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07-05 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 5, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the fireworks voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. That this is. The big 870 WWL. And WWL one of five point three FM. It's food showtime why not. We took the day off yesterday completely. But the weekend is an over and a lot of people are doing fourth of July kind of stuff. This weekend. Giving you an example -- -- you can go with this it's really not all that far but. Something to think about have a friend. Who whose birthday is the fourth of July every year. And though she is having a party for herself she and her husband was throwing me a birthday party but it's today I guess it could -- today. But they're doing it today so you in and do anything you want. And enjoy the fourth of July weekend. We cooked up a bunch of sausages and hamburgers and you know as usual stuff my wife loves grilled sausages of all kinds of its month do we we hit some. Of spicy Italian sausage. And she didn't tell me where she got -- news from morals and tell you. And then. Later in the evening. We learned. That the seafood festival. Was going on. At. At the park. Fountain -- state park. Just past Vanderbilt. And who of the musical groups caught our attention. Right away. One of -- was the grass roots. Witches from my teen years and my wife's -- actually -- but the same page. And then it was followed up by Jefferson starship. -- one that's -- that's pretty heavy artillery. Four of for a little festival. Has been going on for quite awhile. But although I think he missed a year. And it's changed a little bit it is really the call at the saint Tammany seafood festival is kind of a misnomer I gotta tell you -- they of there wasn't a lot of food to begin to. On sale enough I mean knew -- if you went there and you were starving to death he could find something. But it. It was just -- Really a smattering of seafood you would expect at Louisiana seafood festival that you'd have oysters and shrimp and crab meat in crawfish maybe even although crawfish about them for the year. And there really wasn't a lot of that kind of thing and it was more of music festival. That it was a food festival and that's the way it's gone for the last few years I've noticed. But we could not resist. The appeal. Of both those two groups. The grass roots in particular. And and that's Jefferson starship now of course Grace Slick -- and but they had this blind who took her place who I thought had all the moves and have the voice then everything's so. As for the grass roots. This is the at the very least. The fourth. Generation of that band which goes back to the late sixties but I remember them well I remember the music well it was a they didn't quite a few hits -- you my wife and I went out there there weren't a whole whole Lotta people. Pretty good crowd but. Then not what you could call huge mob not what you would see at the jazz festival for example. But we had our chairs we sit it out on the law and we ran into a bunch of people -- new. And we don't listen to the bands in the and they shut off the fireworks. As really quite an evening and we on the way home the all we could talk about was how much fun that way -- So was that was a fourth of July what did you do. War. Tell me anything you wanna tell me. About the food scene around New Orleans that is the topic of this program and you can stretch that is why did you want -- stretch. We cover the entire eating scene. From the sublime to the ridiculous. From the insanely cheap to the mind bending the expensive. And anything in between at all and if you think you may have come up with something or that you have an idea in your mind something you wouldn't mind talking to me about. Where if you ran into me at the drugstore or the or Home Depot or someplace like that and he you wouldn't hesitate to stop and tell me. Please do not. Get the idea in your head that it's too frivolous or two sillier too stupid question. Or comment to make -- it isn't I guarantee you it is. It's the people who tell me that they have a stupid question asked me the -- I think are the best questions we'll also a call us would you 260. 1872601870. If you or at least remove. From downtown New Orleans. Significant removed like hundred miles of so you might be. Dialing. Long distance if that's the case we have a total free number for you it's 8668890870. And for once you you'll find this hard to believe Dave -- bet you'll even find this sort of but I have the the message center. On my computer over here at the cool one -- right in front of and you can send me a text message. We -- right out and make it brief because that's all -- give you. And send it to me at this address. 87870. That's at 870. And then 870 again. And remember message in data rates apply or they might or whatever you know. And it that's for people who are too shy. Two to actually go in the year but if you're not too -- to go on the please please. Call it's it it makes for a much better interchange that's. I like this little messaging thing but it's I don't want to take the place of the calls which are much more interest in -- much more so. 260187. Did you do you do you what's he wouldn't give it one -- here. -- not exactly sure when we do in this weekend I don't know. It's it works its way out I'm very happy to have a weekend like this. And even though we have this three hour program right in the middle of it thanks so much enjoyed doing this really do that it is sewage is great to be here with use so Hollis to 60. 187. -- now you write him believe. It will come back and will receive we can crank this engine up and get started. Speaking which I gotta -- rigorously so. But first please this Allen who says it is the headliner. For that event go to that. In my opinion. Allen to set. Is second only to Louis Armstrong as the greatest New Orleans musical talent that ever wise. He's a friend of a friend so I've bumped into him every now and then and among many other things I admire about the guy. He is not only is it just a fantastic musician composer but he also Tracy's. Beautifully all the time when we run into in the minutes of real casual thing you'll be the best for experienced in the round. Mammal is hang around on the phone here Mel welcome to the food show. Dot. And there want to ask you about that -- in -- yeah I did I didn't even give it to you yeah that they. Start with me -- you -- You. What it was a Pino Y -- it was but I don't I don't remember what the name of -- hunt's. Everybody -- I've got a funny pocket white label yeah -- you. Was an unusual low wind we had -- on the air. I know who went right tastings and we had a left over bottle. So but I'm sorry if if if I were in the studio I'd go run down the hall and look at it -- to run back with -- but I don't. -- and there are too many penalized for me to keep track. Well. -- you. We. You know we've just had a volunteer over here Dave Bob Potter says that he would go run into my office and and look at it. I don't think you can get in there -- Dave my offices is on the sales side. I think -- that they did have that view what you can get in there. -- -- -- Work on it now. Aren't. All. Sorts indoors. Can offer you would issue over the years that you might not in order. -- There is any they have to. Big -- addition season grow all the wasted issues they're nothing like what they do over a drug goes although they may have added that to -- since. One of them is called the Italian oysters and that's pretty good. And the other one is called barbecued oysters which you might it sounds like Kabila drugs but it's if it's on you pour over. And it's this kind of Ruddy brownish red. Salary of its laws on top and they bacon on the ways I could eat if he may be hundred wow I really great. It might keep listening in the policy we can dig up that that. Excellence via. And here is Darlene welcome to the foods you know but the goal calling anybody else -- veteran. Welcome. And thanking. -- I woke up I -- I cannot stand up on. Our patent the La. And -- The market. But I don't get it out and engulfed torch. I am -- country to get that kind. The I think the best place -- ball is a little grocery store. But it has a big meat market and there is a bit it says as fine a meat market is in any other place in the city. But it's a little tiny supermarket it's on esplanade avenue but to a three blocks from city park it's called -- and opens. Our past TE RA NLV. And I that he had been prevented -- Well you go in the they make it themselves from scratch and it's this stuff is terrific and there were a lot of chefs around talent who. By all there Italian sausage directly from them. It's really a product. One. Thank you so much. And got -- and that I just loved it might well. That's picture keeping you know -- -- -- when I do stuffed mushrooms I do the same thing I use Italian sausage Ford comes a wonderful. It that have not -- why should it just makes it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better yet what are you using sweet Marcelo or dry Marcel. I don't you know typically Christian government shouldn't Barbara O'Brien I have I have the I don't impacted -- I am not sure which one. Well whichever one it is some day by the other one NC if you don't like. Not even quite sure which will. Let -- oath. You know in our. Q and we'll thank you -- Saucony. The Italian sausage and Marsalis -- comes from Sicily. Are all of the welcome. Great job. A year -- pap report that July and U2 in the fifth on the line in the sixth gear to. And happy new had two hour premiere. All I got some Greg Lamotte. The other day. So -- just and all that you. I feel like they're correct. But my question at the local restaurant next door sure. Have you ever been -- -- Oh yeah many times they are one of the oldest. On Vietnamese restaurants in the city it's also called on form it's the same -- and they they have a bigger menu. The most places most of the Vietnamese restaurants that opened in recent years have been. Glorified -- house's there's nothing wrong with -- putting it down. But the focus is definitely on those big -- of the art with the brutal murder. Whereas Vietnamese cooking takes in a much much bigger range than just those -- and I almost never get that. A butt but don't want they have just about everything they have. Of -- just give you an example this this thing that they call -- -- -- -- -- I think that's what -- -- If from a distance it looks like an omelet this team in the same color it's the same shape. There are no eggs in it at all it's just this this -- this -- that they make. And then they stuffed with some peppers in some onions in some. A pork or whatever it can be made a bunch of different ways shrimp. And it's an appetizer actually although you could split the two people very easily if you know -- those things you're going to be stuff. But that's one of many many things on the menu there that's an excellent little rest and always has. You yeah -- the -- but one -- you recommend that start with collective apartheid. Yeah I I would get that or the spring rolls Vietnamese and Arnold you've probably -- -- there's served at room temperature were a little cooler with shrimp imports inside in this -- kind of rice paper. But it's some argue that that's of an excellent -- and love their -- love the restaurant to. -- -- Thank you Tom Rhode -- -- My pleasures you -- you're listening to the food show when you calling in right now in and get -- And we'd love to talk with you but what -- is on your mind about restaurants about recipes. About how to grill. You know what. My wife keeps doing this and that and that drives me crazy she goes out -- chief fires up my. Big Green Day it is mine. And I -- But you know. She says get -- I don't have time for. Not since you. Yeah well if you might you might be right there but anyhow. There's something you need to do if you have a big green egg and there are also other kinds of it's there where the fires burning at the bottom. And you have a -- on top and you can't really easily. Get in there and starve -- cold but before you start. Before you even fire up the charcoal. This is little. Gizmo that they give you -- looks like it's the equivalent to Rico in the head and you store around all of the charcoal in the top part. And then use great power all the hashes that fall down through holes in there because if you don't do that. The ashes stop up the draft underneath and then you don't get any air through the -- and then you don't get any heat. And my wife is always asking me why are we not getting any team and I keep telling -- it's like the last fifteen times. He didn't clean up the grill for what what do I need to do that for what you. So I'd do that clean your gorilla. Often get rid of the ashes. And make sure there are completely cold and completely out than go dump hopes you don't do with a and dump them on my driveway I have a gravel driveway driveway we live out here video bogeys. And I took a use it to just kind of beef things. Will be in 260. 187 -- year is Richard or is it pretty -- With Richard OK welcome to our show. Welcome. You are on the blue phone with the orange pin stripes. While. And -- and I look at that that Parker laurel. -- -- -- -- -- Okay well you know this is a question that has many answers and whenever you started up you get an argument but in my opinion the best hamburger in New Orleans. Is the one at the lake lake -- always give the -- promptly sure harbor lake view harbored that lake view harbor. It's on Harrison avenue just you know off of -- are gone so it's pretty close the city park. It's always packed. They have good beer they have good drinks they have ribs they have -- you know all kind of stuff but -- -- is the centerpiece of their menu and that is to my way of thinking that's the best -- Champions. Larry -- -- -- back or. I'm sorry CD. Will ever get down early critic at the fact that all our. It's Erica all of this the festival going on this weekend. I guarantee you it where it's crowded all the time and even when nothing's going. But it's worth going to I mean it's it's really great hey listen I've while run out of time ago -- go to a news break but thanks for calling. Now call me again if you want. Who's the limit today on -- Mr. Dunn inches of votes safe for us to come in on the fifth of July. And deliver a civil big pile news here this is the news truncated version of it. Bump bump bump but I believe the Obama hello hello it is the food show. But the big gates have any WW -- WWO 105 point three FM. Which is doing for a dinner tonight. Or what are you cooking or tomorrow. Call me let's talk about this not because I'm trying to be -- Well I am a little bit but now I am -- -- my main point is. I can give you a couple of ideas that you've never thought about before. And I'm sure you can give me a couple myself so away and them the -- if we both did that in the single phone call whoa. And would be the -- She. And live for -- -- in she any that was the first song they played the and you know they were even still around. The grass roots. Anybody remember them. At that there was a guy a -- is a guy in the band who heads. He would represent the fourth generation of the span. In other words this like I think for people in the band. And all of those four positions have changed a minimum of four times since that -- days. So is it to steal it is it's still the same plan. I guess so they sound good like I couldn't say that they news and it was disappointing we actually. Really love that my wife really hard on that and -- effects. 26 so. 6360 that was last night at the may -- -- bill or when it was called. I think it is the man Google's seafood festival which is very seafood they need to work on that. Or just give or change the name it's mostly music thing. Just one -- last night. But it was quite -- night as beautiful weather. -- the bats were flying around harmless. The flight way up to they don't then it closely. And the fireworks were really great. 260187. Here is Mike Mike welcome. Anytime. There. And -- gave me a whole bunch of oil crack Pete compared her. Seat and that the -- out one night. And I have put them in a big container. Port contain all. -- Could do with that. Oh boy this almost nothing he can't do with that but I'll tell you my favorite dish a bull with those Jumbo lump -- -- and a the other kind of Grammy you have to -- got at all. I would do the nice big lumps. On top of thick slices. Of tomato -- especially if you contract down some creole tomatoes. And tossed the crab meat very gently in a mixture of mayonnaise. Capers a little bit of the juice out of the paper jar. A little bit a lemon juice. And a little paprika or little creole seasoning if you -- spice it up a touch and some creole mustard too. And just mix this together it's it's funny if you add one little -- one thing knew that the its stiffness of the mayonnaise kind of breaks down and it becomes almost. Sloshing. And he knew just sort of tossed a crab meat with this and then you don't have the crab -- being taken over by me and -- it just adds this great -- them. And on top of the tomato. It's just delicious you you can do them on little tomatoes like Roma tomatoes and have them like finger food or you can put among big slices of -- and even with a four but either way. The only way you could not like that is if you didn't like either tomatoes are -- It's just facts. And that it -- it quite. -- Are just. Yeah no no you don't coComment all he -- the their -- -- vote for doing fried green tomatoes with shrimp rubble out on top pretty good fish actually. But I like this even better -- I I think is best. This especially what you're talking about shield a little bit the tomatoes of course you ought to just leave at room temperature. And just say it's simple it seems almost too simple but you I guarantee you love. It is really good. -- every chance I get I -- that. Yeah that. Look at all the oil out there and Britney and -- panel and it looks. That that's really good and one other thing you can do with a clause. Is the group -- pull the the -- part of so you have that you were a crib fingers you know when I'm talking about where all the -- -- -- one and and just put that into a skillet with some butter. And a little bit away wind and some garlic. I did do the butter and garlic first and at the white -- cook it down a little bit then throw the crab claws in there since it's already -- you don't have to cook it long just heated through. And then several with a bunch of that saw a lot of garlic. And it's you that's another thing you cannot stop beating that you'd you'd take one bite than you do then then you've beaten 49. -- You can't plot I didn't I didn't start at the machine. Let's see do we need to break Dave. OK and I think you can put on hold and I think rolling and then as soon as that. Started here -- will blow him. Yeah he's he's on -- ultimately plug in that you own a machine. Had to do this San. Outnumbered by the way in case you're wondering is. It's just the number and I'll give you one and -- somewhere down the road you might -- you know that's we do a lot of we do a lot of promotions involving shown -- We will come back with more of the food show it the first please hello it's the food show it's thirteen fifth otsuka almost no gosh it was OK with. Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mikey you still there. -- your child number it is 720. 724. Will you come right after frank -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you didn't seem to be all that excited about coming after frank -- -- one of the best chefs in the wallet. Frank writes in when it's 723 assists John numbered because his restaurant is at 723 -- pastry. Get it. Good way to get applaud here I don't mind giving him a -- he's one of the really good guys. Frank -- and great food always involved in stuff going on around town. He's got a he's he's brought back his summertime. Special. And it's interesting because you might remember that frank. After he's only 2627. Years of running his -- and uptown. And it's not going anywhere that's permanent but he grew up in Harry hand. And he was very disappointed that Charlie's seafood. Which has no connection with shortly steak house. That Charlie seafood. In Harry -- had never really come back from the hurricanes so he. Talked to the owner of the building in me he moved in and he redid the place and he. As started inventing kind of casual style the issues that everybody loved it it was packed house in news boost is doing great. And then the -- the couldn't get together on and on a renewal of the lease. And frank just walked away from Texas now I'm really. I've learned my lesson I've got enough to do over here. And hire anybody can run one of more than one -- -- at that time but in the process he invented a lot of great. Dishes that we're a little too casual. Too for him to serve over just the stroke. But he figured and I think rightly. That he could take some of those issues. And make a summertime special out of them and that's kinda what he's doing let's see the prices are a number it's 33 dollars. Or is even less than that we don't have to look at. But he's got a lot of dishes that he was doing over -- shortly seafood he's put him on the menu of the electorate one that delicacies things called dirty boys. And dirty boy. It's a little. -- a little tiny French -- And he puts on it everything that you would put into rice to make it into dirty rice except the rice itself. And these things are so good. And an utterly unique and that's the kind of thing he's put on this summertime and that's what I mean when I say he's a good 260. 636826. OME. And you oops wrong numbers scares me scratch all that you just obesity. I I have to do that all week long on my other show. Which is really my main show from noon -- three. On thirteen fifty and their every. Every day noon to three in fact we here. Let's see here about two weeks away. From the 26 anniversary of that program. Anyway. But what then why come here on Saturdays and so plugged in the given that phone number than I do it by mistake and I apologize. 260187. -- you know what else you can do. You can contact me by text you can send me a text. Message. And on. And I will get it EU you write your message and you send to 8787870870. The punch that in as the address. And I will get it and you for your knowledge data and message rates apply. -- -- read the message NC what it says. Bats eat mosquitoes so they are not only harmless they are helpful there's no doubt about that we use to have by 800 bats living in our house. I am not making that. And we didn't have any mosquitoes that your Regis and lots of facts we have. We didn't kill him. Best burger is across Harrison avenue from my recommendation Mundo and cut Fries -- Josh -- Cucumbers style pickles yes I know well we're pickles go from well pickles can be almost. Are OK you think that the hamburger at Mundo. Is better than the one that -- -- view harbor. I wouldn't argue with you about that -- it is a great hamburger is no question about it. -- Which. The swamp burger at the swamp room that's another with a lot of people I have a theory. About -- have been saying this for a long long time. If you wanna find a great hamburger. He may well be that the best place place for you look he's in a bar. Bars historically. Have always had the best hamburgers. 2601870. Here is bill bill welcome. -- I'm going home owner. Who. Will be. It really I a -- doing if you say the right formula you haven't said it yet so I'm not -- -- I -- Come back. And it. Anybody. Than watching what. A -- about well. -- you cannot say that anything is -- true Gumbel because if you yet. A hundred people and believe me I know this to be true cause I've judge competitions of hundred people with -- And you will get all hundred completely different things from one another and they -- all -- all. Don't know every one of so it might be that what you're looking for is your mother's. And -- in the place you get that is from your mother. Is your mother still around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK we'll get that right recipe down for you and and make that because that's the only way to get that. But it's that that some of the places I think the best -- in New Orleans is mister -- however. They make it with a very strong. Chicken stock. And they make it was a very dark -- which for chicken and do we -- to me that's the way to go but obviously not for you. Oh yeah it's it's no none like -- no. Most album -- battery Chiapas jerk are all -- thanks. It's. And I think I think we've gone to form when I first started writing about food. Column -- tended to be. Almost watery and in fact my mother who made two really great -- -- chicken -- when it week in meats seafood -- the other day they were both great they would not -- nothing in common other actor they would both called dumbo and both were cooked in the same pot and served in the same. -- But you can get a really tasty oh with a with a in texture. The old time places used to do that no one like earnings or earnings gumbo was wonderful but it was exactly the style -- talking about it was -- all. Let me give you one it's like they might be your bench WB 201. Is Broncos. Drug is makes agree in my seafood go the other way and -- the -- -- formally. Bozos. It's now. Mr. -- oyster bar in -- real way. It's like you and I think there they have at least two kinds ago bullet that they may actually have three. But I think those are pretty. Okay I'll try and we'll have a quick question for barbecue. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ribs. If I -- looking for ribs I think the place I go to is called the Shaq. I don't know. It's on the corner amazing at the royal street. And this in another place. My wife is the red expert around here. And she says the best ribs in town Hercules. Or at a fairly new place on magazine street its year balance. The name of the place is both colors and CCW. Art the apostrophe S. And I I've I've I've. -- I'm not as much a -- guys my wife is but I like them well enough but -- brisket and everything else do it because really that's what you're. McClure is yet trying to. Thank you we will return with more on the food -- -- moment Taylor -- in them just the moment that to a judgment. But first please hello hello it is the food show it's the big -- seventy WWL and here is Clint. Clint. -- -- I'm one got a quick question computer shrimp creole and down. I had to act creole tomatoes back -- and wanna. Blanch and -- traditionally always you know scrutiny and water. About it and it took the skin color crackle and that can beat -- -- and -- -- not mention. She shouldn't be cheap I think it is an actual -- and eat here it is a lot -- she actually -- -- so what are your thoughts. That's. That's true and it's just more visual thing than anything there's a trend among ships these days take that the Jews. That comes out. When you'd just -- the meat of the tomato. Juice in the and then straining out the seeds. And keeping what they call me to water. And you are and you view would be astonished by how much leverage theories that so they'll price. For things usable to me his support for examples. For me to walk among us we just left everything seeds and everything. And I think I like it that way in my -- -- she noticed the change cheese's like if that's what to think it's. Wouldn't even need to teach me about -- They'll work for a creole shrimp creole absolutely you know. Ride it and now -- things itchy. -- shipment and she uses and what you call age. -- -- -- -- Labored so we basically out bags of ads that have not been. On that you know all of trimming the -- which ball in the freezer that make. You are. And they'll use the two hours a few hours is too much. Low low -- you'd just barely having bubbles break the surface and two hours at the absolute outside but really about an hour and fifteen minutes an hour and a half that most that that's really what you need you're not getting anything -- -- -- shrimp or even quicker -- half an hour that's it done right. Oh great all right. Thank you nice up and you would be food show that comes to a breaking point. I'm at the breaking point. Eight mile line. No I don't I love my life it's we're coming up to 1 o'clock and we will have some news reports coming up. And then will be back with the another hour the food showed we have one after that so we would love to hear from you at some point during the program today. Hero run FM. And HD. On sky waves and online WWL radio in New Orleans and WWL. FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans. Where the news -- next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 1 o'clock. Stay tuned thank you.