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Jul 7, 2014|

Dave talks about what's on your bucket list, the running of the bulls, and the American Dream

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this the seventh of July 2014. And it's Monday a gas. Bank hard to get back after the alarm holiday weekend from many people it was a four -- five -- six day game nine day we and I depends how they'll distributed but it today AM holiday weekend. Has come to a close and back to work and the piles of work waiting on the desk. And it is what it is now -- is no stopping only advancement of time and it's already July 7 -- -- more than halfway through the air and met with a then record lows in the morning isn't. It's just I've been feeling really good out there and humidity is levels have been down we've had this fantastic wind out of the Norton. And bringing the drier air and by the name. Is it that yeah I don't think there's an even more after today now other than. High pressure is moving back I'm sure it's gonna change the flow. Bottom line means the -- going to be coming -- off of the Gulf of Mexico. Into. Louisiana. And that means more humid. More. Hot and sticky there will be -- and so enjoy this right now 68. Degrees right now and slide and 72. And according to. Seven the on the West Bank. Yet they'll chase for for July. No complaints here and now none at all and good to hear from the state climatologist Barry time it's just because we had a hurricane. A month and a half earlier than norm just know we. Eve bitterly on the out one does not mean that suddenly the tropics are about to start bubbling up and producing one storm after another yeah that that you're not necessarily. Directly linked and that figure -- it is because that happened does that mean we certainly believe that. Going to be you know. March of hurricane yeah nonstop action nonstop across the basis. I think a lot of folks on this Arthur and Protestant bloc. It up this late while Carl worded that come from. The yet to get out -- weekend very nice and chance to enjoy it up. -- cited two quick technical named animated Gulfport river. At this point in time and we actually sit in outside in the backyard on the swaying just relaxing. Now in the and dated July yeah I mean that's that's unheard of unprecedented. We -- right there last night and yet. The line does. The -- all I can imagine everybody is that you know what nice let's go to. Support outside eating their ice scream and joining thing. It was a good time summertime Livan is easy yes yes thank you they looked like you about when Amos -- first news here on WWL. Am asked them and dot count mine gave -- at the early edition WW offers this feels like him a little earlier this morning didn't that alarm clock went off. Well tougher to get up after holiday weekend. Vacation. Weekend for many people. Look at the headlines just got to secure and many times. People unplugged during these times the body of a missing twelve curled around. -- a resident allegedly kills man from waking him off it. It caps at -- fifty year old man. You know the demand for waking him up and banging on a neighbor's door across the street at 3 AM. So you allegedly got up what is gone. And -- again that. Waking them up at 3 o'clock in the more. I'd be upset if someone was banging on my neighbor's door and hollering at 3 AM. And -- -- in my family up I'd be upset about that. But I'm not put -- ball. -- and that's what happened home. I will take a look at your forecast see how much we warmup but when the humidity comes back -- we got sports do you delegate some deserved time off so -- an. WWL force. 5:17 good morning I'm Dave -- thank you for starting your day here in the early edition of WWL. First news summit tax -- 77 he says the first day back on the job after. Three weeks off all my goodness yes. Well good luck getting back into the groove and adjusting to going back to work for most of us it was just a four day weekend for many others though it could have been a few days longer. Either way the weather played along very nicely what is our future hold as we get back to work. And still stay pretty low tomorrow another 20% great chance -- should be topping out on to say our nineties. And by Wednesday will say 92 with say 20% chance for an isolated afternoon storm. From the pinpoint forecast center and your -- to Starbucks itself. And it's not sounds about the same the differences it'll be a little more humid as we get that on shore flow right now -- still enjoying some really crazy lows for this time of the year at 72 with a year reporting -- 68 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Okaloosa -- 67. Degrees home at 70 -- and its 68. So -- enjoy it. While it lasts nine Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news coming up we'll see -- the box office did over the weekend. Did you notice no huge new blockbusters opening on the fourth of July used to be the for the July -- -- huge weekend for big movies open but. Things have changed and far fewer people went to the movie news we can we'll check out -- coming out. About ten minutes here at WW well right now that it's time for sports and that in for Ron Amadon was welcoming mark Menard mark welcome back after the holiday. Thanks David you know July 4 used to be the domain of Will Smith. -- -- just because he didn't make a movie this year he has made Yang as the Democrats for the July thing why used to be of -- that will release the movie it was usually and the for the line it was usually a hundred million plus. But he and everybody else decided not this year. Hey sometimes you got -- a year off in -- Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer engaged in a match for the ages in the men's final at Wimbledon yesterday and after squandering -- five to two lead in the fourth set. Look like Djokovic was on the ropes as Federer rallied who wins in five straight games to tie the match two sets apiece. The Joker righted himself and outlasted the seven time Wimbledon champion. Djokovic broke Federer serve in the match his final game to win the fifth set six to four tickle his second crowned at the all crown at the all England club. After the match itself Djokovic says he's never played in a better contest. This has been the best quality tennis Grand Slam final that I haven't been part of I've had. The longest final against than a dollar in Australian Open 2012 but -- wise from the first the last point it's definitely the best match. With the wind Joker retains regain the status of number one player in the world -- for Federer who would only lost the Wimbledon final once before. He said he couldn't be too downtrodden -- his accomplishment. Disappointment of the match itself. You know went pretty quickly. -- was sad and for a few minutes -- -- so happy to see family and the number of nice ovation from the crowd -- lifted me up and made me feel better. The Cleveland Cavaliers believe they can bring king James -- At the sources have told ESPN as the cast prepared to make their pitch to LeBron James. It's an intriguing prospect to be sure Cleveland is just locked down they're young star Harry Irving for five years at the number one overall draft pick and Andrew -- is joining the fold. Those two young stars entering new contracts will be pitching stability and used to there once and maybe future king when they meet with the next week. While James won two titles with the heat he also played. A one of the oldest teams in the NBA last year of course Miami Heat president Pat Riley will be the first crack at teams in the to meet sometime later this week. And then baseball news Louisiana Lafayette product Jonathan Luc Roy has been named his first Major League Baseball all star team. -- is catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers I'm mark -- and -- your early look at sports hero it is any chance that LeBron James goes to Cleveland. Now I don't know because there and they're very bad team. Well there were bad team last year but it Irving is the real deal he was the MVP of the all star in the here in New Orleans. And they've locked him in for five years. That got the number one overall -- coming Andrew -- a lot of people think it's a great prospect. Com you know you bring in LeBron James and -- -- that you've got a real fearsome trio of -- You know LeBron LeBron is capable turn -- team's fortunes around. Are from Ohio almost on the -- there. Yeah my high school ball in go to college entrance to the NBA but played the NBA there played in the NBA there with little success as a team. -- -- success they they got the NBA fun with him. That and that they didn't win but he he got right to the doorstep there. Probably two years in a row -- UA betting man where would you bet that LeBron James and them playing in the NBA's next. I really don't know at this point because I don't know that he's -- back to Miami. You know could won the LA -- be in play and I'm not sure you know he hasn't really tipped his hand they'll also so I'd I'd. I'm on the -- watch it like everybody else you know with bated breath to see woody woody has to say our debate your breath will get you back and 25 -- have more sports WWL am FM and pretty sure that that -- -- regionally. -- bated breath meaning it was gonna. Hold my breath that became bated breath and I want to with people beat their -- -- the worms. Worms in Lima thank you very much c.'s mark Menard. I'm Dave points -- edition WWL offers news. But the weather -- as we get back to work this week we'll find out from meteorologist Laura now coming up right after WW. 525. -- some -- we'll get through it together come off its lock arms and trudge on through. This first full week of July he gets underway here on Debbie Allen. Most people back from at least -- three day weekend Spain's Red Cross says one person was -- today thousands of thrill seekers tested their bravery and speed. Dashing along side fighting -- through the streets. Of Pamplona on the first day of the annual stand firm and bull running festival. Just one person -- on the first and a three more were hospitalized with other injuries -- trample or whatever. The nine day PS immortalized in earnest Hemingway's 1920s to -- tunnel rises. -- -- -- Bucket list. Running with the bulls you know that's something is never ever entrusted me I've never thought man I need to do is go and brought along. Thousand pound bowl with massive warns that can literally you'll be just to see if I can do it. Not on my bucket list but a lot of people it is what tops your bucket list asked me at 878 cents a gallon now. If is the running of the bulls on your bucket list if now what is the number one thing on your bucket list the thing you absolutely wanted to do before you -- It would just help you say yes. That's it I have done that thing I've always dreamt of doing -- if you dream of -- morning cool temperatures at least. Relatively for this time a year you're in -- is the rescue forecast. For your Monday outlook just hot and more -- dry weather look for highs around 91 this afternoon. And bring -- -- still very low 10% for just state straight thunderstorm chance. -- a dip down into the seventies tonight but right back up to 91 tomorrow rain chances that 20% and went station at that 20%. With heights of 92 gonna pinpoint forecast setter I'm urologists are backed out. Rights of the humidity building back again Max few days otherwise pretty much the same as we have had the last few days morning lows low. Sixties on the North Shore low seventies south of the lake. Partly cloudy to -- guys calm wins essentially all the way around I'm Dave Carlin at the early edition of WWL. Verses and -- ever actually written down a bucket list. People do that he actually write down those things you wanna make a point of doing before you -- things that you just absolutely -- you -- did. Skydiving I'm mindless haven't actually written it -- But my youngest time -- it for his eighteenth birthday -- go to point and it's something I've always one to. 528 the early days of WWL first news text me your populist. I coming up you're texting me at 87870 what's on your bucket list we'll find out what it is. David likes to you here on WWL 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's July the seventh its 2014. Is sub. Big back to work Monday man. -- difficult for many people on the alarm clock goes -- order a few days off. You know helping -- -- -- the morning temperatures and lower the humidity is down. Well some long minutes you'll last just humans get this meteorologist Laura -- year. On the early edition of WWL -- have been asking people. It was Acosta live the American. And USA today announces that you have to make about a 130000 dollars per year. That needs to see your family income. For a family of war you lived the American century. And historically the American dream has been on your at least be buying your house. In a BA hall culinary the other bank currently owns your name Ford got more mature you've got to be going home got a car. I -- well and Hank SP live in a big city maybe not but. Around the area yet own a car. And camp they'll take some decent vacations. Matter that the American dreams never had a clear simple definition. Now and then as some of the people that we question when we asked about us you know it did give. Very things a little bit counted depending on what you think it is but I think the basics though of of a home -- car. Education for the kids. Paying your taxes and insurance. But let's goes. And I think the American dream has changed someone I think it what time it was to outright own your home to outright own your car and I think it was -- not have any debt. But now I think the American dream is just be able to enjoy your life and pay your bills every month. And -- -- by mistake by -- well. Some people a month the month paycheck pay eject and I think maybe you know their living the American dream but they're living it in deep debt and so does that still qualify. I don't know we've been talking about. Several things. As well here this morning I get a check on the box office of course on Monday morning weird year. After the Lone Ranger flopped at the box office last year which they thought it was going to be a massive hit. That's studios this year were afraid to launch any major blockbusters. Only game Will Smith hasn't been doing his fourth the delight thing while in all he has and so the box office season instead of like a firecracker went off like it died. There was really nothing to drop people to the theaters the only new movie it did anything with Tammy. But he couldn't even beat out transformers age of extinction that transformers on that one and the new comedy Tammy to -- but overall. 44%. Less. Traffic at the movie theaters this year. -- -- -- very young team it doesn't seem low it is well is lots of you want to theater that is about half as many people here -- remember Portland we -- you're right. Bucket list what's what tops your bucket list mr. -- Although boy you know and run in the bull's sister today in Pamplona Spain -- I use Caribbean travel saying -- think you're. I've always have a plan with my wife. To do at least four. European countries and maybe even do it in her car like buying a car there at that time does not rent one I'll outline why -- -- you spending in the fourth just couple weeks. And mine isn't so. -- now onward shipment back. Old she -- pine Roddy here and -- -- -- that area right from the factory and they take you for two words on the steering will be on -- Fijian beer no I don't fix it as a kind of -- Mr. Imus got the thing and -- then -- around you know around and do like like at least four country. That's in my mind my list includes diving the Great Barrier -- you know a scuba divers are and so take my boys or both lose scuba divers as well and -- -- -- -- Mary reef. I definitely wanted to skydive. And now go back to the side of my honeymoon. And Puerto Rico -- my entire family and spend a couple of weeks. And split up the Atlantic in the Caribbean that Puerto Rico and in doing everything -- that. Sounds good demand does a few things -- my populace thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more first news here on WWL I am FM and a congress Miller joins us from new Orleans City Hall taking a closer look at the numbers in this latest poll on who's going to be the next mayor. Of New Orleans people taxing estimates 7870 some -- wanna run with the bulls others skydive and then. Two people tax mediate 7870. And their bucket listing. -- -- somehow. This meteorologist Laura but well. Live in Iraq from the WW LTV pinpoint forecast senator added -- Now it's free yeah well let me tell you one -- tax you can we talk about with his sister and run the bulls today and to -- I just ask me what's on your bucket -- one person doesn't -- have dinner with or about to. That's another block list. That that's me both flattering and pricing re flatter me after I've mostly flat. Listeners are not. Are. Now but. But you know when you think if things that what's on your pocket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's cold when that happened right it's usually peaks usually rent December January it's the time temperatures up there -- zero. Yeah actually have friends that are going to Iceland that's coming it's coming December -- to do that and they have packages where. They set you up kind of like an -- little igloo that kind of thing -- -- -- and lots of things and he igloo in Atlanta. I mean he and you plan on staying up all night to watch it's it kind of entering today and they -- that night to see it that's kind of cool yet again definitely my. One person wants that dinner with you would not just wants to meet -- my bucket. List includes meeting Laura but now and -- Robert person. -- has -- would be like oh don't worry sees that it's just he would not say that publicly but he he's had a lot of dinners with me at probably. -- -- While asleep by about 630. Well maybe he just need to adjust his schedule so that he's up when but the problem I wasn't on his pocket that's the problem right there. I am not -- if that's what it but it but it probably was one. I mean he proposed -- nomad one area and the rest of his life with you must like you know little bit. Look Steve -- never had there. Ever that is an expectation. But it was not those things like. Yeah luckily it's time at all league and it it does and it's in the and it -- get angry with me as you sang Laura's not bucket list worthy. And prop that. -- said that not me. Up ice time however weather's weather is worthy of some brains out. Record lows in the low humidity. -- out yeah. We get more 60s and 70s this morning. And we actually -- north of the like upper sixties you know this whole time it's been more noticeable -- North Shore areas that South Shore. But mourning have been very nice evenings have been beautiful and -- it still gets hot during the day. It just hasn't been quite as humid so we'll keep fiscal and a little bit early this week. Little by little humidity turns their we're returns by the end that we. OK so we have a couple more days of this argument for that on shore flow return yet but. Writing sports to your pre to hit back at the atmosphere. Up -- Pretty dry -- -- Thunderstorms possible partners. Can also pretty much the same folks for the next couple days before things get a little more moist a little more human a little rain year by the end of the week out Arthur on -- and aren't there. Yeah ever spit a carried it. Happy that you carry speed that's a fight and spit. It out but. I hope don't swallow that you know it. That. Yeah oh geez now my kids that we went a little we don't have a buyer baggage areas and then just go out since -- five -- -- them just for fun is it technique there's just oh well there's definitely want I don't know about because it is a new well I guess that's a record. International cherry -- spitting championship with held over the fourth of July weekend. And Ryan Krause spit his cherry pick. Eighty feet eight inches. No right now. Coming in -- it was his dad who's been at 77 feet seven and happened to. Form. That. It is amazing. And it doubles last year's record with -- just over 41 feet by Matt Beebe gun -- 480 feet eight inches that. Record you wouldn't thinks now Ireland although kraus told the record he's -- he's -- 193 feet -- to have ended back in 2000. Do I -- you got to work up some serious pressure in your mouth is it. -- Around. The ethnic. Then in motion and get the momentum and -- I think it is kind of hand over and puff up their cheeks and spit out. The. At -- -- -- got pictures of it were putting and -- W -- to -- and up -- me but that's impressive here full pressure. Yes that's update hurt somebody that. They met its -- if they can spit a cherry pit nearly 81 feet. The man or any spit at one -- 93 feet you -- haven't that they spent that you close range that would that would. Thank you. But now live and direct -- Eyewitness News forecast. Spitting at cherry pit. That -- not on my bucket list but we'll find out what's on your -- keep texting me at 87870. I'll share some of your responses and sports with you -- bucket list. Climbing shipments arch in western China says one taxes paid 77 me. Another says skydiving and a trip to Australia Elizabeth things on my list. Just one says another to activate them mutiny ride in the crew of and -- Another presence as meeting Dave -- is on my bucket list really it is saying that because the couple people that they won me orbit. That really is -- anyone do before you die we can make that happen that's an easy one nobody else's I wanna play it down for the New Orleans Saints that harder. It's much easier to come up with a radio station and they -- -- made that is -- go play. Tied down for the same. And Marc -- what tops your bucket list. You know. Not playing it down over the -- -- -- -- unless I catch a ball and not get hit I don't believe that that that is usually some kind of tackle or at least a block involved if you played down but the thing yeah I feel like I would just get crushed him if I try to play now with the things well doing sports on WW I'll probably was at one time and calculus so go ahead and do that now. It's still my bucket list and go go ahead and and accomplish how about that. Novak Djokovic almost washed it all slip away yesterday he was leading two sets to one and up 52 in the fourth set with a match point. Roger Federer -- storming back winning five straight games to take the fourth set 75 and and even up the game at two sets all Djokovic says it was gut check time. It was disappointing losing the fourth set that being so close to win it in match point. Djokovic steady himself rallied for a rally for a five set victory and said it was his mental toughness that eventually won the day. The only way I could have. Won the -- -- by believing that I can make it all the way at the end and staying mentally strong and that's that's what I've done I didn't allow my emotions creative way. The win gives Djokovic his second Wimbledon title and allows them to regain the number one ranking in the world. Could king James be taking his game back the Cleveland. That's what the cavaliers are hoping and they think that but they might have a real shot at breaking james' home -- like the recent resigning of all star game MVP Harry Irving. And the drafting him number one overall pick Andrew -- as signs that the team is on the rise they've also already -- would do this agent hoping to mend some of the hard feelings that occurred when James left -- for Miami. As for James himself he's expected to meet the Miami Heat president Pat Riley later this week and go from there. And congratulations to former raging cajun Jonathan -- now a catcher with the Milwaukee Brewers -- was elected to his first Major League Baseball all star game this week. I'm mark minority and that's your early look at sports so what is on your populist give a sports bucket list teams you'd like to attend some he would like to go all I would love to go to Wimbledon. Yeah -- -- -- I'd been watching Wimbledon is I was a kid and I watch it every year and here in the World Cup here and Wimbledon I am I like tennis -- like tennis overall not just Wimbledon but Wimbledon is is the grand old lady of of all tennis tournaments and that's the one. That everyone grows up one you know if you if you wanna play tennis that's where you wanna play. Right well if -- -- to center court at Wimbledon what I'll I'll I'll go if you want me to go all go. That's on his populist what's on -- attacks mediate 7870. More of your responses and the forecast coming -- just -- one can Andrea you know to be it. Let's get here. Still cooler forecast the quiet weather continues for us and us on the warm side again today -- Monday afternoon high nineteen wine and look for -- 10% chance for just a straight storm. But close tonight dipping into the low seventies on both sides of the leak. And right back up to 91 tomorrow rain chances a little higher at 20% and for Wednesday we're going with 920. At 820% chance for rain. From the pinpoint forecast center and -- to slot back tempers. Excuse on the North -- lows seventy south of the like one person text mediate 7872 were doing the running of the bulls in New Orleans next weekend does that count as a bucket list. Getting chased by roller derby girls. In the French Quarter on roller -- this on your budget -- I guess that would count other person says buying my wife her favorite vacuum carpool. Vacuum carpet shampoo word that's on your bucket list. The maker happy about a month go to outer space and other taken hot air balloon flight -- at -- -- wants to spend a night with a particular points they texted me that. Really. About it. A person wants to ride a motorcycle coast to coast another person wants to play basketball with Michael Jordan took a pass from Drew Brees got to go to the Kentucky Derby what's on your bucket list but it is a that was. And do something from Hemingway had probably played a fish for days before I'd. Gave Gordon viable yet running the balls to me risk high reward to you -- like did you skydive. I'm gonna do that never done it got -- -- -- eighteenth birthday regards. But not just what the other guy. You know get a first and understand that the tandem jump but I wanted. Three -- out exactly. Anti mine ha that's on my last -- the Great Barrier Reef is on the -- -- industrial -- speaking of drills and pushing the envelope endurance and dangerous things written about reparations today. -- exactly where it's looking a new phase in their reparations which is getting some talk in the national media announce a much. The fact all of them but at least a conversation about them. And head for the next wars on -- and they'll talk about tipping and the week and coming typically. 1520%. In -- -- between fifteen and one particularly the low meets it it's terrible it's it. Yes ambivalence violence. Have a great show it that he -- for the next four hours upon what gets him on it again.

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