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Jul 7, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome to our show on this Monday nights there -- where it's very very comfortable over the fourth of July holiday weekend and actually the humidity was less that you expect this time of fear really -- -- I agree weekend. Great weekend for the fireworks display great weekend for the crowds in town for the essence festival. In fact the scoop like tonight is about the crowds who were in town for instance fast. Now I've been very honest recently in the year about seeing an element in the French Quarter. I have an interesting observation about what I saw this weekend in the French Quarter -- deals with essence fest in the crowd. And it might not be what you think the essence fest crowd might not be what you think that is the -- blog tonight. It's on our website at WW real dot com you can -- share with others and we will be talking about that's later in the show. Also. Sixty actually I got -- a -- before -- went on the year. 82 people were shot. Fourteen fatally. In Chicago over the holiday weekend. But does anybody say oh you can't go to Chicago because it's too dangerous. Light they say that whatever happens indoor crystal talk about -- told the children. It's time for tonight's topic to -- to the topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. This weekend it was the 45 anniversary of the first episode of -- filled hitting the air. 25. Years ago. I never watch signed field in the very early years caught onto it after it was on for a couple of years and still watch it regardless what -- -- just to watch even with today shows that are -- a -- Psycho. There have been so many races. So many words. That it can't do -- sign them. They're used in everyday everyday conversation. We'll talk about this on the -- like think about your favorite word or phrase. That you got from -- I felt. An initial had a lot to pop culture. I mean from the standpoint of being the guy I'm glad somebody finally explained shrinkage. Because. They don't know about shrinkage. Well. Everybody knows -- -- actual episode that was a public service announcement for. For guys would have to explain that. Nor -- I want to be caught in a situation where somebody didn't understand that. Surrendered you know yadda yadda yadda the list goes horrible talk about some of the degree think we got from -- don't 25 years ago this weekend science fields went -- here. Number seven it's like to list of the top eight at eight. Sarah Palin is publicly say that she would like to be one of the new host on the view on ABC. You know I don't. Watch the show -- I've always gotten the impression that it's more liberal. Vanity is conservative and at least very very liberal. Now all of a host except Whoopi Goldberg. Apple have thought the show or early in the show. So there are some openings. A Sarah Palin the former 2008 Republican vice presidential candidates who -- John McCain -- running for president. I told a reporter in the interview with the Hollywood reporter. That she would very much like to be on the -- -- you know that might be an interesting mix. Frankly the more Sarah Palin gets out there and says stuff. The easier my job and it's. Don'ts of Sarah Palin always says it's really good stuff. That we can always talk about the show. Now I don't know how much -- she does for the image of the Republican Party puts. I would hope that you would not judge the entire Republican Party. -- -- -- Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This community newspaper in New York City. The west you news. And is being criticized for running the headline. The and word. In the White House. It's a black columnist. And the headline obvious obvious column. Why is the spelled out. In the White House. He said he used the word to shock people. He said that America's increasing tolerance. Of far right opinions. Has made racism more acceptable. And he -- far right voters hate Obama because he's black. They are are. A lot of people who don't like Obama because of his policies and his performance as president. However there are a lot of people who don't like Obama because he's black. And I over here every -- -- conversations. That makes it to it makes it quite obvious. But if you do something like this for shock value. Does it help. Or does it hurt. -- already getting text -- doubt. Catch phrases we got from Sonnenfeld. Scoot the jerk store called the running out of view. I remember that episode. He got to got to got another double talk about that whether we talk about some of the great phrases and words that we got from central that are that are part of pop culture today. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. They -- George a father who just went two month old son to die in sweltering hot issue the police say the stench of the dead body filled the SUV. Yet the father drove several blocks before realizing his son was dead in the car. The baby's mother. May soon be named as a suspect and this could be a death penalty case. This is just a really tragic story five days before Cooper the toward a two month old son died in the back of this specialty. The father and the mother of the child reviewed video from the vet. Talking about. What it would take to for so they did die if something or someone was left. In a vehicle. And apparently. She at the police station one the first thing she said to her husband think about this she never the police say she never asked about herself and to a died -- asked about a host. And one of the first thing she allegedly. Say to her husband. Was. Did you say too much. Or something like that. What do you think that means. Now remember there was initially this petition that was getting a lot of attention. Because people saw pictures of this father of with the news. Young son. And they thought the charges need to be dropped immediately. There should be no charges this is a grieving father his grief is bad enough. And he should be charged. Now we're learning a lot about what police knew they'd lead them to believe immediately after that there were some suspicious things about this guy's story. And his behavior. And again I'm I'm still. Stunned. At this whole idea of leaving kids in -- Here's another text no soup for you soup Nazi that was a funny sort of an office. If you wanna join Russia -- tonight about any of -- -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy at a text ever -- -- -- -- have never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. We go again three year old boy is dead after he left his house he was trapped in a hot car according to the grandfather. The mother was watching television. With the young boy on her on herself. The kid got out of the house. Followed the family dog into the car. Got trapped in the car. And suffered heat stroke. He was taken the hospital and they were hoping for him to recover and be released. But he died four days later. Which was I believe yesterday. The grandfather said that. My daughter was lying on the couch with him watching television. My wife is in the bedroom the little boy lived with his parents and his grandparents. Chelsea -- so Logan Cox this is the fourteenth death this year. The kids being left in in hot cars according to the nonprofit child safety organization. Kids in cars dot York. And a Florida four year old did survive three and a half hours locked in hot van and was released from the hospital yesterday. It really developing a zero tolerance. For people who leave their kids locked in commerce. Again I I I don't I don't understand it and this this case in nine. In Carol I believe it happened in in South Carolina that the child was flown to a hospital in North Carolina. Where he he died. This child got out of the house. So. This is another example of how close attention you have to pay your kids. You have to watch them all the time. It's a full time job and if you don't want the job don't have kids. And if you don't plan on having kids and you have kids. Suck it up then. And an into the job. It just it just amazes me that some people are so neck and what if not I'm not trying to be intolerant here. But what if we as a society. Started putting these parents. In jail. Would that not maybe send a general message to parents across the country -- You better watch your -- It's your responsibility. And this is what's gonna happen. Now there's an investigation. Going into the going on with the three year old child who left the house who was trapped in the in the car. But it. But it's it's it's very rare -- charges are filed. And in my opinion charges should be filed I have zero tolerance when it comes to people. Forgetting they had there -- -- and now there's all this talk about well there are some there are some things you can do to remember that you -- you laughter kids in the car. But I talked about wonderful last week on the show. There's a CNN anchor I actually she's on an -- she's a CNN legal correspondent. And she said that what she does she has two kids and she takes her shoes off when she gets behind the wheel the car. And puts her shoes in the backseat in between the two car seats. I guess in between the two car seats so she doesn't forget eat the war. I would if she put on not. The did the right side of one of the car seats which you forget the other kid that's where she puts him in the middle of she made a point of saying are putting in the middle of the two course. And I'm just I'm just wondering. Why we need these reminders I had somebody called a show a -- what if what if the manufacturers of the child restraint car seats. What is they've made some kind of an an alarm that went off if you close the door. And you didn't take you kids out. Really. On my parents never left us in the car get obviously if you're listening to show. Your parents never let you in the -- their so I don't know instead of maybe we shouldn't try to find new new ways to use technology to remind people they have kids. And as a society to simply demand if your parent you're responsible for your kids. Period now accidents do happen. But so many of these accidents are 100%. Avoidable. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Senate candidate and members congressman bill Cassidy unmarried seventeen year old daughter is pregnant as she prepares to enter her senior year of high school. Do you think this will impact -- city's campaign against senator Mary Landry. And is it different when this happens to a Republican. Politician. Compared to a Democrat. Politician. I doubt. -- very interest campaign will use this. In fact there's there's a comment from. A political science professor at U Alam. And he says that this is part of our culture of Louisiana has an above average teenage pregnancy rate. And this is part of our culture is part of society. Almost as if well it's it's acceptable this is the way it is. Seriously. Should do this impact if his campaign now I don't what to bring his daughter ridiculous and I'm not gonna give her name out. It's not it's not about her. It's about whether or not this kind of information. Should have a negative impact. On a a candidates campaign. And I also couldn't help but think about. How. This political science professor says hey well this is just this is just part of our culture it almost sounds like it's acceptable. I don't really think you should be entering you're. You're seeing your high school or in a year my school pregnant. And let's remember that there is a hug a guide there's a young man. Young boy whenever there's a teenager. A male teenager who is equally responsible for this pregnancy. Although he's not gonna show. When he goes to class. But if there's any any. Negative feelings toward her. There should be to say negative feelings. Toward him. It just again they're no visible signs. That he's pregnant and there are patriots. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list relevant domain names are. According to the update that I have. An earlier today it was over sixty people shot nine dead over the weekend to Chicago. The update I have is. 82 people were shot. And fourteen were killed. Over the holiday weekend in Chicago. Now when there's a shooting in New Orleans. On Bourbon Street when the shooting downtown. In the past -- rightly has been among those who have criticized new world and said in New Orleans is. -- crime ridden don't go clear. Those might not have been his exact words but Bill O'Reilly made some comment like data and is the only one they're they're people they're people right here in this area. Who don't go downtown because. A crime. The question is would you. Would you not go to Chicago. Because of current. And if you would go to Chicago. And not worry about the crime why we should not go to New Orleans. And be worried about the -- And this New Orleans get an unfair rap when it comes decline compared to cities like Chicago. I -- Chicago -- bigger city. 82 people shot fourteen dead. Over the fourth of July weekend. There are people who talk about it's the heat people get frustrated in the heat. And tempers -- And issued -- Maybe it's also because. Missouri school. Maybe they have too much time there it may be a lot of these young people are going to school. And they just have too much time on their hands so they settle arguments by shooting each other. Also talking about the -- street shooting the shooting suspect is fighting extradition from Mississippi. And it could take -- a couple of months for the paperwork to go through to get him back. And once again the picture of the suspect. Like the picture of the persons of interest. Defied the stereotype. That so many people applied. To the shooters they believed responsible. For the purpose -- now we don't know who's responsible yet. But the pictures of the persons of interest in the picture of the suspect. Defy the stereotypes that so many people criticized me for not applying immediately after shooting. Here's -- if -- pretty -- opinion poll tonight if a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate. Or the political party. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. Also discuss blog tonight is about the essence fest crowd will be talking about that -- we you don't -- were -- in the in the French Quarter. Over the weekend did you have any experience with the essence fest crowd. What was your experience like. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here it's seventy our tax numbers 878 Saturday. And what does that what does the world order freeze dance you most used in casual conversation. We got from signed felt this past week it was a 25 anniversary assigned -- going on the year. This is -- -- show like from new -- Monday night you were coming right back on WWL this band American authors sort of reminds me of -- these midnight runners because they have on banjo infect the era a couple of new bands that are using -- banjo. And I think about her banjo is set and a fun frivolous kind of settle it and I think that's part of the pop music between. We're hearing today getting a number attacks about their favorite phrases people's favorite phrases and words from the signed felt. Here's a text scooted treating your body like an amusement park we don't know what that means and that was part of the master of his own domain. At the -- Here's attacks not that there's anything wrong with that. And gosh knows I had Tony opportunity to say that field. Here is attacks that Reid says ten people shot suburban street is reason enough not to go downtown denial hurts -- or points. What denial they -- we recognize it and went. And if you had just joined us tonight another child's lawyers. In a hot car. Actually couple's child who elected on cars one survived and one is debt. And I just don't know how that happens here's a textile and the father of four kids between soccer football volleyball cheerleading dance tee ball and daycare. I have never forgotten. Any of my kids anywhere. That should be the norm. I don't need a reminder -- Here is a text. Than Sarah reads the CNN correspondent are you kidding me. How can you forget born baby. Nevertheless to BS no excuse. Can explain -- I agree I did I was stunned -- this CNN this attorney who is. Legal analyst on CNN. Said that when she left -- considered in the car. And to make sure she -- into it again she takes off her shoes when she gets behind the wheel of a -- -- people say it's illegal to drive with your shoes off. She puts her shoes in between the two car seats in the backseat to make sure she doesn't remember now I think you -- if if you're the kind of person who forget your kids. Do you really think you'd care that much about to walk around barefoot. Which you really think about not forgetting not remembering your shoes. If you ought to join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text number is 87870. Here's a quick update on tonight's to -- a pretty general opinion poll. If a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. 75% say no it does not. 25% say. Yes it does attract this -- to our show it will be interesting to see if this it changes as we go through the shooter might give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we're talking about over and over 82 people shot at fourteen fatally shot in Chicago over the weekend. And yet I don't -- the national media talk about not going to Chicago because the current. And yet there're there are people nationally and locally -- I'm not going to -- is because of the crime. But yet a lot of these people I think we still go to. Chicago now I'm not in denial of the decline that we have what we -- have -- But I'm gonna be -- to a Soviet happened to me at 6 o'clock this evening. I -- to close my apartment I was driving. My cart that it draw this year but the station. And this guy walking across canal street right in front of my car looked back at me made a gesture. FE got my attention he made a gesture. A couple of fingers -- it -- So he was asking me did I want caucus had no uncle so look they have the criminals are out there but you have a choice whether or not you're gonna do businessmen. Also on our website at W to be built on top and it's it's part of the school blog tonight but it's also. Our front page down the left hand column under -- if you roll the video and audio -- cam video from urban streets. Friday nights the night of the fourth of July after the fireworks. And after the essence fest crowd was heading into the French Quarter. Every large crowd that takes over our city for a major event like essence fest has. A collective personality. And an attitude. Is is I live in the heart of this Syria where visitors stayed party. I usually get a sense of the crowd that has temporarily dominated downtown in the French Quarter. The preconceived impressions of the annual exodus of the essence festival -- to New Orleans are very definite. I talked to a couple of people and when I mention this is for the weekend started. -- mention -- incest is in town this weekend. The general consensus let's roll on like I'm -- gonna -- into on this weekend. And the promise to avoid downtown during essence fest goes beyond the traffic and the crowds. It express is a concern about the attitude of the crowd this year for essence next. Now I've been honest. About what I see and experience in my neighborhood. Downtown in the French Quarter. And recently I've talked about what I see is have a growing element that's -- doesn't seem to be in the French Quarter to have fun. It's like somebody showed up at a party and they're not interested in the party so you have to wonder why there's the year. And I seen this this element and particularly over the last six months. So -- -- to be honest with you when I tell you about the crowd that I saw in -- for essence fest this past weekend. As expected downtown in the French Quarter were packed. Visitors locally from out of town in Joseph Francis has many people of course a downtown Friday night. For the fireworks display and a lot of people come to New Orleans for the fourth of July weekend. As a walk in suburban street and through the streets of the CDT. It was -- and I was quite often bumped into -- suburban street. And it almost every single case. The persons that are soaring. It was a very polite courteous corrupt. Legal parking spots -- rare. One night I found a perfect spot on the corner in the CB day. After getting out of my car I've realized that could apart to look closer to occur. So I got back in my car when I got back in my car somebody turned the quarter saw me getting in my car. And pulled up right behind me thinking that I was about to pull out he would get that covered parking spot. Quite often there's great frustration and you've you've felt it when you realize the person's not really leaving neighbor actually just getting something out of their car. You hoping to get the spot but you don't get it quite -- quite often it's very frustrating but I kind of like cart and signal to the guys I was not leading. They smiled and waved. And there was no frustration at all and and quite often there's that there's a different reaction I've realized it's an isolated incident but that. Combined with everything else tells me that there was a very. Very polite crowd there was intent. There were numerous incidents of fun. Courteous people. On sidewalks and cars. And a lot of nice cars into. The essence fest crowd merged party night with the fourth of July crowd thousands of locals who ventured downtown to see the spectacular fireworks display on the river. Everybody seemed to get along there was not any really overall tension now obviously there are going to be some rowdy individuals. And I did see one case of two guys. Who got the attention of an NO PD officer. And I almost videotape is but did it didn't go anywhere. These guys should have left well enough alone. And they turned around kind of -- of the police officer and they're lucky they're not in jail and who knows may be as the evening went on and he they ended up in jail. But the overwhelming feeling the -- I got from the essence fest crowd was feeling a polite people. Very well dressed they were thrilled to -- -- New Orleans and here to have a good time and apparently they did it. Often negative impressions. Are based on preconceived stereotypes rather than real life experiences. The essence fest crowd. Have a great attitude. We get there are people who. Say they don't wanna come downtown but they probably. Many of them have never been downtown during the essence fest crowd now I'm guessing that there were some negative things that happen. But their negative things that happen on any weekend which is a mass corrupt. It's -- slightly down -- and spent time downtown where visitors stage and walk then the French Quarter as well. I get a sense of the attitude the general attitude of the crowd -- in town and we should just hope that every crowd is like the essence fest crowd in terms of of of being courteous and coming here to just have a good time. But this rush to judgment on the basis of stereotypes. Is is is flawed. It was flawed in the initial blame a suburban street shooting. It was flawed in the initial defense of the Georgia father who -- -- -- two month old child and carted -- If you rush to negatively judged the character of the essence -- cry out and hopefully you've learned another lesson about how rush to judgment. Is wrong. Now if you were downtown in the French Quarter over the weekend did you have a good experience. With the essence -- -- Whittier and hospitality. Business wait staff or you were just now in the streets and joined the French Quarter like you off into the weekend. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. And our -- oversee 7870 scoop like tonight is titled essence fest crowd not what you might have flocked to shame the people think something but not what you might have thought. He can read data and share with others it's on our website WWL dot com. And here's our WW a party jag -- -- -- the candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the Canada or the political party. Give us your opinion by going to W if you will not come -- screwed it will be right back on VW well. Tomorrow they show we're gonna talk about Pink Floyd Pink Floyd has announced that releasing a new album in October. Wow. You know if you think about the -- these guys led bands like Pink Floyd I mean they're lucky to be alive today but how amazing Pink Floyd releasing a new album in October. What banned from the past would you like to see release something new. And who would you most sorry. You could never bring back. To do something new. It's who could never come back but we talk about is on the show tomorrow night. Here's a quick update on our Debian -- pretty general opinion poll tonight if a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter. Does that reflect. On the candidate or the political party. 76%. Saying no all the 24% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. WWL dot com we've been talking about essence fest and I wanna point out it. This I think is. It is a way of explaining. The honesty. That I used to do the show. I could've looked in the French Quarter for a couple of isolated incidents. Where there was rowdiness. And I could've come back on the show and talked about what I saw. A rowdy crowd. These incidents of a rowdiness. And the phones would have lit up. And people who weren't even there would have condemned the essence -- corrupt. But -- -- an overall over field. And while it might generate more reaction. To say something negative I have to be honest with you tell you that the essence fest crowd and I remembered from the other years that I've been downtown when essence fest has been in town. It's a really good ground. There will be hey there well dressed. Polite. And it doesn't mean again that there were not some isolated incidents the worst incident that I saw. Able to white guys and and a police officer. These guys were were trunk in the police officers I was walking by accuse one of them of urinating in public. And he said dog wasn't and he was he was disrespectful to the police officer. In how we -- And then the police officer like okay going your way. Or than the guys pick a couple of steps in the turnaround and then the start melting off to the the police officer. I'm thinking guys quit while you're ahead. They're lucky they were arrested then and who knows maybe they would have gone on and got arrested at some of the point in the night. But if the essence fest crowd was. Was not what many people expect. And again I think this is a classic example of human nature. People are more likely to complain. Into -- Did you have any experience with the essence -- -- With the -- war abuser. You're a local and you came downtown when you were part of the crowd you saw the fireworks display on. On June 4 of July night party Unita the river. Or if you're in the hospitality industry or wait staff. Policy how was the essence fest crowd for you. Here's a Texan -- -- you're so right the essence fest crowd was wonderful. Every once seemed well mannered and it was so nice to see women get dressed up to go out in the quarter. Reminds me of the old days. And I wanna expand. Particular effects. To all those women. Who -- those shoes that most men find very sexy and attractive. And they just can't be very comfortable so I blush if for doing that. Think guys would do you think guys would go through that kind of paint we do I don't think so I guess that's why god made those kind of issues for women. And for men because it's meant could never deal with that -- -- -- bless all of you who go out and you get dressed up and you Wear those. The tiger shoots. That summary of its plan to try to -- can't. It can't be that comfortable walk into the French Quarter if you to join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. I text numbers -- 7870 here's -- -- I have a bad stereotype not because of the visitors but because of the way many locals act. Tony is that yeah I explain this in this boot camp and I'm a minister or do in this -- cam on the streets of New Orleans. I do a -- -- cam from a Friday night. Fourth of July night after the fireworks display it after. Essence fest so the two crowds were merging. The element that I usually see on Bourbon Street and talked about recently in the show. I I didn't see them. And I just saw a fun loving crowd and it was awesome to be part of that. Pink Floyd. We'll talk about this in the showed Obama I'm getting. -- -- getting text on bands that you like to see come back together but they can't because I guess somebody's dead. Pink Floyd is releasing a new album in October tomorrow night on the show we're gonna talk about the vans that we would love to -- come back and along that line a teacher was this -- alone. Course and I was growing up they didn't have to. Now they have -- What we'll talk about the fans that's the cadaver re unite and come back and give us something -- it again that's on the show tomorrow night. I'm -- it's Monday -- ever coming right back live from New Orleans on WWL. Like Richie clothes and essence festival Mercedes-Benz superdome last night and this is its own. -- -- -- -- -- -- Richie was it is. He was one of the facts that you had to -- if he ever got close and I remember going to see the Baton Rouge at the time it was the -- assembly center. Even doing morning radio at the time and still -- trip up there and had a very late night currencies went -- because it was a it was a must. C show. Here's a text that really this to actually crushes me. I mean this is shocking to me. If you think women dress up. To impress men. You're fooling yourself. Women dress up for other women they review and critique critique each other often pretty harshly. I thought they did for us. I thought they got all dressed up. For us. Here's a text. About essence fest in the crowd. Why then do all major restaurants close. For annual cleaning. During essence fest. Now I was unaware that all the major restaurants closed this past weekend. So if all of the restaurants closed. This weekend. When they want and we you don't have DGU. Did you get an idea of what the essence fest crowd was like good luck tonight is titled essence fest crowd not what you might have thought. It's a turning on our website at WWL dot com -- and share. Ever come right back with more including a couple stories that I have from encounters -- retail outlets that's coming up next.