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7-07 6:10pm Sports Talk: Fantasy Sports Trip

Jul 7, 2014|

Deke talks to WWL listeners asking if you could take an all expense paid trip to any sporting event anytime, anywhere where would you go?

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Good evening and welcome to sports talk our number three I'm Deke Bellavia coming up this foul open -- sound off on operated jaguar opinion -- All the New Orleans Saints a playoff team without Jimmy Graham right now with -- -- -- and he was saying yes but maybe thirty you saying now. If Saints and not a real team to immigrant called and -- -- it's 87870. 2601786688. Nines here it's in 76% you to be exact. Say yes the same topic -- team without him Ingram 24% of you. Saying no cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com Cleveland Cavaliers making a strong pitch. At the a formal. Play -- LeBron thing if you LeBron things would you go back to Cleveland after the owner. Do what he -- I guess it would have to be aware of -- I believe. In in in moving around. I believe in them for giving I think sometimes people like the mindset of I for being a vital for gay and now meaning in that in a condescending way but I don't for gate. For a situation I'm saying this them from outside of someone else standpoint. The remind me of what took place full. If you feel what I'm saying. But I hate to let bygones be back on and I'm sure if LeBron James camp is listening whatsoever. It is because the mister Gilbert has reached down and probably. Old Wendell Wendell -- it is in man -- So be it. But that is his home and it's -- town and in the one thing you can have all for anyone. Outside of home is home. Coast home is easy hole and that's where you from and you know on this if there with -- say one on back home is only one place. So do you think LeBron -- actually considered on tactically. That's in the mix in 601878668890. Tennis as much as we talk about the same thing a playoff team. You know always doing a piece -- website and go back at the OTAs the mini camp and so forth and people. On you look back at what was stated what questions were asked. And looking back -- -- coach -- when he was asked about getting off to a -- -- In -- numbers. About the Saints and will know. On into week five. It is things will be a playoff team and we won't know that soon. -- -- it just dissect and I am now I have a -- and footing the -- for you meaning you do a sad way you wanna go. What sporting event would you like to go to I've got everything from the 1940. Kentucky Derby to the masters with Arnold Palmer Tom Watson. To. Mohamed Ali fighting. To future things that haven't happened at the Saints in the soup bowl game or a new round of the masters the mass of 2015. Past present or future. I'm footing the bill for you you hit the sports lottery you get to go. Where you wanna go free of shocked. -- a nice sixteen it's been first class accommodations. Are big you have to do -- Take yourself -- To the facilities. Our Internet people going on your hand and foot in all I have to -- -- Well it's a matter righty TC. Care UT's. Where would you like to go. And -- And -- some unique ones. Some guessing wanna go so far off a big game on somewhat city wanted to go to. -- the PBA. You know. -- professional forums. But obviously BP deal. But that will be cool you know casinos those -- in the lane -- 82. The move made after him immunity. I don't know if you classify him -- Anthony. But you got to be one scrawled in the previously. You got to know what hill you do when Lance more than just come out of the gate. -- Bubble ball a Bronco. I've been -- of rodeos. To know that. I just saw one uncle we scored via special -- shares amounted division they do and I threw -- at the arena it's out in that -- meet. In one of the first things they do and a man at the opening ceremonies in National Anthem in. And all that good stuff and welcoming and it is they do the Broncos. And they do the bowl. And the Bulls a Bronco but first got to have a Guillen got to have a unique. A unique mindset. Again own a bull or Bronco. Commodity. If it takes. It's the Deke on your tea I would have you seen me back in -- period to -- national team to beat me. All although he made a grown man cry. Not that now it may well fortunately no one knows who you but I'm sure somebody does that and read it -- You're unsure there while a lot of crime guys in the and -- house that night how the first time since what if some sick -- -- she won the national championship so. If they -- us in 03 right chemistry they beat Oklahoma. 21 to fourteen in January 00 for finance a on the mean you there is -- but back to talk about the -- which unique. And I say we -- know what to the first four games. 0607. 08 man in the let those six seasons and it twelve and thirteen to eight seasons of the Saints coach Sean pain as week into. Season not what we do know. Is the success the Saints had. In no seasons especially six man two and eleventh and thirteenth. Which will all play LP. 78. And twelve were not. The key. His first full weeks of the saint. In 2006. At the full game to Saints with three in one. They won -- to a tune of six record. The number two seed in the NFC. One AFC south title loss to the bands in the NFC championship game. In 2009. The Saints will -- -- before then it to a thirteen to three record in the points the unity chain of -- That the whole. Grandparents. In 2008 team. The first four games Saints with three in one. Earned a runner up in the south and analyst that you with a fifth -- loss at Seattle or limited. In eleven to -- to a 31 in it and all that first game agreement. And they went on and won their next what five or six at the open successful it will sort of 42 but through four games they were three and one. Thirteen three south chance to number three seed lost that Frisco. And 2013. The Saints. Came out the gate. -- On a 51 before and we're -- -- the first four games. Those Odyssey in the which coach Sean -- teams have grown to the playoffs in seasons. But the Saints have gone to the playoffs we look at the first Faulk -- -- starting either three and want a formal. I would think if history. Tells us a thing it at the 2014 days to New Orleans sank all 4003. And one. After four games. They're going to play. It's a lot. When you look at those numbers now what's unique about 78. And twelve is those seasons the same to either Owens for all glued to. And for me. In 077 and third and it in the south started. -- and for. The first six games they were two awful. But they were all unfolded that forceful in 2008. The Saints -- to a two. They finished 88 days a year. And last in the NFC south and 2012. And -- and four -- So if we look at what has had ankle pain was asked about getting off to a fast start and one of them not -- practices before they broke for the break. How important it he has. And a break down any sharp pain here. In 063. In 107. Hopeful. Oh wait to a 209. 402000. TN three and 12011312012. Or four and 2013. For -- So you're three and 1040. Under Sean Payton in playoff years and Colin four and two and two in non -- he would that. Who of that. Beat him again this year. And down the got to -- see the miracle on ice the USA defeated Russia in the class thank you so much. -- in the punt -- area strawberry capital of the world will come back Corey in the Big Easy Corliss a sound off on his place to go and also Jimmy Graham. You could jump or board to. We've got a bunch of the lines open to a 6018786688. Nines here at Sammy. And a lot of picks to get to them Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW BK bow allowed to go to -- moto GP. Race and Qatar very cool racetrack and it doesn't. As sound like you know -- exactly you want to go kick them out and go there right now become a big time Saints plan. And -- time season ticket holder and not a hockey fan but the Olympic make classic finals vs the Russians. Would be. Mine choice animals cited an awesome. Thank you so much politics back to Monday night game with Steve -- blocked it on the games. The hard to -- now. I'd like to watch secretariat run three races of the Triple Crown. T 60 point 7866. 889 you rates him he's the number two indeed involved. Back onto the phones we go to school Corey here indoors courts -- keep calling debuted a year ago. I -- and he -- -- -- -- -- my plays well like the goal will be to and it it being put this thing. And new England and it's a global. A -- -- program. Take your manhood murky to me. -- -- -- -- So eight days we'll get it back on. -- that if you want the money. Is. -- being the only year he he he he got that he got to play games in his step and. So you think the Saints are the playoffs the team. We it to be Graham. Or -- I won't take you pulled him from the group. Of international beat a big goal DO you know -- could -- -- good. And a lot of guys would you keep magnitude at all being. Right so you must -- a late -- and Ryan. Okay. You know and to lead to leave his with the chronicles -- so that you're so yeah. -- meanwhile Tomas somebody's man -- you know. Yeah yeah you know that we did that YouTube. And then across the bag like gaining control -- brought. You -- -- around. -- you know to his credit. The lead pretty much shut down everybody's face. So it's not like he was shut down by you know native -- some weekend off the street and he was shut down about one of the best in the game. -- -- -- It. We win -- gain. If we can grow to you. Can. Go out. Right -- -- -- a lot of close calls in the year you know army in if we would say you know into the season on in the thirteenth. The the Saints would have been an eleven win team and going to play -- with his arm out again heartbeat. But at you start the season by Ivan know you know you go like might take him back -- that take my chances you know that we all. And at the five games you know with 111 left to play you know we -- Wimbledon six you thought -- thought -- If it's a season with Tennessee but I understand where you come from so you take in the Super Bowl legend. Yeah aren't expected to see him Adrian. Again I'm sorry to. Say you go pick the Super Bowl is -- -- Yeah almost Super Bowl manner. I would go would almost saying there aren't. -- you take care court to 60 -- 7866. 8890. Rates and he he is the number to get him involved. Allison and I. On the given to work outs and it's not boredom there was a great job what is the Saints radio and of course -- -- -- -- Dallas. -- Sunday Easter season we use we you know we eat pizza some caller. And in coastal course Japan you know when you appeared. -- -- that we do have more choices than Allison beat this you know it is the water cooler talk you know what. Is the -- the value -- the machine you know complain like they're a sound like there's a pickle downstairs in the shop cultural ball thirty. While the beautiful. In the tech is pretty -- imprisoned -- dollar on a more likely Philadelphia. So that some things appear. But though the Turkey hero though -- stay awake for. If I want sliced Turkey want -- -- but this just. With the in the hole. -- -- to create on line to crave but about the great thank you call on WW. -- -- -- Our -- Tests -- Ausmus correct. -- -- our -- on of one on great workers in amity is. Addai and -- -- -- enough and but I and I always say about and seeing this you know if you wanna. If you wanna say some they whereby here it is hard the world would -- Arkansas is taught to be around. Am now you know I think I praise the bit and also -- can be you know like a non obvious first days are -- ought to work with me and Bobby together. Wish I know she does she puts a winners CC makes us look so well only I don't know. GC is that we're glad to have so was on -- Akron. Over the proper -- would be a -- of spring. When the Ol back and -- yeah Bob in my but in Miami but. You can you can do anything argued your evil in the air. Right eat green anyways you'll. Well murder -- second second would be seen Jack Nicklaus. Win. Your final masters when he was forty sectors coal. -- -- -- Cappy -- I want you to be the city. -- all. Pro ball. Autographed golf ball by -- And I'm have to do. I'm among had to do it greatly if we come migraine and we used in the shooting -- -- had to do. Art and yet I quit taking a -- -- and to -- amended to a foot Tom Toms thank you called. I did think that DiMarco. Oklahoma where where compact and time on the teacher a nickel back and signed to the 1948. Challenge you to -- -- -- courage okay. The reason being is my dad was a captain on the Toomey came back and -- -- in tactical. How old man Tom and then as you know played back then there's no doubt about it no doubt about it so until enlighten us how was today give us why we got Youkilis and -- history. He -- -- line -- defense -- play with any price built a boat and all those guys back there and I believe it was a two year cap -- that. He actually struck about it it's speculative but what particular talent -- You try to get more money into account the prospects -- it was terrible team back then. I got to town so I'm you you do you have a lot of my mental the things amuse. -- -- I have just about all the programs from 1948. And Q how important and 45 as it's the opposite of all there's a lot of sweaters and yeah. If he actually played in the first and people -- security it -- suitable. One know you proud that you would you be -- will you be there on opening day when they. I don't -- that hardy and I can't -- Outlook of flow to it -- cover up -- after the temple game related back in the match there was can be like outdoors in the -- RB and -- anybody won't be. In the sun be out a beautiful Louise -- Andy the Simba man has been awesome. I'm -- -- -- -- thought that the old beneficent that I think my fans don't like to be excited about. Think what Tom thank you so -- the sand storm in the number and I appreciate you taking. 260 point seven it's a lot of -- interest -- -- DeVito the only time 630 want to have a first new book 02 to enhance. Our great news team. As Jim and overeating. -- -- As a lot of more. The suspect in the Burma street shooting news Jim suited. Refused to be extradited from Mississippi. So I guess you don't -- come to deal here. I guess that's the point. Where you should've thought about that column before you'd. Knee which he needs to be arrested don't you think -- Which I don't know what I what I ask him deal must not be -- Biggio will live on jailed over here so we will keep you posted on net that is up on line plus Louisiana food stamp call are they feeding the day. One point three me with the people who would no longer a lot. And I have been. -- -- -- -- -- You won't believe your story it's online at WW had a compass Christians latest blog is Saints hold leverage over Jimmy Graham at all online at WWL. Dot com back to the phone to go to mid city New Orleans from Michael hello Michael. -- because you don't okay sir -- yeah. Good not like to go back again again out of I was there in our early teams when Dempsey kicked -- you go into a stadium like go back seat again. But they are good package they've -- bit Rocco back I think I make Abacha might bet a lot of people -- Betsy -- won over sixty that day. You know my go to people who called and sometimes we talk about great Saints moments. I -- the one common -- -- he has it people whether they were in a stadium. -- some type of boom when he hit that ball is -- you know. It was so real you know adjusted in the and in managers look when it looked like he wanted to make it it was coming back in -- didn't mean it was just. You know just it was a surreal moment. You know and that's all you can -- you can -- the quiet there ever -- too -- -- you could hear you -- hear like hit the ball you know because nobody was reason. What if you had to go somewhere like maladies where where would you go now the president. I'd like. Oh. Saying and it's doable this year I've got a I could I Jimmy Graham do you think this thing -- playoff team without him. He's yet. -- you let you know but he did so much better we that he embodies that. Like all the elements saying he needs to be -- handling you know I mean immediately handle anybody in the second there. You know they -- not be you know an unbeaten -- you know shoving him around I was open that. You know that the Saints and sending over -- week when no -- ballot requires written retarded Atlanta was open -- sending over there to get some. You know its importance you know. I'd be out. I've got to Michael Michael man I'm so glad you called me and we've got -- thank you so much for the time aren't thank you all right thank you so much to 60 when he eats at me. 8668890. Attending. What is the last time you -- here it's. In America. Deal to the -- all water. When he floated -- football. Have you seen them. And I act out and of people wouldn't -- I say that because sometimes we ask ourselves why soccer is so popular. Because it is the world's sport. He will cause if you're engaged in it you'll like it you don't like it. You had to be open minded enough to the fact that he -- Popular. Because many reasons one it's it's very inexpensive to play. But to its universal. And it's around the world excuse me. This deal let's -- here Angela. Guess I mean everything is throw the New York Times -- sports on Sundays and when she -- and the Wall Street Journal. There is a fascinating piece and now -- and his -- and they Marjorie. Altman and it's from. -- -- CA TAO pay as -- and -- they call brazile. It is a place. Where. The Rio Negro which is I'm assuming a river a big body of water. Foot often in residents must deal with floods and droughts. And -- becomes increasingly erratic in the Amazon River pace. Now. They -- pitches in here and they showed he's keen with the in the water. On a doc I got back like yeah mansion somewhere I'm -- to be on -- -- Motions all muddy feet. Looks like a workhorse kind of made a certain way for goal in their play in sock. And I think that south sometime you just look at their pitching you draw your own conclusion and they -- on these kids. Put these big law looks to get a seat you don't know shows with a epilogue in the water and -- Run on -- you know back at fullback they put it together to try and make. A makeshift. Soccer -- it's just -- a passion for soccer is evident throughout this didn't even in a classroom when -- -- -- to -- who missed all floating. After practicing it has its flood. I mean it's it there's no lion it's all you gotta -- if you if you don't out of some crap. In the water -- be relive it something that's all in or you'd trouble. Says this area has experienced extreme weather over the last 25 to thirty years and researchers trying to -- Whether the patterns have been natural of a result of human. -- Climate change I got three just some of -- In the Tyler says the Amazon's floating fields where he gained. -- is all. In always I had he sounds -- how you look at race you know you can pick up -- up. But just to read it -- I'm merely had to like anything about sports I'm if you saw this picture. You would say we're it would mean it would these -- doing you know when when they were on the war. What is fascinating and I think that -- then Linehan. To the fact even more. On watch soccer why so many people are so passionate about soccer. And our country is our country at the time. When he has grown a lot as we talked about last week with a different numbers so I thought that was more than worthy bring them as both through yesterday's sports section of the New York Times. To the -- we go back to Algiers for Jeffrey Jeffrey thank you for calling WW -- And -- quote partners and it. Outfit while ago but at the tape did -- repeal of the world -- our outlook Pia B. I'll pay for it but it the World Cup -- -- that didn't -- great all that it will blow. What they did Pollard did big brown goes real play all -- simple book he went out in. They made their reasons are these epic because I bet -- He threw pretty great all around -- what Peter Baker took out -- Birtley. Right I I guy that's different about but I mean -- is his -- That you know he's sick that though. Then. In those tight quarters in those in those games and he proved against San Cisco and he made. And he made Vegas fiscal in eleven and he got a soaked field mean Spain we scored that mismatch. I think you know All Saints a playoff team without act out absolutely I think you LT and that's not a knock against him because I think is the way. This team is built just like real term is is is Seattle's LT about Richard -- I think -- absolutely a penalty garbage from Richard Sherman is one of those guys it. He puts a -- top he helped him become more complete -- put Graham in in that. Area I've I really do think he's amicable either the league in in touchdown reception. Well. In the college player is somebody you -- in the ball. Great -- the is this is my opinion -- restart relied too much and it took away from out in the game. The rest but it's human despite. Being -- -- rule it IndyCar. -- Maybe Amaro about that made you I'm not where it. And yet they it didn't even that was what David if we. Player. I got did you have so different you wanna go to the Olympics -- you said there -- limits which you take it to the world club. Yeah I think that the World Cup will be quite have made it here the atmosphere at Lambeau Field it's a great things in there. I got I got to yet it would definitely had to call him a -- All right thank you so much is it -- you can kick the ball you'd kind. I've never heard you respect to calls by today. Though I'm not I'm not Dan. And that that you know you know it you know even some might. It was about a crack soldiers on down you know it don't matter he's and they got him is that as part that he is -- That you protect Xavier lamp while he lived all over Lenovo. Out of welcome to going only -- to be -- -- also is true but I hope so well so I -- -- mailbox one day. -- match you know with it -- they. That's no I want me and give it 11. Day. Got a point with eyes and believed to be hundred. Mean in four years who he would -- government but for some mean -- only 62. And the ability basis sports talk you're listening to WW. And welcome back. 260 when he 786688908. Semi easy -- Novo trust. All of you had a great for a week. It. Family and friends. Food. You can eat or some some -- you know record the time. So I -- them. -- probably admittedly the ideas but over tweaking you know sometimes you barbecue put stuff -- real happening now -- they grow up barbecue. -- feasting grew vegetables. Well Friday. Close up that we -- to -- -- -- that was always have been in the Alamo -- was a little -- and went out there to Joseph displace him. Man always -- just some simple that's in the paint sounds instant -- delinquent couldn't make that of Kabul. Cooked it on the Green Day. And you know so we took the -- of -- And but when it's just about Vernon and Bob looking so some people in the Mubarak you know implement it Bernie is Libyan. But on -- hot -- -- be in my own opinion the longer they Deloach Ortiz. Manny is on BP's it's. So you'll -- great great fourth of July. Now. Always talks good things in and scoop throw some stuff on the table. Game when he throws it out days Colombia a slice of sentinel -- mean you that you looked all that have faced the some of the topics -- talk about. Some of his top eights this weekend with a 25 anniversary of -- there. What is your favorite word of race and he TVQ. Also -- The things you become about more than sixty people were shot mandated Chicago over the weekend with Serbia warning about not to travel to the windy city. The way they were shooting in the Crescent City every area met on you of people talk about him -- NCs governors that I mean they're saying the same -- at Chicago this week if they were about an award. Last week that'll be one of the diploma in essence -- crowd in -- before the July we -- Was alone in the thing for a 5000 visitors in town for the whole big week and it. So scoop will be recapping the time we can't talk about a lot. A stuff tonight. From him it took me. 2601878668890. Eats at me is the number of games all right now on line WW dot com. Of the are voting 79%. You are saying. Then the Saints all eight playoff team without Jimmy Graham when wants and you are saying the Saints on not -- -- operate at -- in tempo. But talked about that and you can get involved sixth. And 87870. Here is a tics we are reading about -- feature that was in the Wall Street Journal. Assuming New York Times a few moments ago about soccer and now -- just. -- what became the lead even in of their moral or places in the world. To -- you knew how the -- it would always played football in the -- field after rain -- on a bogey. With the ball at the degree of Poland in the last. That's soccer for the rest of the world -- you need the ball at some type of goal that's -- -- popular sport on -- exportable. Expansive. And accessible some shoes. Option. -- makes -- his one -- ornament. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 60 wait that would be 86 weeks. 889 minutes and I go back to wrestle mania at three deceitful hole. Tree. I've got. He's 6018786. Weeks meetings he rates in the all the numbers to be involved in next now talk a little cap allergist. About the cap. What or the signing of -- great. Due to the Saints can -- -- they get to them. And I don't think we have any questions about David -- in the Middle East Dillon. But you know what type -- Jimmy Graham it would disease do long. Term the long term. For this thing it's like when Payne please move forward it's here at the Internet and soulful. So without Andrew Cohen of over the cap dot com next now I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk you're listening to WW. All right one ball big now to go all the Saints a playoff team without Jimmy Graham it's operated jaguar opinion -- plus. If you could go on the heels of seeing an iconic event. The -- championships at Wimbledon this week in. -- men's and women's finals. I'm paying for you to go to a first class -- -- you named the sporting giving you wanna go to it don't mantle where it is little -- Hypothetically who had a -- Where would you go and walk. And which. Sporting event that has happened. Has happened already. In past that you juiced I didn't want to -- the -- and I had to be there today. -- next -- basis sports talk on WW.