning. Kind of person this country with a declining and should be popular sugar plant more. On would be extremely. Flowers and I'm wondering where -- when that sir I can about. And let her art lavender and our own thing you know. About that -- thing. -- anything it just hours to come and visit get shall back strong. But played under programs -- I am wrong I'll put it totally double or single rose so -- You know any can -- -- search and get -- with the -- Why elaborate doesn't do very well here. But again or you have a butterfly garden planted hummingbird garden those -- of salt and -- is all will visit those gardens well. And get those nectar from the -- hours and then do a little research but they'll radically change early in April tribal kind of on plants which you normally wouldn't -- in trying to plant flowers are gonna provide some back -- the these offers wonderful short term here long and over until -- having a -- on -- white clover. Are entering a long handle like that -- along nothing or do would be better for the these in the triangle on the clover. -- -- Okay anything is what you call we got that Craig. Calling in from -- Craig -- More convenient you do have a good work and what I would like to know is the -- we'll go one night at the swing vote. With spray I used to look -- control. I would recommend use all the pottery for -- around the local tire reefs from. I've changed a -- threatened. And firming trend has probably sold a variety of -- -- -- I is one brand name for premieres for and -- -- group -- -- -- -- read or all of it good and residual. Tom Shannon has also been classically first. Are essential for you know for all -- is somewhat your career we are committed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paul Carter is about you know it does seem to be doing his -- -- wish it would so travel is also commonly used to classic insecticides -- stink bugs that. I -- from -- probably do better about takes regular applications. So it's not just going to be one great going to be out of every five or seven days. Through the trees and try to trick as the Americans. Thank you -- party -- thank you for the call. RA move it along we have is calling in from church. Good morning yet so it's not to -- -- Educated -- -- your radio in the -- telephone through this season. -- Our idea every winter is the F I am ultimately. They're -- always. Always put -- telephone don't listen to the radio because upon -- -- age. And that you'll be there when we come here relative according to our. That's okay at attribute. Or my problem is. Probably the government of compliance. The something that needs -- -- tips. Out the plans that the yen and -- this is the tips to cut them out then you know discipline goes. They don't got to start over again. Be a -- love. Do I eat the trip to develop online to squirrel that they're built that -- real delicacy there. Now they QB if you can -- -- down. In the start growing again. And this early in the -- or -- in July in the middle on popular -- start looming and -- fruit until the end of September or October. So damage done and bill into law it's not you know beyond the world are serious damage like this being done. You know and appliances aren't comfortable room there's not a whole chicken -- You can you can you know think about possibly trapping. Some of the squirrels and -- -- a squirrel that doing this -- that particular squirrel. Are you may be able to help relieve the that the damage but again this is real common. But at the end of multi -- are eligible people -- -- them as well. Sometimes people will partners trips of that -- from behind in the summer. Has got -- note the -- don't give the anything else to eat a return this summer we have to wait until all get the first. -- -- -- -- it you know chicken being there just double a chicken to. Yeah I must be in this -- I just can't catch him you know at one time you know it's going to be at the Pentagon you know to scare him away. But. I don't know -- Ditka I guess they can it can mean the job right because it's it's Egyptian and -- it's. -- this -- responsible squirrel he. OK with that. -- there's no way I can put Pakistan but it yeah go ahead. They're gonna trying to call and took drinks and honestly feel sorry I can't think if anything I can say that we work. Aren't good ultra triggers the strikes are trying anything you wanna try out Burton adding scarecrow. Loud noise the LA times tracked what should it try to jiggle or I get -- -- Which. Put option on your little blond beauty you know kind of thing you can -- do an excellent call. Now -- thank you think that you're going to be a lot. Been developed under now these are. Right. We're talking darting here on the garden -- undertake a -- schedule on the latest breaking news. In the area around the world and the and the -- you know build on and on good morning and things are starting on the Garden Show. We're talking hurting and that this is -- place she give information. On your freezer for sure all your vegetables. Or flowers year or. Period Norplant shall it's a screening Irwin all well the straight. I'm fairly sure -- immigration and eat. To make those plants grow and it is you want them to that -- once again is 26 so. 187. B -- dropped the local New Orleans calling here. Call -- toll free at 866. 88908. To seventy. Paulino on the phone call from Slidell -- -- good morning and. And good -- again. You me OK I can just aren't all that and -- People -- problem in my aren't alone. I sweet but at least maybe a hundred worms again AD is -- out and quickly dying on the concrete. I've never had this situation before have walked in the subdivision and -- anybody else with -- province of its -- Japanese not. What can -- do what's causing it. -- you can do as a -- you out on the -- creatures you know strip of multiple multiple. That's what I am doing and what else what else would you like to do. I'd like in this -- in agreement with able. But what. Afraid you don't have any control. Here. Explain that situation to them by opening -- and you very much now. Why -- they leave just oil and I functionally strong. You know the book published dorks will Wear your hat AM. What you live for your food is your arm and is in all concrete get blockbuster by -- and die. Images such -- -- wish for these worms. Really benefit our our -- -- are -- hustle their modeling to the sole right there. Air firing missiles at making the roots of our plant shelty they're releasing nutrients from bustle of the two power plants so they can grow better -- or -- or. Most important. All organisms that live in the oil. Kilometer route to the plants including along grow better so we can achieve these warm as well -- they're too much there. And just to waste their lives -- on the concrete to cancel the street from. But you know what Pauline again it's not something you have a lot of control over between those oil. Is up to them sometimes just because we yet. I heavier rainfall in -- angry and they're just like we do. But -- -- -- -- saturated by walker is kind of boring a hole the last few weeks a couple of months and it was a hassle it's saturated your heart I'm breathing. And so they believe those oil. Are seeking oxygen and they call out of bustle when the sun comes up and -- only get so that's one way appalling and so -- there's such counsel -- -- -- as a category do you can do about it it'll eventually it will stop. And you never -- it happen again. -- -- this time that does nothing directly you can do the German interest you that I can think. What looked like it is it possible that I want to drive. I don't see how with all the rain we've been getting totally down and down and I -- that you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say yes. Appalling that just flies in the face of recent. -- -- No I don't I don't think that -- -- a possibility now OK okay let me just deal with what he actually. Ago but after a couple of appalling pokey that it can't -- it takes -- -- out. Are you listen to David -- from -- to -- David good morning. Good -- -- on top of that question about biscuit plant. Echelon gable why they're trying to -- It should out here the trawler killing -- when droplet that that band. She -- -- I was talking about what we implant this time of the year and we can't. Locals tropical don't just not mind that you eat so you want the plant. This in your landscape now may be something to. Or to replace -- -- a lost art in the winter. Absolutely shall we and our discussion now. Updated in a lot like little -- -- by -- John you think it. It all along the more on the better so what are you looking for a good spot in the archer a bit gush out August ought to give shuttle for most of the day. Lack of sufficient -- will reduce -- on the planet so. Definitely looked for the about David if you want a complete actually on growing its got as. Court. Can't import them for a walk them how to deal in checked into these problems. -- and so -- -- our great traction on growing -- as good -- just shouldn't -- in the email David -- you actually tells you everything you need to know. To take the proper -- biscuits are the best way. To email me is listed Google my name the end he'll GI LL click on the first thing that comes up that bring in my Alicia -- web page. And you can email from their it would. Okay thank you march Peja David -- -- all or part in Egypt now appreciate that provide. Already so we got that job calling from what John -- An argument -- -- trying to intolerant and herbs and stuff and confidence of the rural. You have an economy security and all of it at the time does not like her whole group over it -- like our summer at all. And they make sure of course sometimes. But they may survive our summer that they shore. Gonna do anything while they're in the heat and high as one of those time Cha. That's she's saying she looked like the of fresh air in the just that's terrible that's probably a year a whole bunch of those Matt -- like humidity. Many -- and the rain that we get this time of the year so they do not expect her time. To be productive during the heat of summer I'd spend my survival fully make sure you don't water too much it really prone to rock -- But don't own it. Don't try a little too little I just leave -- alone and then calm cool under October November and wake up and start to grow more briskly. And you'll be able to time through the -- -- and November issue urging your remark able. On the play and these -- harvesting in May and what kind of a crime to this summer camp. Contractor or out here all month unlike. Absolutely all ever truly when it comes herb did that little spot in Israel enjoy a lot to look to some. Well you're you have a record -- I if you needed -- email me for something David. And don't count out. It wasn't -- click on the firstly and -- thank you -- militia actual web page. To email me and if you are -- a question or need -- -- information that you can email me any time. Are your record. Thanks David and take a break and be back with -- -- sure that this morning and -- -- -- -- question. Think your leisure personal private garden console controller or. For the next hour and fifteen minutes you can actually gave me a call. On conducted -- calling from. Mississippi -- according. Make it -- -- band I have several political ponds. And they've all put out new growth this spring -- line and it put it that there formed a couple right in the center about. 1516 inches tall about seven or eight inches in diameter what is there it was its function. Ocean City. The words he uses very acrid descriptive and that is -- although we culture -- Holmes. They are related appalled to uneven desperately belated appalled the -- it goes along a group plans call the gym -- berms and that includes. The comment first like countries -- -- -- I don't cedars and jumpers so the Eagles that we grow our -- are more closely related content must first like our entries. That they are the flowering. Up all clear they're not related to him at all. And you see when they intra they're reproductive phase were initially reproductive organs you concede that they're not relate to the slower and all because what they produce. It's not like Hillary it looks like a fine column and that's because four of their relationship lies actual potential reproductive rate that trickle all. Will bill -- part of its reproductive -- -- had to mail the mail Croatia shall pollen and then it kind of vote with his awaiting goes by the wayside and I am a male singles and -- -- later on in the summer. The female they don't have much longer upon spent in the reproductive -- however she makes eight. Don't shaped like a ball on top of the and the female column that don't -- column she can be higher year in that reproductive phase and so -- a female. Makes a female column she will not saying that -- -- and open next summer. After she has matured. The -- actually so -- -- public that the mail to those elongated Collins so your mail viable publication ups and -- later on this summer after he finishes productive strange. They're he would thank you there and I appreciated. Our bodies and thank you for calling and then my apologies I hope -- look into -- Out when it comes -- -- time you got off. And I apologize. And -- -- and and good morning. Looking. I hand planted about forty -- Of course they're not by now Colin elected and the greens generally backed. Away in your bill should have gone cold and -- helped get her. The greenery is still out there and I didn't know whether -- should cutting back the most is water implanted. Can. And I'm confused and because you're that should -- only child right now. We anticipate that it -- dormant in May. I NG and then -- the end middle or end of June debate the a full on the problem. I bet they'll just -- split on the ground in jail now. So I can so confused want to tell you to do with them in because it just being -- and so I. -- -- and cup double -- back. While it is green in -- because -- -- the -- that preserves the ball beautifully in the next year but again. And so I'm sure your bills are handled all of the route all the rest them and gone dormant back. So that about arbitrary and food. B on performance surely able to. Bank Japan again that poetry to believe them well. Well what about the and back. That group. -- to actually -- on court. Which is something -- check -- those -- A multi speed to keep growing sure. Well I appreciate it up next and mulch and coming up water wood and -- To worry about and -- their -- and fees and during the winter early season. We get tons of grains in or amend it like November December January February march. Altering. At this point you -- -- -- -- and the injury it's your option it just that -- -- all leotard to meet certain -- and now you're helped. I'd. Switch gears and cheerful or irons onto the program. Poultry which used agent Garza come about. Good morning things are -- so we're -- guard troops critical year guarding question that more and -- all your mind as well on the question and you have a good morning thanks for calling this euphoria. -- -- -- I. Know just what to do those. In a situation to. -- And yet. -- Honestly when they're young. People. Column. Level courses and and things. What it did a year. Big -- they are good to three inches long at this point. They are -- -- urge that you can just about -- them directly with them and their side and just look at certain alcohol. Crawl and the urgency and turned currently out and that should -- that has just resent that their size makes them. Are resistant to to -- inspector. So if you have a big problem with the -- remember watched. Around April. That's what debate you just aren't -- that matched a little bit of the pillars in the army and implement his record. In the power. And is currently sold. 88. -- -- -- -- -- -- check ritual commercially. About what brand of -- They -- -- but it is out there wobble and you can try spurring the big one to and they -- -- and correctly. But they're just hard to kill me the I step on. In particular they are on -- your am sure your. In India and leisure. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just a lot of physical control. -- in history. -- All right thanks for call and then Adam and we -- -- calling from and the you do -- but it right. -- -- -- Throw it well. -- extremely beautiful -- And different shops in Seoul branch. -- program London followed it ridiculous thing. Auditor would bow to grow on trees. They're -- kids are relatively easy to grow which had been tortured do so you're looking at and for it and think about our -- remember number one. They are relatively easy to grow their power -- reluctantly Egypt you know if you understand what they need. -- understand what you war which you purchased YouTube content -- what -- -- -- shall be for you purchase an -- you -- we -- that they -- being -- in the -- that social -- -- -- it is. You can't. That your computer and go to your papers are changing into an Internet search using the name of the -- that you -- looking for full information to people. Troops from them. What formation I don't like like -- -- -- -- and the important thing is likely to divide them -- of mixture used. Object to jump into -- -- a break stay tuned in the second hour I've got great information all -- -- all the short or just a chunk of that. Absolutely so as to all right great Gulfport. All right I'm almost alone in the next -- We talked to make enough they'll be in your garden questions and they'll goal right now a -- structural on the news.

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