WWL>Topics>>7-07 7:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham's Contract

7-07 7:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham's Contract

Jul 7, 2014|

Deke talks to Andrew Cohen from overthecap.com about Jimmy Graham's contract and where the Saints are in terms of the salary cap?

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Good evening a lot of the final out all of sports saw -- beat Bolivia. Everything we talked about it on the tape operated jaguar paid people ought to say it's a playoff team. Without Jimmy Graham seven campus and you are saying yes we will present you with saying no cast your vote online at WW -- Dot com if you could get an all expense late first class trip. World comedy talk about. Why -- you waiting on the game of the events take place. It's for the day shop I got team already at no cost I'm taking care yeah concession stand trip up compete at some time ago. It -- consist. Some crystal. Ball -- -- home cram meet jumbled now. Inkling that kind of on the players. Eat what you mean -- -- -- -- don't matter you may call I'm thinking. Where. Would you go and why would you -- a suitable Kentucky Derby amassed some the next. Cast your vote on -- you'd tell me at 260 points him to about Greek. -- -- Example. Yeah it was solid as Japan ocean east do you like great moment in -- he's mean different things like. Would keep it real goal for me to do anything from like a long you know when they go -- show you some. New -- -- -- -- it sound well. I'm saying you want to know we have seen him on the monitored here in the differential -- As you watch in the show. I don't know it mean she's prepared very nice that currently dock there at Chicago before. Wolf Blitzer here at 7 o'clock -- to show before Boris articles on politics in roundtable discussion you know. Like around also but based on both the politics. Where they show on. -- -- Now policies can't these gas and you've got a -- on -- on top FaceBook page at 9 o'clock. But you can check it out you can Google it obedient -- you do Yahoo! has put Tour de France keeps. That's what I time anywhere straight to. Well. A gentleman won the second stage of the Tour de France. Each stage -- become gay people you know he won Tuesday Hewitt in the -- the Islanders on what he. He tried to play at all but he lost all his cool points. You know I want it to -- thinks he liked that you win. But where he is it a pitcher an Olympic podium it's exactly middle. Who'd given though the -- to him walk as he won it pits they did to France to state team. In the two very attractive -- -- models but lays on silent want to -- left don't want to write negative TV screen it will be to the right. If you in his -- will be to the net but lady the local ticket it would look -- team to the left. As we watch him hugs and give rookies Saudi -- and his name is this year until. The belly. In IB LA guy on the ballot. And heavily. You have to what you want to -- -- state and it when he leaves little. To the unrelated to the right -- right we're facing him that he's green. She Aaron -- you know like a cold Turkey. I mean keep it going -- like the other side of -- it's not a player out. Are you got to Seattle already look you got a lot most of the other out a while most of what you'll get to. Sort of -- and I -- the -- like with food with some quarterback he's their Z 888. And again late. Out active leader in gold dot FaceBook page -- had a lot to -- BO -- the -- and so. -- -- I'm telling you you're. -- it's down to what a player for but he is almost like a girl knew knew that you look. Enough space as you Cadillac analyze. She knew he was going for the key is. At the -- -- And she -- I mean she didn't turn as smooth as a she she did that she captivity about mannerisms. She didn't do -- -- You know I guess Japan Asia he's -- -- -- she and everything like that. She just turn. And I think she was grab in the I don't know if you give them -- wall or something out of a boat thing yellow flowers and got the yellow Jersey to put all she was smooth but him. Dictate try to playoff he would grab his Jersey in BC Izzo. And Saturday -- -- go to zone and all of all I want -- thank you for Colin WWL. Hello Sean. Has shown man do we have shown. Oh once Alison is shown there. Alice insists all is not their eyes on future and it's called -- -- open line of point 260 points and 2866. 889087. And also just -- a feature on these Saints getting off to fast starts. On a Saints coach Sean Peyton in the gone in a year and nine in the playoff seasons the Saints at the four games have been. You're 31040. In non playoff season the Saints have been -- -- four or two and two. So we'll see what happens at the first four games of the things. Ceased to check that out online at WW. Dot com let's go to Lance in the long I think Francis senior excuse on TV Lance was that there. That -- that they can't but I he cabinet and black it's such addiction. That they podium girls -- though the winner of the when he waved me. All I'm doing is telling the story well while I got a -- of some slack who in my it. Where I see you I see you have to wonder if these -- thinks he is God's gift to women than saint ladies can. Oh -- irony. Here where I say you've got to want to look I came down just like you arms and you -- and -- got an opinion you've got an opinion. It sort of makes it four or so well what would it what does the full so I'm sitting he'd be shown -- -- -- -- post. -- over and over again I explained everything. And anything that came out okay what SRC pass our ass all right you came in late Knicks on if you come in all the time you would have heard. And I explain everything that happened that is towards being reported nothing more nothing. -- -- -- The -- -- not I'll believe that rather not not look at it is because. She turned away from him as he leaned into her picture like it or -- -- you know -- you -- guessed that's the beauty about TVs like -- movie basic instinct. You know it into the movies he had I speak on the debated you know she wanted to -- or somebody else did it. When Dillon though but -- we could do you could draw -- -- conclusion to this about the drama all -- I think out. She turned away because she didn't want to keep it under. An answer to mark when may be she -- you found some odds on outbid. I yeah could and I let's go to Sean on to it and I got one does that he'd call let's go to shown all I want Sean thank you for calling -- -- -- They -- -- was knowledge. And -- we will play in the for the -- were pretty good player treat it. Love -- which he comes back. About -- definitive. And I think horrible thing and I don't put oh because back. Yeah I think so -- because you know there. Other teams who made the playoffs last year and -- used to twelve and made the playoffs last year. Is demo playoff team without -- man I don't know. They were with Tim Tebow. You know at a Saints a play LT when I Drew Brees. I don't know what I don't I don't I don't think it's elves are SI but there are some other teams that did little built differently. From a standpoint that you could say it went their backup quarterback was in practice to make him make the playoffs. I think the Saints all play our team -- very good playoff team but when you talk about give it to championship round it's suitable round. You what you want all hands on day and I mean he's he's he's a huge weapon I mean he's he's a huge weapon of Dolphin. Well it's a benefit -- -- -- defense wins championships. Right and we got a lot of beat him. -- agree with it all been awful. Can win championships. Tracy Puerto. I think it was a good defender he could be a couple of right. Are people who have been floats back into doubt and put. And well we get to have been in the league. Record. With all -- -- -- -- tomorrow. Well you know it they they they looked as good as they've looked gone to a season. We're very and that's where that's the fairest and most honest assessment you can give it -- editor -- -- -- injuries. Yeah. And you know at the -- don't you know the more you have parts the -- -- the puzzle then you know the better it can be. Again I was talked about Sunday and Ian Hoch and how wonderful -- has got all along with a -- department placed on FaceBook page to kind of going viral right now. Visions of a volley -- the second state to the tour to fronts. Now the aero two young ladies in what do it's that you stand up like in the middle to almost like -- and I wore a medal ceremony. When they -- the yellow Jersey cause he's the leader. A bouquet Afflalo. Well the first young lady and Agassi your face that you sitting in the room to face -- TV screen to the left -- in that direction. It's -- -- Tony's cheek so and so he's an Italian cyclist but the woman on the right declines. Soon as he goes he turns away. Game that's day and then this year -- if they -- this sent them. He kind of plays off to a bit imposing I think it's funny you know things a funny now days they don't generally funny. And you know even if they all right don't they don't call anybody a name Hussein thing. This -- will be some might get their feet. In -- my old -- -- Adam Sandler movie you know but I think it's hilarious but she did give him the Teddy bear. So he got us the adorable stuff line any guys for Alice from the podium but clearly to meet you can go with -- got faith -- Now at about 8:39 o'clock. You could just -- for yourself. If she was as one of the last policy kind of some -- he was reaching for them there. I think it was just like no thank you don't care less power and the bureau because if she was supposed to case. She couldn't -- Well one of the -- at Indian got the stuff line. There is no reports saying that after the stuff line with the C they know like. Line -- with my own O'Hanlon it's a team he's got a pitcher of own penalties. With this is the grand most would have any of him in the line but it is nowhere has it reported. That. He did receive accused immediately turned on him. A -- a salmon Gretna Sam thank you for calling Debbie did you. Very DA could done dominated trying to. I don't know it's so the seeding in the July. I kind of I can't handle it honestly -- -- -- Our final back to penalties and a anyway we could argue at all in almost argument. I had no trouble while you -- just. You know describe and put the ball and everything I -- at -- very well on that one yet but by you know it is not a a little bit. Mentally. -- bit too strong so. Belichick line you know. And they. Couple hours ago respected -- he's got a couple of -- name is next up are so out. I don't think the same argument and threw an interception but he is still pretty good. -- you know they look at our public -- all the credit there are now ready no way. I love as I remember who was it. Again he would. -- a man who did he -- famous again you know until about -- same -- he was received. The associated like I'm a team an award. He was not a guy who wrote -- not Pete so's been zones act probably. Only. You know until about remember -- real famous now have a when he that is up about where it was at the -- -- big institutes it was at assembly is Beckett who -- on the team once you know. Point at least it Allah thanked the anomaly was it out -- -- because without him he's had a problem would be in his -- So yeah very about -- called the greatest thing since slice Brantley is going to be bounce. But you know eating anything and I tell us and them -- beat -- who. A lot of times when I see young people are so successful. In athletics or something. They listen. To one side and they lose to the sad it's it all -- you great to -- But the alternatives to the other side advances on -- -- on you got to have balance. And if you had to balance as they grab him. In -- trouble and you gotta you gotta have the ticket. You know once -- -- you can't pay attention to it if it's good became paintings to -- was made it got harder you gotta you gotta do what you gotta do and go home. So you got about a -- hour ago. Go back that's what Jimmy Graham playing. Talked you know about the year -- life. Policies and so open. They -- -- well they sit there -- the snaps -- -- why. And and -- argue inside either slot right on line so which do you take. It take. -- did that this happened or what sort of tight. And you take the twelve -- receiver. Temple and huge -- that difference. Felt like 13 against theirs and whatever works out the calculator out but it. Don't have one right now you you figure are two thirds of this lot receiver money. And it 13 -- on. And an eagle back to what parents but it has -- career with the Saints -- you receive back. You know but sport short I think it worked -- followers don't ever do anything on top. And agents are lawyers so -- gonna have a deal next Tuesday. You know -- England for a week and talk about cycle and then then and now and and other facts. You know I'd I'd rather I'd rather have a little variety though -- will talk about the -- the oval. Say what the variety that you feel land between -- times temporarily enjoyed. What -- you had the old Negro League ball. Players all man slam that was that that was incredible it's not out targeted -- one -- -- because that was inspired by the young man -- the student to playing. That was on HBO real -- I was -- Did. Russell got. That. Like on channel later so like that. It's typical normal Roger. Did back there you know. One thing that's what it. I'd have you know -- for a portrait. They were going to when you -- these guys around and not put it's not stage it's not impact. I was there at age it would Grossman's. So. Good guys back guys returning cute steady players. Autistic kids -- -- a lot so popular. Went about eight candidate a gentleman has been it was a wrestler and a Jets and try to problems this young man it was successful route. Lineup that was actually we did it right before wrestle mania -- that was Jake Roberts -- Christ in the came in the studio wrestle -- week which is phenomenal. Made Jake is making here without the diamond Dallas page and we talk has gone well with all the famous -- Yeah that's always good stuff when you kind of have an opportunity to talk about some some of the innings out the -- to -- -- -- is football in saint an issue here but he -- good account. Temp basis that the bags are renowned in Andrew Cohen is -- hospice again as he's been -- before and Andrew is over the cap dot com. Andrew now Jimmy Graham we've had the decision that the arbitrator. What does that mean now from a standpoint of what type of contract he will receipt. Well at all depend on what he'd like to take at this point he the reports are that. Nor is offered him 99 and a half million dollar annually. And not that they didn't decrease sent offer after the -- orchard or rule grab a tight and so. At this point I don't think he really has any choice but to accept that contract. Who we -- the other way it'll play out again be. Would that be the highest among tight -- That would would surpass. Our rock our count he contract which is. Six years that you -- million dollars party get more guarantee -- ground out gate by it she would not get. -- -- -- get a few hours of free agent on the open market but yes it would be -- -- and it's a well. So when you say. That at nine point eight debt if that's not at that makes him the highest tiny and where seemingly wildwood maybe had a. Well purely from the standpoint that. Went gronkowski signed that contract a few years back you want a free agent you know -- plate. Two years in a score out it was the freezer right now you would get a lot more that especially because the salary cap. Has increased dramatically actually it was -- under Torre -- in last year. It's now under 33 million this year and it probably -- going up so. You would have gotten more money and Graham. -- -- -- You know get the open market probably -- -- my estimation get somewhere between 1213 million dollars annually somewhere close to it. Only 11 year my heart's content some on sports and sort of start present for -- Right and that will come off our take you know -- hey look if it's it's a shot to get the most follow but if you get paid is the highest paid -- in. And in on nine hammy and a year which will be what five or more years than what gronkowski nothing makes which is nine million a year than that. You know and into the will come across the fans want us against Don is is different but I think something will probably the that I come on -- -- you don't -- -- has -- -- it. Yeah I think ultimately I agree -- and ultimately deal probably. Will -- on and it will be similar the breeze -- -- two years ago where reported deadline it. -- this franchise tag in -- -- -- 5015. Deadline the deal was completed simply because it's. You know the player and the agent don't have any other shorts. They're taking such a big risk a lot a player under one year tender obviously such a dangerous game and one injury your career can be overs seeding could be over just -- -- twenty million dollars guaranteed money so that liar ultimately. Don't Ziegler much of the charts. Andrew Cohen is hospice guess over the Canada cup and how do big contracts it is when you make -- got the highest paid. How does that affect. A team when you come on the Canadian too because every year is going to be some people that you have to pay -- on -- keeping your program out of that perfectly. Yeah I mean in New Orleans situation. Right now looking forward to 2015. Battle over under for two million dollars and on the books that at fifteen salary cap so that's that's one that it probably want it too tight knit cap situation in the league along with Dallas. And solid account without you this past year with. With the markets where -- and -- and basically entertainers somebody. Like perhaps not about money. When you know you have some other. Some of the other Arctic -- It's yet year after cut ties elsewhere and so that's that kind of a decision that's that's something that. Not -- Louis cannot -- or character. Concentrate on the present but also concentrate on the future and you know some electoral breeze here at 26. Million dollar cap pick next year and the -- -- that but to two point seven no such the -- it's. Possibility would be or would be agreed to re structure he'll get expanded. Into the -- more flexibility. You know I knew he spent it. -- epic at some point where arts are now looking at a -- I caught and it works. Andrew how can people find out about all you agree inflammation and how come they folly who owns what. I go to over the cap dot com and that's that's the cops are -- work so -- per. For all the NFL we have great information and if you wanna follow me on where my man. Cadillac -- I have beacon score you got all you deal with paying army some batted in numbers and open it can't be that everything to a fine pinpoint on Andrew. Yeah there also La. There's -- salary cap calculator under you can. If you if you go to the website -- could carry you go to your team NC where you can't stand you know I like Carter wanted it. Like a simulated game he caught a certain players you know much cap or Europe or so. Or. Yeah Richardson -- -- NFL salary cap it's definitely the place to go. Man sounds good he's been with a several times before Andrew called over the -- dot com Andrew always the president Brian great stuff thank you so much. Are are right in the center back to the phones ago louis' own that was cool coal and coveted -- call howry. Cookies and well brought it to court they wanted it will all -- -- and tributary kings wore. Out playing. Every battle. No idea act I have Mac guy don't want a -- don't -- -- to a -- moment of the girls and I want him to be afraid of you know -- line. -- I'm an excellent excellent be -- nine -- think. I was going to be flying to West Virginia and in about a week and a hand by. Thank goodness for that the voice and the color analyst they decide to draft so hokey. Jim Henderson in my civil law all arrive at the Wesley do you together we've got knocked it probably -- between us three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you're reminded of the -- you got on the plane. No I would not pick him but I'm I'm -- do some real conflict did that make myself. You know give -- used to not probably take a flight to Atlanta are all on land somebody Houston down some shots for us or even Orlando and give myself well you know more like the Orlando somewhere. So quick we -- and they took them out there. In my. Are you in Tokyo -- Mass I watched them Mike Tyson via the undisputed truth Bobby -- and watch it tonight the first nine at the draft was definitely. And this could go into we take it out he was he was -- leaving dead and it's a great it's really Mike Tyson just is like is there appear to at least have everybody about all these problems and everything you went to the people knew for years about the foot but you do -- in -- surrounding yourself about Sunday and it's more therapeutic it's it's no it's it's one thing for someone else that that -- shoot or say what's wrong with you but when you can -- meter UC sultan is essential. I've gotten -- much is now can move -- he just basic says. He stayed flat the whole time he was in Tokyo heated train cafe in NATO will women and an actress in I'm not take anything from Buster Douglas. But I was our remain innocent look I was young other than watching film or Sugar Ray Robinson. And watches film on Joseph Joseph Louis -- of the greatest champion -- -- -- because of what he he would he where he came from the greatest of all time. I still -- when he's in his prime. And we and he is on top of his game Mike Tyson is the greatest boxer that was that hip injury in Estes -- Estes my pain. -- -- -- -- Yeah it. Anymore. Right. -- -- -- all along real well I don't know. Right where are you glad to let you know if you go -- ask a Beers in the west. You going you'd better look at about 47 wins barn at 547 wins in order to be and then number I mean every team in the policies initiated the winds. Point after he wins and in the last inning and they look they can be a lot better. And I kind of said that going to to the you know this year that. If they -- playoff team. I think they could be substantially better and talk on the current governor and he thinks Omar Asik is going to be a tremendous pick up its just small things like it of people. -- always not a big name you know they've got their big names they've got the -- Guys if -- if they can stay healthy and they can continue to improve. But I think they could be a very good team next year in and not make the playoffs unless sounds crazy but -- you. That's how good the Western Conference seedings mean Dallas with -- They low point and games and regular season Memphis with 71 of the of the you know San Antonio Houston full five teams and has the vision could've. Went to the deep brown will be San Antonio won. Dallas took Santorum dissenting gain -- a team that did dad. So did division is is his. Terrible from a stamp on how hard the news. And I mean you you the turnaround MB a -- -- an -- steal. Now make the play well so I'm I'm sure that they're all going to be. You know taking into account when they do the about it was but it is a crucial year for money wins and bailed him to get a really believe that. Louis on -- one Lewis thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- -- -- Just a quick question money you spoke little creative marketing group. Pretty excitable Europe Cabrera Brandon Coleman are you Robert rock goes -- -- -- -- and good things about OGA this year. You know he is a guy day. Besides sticks out. You know he's a big tall range -- back and you know coach was actually had this right here now. And every coach Payton said he was a what do you think about Brandon Coleman. Says I don't see it. Being in the hands as much as just being all the new lots of playing receiver transition role. A route technique there's a lot becomes. On the play of a receiver just from the stamp on a whole scheme of what you're doing and deep in the technique how you were doing it. The Kona is the banking and if so much better being used to be talk about the up tees he's facing now so far as he has picked things up. He's a big target we have a couple of big guys that you're on the that we are anxious to see -- progress you know he's a -- I think he's got all the physical attributes he's got the size. But it it was more to me at practice about his size and just this mile. And him you know if he dropped the ball. That he stood out now you know it in 2006. -- the training camp. In Jackson Mississippi. As -- same thing I can say about a guy named Marcus Colston was going to and I hear the national football. So always got to do if he has a good camp does well. You're the only team cause if he can make the team he's a matchup problem somebody six 66 that's that's called the fans. No you can't Cameron called them out there. -- Yet that like I said there's eleven guys on on the roster right now currently going. And there at receiver for the Saints at how legitimately think at nine. Bags. Of the 99 -- will be in the National Football League. Somewhere and it's even if that's in is situation from eight -- practice squad. I think that's how deep in town that is -- if our secondary is what everybody thinks that he is and I think we all agree that it's much better than it was last year it was pretty good. Dan. These Jazz are going to be that much more polished. From what they're facing on a daily basis. And the ability at this is sports thought -- listed WW the Associated Press. They were owner did very interesting piece about the new hires and and. So football league -- seven new guys or seven new coaches in this football league. That I and he broke down non can't -- coach Lovie Smith. On he also talked about Jim Caldwell. Who takes over in Detroit. Also -- in. -- the team that takes over in Cleveland my -- Minnesota O'Brien in Houston. Gruden. In Washington and you Whisenhunt in Tennessee. It's kind of one of those good reads that -- you know beat you through -- you -- Dog days of Osama as we so speak game of football and made my way out the -- news that's that's kind of my magazines stopped to pick up albeit on different magazines that bonds and mean these sporting news and CBS sports eyes again column and read them. -- -- on looks though a lot lot of times they'll now because they had time because everything happened so instantaneously Twitter and FaceBook and everything's just so -- to date. Is that when those things go to France like you don't know the kids -- can appreciate it is hard work amount of the gate. You know DDQ now you know situation awareness. Is -- eligible. So but they're still good to have there was a lot of it's not a stance I formation it's more about. Being in one place at one time. Now many you on your phone and you could access the numbers -- the team and all that but it's it's it's just you know for those that like to have a nagging pains like. That -- publication without steal one of those I'm against Oklahoma. Owner of that ban in the phone. But I haven't been modeling myself off of just wanted to newspaper in an event in money but the those on the things. It on he is it takes. Big Mike Tyson about a box so he was a Fido killing machine and the best -- Eight again. You know you have to PSA yet to count like disclaimer it but I agree with you. When he was at his base and we came with today agreeing with him black trunks on and Ian black shoes no socks. I just. Operative like I did the first time at some point he -- it to me on always thanks to. He could teams lead the -- In a few of the -- Pakistan have a -- -- Who with the champ made that and not to not to rain knocked his lips doctoring the dude who -- to -- before he went out during. -- -- -- You know by Bayern did do it with the bags -- walk in the now -- know what happened he was his own worst enemy but in his brand when he was at -- -- gain. The band just my ties cost them by that. Come back and it to -- in Georgia in Arabica. I'm Deke Bellavia this WW -- -- doing general talk. Sometimes zone here I do and we talk about different things especially with promoting we have you know told you. Don't -- the for the things that radio host. Given we have to do that he was sheets of paper called lack copying what he has its information about things are happening on our web -- different show moves that they give away these. In things of that. But it would be wanna like what what do you or do you like. These past couple. Like that you thought the -- at some in house is bako -- -- easy to me is able to have the politician. Things of that nature I always like. Just for some -- -- -- thinking here embarrassing you know if you catches Seau might be about -- end -- June -- year. And I like you know and I liked the way means -- has evolved over the years he's just be one. -- that was mainly guys I mean -- stances and he was on the means. Of deodorant is like it's -- good one anyway you know he -- a dollar store sometimes it might be like a Christmas. Banging you around it's in the special sections the closer it was only a dollar. -- on them and while I would love to talk about that the people in a Sunday would do it light bulbs it on something with house. Illini got for a 52. Corey has allowed pounce upon McEntee. This if you know it's almost commonality on notable Mac and -- that they wanted to topic. Are and I write stuff like -- -- case I'm if I would do give back in the general kill just to have fun don't talk about it and they like. The brother of Robert Mitchell goes -- comes up mix. He's got a lot they've come up on his top eight. Moment things QB talk about Sarah Palin says she wants to be one of the new host on the view only ABC. All host success would be go broke on -- mean when alive Toronto this show but will be they'll want constant NC. Man he's got stadium now I mean solid stamp our name and also. You know. The George a father who left his point two models on the guy in the sport and not issue V. That is on the -- table a huge crowd essence fest which was a wonderful time here in New Orleans. So why do people say the -- they stay away from downtown in the French Quarter when this offense on loan is that another example of stereo types. Being wrong one of the many topics. -- Scoop will be talking about tonight of course it is world famous top 88 come up in about. Ten minutes will close out in the great state -- shocked to George George thank you for calling WW. It being a little delay critical back to. To a sporting yes they would be in 1936. Olympics. Which just go and won't. Or -- ask any -- hit a man. Off man he -- that area of greatest -- this. They may -- it remind me Mehmet Mehmet and Iraqi full -- in one Yvonne Drago was. The big rushing that is like atlas vs the game Iraqis that they and -- against the at this point point in time India watching you Russian finals both be McGill Gorbachev. And Rockies a day it was it seized his act -- that the best allow him to be -- He's a -- on that. You go to do it implied. -- -- days -- about it today yeah I knew that David know it today you know again I even the hall chorus of these two of the eleventh on. But it Rivera thought it was like Jesse Owens won everything and just like the changes in the this guy so he'll be in their -- stadium. But go look what you'll go but I do what. Oh when -- the Indians took Bjorn. Welcome to where have you been. All you clearly irritated dog between Jesse Owens in Joseph Louis. Which we win win Hitler and Maximilian. We we've we've made those two athletes they put him into place. Not to promises that the tournament at his -- -- -- -- way in the show mom and I thank you so much for the time. All right yes -- thank you so what all -- called -- all the ticks. Wonderful as always. Be sure to tune in tomorrow a lot to gate to. On tomorrow's program would Jimmy Graham appeal the arbitrator's ruling and how what an appeal affect his status with the Saints and you the fan. If -- about one sports franchise. Which sport in team would you parties. And black all would you keep your money your pocket. All of its coming up tomorrow from four to EP thanks so much -- -- handle on the news Christian -- Stephen gala. And Martin are not great sports fans and for the love -- ransom. I'm big ability to scoot is up next I'll see tomorrow right here on WWL but he --