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Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this eighth of July 2014. Man it's Tuesday may not -- day he asked congratulations -- up we made it through Monday. Tuesday is here. That's a sign of accomplishment. And one should be proud of moving -- that you make it through Monday and Tuesday's. Upon us without any major incidents. I think it is typical pat on the back. I'm going to make a bold statement. Please say something that I think might shock and surprise people aren't dead people. Don't eat. And so -- it's it's great game on. They don't know. If somebody is dead they do not consume food. Correct that is correct so why the world. With him -- food stamps. Food stamps for dead people. In nearly 4000 cases in this and it. Dead people. We're receiving. And someone was spending their food stamp card money. Someone. -- it didn't fanatic criminals. Investigators. They doctor's office that in the canoe who was outrageous matched up the numbers and that's what they came up with one point three million dollars in federal food stamp card benefits. -- used fraudulently -- and a after the legal recipients dies. And I have a -- this is really going on. For a long time again dead people. Don't eat -- Sample in. This. I'm glad to hear that this -- revealed a problem. That the department of child and family services apparently was not in a timely manner and getting. The latest information. Nine. The wind died. And cutting off their benefits apparently was taking a little longer to. Get this information well if it shows up in the in the mailbox horrors still active on the card. If you use it don't -- bon pan. Who does. Well if mom's food stamp card shows up that are in -- and mail now or if you find mom's food stamp card in her -- -- it's no gun and mom's dead death. It's OK to say. And she's not need it I has rallied the Fuji was at dead -- it nationalities don't congaree dead. Your bagel basket of things at stake in all kinds agrees and out every day. The people who record deaths in the Louisiana. The vinyl records people within the department health and hospitals will be sending -- list the department town services. And that will remove and cancel benefits for people who died because. Dead people. Don't -- Very simple. My tax dollars going to -- did people know that -- I mean with the Day of The Dead next on this you know put food out on the grave national attack does not announced on not in the the you know that people and don't. It took me along tempted to you know figures so -- dog out -- -- you know very complicated thing I'm sure -- With these state officials -- into the grind access to try to figure this out they're gonna -- -- announced. A land line yet that they call on the plug in the well now you don't have now. -- I have. Mean I have a supplement weapon the cellphone and my three oldest children. Or mobile devices. But my youngest son still we have not progressed to the point we feel comfortable getting him his own self soon. From a financial standpoint or from him maturities he's chomping at the rich well he he's got in. -- that he can use our wife -- And we have to monitors of course you know winners Wednesday in tax than -- can. Surf the web and things like that that we just haven't gotten appoint them. You know when somebody says -- home phone I think here we you know we do but it's new computer fraud. No illnesses and things yeah okay Larry Summers and opponents of a call your house yes yes and no we still have that that is it land -- whether it comes over the -- -- the voice over right yeah he words delivered by your cable or it's over by traditional phone line. You still do have it out but we've been tempted to unload them by it's up to. 40% of US homes that no longer have a land -- hazard to report from the CDC CBS news. Take a lot of in my thought it was higher. I keep it in case my youngest son has to call 911. When were not -- he's very rarely home alone -- -- for kids houses and those people there. Beside in the event that he has. Paul Malone wanted to be able to pick up a phone call 911 if something bad happens. House catches on -- some interest break in whatever. Plus I have one relative. Who still is not on the and I'll -- marry an older relatives. Who likes to fax us. -- we like to fax this real tough guy. So we keeping fax machine and you can't use a fax machine. If you do not have. A -- but otherwise. Of these instances. The relative on this on I am behind you might not have one anymore. I think the day is coming in the next. Few years where we don't have a land said the couple box -- can that we never answers. -- really wants talked to us gonna cholera self. Generally people causing the -- at the that we -- -- you and you know we get as soon. It's a -- borrowers and -- throw bulldogs. Whatever. Very rarely do answers. And I do actually -- final answer and the reason it is because if I go to voicemail on landline I can't get faxes. The fact that you know it works with the Internet and it you know I can still see my old answering machine. I can I can remember what I did do. In -- to re wind and we want out of -- eight minutes -- you up this is not. This thing I can't remember how long ago we got rid of it but but I can still see it sit there on the counter. Not there anymore no. -- -- -- Yet -- -- -- anymore let's go rent -- -- look at a time I don't like it about. Thirteen minutes or news here on WW well I text in its seven its enemies that got to land line in the house if so why. And if your forecast in sports right after the tickle your forecast. Mostly sunny skies this Tuesday and look for Temps around 91 this afternoon's heat things up. Along with a chance for rain again today 30% forces spotty storms. We keep that 30% chance and again tomorrow even its highs reached 92. Thursday's rain chance at 40%. Putting highs at ninety. From the pinpoint forecast center I meteorologist -- tell. And a little warmer today -- -- -- south of the -- 78 now at the airport in camp are known in the sixties that like we've seen the last few days but those clear and 73. Degrees and gave no it's the early edition. The WWL vs domestic does -- sound found tax but he can't talk about it. It's it's like an iPod or an on phone with turned off he can still use our Wi-Fi and uses an app for texting. Actually there's an app for talking to but it we welcomed news that. -- sports time now on WW -- every text coming up mark Menard is it and do you have me. Holm phony landline still at your house I do but I never answered -- that it might you have. Just for emergencies in say there are some of the problems with self service and they and you got an emergency vehicle line one it's good to have a land line -- 60% of people still have them but. -- -- -- to the growing number of people are ditching their land line -- it's such a negligible spins have like twenty dollars a month that humans will just keep him when she could do with that 240. Dollars. Not a lot. -- -- -- -- -- as phrase at least we got back on forest that's right and lots of free agents in the NBA to talk about what we're gonna start with the saints. The secondary is getting a radical overhaul this season with the departure of guys like Roman Harper Malcolm Jenkins and Jabari Greer. What do free agents brought in to fill the -- sure fire future hall of fame corner Champ Bailey. Think hall of Famer Deuce McAllister says Bailey brings an Arab experience they just can't be taught. We talk about -- but it was you know ROC knows -- did -- -- you gonna get a lot of experience you've got to get a -- scenes. Every Ralph -- and always Garrett that he has played against are probably the other's character or just come with a leak. Bailey is expected to compete for the starting corporate job opposite Keenan Lewis. The Brooklyn nets introduce their new head coach Lionel Hollins will take over the reins of the team -- last season by Jason Kidd. The net trading -- to the Milwaukee Bucks last week -- -- -- former player and distant coaching the Memphis Grizzlies he says he won't be fazed by the bright lights of New York City. You know people ask me how are you can do any arguments of big city I know I am. You know you guys won't be have it would be every night I know that and you'll be trying to tell me what to do I know that. But I won't be listening so it won't matter. One of the Miami heat's Big Three could be headed out of South -- Chris Bosh opted out of his contract with the heat along with Dwyane Wade LeBron James and Udonis -- with a thought being that bosh will be willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team alongside wade and James however now he may forego that plan and hit the Houston. The rockets have offered him a Max contract that 88 million dollars over four years. It offers the same one the rockets offered to Carmelo Anthony but they believe their out of the running for Mello who's reportedly narrowed his choices down to the knicks lakers and bulls at this point. And a probate court is hearing. Arguments and Donald Sterling is lawsuit over and over to the Los Angeles Clippers their first or business was to do it with two denied Donald Sterling request that the trial be moved to federal court. Hanging in the balance possible record breaking two billion dollar sale of franchise to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The trial expected to last about four days and hopefully be resolved by the end of the week. I'm mark Menard and that your early look at sports I was -- here views. -- -- -- Oops it anytime you get a guy like that opinion I think it's it's worth its weight in gold it and so he's happy about the way the defense the shape and I'm glad about the additions and -- this team's got a good shot this season. Definitely I mean you know. That and there's no reason to think that they don't they they had a great season last year nice deep run in the playoffs Iran into a little problem with Seattle but. Yeah I think they've reloaded and and that you know the defense has been overall a little bit. I think is to be -- -- and watch. Much of a difference of Jimmy Graham make or not I'm gonna ask you about that continue to back union 25 minutes with more sports are. If the saints can't work things that would give there's no indication they won't but if they don't -- sits out. That -- saints' chances of going all the way and mark that 15 mystical you forecast and some very interesting text messages. For people who still have land lines and why coming up after the -- cure for. -- the humidity is beginning to return across the region and along with that no rain chances are beginning to return 30% for the afternoon today. With highs of 91 and then tomorrow 92 for a high with another 30% rain chance. Actually Thursday looking like the highest rain chance so we get 40% that puts -- that ninety. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Now definitely warmer already 81 degrees the lake front downtown and booze -- 78 at the airport in -- clear and 73. At the National Weather Service office in slide down and gave when it's the early edition of WWL first news step. I'm getting kind of feeling here from all the text messages -- sending -- seventy. From the people who still have land lines and in 60% of people still have a land -- in traditional phone line of some sort in their house. Either because they have an alarm system and they wanna go the phone lines of the Internet way of alerting the alarm company. They have a job that requires they keep the land line because they must be contacted an emergency. Or this person. The reason I still have a landline. Is because there are some people I would never give my cellphone -- there. Coming up news sports traffic weather and more of your interest and text messages at 8787 AMY 60% of people still have a landline at their home. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition -- WWL first news on this July 8 2014. It's Tuesday congratulations. Yeah it's not Monday and -- right we made it all the way through Monday and on and today progress that deserves. And at a boy yeah -- had a girl at a man and a woman whatever trying to be politically incorrect. So more American households are ditching their whole telephone four out of and only use cellphones according to a new government survey. Out the door that's twice the rate from despite years ago. So in five years twice as many people now have no land line at their house and now -- the pace of dumping land lines seems to have slowed in the last couple of we sell a lot of people over the five year here in the frontlines. And than fewer now so I've been asking people. If -- land -- why. Not wind it. -- analog it was done they still use fax machines either for business purposes or because like me they have a relative who dislikes the facts. And we don't want -- -- that. Other people because of their burglar. On Tuesday that while casualties and others to keep a phone line to call. Monitoring company breaks in your house here alarm goes. Another presence of a cell phones do not work for ten days after Katrina. I have a landline is the only way to get out of that -- that's it Tuesday. President my family sells land line for the simple purpose of we don't have great cellphone coverage we built our house. I guess after a roller now that makes sense sure. Exit through appearances I have a landline. But when -- punish my kids by taking away their itself. I can still call them at all. And they have a ways to call 91 think -- Martin's army I think it's always a way to get around here yet he's anti if you take care itself on -- -- -- -- mom called 911 if something goes wrong. You know who don't now Smart little -- -- -- points you advocate with -- ways did call you or call 911 there. In a -- and then my favorite and and what I really can identify. Still have a landline because there are so many people I will not to give myself -- And I agree there and mostly people I do business yet system companies don't want them. Because they're Celek that telemarketers that give it to other people they're just gonna -- when nor talked about what to do business with you. And it may have to give your phone numbers do business in the open doesn't want to call him myself. And you know they always ask for that cellphone you know signing up for something your waiter can we have herself -- place. Now they'll make it. Now it's not so hard that he did not see any springs Georgia trying to figure out why three men walked into CVS pharmacy Atlanta's northern suburbs it's -- thousand dollars worth of mostly so. So. And other personal care items thirty says the man who filmed by surveillance cameras as they carried off the highs in Sandy Springs. Police Sargent Ron mull on. Tells a local television station that the suspects walked into the store. Casually grabbed the items then walked out and cashiers there was that it one catch up for the men to find out. They took the -- you didn't go after the drugs and go after anything else is is that there was a mystic the money and now. Things that are valuable on the black market. So Jim do revealed the odor there around guys like -- -- lies and on on -- airport now what you get less time for that now. No it's -- senator what you're still an ally. It's definitely a felony 2000 dollars worth so I'm I'm saying the judge you know like with glasses kind of looking at the -- girls -- so. -- -- I don't know -- else milk and yeah at that they get back on form. -- -- -- And that makes me think of Paul Malone and guys you know attorney named themselves sticky finger burglars. -- and it was one an account name form. I guess -- the -- scented. Burglars stereo there shoplifters. Pleasantly sent -- shoplifters. So. -- thank you David talked about twenty minutes -- for -- Christmas I was digging deeper into why there are fewer women. Representing us in the legislature in Louisiana than any other state in the nation. And he says it may be that. People are sexist in the final line about tournaments. -- in let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and take good morning. This meteorologist Laura but now although wet they had no sweat band that you remember Jack from. They always turn the water on ride the houses on loan that was the first one and out of the sticky fingered bandits in the second I don't I don't watch I don't like we'll and a third I don't watch the first one -- -- at the classic. You know what and it wet bandits or will we -- these guys who stole 2000 dollars with a mostly so. I like it where I mean maybe it is slippery bandits as that's kind of slippery and other advantage. An abacus no fly them in Edmonton that maybe they're just really nice so it doesn't mean they use that -- unity there what analogy. So what as our teachers in grammar school used to say he had just by the theater and it's not the full effect what and -- we yeah we had excellent they had to tell the boys in the ads that you can't just buy and it's not actually used it. Now I don't know -- these guys used and I don't know if they tried to sell out on the black market I don't know why they stole 2000 dollars worth of hygiene products personal care items. And so -- that hopefully Cara Black market for so I don't think out are you by itself from some guy on -- straight -- I would not truck was cards that that's. Actually Obama team in -- at at happen and parking lot of a shopping mall where they come up and they say. It's freaky thing. At some knockoffs antsy wanted to buy it smells just like the real thing and of course I -- is not like. -- -- -- a little -- -- -- the urban lab are negative rating you're probably not and that they're gonna -- deal while you are wrong that something terrible right. -- -- It's silly that when it sounds that provision of the crazy lady. -- I agree I. May -- and if -- scare away the crazy people -- at breakfast. And women need to be vocal and you don't want something. That. And -- you do that I don't want the heat humidity he has now hollering and screaming I don't wanna wanna. If if I don't -- -- whole life. -- next couple days. It's a little bit like your that we were over the weekend and nineties through that Friday right out. Close to normal 30% now today through the rest of the week person's body after downpours. But here meant that they warmer this morning and like last few days definitely especially north of -- -- the upper sixties they're past couple Maury where -- that her near eighty ultimately. Here at -- end now. Right it is what it is -- well not that good like that do you still have a landline at the house. I've ever had one personally like that you moved idea and trying to pry but my parents to still at the sides and I don't ever at a high. Now that's that generation to me like here you're still a minority only 41% of people have ditch the landline completely out. A lot of people keep it in -- emergency or maybe it's not high like table today -- -- and that's what people did as a bundle pack. Some people have fax machines for worker other purposes. Tiger wouldn't -- one up -- you don't wanna give up a cellphone number to certain people they know lord do business with of the in the land. I still get my number audience theory theory. McClellan. And out there and get out of thank -- don't wake me up we have Arianna and -- to stand -- can I do not want to call on the night. That would have been. It's a -- Texas that they made a clean getaway at the head of the popular well I love Avant caught them yet but they dictate to fugitive and -- was burg Pennsylvania. Yeah they alleged that the New York bail jumper was arrested. At a Pennsylvania college campus after he posed for a photograph in the local newspaper. Well and cops saw right there that we're looking for more. Authorities got the 25 year old Jacob close after take a picture for the Bloomberg press enterprise. He was in the your opinion feature but they asked people question about a controversy and then they put their picture there with their thoughts. -- that question answered with what he thought about the Washington Redskins name in the controversy surrounding match. But -- was the labor. How is being held on 25000 dollars bail and awaiting extradition to New York scene yeah -- and it lands him and they need. People file if you want it and you know you gotta -- out for your arrest. Maybe you don't let them. Photo a photographer with a fictional. LAU. He had that if he keep that element down you know -- -- -- scientists. Let things happen in -- is really excited that he's going to be an expert I guess to overcome with you know his 52. Thing. It's not in jail. Thank you. A big crazy what's there -- a mother nature we've determined that. App at one level speakers may -- lower but they'll have a direct. From the pinpoint forecast sports. Some tactic -- that Indians against the guys stole 2000 -- with them soon open another ID product should be the bubble -- It's about that about the clean getaway -- it -- take your suggestions. A lot you'll still Texas about whether or -- they have a landline once Christians that land line is great for collect calls from loved ones locked up in jail. I'm grateful I don't have to worry about that but I guess theoretically. If the -- can -- -- technical called itself. But I get some -- got arrested and to make the call Tammy can be ailment that about the way the guy got busted -- posed for the newspaper picture. Was wanted for drug and drunken driving. Sports now on WWL. Mark artist wins at this morning on good morning Dave. What's going on in the world sport well. Let's start with the saints' all time saints great Deuce McAllister is excited about the addition -- fifteen year veteran Champ Bailey does saints' secondary. McAllister says there's only one thing you could ever questions about a -- I would really threatening our. The question becomes who is -- you know Cheney's stick is he healthy. But you and to view laughter reforms so that's the biggest course. That you guys give. Vocals just doesn't Bailey still got the physical skills -- be a steady presence in the saints defensive back field. The Brooklyn nets were left little void at the top of the organization -- -- traded away head coach Jason -- the Milwaukee Bucks last week yesterday they fill that void the former grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins. Collins coached at risk for four seasons until when he thirteen this bit last year as a television analyst. It also former NBA all star player is that he's looking forward to the challenge of coaching against. Litany of New York media I'm excited to be here I know it's a challenge but in order to have success you've got to go through challenges and overcome them and I'm really looking forward to this opportunity. -- on those fired 2013 despite taking the Memphis Grizzlies to the Western Conference finals. Many thought that if the Miami heat's Big Three broke up the decision will be up to LeBron James king James has yet to even meet with any teams yet about. Where -- played at the season and it doesn't seem to be a big priority. Now it seems Chris Bosh might take the lead the Houston Rockets have offered the native Texan a Max contract for years 88 million dollars and bosses seriously considering making the move. Rather than playing in Miami for considerably less money. In the meantime Miami did sign a pair -- yesterday. The form of Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger I'm mark minority and that -- early look at sports -- has to decide is do you wanna play Fareed. Good chance at a championship and if you want a lot more money. Well and he'd have a good chance for championship -- -- Houston they've got James Harden they've got. Houston series pieces in place so he may be -- to have both he could have a lot more money etiquette shot at a championship very much of -- -- to move to the Western Conference where it's considerably harder but. You know he can -- that option he could still may -- win the championship there at Bobby Hebert says he can have the cake and eat it he could very much so -- the -- -- having your cake if you don't need. No I never understood that it. What a pretty -- Jimmy Graham. Now all indications that room believes that he in the -- will come to a long term deal by July 15 and we'll see. If first summaries and Graham does not come to a deal and does not wanna play under the franchise tag -- sits out for a season. -- socialist equality thing. -- I think so I think the team is kind of making a transition from. It's solely offensive team to a team that can kind of do it all with the defense and so. I think Sean Payton would make enough changes to the offense to. Adapt to Jimmy Graham not being there to be assured us that it would definitely be nice to have. We'll have you back with more -- in fifteen minutes here on WW well your forecast more of your thoughts on landline or not after this. So the main reasons people are telling me that 60% or 59% of Americans still have a land line. This is -- a fax machine for business or other reasons they have a burglar alarm and it's easier to do it that way they have small kids. Or in case of emergency they wanna be able to make sure they at least have a backup to their cellphone. Are they don't like given everybody their cellphone number Jane. We you do not have a landline anymore on. That -- and why you why don't you have a -- -- -- -- in the 41% of people who have -- I did. Like you that it -- -- -- and he -- and and -- -- missed seeing you in the end it. It. Yes but I never rain I have a landline but I never answer it is very few people like care to talk to call the land line so I guess of the -- calls and things I'm not on the are in for a rude awakening when they get there. -- Jackson. Thank you Jane we appreciate your -- -- six 1870 to all 38668890. Point 78 your forecast. On this Tuesday partly cloudy sky they say 30% chance for -- after the storms a -- out there in the past couple of days. With highs around 91 close tonight dropping into the lower seventies. Then tomorrow back up to 92 another 30% chance -- downpours. And by Thursday rain chances actually up to 40%. That'll keep highs at ninety from the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- cell. Over this morning about eighty south of the lake. Low seventies north of lake and more muggy as well someone else to activate them and it's -- -- as -- and the powers out for a couple days against chargers cellphone. Your home phone won't need charging. I congratulations documents a month they were on into Tuesday. That call not Monday Thomas Tucker's got the next four hours a funnel coming up. Well Dave no fun at all McDonald's -- are on some of the next four hours answers as -- now soccer -- -- -- -- -- serious look at it says for four hours if you cry I could not -- about and to be serious about this. So far this year fifteen kids -- being an odd cars and for the Latin leaders I don't know how it can happen I even heard somebody's -- will maybe should witness tells you where we as a society. But -- cellphone. -- Q it is that you won't forget the -- now higher temperatures left shoot. We indicated if you walk out of the car with that one issue you'll remember that -- -- talked Kristen read she founded mother with kids and cars she actually lost her 22 month old child from the -- and we will -- -- ultimately okay.

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