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WWL>Topics>>7-8 8:45am Tommy, Louisiana oysters

7-8 8:45am Tommy, Louisiana oysters

Jul 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Al Sunseri, the owner of P&J Oyster Company, about the lack of Louisiana oysters

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- have a few violates 48 well before nine I was. Disappointed upset to see that one of the oldest companies in the long ones and maybe the yield as a deals with. Oysters the NJ US economy is -- have to start importing oysters and and rod Beck elders. BP memories Nelson Serrie joins us right now and the owner in jail oyster company right on now. Are. Well I'd be happy about -- government Louisiana oysters. Tell me do what exactly prompted this decision by you and and then you're is trying to keep the company afloat I presume that bring in places and some Morales and hello what is the condition of the oyster beds in in Louisiana and and the is now about BP. Well you know. It's out of sight out of mind -- And you know people the oasis in -- brought locally. Our home and so it's that the only thing that you would. Look at and and leave it there was thought was wrong that the price of toys that are going on up about double what the restaurants. Same thing dockside. You know so. -- that's where we know our home and the consumers would know what. But most of our oysters used to go out of state Louisiana. Before. Gold as the answer. Now we only capped a small portion which could never key you know. 250 million pounds of oysters that we are receiving annually. Within the state -- we needed that outside market now. How most so stay within the state then. It's it's been a challenge who's just not enough. To go around. And on shortages brought a lot of fraud and the marketplace. Where there are short measurements. Are at dockside in. After retailers. Are both in the shell out the shell. So is so fake and up Melissa how many you get -- and then when you paying for. All right Elena again Alan you know and most places accept a -- and today going to be have failed and they called gallons. And -- and it's just very difficult to compete. On a level playing infield when that's sort of cyanide you know we have a and people that are old always the farmers that we deal with that do the right thing. So you can actually get what you're paying for. But because of the price is that it brings. These other issues for the top bland and it's just supply and demand -- and big challenge. Our forests in this business -- Com is this all go back does it all go back to the BP oil spill. I believe it does look as you move listen man you know old interviews that did four years ago. I thought everything would be fine. I'll -- and open in -- spill way that. Typically means when that happens you have an immediate dialogue split. Following. That opening non -- boy racers lower football -- on the histories Willer. And that did not happen this stop without issue with brand. We have issues with which from Europe and and what. I think the problem is and around those -- And now proclaimed the day. But the little tiny plankton and algae that all little critters. See that that's ram then. Or easterners and crabs -- don't have -- a -- And that that plankton and algae is not. Readily available like it always was there and they're stopping causing that boot not cry like it should days. Be held a coincidence if it wasn't related to that. It would be I mean you know I've been known as 35 years and I wanna say this was. Poor third -- spillway opening so I I know what happened followed all of spillway opening. And that time it didn't happen. So that there's definitely something different going on out there. My next question now was going to be. When does he get better but you don't know because somebody knows what's going on. That well they you know yes science is that that say they know what's going on on. On both sides of the issues. You know you have plaintiffs' attorneys. Have hired expert you have defendants' attorneys that have fired expert you. Universities. That have gotten grants that do lots of research on it so. Even have lots of differing opinions I can only tell you the layperson it. Has handled oysters for his entire life and then you know saw on the kids and and all and -- solved and is different. About. What's going on out there. Incredible well thank you so much -- time nobody has better soon. You have army too and our thanks for being mean to sound thought they Tom.

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