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7-7 8:10am Tommy,tipping

Jul 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Michael Wynn, a Professor of Consumer Behavoip

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David you and your family members and all the neighbors and so forth go down and hang out and Applebee's. Go down hang out and apple Wesley commercials presented in your house everything goes on -- on NHL. That. -- apple dad very Jordan Jordan come on analog and Applebee's I would saying I -- -- to that question -- Well you know much like the Internet not everything you see on TV is true and accurate portrayal that listen to what. TGI. Example. Yes. All on the yes that's an out of -- you're out of problems. So same rate down to those TGI Friday's they're having unlimited appetizers all you can eats. This summer promotion ten dollars a person. -- Jews and one appetizer from a list of the most popular. Including you can't get all -- but tough to get pick one and stick -- their equipment and stay with that right so loaded baked potato skins. -- as it is -- boneless buffalo wings mozzarella sticks. And you get unlimited refills. They -- Schering has discouraged but the roles like can be enforced play. Servers. I like your chief marketing officers at the end of the day our servers aren't policeman we're not gonna slap some money hand. If they reach over and here's somebody else's mozzarella sticks. Other people in a restaurant in his -- saying it's never gonna work. Chris comes out of six more decide to get together and pool their resources all ordering one item and sharing. But I don't. Now we've seen this and other places that tried to giveaway like a free. You know chickens Sam weren't sure whatever it is -- free chicken -- -- resentment. It is a couple of years ago now ready to get crazy on the account of appraisers for the the rest of the summer news. I just I think it's gonna work because when you get right down 20 for the most part. I think it's one of those deals where it seems great while all all of wings -- elements around us and -- vice all of loaded potato skins but you have to pick one her. And I think that ultimately. You gonna fill up on you mozzarella sticks can yeah would you really want to eat now. What about the drinking that's a separate thing right yeah -- policy doesn't bother counting on you you're gonna do. At least one beer right after another have you ever been there where -- -- you know it's only need this and you think it sounds like a great deal and and you get it then you realize you've beaten. Nowhere near 25 dollars worth. And youthful. I would take a break when a mental talk about tipping David when you when you're done deed do you want. The server did to him you know Jack around with you kids back and forth their. Many relationships -- are all artists don't want a relationship I certainly light kind -- friendly. We're like we're murder leaving them wife writes a point doesn't she nice or something and out but but I don't -- get cozy. And inventive you know big long conversations. Have you ever tips not -- somebody want -- zero as a point now. At a neither guy was Eminem -- the other day at a sushi place and I and I. Has asked for a different Booth isn't going to when he gave us and appeared to anger him even though it was a later. It was slam and dishes and so no others note no no. Excuse but even an -- 15%. Yeah I'm gonna leave wood chip probably no matter unless it's just horrible. Horrible but you certainly something -- you -- not ranked mr. Knight will be back Tommy Tucker tuchman tipping Warren sent. Stiffing a waitress and more on that W I Tommy tiger talk about sitting here welcoming you back to work or your normal schedule after the fourth of July weekend. Hot humid 10% chance frustration our thunderstorms highs around 91 to feel like 93 and 98 which no one. Tropics are quiet so I guess we'll take -- eighty degrees right now -- Warren -- generated some news on the Internet he was watching World Cup soccer game Belgium in the US at a sports bar and the waitress kept calling him and his group -- And he wrote a big note on that on the hand that said boys don't tip left the big zero signed his name of course picture of that is gone. Viral as they say in. I'll talk now about tipping part of the I guess response to the warns champions and it was high UC black people don't yet. But our next guest is on some resurgence of that and it could be continuing cycle like Michael -- professor of consumer behavior and marketing. At the Cornell university's school of hotel administration morning doctor win. Thanks for taking the time with us. How does things like -- start where. All of a sudden servers for whatever reason and there are a lot of African American servers in the country that presume. Black people don't tip or is that just. This is something that is borne out by effect. Yet something that they learn over time. I've done. A large number of studies. Both in isolated local populations. In the East Coast and midwest. The south. And nationwide. National probability sample and I find that it's not the Blackstone tip that they tip. -- frequently in the -- smaller amount on average than morning. And again it goes to individuals -- not predictable sometimes groups of people aren't directly and is there a reason for this. I don't know the complete reason. Let the best explanation I've come up with what explains now a third to a half of this race difference. Is aware of the important that you're supposed to tip fifteen to 20%. What it is that about 70% -- if you ask them to that question how much -- you expected to the -- Will give an answer in the fifteen to 20% range which is what I would consider the current -- Only about 35% of blacks half the level whites. Respond with a fifteen to 20% -- they simply don't know how much is expected. Could it be a function of -- somehow historically culturally perhaps. People of lower means not all black people that perhaps the people of lower means. Couldn't afford to tip. And it was either. Not go out or go out and not leave a very big tip. If there's a couple of seeing their first stop. While it's true that blacks make less on average than whites in this country and it's also true that what you people have to tip war. The black quite different. Percent. Even after controlling for income. OK so that's not the real explanations. For why we get this -- difference. But there are also racial and ethnic differences in dining out practices. And blacks are less likely than whites in this country to -- full service restaurants. And so it's possible I don't have that data to support this but it's possible that there are differences in history. Being taken to restaurants as a child and being taught to social more. It just so -- know in terms of definitional full service restaurant would be where waiters or you wait yeah. You sit down and the waiter teacher order brings you couldn't. Got you so when it comes to the did the preference of people I don't know if you researches and not sit. You know waiters or waitresses chatting you up in -- friend -- Or just being ideal formally polite not hurt anybody's feelings and just bring in the Flutie on time is is there a difference between. What people prefer as it relates of the tips they leave. Wow people do get better. Is they like the service just not a whole lot better. And when servers do things to increase their social report with the table whether it's chatting them telling a joke. Introducing themselves by name squatting down next to table read and pulling a chair and sitting at this table. All of those things they do increased. There is a -- difference in response to that squatting down pulling up to cheer at the table. The greater -- servers do that white people they get better chips they don't get better -- when they do that black people that fact. They get slightly lower tips. It -- now the study were tested that I have a white waitress so with that. And interracial interaction. Issue or I think it's more likely. There's a fair amount of -- search on comparable behavior suggesting that blacks have. Closer into first greater distance that they considered their personal space. And so I think they perceived the waitresses violating the personal space more than points to. Elena Sheldon who was African American in the control room shaking his head and the wood which you mean -- you don't want people. Approaching you like it's like 83 feet stay away that kind of thing. -- there's just financial distance the people in statement. Okay and also blacks are less likely to maintain direct eye contact. We don't put you -- but they don't maintain the same level of direct eye contact during conversations. That whites do. And it's a cultural thing right. -- -- and so squatting down sitting at the table may have violated personal space in too much -- contact which is also. Like him space invasion. Doctor appreciate -- time I really do I think it's fascinating stuff I hope we talk to you again. All right thank you doctor Michael -- professor of consumer behavior in marketing at the Cornell university's school. A hotel administration's so if you are black if you play if you worked essence fest. This weekend which I don't think it's crossing any lines say that is a predominantly African American event. Would you please give me ecology 601870. Toll free 866889087. And let me know. If there was really any difference in tips between this or any other crowd and -- also askew from the the person that eats and restaurants point of view. Are you more likely to tip. Hi -- if you go to a place where you know you gonna go back. As opposed to being on vacation and -- it's like you know what. Never to see this person in Orlando again so here's my chances to save a couple of bucks on the Disney vacation and asleep 10%. We have an assumed name me feel like it's seeing call under the collar identity protection program right now eight when he fort. Timely to traffic that we're gonna -- province Tommy Tucker talking about tipping in the race and essence festival and Jordan and -- challenges round of a good point they said I think name and his -- dog it was place company burger Rory gets you go I've never been but you go to your own food. And he used to play shorter than you pick up your food then you get your own drinks. Did you are at their service at all is there any -- stance there they tell me no but but when you go to like Piccadilly if you ever gonna cafeteria. I feel bad for those ladies that worked here and I don't even Piccadilly a lot. Let's of course it's you know hamburger -- today but. Did you feel bad because you get your own food get DC get bad and then you're supposed to leave a tip and I'm not quite sure for what but I feel bad for the ladies that worked there are solely a couple of dollars carloads -- morning and other WL thanks for calling. So there. Well thank you very much please use. -- -- -- OJ you're our. Partner you bought your. -- tell you -- docket in really go into this and I guess that in asking that part of his study shows. That. People letter blacks sometimes get worse service because they're anticipating. A bad to happen and then they blow you off and that's already happened to me with a with a kid where they think -- is guys and I believe anything and they underestimate me and YouTube and guess. -- Back at. It got expect. It okay well he is it that error. Are not yet that. It's our arsenal but he cannot. Act. Because we. Play it. I'm right there with you -- is as big nobody's doing it because there independently wealthy. But when somebody sits down at the table with the you know like they do it some chain restaurants and so forth. -- feel like to be in played or do you feel like well that's part of the act in their doing an okay. Well. Or what did you. But it'll be. 008. So we. -- Bigger in the back and lower. Beat the -- You sound a lot like me -- and never could understand though is if your job is based on tips and and I you know -- same brand that works on commission. You can't curb qualify you can't figure well this person's not gonna do this. Let it affect the service she give occasion never know so I would end if your server I'd love to talk Tia -- you Carla -- the people listening. I'd like to know how you cannot work your mind off on every table because you never ever know. But you'd get to get -- it out everybody chipped in -- that they act like. You know it back -- you really can't base it on. But if you let the last table affect the way you effect at the way you tip this -- serve this table. -- and have a a long slow shift now to make -- money. You -- expect most. You are you in. Charlotte you know separated during the ninety. Our. Candidate 831 more. Conversation when we come back right now -- time for -- W -- news that we go to data link heaven an interesting conversation about tipping David and Texans and when the tab comes -- you put your money in a plastic folder. And they don't even look at how much money in the -- do you need change. No you keep the change bring me the bills are rude arm and is Asman says -- work in a restaurant industry for about twelve years now. So I try to tip a lot more than what you should because most of the servers don't make. But three dollars an hour but I have -- the server due to extremely poor service to make a point. One time we came in to -- hostesses waited fifteen minutes be seeded waited and another almost forty minutes Stephen -- server oh after starter drink orders and come back for another fifteen or twenty minutes and we decided. That was it and we laughed yeah I would -- -- at that point there was no excuse considering. They were two or ten people in a restaurant and have heard Tom Fitzmorris talk about this and I have experienced this its seems like. You get the worst service when the restaurant is slow and I don't understand it. Doesn't make any science and don't tell me about understaffed this and and a time out to people just sitting in the corner BS in my you wait. So continue the conversation I have been at restaurants though where you'd just get the feel this this is not work out. Yeah yeah I -- I know exactly what you're talking about is it just may be it's that. I don't know maybe -- the first ten or fifteen minutes when you haven't seen anyone after you were treated. -- and down you got that feeling and no way to I don't know over an NC LB over here in a minute -- Nine gonna happen. And if you are black have you ever felt that a server thought you wouldn't tip well -- got bad service in essence may Canada. Self fulfilling prophecy Robert van rouge morning on W. -- And asthma and -- signing you. It wouldn't call -- character okay. African American male in the weeks at least 2:20 Pacific. Weeks that -- diligently. As it did not come -- really did a little bit because it's a little political speech political political team. And no question that we went to -- and -- included charity. It -- just tell them to get a cheese -- It's an -- -- -- but. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- In a powerful and yeah I. Got a poet talks immediately pinnacle. But ultimately people won't be speaking to finally. And I wanna do it not -- you just. You -- from opposite and luckily luckily. I don't know don't don't don't don't don't totally count but it. And they need to capitulate got a lot like -- They -- not disagree on which he's. Getting Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I -- the -- me. I didn't know we don't know I mean books he had already actually you say it's -- to myself man account felt bad. I already -- and at the world but I know they're disappointed in Dayton it'll. When it comes you -- your friends that are black do you think they hit. Higher or lower average. It is pretty new to you know we couldn't all right -- You know this doesn't. We usually treatments and -- -- -- -- But now. One -- -- I don't know how long -- -- -- -- We which -- at least in Coolidge. Wouldn't particularly in place a proper. And then. -- little bit -- much. Do you believe. He just works in Japan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- EL one million in the -- Between include a particularly accurate powerful. Yeah yeah. Was he trying to prove a point. So you don't know if you're he thought it was. -- -- -- -- While thank you Robert glad you called his XL 1878 toll free 866. 8890878. Leslie Harvey's AME Melvin embody else hang on we'll be right back under the WL Tommy Tucker talked about sixteen and get a text becomes enamored French Quarter bartender. I had more problems this weekend with hillbilly types then essence folks about class. Not race. Here this taxes -- waited tables 25 years after about five years I realize that treating all customers -- was the best. Policy. However he has an experience are -- usually predict what kind of -- someone is over the long haul however. To sell seemed even out a tip according to effort and attitude many times quality of services more to do with the kitchen. Where management when I get that but you know when the server walks by eighteen times and eating and drink refill a museum looking over there. And then turn it away and it's kind of hard to accept and I still wouldn't. Table cloth profile anybody -- work every tables -- is like good. -- you never know Sammy and a French Quarter the morning on -- WL. Okay legal and -- -- I really appreciate -- I had just sophomoric and I work in the French Quarter and the bartender. And a mandate only I had a wonderful wonderful experience slipped and -- crowd. -- -- -- Now I didn't actually. -- Believer that she didn't do very well be. Agrees a local city. They like all the work better. Last night I. Shall war and made struggle more and again Friday and Saturday. Gently. It was midnight there Marla. Let the -- should be resolved block stopped and the -- are all blocked out. -- evil and I get around. They're revolution. But it for a good chipping to be equal. And that 10. Judges Sammy I got an -- get some rest and they act as if I can imagine it's kind of tough stuff. Work on my -- bottling it up. I -- -- arrow in the morning and evidently well. Take them to talk about doing good hobby let's not -- not much of the -- used to work in industry years ago and you know when when you chip that. That wage assembly -- that China money those. -- at least that I used to do it you know -- did that wagers would tip the bartender at large candidate. Kitchens that the possibilities. And not you know say don't and I make everything that you -- at a -- table. I but. -- An alleged she means it but I learned you know early on and do just that. You're going to -- great effect on things yet you do you don't have the total service that it. General rule Thomas -- percent chip out of the effects. Let last year message sent this year we happen to be at that local casinos that big man down man. And we had the -- and -- -- east. Table seven African American young ladies and and that. Yes sir it was African American lead to -- young leaving -- women well women. -- 120. Anyway. United opening now woken up Avago atomic weapons left they left it up and on the table and late night and tell you. Harvey and and opt out so bad matchup -- like chagrin that. I thought about outlet to not get credit for them and. I'll tell you I I agree and I disagree and and here's why I've already like Q. All men adore or supplemented the people it didn't leave a tip the waitress it was nicer the waiter was nice. By leaving them extreme covered -- table at the end but. At a buffet I can't really you know I don't know but I can't says it's a function of racer. Or females that are Ager what is. I probably went left bloodied because you. And Leone the food yourself you're going to get this resolved that yourself an Olympian -- drink and -- 10% seems now item even seem like a very generous man more. -- come back right now -- 537. Before nine tunneling -- traffic. Noted -- Robinson Tommy Tucker data WL talking about taping this. Is an interesting texts I mean united cab driver and I do. I think taxi drivers should be tipped. And I also am an African American and I would find is that African Americans are the ones who don't tip and I found that out moreover this past weekend. That's another question. When it comes tipping cab drivers how much do you tip and I'm in this bad habit of saying keep the change. And I tip wanted to if you drive throughs -- if it's a five minutes 350 as a Yankee the change of its. Cab driver and its. Yeah you know ten dollars and it's 850 got to keep the -- I don't know how much. You should took a cab driver award in my shoes in the room and hotel when -- on vacation and -- budget buster man on time you get up at camp. Go to the hotel you're down 25 you haven't done anything yet. Melvin quickly -- -- -- -- W -- thanks for calling a morning. Good morning on the call -- welcome. I'm in the military and -- travel a lot that its own business sort of straight -- these locations and my wife and I we like to get. At least -- at least 1518. Sometimes 20%. But the bottom line Tommy is -- -- Based on the quality of their. Well it depends on what you mean anything zero apple. -- -- now would when. I would hear this examples Cezanne hold if you can through the news and nobody else hang on we'll continue our conversation. Answer about going on vacation now. Down 25 hadn't done anything.

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