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7-8 8:15am Tommy, dissatisfaction with the government

Jul 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Pat Caddell, a pollster and the co-founder of the "We Need Smith" movement about record levels of dissatisfaction

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- sixteen Tommy Tucker I think it was Abraham Lincoln. Or perhaps PT Barnum or even Moses I'm not sure that set a house divided against itself cannot stand that we always. Hear about the split between Republican Democrat conservative liberal but there is one thing. That unites the country and pat. Adele is it that we protected Al joins us right now and now he's got a pretty interesting organization going on tell us all about it. Well. Thank you sorry -- this -- which started we stood there which it. -- you might remember the media will be the source that goes to Washington State in the ironic that the senate this year. And of course for Cuba will be you know she's you know our own country and we're divided but. The American people is there -- -- to make political -- some ought to their sense. But the country is in trouble. And that the politicians and watched them both parties. And the law he is in the interest in there all working against the American people's interest. It is all well. You know that you -- nation's well -- divided we. Would -- 80% or more the American people. Police see this country now that would mean not Democrats call the couple's conservative. Well between the mainstream country in the political while. In Washington essentially. Which is spent -- so net. Against the interest of the American people -- reading system and the American people. And our army the national interest and we thought at that time permit and to warn -- -- In their police about this upon they are not alone there could be in politics -- So the the purpose of your demonization and and had. I I think I agree with everything you send in terms of every. But everybody feeling as though maybe the government doesn't serve their interests is not responsible to them that. In essence they've lost control of the government but yet we still have red and Blue States. Apparently we've lost -- Better he's in the -- -- territory. -- in a Saber fight again with your son after a second -- and now we got to a you know that's okay. So tell me now about if if there's so much dissatisfaction. Username which I don't. Disagree with that seems like news dichotomy because or some kind of cognitive dissonance with in the voters ends because why then does it bring down his red and Blue States. Because that Communist simple matters because people wait white elder told our politics. It's a war. You know that this is he did you know -- -- no choice -- -- To be able to express yourself won't say it. What are what our research we spent six months doing some research on the all project and we found in Beijing -- but the most important to me -- Different paradigm in politics that says all. These fights where birds take Princeton. The -- support -- now are in law any kind of distracting issue. Well wait from the larger questions about it -- not. The way to the larger question -- The economy as a war why the American dream has they would Americans. And is more as the people -- the politics say these are your shorts. That's what we but we're saying is it's time change that -- -- on -- earlier. Noticeable so -- keep this country back to the American people. We won 19% only nineteen so the people we've been in Washington operates what they're sent. That is in pre revolutionary revolutionary moment. Because that was the basis Soviet which soccer team needs -- the oak. And what we -- is it. War war that we now. -- would build them off. I tell you what we have to -- -- AM break for -- -- and hang out we've already I think identified with the situation as I'd like to hear your plans. For the organization and and how you. In ten naturally. -- -- elected if you wanna if you wanna follow along with a metaphor yet a couple of minutes. Ever well Pat Caddell I guess exit polls and co-founder and we need Smith. The government the a country united in the fact that they're not happy with the government and all but. Well I get a bag you tell me also it's music so money seventy till 38668890870. If you have any questions. Or comments repent and generally speaking do you think the government represents your needs. Or do you think we've lost control of the government and would pat is referring to earlier with a hobby lobby Nicholas firecrackers. Adding it happens and in local politics as well sometimes with race or other issues where. They wanna get your attention off of the big things -- -- a pack of firecrackers and from over the years so they get you look in that -- eight when he onetime related traffic. Ever that we go to these magnificent like twelfth. Tommy Tucker had an interesting conversation with had to -- pollster co-founder of founder of we need Smith. And basically what they've found is that you know it's easy it is saying. That people are pitted against each other when it comes a Republican Democrat conservative liberal but yet. Everybody they gathered. 86% all voters believe political leaders more interest in protecting their power than in doing what's right for the American people. 83% -- countries run by an alliance of incumbent politicians media pundits lobbyists and other interest for their own game. Gain rather and 79%. Believe that powerful interest from Wall Street banks to corporations. Unions and -- Use campaign and lobbying money to rig the system has served themselves and that they loot the national treasury at the expense. Of every American so pad of so many people feel that way in. And issues that I column firecrackers diversions that. The of people in and politics and maybe other Ares used to keep the voters distracted and and divided -- how do you bring everybody together and what is we need Smith your organization and a deal. Yeah it certainly does say people can go to -- eats that dot com. And safeguard our quiz and look at what we're doing and shuffle please sign up in York. And this governor -- -- people -- -- research -- we all well tested the approach. Public that on politics if you will for Canterbury. A hypothetical candidates met that we put four. It will warm worst agent for all the critique that we just oh and then eight. Well for our first packet. To report to the American people bleed and until we fix that system -- what war not what it's all these issues people care. The debate issues which is sort of of these salt in -- background that with a common sense plot or more of what we're told energy education. In the economy. We could Schmidt. Was -- issue -- whether that could get elected. -- but it does as it was waiting at 75%. But the senator Al. And to search for president. People were left or right four week all polite but and there -- Those are with specific policies or just. Anything or will we have now. Simple principle what part. -- global partners principles for Portland system taken away from the interest groups and possible. Start looking to rebuild resurgent well. American sovereignty of the people in the country itself remember -- we all state employees and contacts. The -- number and receive him. In which Euro. But it -- Taylor shall enable people would -- the country is slipping away from them we all sentences. But everything we -- politics is always you can set your analogy. Fire are. Just our latest issue two means that whether we and so here we do we have in -- -- And so the issue is probably -- the top candidates to lend themselves to the right thing. And the way to do that is -- people. Yeah in political movement say. Only a couple of times artistry. And we had a political process. It was so absolutely disconnected from the American people and most times we have massive change. And and and I think the answer is which no more beer well it's the actual Libya where the people themselves. And you know it's like -- here we just what Joseph. -- people pick to see what they can do in the world birchard hall with a map -- where prepared to show them on the putting. That we need -- what -- -- -- wonderful life. Did you -- -- in what would be nice country where at least of the big ideas whether people were Democrats were in a written. We had someone written on -- principle. What our country should be. Patty continues. On Saturday in a -- to Ramos at a time and it continues. To get what -- below agree with that as it relates to government and and people in the American dream. Those get caught in the middle. But do you think there's eventually I think -- you moved mute button again pat do you think eventually what they were gonna reach a tipping point where finally people do have enough. I think Europe that I think that the one thing as we've seen around the world load times. We've reached that you cannot out in a democracy like court date payable pop open democracy -- well. Like ours that functions without the consent or week popular the American people that have attempted that would. Give me it it is merely popped the receipt and it is not what are people rule where the country assault and battery energy. We -- the energy the American people themselves. That -- created an idea remind people we met oh well we hate that woman is from an error in the stock. They made those. What they've discovered that there are not so. Make it paper was an incredible start -- back when America the -- -- know all. Something to begin in an -- player and. Appreciate each time I really do the website moments and we need some. Regional audience and great sport in Denver.

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