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Jul 5, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and look into the home improvement show it is been so stifling hot this week but actually last night was very pleasant and this morning and -- up this morning and I was outside by 8 o'clock this morning of very -- -- it's gonna warmup today but it is not as bad. As it has been because a cold -- actually moved through here. And to make things just a little bit less stifling hot. -- grange is our construction consultant Paul we open up every Saturday morning talking about something that somebody might think about doing today especially -- wannabe pro active with their homes. They -- good morning yes so last week we got a lot of phone calls from folks. That war. You know concerned about their condition drain and that's the trying to connects between the indoor equipment that trips all the cold water yet -- collects and brings it to you to the outsider to your plumbing system. In two preventive methods that we can use to make sure that claim doesn't clog up or slow down and back up into our homes. Would be to you to place Vinocur within that train and typically will be like a cult of white vinegar. Once a month or if you don't -- remember that one tomorrow if you want to do something twice a year. You can hard your HT CH EHE contract to come in input of what's called. And tablets. And that -- tablets they put into the drain directly underneath the shepherd school. That's not the pain that you see underneath huge unit that's an -- -- -- it -- -- a different pain and the poor little pain tablets inside that I evaporate trained in overtime slowly -- dissolve and as of dissolving. They'll keep that train open to prevent algae and and and focus everything a scored their backing up. It's a fourth of July weekend but if this is the -- you're gonna kinda hang out in May be -- something around the house that you know you need to do. Or maybe simply get started to happen with your home and you're exactly sure why it's happening. -- drinks -- construction consulted our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text of -- 7870. From Metairie Norman -- on the home improvement show with Paula grange on derivative bureau. A crowd -- vertically got caught Norman here stock trader today you know -- Aldridge. Got it. -- -- All that gobble up over board used trailer or a lot Folsom. And -- -- -- and the you know kind of material to use. That that you auto -- It is flows out -- it. And the lord our kitchens slaughtered and the problem -- undercut that. Expect -- and then go back out there total and. So -- traditionally a team that -- on more trailer as -- metal roof. And got them back the metal roof is a very thin gauge metal roof. And then depending on the trusses. The spacing normally is probably 48 inches apart from the Jonas Obama 24. Which -- partners director mark earlier. OK so if it's any real bad leak media like a hole of the medals it is or has holes that dancer creases in an. You know -- to -- You -- him what to think you could cut that section out including new piece of metal metal hatch the size terrible but larger or you can go from. If if I'm -- took its flat route four or. Our advocacy of one side to the other in the Quebec large patch. You can certainly do that the dates -- a boat to a mobile home roofing. It is you can stop -- good clean surface picture hatch so once you have decided on the ticket peace medal on the goal or does the affected area. To make sure that the existing that what you -- hearing to -- nice and clean which means you can have the decency Indian Ocean grinding or some. So preparation -- existing -- -- clean so that -- with the roof patch on it. And then put the new peace and on top of that. You're actually see him pitching in that roof hatch between the old roof in the -- -- -- top it's gotta fond farewell. It that you committee constituents and sheet metal screws and you can screw every two to three inches on the outer perimeter. Which would make absolutely certain that that does that come lose. Andrew. Look at Bob Robert. -- what are used to do to put that -- -- You know they're they're certainly him. And this is some someplace where I wouldn't just go to your local hardware store -- -- or restore specialist is that route for products. Haven't actually go to any -- and supply house. That you're you know if you're here in the North Shore you know camping Campbell building materials will be good example of that. So good cable bill of materials to -- listen. I'm Gordon battle the metal so me -- either those -- in the gallon container or like in the clock to the squeeze too. Very -- art art art armed control. Fair amount. But -- for the floor. Yes -- the -- salute the development of a different animal it it's not built much different from house. However I don't know it's could be plywood or for its could be a -- board or some type of near product. So you have the whatever you put in its place to please run all the glory it's the same thickness. So you may have to do some chalking or some blocks that you get it to the same thickness and -- nice and flat. In that I would use it without you know using treated plywood. Three quarter profits are meticulous. -- that's -- guys thank you Burma since firm and guard in the country. -- -- -- good luck with that and thanks for -- if -- on -- stay with -- for coming right back with more of your questions about home improvement. Repairs renovations and job you're gonna do a job to have done. A lot of fellow women called the show because. Maybe they feel like they're being taken advantage of by somebody who's telling them that something needs to be done or something is gonna cost a certain amount of money to get done. And they feel like maybe the woman does -- know as much is that they know if you have any questions like that if you wanna make sure that what you're being told us the right thing you need to be told. And you can call and talk to -- grange about that our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a Tex receive 77. It's a fourth of July weekend essence fest is in town I was in the French Quarter last night I'll tell you about that in just a little while I here's a -- to do a pretty general opinion poll. Are you grilling or boiling. Up here outside this could apply to you personally you you might feel like you're grilling a boiling but that we're talking about food. Right now 86% say they're drilling and only 14% say they're boiling give us your opinion by going to our web site. -- -- -- -- I'm stupid or construction consultant -- -- we'll be right back on deputy bureau. Welcome back to the home to prove -- show on this Saturday morning I'm -- -- construction consultant Paula great to get right back with your phone calls. From -- -- -- -- and to be WL. Morning. I'll call -- and I'm calling the current. Ammunition. Now the last several years are an outdoor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the the boxes -- uncovered another sport about it after the eerie echoes a sort economists at expo. Over the years. We're -- -- you know going entry breakers currently co wrote. They lose contact. And all the products and that. -- on the top election there was no war Terry and it went off. Well -- just recently. About issues you know problems in the house. -- ceiling and output ceiling and pants like that -- the power and lo and behold it was because you know more issues -- that break spot -- all come from the mortgage problem that happened at. And now the electric and probably not been coming into spring never really about Orkut over the years has come. You know question about it -- you to keep moisture as Iraq. And he it might have something that you would want a politics that's leading from that. Weren't open on one and what about that I might go under house that there might be a problem. What they're. Different in the -- the air temperature during offering -- more extra problem in our mind and that there'll be rain or. You know water dripping off somewhere and I wish it. What your suggestion be the sports what I need to do a permanent next. Analysts as an outdoor rated box is the brick box that rated fun outdoors. Well I mean I haven't been told that it was rated or outdoors -- -- -- work when you open up the panel and also -- that that other little panel that can't actually. Cover -- breakers. And yes and anyway. Bit -- -- in -- -- in my -- on me but that actually -- spot on. -- or having an abortion issue. Which and mountains wanna lectures in agreement on -- the army my the blue hole mark here he's correct call like that. Got to be extremely expensive. And an operatic electrician army that you might suspect that issue like repetitive site maintenance like you electrical -- and resist you know they're they're sprayer you know -- and that sold us sport just change like that you know. And but I know -- on that. Figure out you know where -- I was trying to solve their mark on that note that there are out there that are close -- one other. And like that the electors and probably the worst one yet ever. Or the corrosion well. So if you try to close a pipe that's underneath your home it's open to an -- crawl space keeping intimate leading into that box if you try to close that off. No I haven't won there yet armed guards on a real. I don't know exactly what should use an army you know in opinion would that be. Possibly. One of the main -- that -- problem and. It it definitely could be contributing cause that's for certain there's there's a lot of moisture -- our houses and what happens he'd he'd. You wouldn't actually rise up. And the political and open to that walks through that -- So Eric. You here's the part that you can be careful about you speak directly to your electrician about closing off that part because you can't just put it any product in their clothes off. He ultimately -- tell you hey go get some of foam McCain's great stuff for some doll -- -- -- -- party. So that'll stop the air in the bush from Colombian. However what do you need to be conscious of is that that would warrant that scorn or wires buried deep inside that -- Are very sensitive to heat so -- put insulation around it but you may be making that small sanctuary with wires of -- touching or. You know teams are immensely too -- and that's why aren't you knew you'd be very careful speaking electrician make shouldn't do anything else to create another. You know level of concern. Well I'd -- well -- actually happening that. He actually. And they'll buy. You know Korea and -- ultimately area. Of just taking it upon myself to do that. -- You know about that plot -- advocate to note you know you -- -- -- original mission like that. And and maybe you know -- a permanent fix would be. -- I haven't -- the points situation where so it's very very severe much like you're describing. -- beat -- -- for clothes dryer with right underneath this box in in his apartment house where. You know the -- -- near the box too and everything was comic compact in their moisture from most are. Was actually his. Stagnant in the corner and with rising up into a box and it was here -- -- up. Also a mature if you have a moisture source other than any to crawl space. Do you have another option source of these do you -- to relocated to move away from the box. Well don't knowledge and Communist box that's on the outside of the bedroom when in bedroom ball so I mean there's really not any does not like -- don't work or. In another electric Geneva suggest to me that it could be attempt -- the temperature differential in the wall as opposed to Al. And then back causes the humidity problem. I mean you know not an electrician and I you know not being innocent psychological you know engineer and expert on -- matter and that and that's -- relate. Kind of got different -- to belong along you know from science so are really -- Didn't quite know where to go away. In listening he could be the wires that are coming from that wall camp because that's -- you know typically some. Nicole would no proposals that are connecting the back of that box. Or the top of the box where the -- are coming through to that wall cavity so that wall cavities -- and moisture from the heroes. That can also be part of the problem will can be because of the cold internal temperatures much like US -- that. You know for conversation or sectors quicker we need. Cool surface warp services and moisture in the air well when you described it sounds like you all three that one spot. You can also choose to separate that wall cavity. -- thickness that you're welcome to Texas of the studs away from that box instead of that you wish to be. Well it is there anybody in particular that. You know but -- that call and basically. Our class electrician or anybody in particular market cult come look at that situation may be trotted diagnosis -- No I think no signal licensed electrician would use anyone else because of that nature of the at the -- -- -- What that. Secretive -- -- now present on. Right now -- hope that helps you have a have a great weekend. It is the fourth of July weekend essence fest is in town great fireworks display go forth in the river last night it was a great fireworks display. -- before last Atlanta near park in Denver grand -- this big fireworks display device and fireworks are not over. A -- grange has written a blog it's on our website at WW old icon is titled are your appliances. Costing you extra money. So read that you might -- share with others -- on our website at W if you don't count if you're -- stay with us were about to get to the news and -- -- -- you rush to your questions so. If Iran -- they would decide this is the home improvement she'll. And our construction consultant Paul Le grange who was with the greens consulting. The website is LaGrange consulting dot com. The sister company is energy and comfort solutions -- that website -- -- CSI GS. We'll have those phone numbers for -- -- have something to write down because she might not be able to get a -- DePaul. But we'll have a phone numbers for -- a to contact him this is a place to get really great information about your home jobs that you're gonna do jobs that you could have done. You can also like Texas your questions at age 7870. And something else that we -- talked about over the last couple of months an -- if you're buying a house. And something needs to be done in the house and you're not exactly sure whether. Maybe it's a job that you should get done ST by the house and cut the price the house because you're gonna do the job yourself. Or maybe should simply say no you fix this or we're not gonna by the house we can answer those questions as well our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dance early Saturday -- a -- ever is it's -- creativity. I'm -- -- construction consultant told -- -- will be right back with more of the home improvement show. Here's another WWL news update with Don Ames welcome back to the home improvement show on a beautiful Saturday into line it's still like fifth fourth of July weekend of your -- great weekend it's it's gonna warm -- but it is not as brutal as it has been. On this past week fireworks are great on the river last night essence fest is in town it's all over the downtown area. I bought two of the biggest Jumbo. Smoked Turkey later I've ever seen in my life and one of the -- on pointers. I had a distinct look like it was. I don't know some kind of genetically altered or something I mean it was should I get I've never seen anything that being -- -- -- I've got I've got to have a couple of -- eat on that probably until Labor Day. So I don't know if they're still they're victim there's a lot of food -- in the area all sellers in the French Quarter last night and I got to tell you I've I've been talking on the show recently about. An element. And I've seen the French Quarter we'll talk more about this Monday nights but pointers in the quarter last night. And I did not see that element. There was just nothing but a great great crowd dominated by. A lot of people who were downtown for the fireworks display and four essence fest. But I did not get that sense of that element in the quarter we'll talk more about that Monday night on -- -- Let's get back to your questions on the home improvement show from New Orleans -- your -- with Paul Le grange good morning. A little bit off that ship our opponent like cancer what what's for breakfast. I have in my -- marvelous with first published for breakfast. What -- you know. I haven't played in here I was asking him what he wanted to put out my problem is I have a second story balcony. And at the court and on metal column. And I -- that one of the metal columns -- -- -- -- -- with it and it looks like it's sort of this category in the spot like big collectors it's not that -- -- it -- felt. And then America. For about 35 year. There so Catherine. Most times this is not a real big problem hit it in the recent say this because when when folks to have seen. Metal rusting or flicking or a blistering use described. Is really just early signs of of deterioration. -- Allman roster all concrete cracks. You know we all pay taxes and you know -- -- say things is that you know when they -- all of the -- -- in and meet our creator. So this is -- the things we just can't change we can be proactive and try and sanded down. In neutralize the Ross and keep -- Haney -- protected. That sick a good preventive maintenance however it still -- -- again. I mean you look at the -- is we have cross in the Mississippi River. You know you can long how active they are with you know. Same blasting you can reach sealing it in in encoding it every number of years -- -- if things would have to contend with. Well I don't wanna make light of it if if you really truly used to straight to the point where structurally you're concerned about it. Then by all means you know higher contract look at it and see if that column that postings to moved and replaced or a well militant patched. -- that's what concerned about because the rest of them easily section and column. Are they in India and it just the one. And then I'm concerned about that and -- I now have on the end here at halftime tie and they all deteriorated. And those -- Is it -- and that. Aren't -- -- it's not so it's it's but that's if our sports heroes so. You know it's gonna Ross I would encourage you if you have concern bio means to have that sense of peace and -- and make sure that you know it's not structural problem. The on -- the term that is Steve probably the best person you know there will be a welder. So not sure where you calling from a technical from the -- are on the wrong. OK I would go to a welder and I would I would call -- who has a portable. -- rig where if it does and be prepared he actually pull out your house. And -- there if you have been your neighbors that have -- but fencing and and they used a -- to mix and repairs. That helped her to seek their -- first I -- -- welder. In the a temporary -- recommend for you. A deal that you know that I would talk your family talk to you neighbors. If you look at for someone who has a portable welding -- that can. You know drop out you know mimicked those repairs. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you join us with that your question about home improvement whether it's a job your gonna do our have somebody doing -- wanna get reinforcement that they're telling you the right thing you're thinking about the right things you're not gonna be taken advantage of because information is power or if something has started to happen with your home maybe is its -- maybe it's so they withdrew the mold their roster. Temperature differential between one room and another if something's happening with your home you're not exactly sure why this has started to happen. Which in -- try to figure that out for you this is the home improvement show and -- WL. And -- -- construction consultant Paul Le -- and numbers 2601872. All 3866889070. And a -- a -- 77 the show is on the air until noon and almost every week people wait until the very last break to call in. I don't wait until the last rate because when people call and at the last moment we just can't get to all of your calls and if you do have a question when -- make sure that we give you time. A ticket with Paul. And have an answer for you on a show again on numbers 2601870. Totals 386688. -- nearly seventy and a text -- -- the seventy we'll be right back with more on the home -- -- showing this Saturday morning. Under VW well you're appliances could be costing you extra money think about that every time you think about your electric bill -- grange has written a blog about this it might just help you save some money. It's titled are your appliances costing you extra money. And you can read that you share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com here's a -- Texas says for the lady with a -- issue might suggest that she -- question on FaceBook. She'll probably find someone who can recommend someone rather quickly from Metairie and your on the home improvement show with -- grange on -- VW well. I think for technical. I guess a pretty straightforward question I'm -- -- steel railing on the front of spiritual about five feet. What aren't. And that got a list of it and people that found on the Internet problem -- are -- recommend anyone in particular. I want to be pretty light pretty fancy and you can look a little bit abandonment and I think Bengie is probably the biggest problem from people certainly can't do that. Just -- and to be -- recommendation in the election. And yet they will that I that I recommend often referenced on the North Shore he does. You know he'll do custom work in his excellent custom work I just a -- he's we will go to the sultry you have called fun about it. You you can come office on Monday is his name is -- he's here. In Bentonville. You know men of bill and I have seen this -- interview phenomenal work for many many years he's very consistent. If you if you call on Monday oh you've used news he's so full contact election. We're critical content but yes certainly given the numbers it's not 85845. Extraordinary family what. 8452148. -- were caught her in Cuba have a good weekend. -- from defeat David you're on the home -- -- -- with Paula grange. -- Wonderful -- you -- -- ought not so well yeah -- -- -- not. Eighty odd or Choo -- don't want trail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The that people tour. And -- All. Were so not all. I got -- -- Or what I got. All. You'll get. There -- still a problem that the door or I'll. It's like all. Or. Stop owls. Are. I mean what I mean I guess I. So I thought -- -- -- -- -- All right -- but added that. -- A lot of our electric bills that are I'll. -- I. Saw. -- -- So David I've done a lot of testing. Two. -- homes through love through -- -- I have the great privilege of teaching LSU and occasionally. -- -- Hurricane Katrina we hit some grant money allowed us to do some. Testing and some of variations of case studies for mobile homes manufacture outs like describing. Traditionally we have found that or deficiencies in in in that type -- structure would be a condition darkly kitsch. That the -- themselves supply docs or not properly insulated. That the technicians systems sort. Usually oversized meaning to date which in your case it doesn't sound like you because you keen future you're your home -- Well eighty if you wanted to decreases is certainly unreasonable. And then the other deficiencies we've found is the insulation at the through the -- on the walls and the floor are lacking. Now most of -- case studies were done to you manufacturer houses that were older than five years like you described. However that doesn't mean you're not wrestling with some of the -- challenges. So that your -- some room for improvement. However because access in the trial is is much more. Challenging in the traditional home. It in style like acting you know pulled around the attic door of your card here yeah at a crawl in the -- and it insulation it's not that easy for mobile homes -- The people shot or. -- problem or. Which there are. Properly or short ball -- Which -- -- All. Work. -- -- -- Shortly. That's part of you that's what your problem in that regard -- replace put forward. A lot. Storms and prayers are. And not all should all -- -- what are. Sort. Of act like you're -- I -- -- I think at this point I would the first thing I would address would be the recognition duct work. Because I want to think about when you're technician turns off whether state Tom and I Tom because of the time you're reading and all that cold air that was inside that -- work that was wooden sought the -- because they're commission was operating when they're commission cycles off. That -- it's very hot so when your attention turns back calling. It takes all the hot -- -- that dock worker and pushes inside your -- so you're actually adding more hot air to your home. When your commission first turns back on. Because it that doc works exposed to -- two elements. No doubt I also suspect is probably dripping its -- two point in in rip currents. -- like Horry. Yes there yet that idea. -- Yes sir I'll. Be. As somebody put it -- but the problem but all calls. Where a -- to occur very. Like bush and no ordinary puts a lot ought. -- Which stop that follow. That would put all reject gold goes out to a room that they'll order -- We talked earlier yes sir I understand -- the age of Monica court it will want them. Trouble scroll. Cameras. There aren't true there it is currently. And it big box that. Because there are so liberal. He's the first person at all. Don't agree or whether or yes like you know. -- all. -- called it. -- -- The cut with a -- like to do fueled by and give my office call on Monday call and speak with Rachel. And ask for what we do diagnostic test like you described in Oregon to come to your home it will show you. The deficiencies in in listed out in in order party this is. We need to correct first second third in and also are you out -- be done. Oracle. Yes -- it's -- -- 985. Or 8452148. Article. I didn't have a good -- on the volume in the seats if you are -- stay with -- are coming right back with more of your calls. And LTD has made an arrest in suburban street shooting from last Sunday. And once again the person who has been arrested actually defies the stereotype that many hands of those who they believe -- were involved. So not only. Did the persons of interest. Defy that stereotype. Now the person is arrested mystified that stereotype. I wrote a blog which are still on our website titled rush to judgment and sometimes backfire. It's about the urban street shooting. And also about the Georgia father. Who left to -- in the car. To die. Rush to judgment is on our website at W dot com and our opinions on the front page on the right hand column. This is the home improvement show we're coming right -- your questions and WW well it's Saturday morning July welcome back to the home improvement show and from Hattiesburg Patrick here on with Paula grange on -- WL. Or dispute -- -- all. I have a question. I'd do it right where French drain out I was -- -- you know what these drop should be purple or or. -- packets should be about Warren one inch pretend -- Well -- thing about French phrase super slow draining -- meaning it's it's not like a big open catch basin. When you -- get large volumes of water away from the billing for quickly. So. Under the general fund are always fall fall and had good success with is a quarter inch per foot. And you know it doesn't need to be exactly one quarter of an inch per twelve inches. Not necessarily. But it does work well things work well for me -- and sometimes you'll have that much -- -- drop from the beginning point to the end point. But if you do I think it's a good you know good -- fall. Oh outlook on like one more about twenty feet. In and then. What. I will be there tomorrow reply. I thought out well built on the topple ball. All in my mullet or nuclear -- and not remove some missiles and not have a problem with some -- Water on the -- Trying to ball follow -- reform. And -- it could be that drops back by Eaton goes about twenty feet. And that 41 -- -- year's record of water that values and gutters. -- listen first problem -- applaud Patrick for being very proactive and preventive war and get on any homes. You know a lot of the forensic investigations -- four -- buildings fail. It's a race -- not always the most times is associated with quarter getting beneath the building. So very glad you've taken a productive step the rule limiting her issue that because his could be dripping off the edge of the roof down into your French -- That I would use. Limestone this year covering or some formal vote of gravel in but it will be gravel different sauces meaning more pieces -- pieces of small pieces. So that the article what. -- and so if he'd gravel be cheaper than limestone. Either one I think it would would work well I think the -- me work a little bit better in the limestone does it won't. Limestone has its very angular -- has a tendency over time the comic you know. Connect in not moving really get impacted. It in your case you really wanted to kind of percolate so used different side as accurate rebels and I think it work well. Although. You know we talk about the construction have a look at this. We're not big trench art should. Or put any don't -- in that are much much much weaker. In the -- what must have been. -- -- -- period we've got to take we've got to take a news break here if you want to hold on Paula you can answer that question we get right to back after the news. So just hang on Patrick we'll be right back. And Paula you applauded Patrick for being proactive I applaud him for listening to his wife his wife said bill the garden and he's he's building -- garden I mean it's it's the right course of action. Yes and in the home improvement show with Patrick and more of your calls coming up right after the news on WL.