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7-07 5:10pm Sports Talk:NBA Trades

Jul 7, 2014|

Deke talks to Kurt Helin of probasketballtalk.com about where Carmelo Anthony will end up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three of sports so I'm Deke Bellavia indicating -- and -- a band is on vacation he will be back. Law on Friday well on today's program. We got a lot to get to -- -- all ready jaguar opinion poll it's online at WWL. Danica do you think the Saints all the New Orleans Saints eight playoff team without Jimmy Graham cast your vote online at WW real. -- And if you had an opportunity. To have someone -- say is that the voters the route -- hypothetical. But if I were to hit a louder and a -- I would I do. You have a first class you get -- -- just a -- does pay to be easy to pay even look and that would have a blank sheet of paper is a receipt that -- for. Wherever you wanna go any sporting event of you to. Use you they bring 3 people so I am hopeful. First class accommodations first class stay top of the land food whatever you think you don't have -- there's no word. No words welding Edward when you -- get all 40 yes you know if you can get office bomb but other than it everything else were putting to -- Where would you choose to go. And -- Takes me 87870. Email it was a the chief at WWO. Dhaka the how about Pamplona to run with the Bulls. Yes. That's generous and I'll I'll I'll bet that's that's fun to watch you should have always wondered. Lot of people do that about it they I'm -- a bush and the either. They get a -- my dream would be to go to the Summer Olympics well good thank you so much politics on the court Wimbledon if that'd be great CF today. As dominant as dominant as Roger Federer or. During the Wimbledon. This tournament. Having basic on any of the he lost just one see it. You mean maybe just this one did. Well the whole time. May do -- sit there the whole thing you would -- Dispose of his players in on the two hour with some buckled them over now but. -- -- Djokovic came up in 12 title in four years because like premiering Saturday wrestle mania. He has that was a goal that was here in New Orleans just this past spring Sean -- Marshall has been patiently. Waiting Sean thank you. Calling did you do -- you normal victory -- zone on the arc -- for. Those. Cars followed me at Shea. Go to -- again anxious and they -- put heat on the green monster not that long -- about -- -- -- spectator. Or as traditional. Chicago it and going to the game at Wrigley in there -- -- -- -- you know try and manage to get in there. Yeah. -- -- getting -- generous to sound over the weekend now is watching you know. The young -- young ball that you know -- Red Sox are just not have won a couple titles. Well over the weekend they made -- big trade you know with some margin and Hamels and now what they're saying you would lose first round as they don't want to get the Oakland the way it's being said that. The days attributing. Almost behind us some assume about what he said the moves they've made they feel like now. You know in years to come the -- clubs could be a contending team so we had to wait to see. -- and didn't know a couple of -- now warned after you and you never know I think the -- My you're talking about the problems -- the top wide spectrum years stationed there. That's the scenery you never ever. It -- not have been watching -- every day. Thought about two weeks that they get it real quick and it's it's it's the same thing you mentioned in. Going to be. Yeah yeah let's listen I was the night like. My Bible like she will probably at least you guys -- in. Addition to be out there and -- Well. In and out there I sold it yeah. Polynesian village in stagnant did did they were does that do any justice -- that. Narrowed again. Total waterfall in the deal bringing alike although almost pizza. Beaten Annika is the -- down later I like Italy. But I Belichick -- Jets that you want to get more over there yeah. You get cute Jeep eagle are -- now -- you get out terrible. In your eyes trailed. He had it to while I can be coming your mom -- its own and and focusing on necklaces and all that -- the EM BI's Eagles. So you can't judge Tamil resumption you'll now see you working and serve and everything but when you add some free time UA would Angel. Yeah yeah. Battery every now and get out to a three -- -- and they've -- in politics for comments if want to Annan the next so. I'm gone so problematic that sounds good sociologist is gained seven -- -- is -- fairway. All Wrigley. And pain you know just sporting event tickets call for just astronomical -- he would be. Real -- to see how much he gained seven -- in Wrigley would go full private eyes in sports you know. Well at the table in their play into a million in you know Toronto. First heard a couple of games you know there's ticket prices are going to be -- favorite today it's it's. If you like Chicago and Boston Chicago -- -- talk with some me it'd be -- Yeah it you know especially during summer like Colorado. -- like the Rockies play I need some work bigger historical teams that you know rocketed around three years they've. They're actually turned around against Oakland are doing it earlier. Or Sean man I am glad you caught in thank you so much which either of our country. Ours are taking it felt that he was stationed in line again a few things that. Every afternoon a couple of -- spent some time there so he say is game seven of a World Series either Wrigley or. Also and we are where would you disown taking on the sixth one billion. That. That's the front row you they see him to rebound rate here unity is so grown leaps and brown Browns. Over the the over the years. You know like it's a good job with a boatload of money he's really built at the but that's sport. Policy Olympic current. Yeah I'd like go to. I liked volleyball. But that the -- of fear in this basically like our meters and hurtles some like that -- and how would love to go watch the same -- in the Super Bowl. Cause I know that they -- you -- -- take a dream ninth helmet -- than their fair about it. I would have liked to have been rings that during Mohammadi car yet. Absolutely that -- -- to the -- to look at thought about a bit last now but you know if it it's an event it's already -- like with religion and the rumble in the jungle. Law in 1978. Right down streak. When he won the heavyweight title followed in record third time. By beating smiling Leon speaks that being Mohammed Ali in the -- -- Would you take a what about when -- -- -- no -- her best of that IN. A lot of history enemies boxing his stated to. As well 260187866889. He rates and the got a lot more to get to I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on the Saints a playoff team without. Jimmy Graham you tell me cancer vote online at W did you note that. And welcome back not to speculation about what's next for Jimmy Graham and -- sank to be the first to know breaking news about the Saints and Alicia in the pelicans all exports. Son now for divvied -- via text alerts that set towards sports that seventy. 87. Welcome back to sports talk operated jaguar pupil all the Saints a playoff team without Jimmy Graham KOCO vote on line debuted at Hugo. Dot com here's some good ones. I'd -- I'd go to Africa defeats in -- gain on. Yeah I can understand man Banta-Cain was a sporting event and it's cool. And you know you see a lot of the ladies big gains on is now in the closest thing not -- running -- got is that. Disney World they've got the different parks you know they have magic kingdom and they have a -- like -- or studios. An animal kingdom well I think intent to go to and joking but I did this place votes with the -- grow -- -- -- -- safari. And that was -- American. I would be probably afraid. I would be afraid but I can only imagine what it's like when you watch some of these. Television channels and now I've got my girls and two of the week my lament and a -- in two. The Nat geo channel instead watch an element. Caught two and still volatile man which is -- -- you have a balance. But they like animals so you know -- -- watch and without pain in the to Omaha while paying them in different animal -- Now they have these different -- and they show like these people they would -- -- in owner ruled and have to go to different places and kangaroo double crossed the street in Atlanta was at the Ingram can only imagine how that must be. Might relax and that would be cool -- so far this this guy says or eighth with. Africa to feast in big game hunting it breaks -- Powell was and was would be massive animals there. Here is that in 1940. Kentucky Derby. Wish I -- seen the miracle on ice king yes in eighty Lake Placid video do you believe in -- yes that is a classic on. And -- -- takes a degree yes we're all out team without Jimmy Graham it's called Nixon and a naturally easy if he is with us. Hand battery addressed. Boston. In. Man things -- without us here -- is another takes. Speak I hear you on Olympic volleyball but I have to go with the Theo Lansing to vote to. All the food disputes include when that's what we'll -- will include the few the videos dispute in all the -- And we have always thought time -- no concessions than I've thought about just imagine now. Him out of the game your choice that the person is bringing you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- I'm asking keen -- Oh -- Ross's hands that kind of stuff in on me that kind Rios at no French and Indian like me. Jumbled look it. Something like -- the I would have liked to seen secretariat win the Triple Crown. Concerning -- Jimmy Graham I love him but he was in Miami won the -- well on indispensable. He was silent contract yeah you're right it was he was nine years at this point. He was drafted soon man front row World Cup soccer. And is one says amassed thank you -- -- takes continue to take you 8787. Texas eight Sydney Sydney what in Viet. Would you like to go to. Past. President all future. You give. You give. A first class ticket roundtrip. I'm talking super accommodations you know when you don't overload and you look at the front and kind of got a cheap tickets eagle on elected easily got the knicks' most expansive like fifty yard line on -- -- box all. Class are. Cynical. That to a talk about and what about. Wimbledon that's one of those events where even if you are not a tennis guy. You go like you know. I'll concede yet you know what they would have Bears in cream and at the big thing it woman drew a stately. Connecticut then you know it's it's real like and the culture in India and the coach of the way like. Eagle -- -- you do what they do so you'd go to Wimbledon the all England club have at least in the day in and you go to and you watch it's in a -- What sacrament a few years ago one on the -- one. You found to be nothing if Federer when he got no -- always. Dominate -- -- and -- -- has -- in his own turf which was clay who may be a male was that was like emotional -- Pete Sampras when -- seven. And the only bowl record -- watch in the days and out get a bit as a young player before the July we can't -- -- TC like Jimmy Connors. And John McEnroe. And always be be on bowl and do you just -- in the season to hold his hand that to this past the Nike home. When wood and -- everybody. It was day in the course you see a young guy emerged as a Boris that Soto would be here if you make an a list you know you think about stuff out lap out. And you make a list almost like you shop you know what I mean when you shop not food Chapman close -- coach job and appears in the buggy you back you know. Close up and you kind of go through the different parts of the stole -- hand. -- -- and you make a selection for you get significant time -- -- and down for five. So Taguchi coupled with a list of things you got -- condense it down like on these awards. And I would have to do. 260. Point 786 excuse to take the Corey kangaroos on beat Australia -- lines of Africa. What way and with the show was that was on that geographic. That's what I was our opponent if you don't know now. Thank you so I do know that -- gurus. Excellence. Of talent organs and that'd -- -- that it's 531 was time -- first news and we shall go to -- and. All right fans camped alert being skiing Fiedler sure. Like I -- theater the topic of the show as you know -- and he teaches them it's an interview on. Years so that's what we repeat operated today or repeat phone numbers and repeat the we're asking well one of the list missed practice and call. If you had an all experience hatred somewhere to a team sport of the oh you'll shall. And now taking care where would you like -- someone takes -- they would like -- The game on. I -- while adding go -- an -- and -- -- -- on obvious now. I'm sure -- like -- And I used a cane pole would be cook with cricket to warrant would allow Candace snag him -- and -- -- give him in my boat into the track and hand. That is what -- do. Someone. Got to -- me read it hurtful goes a big game on my. Found another sport that doesn't attribute to the distinction or is beautiful creature you Jerry. At what point and Dario on some zebra. On. At what point I read. In people have a right to some people want a big gains on -- right to do. I don't. I don't like on out against somebody doesn't the most complete talk about my issue about. -- to you know for food hunting for sport big game. So we do not control what people. To issue a witness and I was threatened to call -- to the big game. Neck you'd. Wear one race -- when he called me Jerry and I think they called -- so -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk about I'm -- repeatedly that -- takes. 260187. 866889. Z rates in the is the -- game evolve. Are the Saints a playoff team without Jimmy Graham can -- vote on line debuted at your -- -- Dave was at the classic. Game date thank you so much tell us about that event in late last. Are great Vermont where usually. That's when I -- -- thank you sort of spectacular -- and interesting I'm just a long time color guy that Brian you -- top. -- -- I'm going to program I think it's -- -- -- what that is a litany. Can you -- -- radio Anke what are you settlement different quite good. What are your proper acknowledged it I would try it -- -- out there and act the Olympic Games when he left. These rocks and. I mainly play in 1980 I got a I got to a friend of mine -- single bit that he was actually there at thinking was even finished up school of just giving his residency at that point time. And now he's got their actual pitcher he's got the ticket stub and everything when he was in the last -- now that's that's worth. Even I don't know what the values it but that's worth. A taunt you know for a lot of reasons. Well Islamic everybody describe and they are you you look at each and every one of their. There's different way that -- -- early interest it and. -- day so Davis you have an opportunity to it to go some win now where would be. I don't know it got me on. A bit about that what -- program -- -- not in the -- You guided they were going we're gonna see you there my man thank you so much. For the call -- talk pro basketball he's again who knows an awful lot about it. He's the main main at pro basketball -- dot com Kurt Kellen Jones just now Kurt. How was reading what I found fascinating. It's how Vegas. Is actually bump in the odds down because so many people are taking the chains. Then LeBron James who go to Cleveland at the end loading up on the care was to win the in the any title as crazy it. There yeah -- meaning if you don't care which is right I'm not sold. There and dealt work did you think to get to and India are on your great but I mean. But enter into the scorpions and all the other guys on later but he is our untested. That. Mean the old leftover from his from the time they actually went to the finals like Anderson or they know booby Gibson left on that team. Right absolutely I Curtis thought -- in -- -- The Rockets I mean -- just like OK they shoot in the air and see if the ball land somewhere in person that the love thing innings. Carmelo Anthony Davidson you know now. It's Chris Bosh. It's to -- that that's that's in disarray. That they if personality shows in the Houston in disarray that they think they could just bring. Somebody overeating -- -- contrary to get all the that they do have one player weight. I did have some type plane what players it would be to -- not rocket don't know -- well. Yeah like LeBron anywhere like that I'll get them out one to meet our accents like Carmelo. Yeah I mean it. Torture and scored. The defense with Carmelo Anthony and James Harden for the same time I mean an hour to -- -- at -- center but didn't get that to a man. I can't print spot. Into a stretch or -- you know knock them three but he does read more importantly. One of the better defensive especially to pick and roll record to big men in the league right now so cheap great spirit and prompt action but. He's not if LeBron in in Miami -- -- Miami. Current over the pro basketball hall dot com was a -- is -- Miami now Granger they bits and pieces of the puzzle -- -- who they've added how will this help him get over the hump. In the finals. Well it yet again. Granger who has you know what that story -- to 2009 rate that be great but he beat -- unfortunately Portland after a bunch knee surgery. Nearly as explosive. What kind of messed with the Pacers went to the Clippers and little or they'll. He shot 27%. Or something like that -- -- that in the playoffs last year and he's not saying OK were changed and a. Chuck Roberts -- clean Charlotte include. -- that I wouldn't that there are like that pick up that. It at that the part they don't for you know that level exception money that's a guy -- little bit of everything well pretty good playmaker works harder -- play could be used it I like that. You know they're making some -- those -- are not a conventional broad. Back. That they -- put -- to get very good she becomes a question and I think they are -- I tell a cut is and other options -- that great but. You know -- Stop -- guys right now they're not landing in the name guys are. If the hour to go somewhere else will be like the man. I think it would be Cleveland and -- -- -- -- Yes -- can't offer in the match I mean that's like we don't plug right in and win. But take -- pick at least he's demanding match after that I suppose. Something outlets like the Lakers would get interesting but. But certainly he's kind of -- building and needs to be winning -- at this point you know. If you aren't in any -- it was kind of contending in the -- that -- -- with a legitimate final winning the chance than -- -- a waste of the year. The Lakers. And the next you know my money at the liquor like their. They've got some work to do you think. But LeBron and Kobe and how -- or get out of last. That's -- I don't think Cleveland -- because they're still on the east carrier -- really good because respect for a couple of years. And eventually you know. The big leaguer from you know a lot of -- that they can turn into the -- players. If you are said to go to a place somewhere down I like -- -- -- each time for the shortest amount of time now in my -- and. I think what he's going to do wherever site where there are right and I think it's Miami -- say it's eight Cleveland where it's a two year deal. -- it keeps the pressure on wherever he goes so that they that you know the Lakers possibly over the -- possibly -- and he can have money into your the other and the other -- -- remember -- Sixteen as well and achieve the kitchen to be what. So higher higher Max salaries higher salary cap everything. So a lot more money this year and it -- wood -- two years. Heard over the pro pro basketball talk dot com as dog as of now -- Carmelo Anthony what is the situation with him. Do you get caught some earlier decision. Now I I was hope we found sent out some I'm Albany's Weaver found that a lot about Ali's name. Like. Carmelo your organ known a few days here in 48 hours or so you know we're not there yet. But he walked it he want beyond sooner rather than later or what the decision they sooner rather than later he just tore. I'll ever knows what don't added that it. Really liked the Lakers offer they do have a really great offer about -- big -- bought New York. And he keeps pocket when he wants to win those. -- do. If you want if you want to win and I'll add that he distanced they -- New Yorkers got to -- but best chances in the Lakers don't let it remains so. My question is what would be to make a seven point two Carmelo Anthony Kobe years old I mean I think he's -- good. Pappas hours basically he's he's he's a guy that can be directed so many -- Kobe's like the jet -- master he can put Powell when he walks he was Safeco because of -- statement. What else would LA be sending him we -- -- Kevin -- go get somebody else. Because I don't think Carmelo and can be sold -- just Kobe talent and -- including. So onto it and say that they can fill that in the future with the Lakers put together. They're kitchen is a little bit different and really interest and certain that the standard pitches when he talked to boot and are around -- -- -- -- big deal about. The money you can make off the court which is true that in the York or -- -- it looked. What you can make off the court in LA because of endorsement -- you can get into that and -- Chris Paul and Chris Paul are the -- -- Chris Paul and. If he's in another market there are certain advantages to being in Los Angeles and being around. Those kind of situations and so. They're not pitched to him and I in it and according to greens -- it's a very effective it's that it's -- to afford them -- effective pitch. And clearly it out in summer on the Angeles it's it's -- city. I've got to Kurt how can people -- your -- -- -- a hole to all the great information. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna call Carmelo mentioning -- decision we election though Morton does that. And found it very rewrote a break -- Omar Asik if that deal goes through with the pelicans how does he help the -- -- become a better team. I think it helps -- EG. You put into Davis. -- really not just pure. And and let him come in the we tried that they're good defensive center can give you some points two rebounds and a little bit mid range game. I don't like impact that a -- I think that the telecommute that they can stay secure in the truck -- -- him in the pro basketball talk dot com Kurt thank you so much for the time. I'll -- to 601786688. Nines here it's in the and the ability this is sports talk on WW yeah and welcome back Texas at 87 -- and -- ascended to present you saying the Saints are a playoff team. -- -- Saints -- in Jimmy Graham and if you could go to one trip free of charge to any sporting event past present and future of your choice some -- the -- Where would you go he has it takes a deep again because about the timing -- -- aware -- issues that made at them this is sports talk on WW.