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Jul 7, 2014|

This weekend was the 25th anniversary of “Seinfeld!” What is your favorite word or phrase from the hit TV show? A 3-year-old boy is dead after he left his house and was trapped in the hot family car. According to the grandfather, the mother was watching TV with him on the sofa – he got out and got trapped in the car. He died 4 days later. Is anybody at fault, or is this an unfortunate incident? The Essence Fest crowd in New Orleans over the 4th of July weekend was a well-dressed, well-behaved crowd that was polite, spent a lot of money and came to the city to have fun. So, why do so many people say they are staying away from downtown and the French Quarter when Essence Fest is going on? Is this another example of stereotypes being wrong? Update on the Georgia father who left his 22-month-old son to die in his sweltering hot SUV: Police say the stench of a dead body filled the SUV, yet the father drove several blocks before realizing his son was dead in his car seat. The baby’s mother may soon be named as a suspect and this could become a death penalty case. Did your opinion of this man or this couple change since the story 1st broke?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony five years ago this past weekend in my does seem like 25 years to you by the first episode of signed felt they -- 25 years ago this past weekend. So tonight we're talking about what's your favorite word or phrase that signed Phillip Davis that is used in. In everyday conversation -- text about it so what's your favorite word or phrase. I used down in everyday conversation that we emphasize that we'll talk about them -- tonight here's a quick update on our W you'll pretty general opinion poll. If the candidate has the a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidates or the political party. Right now 73% say no and 27% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And this is about to US senate candidates and Baton Rouge congressman bill capacities. I'm -- seventeen year old daughter who is a pregnant as she prepares to enter her senior high school. Now this is not about her not mentioning her name this is not a criticism of her is something that happened in her life. But he is this something that would impact to campaign. I have the feeling. That if this happened to. A democratic candidates. And it's just my feeling. They have a to a democratic candidate. They would be conservative Republican candidates. Who would be blasting. The morality. Of the candidate. -- is that really fair. If you wanna join us for the comics might have been -- any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- -- 7872. Talking about the essence fest crowd which was just on massive crowd you just heard in our. Newscast about 500000 people in the city. I live downtown that's my neighborhood different quarters my neighborhood -- I thought it was a very very well behaved. Will dressed crowd out. Now I could've picked out a few isolated incidents to to talk about some -- because that happens any time you get to a large group of people together. But I thought the essence -- driver straight here Cisco blog tonight essence fest crowd not what you might have thought. And if you've never experienced it and yet you have a stereotypical. Preconceived image of the essence -- -- Even when I read this book and be in -- and share with others is our website at WWL. Duck -- you'll join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688. Nines here which every text numbers 87870 but it you're -- just a moment also coming appeared a few minutes or take about two retailing calendars. That I had today with a minimum wage employees one of them is in a place that I actually named on the year. About having just such horrible horrible service. For the employees. Say about it here just few minutes from Slidell earlier and a BW elegant evening. -- Jews who seem to you all great but I am. Here. For our all. Our. Here's. What our part to retreat. Artworks are sure the -- or. Football. -- Ferraro. Yeah -- And Marie. I looked -- out -- -- All over. The crowd. At the people. There that could. Well be saved. Polite. Yeah civilians whole barnyard football out -- -- little room. You. Are. A bit from -- Well and that's what I noticed over the week general appreciation -- witness and again happy Monday. Here's a text that read said did you know that there was an episode a sign filled called. The big salad where Bobby Hebert was talked about for a minute. About his unique blessing yes I I didn't remember which episode it was part of but I do remember that did Bobby there was mention because he. Well he's name is pronounced we know how to pronounce it here but it it looks like he would be pronounced differently than it really is pronounced. But here a couple of other comments about -- -- Master of my own domain. No soup for you at the soup Nazi. Favorite signed bill line. He's gay not that there's anything wrong with that. You know quite often hires somebody who challenges as as as it happens once in awhile. Somebody challenges bisexuality thinks -- -- -- nine day. But I always say that line after not that there's anything wrong with that agreed to meet that was the best lines it never ever came out of signs held. Here is attacks have reached regarding -- -- cities daughters being pregnant it happens. When he should be judged is how he Stanley handles it how -- he handles it well. I am sure his daughter will feel loved and -- also thought I would agree. And that's the way it should be it and I'm not focusing on her I want to be clear about that. Aren't focusing on. Did the feeding frenzy. It often results from these kinds of things. On Sara Taylor announced when she was running for vice president on the John McCain ticket. And her her daughter her personally think are nameless. Where it was pregnant so this does happen. And yet sometimes when I hear. Republican candidates talk sometimes not all of them but sometimes I get the impression that they think that this is something that. Is -- not something that they're party actually does that this is something that liberals do this is something is with people with low moral values -- -- I would think that bill Cassidy and and his daughter I would I would assume that they believe they have strong moral character and this is just something that happened. Is something serious had happened that does that happen because and this is why I think it's important talk about birth control. Birth control. Gives us an opportunity for things like this to not happen not that birth control is 100%. Effective. But it certainly is better than. Then being reckless. If you graduate -- -- an economy car numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Here which have your taxable receipts 77. For the west bank of both. -- Alan WWL. -- -- -- And you know. You know. In this area and -- and loan. With that in Africa and then it -- be and what it was like the vote politically as those that. And I -- every year something that that thing is Lou. Calling them an Internet blog about it won't -- you. Won't -- Thought that -- -- what is it. Luther I think you bring up a really good point because I I think that this this city does it is stories in teaching people how to active during -- draw. I think a crowd does. Dictate. Two people how to act and if the essence this crowd has -- over the years and has traditionally been a really good well behaved crowd for the most part. And I -- that teaches you -- best fans in visitors to to follow to follow the way they act. Exactly -- You know. When your body -- -- what they -- they use it and it couldn't be a little. Bit. -- because I respect. Them the that and I think that we do. I'm sure they blow. It. Yeah. It's interesting -- I noticed this all the time it's interesting now. Any large crowd that comes to this city -- event has this as this general personality and and general attitude. And I love the personality in the attitude the truck loads of political -- -- thanks for listening on this Monday night if you would join us with your comment tonight. Did you have any experience with the assist ground. Our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. And zero point seven protects numbers 8787. They receive like one of those who performed during essence fest. Here's a text about somebody who worked at a bar sales were up the chips were down and that brings up. A topic that a lot of people talk about we'll get into that. In just a few minutes but when we come back after this break out when I tell you about two encounters that I had this afternoon. Back to back in retail outlets one as a place and it was highly critical of in the air. I had quite a different experience. That's coming up next on the -- show. WL Tony five years ago this past weekend the first episode of signed filled -- we're talking about there's a classic words and phrases. Internet use in everyday conversation. Yani Yani out again number text about debt now that did the line. But -- you gotta gotta -- over the best part no I didn't I mentioned the cramped desk. Also serenity now. They are just so many great things that are part of everyday conversation -- felt it also. What is your favorite assigned to a character. And which character do you relate to the most. I mean I I love Kleber. But I have to admit I relate to Jerry. I'm neat clean of course people that forget not that there's anything wrong with that. Also what was your favorite episode here's a text George treating his body like an amusement park conjures up thoughts of my favorite episode. If you're join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 878 cent from Kenner Michael you're now on -- WL. These two great great good. -- part term the rookie driver -- full term jar and I look forward to worked for a sure we have to teach -- -- It's -- that extra work and there are or every -- would you buy a lot more beautiful eighties. Celebrity's. All our people whoever that. Brad turner. I don't know I don't know what does that part of our shared the news -- it will work. Well Michael I think that a lot of people who judge the essence fest crowd are people who have never actually experienced the essence fest crowd. Which -- speaks volumes about how quick many people are too. Historians typically judge others. -- of course you know picker people that should have -- with the scooter -- downward. They're great hope actually that never -- and this is -- the best. Russia shall. It is -- I don't paper earlier blog -- People chip is so people -- and black -- doesn't attitudes -- is more about Walter all through that it would never. Michael -- appreciate you sharing the story with us here is a -- reads what truly appalled me this weekend. Is I had family come in from Paris France and Quebec for essence fest. So I decided take them to dinner. Took place that I frequent every weekend. And him well known there. However from the moment we arrived we were treated rudely. After letting our -- know that two out of the six meals they brought to our table. We're wrong. And just spun out from there least to say it did not leave a positive impression. On my relatives. Who were not only visiting New Orleans but America. For the first time. That can happen. Before we get back to this conversation. I wish. I wish so. Stolen -- by the consistently. Terrible servers. Be consistently. Apathetic employees that I ran into time after time after time. At Kmart in Metairie others. And. Just it was terrible. I -- just total apathy. Now I don't think I'm Bill Campbell action reporter or anything like that. But I can I decided to go back here today because I had a couple things that -- I'd rather pick up from the place like that in growth for sure. -- -- It was like I walked on to another planet. Very I mean throughout the store. Everybody was very helpful and I'd been in that store a number of times ended. The this came up in conversations about minimum wage employees. And the the topic about getting a race. -- the minimum wage. But I can tell you I was starting in it wasn't just more but it was several different employees. Throughout the store including the person that like I HI checked out. Again I don't know that anything to do with me mentioning earlier but I did one you know not just mention the negative but also mention the positive. And again it would be easy for reading going to are you at this place is terrible news service -- That skit that gets people excited that gets people calling people are less likely to call -- say something good it. But that's human nature. We're less likely to compliment a restaurant on a good meal. That we are to complain about a -- me. And then also I went next door to the grosses. In Marion veterans. And this on minimum wage employee. Young guy checking me out. Well I mean he was -- check in reality it's. I don't know maybe once if it's. He's checking out my my grocery items. He had a great personality. And he said hey how you if you are strictly out and I said how you doing as a good -- what are what are you what are you up to today. I said job and I'm just doing a little shopping in and I'm president had to work -- telling what I did. Is that while a bigger jobs a lot more exciting than mine Aniston well you know what I started out doing what you do. And I said when I left a -- you have a great attitude and a great personality. Use that personality. And you go places. And again those these were two examples of really positive. Minimum wage employees -- I talk about the negative mid. The wage employees are really wanted to talk about on the ownership and if you are join us such a vital to -- short numbers 2601870. Tool free 86680. -- early Saturday. And a text ever. Is -- 7870. Tomorrow Angela -- he's been having another spectacular show we're thrilled to have her as part of our radio friendly with Angela and her husband. And many others from WW -- Entercom stations -- the Westin hotel on the river bordered replaced if you did the fireworks display. Don't miss Michael -- 1 o'clock on. Panel the police association of New Orleans are responds to the French Quarter shootings and your land drew and she surpasses self assessment of the incident. That's at 1 o'clock and then following that at 135. Police chief -- surpass George Angela live on the air so don't miss that. Also how does that child go from an innocent preteen sold to I'd damaged in sensitive criminal. Angela talk about this and also is there a solution to New Orleans crime problem. It does not include being behind bars. All of that tomorrow with an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to four. Here -- -- communal here's a quick update on our -- give you a pretty -- about the new poll tonight. If candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. Right now 77%. Say -- At 43% say yes. Give issue opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com if you are Jewish I would comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601817. -- free 86680. -- early Saturday. And text number. Is -- 77. Here's an updated it was a lot of talk about this over the weekend and more talk about it on the news today update on the Georgia father who left his 22 month old son. In the sweltering hot issue -- to died. Police say the stench of the of the body. Still the issue -- And yet the father drove several blocks before realizing that his son was. Was debt. And police are saying the rigor mortis had -- sit and I know this is graphic and horrible. But this tells me that from the very beginning. Police knew more about this and we did and that's why they -- charges against this guy is being held without bond -- charge murder. And a child cruelty charges and the death penalty may be applied to this case that the charges may be change and also the baby's mother may soon be named as a suspect. But according to police reports the baby's mother. One of the things that she said first to her husband for so she did not even asked. About her child did necessary to detest anything about a child to -- -- her husband. One of the things according to police that she said one of the first and she said was. Did you say too much or something. To that effect. And then. Also there's another story about a three year old boy whose dad. Died in hospital in North Carolina. He was on the sofa apparently watching television when his mother. He got up and left the house followed the family dog into the family car got trapped in the car. He was suffering. Whatever issued suffer from a couple of different things I think for be -- in the car for a period of time. But he -- to the hospital he was still alive and the family was hoping that he would recover. But he died four days later. Which I believe bush was over the weekend. So here's you know another. Dead child left their car. And I I just I'm I'm still. At a loss. For an explanation. About exactly how that happens. And shouldn't we do more work. To punish parents who do this. Only to punish them but also to to set obviously our society needs to set new standards. Because I don't have the stats -- me maybe this did happen a long time ago. An interesting text a few minutes ago. From somebody who said it I I had to read this twice. It's really easy to forget your kids. If you have more important things on your mind. And my first reaction was. What it was and I realize what dispersants thing. It's easy to forget your kids. If you have more important things on your mind. If texting if FaceBook in -- doing something when you get out of the car. If that's more important than your child that it's the problem. And that should never ever be acceptable. And and your last week we were talking about an incident homer and intensity in Slidell where to -- mothers left their. They're kids alone in the car. If you enjoyed us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Irons nearly seventy at a text numbers 877 years or six favorite site filled episode soup Nazi. Here's attacks to favorite signed -- character Elaine because she generally had the best character. She -- is not a selfish immature and stupid. As the other three. Maybe because she was a -- As you know I guess you guys. Are criticized for. -- -- -- -- Here is a text. I mentioned. Disco blog tonight. It's about the essence fest crowd and if you had preconceived ideas. If you do have preconceived ideas you've never experienced the essence -- priority a preconceived. Thoughts about this the stereotypical crowd. Chances -- you you've never experienced it. And I'm speaking from my my firsthand experience. Win essence -- was in town this past weekend whenever the assistant. They're great -- And and I'm among them because I might live right in the center of weird they come to stay in and play over the weekend. And it was just a very. Respectful. Crowd that seemed to be here to have a good time. And I didn't sense any tension in the crowd at all I was bumped into numerous starts. Walking out of my apartment building if people were walking by I was I responded to -- people would immediately say sorry our pardon me. You know you don't always hear that. So really was a great crowd that if you had any experience with the essence fest crowd about 500000. Over the weekend. But he your story on numbers 2601872. All 38668890. -- seventy -- a text number is 877. From Slidell grace you -- -- shown to be WL. Kate cute I'm sorry. I can't -- talents of people and children -- You know -- Single mom -- -- very strapped. Our -- on Obama. And I and the world a much. And -- want about it much. You -- number one by art. That tax that I got from somebody set a lot when that text said. It's easy to forget your kids in the car if you have more important things on your mind. And I think that was the Texas way of saying you shouldn't have anything more important in your mind and your kids. That's right when he said that that's where it is. I'm sorry did not want partner much. And I agree -- I have to tell this story again for anybody who didn't hear because it's just it to me it's such a microcosm of this whole debate and now we're talking about. Waste to remind yourself that your kids are in the car. There was a CNN legal analyst who was on. I don't know late last week over I guess it was late last week. And she has two kids and she said the way she remembers her kids in the car. Is that she takes her shoes off which he gets behind the wheel and places her shoes in between the two car seats in the backseat so she doesn't forget her kids. And I'd just -- the -- Well. But it shouldn't take it -- OK if it does that's fine but again. A lot of my brand is now not only -- -- call -- shot. Without them you know I don't terror I don't and the -- there are going to -- you. Can't yet you can't leave because America great I'm glad you called have a have a good Monday if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers 877. -- -- -- -- -- It's expected to take a cultural. But it. Traffic and -- date. It's -- All. It is just Jordan and I. You don't want you because my adult now all they'll be but now. It's been -- -- A very neat. Very. The -- Is that we left. Yo -- out. Pride -- out of it's out. There ought to. Where did but you did your job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- take me. Betty we use. It SA. -- -- -- -- Or chop. Out. Karl. Michael I appreciate you sharing their orders and tonight a -- you know he set a really good example lately it was it was tough when you were young having kids. But you you follow through with it and you did your job as a father. How lucky I thought you'd think I'd give up. I take it out. Michael I appreciate you calling I love hearing stories like that. I here's a text about the the blog that I wrote about the essence crowd which is a corporate secretary to be able to come. As if you if you would be enlightened read the blog here's a -- reits due to people don't want to be enlightened. They want to hold on to their stereotypes. People in general are blanks. When it comes to politics and race. And that's true. If I had if I had picked out a couple of rowdy incidents from this weekend. And came out and this is what many many talk show host across this country do. They find those few negative things and that's all the talk about it. And that generates calls. It generates. Hysteria. Anything that hits a preconceived. Stereotype. But instead from the media. Gets a lot of response. And those people who have a preconceived idea about a crowd like BS -- -- They don't wanna hear that it's not the way they think it is. A for money to Hilliard WL. Mobile bit. Isn't oh -- you thought it. I'll I'll go look at city you know you you know it it's now -- -- now. What they -- daughter's decision but I. Well it's mortality. And it try to go. Out and board clinic and haven't had. You know covered in. You know our openly haven't abortion maker or have an abortion or anything like -- not a requirement. Thanks -- -- school you react and they note are correct and makes situation better. Bill I think it's a good point and I would hope that -- on both sides of the political spectrum people would act the same way. And if this happened to a Liberal Democrats daughter. The right would be jumping on this screening family values morality family. That's not fair. Because these kinds of things happen to everybody. Republicans to. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text number is 87870. This is this gonna show live from New Orleans on a Monday -- your calls your text our next whatever WL weather was phenomenal over the weekend for this fireworks display where -- you war. Less humidity very usual weather for this time of years it's gonna warmup and we get a chance of some showers coming up and a lot of you. With lawns and plants are really interested in getting more rain. The state of Colorado has already generated 24 million dollars in marijuana tax so far this year. Since legalizing recreational use of pot. The state of Washington is projecting a 190 million in revenue over the next four years. We're gonna talk about this -- show tomorrow night a -- we're talking about did the essence fest crowd about 550000. People in town. I thought it was a great crowd and I was among the crowd Russert and about this past weekend it was the 25 anniversary signs of going in the air. That's what your -- recital character which a favorite episode. And what's a word or phrase that we got from signed felt that. You use in everyday conversation. And it's sad but we're talking about another child's. Dead from a hot car. It's a three year old boy who died in hospital in North Carolina. He left his house his mother was lying on the -- -- according to grandfather a watching TV -- he'd left the house and got trapped in the car. And four days later he died he was in the car for four days. He was in the car for that law. But he -- suffer some kind of heatstroke or whatever. And then you've taken to the hospital they were hoping that he would be released -- today after forty -- hospital. He passed away. From Slidell Don your under the W well. Hey I'm gonna opt out and about the that pool -- in the vehicle you. All children out what your level. That game on all one way. And not -- back out for children in. A -- App -- moderately forget about it now. I think nowadays. -- -- -- extracted too much we. Many things. And you walk there at street go back on people out there -- bad at all. They -- tablet -- -- -- opinion -- these sort of thing. If our technology they're extracting our. Think now he has a cock. You know. One recent black people distracted about being sold while not being there old and a lot that when. In court like that the -- hit. Eric yeah. But that's not an excuse. You're if you describe it are gonna look what electrician. There were good at multitask. Or get a practical on the -- -- -- all. You know what it all the power good actually not technically. Call it -- eight era. -- -- It could be -- out there and about youth and bring them -- staying healthy debt could help people being at a it for a short period not that focus on shortly. Is no such thing. Think that the paint it's like people income taxes were excited that the drop. Oh it's not. Either one. 88. Children can't pick it out can be picnic -- -- had recorded parity. Actor Michael property. For -- are out there it in the article. Forgot all out. Or going out it is helpful -- -- Being distracted -- me and. Donna bicycles shown text for a share in the process. Here's a Texan reads my way to remember my kids in the car I love them enough to make them like top priority. From New Orleans Patrick heroes -- show. -- hasn't been able. -- -- out. There. I have a problem. And my problems with you. Island -- -- That woman. -- Chipped -- tribal picnic or shoot them. To put it between the IQ -- -- children -- -- -- Oh yeah. -- Oh well -- support your creditors and prepared to keep their career triple. The. The Patrick you know I'm gonna have to reconsider. And I'm gonna have to say that you're absolutely right. And any woman who would take her shoes off to put her shoes in the backseat between the two baby seats must look for children's so much. If that's why she took her shoes off. And theater -- theater not culpable. To kick your usual political power and it it's not comparable. To put -- back gone out yet what color or when you're. Candy you know try to. And I end and then shoes are more comfortable than women -- right. And the your -- when you beat your call be -- protection. You're not your current interest of the implement it can't believe -- -- -- were -- -- Well Patrick I'm glad you called the show. Yeah I'm gonna have to reconsider that. I mean. Any woman. Who would take her shoes off. And put in the backseat. Next to the two car seats to remember that she left her kids in the -- -- woman who would do that must love her children so much. Because we all know what a sacrifice it is to take your shoes off and put them in the back of the car. So all I guess what I said was. Reprehensible. And that we should look at a woman who takes your shoes off to remind her she's got her kids in the backseat of the car. We should look at that such an act of love for her kids. Shame on me. I'm -- we'll be right back on WWL. Are we are rapidly running at a time. Josh from Algiers you're on the Scotia or just can you hang on to the news. Are you with Josh. Dinah I guess -- -- -- -- if you wanna call back called back if your -- stay witness I would see Josh could -- -- this with the news. We're talking about among other things how wrong stereotyping is that I touched on this in the scoop blog. Which is -- essence fest crowds -- not which you might have thought. And I speaking from my firsthand experience in fact there's there's a school cam video from urban street Friday night with the July night after the fireworks and after essence fest. Right there in the crown on her retreat and that's on our website it's also part of the scoop block all of that and more conservative you'll dot com and we'll be right back.