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Jul 7, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports and social media? Can you say Bourbon Street Shooting and Jimmy Graham?!? Everything from the French Quarter Shootings to Governor Jindal approving 50 state troopers for New Orleans over the summer to the arbitrator ruling that Jimmy Graham is a tight end. What story did you follow this past week?

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Well hopefully you had a wonderful July 4 break got to see those terrific fireworks all over our area. It was just nice to have some fun time. We're starting out our week right. Love our first hour what's trending in news sports and social media with our in house experts. Our second hour if you ever been Disney or all of a sudden off balance. You'll want to hear what doctor Gerard Jindal. He is a specialist. In degree and he'll be accepting all calls. And our third hour not to be missed -- Pulitzer. Local businessman and on to pandora and the teacher at Tulane school of business has written a book entitled. Repair Washington. So if you think Washington is broke. He has a very strong opinion on the only way it can be fixed amount wanna miss it. But we're gonna begin with one is trending with our best from the world news WWL news director Dave Cullen. Rule or roar of the crowd at the sells well -- the only Christian Garrett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our beloved in hi Angela yes this is not Friday January I know it's great and it's exciting it's -- -- start my recount right I love to do this is people Hindu one what's trending and frankly a lot he has. We're gonna start with news and I thought we would start with the -- sentencing. Going to be an account that. Will be trending for sure and were already starting we have big preview article up at WWL dot com now in the real question here is. What is the judge side. The community leaders clergy and others who Nagin says are writing letters on his behalf. Asking that the judge go easy on him even alleging that he may be suffering some sort of mental illness. May have suffered an episode of sorts after Katrina and was not completely. Aware of his surroundings and activities warm the prosecutors who say -- This -- not apologized. This guys showed no remorse he. Was acting -- as if he was doing nothing wrong -- still to this day insists he did nothing wrong. In these many bribery schemes and kickback schemes so. We've talked to a number of experts. Who all believe it's probably going to be somewhere between fifteen and 25 years in prison for reining in at sentencing later this week. We'll have to wait and see how the judge decides the sentencing guidelines don't mean what they used to mean anymore so the judge has a lot of leeway here. Could theoretically go as low as ten years could go 32 wins. I understand that took the judges also received a number of letters from people who very much want to see the maximum -- Yes and it would isn't just letters received. -- my friends know him the former mayor of course and his attorney here touting the matters that are on his behalf. But the prosecutors are the ones who most strongly. One -- to do some serious time that your rights since them. Highly publicized letter writing campaign on agents behalf we have seen letters flowing in on the other side so. -- the judge is gonna have to decide here because you look back at similar cases over the years. And have the sentence has been deterrence. You know Edwin Edwards served less than ten years when it was all said and done. -- many people thought that was. Gonna be a death sentence for him right and it was not obviously -- many people are saying if Ray Nagin gets 20/20 five years or more than that could be a death sentence for him. And you just wonder when you look at the cases were very few people. In recent history of 1020 years or more in these highly publicized. Public corruption cases does this judge finally wanna say enough already -- obviously. Politicians are getting the message because we keep year after year seeing more of them indicted. And either cutting deals or being found guilty by jurors in the -- corruption cases so blow up -- will Ray Nagin be made an example of or will it kind of trend the way it has been and then several Ohio other high profile case. But it was an interesting article this weekend that was in essence saying. If Nagin. Appears. On so sorry it senator -- -- that could work against him because that means that in essence. Was not telling the truth when he was on the stand for two days. Although judges seem. To understand that. Even though you fight it in court even though -- insist. To the last -- you have during the trial that you're not guilty. That when people do at sentencing come forth and seem apologetic and contrite. Remorseful. Especially if they apologized to the victims in this case which is the tax payers of this city of New Orleans. They did to -- to work in their favor but. People really hesitant to do that. And now I don't know that anyone believes he has a strong case on appeal this time -- all the long -- stuff seems to have died down. That those other cases that we're seeking to gain traction. And get trial's results overturned. An appeals one through the whole blogging scandal none of those have worked now. Just citing the last right yes Stacey Jackson -- last one aside from. You know the Danziger. Police who got a new trial based on that. No one else has gotten any traction with that so you just wonder is there anything left for -- to appeal line does he show up and say all right. The -- mean you know I did it. I shouldn't have done and I'm very sorry. In obviously it's just to save his neck at this point as much as he possibly can't do -- stymie -- federal prison. By judges seemed. At least acknowledge that -- want to. -- the judge has been going over every everything -- four weeks and will come in with the decision and just left. -- -- -- You gotta you gotta wonder if there's anything that can be said in court. The day of the sentencing that changes anything it just think you gotta wonder if any of these letters that they're writing to the judge -- in the judges -- human being and and you have to. Played to that and humans you know our emotional creatures so. I guess it can't hurt whichever side you're on to try and -- it up to the very last minute. I just can't imagine when the trial was over the judge at a pretty good idea at that point after sitting through the trial in this is what this guy needs to get. Well it happens on Wednesday at 10 o'clock will be all over it sound of course yes. And if you wanna be amongst the first now he can text the word news State's 7870 will -- it directly to your mobile device. And if you want an email you can go to our website and sign up for those email alerts as well. On a very sad note to the body of the twelve year old little girl found such an emotional thing. The sheriff of we've actually had been here really really sincerely. Broken. You cry and during cry during the news conference and Yang said he kept picture over on its kitchen table can be Trevor honest in his car he -- he really. Hoping for a different outcome but. Think we certainly get a feeling after a couple days and today there was no leads to indicate that. This little girl. Had been kidnapped and was being held -- that there was a family member who had a dispute that is there's just no evidence to indicate anything else other than the fiancee of her mother. Who wouldn't say a word to politics wouldn't tell them why her shoe was in his car wouldn't tell them. When he last saw her wouldn't he just clammed up. And they arrested him and he's still sitting in jail now for obstruction of justice. Buy it there working waiting on the autopsy results and the results from the state police crime lab on the forensics. At the in the cane field where the body was recovered in battery. As well as in the vehicle that the fiance of the mother was driving. And police feel -- they say there and he's not the only. Person that they're looking into -- this time -- analogies that have been named a suspect. By it as they are hoping that the evidence leads them where they think it will. And that is to charging him with the kidnapping and murder and we don't know what else may have happened to this little girl at that time either so. Interesting that in the suburban street shooting. The these suspect is fighting extradition. You have -- not necessarily surprising. Fighting extradition. I think most defendants and left nothing to lose by fighting extradition. I don't know that much to gain either. It's very rare that one stage within -- Yeah I would not return a suspect to another state who is charged with opening fire at a crowd of people. Hi it's not like we're trying to get. Nine death penalty country to return. A suspect to the United States where that person could face the death penalty we've seen that be a problem before. With France and other nations. By it. In this case you know it's just it's bureaucratic it's got to go through that process. And maybe just thanks life and Mississippi jails better than life in a jail in New Orleans so he'll fight the extradition. This is the man the police say -- fire the first shot. But they have not said is how many of his shots may have hit. The ten people who were wounded by bullets. On Bourbon Street. During this incident so one died we know. The rest were wounded. At last check only one remained hospitalized but we are still obviously waiting to hear from police have identified a second suspect -- they've said. Consistently two people were shooting. They were two weapons used they found. Evidence of two different types of bullets from two different weapons so is this the killer. Is this someone who didn't hit anybody did this suspect. -- any of the individuals these are all questions police have not yet answered. Obviously they're being very careful what information they get out there because it could harm their ability to complete their investigation. Only. A few people know certain details of the case -- police told those back until they feel like they've found the right people line and and arrested them so. At this point to weigh in on that second arrest and see where this case continues to ago. And you know it's been interesting is what's been trending with this story now at all of the information about. The search for the suspects the identification of a suspect identification of -- several persons of interest police identified but now we get -- we keep hearing more about the victims. Now about some -- young woman from Australia who was shot in the cheek and lost most of her teeth. Because the bullet passed right term on the hero marine and who was there that setting up a fund trying to helper. Get the right dental reconstruction -- on the you know Alec and -- homes that are too. And certainly her future health care. You know that's and those are questions that can't necessarily be immediately answered it's an individual thing based on what health coverage they have. But it's very rare that you're able to seek and yet. Even in a civil case money from an attacker in a case like this you know. Rarely do the are these you know wealthy individuals to go and shoot a bunch of people. Who then have money available to then pay the victims now there may be a judgment against them yeah. But if you're sitting in prison with no income and you didn't have a lot of money when you when and how you gonna pay your victims. There are funds set up for such things. And a well it'll be sitting in the in the coming days and months because I think that in her particular case such a violent. And her attitude was phenomenal. -- actually phenomenal. We're gonna have to take a break we're gonna come back. Stay with this -- are going to be talking to V Christian -- about you know watch Jimmy Graham. We'll be right back I'm Angela on -- -- Christian -- long hair ready before you believe it. You know how much I've got him it's because on interaction. One. You are every man to politics in this man has been up to the -- -- I appreciate it but we do have some turning things in sports and we got to talk about Jimmy Graham. Yeah I mean that's been the top yeah -- -- it since that since the overture systems arbitrator. Stephen Burbank ruled last week that's been that the top of the conversations certainly in these parts. Were it's so you know relevant to saints fans. Given the expectations for the saints season is saints team this year -- chemical and NFL nauert they're talking about it is obvious that the nation its interest in the discuss Wallach and it's precedent setting me you're talking about. Potentially the largest contract. Four a tight in the NFL history we saw a couple years ago Rob Gronkowski with the New England Patriots in the deal about nine me per season. And the next step for Jimmy Graham. Would've been to file an appeal to a three person panel at the department ruling but. I'm told I'm told that if it that or the case that he was going to do that. That would happen instantly right after the ruling came out they filed the appeal because you only -- ten days to do that and if you wait a long UAE. To file an appeal that it pushes back -- which is it that July 15 deadline of work and a long term contracts so -- hurting yourself if you Jimmy Graham if you wait too long the other later this week they go -- pilot of that and I thought -- TV and started -- he and yet he had started. The appeal. It makes. Every bit of sense to add that appeal ready and do it as soon as you -- The ruling from Stephen Burbank in that hasn't happened to my knowledge as of yet now. That the benchmark is July 15 to work out a long term deal. And week if you Jimmy Graham yet if you Jimmy Graham. Used in Duluth -- twenty million dollars in guaranteed money. I if you don't if you don't do this deal over three years a lot of money because. You figuring -- Per season average I. Six year deal sixty million roughly don't worry about the total life of the contract in terms of the sixty million dollars it's all about the upfront. Guarantee cash and I'll be in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty million dollars has been hit hard and asked that -- -- right now the saints hold the leverage in over Jimmy Graham -- and Jimmie certainly has leverage but not woody. Potentially had if Stephen Burbank at ruled in his favor and they had Jimmy Gramm's camp had to do. They had a play that card dated hat at that point didn't have anything to lose it as a business I mean yes well I mean that's that's that's the reality that I don't think. I don't think this holds in the -- however this works out. There's no ill will -- -- then if it if this portray -- this goes on to block beyond July 15. And then there might be some real well on Jimmy -- math for the saints put all the stuff that's happened for an. Well he'll sign as one year franchise tag that he no way he's it's he can't pass what even seven million dollar in company options if they don't get along and contracts signed a one year deal go play. Or accident or sit out Gekko played for somebody out now and now they -- they they still on the rights. So. It is business but you know ill will does happen. Me -- fans get upset well here's -- and here's why I think indeed brought this up I think it's a good point. Here's why I think fans would would start to get. A little a little aggravated is if you did appeal because then it looks like I hate. What more do you want our you know you're you're really getting -- year and you can debate whether he can debate whether it be agree movement not ultimately he's trying to get market value. In his market value can't. I know that I know that they're they're -- out there that holy day we goes up against. In the top tier cornerbacks that he's been shut down but. -- a guy's stats mean Drew Brees throw for 5000 yards every year since Graham is being here. And -- been a big part of that oh by the way Brandon cooks is and is in the mix now homage to to see what he does. For Jimmy Graham Marcus Colston. I just think in a week now July 16 next week from Wednesday would look back and go now. Kind of played out how would dial. -- that when I looked at the franchise tag amounts. And which are based on the average salary of the top five pillars of each position the only player on the field on football that makes less than a tight end. Is the kicker and because Jimmy Graham -- mega superstar. Is making considerably less than linemen than. On franchise tag right -- but of the best of the best yet. So if you're tied at your company at a disadvantage. And what money miles -- thing -- these are excellent why do you think teams have been big drug. This dynamic these scheme changing -- -- It's because of that they can get it better value for the money play Jordan can't bank for the Jordan Cameron of the Cleveland Browns as soon as this ruling came down from Stephen Burbank. He's the next one the next tight -- up to be big time. He changed his Twitter bio to ask at a global before I thought -- there's a reason for that. I mean. Not if it's it's the -- ultimately I think about the way the collective bargaining agreement is worded in Steve number great point that. It's very it's very loose and how they define a wide receiver -- -- a position player in I think the next step you gonna sees it the players union. Start to say all right let's go back and revisit and the owners are gonna want -- revisit that and others about hybrid concept so they would. Yet they were more reward it. And and Stephen -- point to the wording in the CPA as a little bit lose I guess a man -- question isn't should it matter what position you pay you play. If -- impact on the team is so huge. Should you be held back. By the amount of money that position on average makes and that's what happened -- -- Jimmy Graham he's not gonna make as much as a receiver as a running back. As a quarterback and offensive linemen as a defense when he to last a franchise that -- and just idea comparatively. Those guys tolerant more than that position. But it is that position the wording in early. That does the the game is changed but some of them the rules and how -- defined -- -- -- to how they use and has changed over the last decade. Is the bottom line that is Pete does go ahead and and that. Do contract with the saints now he can get up to sixty million plus that the signing bonus. The I mean the way it would work is that would be all -- comes in the life of the deal would be -- you know if it was a ten year I mean ten million dollar per year averaged over six years. It wouldn't equate to sixty million dollars over the life and it ended within that. 28 of that sixty million dollars well would be would be guarantee you found me -- they would spread out. The money based on the it's these cap colleges Mickey Loomis and and and I Harley have a way out of way better explanation for how how it all breaks down but date that basically. Turn -- into cash signing bonuses they can diverted from your a year Vegas spread it out there's a number of ways but Kyle Harley Mickey Loomis are. Two masterful masterful. -- guys that know exactly how to move money around. Well we'll know by next week. We should we shoot Christians one way or the other will now. Everyone stay with -- we need to go to the newsroom will be back hammer gonna continue to top news sports. And from Ian what's happening on the Internet repetitive action news and sports and check in with Ian who. A who has been watching this Internet and I got to tell you one of the ones that I'm epidemic turn around -- -- it is the Kendall James the Texas cheerleader who -- the big gains. Yeah yeah that's been it's been in -- have been very controversial. Story you know it has -- elements of sexism into it and environmental -- and people who don't like guns and it it's give it gets real cloudy but for anybody who doesn't know the story is there's at Texas Tech cheerleader nineteen years old who's been doing some big game hunting in Africa and cheap. Puts these photos up on her FaceBook has people want to do beautiful young team got a lie and I got a rhinoceros whatever they can so people see these photos. And they've become outraged because you know some of these are endangered species in their big -- and you know people have issues with hunting anyway especially comes -- big cats and things like that. So then FaceBook takes down all those -- it's. And because they say removes it's violates their -- terms of useful in regards to animal abuse and things like that but then out. She goes on the Fox News Channel and they take her montage of photos and put him back on FaceBook and FaceBook doesn't touch them. So then you get into an issue of a well when it's packaged as FOX & Friends contents and FaceBook is fine with and it's not a violation their terms of service but when. This nineteen year old entrepreneur who's trying to start a reality television career and make little money on the side. When she puts the ball goes up that all aside that's a violation of her. Their terms of Houston and you know suddenly she's not allowed to do that him. He's -- wonders if FaceBook says well the kickback from shut her down will be small. Would we take fox awful yeah FaceBook they're gonna you know lose you millions and millions of hits yeah and they lose money. That it all comes down to. In its its -- is that a sign -- of what happens when people. Get real worked up about a story without completely knowing all the details I'll admit the first time my side. My gut reaction was oh how -- oh this is gross and you know I'm not offended but then you know he's going actually read it. And some of these are animals that she's -- with that aren't dead they're unconscious because she's out there with veterinary team. That's -- animals in a wild -- preserve. But an effort to help -- in -- Tinto propagate their species but that's not immediately clear from the photos so as she broken any laws that are obvious no. No canceling I think it should -- Kilmeny endangered species. I don't believe she -- and these are like sponsored hunting trips where she's like you know paying money to go out with these safari guys in and do this in a way it is -- -- -- -- just having seen the pictures though that the image that she wants to get it crosses on the game -- It made that she's doing a nice thing. Knocking amounts of -- Do their reproduction what they are doing very sophisticated things in Africa now with. All kinds of species not just -- danger that those subtle but it out of no but but it is an image battling it across yeah. And that's I think turned. Tight and I think that that upset some people do and they would be loath to admit it but the fact it's in nineteen year old blonde cheerleader. Is going to affect him very differently in a way and it was you know like 55 year old guy with a big beard mustache and looks like -- hunter you know it just it seems more offensive to some people who haven't really thought it through. So you make an important point to get a read the holes I got to -- Crowley in sex and other. Yeah it -- -- titillating concept level that's both good and cute blonde girl with big guns yeah yes she's -- you know we're gonna move on to love this man flies camera went drone into the fireworks just ask this -- -- really the critical thing that blew up on Saturday early out. I couldn't I couldn't figure out what city or town it was filmed in yet but. I you know did they have a little -- doctors now and in these things are becoming just so completely prolific than it was only matters and yeah yeah completely affordable to the average obvious. So he puts a camera on this drone flies an up and the middle of fireworks display just like we have out here over the river. And he's giving these amazing sort of Michael Bay. He's panning shots you know. Flying around and end at it's it's just a sensational video I've put it on our FaceBook page on Saturday morning in people's -- So cool how I never thought I'd seen anything like this and acting. That it's just exciting because we can probably expect a lot more camera equipped drone clips to the -- survive on the other -- that would have been my first concern that even you know. I mean it's. You see in the video it couldn't be more than you know twenty or thirty yards away from the these detonate Hansen's been luckier drowned in just -- me is that anybody can have drowned so now. Now -- that the law is very specific the FAA only allows you operator remote controlled aircraft if you can see. From where you are operating it. That's one of the big issues with -- non news organizations with -- -- put up traffic drones to fly around and and keep an eye on all the traffic without that if there is breaking news story that we you know we can get faster we could send I drove over there to tell people what's going on -- about to do that but the FAA so far. Has maintained that you can and it's an air traffic control issue for. Obvious reasons -- but that you cannot operate a remote control aircraft in the United States of America and that's you can see visual. So whether or not this guy can. You know see his craft we don't know how old is pretty dark I don't think that it probably -- -- got a bit of explosions and oriental flashing light on -- It was interesting green -- -- while we were watching being over the river -- much of a plane goes by and I even said out loud god what a real for the people sitting on that plane you know wasn't going through it but it was. It was low enough that only gushed. What a visual yeah it looked out the window and -- -- yeah look they're learning a little credit is -- Okay. How about details of brand new Pink Floyd album linked leaped on him -- now. She blew it holly Sampson who was married to the Pink Floyd guitarist leaked on Twitter. She says -- Joseph Biden just completely out of context just random tweets I don't by the way the new Pink Floyd albums can be called XYZ. And people you know of course jumped all over -- recently talking about and you know I think she kind of clammed up after that but -- think it really was not -- it was not an organized -- -- people talking about why you do that why would you have holly Sampson leaked news of your new album on Twitter when you could have you know. A big press release and a and a sensational event re invited everybody into the room at the same time. You know maybe throw the cloth -- that produces -- marketing genius that -- still addicted to his wife will it yeah they're gonna do it but I mean everybody already knows all the details so anyway I'm excited about I've always liked Pink Floyd will be their first new album in twenty years. And now electing -- reported that an October. Thanks -- for all of -- and I'm glad I want to stay with us we're back and other sports and held emphasis. By the way into the crash at blocking multiple lanes of the night and on the high -- headed from the dvd toward the world sees him -- that -- Expect delays heading toward that weren't on the east at the highrise publicity that gets up from ultra newsman. Respected me a check to the -- seventy that need to -- We have a traffic through the Texans the doctor pepper cook what we call our traffic people throw them meet their. That talking about what's trending and don't wanna go back to Christian floor. You name it LeBron James fitness king James -- free agency it's the summer of LeBron to where we -- a few years ago. When he left Cleveland need to -- -- South Beach -- -- now one not two not three not for whatever the count ended up being. In terms of championships now only those couple potential suitors out there for LeBron James and the conventional wisdom hasn't going back to the Miami Heat if they retool and and and and you -- he wants to win championships. Could he land and go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Have reportedly they have meaning set up with king James next weekend plus Miami. Gets first shot -- they had a meeting Pat Riley the president has a meeting with a problem before. The casket and operatives talked to him but folks feel like. He has an opportunity. Bigger opportunity to return to Cleveland than originally thought which would be. -- be incredible to me because when he left I mean they were fans burning here age commission did all his gear industry to mean it was just. They he was the most hated man I can't really I can't believe he's even considering. Going back to Cleveland and less money you -- -- at the kind of thing you don't even say hey go interview in Cleveland -- really really intend to act. Because as if he should -- and Cleveland a second time. While -- elicit a mom -- dig that Dan Gilbert the owner of the cavaliers had -- Letter to LeBron -- four years ago. Right and it was it's been up this whole time. I it was very it was a very scathing letter very filled with a lot of -- called him a coward for a lot of insults. And now this -- -- -- recruit LeBron back in oh by the way that letter is not on the team's website and then it was up there for four years. Let me just say one quick Fennessy. He comes here any brings Chris Paul because for all also 30 win and they pay for the IT eight did you get that from Bobby -- I did not get a I'm just Iowa as a man. That's the way to do it it would jump start us for -- the problem is that LeBron wants to win championships and with -- at all to do and -- it is what does he wanna win championships more than he wants a huge paycheck. I think he wants both is that is happy off. A fan -- you are from sponsorships and he doesn't -- me that that's a player that can give you says Bob always -- haven't taken needed to know he truly has that opportunity get I. The -- souring the Max deal. And it would pick a team you know that he that he will now feels like he can win a championship. Could it be in New York with the knicks I mean now alliance is Carmelo Anthony's other big name. Free candidates out there Phil Jackson is now running the basket a lot basketball operations for the knicks. That's a big news. Can you tell Charles six and Chicago. Yeah him basis. Listen hey Phil Jackson his his fingers the most one of the most respected minds if not the most respected mine and all and all bask in. And doesn't reduce Daniel -- and that yes this is a good thing okay we're gonna move on to. Dave. Back to news visitors still gubernatorial favorite. You know poll you have people realizes right now David -- by almost every poll is the most popular politician in the museum. He has popular rating is higher than Bobby Jindal it's higher than Mary Landers it's higher than any statewide elected official so. I guess it's not surprising when you look at it that way that if the election were held today which we don't know it's not going to be but if they're water bidder would. Beat any of the opponents and head to head battle that. Have either announce their running. Or have been suggested as potential. Candidates that -- drew is out there yet they in fact -- would give that are the best. Fight at this point if the election were held today. Mitch Landrieu of mutual interest we get 44% of the vote according to the latest survey that we have posted WW dot com. David bidder would get 48. Or what about John Young. He's talking lieutenant governor so I don't think anyone at this point has -- or congress. I don't think anyone has put him in a -- against OK David better now I'm an analyst at the statewide name recognition to run for governor. At this point he would have had to really start their campaign mine now Mitch Landrieu because he was the lieutenant governor and because he's now the mayor of New Orleans. Obviously he has statewide name recognition he really can't wait until the very last minute who will just -- to -- Well John ballot where it is an announced candidate is not up there he's doing very poorly. In this latest poll but the only other person really calling -- the current lieutenant governor Jay Darden. Who could also give that are a bit of a run for his money. Then there's still time dissolve the election were held today and obviously you can see that even in the bidder Mitch Landrieu Ron scenario. There's still you know two to 8% of the vote the undecided. So. Either one is enough in that scenario to push either guy over the top by its -- -- interest if unrest. I -- is is the perception out there that David bidder is an establishment candidate or as he can make kind of be more according to Tea Party and do kind of a dark horse campaign on the Washington outsider even on a sitting senator -- I was I was a conservative right -- -- Look at announce he's never made any bones about that right I think the Tea Party following some quite a bit. And now that they have another viable candidate if it's not him then -- But you know it's amazing how this scandal that just faded from all what's -- a -- Well it will it will live again. Stay with everyone will be right back I'm Angela under the W well I love these guys. Lot of these guys are final thoughts from Ian. The onion to satirical newspaper has in his publication little doubt it's called click hole -- whole -- click OLE yup -- called our -- and it's got all kind of relief biting satirical. Mystical like you might see on by speed stuff like that it's really funny people should check and okay. Cleveland Browns a lot receiver Josh Gordon and big downfield where enemies are suspended for the year potentially and he got a DW I arrest over the weekend and you'll start. That guy too early he's got a problem is -- -- -- -- -- a -- and on the other stories -- real strong -- WWL -- right now. From a police say a man killed another man as he woke him up in the middle of the night. What a sentence to end up. OK I can't thank you guys have nothing to do a lot of the national trend trend stay with -- everyone we'll be right.