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WWL>Topics>>07-05 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

07-05 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 5, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles medium wave fifty quadrillion -- watts of power. Blasting off through the skies through the woods underground. Into the water back out of the water back into the water again back out of the water again. All sorts of strange tricks you can perform with amplitude modulation. Since 1928. Who. New Orleans first radio station WWL. And WWL. FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. And this is -- that's more as the host of the longest running talk show on New Orleans radio it's the food show coming to live from the cool water ranch. In a -- springs where we are sponsored by. Graham crackers. Graham crackers made with good Graham flower named for mr. Graham what was his first name. Remember. Graham crackers highly underrated. I think. You think so they've just said he thinks -- -- loves Graham crackers they're Google's snack. They're full of finder. With peanut butter and bananas. Bananas and peanut butter he says I like them -- but themselves. -- numbers 2601878260. Win 870 no listen listen to me carefully. This is a program about food. I don't put any more limitations on the besides that food and drink and anything that goes with that. And if you are hesitating to call us because. You wondered well I don't know if that kind of food as the company's stock human what I wanna talk about it's it's like really kind of like every day kind of thing he sounds like a big blow 8280 -- -- No that's not our rule whatsoever we talk about the whole spectrum of food because I tell you truly. If you -- -- -- the New Orleans for any length of time you know 34 days or so and all you did was -- in fancy restaurants you've blown it. Because you cannot. Get the New Orleans flavor without having a poor boy without having a platter of fried seafood. Without oysters on the half shell without gumbo red beans and rice absolutely. And all it that's that's what we live for here and -- we do the whole spectrum that we also have the -- food we do that very well and everything in between. And so we talked about it all every bit of it. And if you think you found something that doesn't belong on the show called me and we'll see I doubt that will be the case 260. 187 we also have this. This is mode that lets us get text messages from you who you consider in the text message to meet at 87870. And we have quite a few months surprised by -- many. That's when -- It's it's here. It looks like 80% of the reviews -- one star. What does that mean. And when you all play in fixing WWL. The -- -- and Tom were chimney swift flying overhead last night. Whoever said that is in mobile I didn't see any chimneys swift's there's of this ego. He seemed in the French Quarter like we were there. Oh right on the lake front and and bill. A chimney swift. Will all of a sudden look like it's been sucked down into a -- flying a long. And then all of a sudden -- we go we don't have a lot of chimney swift round. In the quarter it's a little. Let's see. We have some of the things in the news and -- bigs yes I have whose own human eggs it doesn't look like they are likely to come back. The way I understand it. The there and it's owned by. Basically two sides of the same family and one wants to just. Stop and the other one wants to keep going and they can't to a one without the other that's the general. Feeling I get a bit. I don't know. Whether that's actually the case or not but I hear that that is sort of what's going on and we used to have. When new lady who worked here for a long long time he including since the hurricane and since the the fire in the -- thing and as you know. QB spies you know they they just. As iconic as they -- they're they're building an analyst is out of commission and so. Maybe they mean. That's the story and cubic. Can you please repeat the crab meat and creole tomato salad salad recipe you you. No -- don't use crap meet. For anything this is crabmeat. Let's see how close is the -- to the B. The you get the white -- beat the Jumbo lump is the basketball. This the guy who called me that started all this soft he had all hole. Big bunch of hole boiled crabs and he picked them which is a lot of work. Betty -- at least five crips or -- one. And who could blame but anyway you make -- sauce that is many innings creole mustard. Capers. A little bit of the juice out of -- paper bottle. Like a tablespoon. If you can get that. Some very finely chopped. Green onions I wouldn't put a lot of that in there that's it for opponent -- -- maybe people's. We'll squeeze a -- -- you might wanna put a little dash of Worcestershire sauce you might wanna put in some creole mustard. I mean sorry creel -- Mix that all together. And then toss it with a minimum of that the league at least you can use and still kind of -- the crab -- The core of meat should not show any signs of being soft at all it from a distance. And you just put this on top of a nice mix slice. But of creole tomato if you could get your hands or any of it but some nice big tomato or you can do on his finger food. With. Plum tomatoes just kind of thick thicker than you would for a salad. The -- you can just pick them up at -- in the other when she -- knife and fork or you don't need to four keep me tonight he just needed for what we're talking anyway. This is so delicious. The two things go together beautifully. Tomatoes. And crabby and all the little dressing racist and richness to -- And I have that recipe along with something on the order of 70750. More recipes. All of which have been tested in my kitchen. In my ways of doing things some of them a lot of them are based on restaurant recipes but there'll. But the way I would do it I don't. I don't like the idea of just copying some. Shots way of doing things I bring it up to my taste but that might face is better than anybody else's but it at least you know it'll be consistent. And I don't have. Any dishes there that I don't -- like I was asked about. Shrimp creole a few minutes ago I can't stand shrimp creole I know a lot of people love it. God bless them there's nothing wrong with liking it I just don't like it myself so I don't to a recipe for. Because what do I know about it if I don't like it. I'll just step aside I'll recuse myself -- that. Recuse I don't believe we've ever use that word on the food here is David David welcome. David. And right that put him hi there come on in well. Great great you do it. Got a question -- -- -- -- Orbit and -- memory. Trying to find it useful words with a book. It has a. Well here's the story on them the on the tasty doughnut people bought out the way I -- -- in January the recipes to a lot of if not all of -- stuff. And they have I at least two locations where they sell this one of them is the the tasty donut on the corner of west esplanade in cleared. And then also in lake view. I don't know if that's still there haven't been -- lately it is still there. On its on Harrison Abdul but. But it's the the first block cool past -- On the lake side of the Harrison them. Yeah it's saints she a strip mostly if you -- so anyway you you go there. And -- have a lot of -- and stuff why you would want this site you truly don't understand but that you. Who remembered that no matter what -- -- you get. That the wistful -- affect his work and you because the longer it's been since MacKenzie was open. The better. That -- ones in your man. Be careful and win if if you're disappointed. Right and often that rather than anything else because. You're exchanges to. Thank you see. Even when I was a little he would. You couldn't get me to eat the tendencies until I never ever liked it. Debbie is here -- welcome to the coach Neil. Late like it had been caught when he talked about Graham crackers look at -- like -- grant -- -- at chocolate martini and make that Graham -- on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go back. And -- him back -- It's a brilliant. The Graham crackers food processor. And the and it doesn't -- chocolate might regret. It and I. -- our country where. -- Don't have adequate yeah I'm glad the fans going. To happen. Maybe I I've all of already having one and thank you and here is whoops what happened. Punched up this next guy away you're listening to the food show and thirteen fifty. No it is the big 87 EWW -- And I'll show sponsored today by -- ones and you still have time today you know. To go to influence and have lunch. And yes they do have lunch on Saturday. And they yes they do the twenty dollar and fourteen cent lunch special. Although now you know I'm thinking with the essence festival they might have backed away from that today that has happened. I would call on first and accurate if the price is really an -- But every day of the week Monday through Saturday anyway. They have this lunch special and they change it from time to time here's what they're doing right now always use 111. Rockefeller there are mature and be and -- what better start could you imagine and then once that I don't know. Or their lunch and -- Or their Vichy east laws which I think is the best she's was I've ever had. And always has been. Choice of one of those and then you have a choice of three countries -- officiate two day and you know. They have always done that well over there isn't the kind of thing you'd think of getting there but they really do well port Saint Louis. That is that is done with some sweet potatoes and -- and and -- inspire a new old -- which is sort of halfway on the way to being. Any. On Demi Glaus. Or view all clunky. And it is. That's nice little veal dish with some charred tomatoes in the -- the choice of three -- -- conference pulling these chocolate cheesecake or the -- con pro -- Sunday. And the price -- this is really no kidding when he dollars and fourteen cents for all three courses. And they have a featured. Cocktail every day that you can get for only two boots a quarter. And can have more than one if you like. But be careful if you do. It is -- ones the oldest restaurant in America. The center of the restaurant business in New Orleans since 1840. In all the world there is only one and ones. Will be back with more in a moment after first if you will this it's the food show. And though the team McCain and knowing -- it's -- re welcome to the -- ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A guy -- mandated under while ago I doubt about -- I would encourage him out there -- but Manning had a -- cluster and -- -- it ever since he. Had. There aren't aren't all -- -- that -- but a closer look good. Okay well you can have all of mind. Ahead. In. I used there was one time -- for about a year. I work in an office in New Orleans east had eight MacKenzie next door and I was young. I -- -- young twenties right you're that age you can eat. Liked -- a fantastic amount of food anywhere near every day. And work my way through absolutely everything they had ads only to see if I could find anything that I like. And the only thing I really could say those buttermilk drops were always pretty good. And and the turtles were pretty good but not either one of them I would call great and I think those were the worst Donetsk in the history of new. I know we're here -- microwave boarding -- on. -- haven't let out let them come on -- Is it about take it. Achieved a ball you know about being opposite him and fortunately there confront. -- nothing like them well and are we lucky. Well. All you. -- -- big picture you're OK we quit eating that crap that there. Hewlett what you and I are in this boat pretty much we -- click on the North Shore. It's a blessing in disguise you don't have all it's where are you don't forward there. There. -- -- Zia and here is Conrad. -- read welcome to the food -- I'd come this is the first -- Colin well I. I've missed the name of the place where you get -- -- -- -- Okay its power and opens. Opens grocery stores to little grocery store. On esplanade avenue will buy three blocks from city park in. August and again. It's on the it's on the uptown side of esplanade you'll see it it doesn't look like much it's very small little market but those people. They are master butchers they really know what they're doing and make the -- and sausage in house. And every shop in town practically uses it so it's it's a great -- One other thing if somebody. -- I'll always heard about boy -- Meet -- cabbage. You know and I tried it once. And I didn't do so well I don't know out of -- Well corned beef is usually what that's made. Corned beef and cabbage and what you do would you go to the store you buy a corned beef it'll be in the it'll be in the refrigerator case with all the other beef meet. And you notice that it's a different color and there will be a package almost always seasonings in there. And then you just bring it to a light Boyle you can also do this in the -- and I like doing it -- instead. And you bring -- but I'm talking about a bubble coming up every now and then you put the top on and you let it cook for about. It's about two hours. And I do one of the things an old singing buddy of mine gave me this recipe and I love it. He says put in about a tablespoon of liquid. Crab boil. And and when you eat the the corned beef. You'll say this is really good in this something in here but I put my finger on what it is. It's the crab boil but it doesn't taste like crab boil it just adds flavored everything and it's just study. That's the way to ago. And the cabbage you -- completely separately. Yes. Thank you -- mind. Well good luck thank you. They stalking you with the food show was sits here and just keep listening and here to tell us something is yeah. -- -- -- -- Wish. It. Well. It's it's the station formerly known as WS MB we call at three WL now at WW WL. But every day and every -- same station thirteen fifty. There's new until three and we're we're not sure though how long it's been Alaska's it's only been on for 26 years. Yeah. Yeah. Back there. I can I go back to that too I did the very last show from the maison Blanche. -- -- Hey listen to I'm sorry to leave -- but I got to go to the news but thanks a lot called me back if you -- -- will always welcome. -- -- -- end here is a -- so we welcome as well hello hello hello it is the food show on the big 870 WW well we just got a phone call from someone who. Who really enjoys. Pretending to be an expert on all things. And and by criticizing other people they feel good for some reason. But I have something needs to tell you I have looked up. I just just to make sure it's it's very easy to be wrong. Enough to realize that your wrong but. I have looked up. The pronunciation. Of the word that she's laws which use the leak. And potato soup this is Miriam Webster. Dictionary. On line I found several others. That said the same thing okay. -- -- -- -- -- It's. They can get that -- loud enough to hear. -- -- -- -- -- Did you hear that. That's that's again do it again. You couldn't hear it. -- -- let me what -- she's wise but I was giving you. Something from the web if you go to. If you just look it up on the web Vichy slides pronunciation and you will find that it is not Vichy swat. Just like it's not state -- why it's nickel law of in Mitsubishi's wise. And that's the way it is. Now that we've taken care of that. Let's. Let's talk to he's -- Dina. Or Dinah. -- I can't. Thank you have electronic -- and I -- -- white out at night there are. Aren't at all. Oh don't tell me the name until I ask you. Why ordered. What are by. And I -- we are people like at it it packet out. And it kept act when they -- Our app in a cut back our -- is that it. One daughter by air. Act I or Eric should. -- -- -- Yeah partly what -- and install it on -- -- I'll eat it. Now I get flat. I'd like -- Out and why and why -- out. I mean I liked it here. I definitely at year -- that 11. When they hear what a and that flight. And it. -- and that definitely. It. -- -- -- -- Dollar or. Average I actually met people -- the pay. Getting recently. Ball in the air and. And what to what did they say when you told them. In the why did you not say anything. That it -- the way it our way. Out you know that you -- before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And apparently at it looking like Al acted out and I am not -- it is not that I am at how dire. -- where was this. Boccieri. -- Aren't right -- a letter and and tellem what you just told me. And Nathaniel. Zen it ZIMET. He's the name of the chef and owner he's a very nice guy. And and see what he does I mean listen things can happen mistakes are made. And you especially if a place it's busy and is and who were in that case they're such a small assessment that there are busy pretty much all the time. But but give them a chance to have make it make it good for OK what what tell me the other thome the other -- Epic story of light and that we -- -- not frequent frequently. I look at it and it it and try it take to get out. Hello we can't air a tree. Which brought -- by it and it's always. And it I'll -- typically. And you called me every time. -- it all out that it's an app that support at saint -- moved on and I. Attacker. Out how the -- -- one -- get it. And it was it was well at three on. That occur it out but it not that began. -- -- It Lila I'm well. I -- especially. Especially if you've been there many many times and it's always been good and goof up once and then Europe there on your you know what list it's fair don't you think. The -- it -- another shot and write them a letter to or call. Play and also we next time you go to a restaurant. And something is not your liking as much as these two things obviously were not feel like alum give them a chance to do something about it once you leave. You know it gets worse and worse and worse the more you think about it the more you hate the place. And you can diffuse all this because we have -- are anyway. By just saying excuse me you know I don't know what happened here this does accurately using it I I I'm I'm sending. And they will fix it and then you'll walk. Better than an -- isn't it. Court records and -- that public Ali. -- -- next time and right Campbell the letter and ask them what they you know tellem what you just told me do not use this race though. I will never come back as long as I live don't do that consumed through that. All right all right thank you -- Cut slack cut slack cut slack to six so. It's 26018726187. That he couldn't believe I have good news. But those of you who love -- As I give -- a big fan of garlic. And the great thing about garlic actually their many great things than the one I'm thinking of at this moment. Is that. No doctors no researchers have come up with anything that seems to indicate. That -- is in any way bad for you even if you eat a lot of that in fact. Most. Authorities. Say eat more garlic in all you want. And it tastes good -- we have precious few things about which that is true most things is that well you know once in awhile but in moderation garlic could go for it. Well it's garlic festival time at the -- line restaurant it's an -- -- street just off Britannia between -- and saint Charles avenue. And for 27 years now. They have put forth a three course dinner. Of garlic in deflected the issues. Of the choice of biking for appetizers the one I really club is a guys poncho. That's me with some wacko mole. And crab -- And chips of sizzled butters sizzled gore. This is so good. You'll wanna get it every time you ever go again. They have some shrimp with a garlic and kind of a spicy sauce they have a couple more things and among the entrees the dark with the big garlic port wine sauce that is a killer of a dish they have a fish than with -- And -- a couple others. And then for dessert believe it or not they have an ice cream dessert that's made with sweet -- down nutty flavored -- They also have normal desserts. And they have two things in -- dessert and all but might. Suit you more than a dessert would one of them is a green so he could just substitute the -- for the -- in this route 33 dollar menu. Or. Another -- is a brandy Alexander a cocktail talks or why not you it's I was good to me. All this is that the upper line one of the most charming restaurants in the entire city I think and they are there. Wednesday through Sunday -- only. At the upper line. 260. 187 he will come back -- more of the food show after first please this. Hello hello it's the food show. On. The -- seventy WWL. WWO 105 point three FM. Heath welcome welcome to our show. That then -- money. And is -- -- Gumbo a little -- interception set. So wide ranging net that's going to be a personal preference thing -- balance. Lou -- you know everybody's idea but about. Gumbo is different idea I didn't always I say I've I've judged a few. Well Gumbel competitions over the years in the thing that strikes you is that no two or even close to being like -- -- -- completely different all over the place. At least a dozen guys show like. That bridge or that I think you know based or. For a chicken on -- gumbo ya -- that's what I prefer personally. Continually has tried to make. Route is to make my to make dumb moments. Really don't know because of human element to more than that don't vote. And very -- Look at this try it. -- spark and added that there -- try to. Make in the -- it to -- hot stock continually. Separates so remote and so well. Well let me tell you how it's time to get around. Make your crew. Is stark issue once and you know you've been there is no easy way of doing that you just have to stand there and and keeps during and starring in starring in Philips color you want. I would say lower the heat as you go. Because the door gets the faster it cooks so you have to counteract that on unless you have lightning fast -- reflexes. Which a lot of chefs do I mean eighties scene shifts. Do go from flower to dark dark crew in like five minutes because they are working at such high -- I I don't have the tension that. So. Once you get it to where he -- have all your vegetables cut up your salary in your bureau onions and everything. Take it off the stove put the the vegetables and installer and keep starring another couple of minutes in the vegetables will -- lies. And it'll bring the temperature of the route down. And at that point take one or two diapers of stock of your stock pot and poured in there and then cut it keeps stirring it around. And then you take that and put it into your stock pot in whiskey Ian so. You don't you don't want a big. Temperature difference between the rule and the stock -- that will make it rate. It and absolutely will. But once you lowered the temperature by putting some of the stock in there and and blending it completely you'll find at that stage blended once you're there. I always cooked him vegetables like he suggests but continues on the low key. And against that that Portland trying to at this stop or as you. Take it off once and no kidding one once it's the call you wanna take it and not just turn -- off the the -- Don't just turn off the -- Actually physically move it off the burner. Especially if it's electric. And then. And then -- -- -- just adds some of the stock in it did in determined and -- 1234. Skippers of it whatever size you making. And in this world blended out a little bit and then you will not have this temperature differential between the two things. And that what that's what causes it to break is when this is real real hot in this is kind of you know lukewarm. That's where -- that's where it breaks right. So what kind of vote base you are what she dumbo -- suggests that project in the us you. Yeah I do a light rule if Peru at all I have grown to. He. There were back around 1980 years seven muted their pilots chef Paul Prudhomme. No this was his doing or not but he was running commander's palace is kitchen at that time. They decided to go with a rootless. Seafood gumbo and the way they did this was by using a very high and we reduced stock of shrimp or crawfish or. Fishy you've been whatever they had so that this stock was pretty -- to begin with and they don't really need the ticketing. Of the rule and it. It was brand logo that was the funny thing you know I don't know how they got the the brown color. But then you know they also chopped up the the vegetables and ground them a little maybe that's where it came from but it can be done or you can also -- with just a little bit of room that can and that's also easy. -- Thank you so yeah we will return -- more the food show after first please hello it's the food show. On thirteen 53. WL. Sorry on the big 870 WW -- WWO one of five point three of them. Now. A few minutes ago someone called us up. Didn't wanna stay on hold that one chance -- And said. That. What I was saying the word that she's wise incorrectly. I've gone to a number of authorities this -- is the Miriam Webster dictionary they have on line. A place where you can go and hear how any word in the language is announced and here is what they say about that -- -- -- ready. You ready. This is in Syria. You know what these days this is gonna work. Of the -- -- you know oh here's the thing popped out no wonder. -- -- It took 1872601870. And let's -- over here it is Mike. I think Mike welcome to the food. Thank you can't make it got a question can maybe help me out what an argument between myself my life. -- and imposter and well -- CT today. And down on again nine cooking you know like I am greeted. And then when it was a recipe. My wife just can't Milwaukee and she said that. Do you -- that and has now. I went pasta which is Laotian rinsed it removes starch. How excited here recently also removed the vitamin C flavor or whatever which ornaments is right -- what do you do when it. -- are no you never rinse and you never rinse -- It in the fact the thought the idea that it takes away starches ridiculous because the whole thing is starch. Pretty much you know and and that's second it's -- can do anything no -- you don't response to either before or after. But today I guess unverified. I'm always. Now I am now on let me know how many black guys you've got this. One -- two. And and how how badly everything else is going you know pick your battles. -- We'll go abroad or if it's later a -- I think I may finally have gotten -- the way it's. Oh yeah. Can you hear that. Did you hear that. Are this is from the Miriam Webster's dictionaries. -- -- -- That's how and 260. 1872601870. Oh gosh were coming up to the news again -- Well the good news aside from the regular news. Is that we are gonna be back with -- another hour in the food show. And whether fishy was comes up or not I don't know more or steak -- why I don't know if that's gonna come up either. We'll return anyway and we'll talk about where you've been eating into what you're trying to cook at home and whether your wife is right or wrong or your husband. Just the way it is. WW WL radio New Orleans. WWL. FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS. The Columbia broadcasting system. At 2 PM but stay tuned we have another hour the food show thank you.

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