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Jul 8, 2014|

This weekend was the 25th anniversary of “Seinfeld!” What is your favorite word or phrase from the hit TV show? A 3-year-old boy is dead after he left his house and was trapped in the hot family car. According to the grandfather, the mother was watching TV with him on the sofa – he got out and got trapped in the car. He died 4 days later. Is anybody at fault, or is this an unfortunate incident? The Essence Fest crowd in New Orleans over the 4th of July weekend was a well-dressed, well-behaved crowd that was polite, spent a lot of money and came to the city to have fun. So, why do so many people say they are staying away from downtown and the French Quarter when Essence Fest is going on? Is this another example of stereotypes being wrong? Update on the Georgia father who left his 22-month-old son to die in his sweltering hot SUV: Police say the stench of a dead body filled the SUV, yet the father drove several blocks before realizing his son was dead in his car seat. The baby’s mother may soon be named as a suspect and this could become a death penalty case. Did your opinion of this man or this couple change since the story 1st broke?

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It's a Monday night after a long holiday weekend. And I realize that you just want a kickback and relax and just get through this day. And it's it's almost over so you made it this -- deal you'll get through the rest today I'm scooter -- -- -- -- -- so Monday night. 82 people were shot fourteen or dead in Chicago. Over the weekend. Now is anybody calling for people not to go to Chicago because there's so much crime. Would you go to Chicago. What is New Orleans get unfair criticism when something happens here. And there's new information about the shooting suspect on the end -- -- street shooting last Sunday night. He's fighting extradition from Mississippi and may take a month or so for the paperwork to go through to to getting here. And once again the picture of the suspect like the pitcher of the persons of interest. That we saw on the news recently. Defies the stereotypes. That so many applied to those that they thought. Were guilty in the shooting. The stereotyping of the Georgia father. Shown in pictures where he was with his young 22 month old son Cooper. Looked like he was a loving father. There was rush to judgment they're stereotyping all he's a good day. Look at him he's grieving. And -- police have something at the time they arrested this guy. And now there's more more information coming out about that. And -- The charges going to be about this guy purposely leading you saw in the car maybe what -- the help of his wife. In order to get rid of the child. So they can have a child free life. And maybe even capitalize on the 27000 dollars and life insurance policies they had them on the child's life. Once again rush to judgment all the father's innocent don't don't charge is a big petition. And are learning more more about that. Another case of stereotyping -- wrong is the many people that stereotype the essence fest crowd. And I am. Right during the current. I live right where people called the state when -- Intel. And I get a sense of whenever there's a big event in -- I get a sense of the the collective personality. An attitude of the crowd that sits out for big event. In essence this is always part of the great crowd and that's no exception from this past week it. And I've got to a -- cam video from her retreat it's a very brief video Friday night after the fireworks display it after essence fest. -- both of those crowds converged on on Bourbon Street I've talked recently about an element that I've seen on Bourbon Street. I didn't see that this weekend. Now. As a talk show host I could've gone and looked for a few incidents where people might have been rowdy. And just come back in and talked about those. But I really try to be honest even though negative things get more attention on the radio that positive things. I just I have to be honest with. And the crowd was a very well dressed. Well behaved crowd assuming that there were some incidents here and there but that happens any time -- -- -- corrupt. But what's interesting is that many of those who stereo -- the essence fest crowd and say things like I heard this I heard it leading into this weekend. Bonuses this is in town as we ought to go downtown this weekend. And it's not just about the crowd -- traffic. It's about the makeup of the essence -- corrupt. And to me that's sad because. That's coming from people who probably never experienced. The essence escrow for some of the crowds that they're so quick to. To stereotype. Cisco -- tonight is set titled essence fest crowd not what you might imagine. And if you do tend to stereotype you might Puerto read this in and share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. If a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. 74%. Saying no and 46%. Say yes. We're talking about. To send it to candidates and a congressman from bad rouge. Bill Cassidy is seventeen year old daughter is pregnant and preparing to enter her senior year of my school. As an ordinary predicting. And that does happen it happens to. It happens to good families. And that's why there shouldn't be. As much instant criticism. As are quite often is win something like this happens. And I I hope that the support for a liberals daughter. To -- if we we know how much hypocrisy that race. But I would hope that supported -- liberal candidates. Daughter in this situation. Would be is not supportive and it's the support that appears to be. Given to bill Cassidy and his daughter and by the way this is not about his daughter and not mentioning her name this is done about her this is about a phenomena. Also tonight we're talking about this past week it was the 25 anniversary of the first signed filled episode. 25 years ago signed feel that the year. What's your favorite phrase or word from -- field that is part of everyday conversation today. Not that there's anything wrong with that is one of my favorites. What's your favorite site they'll character who do you relate to the most in what is your favorite site filled episode if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a -- Amber's late 77. Here's a Texas go to thug as that thought agreed to FaceBook pages. Off of these losers. I agree with Pakistan thug. But you can't assume that a certain type of person is automatically a -- unless they show. Thug behavior. Here's attacks Chicago is not a world famous tourist destination like New Orleans. The third largest city in America. Chicago. Is not a world famous tourist destinations. Like New Orleans. So that's why New Orleans gets more attention if they're shootings here. Chicago had. 82 shootings over the fourth of July holiday weekend fourteen debt. What's at Chicago's not a worldwide destinations than well that's a recent. While. If you enjoyed -- -- your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866890. -- seventy. -- -- received 77 you get that she calls -- just a moment here's a Texan reached go to work for an ambulance company for ten years in New Orleans essence fest. I was nothing but problems. More stabbings beatings rapes and overdoses than any other time of year. I'm fact not a stereotype. Interesting well I didn't I didn't see that and I didn't what we did with the standings part of the essence fest crowd was with -- downtown -- -- if it's in. Another section of the city I don't know that he could be attributed to the the -- -- again I can only speak for my personal experience similar I've experienced. Here is attacks have read says this about two leaving kids in the car. It don't always happens when they break the routine. You always look before you back up. Make checking the car seat part of your daily routine. Another child is dead because just this in this particular case a child got out of his policies 34 years old. And follow the family dog in the car got trapped in the car for several hours which -- -- to the hospital and died. Forties after neighbors want to score and it was a case of -- a young child in Florida. Who I was in a car for three and a half hours locked in a hot car and actually survived and was released from the hospital yesterday but that could have been another childless in the car. I would -- I was called. Reprehensible. Because of my comments. About a CNN. -- I don't I don't remember her and she's an anchor I don't remember her name by two she was still legal analyst and she was on talking about. I'm the father in Georgia who left his car his his child and my -- and child died. And she said that to remember that her two kids -- in the backseat. She takes off her shoes. Which he gets in the car as she puts her shoes in between the two car seats. And that's a reminder that she has kids in the back. And I guess I was critical over because I just wondered how you forget your your kids and if you forget your kids why would you. By -- you remember your shoes. Issues more important in your kids anyway I. A gentleman called and I said that I was actually reprehensible and had a problem with that comment. Here's attacks the reads. More -- personal war on woman. On women. Such a closet Republican yes if you listen to the show you know world war against women I have going on here. From bill Ford -- your WWL. -- would say hello to. -- -- Oh you know article reprehensible. And Elena. -- up in order to do start that's right exactly. As -- -- -- and -- -- And I'll check in with the actual active -- but. Cutler well. The -- yes and at the horse was. Passing gas on the cab ride yes -- and then George was was trying to get the that the marble rye. -- acted to Susan department. -- More than. -- all right. Where I'm glad that your romantic listening. If you wanna join us tonight reader comment on numbers 2601870. Till free. 8668890. Point seven text is 878 -- from -- Bryan anger on the -- show good evening. A good evening. You know well these cases of kids go to all be in less than caller that -- -- -- oh thank is. In getting people understand commitment level me just because you can go by adult doesn't necessarily mean you're responsible about their own adult. In the current fifteen year commitment right there depending on -- is battery. -- -- editor at absolute eighteen year commitment from from the front there you know. Don't understand what these people are only so irresponsible. I mean just like to me there's so irresponsible that they would -- It seemed like they are entitled -- at -- They feel entitled without even knowing commitment behind him did it. Here's a woman on CNN and an intelligent woman who says she takes your shoes off then and I was stunned by -- -- surprise and I have heard more about this in the media. She positions -- between the two car -- to make sure she remembers. Kazaa and a -- lets you forget her kids which you'll forget her shoes. Oh I forgot my shoes are betting. It would be all like I -- my kids have been again on the car. But it. Mean like people. Seeing like these feel entitled to have kids about even understanding that -- there's an eighteen year commitment from -- -- on there every day. It seemed like all the cooking beer that's why I need to -- kid -- on the Spain you know. The financial burden the responsibility huddle understand any other commitment has biggest advocates. My cup title appears could understand the commitment and you know -- do other things. See that this is this is what is -- see you understand the commitment of having kids so you don't have kids. And so many people who have kids don't understand the commitment of having kids. I media say a lot of people this and I understand your mistakes happen but. Is that really a mistake when you read a kitten caught -- stupidity. Well I would -- I would do agreement that -- glad you called if you wanna join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday. The -- -- 7870. It's our -- -- pretty -- my opinion poll tonight if a candidate as a pregnant unmarried teenaged daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. It is your opinion by going to our web sites WW dot com repeatedly talk about the essence fest crowd. Here's attacks great crowd my shell that blank. Word that doesn't need to be -- in the year. I don't judge everybody from -- match based on the text from this person. And I wonder if this person was actually in the crowd to tell me that it wasn't a great Trout. -- -- -- we'll be right back on WL Pink Floyd is getting back together and they're doing a new album. Pink -- releasing a new album this October. Phenomenal is that Pink Floyd to our nightly show will talk about what band would you love to see back in the studio doing something new. And what band because for death. Could never come back even though he would love to see that on it and I'm gonna go -- that you have a tournament -- right. Number one on my list. Kurt Cobain and -- I would love to see what Kurt Cobain in Nevada would be doing today so we'll talk about that on the show tomorrow night so -- witness that we sort out our show and 8 o'clock with the top eight at eight. Here's an update on our -- if -- -- pretty -- opinion poll if a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenaged daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the party. 76%. Say no. Only 24% say yes you measure to annually going to website W Emmanuel to count the two or via text -- just a moment from Algiers Cindy you're known as coach of the evening. -- I would like in the market wondering -- But when -- hit album Arctic will pay your. Rent it and because. Could Italy my alarm but. It will -- in the basement of the church there weren't. A real -- here and kept it packed me. A week -- To follow up to them down basically. And -- 23. Or -- right in and trying new. You know pick up in training and you're eating your neck problem. It was so needy kids. -- clean and clear during the day. What Cindy now let's be fair because there are a lot of mothers and fathers that don't have a choice. And they have to do that and it's very painful and end. You were fortunate enough to have a choice to be able to stay home but their parents who have to put their kids in daycare it breaks your heart every day to leave him in daycare. Well there are some -- like act and that appeared to work extremely well you brought it he would. And they had a cold but not in front line. Well you can't bring your kids at a country club meeting. -- -- Trial and get people now really -- -- -- in effect on. Child rearing and the responsibility. I am having a child. And lenient on the car is just another. -- A bit. What I see -- Can't get by him being here. -- -- have a child. And here you would go on vacation. And leave their kids in day care. Well that's. That's wrong. Actually that basically said I'm going to be you know this and I vacation. Companies. My our our guy -- I think I think that's that's totally wrong but I just I really feel for all the parents to. In the past had to do it and all the parents and have to do it today they. They don't have a choice they've they've had kids they had a child may be the -- was -- plant. But to do the best they can and they have to work any immediate -- he tears at the hearts of of mothers and fathers to drop their kids offered a daycare. I just wish we culture the -- supported parents and grandparents. And I -- me and it instead of what we have now teen star who joined me and not really nurturing. Our society could do a lot more to. Be more respectful of of parents -- I would agree. -- I appreciate you -- the show if you wanna join us tonight with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Sending a text or overstate 7870. Here's a tech series Cisco you mentioned that the firework viewers. -- overlap the essence fest goers. Is it possible essence was deluded. From the typical crowd. Meaning that it would others. The fireworks crowd the people mainly locals but a lot of people came from out of town to be here for fourth of July weekend and see the fireworks on the river. It was the fireworks crowd stats. That. Change the tone of the essence -- I didn't see that because the rest of the weekend before the fireworks display the day before. And and the rest of the weekend. I just got the same feeling of the essence -- -- -- In the essence fest crowd was. Was so dominant seem to be so dominant in the French Quarter. That I think it was a reflection of of the crowd itself. Here is a text essence fest -- crosses race because it is the language of music but to some degree but the predominant. The predominant number of people who go to essence faster black. I mean that's that criticism that's a legitimate observation. Is not right it's not wrong. It's not missed a criticism. But there are people who prejudged that crowd. Just because -- black. And I think that's. The same kind of rushed to judgment. That a lot of people have used when it comes to who's responsible for the recent urban street shootings. A week ago Sunday. And the picture of the shooting suspect. Once again. Defies the stereotype that so many people wanted to assign. -- to the shooters. Another and this is and just on the the other end of the spectrum but there was a lot of and rush to judgment when it comes to that Georgia father. Who left his sent Tony two month old in the car. And he's being charged with murdering the child. Held in prison without bail and now their questions about his wife she may soon be. Named as a suspect but the initial response from a lot of people was. We just found her alone don't charge the father there was a petition do not charge the father drop the charges because that this is a grieving father. And his grief is enough of -- punishment. But police obviously knew something. About his behavior. In the way he answered questions and talked to them. At the scene. Which is what led to his arrest. And yet initially there were people say oh he's innocent let's let's drop the charges. Of one of those people change their mind now. Now this does -- mean that he left his children to carbo we talked last week about it still being talked about on the news today. The information that the sky was. Explicitly. Sexting. Including sending pictures of he himself. Andy is a -- filled. A phrase. He took a picture of himself and sent it to an underage girl and let's just say there was no shrinkage. Okay that's the best -- described it on the -- I could use the biblical term for a particular talking about. And done. He he was sexting. Six women including one underage. Another interesting aspect of this is police say that. Rigor mortis had set the end and I I know this is gross and horrible but it just it it paints a very damaging picture about the father. Police say. The stench of death. Was in the vehicle. And get this guy got in the vehicle. And drove I think a couple blocks. Before he jumped out and panic and pull this child a -- like I let my child of the car what -- my -- I don't. He may have been actually. Also according to police. One of the first things the wife and the mother of the child. Centered at the police station was. Did you say too much -- something about those are lottery -- exit her exact words but that's essentially what she said to -- did you say too much. If you manager and ushered in our numbers 2601870. -- free. 86688. Irons early Saturday text -- -- 77 a 2 -- morning under the WL first news with Tommy Tucker. So far this year fifteen kids -- it was fourteen to fifteen kids have died after being left in hot cars. Is there any acceptable excuse for leaving your child unattended in the vehicle. And could you ever be that -- responsible that's one of thinks some of talk about two or continuing the conversation we're having on the shorter night. And the conversation that is going on since this Georgia father. Let's just -- a two month old in Jakarta -- also Tommy will talk about as more and more illegal immigrants pour into our country. To get away from drug violence. Where do you draw the line between helping those in need and protecting this nation. Do you send everybody back to a Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning wake -- if you go to Tony Tucker weekday mornings from six to ten. Or WWL. Here's an update on our -- he will pretty general opinion poll. If the candidates and is a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. 77%. Say no to 20% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. We're talking about the daughter of senate candidates he's running against a senator barely I'm Mary Landrieu. I'm bill Cassidy from Baton Rouge on his daughter is entering her senior year of high school a pregnant and I've got to a quote here from Kentucky was -- it was a story on our website at WW dot com. Here's a quote from. -- LM political science professor Joshua starkly. Louisiana is the states. With an above average teenage pregnancy rates. So this is something that is part of our culture. Part of our society. So here's. That's that it makes it acceptable. I mean I remember what they used to say -- When girls got pregnant when I was in high school. And so now it's what kind of a normal thing. I don't know that it should be. Again I'm. I'm applauding the way. The cast these are handling this and I'm not focusing on the daughter. Is this something that happens to people. But since there's so much support for bill Cassidy and his daughter and a Stanley in the way they're handling this. There would have to be equal support. For a very liberal Democrat. If his or her daughter. Got pregnant. In high school. Because you you can't be conservative and support. Your candidate. And then criticize. Another party's candidate. Unless you're debated hypocrite in some people or if you're gonna -- -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text number is 87870. Lots here on the -- shown to be WL. Still right there are good -- -- -- actual question am I won't. Give they have the get off to a Booker who. Buddha and the irritate them to -- are probably more -- award should be and bullet. I'll walk in small though he's by you know. Was seen in the caught the and that therefore I'm -- all of them I'm not real estate -- the radio or departure though. And I always look in the rearview mirror -- actually urge you to. Yeah I mean -- you talk to kids run in the car. Is that so I'm sure not understanding. Couple one -- but yet they're so little that I mean I -- -- not normal what normal people does. -- I guess you're right LaMont because I don't understand it either. Lenovo and I'd do something needs to -- -- in. Particular that you children. All the people give that. So we knew that Lou it would yet about. On the. And that's and that's why I always been very open about my my thoughts about the the CNN. Attorney who was talking about this case and said to make sure she doesn't forget her case she takes her shoes off when she gets in the car places in between the two car seats in the backseat and got called me and told me that my opinion was reprehensible. Only available but it is about gently break. If you look at ever daylight -- to -- Democrat of your black or white. Everyday people to -- don't talk to each other -- over the week would be on the Altman knew the media. Not what -- do you know. This lady needs support right. So -- broke over the pilot dissident. -- -- -- Whether seek out and who are critical in -- we know this is great. See you -- multiple -- Hugo. -- I really hope. There to campaign for the breakdown. I -- I don't think they will I really don't expect the going to campaign to make an issue out of it. And -- they don't let Israel know that this young lady and also what you said earlier that young man. They eat they eat -- all right. Oh -- I did talk about the young man who is responsible and you know she's going to go through the process of being judged because. Well she's physically carrying a baby she's being -- right now is a high school student. And yet he's less judge because there's no visual signs that that he's equally responsible but in reality he is equally responsible. New year the year. And I hope is that politically and I -- -- Leo at duke. Reporting any. You know all don't that they do get pregnant there in electric they get -- They meet -- -- it -- him that oh and it should not be a global we will be able to scoop him and I bet but it. And on YouTube on budget listening to WWL at Deutsche. You know we'll on we'll continue this will continue this conversation. Because I guess what -- bringing this up news. It would be unfair in the future. If this happened to. A liberal candidate. And Republicans used there some Republicans do this -- at all. But if if one of the conservative Republicans who tends to do this uses their morality. To bash the other candidates saying this is a reflection of family of the lack of family values. As if you support bill Cassidy which I do and I hope you do too. -- you really can't be critical of a Democrat so I think this is where those moments when we realized we should not be. Hypocritical. Maybe you're not maybe I'm not but in general. This country is full of hypocrites. I'm screwed we'll be right back Debbie WL I have a brief conversation with NIA's studio producer John why. Are we playing this -- I didn't ask for this like I take pride in our buffer music the music that we play going rate and you're playing -- DM. I mean. God blesses sold it that is one of the most obnoxious interviews I've ever had in my entire radio career. It's like who do you think you are I mean your the little brother and you weren't even part of the big guys. And he was really. -- -- an area not appease the standard again rest in peace but it. Really John I take a lot of take a lot of pride I didn't need to hear that especially on Monday night from Harvey -- here -- WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll as we I didn't do the concert. That. Don't crowd didn't. You know to equal -- on. Is noted it was confident. That. -- ego like really you know. And it was that. Thinking out there -- it's O eight and you know our enemy to -- -- why it would never. That is one club at the child to its. -- it's usually there every week besides -- at the outset it's usually pretty light stuff you buy in all -- club. -- get -- like the senate it was all I'd never seen that for. You know heartbreaking like well why can't you know when it comes down. So that like. The American market we used to -- you know yeah. But it like. That point. You know re being out. Here it was yet cool bowls you know a lot being out itself. I bought now I've I've bought I bought two of the the largest. Turkey lake smoked Turkey legs I've ever seen in my life. And they were delicious it was right on and don't Reuters. -- at the -- you're making news when there's a big event in town a lot of people who are local just go to be part of the crowd even though they're not going to the actual event. And a lot of phone whites who might wanna be part of another crowd. Did not choose to be part of this crowd and maybe that's one of the things that I'm trying to get across in talking about this essence fest is really a great crowd out. Exactly exactly and it's a lot to perhaps be -- governor in July -- -- They're just a lot of being -- anticipated you know it looked -- -- -- -- -- just -- not like you know being you know the crowd -- -- -- -- -- -- you know seeing a live band that stuff like that. Well I -- I enjoy I enjoy just being part of whatever crowds out there and I was really proud to be part of the the essence has dropped. -- -- -- -- You know could really like these there's been -- tell a guerrilla people out. There for the city to them a lot. Local -- so you know it -- -- You know no matter what Greg Chanukah. I want to thank those guys and -- were selling those giants. Are you going to his those are really good. -- political and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts about as the specimens. If you're Arnold stay -- are gonna come right back with your calls if you would join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in -- -- number is 87870. This is the -- -- from New Orleans on Monday -- you were coming right back on VW well. See this is glory and -- -- an issue Georgia and. Whatever happened of these guys Blink-182. They were really really good band. This is Cisco show and a -- nights it was a wonderful weekend weather wise great great weather over the weekend -- lower humidity especially this time of year. Sunny morning when I handle early launch after after church and on magazine street. And it's not often you know in the middle of the day you'd want actually sit outside. A place a magazine or anywhere for that matter. We actually chose to sit outside it. And it was. Very comfortable. There is it -- cam video. On our website at WW dot com it's also imbedded in the -- blog which is about essence fest. And I I didn't a quick -- cam video from urban street Friday night after the fourth of July fireworks display after essence fast right there in the middle of the crowd. Very popular corner of urban street and you condemned the manager with -- others -- it to be if you will not -- Here's -- WW property -- opinion poll if the candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. 76%. Say no and only 24% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site having if you don't count. Since this past weekend was the 25 anniversary signed bill first going on the year. We've been talking about -- signed filled in our favorite episodes in. Here's a text a favorite episode of signed found was when Cramer called jury and anti dent tight because he was criticizing his dentist. I mean it was funny Gerri says to -- you know -- simple. Finger Tellme is Dennis had enrolled schools. They do so -- just say you're anti dent tight. That was a funny episode and then here's. When talking about the one where George pretend to -- -- marine biologist. The C was angry that -- my friends. I found myself face to face with a blow hole of the great -- The guy who's that was funny. All right Monday night -- -- she'll hang ever coming back right after the news on WW --