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7-8 9:10am Tommy, is hunting for sport wrong?

Jul 8, 2014|

Tommy talks Terry Scoville, the owner and

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David were to take on the case now. Texas Tech Texas hello tech cheerleader. AM an attractive young woman that likes to hunt and deal and big games safari you straight check. Check Texas Tech -- I'm sorry I'd it's a Smart well and -- -- what were you thinking I don't know that you are outside Houston's. Some amount I would never reduce a lady to say no she especially pay taxes to. Know but anyways so. She put pictures on her FaceBook page of her with some ever. And a column trophies is yeah some of the animals she bad your game honour and glory as some other people say murdered. 130000. People signed an online petition to take their pictures with their trophies are the things that she shine off of FaceBook. And things like leopard and an L fan and say you rhinoceros. And she says for example the elephant. That a hundred people in the village. The rhinoceros she actually shot with the darts of that naked test its blood -- leopard was roaming wild and terrorizing villagers. Archives and the the line apparently feel the pale football that. So that -- a year out they don't carry out some tires and you have front office jungle -- has been -- on Detroit is still exactly. And lost the Thanksgiving Day game apparently no but seriously she's taken a lot of grief from. Wild animals rights because she's a woman -- singled out no no no because they say it promotes animal cruelty. Carried. Now on I'm not trying to be funny about this and nobody out writers feel like you know guys probably put out. Trophies. Drove -- from -- why are they going after her I would think if this would be the same crowd would go after a guy -- a girl equally in this case because. They think it's murder and they they think it's animal cruelty and I think there's some people that think. If you should never ever hunt any thing. And other people think that you can't hunt the navy ship loaded it should only be for things that you eat and there are others that thing equally is nothing wrong with -- a trophy. So 260187. Neitzel 386 exit 890870. Tell me. What you think. We -- your stance is on hunting and when it comes to animals and I think sometimes people put animals on an equal footing with humans and I think it's becoming more more apparent and I personally don't think that Terry's -- -- joins us right now owner and publisher. Of the women's hunting journal good morning Terry. I am doing -- tell me. About the women's hunting journal and how many more women are hunting today than ever before if if in fact it stroke. And at this statistically yeah corporation veteran noted in -- virgin. Recent years of women you know going to -- becoming more open you know pursuit of animals. Per student. Also an interest or an order approaching you coming from. And there are concerns that. Clean a change and why. Eating meat that is pan am actually made it beyond. All reasonable. Amount of concern and not. Staying. A lot of unnecessary. Drugs. Is -- always about food Hillary is it about culling populations taken trophy I don't know anything about Huntington are racing yet to hold my hand here and and and guide me through it a moment it doesn't matter how you hunted deer and and -- weapon new user -- attractive etc. -- you -- further digging holes that are typically used rightful anger. Array of different cal burst depending on the -- game that you're going after smaller calpers. Suitable for small game -- you rifle. It's -- for small animal -- match. They get out into large animals on the year now you want to heavier caliber pleased to have a caliber on dirty on section chapter and they didn't think her game. As -- attention torture speaking about in Africa. And you want you know. An extremely large caliber to -- you know provide a quick deadly -- Which is most humane you get started. I mean it like father and my brother and electorate. You know rise probably around agent niner -- Once I got my organ -- safety car. Now I don't know if this is a Louisiana thing bill tasting where I live but I see so many trucks with the pink DR on it which I presume the outline of the -- Which I presume. Indicates -- -- of female hunter DL of that there or not. Al Islam you know some people are sure that I don't I don't need to have a drink any thing. I'm not a fan of pink camel in English paper or. That as a marketing ploy in my opinion. You know I'm perfectly and a -- and you know traditional candle and whatever it is and -- Mom so do you have a problem with people taking taking game for trophies as in an elephant or a leopard when Andy York. Is edges part of I hate to an animal life I mean where their predators and and sometimes. I I don't know we need to do. Or is justified in feeling that did take an animal like that is is -- in essence murdering. Why you know all my strong. And it should animal waste you know. You know we're not used for any saying it would be left that are rock that murder and that's the notion that caught. On. And that's totally unacceptable completely and utterly unacceptable in my opinion. So I was hunting his hunting with a conscience there. Can't chances making ethical and moral choices that -- -- people I mean you do -- Connecticut clean -- -- quick Q I mean. I'm without supper and you know to use. As much bad -- can't -- fruit or whatever other purposes that it offer such. What's it says not necessarily just for eating maybe forum. And now clothing run I don't know what. You can use it for me personally I like special. Others. You know come. Yeah. I -- -- fine -- finishing. Leaving you and -- are easily to go. Well it's like that summit next opposed I can understand in order. And I am in agreement. Pushed along. Anyway. The law and order on. Two totally and utterly disrespectful. To that animal and it was already dead. That. Respect that it doesn't matter or lie you'd do -- it's. It's unconscionable in my opinion. While I will thank you Terry I'm glad you took the time to talk to us. You bet event -- excel paints and they told me. 86 exit 89087. I you know I guess is a human being I am an animal but. After I'm dead -- if you put your feet on the united in its too late. But we'll see what you think it's music so when he seven Neitzel pre -- exit exit -- -- 0878. -- Z and. Whole lowered again attacks and comes in and says what's the name of this guy's magazine pseudo. With the name in the magazine is. Women's hunting -- let's just start all over here and talk about hunting in general. Women's hunting journal thank you was the name of the magazine do you have a he's not a total idiotic moron it's it was a lady. Okay not. -- -- it's actually comes in if you won't eat eat it don't kill and I don't hunt anymore. And then there's another one that says. I used to -- I don't hunt anymore personal choice I'm pro -- but I am totally against hunting for trophy I think trophy honors. Our go lowest pieces of scum. That's from Garry and Hammond tell me if you hunt tell me if you think hunting is wrong Susan from random bill good morning you're on -- WL. -- -- there the point. I don't I don't believe and on being. And I think you're not -- -- Situation for her. And as far as. Were feeding people. And that's the story. Everybody come out when it went in and why people. But and there and again. I don't think it's cure for a minute I think people. -- -- -- Why. Why is it wrong in European. Tour it's not a number one. And number two why what did they. If you -- something about how you describe what you're on -- -- in the -- by telling. Mile and a get a text here that says. In relation to the the woman standing with a foot tunnel that would on the line which. You know I and I think once on Wednesday and it doesn't really matter and that includes me but it's says. Odds on to assume that Terri has never taken a picture of -- holding their head up overkill and it. You don't want to -- sometimes a doozy on the hunting channels where they'll they'll take -- deer and then that did two guys rush down and hold him companies say look how beautiful it is. And -- and what do you like to. Can you clear the commenting here and carry. I'd been here was that form and get your near. When he met me. Adequately thought. You know he felt horrible what he did he ever shot and the year. And -- wind -- fly by before. You would never do it again. If he's not because he's he thought it was wrong or did he stuff because -- -- -- in both before even as a player and a man. Susan you out do you think some people. Equally animals with humans and should it. For the -- Start in the right. And so many times in Colombian and UK. They have a right to have a decent life like a right to live free from fear and Ian and a lot of -- and rescue of thirty year. -- -- the union not just something. Apple. -- out hate war. Com and -- pocket. Fat body to say. Extinction. And adding that lie so I'm not took somebody. Out somebody slipped. I'm getting into next here asking is the lady on the phone right now vegetarian. Give. Me a while thank you Susan you -- I don't really believe what she's talking and at T six 1878038668890. -- and it was a lady. Locally here who and a three year old wandering around allegedly. In -- house with fourteen dogs in and step in and on mass and everything else and I think the question to you. Is -- some people. Or do you put animals on an equal footing with humans and you heard. And as Susan just now talk about the innate rights of animals and I think that animals are bad I don't think there should be any cruelty to animals and I think sometimes people confuse the two. And humans are entirely different and and should be treated differently and and I think while we don't wanna rescue whatever we can and you have to put the welfare of your kids suffers Michelle up on FaceBook. She doesn't eat them but gives the meat to the local tribes so there's nothing wrong with a talking about. The lady on FaceBook the Texas Tech cheerleader. And another attacks come -- and it is an economic read that. Another is not a fair fight -- -- -- was face to face with the -- without a weapon well that's not a fair fight -- he would lose that line would not think twice about it tanking they're. If it felt threatened and balances as she ever seen a cow or pig -- killed it's a natural part of life. He meets gimme colony notes is 601878038668890. -- at any. Tom are you pro hunting or anti hunting and are you somewhere in the middle -- -- beyond. You have to. Yet the would you kill and as it relates of this. This young lady on FaceBook is there anything wrong with posting pictures of what you've killed on safari and and maybe even put your foot on. Top of it that Texans and do you think deadlines gonna put his on your head when he -- yet of course he is wiley is eating your head. We'll talk about it when we come back to 60187. Until 38668890. Rights 87. Content he had a problem went back in a flash and other W. And getting snacks -- and getting -- and. From people who are enjoying a bumper music that children's playing today like that. LV -- a little. I can account is 601878. Toll free 866889087. He's an interesting -- emails that they had Yankee even mine I would like for you to follow me on Twitter at -- to record of WL. I've been tweeting and I've been talked in here naturally have been answering some texts and I finally get to the emails. And one of them says. And then I never even thought about this do you think a priest should hunts. Our parish priest times and I -- a problem with this I don't feel like a man of god should be killing God's creatures. The visit really matter which religion I would love to hear from me and another one says. Women. Hunters is a title line -- -- women are not killers they are life givers. Living things should not be killed for quote fun only when necessary if the animal was putting human beings in danger that's different. But not to hang ahead on a wall. I think I am only killed. Two things in my life. Animal wise people I don't know what's it's all up -- -- Jordan 3040. Now but seriously have only killed two animals in my life when was it chick in to eat. And the other was a snake. -- When he was alive seem like it was about eight feet long. But then after it was dead I realized is about eight inches long. And this and they didn't bother me but the chicken really did I'm not. I don't think I could be a hunter and now you don't think that makes me weak I just add on to stomach for. But yet it's something I guess it depends on being threatened if something's threatening me being a human being an animal in my family and a I can go ahead and kill it has a deal with a snake and not feel bad about it but. When it comes to just you know going out and as Melissa did tell my -- until my says things my second cousin -- quote of the day. About what pitch you where and in a little baby. I don't think I'd make a good hunter and I've never been hunting but if you do hunt let me know what it is you like about it and do you have a problem with trophy hunting and as -- see on hunting channels sometimes David Blake and I want Jim mom. They -- and they shoot the animal and hold it Dominic talk about how beautiful it is yeah. And I guess it you can appreciate the beauty of of an animal even -- year year you know taken it which I think would be a nice phrase to use. And then there's this one Tommy please read if you do not hunt or -- and you eat meat or seafood -- -- simply hiring a hit man. And thus far north towards out -- an interesting take on an Jack you know I never thought. And I think if I'm I could be wrong in this but there was a period of time could have been a couple of decades werder I don't remember him. Almost no hunting shows on TV. As far as showing you the -- And whatever now they're back and quite a few problem. Although the ones I think that they do and Alaska they're trying to show the guys are either protecting themselves from. Wolves or bears or they're killing for meat for the -- Well -- you know -- I hadn't thought about that but today. On that Alaska she'll win it whatever it is and you know because again by mr. -- to when he fifteen everybody in Alaska will be on television you realist I realize side. I'm gonna go out they're gonna show stars they'll handle Wolverine in a trap and beat this thing to death -- -- long. I've seen. Well but it all honesty the Wolverine. You know is angry but I guess rightfully so 'cause it's in a trap I don't know let's talk about hunting when we come back aren't you -- now. -- that would do would have ever hunted. -- -- -- So you like it yes I did when I was about. Fourteen what do tko. I would at least you know David -- pocket he would do a chipmunk killer didn't kill Elton. Yeah apparently appears alive and well. But you're a kid you were -- lead yeah there I don't know what it is about. Thirteen year old males that makes you wanna kill things I don't know if you know what else you reminded me you remember being in the backyard. And shooting a bird with the BB gun gap and -- -- -- -- on the ground thing in mind why did you do then yeah yeah it's like an impulse thing again maybe it's hormones are -- kicking and I don't know about the -- the year you now you know at the end and I did squirrels and porcupine in a couple things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I and I have. Nothing against Honda against -- knows I don't agree on like you know dad's side of the family everybody wants -- in the chipmunk is mine -- deliberately and but it was a lot of full happy life yes I'd thank you David Glenn. In Oklahoma good morning and got a -- And I quite chilling -- threw everything off the plan. I'm not trying to poke fun images being honest when that lady with the magazine said she didn't care much for paint the whole thing went off the rails. You know Hussein does ice ice on -- -- related definitely tell me about -- Well under age I'm an aunt I'm real I'm one -- I'm an amputee. In government. I'd do it on Internet you know here I like -- Turkey. And I broke a rabbit and our group's local. -- Teach me everything you -- we do it. You and I can tell you win. You see these guys and announce a different you know. It's on a mammal but when you see these guys police big -- doppler sharks or whatever they beat it to death with a bad I don't think it's any real. Did not matter on Indian. Yeah yeah yeah not that geology. Did being used to -- yeah I'm Leo all the fish I'd be keep fish okay. I've got a couple of -- you know Marlins don't -- Yeah that are caught beyond that you know. You know stopped. Yeah well but you Leo. -- that he'll be -- -- -- camera. So you would draw the line at for example. I guess some people do -- bear in Alaska some don't would you would you shoot a bear if it was legal would you shoot a -- and when you shoot a leopard would you go on safari. Yeah I would yeah I would you know I think I would be locked up on budget deal -- army will have a shot. -- -- in Europe there he you -- or in the corporate. Yeah well I'm Leo god could you imagine what I'd go and you -- they had this you know open. Do you think some people elevate animals -- then he had them. The status of a human being and do you think there's anything wrong with that. He yeah. Like these that you are here -- her apartment on a mortgage she told -- not to -- but it goes hand in hand. Yeah so you -- come -- you know Leo don't treatment sport away. Yeah Ali RO DEU acted. -- on. Yeah you'd like to watch Barbara like on. If all they do have a lot of women and hunt now you know and he said. And you are out -- -- pretty obvious you know I got -- -- Jill Brooke as you meet you know locked. Would you like your legal team with you yeah yeah. I'm glad -- eight ER EG. I'm glad you called and if you're a lady that -- I would love to hear from yet. At 260187803866889087. Or maybe your daughter Hans. I'd love to hear if I mean how did she get involved with it and and how does she handle it the first time do you remember the first thing that you that you got and I don't. I remember mine but it wasn't for food Jeremy hall and -- end -- W -- morning. -- -- -- Com I -- of it in the paper Ramallah Amman opt out of late last night but I wanted to put them there. Would you use. Shovel again and fire back or just in case. That. Again here ED. -- why they column -- thank senator Venus this is not the designer's hand it over what exactly -- only natural enemy that a king snake cans is a shovel. Yet -- on the regular at a you know. There there. Bigger alliance can't be sure that may -- them money that they pay. Does. -- do that on -- go back. And are constantly like we -- life. Like a lot of money goes so spotlight property right. And -- The I mean I gave them and you know. And but maybe they're like -- -- right. You know when an air. And they are no ego and it -- -- Deep -- of these safaris are. -- -- legitimate like I mean -- at the thing out the cage and a run in front you do today. Well they do it but. Another lady made the comment that it one there. A look at it. There are that the air on. Called game -- -- that adult product. But I have yet on an IQ of one of them on that and -- You'd think he'd been in the tree in the walk out the these people think it is. -- -- -- When your daughter use that you daughter girlfriend goes -- coming. Cottage she gets started doing that was it because of view. No actually it was that -- heard dad. -- -- Guided not confident like that they'd air boat tour consultancy and I actually you know who'll. Are part of our court and those understate it may actually back will not eat -- at what age. And I always. -- -- -- very. What with the -- Like what year. And nine. -- are are it's not that long ago thank you Jeremy and ready cult be safe and don't give a good day. -- come in here couple of -- Tommy I was raised only kill would you know needs only saliva only -- when I will be feeding myself and my family. And -- field leaving killing animals 99% of restaurants would shut down no more leather seats in cars or furniture or shoes belts purses wallets etc. -- -- -- when animals can be killed in what can't leave the snakes these spiders alligators and lions in your house -- alone what's. And on this Alaska show and I hate to keep going back to that but when they do kill an animal. Like a moose or what have you know that they can do it legally because there native Americans. It is a very sacred event to them they they say a prayer and think the animal for giving a -- to feed their families -- in Metairie higher on got a W out the morning. -- I've been pitching on the fishing -- pre war and you know seeing. Relocate. Had a good. Very good but it's with the recently got -- -- -- you know forward price to -- outlook. That you -- haven't gone well I know the only thing is you know. Dot -- and the everything she. You know it's organic you know not on race and all that but. I don't go on and on and it turned out delegation. And they want retreating into and and -- taped it today it's the only. JG a one problem I'm always had an Anthony and I don't have anything against priests and Catholic but I always. I was I was on easy around them did did you appears the the priest staying in the Colin just hang out as geyser Heidi get past that. Loyal -- grant so that's kind of the relationship and it would. So yeah actually get out of all the holidays and he thinks I'm really you know. I'm never had a problem. Did you say nice shot father and -- -- funny your deal was about it. Which again to. Which is because there have been -- and I want to play golf with maybe take out to dinner just because they're very nice people though is it -- comfortable no one. Eight today that would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 889087. -- the conversation is wandering all over the place but adds. As we're having fun back in a flash and evidently. I Tommy Tucker I don't know where this fits into the conversation about hunting but it's happened again. And it was an eagle on Florida. To reason James Gregory called the police department their pet turned com. And they were locked in a room to protect themselves and you know it kinda animal. Like -- A four year old Russian blue cat became aggressive and attack them so they went in the bedroom and called at least. The second time in Florida that happened with like that. And a Reynolds. -- the mine mice are on steroids I have no idea Tim and Hammond high around. W good morning. AT&T. Good to him yet. Any good you know. Pop comment. At that -- -- that people. -- But it would help. What makes it what makes the what does she do that make you think that. Well I -- -- the owls are in college yet and I'll give me. Why you may not may not out. One. That doesn't say anything about the relationship between two -- you just their love for animals -- girl. I tell me about your -- The whole. All out. War even. Got. Patient. They are. Here today the because we. -- We make -- bit -- torture. Abductions and it. Looked. So just. Go out Cilic. Well what. You. Eat. Out. -- -- -- -- You don't care about and can about the relationship between you and your sister but how does she handle that of -- you're avid -- and and he said she puts animals right up there on not on a pedestal with humans. Well. The actual. -- thing that we. We killed in -- and a few issues and cheap. At the -- and she. Yeah excited about the drama consummation there's tremendous problem in the countries you will know with wild bull. Hey so did she meet Bernard. But. Here again -- now. You. Get. Fish. Bowl. Early on mistakes from mobile I think in that case and you're in the wrong place. Understand what you're saying then if any thing. In terms of the wild animals probably have if you won't eat anything wild they probably have had a better light than it -- that was raised me. Thank you Tim glad you called have a great -- You sister and I come right back under the WL. I Tommy Tucker thanks to everybody garlands coming up next talking about seafood. Ranking and reducing crime in the costs associated with Soledad. Talking tomorrow morning 6 o'clock.

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