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Jul 5, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're welcome everybody who is in town for the fourth of July weekend everybody in town for -- -- Italian traffic is very very heavy downtown. Pointers -- canal street until their early morning hours. People drive -- for a since fast and a lot of people driver on the city after essence fest and the force or just be prepared for a lot of traffic. If your coming downtown let's get right back to a wrap up with Patrick here who's calling you from Hattiesburg and posted a wrap up the answer to your question Patrick. So -- Or orbiting much credit I work in structural panel industry patsy got all the time. But what. What am much friendship and put myself -- that rock ending in a pop perforated pipe with a belt. We garter around it. Or is it too much now. Well -- really did that the first layer defense is to you as the soul or that was the -- go to the opera section whistle getting -- you pipe. You'd wanna try to prevent that sediment from keeping clogging in different strain. So that the way I would do it does -- -- to saddle the very bottom like you described. -- It at -- step back a -- a layer of every like 23 inches of in the bottom of the ditch. Then we do you a bottoms saddle of a fabric or if you want you felt and he felt. Let your your your pipe incidents that. That saddle and then I would surround it all Barr gravel and then I'll put another settle from the top bending -- You. Prevent again that sediment from -- into you that pipe and -- it on the show would you -- I would much rather use the fabric instead. Detectives -- great product you -- you they would consider Patrick it's it's called a sock pipe. And -- -- got some of the fabric in in some of the spaces are built into it -- -- -- -- gravel used to have they have that upper layer prevent this item from Clark into the pipe. But it's very fast and it it works very well. Aperture all. That have a good day. It's the West Bank -- you know in the hole through which you know with all agree on WWL. Scrutiny all I want a couple of questions under the short question not obligate to first. About a second and be Metafile -- okay. That lady what went wrong and you can adjust the percentage. On your humidity. But that's not a big deal. 104 X edit -- you know to. -- that's got everything it's concerning a bit pot on the top. And the one that we used to have that died about three years ago Margaret do has that seem to be inaudible or. What that maybe cause suspicion that is wrong. Now -- when you seek its hot -- is that where the the unified -- exits units from the top. And I was -- -- The case. Yes sir what would have votes. A filter to have a -- maybe it's restricted some airflow in that space. Broader. Or. I'm if people parties it's all dusty you know -- If you have an air compressor some light -- and in some or are compressed air in the hand like you you know used to clean keyboards and computer and an outlaw product. Beckett and -- about. So it's not for Europe transport it to my family so -- basement. -- well hours now on a thirty years. Upon its people and man that I think it's -- movie. You know while refrigerator on its side. Now well and it is it is the same effect would that be in minutes are well or it was a privately audit side. Big truck Morocco -- that that law. It's not gonna -- it however Barbara you to use your destination I want you to stand upright in his gonna sit there overnight before you look at him. I got you on all the goals that come by the compression to get relocated -- -- -- -- so you know it's on its audio -- needs to go back to -- location so. Much like a reporter if he if you have the -- for her on the side when he gets you destined to stand up loosened their overnight in the deployment should be. What happens. In about applied to that but also known for the last forty years of my -- so we -- on its side. Again good. And that's why also as much time. As you can maybe you can address next week when you have more time at all the odd about these wave machines. The basement. The people's. Much more than me about them. Now what is -- Between and today what -- AC unit in the basement yet Opel based and does a lot of energy money. Concept is good but does that. Actually -- they're split between that and likes it QB unit -- but it but it did to drive the ball. -- -- you know if if it's if you just conserve more shorts and a basement at the humidity are works great. If if you turmoil moisture and temperature that you have to go with the account system that's -- remove moisture and to remove temperature. 700 depends on the use of the basement you've been using for storage in India concern just -- moisture than the minute fireworks phenomenal for that. But if you if you got some sense of things like polity. You know Christmas trees -- candle out things like that that -- temperature sensitive. Which filled with the basement no it was -- -- hot. Just tons of you know how much wall space is a program the basement -- -- and I'd. Then you may have to put instant refrigeration the temperature. It's backfield two sides so it doesn't get cold cold normally -- You know this extreme weather thing but what the machine like this expression air like that. And that was -- Patrick. All of which the IB situation. If you have a lot. Of archery. Yeah I think they'll go to the -- -- first because it what you control the moisture that you've got the rest about or BP in any smells you're here you're smelling. Tip of your -- some moisture so with the yeah Ferraro operating. Those things don't go away anyway so I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Great great art art exam and. Good weekend if your -- stay -- if you have a question about home improvements and repairs and renovations are numbers 260 when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- via text oversee 77. A public range has written a blog for our web site it's a very very informative blog about your appliances. Here's a way that you might be able to save some money read the blog are your appliances costing you extra money. As have a website right now at WW dot com you can read and share with your friends. I'm -- with -- brings you'll be right back with your calls have -- bureau every Saturday morning we answer your questions about something going on with -- your house home improvement repairs renovations that job you're gonna do our job -- gonna have done in about. A lot of women who called the show and they want confirmation of what they're being told because look let's be honest. Sometimes people try to take advantage of people if they think they don't know much about the job that needs to be done. Have you been told something that you want confirmation that as somebody's trying to sell you something you don't need to if it is a fair price we can do that for you as well. Our numbers 2601870. -- -- 86688. Ninths -- point seven and a -- breezy 77 from Covington grand a year on the home improvement show with all agreeing to and to be WL. Good moment I don't do well. And what I -- about 25 year old house pol and it was designed originally to war he -- and we never did put one -- and addict which was coat closed down to the bathrooms don't want in that house. We had one in the garage well it's going down now and I'm looking to replace it with a chance and how -- either. And I was wondering what would be the most efficient way should I get too small ones and but one close to Mumbai interns or what would reduce -- So ready one of the things when we talk about hot water one of the ways we we lose efficiencies is the further. That water heater is from the where we have the need from water. That we waste a lot of open water. Going from the water heater all through the piping system before it's that faucet or that sour when it wash which he wouldn't get whatever you know you need that point our water. So it that you if you can. It's locate your point demand forty heaters as interest and goal the tackles on the meant what -- near the the need like. Hear those bath and you're describing. That would be the most of such an efficient and effective way. Also that also when you when you could turn on that hot sauce you've got the -- all I want to arrive -- you can start using quickly so that was a stable and one of sorts for heating withers gas electricity for the water. Saves on water also saves on -- I'm in theory that the best method used to that ward leader. As close to use need is possible if if you get a substitute and goods LaMont welcome to small systems. Okay good that's what I want but I just wanted to double take because both areas upon the what. Existing not ward leaders now -- trained arms close to the kitchen. Although both areas will -- and -- natural gas Ron and everything else the only thing I would do with the one closest to bathroom would be cool head in her -- that route in Japan and Korea. Otherwise you shouldn't be a big problem. OK so let me keep some additional information you mean he -- -- with the ankle is gas water heater. Two things infrastructure related you -- both problem. Is the size of the gas piping and make sure that that black on piping is large enough to accommodate the need or or or the model fuel it's gonna use. For that tackles what either the -- ago what's moral systems you probably okay but it's it's worth checking out. The the second failed to bring your attention is the then pipe because you root for the upstairs bathroom. That needs to be a stainless steel and pipe it's different from traditional water heaters aren't your traditional tank what -- -- has a galvanized pipe. To double -- pipe. Forced to -- tank as it gets much hotter you have to upgrade to a stainless -- -- make actually certain. When you -- the lights as part installs that product to -- using stainless steel reject. Okay. Thank you very much. -- well all right good -- -- have a nice weekend. The slide out Carol you're now on the -- through which show with Paul LaGrange. -- -- -- And we are right there and air conditioning unit after her -- Not exactly some people that column. And I didn't use -- Start wondering and I and I tried originally didn't. And it geothermal. I couldn't. In any information. Aren't lending support it and -- -- -- tax credits. Put it anywhere changing opener in a year to get the tax credit to convert it geothermal. Well come when -- that your publisher duke it was at this Katrina connect so. You don't you you about halfway three useful life -- I really don't like the fact that UB losing that second half. Of your investment however if you have a family member did you wanna give that equipment to -- needs -- -- and -- -- and maybe can afford I think that's an excellent idea. Because you still have it as well maintained you know another seven to nine years of life. Left and then that equipment. Mail saying that when -- also say this that. I'd love geothermal heat pumps because they are the most energy efficient system out there for air condition systems for heating and for cool. They're they're very. Typically very quiet. The capacities. Or assailed the meaning it'll fall off when he outsider increases. -- the challenge is that they're a little more expensive. Than traditional split high efficiency recognition systems. So I'm in favor of the way you think -- quench your thermal. When it's time to replace Israel would be up to union -- with -- place fail replaced in the future when you're existing equipment has put. In what the tax credit now expected that expire in 2016. You know what is it. -- -- Let me say this the way our legislators I don't know -- -- -- expire because it's you can change at any time they want. I can tell you that if you do -- -- for tax credits that you they would do what is still available however that doesn't mean they're not to be renewed. In in 2006. They've been reduced to three times -- -- electorate so. And that's. Mark and the -- and the British. With without tax credit they're about forty to 50% more expensive then a high efficiency split system. But -- tax credits you know enter in at 1015% -- are pretty close. Oh. -- -- have a good weekend if you don't hold stay witness that we've just got about a meters so before news on the wanna. It's a beard and and -- have time for -- finish getting your answer from Paul agrees we'll get to your calls right after the news. Ball here's a Texas the question what's better spray foam or forced ventilation. To help cool -- champs. And how much roughly would it cost to spray foam and attic of -- thirteen 190 square feet here's -- here's. Are part about having a forced ventilated attic is in our common we have so much humidity in the outside there. If you have your equities could within that attic space. The risk of -- two points pretty great. Because it's got the cool air conditioning -- and system. In his -- the outside air moisture coming in so reaching dew points probably fairly probable that that that's good our car. With an unfit to -- it's completely separate from the outside conditions. Meaning it's airtight and separating the outside air -- from committee and in the separating the heat from commitment. You know -- their risk of reaching -- point is much much less because you with him as some recognition space. So their there's advantages and disadvantages to both. The the cost of gold with an open cell product for a traditional crack a box attic. Hangs out about a dollar 65 or square foot of -- one area they may be some additional cost like removing your existing insulation. Adding docking for your exhaust fans you bath and kitchen if you have disappoints is there addressing compressed -- needs so it's it's it's not a black or white answer to at least look it's. -- if you're -- stay with us for coming right back with more of your questions on the home improvement show. And LTD has made an arrest in suburban street shooting -- we've got that story on our web site also more of that coming up with a Don -- Republican senate candidates. On bill -- released a statement that a seventeen year old unmarried daughter is pregnant as she prepares for senior year of high school. I would have a conversation about that it's on -- show Monday night it's midnight here on Africa bureau. Right after this its Saturday edition of food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. Iran's deputy real for the July weekend essence -- weekends. Here's another W -- update with Don names and let's get right back to your calls on the home improvement show this morning from home Allah you're on with Paul Le grange on WWL. Our technical all. Got -- screened and -- and it is awfully -- Imagine there are one and. -- little -- would would. Would -- commitment was to make it -- -- oh. So missed out when we deal with the -- screen it's typically tighter knit. And it's it's black and radiates from the heat or does. This allows me to come through the -- and technology has been around for a long time and works very well. I have to tell you that. He gets depending on what's around your home to get -- rude or or gravel road near. Is gonna get dusty and you could be -- it probably once a month because that -- webbing in the tight -- of the fabric. But it allows air come through very well. He disputes dirty will be faster so you may find itself that Gordon -- little more often you're currently are I think a great idea. Something else open encourage you to do if there's any way you can do some type of screening or shading and ceased caring about tomorrow so screens talk about like a Troy Ellis with a you know -- honey soccer something grown over to keep he's writing -- doubt that would help reduce him that he is well. There. Are. It becomes indifference that mrs. which from durability standpoint. Obviously changed screens very often so -- funding habeas cases locally available or you've -- at the gore won an order and also comes in different risks to. And if you have the time -- says they'll -- the duties of kits that you can change is scoring self. Or you can -- would -- for you that you may -- that challenge funding someone do that but you know and the only human you know. You mean this money doesn't have brought a real crucial items -- about Mexico and have a nice weekend. From New Orleans Michael you're on -- -- with Paula during. You know it was colder. -- one of the opening pop me here in new war in the pocket and -- -- It it has the power -- and putting them in picking up in the box and look what it is we did you know do what -- But he's. All over -- -- it is tricky -- but that he's deep in my Portuguese. And I -- put these. What that he -- -- award on board either in its own border is the it would have been quick. And so Michael. You're trying not to go sixteen inches deep but due to go to -- is deepening -- is -- you for -- experiences. -- Of account so you really -- -- but it. They call right why. You -- see what -- and above grilled. Do you have any Hollings for this project as it is -- supported or what the oh OK in the heights and piles or are they did you determine that the top the -- cap. He's being -- part in the the plans call for. World that the couple -- camp right now the level would that hurt you like like -- utilized but I'll while. Okay so in your case she you can if you if you choose Canada mail from -- auction standpoint. -- you do what you're describing if she can attack have done it before. However I need to strongly advise you to go back to your foundation engineers the see if there's any other reason why he won it all sixteenths to be into the earth. This may be from a tilting standpoint not knowing where your properties located from floodwaters or she wore a cross the ground. He may want all sixty needs to be in to the Grail so that you don't have as much years floodwaters -- cross. I don't know that but that may be something you certainly want to clarify with your -- here before you proceed. Oh I think so basically it's if it's a -- -- it you know it is. Talk about the -- -- the ball well in the 88 inches below while -- matches and it. -- -- -- Have made that putt -- I didn't hurt it. Well I I would go back and and besides it would -- specify a welcome back and specifically exit question that would do it in a written form would do with -- phone call dude email lower. -- -- -- -- in one bullet with what we're that you were have been unbelievable. Deal. Big build I don't put. There's -- -- called Reese steel or EST yeah at least deal. -- in Slidell that's who I used to buy Almonte metal from the order to get from armed guards they're they're somewhat yards that stock and so -- well. All right Israel have a good weekend if -- -- on -- stay with us for coming right back with more year questions here on the home improvement show and also to another tax. Distillate you know it can happen anywhere authorities say six people have been injured in a shooting at a Houston music festival haven't won 55 this morning. As somebody opened fire into a crowd of several thousand people and police are still looking for. The perpetrators. -- can happen anywhere also police have made an arrest in suburban street shooting looking for another person. Understood bloggers thoughts on our web site is titled rush to judgment can sometimes backfire. And it's about the rush to judgment of who many people thought was involved in suburban street shooting Sunday morning last week. And also it's about the rush to judgment of the Georgia father who left his 22 month old son in the car reading shared is under our opinions on the right hand column. And we'll talk more about all of this Monday -- it to midnight on -- -- show and we'll be right back with more on the home improvement show and WW well. This is the home improvement show and here is attacks that asked that question to get tax credit says don't you have to show a certain amount of improvement -- I think it's a great question so it really depends on what program you're participating and there are some credits and also incentives that say. You have to show a certain amount improvement. And you'll qualify for this amount of incentive for tax credit. -- other programs that say if you use like for instance did you throw when -- pop -- question earlier if you it's a legitimate Epoch. -- tax credit is a certain percentage of your improvement costs. You don't have to prove. That you increased energy efficiency -- -- -- the proof that you install their product for this amount of money. And from -- Jack you're now one with Paula grange on WW realm. Good afternoon Paul I'd like to find out you know anybody. At least finish -- kitchen cabinets anybody locally. -- cup captaincy of the -- cabinet. It would. Okay. When you sit retention units among -- face yet to top outstanding re finished -- -- and finished right I wanna. Look at you know what Jack I don't have to what specific that I can recommend for that however. There's a person I'm thinking of that does it to friend to worst. Thank -- specialist on Tuesday that it wouldn't Wear UConn insane instantly finished. He does a fine fun job and almost prefer to finish out front door that -- is qualified to do kitchen cabinets as well. So it QB Jimmy if ever a calming in the office on Monday and I'll keep you current contact information and you call him directly. To see if you be interest in doing in your work is Willis front door. Okay are you gonna give him on the all responsible for the international. Give it to you right now and answer it's eight now Erica wood on 85. 8452140. Okay. Basketball assert and look protection project have a good weekend -- -- Covington sandy on the home improvement show with -- grange. Hi -- up and we have a solid -- experience through war with the galaxy panel down the sinner. Can -- that entire panel replacing that -- appliance. Just playing Goran. If she can. You know if that's consulates -- who is talented in some creative carpentry. It's it's it's not uncommon -- with with the get to do is to get to remove that existing jealousy when new panel and they got the view a column. A stopped a would stop so that but he when you -- that last of with the class in place. Call it in in the put another stop on the outside in the stops really nothing but it with the trend that match or style of the war. So that you can Sam it's the last insert in between -- two pieces of wood so that when you -- coach to work. You know the next couple decades it doesn't Paula. And that's it. My -- it and a good weekend and particularly frank -- on the home improvement show with LaGrange. -- good afternoon. Ramon is still underway by a couple quick questions. A little bit thirty Samoa hold outs. And I'm confident can IP that I don't have termites. By just keeping the oil off the slant. They keep critical swatch or -- totals Soviet -- though. Look let me tell you that termites Franken come from logical places most people pay attention to the out of print -- slab. Because that's a place it's easily monitored you can look at this termite totals that that it you just described. However it. You if you had a crack in the -- of -- -- like -- a plumbing pipe you can just as easily come up that at that that reach. If you -- a an area that has lots of of swarming termites and this woman actually is able to. And you develop colonies in a -- -- -- for sophomore ports ceiling they can start from their work their way -- were up for the way they want so. He is that a good lot of defense -- -- very easy good on defense -- you know what's -- you can walk regular house -- to slap. Is that the only thing you should be doing probably not if you concern about termites you've had. Turns in the past you may want to do it dating system the -- termites and and and monitor their progress. If you want to give very proactive you could actually go behind each what -- your your bathtubs or showers and credit. And expects in -- A little -- you know part of the wall calls off and there's a -- to -- their -- tunnel -- actually will quit the plumbing trains are connected implement plates come through. That's another good you know second on the defense. And -- sector Russian. Okay. Yeah a couple of falls ago I went up an attic and I edit. I guess about six inches of insulation -- -- old insulation. And I really hadn't seen any benefit from it that I do any good that I do all. Did you do any air ceiling before you -- insulation. -- OK so if you if you're connection between Europe and -- -- -- to your your attic not living space static in your living spaced him below the ceiling. It's not airtight just adding more insulation on top BXs insulation. Really doesn't do a lot of help. You know it's that you need to have a good airtight control later at the ceiling she rock and also the framing. The top of the frame of the insert Dexter walls and all let's going to be ever airtight so every hole through your ceiling. In every hole through wood framing it that top plate -- two -- got to be airtight. And then you can -- insulation in and be successful in reducing the heat. That's come from the -- into -- -- I'd Frankie had a couple more questions I'm gonna take a break I'm gonna push on hold. Am a -- a comeback with the other questions. Tonight this is the home improvement show I'm -- like construction consultant Paula -- Paul is with LaGrange consulting. The website is liberal greens consulting dot com and a sister company -- energy and comfort solutions. And that website is ECS -- GS. If you wanna write telephone numbers we're gonna give us out coming up after this break before the end of the show us or get ready to write down the numbers if you wanna get ahold of Paul LaGrange in either one of his accompanies. We'll be right back with more under the W well. -- -- -- its -- is in Sampras reform last night there will be a lot of traffic downtown a lot of people try to essence fest. And it. During the day to day especially tonight early into Sunday morning it will be a lot of traffic but -- Canal and all the streets in between so if you -- -- your car. I'd just be very very patient I was in the French Quarter last night and recently on the -- -- just talked about it element into the French Quarter. That element was not there last night. It was a great great round and we'll talk more about that along with a lot of other things. Monday night it to midnight on this -- -- Let's get back to frank in -- frank we've got to a few minutes wrap up bureau last two questions. Thank you -- it. Yeah -- -- new air conditioning. Search and against would be these bigger still visit -- to a -- it's -- built those. I have the old mechanism with a little skinny build those. Would it would it be wise and not the open that make my. Opening there except the bigger felt there's been an an open on the bill is. Go to the chain Tim has often. Would it be economically -- there would be wise in general that do it or not you're. So let me just a second question first what we're using new filters whether it's a pleated filter that's a little bit you know. Better performance than the traditional you know new lower or pink fiberglass filter. I think is is a good thing the views because it touches more than airborne particulates however. Sometimes he could be performance problem if your return air -- you Phil decides. Is too small for the size of the air -- you have. Then putting a better quality feel to elect a pleated filter. Is a step in the wrong direction because it was cut Medicare commission were caught markets it's like giving the sufficient amount of air. That also holds true with your first question strike if I'd go with the media filter there was reports is that are deep. Filters. You could restricting too much air flow if the returner is not large enough and and I've seen that yet because not all times. That I spicy houses that are sought properly Lotta times were Turner's two small. Even for the cheap filters so when you upgrade to a better filter or permanent filter. Or media filter. They have some performance issues are -- have one more quick question. Yeah -- past as some time in Florida recently announced realize these new target on the building going forward. They don't use brick allowed anymore it's like this forward -- one minute this sort bullet was so light that is more important -- would you. Be happy that I had a house built with our board hang up for the -- thank you what cyclical. -- different. Okay Carty bored in and change parties as a brand name is -- -- petition sport that has layers of opposite is extremely durable. It's like wait it's it's a lifetime products so I would have any problems with having some type of James part of borders and it is deciding among house. All right if you wanna got contact Paul in the greens consulting here's the phone never. 985845. Tony -- 48 the phone number energy occur for solutions is 9855904167. And don't forget to check out -- -- -- blog are your appliances costing you extra money that's on our website you can read it share with your family. It's at WWL -- -- -- have a great week and so we'll see next week topless bars big John wrecked our studio producer. Every Saturday we try to answer your questions about home improvement there will be back next Saturday the Saturday edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris is next time -- love -- New Orleans.