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07-14 11pm Scoot, 25th Anniversary of Seinfeld

Jul 8, 2014|

This week is the 25th anniversary of "Seinfeld"; what is your favorite line and/or episode?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- back to our show on this Monday night's displeasure with this hopefully had to agree weekends and I really aren't that great to view of the fireworks display. I didn't have you Alan Entercom stations of magical or one point nine. A broadcast synchronized music for the fireworks display go forth on the river which was just to the spectacular once again. I wanna -- gets better every year. And I'm assuming it does it every year just always seems to be better if you're gonna join us with a comment about any of -- stuff we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. It's having a text numbers 87870. And this past weekend was the 25 anniversary of the first sign -- episode ever airing. I didn't really get into signed felt when he first came on the year and I've I'd I don't know why. But after it was all for a couple of years I got into it to wash its I guess who -- was it Thursday nights and he was on every Thursday night. And I totally got into it and I -- in reruns. And still to this day watching tennis site don't Frazier among my of my favorites -- Rivera shows. But signed filled with so brilliant. One of the reasons that I I've I've often talked to people about this. One of the recent -- deal was so brilliant. Was because they they gave. They gave us. The audience. Credit for getting for being Smart. It was what they didn't -- They would imply something and buy you filling in the blank. You developed an emotional bond with the she'll. And so you've built closer to the show it was it was almost in -- active in that way. For example. On Elaine -- -- a day to -- fixture up with the dates and Elaine said. Well the evening went fine until he took it out. Jurors that he took it out. He took it out they took it out I mean are you sure wasn't no he took it out and it's again you don't what are. What they're talking about it. A master of your own domain. And factors -- text the contest too is by far the best. That was a great site filled episode and Elaine. The woman everybody thought that she can hold out the longest and well she was the one who caved and couldn't hold out and and that's the episode where George was treating his body like an amusement park which was a funny line as somebody mentioned earlier. Here's attacks stuff funny side filled Kenny Rogers roasters and mr. marvels. Yeah. Can day that was that was by and win. Time Kramer pushed -- apartment because you get addicted to. Kenny -- Kenny Rogers roasters across the street to open up across the street. Again so many episodes but. The show gave us. The show gave us so many words. And so many phrases. Like serenity now. And you know I said this quite often on the area occasionally. Somebody would imply that -- game. And I'll be honest on the year and say I'm not gay. The the sitting wrong with that one of the classic lines we got from -- failed. On another one was a justice. Best of us for the rest of us for those who I don't celebrate -- or Christmas. It's just. It's a little -- poll. And you be rally around the pole for her festivals I forget which day yet. That the 22 December 22 point or something like that anyway it was a George to stance is -- injection test of his four. The rest of us. And that they brought up so many -- central part of somebody great things like. Close talker. Mean there are people who are close talkers I mean they exaggerated during the show but -- you do people who just to get a little too close to you when they talk. And you don't releasing little thing that you do Qaeda back up just a little bit because some people close talkers. Are assigned filled gave -- a word. Double -- You -- the chip. You bite off that ship. And since you've picked off to chip it's got your jurors on it that you put the to chip with your jurors audit back in the dip its double dipping. Another. I know you've got to see the baby. That was another classic episode about how these frenzy of a vault and had a that. And it had a baby and and you had to see the baby but the baby wasn't really. Really that attractive I love the idea was so with Keith Hernandez. Now from the New York Mets. They did a great takeoff on. The Kennedy assassination and they were quite often take. Really well known movies horror well known historical events and do -- take off on those would be ever so with Keith Hernandez. Which -- on the idea that. Kramer and Newman were leaving a Mets game. And somebody spit atom and -- hit them and beat the -- he bounced off of Kramer's head. And hips. Hit Newman in the lake. And so they they did -- -- a play off of the Kennedy assassination like they they believe that there was a second -- article. What a grassy Knoll. And then you know -- several you know the loopy hit me in -- and did the bullet hit it to John F. Kennedy and and hit governor Connolly of the first it was John John -- Who was in the car with the candidate. And -- Jerry said that this was -- possible or that was one magical -- gears or something that ul and then Elaine. Elaine dancing at the Christmas party. I forgot what they said to describe -- Nancy at the Christmas party put that was truly. Trulia funny episode and you know we've all known people that dance like dealing. And you know if you if you if you did something really stupid you Christmas party. You'll always be remembered for that. Here is attacks that -- you got into signed filled eventually for the same reason I got into it people started talking about it. Yeah I guess that's it here's a text no soup for you. Soup Nazi I mean that's something that I used in conversation. You know somebody says something else -- I don't know about signal soup for you -- something to that effect. Here is -- taxed. They picked one theme and made jokes of it for thirty minutes it was stupid but funny. And what are the greats one of the great episodes -- -- film was when the show made fun of itself. Okay the show was called -- failed. So Jerry George -- proposed a pilot. To NBC. Called Jerry. And it was a show about nothing which is essentially. Like saying our shows and about nothing. And it was a great takeoff on net. They were trying to work on on what you you'll wake up in the morning that ratio. And really selling -- was a show about. Essentially about nothing. And I -- what are my favorite recurring characters. Was was it Jackie -- -- what was the what was Kramer's. Kramer's attorneys last name Jackie. My god that was one of the funniest recurring characters if you enjoy the site UConn and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text numbers 87870. I -- Elian. That was a great episode and that's something that Saito gave us any idea idea. Now if you did more Steinfeld. There was an episode where. George ran into his. The girl that he was dating. And she may Georgia the coffee shop. And she told George. That her ex had come over and they had a couple of drinks and Yani Yani Yana are really tired today. And so she was -- yachting over sex it in Georgia will would you would anybody -- not to her but talking to Jerry you know when he later. Torso would you would you Yani out over sex and the Wayne said I've done it. Elaine said. When out with an attorney. Went to dinner and cramped desk. Yadda yadda yadda. Day was over. Majors that we. The -- desk. Here's detection Elaine dancing all of this is the way they describe him. A full bodied dry -- -- here it's. Really a great memory here's a text or did you receive the site every union on Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO no I don't have HBO I haven't had HBO for for years and you did try to get it. I haven't had a HBO for years. And so I have -- thing that but I know Tony reruns and I should because Larry David who was the and the executive producer assigned tell there was the comedian who developed the show with Jerry -- felt. Once. So I went on and and data showed Curb Your Enthusiasm is supposed to be satellite sentinel dealing with really everyday things. Another thing that I I liked about -- -- was it was a show that. That made fun of guys. But it also kind of look this was after you know just such political correctness. With. And with sexism. And it was a show that just kind of celebrated. Guys being guys. And there was something -- -- charming about it. Here is detects a reason when George were not with Marisa Tomei. -- weeks later his fiancee dies. He calls Marisa for a dates. But has to worker worker out around the funeral. Yeah guys I mean again funny peso. John -- -- you producer confirms Jackie chiles was. Which Kramer's attorney. And they were a couple of really funny episodes with -- with Jacqui all that made me think of another episode. They're real. And they're spectacular. And then -- mean you know if he'd ever seen signs -- -- -- talking about. She said that they're really spectacular. There was this it was an episode where Jerry could not remember. Could not remember his State's name he'd been dating this girl and they made out. And he thought it was too late after you make out he just he can't go ask somebody for their name -- me out with them. So he's just he's going on these dates and she's within in his apartment in. He's trying to figure out what her name is. And the only hint that he gets from her. Is it rhymes with a female body part. As a cherished trying to figure out injury in -- talking about what then put the name might be an American mention and I can dimensional the names. But somebody. Recalled that episode at work. And a woman complained about it. And the guy was was charged you work with sexual harassment. For bringing up that episode. And -- member of the episode. Jerry we see the girl did remember her name prime with a female body part. If you manage an issue with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Sarah Palin is publicly saying that she wants to be one of the new host on the view on ABC. That would be interesting all the -- -- except Whoopi Goldberg there while leaving the show some of Sarah Palin wants to be part of headed. You know whenever whenever she's on. Television show excuse that's good stuff to talk about -- I hope she does it. Also while we've been talking about. The essence fest crowd. And the essence fest crowd was not what you might have -- if you never experienced the essence fest crowd. That's the -- blog it's on our website at WWO dot com and with the blog there is a scoop cam video for -- street party night. We'll be right back WL. We're celebrating a 25 years assigned building on the air the actual anniversary was at this past weekend makers to life in a 25 years ago sign they'll went on the air. However mavericks of our favorite Seinfeld episodes. If you watch -- field you know what this means when Elaine says can you spare a square year. The woman couldn't spare a square here in the stall next to -- she couldn't spare square. Let's go to a friend in river ridge Fred you've got some lights out. Your area. Yeah which you view and that's what our actual cola can see from my house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looks like like around there. And and I wore her car -- I actually walks away from my house and lights -- -- -- street light. Well I have no word on that if we do get word on exactly what that is will be -- pass -- -- -- -- All right Fred thanks a lot for that update so lights out in the parts from average. To those who were sleeping against the they won't -- With my best of your alarm. Think about all the people who can wake up tomorrow morning listening to atomic talkative wake up right at 6 o'clock the year David like with the news and Tommy Tucker -- alarm set for six. -- -- -- -- Here's and another great line from -- don't. We Cramer was talking Kremer was on concerned about his sperm count. And the doctor told him to where to stop wearing jockeys. And to Wear boxers. And so. -- So Kramer walks in the room and Jerry and Elaine -- there and he says says something about you know well and on and I'm not IR -- actively Seve so I'm not wearing either he said. I'm out there jury animal -- every minute. And Elaine says or -- says something like do you realize that there's. Nothing between. Well -- like. But it -- had a thin piece of -- redeem her or something to that effect if you're joiner showed an item numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text number is 87 -- eight -- from Tennessee might -- under the WL. Well you might. Oh. -- -- And a year well they didn't political demands here or wrong. -- -- it was a broth for men who have gotten the point where maybe they need a little extra support to. -- -- -- -- Yes that was that was another funny episode. Like I appreciate you calling thanks listening tonight in Tennessee if you at a joint news tonight with your favorite -- don't episode numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every tax is a 7870. Here's a Texan reads. And you're going to be in my latex salesman. I don't think so. Another funny episode -- George trees and was trying to pretend to be looking for jobs that we can continue to get unemployment. Here's a Texas regional the great line from signed Phil was. And she had other attributes price by the superficial mail when describing. His girlfriend's. Roommate. I hear is attacks remember when Elaine and Jerry slept together. Yeah because the show was all about Elaine -- friends and they had previously. As far as I know they never dated on the show he could correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think they -- data on the show when the show started day. They had previously dated. And now they were just friends -- special -- it was very believable to a lot of people because a lot of people are friends with their axis. Some -- but but some -- And so. They were talking about how they should actually. Sleep together. To. To save the French. Appreciate usually that complicates. The French. And so you know casually. You can actually predict the coffee shop the next day and -- sipping coffee Georges there and he says something to be effective. By the way less than a slip revealing. And he's such as golf feel like it's nothing in in Georgia's like spitting out his coffee going wait whoa wait injures she sees as soon George -- -- about. And she says senator says -- -- not in the mood. George says look. I have no job I live with my parents you'll get in the mood and you tell me the story and -- were not the exact words but it. It was a funny -- here's an update on our W Cuba pretty general opinion poll tonight if a candidate as a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter. Does that reflect on the candidate with a political party. 77%. Say no 23%. Say yes give is your opinion by going to our web site. -- WL dot com. On more than. More than eighty people. Were shot in Chicago over the weekend and fourteen again. But they're they're really wouldn't be any warnings about traveling to Chicago. The way there are about some people warning don't go to New Orleans because they're so much crime if there's a shooting here. What is -- what was -- such an. An unfair bashing. When it comes to crime. And I got a sexually for somebody said ballistic we show Chicago is not a world tourist destination. You -- So if it's it's unfair that New Orleans are quite often gets an unfair bashing and I I know. A bill Riley after I think it was after the Mother's Day parade shooting the Mother's Day. Yeah about the victory shooting and that the barriers so I forget exactly where once that somewhere deep in the merrier just passed temerity. Time after that to bill Riley a few others said don't go to New Orleans it's and crime infested. And it's it's never gonna change in. I don't know whether or hear her role -- to comment that it's it's it's been going on since the battle of New Orleans. And you shouldn't go to New Orleans are made some warning about going to New Orleans which you know it I thought was ridiculous and again you don't hear that. When it comes to places like Chicago if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or semi -- Amber's -- 77. I've got a couple of text about the episode where Jerry was dating the girl with man hands. And yeah I mean we obviously they used a real man in those scenes but it. He he just couldn't get around the fact that she had man hands. And she was just using her hands it immediately dislike ripping open this lobster anyway it was a very funny episode. Here is attacks that superficial male line was from the episode where Jerry was trying to figure out how to date the roommate. Because his girlfriend did not laugh. Remember that and then there was another episode where Jerry was trying to get rid of a girl. He's trying to break up with a girl and her roommate. So -- George had something to the effect of suggest him and nausea -- And shall break up well anyway apparently she was. Intuit and was even more interested. In Jerry. Yours is I can't do that if I start that lifestyle I'm gonna have to get new clos cinematic gold chains in oils and sensed from my apart. Have a whole new set of friends. And I hear -- attacks -- as for the rest of us another added that there were so many great episodes with with all the different characters were so funny. Kramer. George Costanza that it is parents and -- -- always yelling at each other but that's something that a lot of people could relate to. If you have a favorite site don't -- anyone -- -- sent -- sent a text about it Arctic -- 877. Every large -- it takes over our our city for major events has a personality. Has an attitude. And living downtown in the heart of the area where. The visitors stay -- party. I get a strong sense of the the temperament of the crowd that comes to New Orleans the French Quarter. There are preconceived impressions about the annual crowd that comes for -- fast and they're very definite. And many react to the idea of essence fest being in town by saying well and I gonna go to town that weekend and it really goes -- and just the traffic in the crowds. Many expressed concern about. The people. Who go to essence fest of who's going to be in our city. I'm always very honest about what -- see. And what I experienced in my neighborhood downtown in the French Quarter and recently I've been honest about when I described as. An element to different element in the French Quarter mainly over the last six months or so that I've I've seen that. Well their people in the quarter who were not there to have a good time. And I can best related to. I can -- related to if you at a party. And you saw a group of people just standing there watching everybody at the party. But they were there to enjoy the party. Wouldn't you wonder what the motives. When you wonder why they were at that party that's the best way to describe this element that I I've seen the French Quarter. So I'm going to be honest with you about the crowd that I saw in town this past weekend preciousness and of course a lot of people came in -- for the fourth of July celebration it's a big family destination here in New Orleans and our fireworks display in the rivers one of the top fireworks displays in the country. And there's just something so great about. How the fireworks reflect off the river and it's it's a beautiful beautiful site is great -- -- The crowd they're all different people coming together and enjoying the fireworks display in the first -- of America. But. The element that I've seen on on Bourbon Street recently. Wasn't there. Was nonexistent. And I I I did this to cam video from Burma street party night after the fourth of July fireworks display. And after essence fest and did -- brief. Brief video of the crowd that I saw there. But downtown which we it was packed as I walked -- mistreated in the streets of the CBD. Especially bumped into and walking out of my apartment building downtown there would be a group of people coming by and sometimes I would walk down in. We've been actually bump into each other. And almost without fail. Everybody was so polite says a lot out of -- the pardon me here -- -- me. You know legal parking spots -- re -- and a very coveted thing in the downtown area especially on the weekend. Well one night I found the perfect spot on the corner. And I'd I got in my car but I got out of the cart realized that cut apart a little closer to the curb. So I got back in my car. Just to move it slightly. As I got back in my cart somebody pulled around the corner saw me getting in my car and thought I was belief. Pulled up right behind and we know what that feels like he's Albright in -- leave it there leaflets and this is this is perfect. I got in the car. Move the car. And and got out and just you know gesture yeah I'm I'm not moving. -- quite often people are frustrated and frustrated in the situations but this guy just say he waved in and smiled at OK I didn't get the spot. But that was really kind of typical behavior of -- that the crowd that I saw. And there were numerous incidents of a politeness with people on the sidewalks and in cars. And there were thousands of locals who ventured downtown and the French Quarter for the spectacular fourth of July fireworks display that. I've crowd mixed with the essence this crowd and you know overall I didn't sense any any tension people were all clear to have a good time. And there are those who had this preconceived idea about a crowd like essence fest in hectic. I think if you actually experienced it. It would be different experience. I know there -- some rowdy individuals. -- I did get a text from somebody earlier who said they. Work with him on ambulance company. And that there were more standings and more shootings in more violence essence fest weekend than ever before I don't know I see it in the news. And if that did happen I'm not afraid to talk about it but I can only tell you what I saw and -- -- And I try to be very honest with with -- IC. -- often negative impressions are based on preconceived stereotypes. Rather than real life experience as many people who condemned the crowd. As. A certain kind of crowned the data will be part of have never been part. And that is kind of a rush to judgment. And the rush to judgment is based on stereotypes and we've seen a -- it is the initial blame for the -- street shooting. That's -- The two people of interest. Their photographs defy the stereotypes that many people thought. Could be applied to those who were involved in the shooting not knowing. But they figured out who would mostly. Young black males while we don't know who did it but the two pictures of the persons of interest defied -- stereotype. And now the suspect. Who's in Mississippi fighting extradition. The suspect in Mississippi. Is not a young black -- And -- I realized that those who have the preconceived idea that it's well it's it's young black males that do this. They're not gonna admit. Their rush to judgment. But on the other end of the spectrum there was also rushed to judgment. Would come came to the Georgia father who left his 22 month old son and a -- carted die in heat. And the father was seen with his young 22 month old son in pictures shouldn't. There was a petition immediately. And and a lot of punitive people who -- called the show we are talking about it. Charge you should be dropped don't file charges against this father this is a grieving father. And yet police knew something at the time they arrested this guy. And now we're learning that. And I don't mean to get graphic with this but now we're learning that. There was such a stench in the car. That it's unimaginable. That that father drove several blocks. Before he got out of the car with his son's body screaming oh my god my son what have I done one of I don't. And not only that but he was sexting not not that there's a direct connection but it does show on. It -- show -- A father who is. Living somewhat of a different life then. Is senior knows I've cute Stanley photos smiling with his suit his young son Cooper. He was sexting. Six different women. Explicitly some of them one of them apparently underage. Only son was literally. Dying in the car. And there's one report that. The wife the mother of the child. Told her husband at the police station something to the effect ever asked him. Did you did you tell him too much yourself something like I don't know with the exact word but essentially did you tell them too much. And -- without question -- about it. Resist a couple that wanted to be childless. And this was the course. Of action. So this guy is being held without without bond at least he's in jail and I would not be surprised if the mother his wife. Is named as a suspect in this could actually end up being -- this could be a death penalty case. If you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every Texas a 7870 but the Portis -- consuming things recently they have pointed out. How instinctively we rush to judgment. And how one fear that is. So if we tend to rush to judgment and maybe we should stop ourselves before we do that. And stop then and not be so quick to come to a quick decision. Whether it's about a father. And a baby -- a shooting on Burma street. Or it's the essence escrow. This could like tonight is titled essence fest crowd. Not what you might think it is our website at WW dot com and in the blog we've got descriptive video from urban street a Friday night. Here's a textile I was in the city this weekend the visitors were great I wish they lived here. I wish downtown and the quarter. Could be that way all the time that we was this weekend. And I'm not saying that to be politically correct. To say that because that's what I experienced. Firsthand. Here's a text. Well scoot to nothing in Chicago is as much a tourist attraction. Well who in the hell goes to Chicago on vacation. And nobody goes to Chicago on vacation. Nobody visits Chicago. If -- ever been Chicago. So suddenly this is a controversy. Is Chicago tourist destination. Our numbers 2601870. I spent a Halloween night when night in Chicago with my girlfriend. Wow. Everybody should have been arrested. I mean it was slime that's -- much -- -- Chicago tourist destination maybe I'm missing something here are numbers 26018 sanity. Told 3866. Made -- -- nearly seven text is a 77. Here's attacks the reason -- Georgia's. Joseph George training Gerry to pass a lie detector test by saying. It's not a lie if you believe it. Irons this past weekend there was the 45 anniversary of the first sign filled episode going on the air so we've been talking about that are. Our favorite -- don't episodes about the way I don't know why or when it's gonna come back on but we have gotten. Our call for Sony said don't lights are out in on a large area of a river reagents we do getting information that will. Certainly pass that on to graduate this on this Monday night hopefully had a great fourth of July weekend. So for this Monday night we have a little fun talking abouts. About the -- episodes that we that we laughed is there were just there were so mad. Here's text. Talking about man hands it was another one. Sponge worthy that was another interesting episode besides a work. If this wasn't this the stuff I guess this was in the nineties windy at the sponge was on acceptable. Form of contraception. And apparently they were taking the attorney sponge off the market so we're -- rushed down and bought as many she could. And since there was not a finite number. Of sponges. Now before she would have an intimate. Relationship with somebody she would determine whether or not they were sponge worthy. Here's a -- about Chicago Chicago is a tourist destination. But it is nowhere is nowhere near as popular as you were once. But I think it's your decision I understand that New Orleans is a concentrated. Tourist destination. Like Key West like many other cities but it certainly is fair to say that Chicago. Is. A tourist destination. Here's a text at the essence crowd has never been a rowdy crowd. So whoever believed otherwise. Has no idea what they're talking about. I agree and this is not the first year I've experienced. This essence crowd in I talked about it. Going into the weekend that this would be a great crowd to -- -- that indeed he watched. Here is a text about Elaine going to the spy win she said to. They're real and they're spectacular. Data -- say that or did. The actress. Who was -- -- I think she's the one he said it. Toward the I don't remember reading here's a Texas -- I love you bro but you contradict yourself. About having a great time. And the polite people but yet so many more groups of people. That are standing around people watching. And just start dear to have -- just start there and have a good time those are your words pro. Which what is it I don't think that's a contradiction at all. I have seen. Didn't see it this past weekend. But I seen a growing number. Of people in the French Quarter of individuals. People individuals together and groups. When there's a party and you see some people who don't seem to be there for the party you wonder will okay what -- doing here now. They have a right to be here. Not -- never question -- -- But he just may I just you know sometimes you sense of five been. Maybe it's totally off but I've I've I've sensed it a vibe. The last six months and in the quarter doesn't stop me from going there. But I just consensus this vibe about. About some people who go to the court doesn't seem like -- there it is to have a good time so why they they're. Here's a text about -- failed. Just could never get into -- felt. To me it just wasn't funny. When you compare to great sitcoms of all time such as cheers. -- Taxi. All of the family and I Love Lucy. I don't think is in the same leak. It just doesn't have. Any meaning to. I guess that's what attracted people to. And the show. The show was about nothing it was about everyday life it was about it was about close talkers. It was about. It was about -- talkers. It was about just a lot of things that we experienced in life in the show gave us. So many words so many catch phrases that are part of normal conversation I think the most popular one is. That does anything wrong with that it's applied to a lot of different situations. If you're gonna show the -- tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668870. Text number is say 7878. There's a -- here's an update on our W if you are pretty -- opinion poll if a candidate has a pregnant unmarried teenaged daughter does that reflect on the candidate or the political party. 70% say no 22% say yes. And there's a lot of support for bill Cassidy and his family unit seventeen year old teenage daughter who is preparing for a senior year of high school. She's frightened. Analysts also mentioned that. The young man who is responsible. Is equally. Responsible. For what happened but yet since she is the one who. Is pregnant and that's something today it is a visual sign. And she will be judged more than the guy witches is totally unfair. But it their support for bill Cassidy -- we need to also be the same kind of support if -- Liberal Democrats daughter was involved in the same thing. And it does happen it happens to a lot of people. I'm -- and we'll be right back on every WL. Pink Floyd has announced. They're back together in the studio. New album is coming out in October. Pink Floyd new album. What banned from the past would you love to see release a new album we'll talk about this on the show tomorrow night. And who are you most sorry that could never come back together. And do something new. One of my top bands I would have to say is -- who would love to see what Kurt Cobain and Nirvana would be doing today. We'll talk about that on the Scotia tomorrow I hope you'll join us as a look at him by a studio -- here. There are never flashing lights mid span of the Crescent City connection now I can't tell whether this is something it is east is going to the west bank and east bank. East bank can't tell. But there is just know that there's something going on the -- of you do get circuits the traffic on be aware of that. A tour and the think tank the Garland Robinette. Now what question that will be asked and hopefully answered is why are we sending our very best seafood overseas and reducing the quality of seafood here at home. Also if we wanna reduce crime can we afford to. We know the prisons are big business in America but now the lucrative prison system is growing new limbs of money. And who were the big new benefactors. You'll find out tomorrow in the think tank with Garland Robin attend one here on every WL. -- I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had been to Sicily going to this this big big story in Metairie and and into that it was Kmart and veterans highway in -- And I just I couldn't help but just noticed how terrible. The employees were. No service. No. Just absolutely. No concern for customers whatsoever. Well I went back to that same Kmart today. In a -- I was greeted. On there were just. I mean people that pass me in the Alley plays it past me in the dial. Said hey how you doing. It's not because I'm on -- that it no -- But for whatever reason the place it at that Kmart -- -- totally change their attitude when I think John record studio producer. I'm still expect tomorrow night's -- New Orleans.