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Jul 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kristie Reeves, with Kids and Cars, about the tragic consequences of leaving a child in a hot car

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David Blake a beautiful sunrise about five minutes ago and on this Tuesday morning I think we'll have to realize here we are. July 8 already what kind of day are we gonna make it what are we gonna do -- it -- where is it going to take us into home. To whom are we going to dedicated. You're a dedicated. You can if you want to -- instantly people good to do yeah you know scuttle on and meanwhile get your life -- to constantly as a as Marisa Tomei said in My Cousin -- tick tick tick tick. Well for now it. -- over diplomat and a -- which is down into because it's now Walgreens which would be an even honors ceremony -- ceremony Diana's and so make it count me today count. I'll tell you this about the one point three million -- that I think -- food stamps -- people now mark my words on this -- About an -- mark my words have you listening mark my words markers were similar write it down over there aren't my words mean -- and -- yes yes. Com. Eventually will have dead people getting free cellphones. Well now I only editing collier from the grave like the Twilight Zone like that I mean eventually. Because dead people -- get food stamps are now dead people will be getting. Cellphones do you think there's -- on the realm of possibility at all. It's it's absolutely very it may be happening right now we don't know. And outlays on bills saints this year. Go fourteen and to win a super global. Mile and make predictions what you guys use woke up this morning and I came via Ticketmaster anonymous capsule. New singing in the drugstore now allows you predict the future hall powerball numbers for tomorrow night yes 1216. Nineteen. The FDA 879. -- and -- on it. And we will get turned serious when we come back because so far fifteen kids David have died. Now -- -- this thing -- me if there was a serial killer gone around killing fifteen children this story would be all over the news. It -- -- CNN would be on it like you don't you believe it would be a lead now tunnel similar exactly another child killed yeah. But fifteen kids have died after they've been less than hot cars and for the life of me I don't know how somebody can do that. It seems -- -- being -- cars an excellent opportunity to interact with your child and if you are interacting with them then there's no way you're gonna forget them right. But he if you're so busy with work -- cellphone or something in our studio Parker again. But it went on to -- in the cards -- while I mean sometimes it does happen consciously I see what you're saying yeah just to leave the kid in sure sort our -- -- -- anger gets me that's an excellent point actually the one against crazy I forgot to take him to daycare yet that's -- -- runner that went all the time and I I just watts where that means. That you couldn't have been interacting with the child because if you were how did you forget it. If I'm talking to you and with my daughter always use it is a chance to you know point out different things look at this look at that look at that can you say this. There's no way to kind of forgot dinner and I think -- -- have you and a car and I'm talking entity. And finally you know backseat because we're talking in granite a child can't talk back ghetto that -- -- a lady Christie Reeves has suffered a tremendous loss her husband. Laughter 22 month old daughter in the car. The daughter died and believe that marriage is still intact there's still togethers. You could ever forgive somebody for that god bless them that they were able to use of we'll talk about it in at least build a little bit of awareness -- that. Ends and they is such a terrible death and indebted to everytime I see one of these stories are just overwhelms me because of the the agony that suffered -- been brought down on a little child managed just -- still seems so senseless. Because it seems like you should you should be able to rim. -- The fact that you're the one that's responsible for this child solely responsible. In the way you drive top of mind awareness. I don't know -- that happens they're really go we'll talk to a mother who lost child due to that exact thing when we come back Tommy Tucker David Blake. Shelden Williams Jordan fetal and you all together on this Tuesday morning on got a W. I tummy tuck had and a little bit of difficulty reaching our guest who himself talk about it. Kids being left in cars do you think -- there is ever any excuse for that and does it go back is it more of a -- any actual. And because of -- engaged with your child is there anyway that can happen Johnny you won't hire and got a W -- the morning. OJ -- the very dark -- Well. -- it it would be the key initiatives. But many years people lock the car Arctic seas in the call by many years to that -- -- it like now. And the call will be -- about it but to -- system in in addition to leave the keys but. You need it like a Chapel Hill. Shortly. Couldn't pass out she was acutely -- our car -- -- in law would call. But -- wanted to appeal the government makes it mandatory that we can't that we shall. And that we can George extreme. Right and it. And has been waiting on between the government and make it mandatory commitment here at the back -- -- -- money to pick. It. But let me ask -- before before we get to government and corporations what about personal responsibility where it where does that effect in this with you his apparent. To we'll let that bring you respond to keep it -- it is. It and keep you couldn't stop it -- It'd be. Back at you like the beat it's about did -- -- you ought to. It. I can hear the passion in your voice and lady took the time Kolb. Thank you you've been on it I guess now -- Reeves do. She founded a group called mother with kids in mothers with kids in cars and she suffered the ultimate loss real I think nobody in the Indy goes through anything. Worse than losing it to open. With that interest you -- secrecy. -- our laws. The morning Tellme. I guess would get too involved with this in and what happened with your child. Well first of our organization in -- -- and am we're a project to get in cart path toward. Hole and Aaron -- -- -- order re re arm that was threatening name about three year. On a main morning win. The feeling at first -- Ian and I -- Do you often out and and every -- in and just being late and everything I'm. Her dad forgot to turn -- profit taking air on his way to work and. Eat. He should have it let's turn to -- carpet -- that. Learning and Indian war. And -- -- yeah your right hand turn in the cheap way. Obviously it in your career taking part in the backseat said he -- see her and she had. They're off to sleep on on the trip Q I'm. -- What you have been great care and he also could not see -- and it wasn't until. I met him at a just under three hours later this week -- separate the car and we. Tried desperately to your -- her England. You know. Caught -- Madison. And despite all of our efforts are we weren't able QK car. So. If you know I had said that if fury before he came on and if you are engaged with you child and you'd just made light bulb go off here that you how could you for getter but if the child -- it's kind of hard to be engaged whether. -- -- acquaintances I am between initially thought and our our. Tragedy was a freak accident then in the night following her death back into a lot of research I found that our case is in no way. -- -- Am -- will see our. Harder it's basically. And -- her appearance here fallen -- to -- baby and dram and and that's it and it's signed by doctor David diamond out of the University of South Florida. And it's largely an unintended consequence so -- living children to the backseat. I am in the early 1996. War air act unpopular where -- -- had on the info on T -- cases. Known. Throughout time in those were actually cases where to hear an intended are intentionally left a child in the car are a minute time -- and then. Became distracted or whatever. -- but actor we'd begin raising children of the backseat where we -- electorate and more than ten fold increase in the incidence of our children dying from the heat stroke. -- and interestingly. And we also learn more at -- the morning daycare drop is the number one source their -- -- deaths. It's really sad. That we had never heard -- Forgetting your child and in the backseat of the car before this happened and then can find out there are cases. Is the similar almost. Almost like in the cult -- and any other pieces have occurred. And yet so many people don't know what about -- danger to child passenger safety. I'm we're gonna get back to this when we come back Chris Iannetta -- you know I heard you say her father dropped her off did -- U -- still married. Aren't. We actually have pack twenty in my -- I'm twenty or are. That had to be. I guess that kinda difficult -- was there any for the with the did you find it. Is hard in the in your heart of hearts to forgive or did -- did you just realize it was a mistake that happened in the. At -- or even an issue or blame an issue you know he made a mistake in hand that we -- never heard of this. Danger to child passenger safety. -- -- -- and all exactly how it happened then and you know -- the result of one wrong turn and I mean how about at. Made one wrong turn in our lifetime you know -- calm but not proper devastating consequences. On. I immediately where -- has made that same day and I. You know I use it can trust and completely out of character for him and MTV. Yet no one returning worse -- an end to their actions and you know no one understands adept at my pain -- that has indicated. You know we are are -- And it was definitely a hard time. I don't think forgiveness and blame are coming into the -- kids. It was an all in all it was something that way. On an oversight that I I could have worked as easily as Medicaid is that under the right conditions such -- store. Or sleep deprivation or arsonists fourth on Chris on. We have great for traffic won't come back Antonio about ray -- pledge. Project to kids and cars and what it is you hope to accomplish and some of the suggestions or recommendations you have. -- you know that -- Reeves retirees -- project to kids and cars and she lost a 22 month -- beautiful daughter. As Giles left in the cars that Sony for timely Traficant -- who go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker just a couple of minutes left with Kristi -- use of she's with ray -- pledge -- project of kids in cars and rare it was a 22 month old daughter that she lost it and passed away when the child was left in the back of a car. Did you -- what is it that you would like to secrecy new hope to accomplish with ray raced legend. Affiliation with kids in cars. Well our mission attitude to prevent child hot card -- And we actually happen number -- that we recommend the other parents and caregivers for. Active prevention measures while he away technology can be installed in -- says that there are backseat reminder alert. To alert the driver -- the president of passenger in the backseat on turning off the ignition. Number 1 I -- -- part is actually a dual commitments he is. Calling in the year tying the attendance of the child in eighteen year as I had mentioned earlier forgotten -- -- drop opposite number one for a -- -- card debt. And with our -- red green man Adam. One of the things that we -- parent to do is to commit to a behavioral change where they meant that they will inform the child. Teacher if the child will be later app then for -- -- and on the flip side we're asking the teachers QB. Sort of like. Safety mechanisms. Such that if a child has the right by his or her usual arrival time and that plant -- it hasn't been communicated. The teacher will call Weiner but appearance immediately to determine the child where -- And we also recommend that people create a rival other rival confirmation. Accept your vacation planned for all of your child transport activities. Take X. Extra precautions -- near the change in routine that is one of the things that we teen is it am changing routine it -- comic actor but he ate it with. Are their children. Some -- -- -- rival confirmation at the implication here and QB. Making -- and it. Looking in the back seat of your car physically I mean that the war and making sure -- -- -- out of locking your war. Locking your door -- time of the year in weren't as well. In bat 30% of child cart -- -- children's access to an unmarked car. Chris we we have to run and I appreciate it let me ask you real real quick. I get a text here in does not a dumb question that they say so much of this happens during the summertime. -- -- an equal amount of children left in cars when it's not did deadly hot and we just don't hear about it because nothing happens. Well we actually it seems to me it is in every month of the year with the exception of Kenya -- And we're currently in their peak season which is Memorial Day week at the beginning Memorial Day weekend operated labor. Not causation it's the effect that we -- because so high current. Past and what is it -- means that the temperature impact -- can get quicker. On infrared temperature a car -- Over forty degrees and almost sixty degree from potter and the temperature outside -- under an hour and obviously that can become lethal in the movement for small and and summertime -- -- I'm so sorry for your loss -- really -- and and wish we had more time but. Or as a message along to me about the the organization -- there's a website people can go to Laura. You can visit re great pledged dot com are and why are and why and pledged dot com. And then you can also follow us on Twitter and -- pledged thank you don't actually hurt and daily information tips for people. Thank you Christie and they will talk to you again I hope we do in garlic you know. You bet thank -- time -- WL first news though a bit late but so that would go to David. Hi David Blake talking about fifteen children that have been. Left in cars and died so far this year and apparently it happens every month January very low according to our guests and and the problem is it's -- -- success in the cars when we hear about it. In summertime and and and in some text about it guests and it's very hard to criticize somebody that's lost a child. As far and I face -- there's two ways it really deal IC it is. If you're actively engaged with your child there's -- and that's at the top your mind awareness there's no way this can happen but then. I think people how many times hand. We've we've been in such Iran should because of this because that Anne and she said it was a change your routine and using common denominator in all of these. Where for whatever reason you're gonna drop -- child off and then. Something happens at work and you get a colon and hear about the cutbacks or layoffs and -- a distraction right is my job going to be there or something as serious maybe from a relative. Bombed you find out your mom has to have open heart surgery. And maybe that does that could distract you I can't imagine it happening and I think it's the kind of thing that you can imagine it happening until it does. If you had. The whole idea of leaving a kid and a car alone. -- with the engine on I don't care what the circumstances are is not a good idea you know anyway right. You never leave forget about our own but I think that's what happens they do forget about it that. The child is back there and and and I get a text here and some birdies and that the daughter has two children and -- -- on the floor of the backseat to make sure it doesn't happen somebody else's you know cellphone if you put itself a little trek you know back in the car then not only you're not on a cell phone but. You can't forget and I'll go. Change in routines and times aggregate -- on an art Joan in Metairie thank you so much. You know and that morning. Good you. Anger in your voice you know. I start tomorrow morning. I'm not being compassionate. And my heart and that definitely need to lecture channel. By in my wildest. Imagination. I can term that you can forget if you have a child in the car. You put that child in the -- when he -- out -- out here he made a wrong turn and not make a lot of wrong turn. That correctly opener an alarm -- and a and a copy and mostly on the floor in the back -- I would protect company. I did you know. I can't and -- -- children children depend on parent. To take care of their and to be here and now I mean. Do you think am I mean it can't adamant army and it breaks my heart -- -- And Joan and and and it does mine as well and and that brings up. You know the subject of with the parent causes disease should they face criminal charges arisen punishment enough and where it is personal responsibility fit in all this -- -- occult. Earlier from -- and is very passionate about. Having some kind of allowances in the back seat. To remind you that somebody's back there. And the the lady did receive read atlas now you know -- there five daycare. Rival. Immediately changing teams and you know remember that the child back there. Yeah I remember that call of nature that you dropped the hammer her off. I think it's all about personal responsibility. Thing too many distractions in his place priorities to. Only. She. Thinks on Politico John had a good day. You that 26018780386. Exit eight -- 0870. I units Mexicans and -- urges me are. All we heard from your guests is excuses and no personal accountability would you accept that from your kids when they get in trouble lunches saying. So glad to hear from -- 2601720386. Exit -- -- early seventies there ever any excuse. For apparent leaving a child in a car alone. And forgetting that they're acting and do you think you can ever happening you know. And I I I think it couldn't happen to me it. That's one of the kind of things where you say never until it does the other taxes issuance the burden of -- on the teacher for the child's whereabouts were teachers -- If the child was missing and they do then high school but sometimes it on -- -- -- afternoon. 644 we'll talk -- when we come back Tommy to record at WL Tommy Tucker talking about kids being left in the back of a car on a hot day and then passing away fifteen kids have died so far this year. Is there ever any acceptable excuse for Lehman child unattended in vehicles and could use isn't a function of irresponsibility. I guess -- theories though it appears now forgotten BP's syndrome. And some extra company in saint -- pubic you put yourself on back there others say and we mean cellphones more important -- you remember cell phone. But not your child's Steve good morning thanks a colony on -- WL. Good morning Tony I think it's important to remember is that we can't make excuses repeat it thing. It yet you can -- and -- somebody whose child. Actor or. We're just summit is close to them. The same time. You can't make excuses. Are. Winds and the like and that would solo with what the twins and even if we went into the store I meant to buy it stick around both children came out of the -- the carry it and. And then return them back are. IQ you making any excuse or somebody. Get sick child should be so much part of your life. Chick to chick that child out of the car. I agree I get a Texas says heavy airlift to wallet home -- watch no excuse for forgetting and child but it could happen if you're not used to having them in the car. Terrible tragedy but don't judge do you think first off I don't know -- -- of their parent or not but that is a child the same as a wallet. Or watch in in terms of this don't judge I think. Maybe sometimes in society to -- did we did get get away with from holding somebody responsible for their actions -- -- -- judge him. And then the blame game is used when in fact it's just holding somebody accountable for their actions. Every news may mean everything that I get everything -- in it needed to take responsibility for. And I think we're losing I find some reason why I got my child. I had a problem there's not a caller -- he basically -- thing. -- we are responsible for cells -- are people we are specially responsible for children. And especially. Where there in the car and take care of themselves. You know find it extremely difficult to get child are. And and it it was cage. Russian adopted child and he died at cart about. Years ago and it almost throughout the ability. -- -- -- not. Recently stopped completely. That are probable. Can't disagree with you know Steve I'm glad you called quickly to Angie and and they'll Angie you're under the W well. And morning you -- To. I think you picture they eat right are back on the car. -- a picture in. Our pack the car. Or maybe they act more. -- -- the thing that should be necessary you're saying just to make sure nobody else does. What do you think. That should be necessary now that's the theoretical practical is are you suggesting that yes so that no other child dies. Actually get your EEE. Make it distracted driving a work in May along -- -- -- -- well try. They act on ER YR. Well a lot had to pay over eighty. Do you understand how somebody could do that and do you think you could. -- -- -- -- You know people get distracted. -- -- ain't happening behind you like earlier out your job record and be there and get. -- mother. Wait she can remember your AE and the acting sleeping -- long tried to are you a wrong turn. A lady earlier he'd turn the wrong way. Back and eat eat there. They -- -- -- on a car. -- -- -- Remember a pass me the -- I'm glad you called in general -- on a lighter note is that whatever -- he's settling drew Barry more. Network you sound exactly like it thank you glad you can't have a good day. You've been at 654 time -- traffic into that would go to Terrell Robinson. Hi Tommy were looking at night in and down -- like well that I am so sorry Mike might slow that I Tommy Tucker has got to WL we will continue our conversation about kids being left the net. Backseat of a hot car and and pass and -- is there an excuse for that we'll also talk to Donovan live living Kerry with the fraternal order police. About the alarming rate at which NO PD continues to lose officers.

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