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7-07 4:10pm Sports Talk: Fantasy Sports Trip

Jul 7, 2014|

Deke talks to WWL listeners asking if you could go first class to any sporting event anywhere, anytime where would you go?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports so I'm Deke Bellavia indicate he came back BA BA as army case he will be back -- us all on Friday coming up on today's show a lot to gain too. -- Helen pro basketball talk dot com -- And editor he will be with us to talk about where Carmelo Anthony -- lane and what about that Big Three in my game. Could we be seeing the into the Big -- they had to be considered a success. Would you say what the fourth straight finals although they were 502 and two in those final winning to a losing team. The Houston Rockets have become teammates a playable and it's just like Houston is just trying to and the happiest the proposal when you look at the rock on thing. Oh they were trying to be in in the backseat or at least be in contention for a guy like Kevin Love. Made a pitch for Carmelo Anthony and now after Chris boss seemed like they don't feel like they have enough already in place. With Harden man with a giving interviews that fifty million dollar expiring contract because that is attracted to those teams. And Dwight Powell -- talked to about -- also where the pelicans will be. On -- Amir a sick and they go in lock him this week. And how that would help the pelicans movement full Andrew Kolb would Jonas of over the cap dot com music -- expenses on -- capped mountains. Would Jimmy grand -- -- -- done in the next eight days where all the Saints in terms of salary cap. And who in the league is in dire straits. -- who. With the state to make some move as far as giving up a lot of the fall for a guy like -- green. That's on me plus operated jaguar opinion poll media called in over the course at that -- talk about. Well you know we've got a good team so. I think this could be one of the best teams we've handled paper looks good. We posed the question. With. The main focus now on Jimmy Graham not just here in New Orleans but the entire league this offseason right now and Osama. All the Saints a playoff team. Without Jimmy going we know they are a playoff team with him but are -- a playoff team without him the green and taken a step further. You get to crunch time -- divisional round pick championship. And even those who -- He isn't over the top player he can put you over the top is numbers show that sixteen touchdown receptions a year ago. Mentally so all other Saints -- a playoff team without Jimmy -- text me at 87870. Email as a beat chief at WW order comic called it final four. To a 6018786688. -- he rates and when I'm driving into work every day. On interstate. Right here about it don't. Going out and coming in just off the -- It's easy to be. Top. Vote is right best back and right over the best by. -- is the lottery thing. Right now it's at one point one -- 21 me. So for fun these so to speak let's say you have and it will be -- many people call. Alison -- Ohio where way to argument three take no -- not give anything away for free. We hypothetically talk until you if you add a blank tee it. But -- blanket had to be use as an experience. For sporting event. First class at the -- first -- he -- those leather seats. Not the back of the plane when there's if you all you know these are seeking and bringing some some some days they think they. -- notes that they'd just a little notes and airline may need to assaulted at a higher roasted. They throw sprite and -- for some time and might be I don't know you know the count all pretty bright in Milan so. But you sit in first class. Leather seats. Warm blanket would you like you pillow -- the stability. How about some -- me. We sit in first glance he would go on to any sporting event we want to ignore I'm W you wanna go. The world club championship. This week and -- rhodesian. Have you wanna go first class plane ticket to blow and get to -- But what sporting event would you choose. And think about. I want them calling them I want go to what the Haskell baseball championship to have a field. I'm on like you know there's absolutely nothing wrong with that -- that you wanna do but if you gain a first class ticket roundtrip. Camp got a cup but the accommodation. You know. The whole. -- and the -- Making a big trip -- bring you to bring your fan in America was that'll keep for people. Triple -- how about we make it fun like that. Any sporting event in the world. Which would you choose and why if you had a chance. To go back. Into. Go to -- sporting events. Which sporting event would -- be. Final four to six point seven when he beat it it would -- where you buy tickets Beagle to the original Yankee Stadium. In the thirties. And you could see. Joseph Louis -- Battle maximum. Put it wouldn't change -- for the way they shut the city of New York now. From my house a square blocks people took off it was listed about where radio screaming it would be like. People would hear from one blocked well enough people all over the world. It was those vs the at a time where our country. Didn't really consider all of us us. As it was a lottery to -- But everybody was behind to Brian Joseph Joseph. The brown bomb and to lose a call on -- Brown. Would -- be that that might be 122601878668. And you you know the text in the calls. Make it these make -- show he has a -- that has to go up tennis at Roland Garros clay call via. Rafael Nadal he owns that -- He owns a yankees. Sixty's something they want is also want them there yeah absolutely that's ago managed to go see those play. -- NC while one man is just so much more dominant. Then somebody else on a particular search -- there's a Sports Illustrated swimsuit. Count as a sporting event I guess if you're counting like the actual shoot yeah sort of for a Sports Illustrated. Don't let him back and movement. They used to be like adults only from a Sports Illustrated. Like hot dog at different times adults I think the dog at one like best in show and so full. No it and you go back a Sports Illustrated or something where you can be like oh you can -- like hold they hold. Cogs in a back in Thailand beat the rumbling -- yes prominent on the gorilla in the room. I'd go to Kentucky Derby all. Dressed up. And -- monger of the biggest days hey you can -- year's big and it's a burden that's a big deal. At the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday and made a great race. Two minutes in sports. The Kentucky there wouldn't be on this so without a lot of takes to get to. Got some calls demanding in -- Stephen Graham is and that Australia under. You don't get Ross is -- a time when this summer dates -- -- not to get -- on today's program but we're taking you where you want to go from a sporting event Spain. Free -- first class accommodations I mean if you talk about the NHL finals -- on clay it's I mean on the glass you can. Beat the class. Taught the team achieved but you'll. Behind the dugout and Yankee Stadium game seven. A World Series the Yankees and echo. You'd draw it up you -- meanwhile 504 to a 601878668890870. And Jimmy Graham all the Saints AL team. Without a degree. Can show vote online at WW dot. Others saying it's a playoff team now Jimmy Graham. It's operated jaguar opinion posted WWL dot com sales serve beer. Of Serbia and a baseball. And it's right so Serbia's station they open running at target field. So twins fans Minnesota fans. And people go to baseball. All star activities -- next week. They can actually this Iowa and they want and how much they want. There's certain prices gained like four or so months. And outs fans attending games can go to camp for Houston became showing ID in reload a ten dollar twenty dollar cards. For the all star game they figure out caller will be only. They've got this is this -- bottom but like cost thirty cents per ounce while shocked not naming Shandi. And goose island three -- urban pale male will calls forties and now. Now I've been in places before you -- you know -- candy in the time beer and goose 320 -- pale pale. Forty cents a pound the -- called him back in the days. My alone -- great good vibrant crowd at the Colombo mainly on that came and it won youth. Might be exceeding them and OJ Allah. -- crowd talk about. Mosque there on the -- And the different country what is gambling -- CD came in the smoke and it d'antoni. I'm the guy when he's he's he's won its -- you know -- a smile challenges. Just the -- kind -- wins era something to drink mr. statements through the it's and give UConn now. Frank. Reasonable men -- and -- them. To. Be here in the that we you'll. -- I've sort among the but they are having self serve beer and some call him that -- -- -- Edmonton. So many Saints are out. If you more about it and but it'll song. To the phone to go home a -- to land thank you for calling WW yeah. We didn't -- I don't know he is is going yeah yeah glad that you really hate mail -- agreement love lie. Let. Jimmy Graham yes he's good. He's not -- League and every at bat. Who grew aren't in the -- and -- Mark my word for. So you were you would be in the voting on the paraded jaguar opinion -- that you think the Saints. Are a playoff team without Jimmy -- All right yes yeah yes sir yes sir. Do it and you know like they're beyond -- She -- kick it deep if you do want to get out there. And I don't do. Hey go for. Now I'm not gonna let -- you know I will midget but I won't let you. So -- -- if I if I foot the bill for a trip to you to go to a sporting event first plans where where would you choose to go. -- There's a game. On top all over the world. Free -- first first class everything you can go where you won't -- To hole it would -- dugout to. That's right yet again we are going this year and we did you take about a storm. -- and you -- the civil right now. Not. I've got to believe DJ gay is updating. It. High he -- you article to the odds against Purdue sent out the speed of the hot seat this. Right now because this is all contingent on if some and balls in the place. But there is -- money. Money being big huge on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2015. You NBA title and the reason why Vegas this on the quote is this is -- ESPN's -- right now but this is the equal. Of route on through it all OOD he is the GM GM vice president the MGM grand they are biggest liability right now. We took a banned. On -- board in the war. Meaning so many people think and at the cavs what they've already locked up carrier -- think that they have gone to. Possibly. -- possibly. Give LeBron James back. They started out at sixty don't want. But now some sports books -- getting so much action all -- To win the NBA tout a bump people off in his bed so -- don't go under. Oh somebody sports books are going to have days where -- come to fruition the head down to -- toward. In the one on a team that badly want a handful of games last year so a lot of people got down. When it was 67 a deliberate have a heart to one. I've been a couple of books on -- in his apartment that house. But there. -- that they care as winning the title can't win the title now or in the -- because so many people are taken -- a gamble just taken a gamble. Because they think that they may be able to sign LeBron thing is better. 260 point seven Texas 878 and the Hugo. The Maryland Noel is CD is the tactics impressive summer league debut at nineteen points he has and that was. That was the the you know if he'd stayed at -- you have to do have to be in the front court. You make happening to him better off. Short term because you are my -- it -- go Leo lately this year vs two guys in particular one it was an almost -- In Evans and holiday. But it'd be nice it would be nice having you know -- -- can do it. They can get -- hurry. Dependent on what they do is suppose in the market for game in Miami got to go against the laws now. -- played this year. He's a guy you know 34 years into the -- will be better. Yankees Red Sox 2004 ALCS yes. That was -- I think their Red Sox coming back and win that one down 03 makes up for a lot a lot. Going on with that series and the Yankees -- rates make it even though when you go down 03 you make if it's on them -- them before but it's big to do. Stephen Gramercy got hold on I'm come right back team but the -- -- morbid you. Will lead us all Knicks opened on the whole arrest the way did it -- -- -- -- 430 of the first things we'll go to -- hands. You know there's always something new at WW dot com a suspect in a -- -- shooting refuses to be extradited from Mississippi it will governor Jindal. In a vain and how long of a process always talked about we've got the latest. I'll always and a food stamp call it's. Feeding him that day. Yeah at one point premium. Went to people who no longer alive you won't believe this story. My got him to Wear on you to computer whip opponent -- on. How much does a fan of four indeed a tentative the American -- If -- and -- match as the rest of America and -- we soon be eating horses imported from other cart. Austin harvesting is at an all time low tech now and -- in there at the latest blog the Saints. Hold an average and Jimmy Graham is take on the -- Ticket out. At WW dot com cast a vote operated jaguar paying ample body texting and emailing all the sight of Al team. Without you meet great. It's. The the Saints don't need. Jamie during down. Is the TT is Olsen and Jimmy Graham. But we have the number Dallas with an average -- -- what he had a number an -- QB. Question. Thank you very martz. It's -- you know no one player makes eighteen. But -- your -- B to get to the playoffs and beyond. Suitable quote today that it thing. Eight I take a first class trip hands down to the Olympic just can't decide if it's -- all wanna follow some -- sports but I also love skiing but hate to be Cole. So yes. -- -- that and it's at the meat of -- should thank program martz shock wears on. This -- that this Olympics and is in the calendar you know he had the winning games and some games while and I. -- -- -- -- Like in -- trade places him in trade places and Eddie Murphy and and act or. And the dad did Coleman played like how's that Butler took care house. In Miami Heat the big -- go to the stock market me it be known commodities and owned and everything. And then finally again to skating down. The -- accurate he gets on my team gave him. And they don't own island somewhere and he neatly on an acronym Jamie knickers on the ball is Ohman to have the arts. -- About the lots of credit Craig call into his eyes the only she's won and so what I have both social policy people on. -- for speed hello Steve. But mama a lot better now that I look when you -- are good true of our biggest regret that you may have. Jimmy in the entire series that really put a little bit stupid but -- it. Which ultimately can't let a talent like tech the yeah I hear people Corbett said there'll. Now the -- do they go. That would target pretty and I don't think I know and make -- feel as -- the -- about Portland and root and branch pick on -- wouldn't that you're back. They did give the ball beat you now where we're gonna work it out like two birdies. -- -- worked up about boats. And you know sometimes the silence. These people are nervous. And hang in you know -- be brutal second and here's a bank. Neither sat has a reason to say anything is not like right now this is going on during the season where it is Prez now does it every -- coaches got addressed the media. It's got to be as if there was as it was going to be one think so you know. I'll I'll I think we can go bastard a common sense approach and we can go about what the Saints have gone on to Sean Payton. And what Jimmy Graham has not to -- being a year in Jimmy Graham has done. Everything has been days that he's been a great story he loves his CD he loves his team he loves this is his quarterback. And he's stated Don I think just about all the right things so. Until otherwise. I have no reason to believe anything on the the Jimmy Graham will continue to being that Jimmy Graham that we are not and if he's not -- the first Serbian to me I'm wrong but I'm not call I'm not because somebody that's an up and what's going on right now. I'm not will be like -- now where I'm only at some happened before you know it happens. I agree with that it would it would. -- -- Didn't get it -- biggest contract that's right. Yeah the ticket would have them and everybody. And get together and make out a good -- of that he would let contract so he won't make a belt and ticket timeout -- you have the -- wants a championship does does not tortured. Newton that's artifact Arafat at some foot Nabil following up talk about anything you could imagine you'd think. Even you commands on -- -- a feeds. Doubled up out the water into the plane -- -- the -- open give you -- caviar like it do you think you can imagine on your trip where would you want me to -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carpet thing about it he's our only hope they use the send me. On the checkered well. I -- one gold. I won't vote them out about you know what we're about eight Tom black youth oriented you sound. OK okay but. What about the obvious choice is class. I'm Dave DuBois there are paying -- Part of it and at about. Eight she's very you know -- -- -- you know -- want to vote below. Of the vote you know eat the bench who watched that Leo. Eight feet. All of a -- of the I would open on Sunday and final round. But that that away yeah mention tackle lose somebody. Wherever the equipment and to a good day a lot so look for a good shot. I know I'm I'm -- employ an instance you've gone on one knows buses and out like the -- I'm all come and what we'll do. We'll make it so tricked out will ask him them make some of those commit to -- sandwiches with some regards to tees. And also I'll bring I've been a big block -- commodities as we just have all complement OT sound. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right bury you 2260170. -- as it takes big we would all we would all love Jimmy to state. But for only a right price because we have the defense aside about take care of makes you -- any time to dole out big contract that's on them because there's always. I hear it that's what I GM is always thinking about. Not just this movement how these move epics potential future move and I remember. What got. -- that -- locked up with the depth you noted that option on that you know five main but the following season. But when you go into the year before. We have a reasonably to cam Jordan ankle continue to the only incline in move enough he can be hopeful big payday. And I know some people call me a -- But we didn't take action upon England has seen them at the big year. -- in the whole grand scheme of things that -- the can you -- Soulful thought that makes nonsense that thought about it. It's the -- No drew no -- bowl. He's only one if we lose this season. We have canteen not me not make the whale. On me -- we'll come back Lansing met tree and Johnny honestly I'm not posted yet on the 2601878. -- will take you wherever you wanna go on a sporting event across the globe you name it. First class the derby somebody said amassed. So Bobo. About one of those dive in the -- those nineties or ABC while or sports to be often like the cliffs. A some Caribbean area in the cliff -- in that -- -- -- did you see Giles was that he can seem always to the bottom Lucy. You -- in the there's some way to center on little squeak from Japan at you know. And since none of the tenth -- to on this on thought is this somewhere some fall on our name like that. Maybe some my -- or about TBA. You could be first clients. I have a big goal. One of those big like to -- Diana wanted to peavy both Brad and Bronco the recent right. And all right our romance does -- -- -- basis sports talk on WW. Is it takes big you could take me defeat in a way. Of the World Series games similar any seat in the house is it would be a great thing in -- wanna -- wanna be. Places that people have been able to keep. In on the on the tradition. The rock trio now and they -- to make a great -- as a Wall Street Journal how they were able to kind of transform. An upgrade Fenway without. Tweaking in the tradition of it too much that aside and in different things the different looks around and make them so special. Front -- centering Mayweather Pacquiao. Staying in the most expect this week in Vegas yes yes we could. We could get two days you know it is at at -- we could give two and its lead that they film they move me. And what if and it title Mike Tyson and man hangover that's what we're -- here and it sweet about it you know I was watching one of those are you on that it was housewives shows. And one of the one -- -- our house while -- husband's got his winery I think he's one of the most they want. It dates the day it's possible. But he is foremost they want in on a wall he had a patron of the Mayweather. And posted in the post of their original Mayweather. And not Tokyo but it's a game of follow and de La Hoya fight. That would be that will be some just look keepsake metric for Lance land thank you for calling WW yeah. Sort I would like -- Marty no more police would be would be it won't pay him. At. A local all of my favorite sport that. I'll watch TV that it aren't playing good but pretty formidable -- if so much emotion involved with what you say. Acquired -- I -- financially that's got that's got to be pretty pricey where people have to make that as a fan Estes on you know seeing both expensive man. Here. Nobody. Does that say it up and helping -- in the grand. I'd definitely be so beat it out there -- -- at -- lives here and I think you look at them. The best players RB I thought. Still in the upon them or not he is there -- yet still there are pretty good. I think beaten you know in the huddle but I think the real but and it always hit the -- it without it and that well. I got so he's he's he's is that a guy can put two all were over the hump a difference maker in tight situations. Yeah we -- well. -- that we had to play well wanted to get into the game. Well here at that way when you the other thing is it I haven't been paid week. The money situation is people look at it. In the way the way I look at players. -- -- made the news but how important really aren't used to repeat after they -- at the -- The wide receiver impact they've -- that really become overvalued. In fact that -- they produce a lot of heart a lot of putts now they can carry the championship. You can't go party no one receiver or -- the number one wide receiver that he did take you to take the Q. But if you look like they Adrian Peterson. What was -- two years ago he'd literally people off the bag and got -- it and we didn't need to play well. -- Christian Ponder their quarterback. I'm glad you wrote back and carry you could hear that you got it could be that. A wide receiver kick. Yeah I think it's that I think just the makeup of the team like you say to -- which obviously they were. They being Minnesota was there aren't -- thank you so much baskets that Johnny on line three thank you for calling WW yeah. He'd be right. It and so perspective. Note that at. I did -- arguably. Where we're all it. Get. At. It that I. -- long term deal that they. Got here at the bit I -- it. I had the look I think grant is around ten million moral. OK okay. And acted like any it's not. It. And -- liked he wore Colorado Lansing before the decision came out you know the did that. The difference between what you know the tank for five Mae and you know from seven to the low with Quayle went in and some people -- talent would you sit him between. So you know nine to handle those that would that would probably about him between those two. Absolutely but. She should be but it art and go out in a column on you know -- I don't have a crack I don't have a problem with and it -- it and you know it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All year now you can't beat UKB a why -- I know for years ago. There was -- -- every Spanish in the seventies and eighties every television show where there was a family show -- com they all had a trip to alive in the net. From the Barry Bonds when Bynum had him I don't know in the Tiki thing in the -- on band you know anyone else looking forward. -- of greeting about it. Ending here -- did Jefferson's. Once one when Helen Tom does have the bumping into Louisiana Georgia over there. And in -- thing if everybody had the trip took a -- you know so that was kind of like. The destination Foley's trip to Korea began in. On his other places via Hawaii would have to be I think how on the list to do is just to go there but the media for Provo. I'd be interested in -- -- at a -- in -- -- -- that. Get off the plane and have some buy off what you want macadamia nuts and the one communities around in there and you know you're. On the high and away from the mean I'm big -- being this is sports call on WW. I Sean on an all or shall I touched on a fact came to you right now the only about twenty seconds I don't want to rush and you got a great one but. I -- and shoot where and who and what's place would you like to see which one -- And also -- wanna tell us about his experience he -- an awful lot about Hawaii having been there for a long amount of time. I'm Deke Bellavia is the saints' other sank a playoff team without Jimmy Graham it's our poll online at WW dot com.