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7-8 7:10am Tommy, NOPD shortages

Jul 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Donovan Liviccari, an attorney with the Fraternal Order of Police, about

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna continue our conversation about parents lead in children in cars in the summertime. Yeah you can have deadly consequences and you know -- it they say it happens all yearlong set for January that's a particularly low month. And that the results aren't as devastating when it's. You know not hideouts and had brutally hot but you should never ever ever ever leave a child in a car unattended. We're also to talk Dunham analytic carry with the fraternal order of police when we come back. NO PD continues to hemorrhage officers and they say it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better downward talk about why that's happening and ultimately. How do you fix this because -- tell you losing 75 cops like injures one chunk. You know dislike not and he -- code that we can't afford us. 73 have left the force so far cashier. And they'll lose in one and about every sixty hours so every sixty -- wonders -- officer and there's nobody to take their place because. They ever recruiting clay and now started at 32 down 27. So we'll talk about that -- on the interstates been hanging on and talk about you leave and kids in the back of cars in morning Allan thanks -- holding your on -- WL. Eight -- thanks does that idea. I guess rubio and -- Basically be like a pillow that you could -- You know how many children. The biggest goals -- bet that you would put all new democracy. And inside it is a little bit. That when you sit on. -- to switch. OK and then when you do all. It deactivate switched which basically -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and she was going element. I mean I expected a month that you got some work in the call. And then you really distorted that kids in college. -- and we've been looking at this from two different approaches one is fixing it so it doesn't happen again. Even if people. Don't do what they're supposed to do any other is I think what what's going on that people forget and kids in cars would. Do you think it's too much distraction is a break in routine and do you think there's any thing. Such as forgotten baby syndrome or do we now development syndrome whenever everybody doesn't do to dispose of bill. I think you got to con people out there you've got the kind that honestly get distracted and I'm not saying I'm not -- good thing. They keep the people -- get distracted because they don't wait too much going on and and out of our people is irresponsible people could -- -- To a couple that went to a store. And that they can call. And when he came out the cops wait form. And when questioned separately about it you don't. Even -- ID that they didn't call yeah. You know and and that of course -- under the influence others and is your responsibility. You know and it there's a lot more. You apparent yes I am. Ending and I am also -- -- my daughters can be eighteen a couple of months is certainly we're beyond that but. She may leave me in the back of the car soon it's gonna happen but I'm I'm just wondering if if you think is the kind of paying. As I said earlier that you can't understand you don't understand how a parent can do this but yet. Under the rights -- a set of circumstances it could happen you. Right now I do understand how it can happen because in this -- We -- way too much going on you know and you bring up the other topic of being in. Being addicted people. What everybody is attached to sump in some way and it got. All the whole. Thing nowadays -- to get as much strategy can and in his little I can't. And -- unity trying to think about what you -- court -- tropic the email via text messages people call -- -- And it's it's you can definitely easily distracted -- right now you know bush. You know people are unfortunately. Pushing important the real important things off the side because there there are mistaken. The things we're being more important -- today you know or anybody being addicted addicted. -- mean there are people that are integrated. -- that about my mom. Liked actually all I'm as I'm concerned that there are columns. You know and that there's a lot of people out there like that but yeah fortunately you -- you only hear about the bad stuff. There are some that would mischaracterized that is an obsession which are you trying to do is being good parents thank gallons of lady -- -- -- -- Thank tonight 713 we come back. We'll talk to Donovan living -- colonel ordered police about what's going on with -- don't PD. And Heidi keep it from. Continuing and is there any resolution this Tommy Tucker back in -- of W. Seems like every couple days we talk about and LTD hemorrhaging officers and Marie doing candidate Donovan will be carried attorney with the fraternal order. A police state troopers coming and a hundred of them now patrol the streets of new loans and hey what does it Donovan lose and first good morning more good entered into the paternal order please. An officer every sixty hours. And not anybody to replace them. You're. So. -- Point and there are in the Arab men and women in the -- right now but we won't see they're on streets or so much later this year. So the mayor has a goal of hiring a 150 new recruits and they have a lot of applications but. United anybody can apply for anything that doesn't mean that that these people wouldn't go through the academy unit they do there's a as I understand they're pretty lead time to he'll wind up with a a seasoned officer on the streets so in terms of of covering districts in terms of of roll calls offices behind desks actually policing. What's gone here. Well I think that there are. And so it's pretty clear that. That would would lose an awful lot more people -- reporters. And also -- that. As opposed. Problems and so in the district certain. But our Internet -- services fewer people bill will do that sort of. So is that happens isn't a cycle where the fewer officers. That are available today handle calls in the district feel as though they're out there. In essence alone nobody has their backs -- they quit nanny gets worsened -- some Mars. I do think the business news cycle that goes on like that from. I think that. You know hopefully this. Want to start get a few people are in that -- that -- it'll it'll improve bat to a certain degree but a government agency. Why so many leave an -- and mortars some of the things that you hear from the officers that perhaps are contemplating leaving and then actually do. Well I think that there are. Solemnly a lot of opportunities in the law enforcement. Area. That have been available recently so for example that aren't parents the state police work hard. And equipment cars for years. So near and long one also -- little bit more typical term. Earning a little money salute to -- -- school you. -- to pay their house note Merrill soared. Olympic and production parish and make someone's salary. These limitations and accept credit on them. And it it's a little bit more attractive to do that some people. Talking Madonna been -- Kerry -- attorney with the fraternal order of police about and LTD hemorrhaging officers lose and one every sixty hours on the average and and nobody take their place so I guess what one I'm wondering Donovan is if this is part of the consent decree. And is it took a long time to negotiate this all of though. The -- and I got to keep saying is suited the phrase they order of corruption that has often been parodied. Was going by itself Eric -- a disgrace federal prosecutor. -- is blogging details etc. I don't understand how you fix this do you go back and negotiate a new consent decree in the I think it's easy to Blaine is perhaps on Ronald surpass superintendent saying nobody is doing cabinet as any. I'm not saying that transcendent perhaps they can be rationale but. I don't see how you fix this unless you go back and negotiate a new consent decree. If we're talking about fixing -- they beat -- social mile or so ago that using a district that are. -- -- But is it is easy you -- an agreement reached between federal government and LTD do that. Well I think to a certain group -- well. Problem. If the judge agreed to parties agree and -- think you could just be taken out -- parts. I don't know that's gonna happen. -- phrase that a different way to do that what you do howdy -- -- stop people from leave and -- -- I applied for NO PD is a function of starting salary do you need to pay a more DNA debt. Change -- details system dear to you need to change something within the internal rankings. -- I think they're pretty. Theories and -- it would be good please start -- recruit Arabic. -- are more attractive to -- and it makes people who are here already imports probably. I think that the senator -- Taking from police -- -- -- -- -- map that we haven't had. A theories in several years. -- policeman checks and actually drawn down the -- so or years. -- the cost of health insurance has gone off the cost of tension in the dark and so on all. So what all sincere about miniature sharks are less than what they've seen. Previously. So -- -- We refuse to actually. Almost been a tape reduction. And so. You know -- mostly -- are certainly not attractive qualities. When you're trying to keep people went -- or attract new people. I'm -- Monica Hernandez's story here from WW LTV and she says a she interviewed somebody on -- boulevard new loans -- say they see a lot of police presence and they feel that they're -- should people latter had live in Orleans parish today. People would travel at work here they come in -- come and then to have a few drinks and whatever should date. Be concerned with -- safety. -- I think the men and women of this police are women and belongs to -- -- -- I think thirty do. A terrific -- the resources that they are sure to keep the citizens and visitors starts in the city. I think that really what people have to come to terms what does that takes at all sir. Are only minutes to get your house. And steps Sam then -- -- potentially via. That side of this problem. Thank you -- and I appreciate your time. Are you that we'll talk to you again of course Angeles going on in this and indeed tale this afternoon she's gonna talk Michael Glasser -- Kleinman chief surpass at 135. About the shootings and nail on Bourbon Street and also about the isn't yours so we'll take your calls when we come back to 601878. Silvery. 86 exit 890 leads -- immediate feel safe and Orleans parish do you think that. The limited number of men and women on on the police department -- actually get the job done which -- story as it relates to response times. If you had to -- NO PD. End if you were in NO PD officer and you left will give me an assumed name I would love to know wide T six at 187203866. 8890 rates at -- 725. Timely traffic and for that we go to the the magnificent Michael -- I Tommy Tucker talking about NO PD as we talk about every now and and as they continue to lose officers. And Jordan had no idea I don't think -- abandonment are you satisfied with the police presence in your neighborhood if you live in Jefferson -- simulate and lack humans -- If you live in saint Charles -- if you live in tenors living -- -- overzealous impacts. Mom but seriously because I know in the in my neck of the woods and bell tasting like oh please edit them minutes. A minute and a half but -- it's completely New Orleans -- and Orleans parish. Jefferson Parish I think is a legitimate comparison. So you tell me if you'll have in Jefferson area happy with the police there the police respond to get the job norm Norman's doing and if you are what do you think the differences between. JPS -- and and OPD unless it's effected -- pay more it's a lot of track the more attractive place to work and if you are an officer. I'd love to hear from you we don't have to. Would have to go and your name or anything like did that Jordan and give via an assumed name today let's go with Nam. But with famous movie actors'. Rights of famous movie actors -- kimonos Humphrey Bogart intelligent story York. Or maybe even numb Matthew a -- and music again and I'm always mistaken for Brad -- exactly maybe Brad -- But I wanna hear you story there really do and Hannity if you live in Jefferson Parish called -- -- -- and get out there. Again you live in the saying tells -- -- take in the unity of saint Tammany past Alan's take. You make now we come back to six a point seven Neitzel 386 exit 89087. And you were right now. Time for them to WL first news that. We have covered some ground today talking about kids being left in the backseat of -- collars and NO PD in the shortage in one thing we've not yet addressed. Is August dead people getting food stamps is that it and I asked what the headlines sirens and now this ain't gonna try to tighten it not been. And hand. Who was at one. Branch of government notified the other person died. There was a failure. To communicate according to the legislative auditor. And does so you know then there's a lot of money that's a whole lot of money people apparently felt like you know if the card. Was still good after mom or dad died. Why not use it. And Tommy went back to Europe -- that basket and. And there have been. Cases where people continued to get down Socialist Party terror attacks and passion. But I just -- Ayers. From. Any penalty for this if -- gotta say I'm saying why does anybody gonna have to be responsible for at least you're not so. Ended the day and an all along that audit covered where they found one point three million but. How much more -- -- I mean -- out. Well -- it was a period of years. The numbers right in front of me but. It wasn't that long in I -- states maybe 45 years. So that means. If they didn't detected before that this has been going on for a long time. So I guess what you're saying is -- Yes and yes it will -- But you would think when it comes a taxpayer's money that'd be a little more responsible than that when. When we -- joined a comeback after the 8 o'clock news when -- gone anywhere now we're to talk about some. -- new poll that says the country is united when it comes to dissatisfaction. With the government. Two thirds say they have no say with three out of four think in the system is rigged against them. A lot of people think that we've lost control of the government completely and maybe. Part of that is you do business with the doubled as a gummery gives -- stuff then you don't really care. Yeah and then now -- your tax money just goes and that big. I don't know what to college. A you know one of the witches have where they do that which Holdren a cauldron. President's traveling he's going to be in Texas and Colorado the next couple days tonight he's gonna have dinner with a woman and is only being identified as Alex. She got a raise after the president raised the minimum wage for. Federal workers. But this woman's boss to raise her salary. Voluntarily to 1010 and our. I'll try so he was impressed with what the president said and raised their salaries. But then the White House spokesman -- and the -- is -- obviously need to pay her rent and groceries without concern. And that this woman wrote letter to President Obama thank him but it. Elated 1010 and our times 2080. Hours which is what the average -- that's what they looked at that time employee. It's 11000 dollars a year and I don't know eleven by yourself you better buy the generic brands and yesterday we had a story about what you'd. Consider what the American dream -- -- -- attain and people's and a 130000 guys are very sad. It's and as you make held to 601878038668890878. Which is food stamp program do you do you think the program helps more people. Then abuse it. That's pretty much the question here and and how would you change it widget. Do away with the completely and just start all over 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. In. If you know somebody that got him or maybe you get food stamps do you think there are a lot of misconceptions out there and while one point three million go on -- dead people. And people use and those benefits it is seems like it. A horrendous abuse. When you look at the whole program does -- do more good than it does harm. Tommy Tucker come on back and evidently. -- Tommy Tucker talking about food stamps on WW well in. Story here on -- WL dot com WWL. That Tonya one point three million dollars on food stands people who were already did between July 1 2009 in June 30 when he thirteen that's by the Louisiana legislative auditor report. 3938. Diseased people over that four year period and who knows what happened before in this. And he'll leave the legislative -- did only reviewed records they concerns single people who had died. And total amount of money spent on food stamps for single people in Louisiana Internet time one point 08. Billion. Seats army food stamps. Do they help more people bottom line then they hurt. And now a lot of people were in line after Isaak to get food stamps to cover the cost of loss food. In the -- refrigerator. And the using food stamps are only bad of -- -- gets them on temporary -- good morning and it WL. Good how you deal. On our. Quick. -- -- unfortunately. Aren't out on people. I'm either. Worked out why she. Path. Here. Extra hours on. An action any apartment hot -- That program is -- she got app to play. A dollar. And I I am RR RY true. Had our top forty dollar and which why you possibly. Or I dollar. -- pat me. -- -- -- -- She can't or. You cannot you didn't act any oil play harsh any any toiletries like act. Back. City you can not at eight. C -- generic boring and money that comes. Our our one dollar and -- -- diminish a couple of questions and I am in no way implying anything about your mother to his questions I think. The audience hands and you know I'll -- him you know. How did you mothers come to be in the situation where she's. Living on Social Security Lebanon's section eight housing and is -- again anywhere near enough food stamps. To cover the cost of food. Out she. Wore or. -- She. Lap and see more high. School. I. Wore her art and pay her -- Have -- Arm. At. All. -- Where. Are much. She. Actually. Came. Out and -- So. So having seen that with your mom first hand as it did it change your opinion on food stamps or did you -- It. Why are they. -- and an engine where. Are. At. It. Now. Oh. Or are forty dollars. He seemed like I am I am. Or. That always helps. Did you come. How would you fix it let me let me ask you that because it seems like you got firsthand knowledge of it. He we got one point three million illegal and a dead people. How would you change your program how would you modified does that take more government does take less government would give some money. -- identification when when they use them determine what you would do. Well -- I. I. -- story at. It. See people -- car lot of people. Our trash. That the crop it. Back. People. Here. -- are totally in. There and call me -- -- clock. And it. -- sure Powell and we. Pay. All. -- The GL ERY. Should free up -- -- Yeah Monday didn't do anything wrong worked hard all their lives trying to save the way she could. Apps so. Aptly you know the didn't do that. Yeah and she. Jack you work all right angle on. March. Now. She. And let cool late great my car. I'm getting text right now coming in -- just running out of time here Donna from people letter. -- to be honest lightening up and what about -- what about that do you think the average person realizes how close they are. To be in in a complete and total financial hole. -- -- -- -- -- It can happen with a divorcing and there really easy thank you Donna Kolb god bless you my. Send 537 before a more calls when we come back. Alien Lou we're neglecting our willow was a pretty jaguar opinion poll balances are you satisfied with police presence in your neighborhood but that story about. Land lines and the few people having land lines anymore I have both because. You figure if you need something new wanna make sure the land line works but in the event of hurricane maybe in the cell phone will work and landline -- on I'll talk about that too and we come back right now 753. Attack stems in. And says her mother in law was sold by a state employee to use her dead husband's benefits before they were canceled. And you heard anything like this coming from the state itself. Boy that's problematic -- used to be problematic for is national candidate Jindal. Tunnel to traffic never doubted Mike welcome. I Tommy targets I love food stamps and -- state given a lady one point three million dollars. The answer at least foods in the reuse. By eight dead people. At least benefits that went to dead people. Jeanne endeavors in the morning on -- WL. Good time to think. Ultra accurate and one opinion at all about. I'm wondering how. Did that people actually. Receive. Food stamps and -- at that time. Well then called stamps it's only -- but certainly at a time that you have to come back in new. I have no idea but I would imagine it's something they're gonna have to account for now that the legislative auditor. Has found -- bottom line quickly yes or no -- food stamps help more people and hurt. Fair. I think and lady called more when we come back get a W well.

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