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Jul 8, 2014|

We are sending our very best seafood overseas and reducing the quality of seafood here at home. Garland asks the experts “WHY?” He speaks to Paul Greenburg, Author of American Catch, and Harlon Pierce, Chair of the Gulf Seafood Institute.

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Sell or something that quite politically it was it's a pro Islamic. I've talked to law. About. Our web. Car will be in -- Sullivan part of the museum. Have some gold -- towards. That that work in there and it's where the first watering -- war meats and because wreckage. And it's not a very wide area and -- we'd lose the web play. These these. Nurseries. Who broad package Warner Eric. Is believing. Where we get most of the sea crude that we use every day. And every major storm came out and wiped it out overnight. War. We're we're are now losing in football you and -- war. In the wet and if that affects those extra work like it is now. We could in short -- are. Yet where -- there are no -- no red -- expects and then familiar species. While Doolittle briefing on the lips I've discovered something -- done -- -- Shulman Leo today. Are always you launchers. For the first time in. Recorded history. 130 years we in history. We don't have little orchard. Is being blamed by some in the BP oil but the fact of the matter is we don't -- And were were bringing them in from overseas. But it reading about the I'm about this. It's an author. Paul Greenberg. -- other. American catch and see two American catch the heat for a local -- And and it looked like you understand critically. We're trading a really good seafood. Together a better profit over its news and getting an inferior. Seafood back. So the weakened by that cheaper prices. But I could be wrong but luckily we have the -- what does Paul Greenberg -- -- in the show thank you so -- with the did did I get that -- were were trading. Something of high value in order to get it back cheaper. Well we don't work we're selling step we're selling a lot of high value while he hated abroad allotted to Asia. But while Alaska salmon. Alaska politics. Black -- -- that pitch. -- -- premium dollar -- Asia. But then in return. And these same people treating that other people -- and buying. Farmed things like -- Latvia farmed shrimp -- to -- campaign kept its catfish. For much cheaper and they went in and that being for the consumer. Is that there is alive and cheap. And keep it on the market plates -- them but it's not our seats to defend intact something like more than 85% of the seafood -- -- in this country's import it. I'm number done jumbled in particular word fruitful and Venezuela and Asia. And YouTube. And -- a lot of that looks on regulated. It looks at. The stuff that they're feeding them or other -- rather meats and there there's very little in the way of Cleveland. Or -- isolated instances storage is pretty regularly. Well you know it's really -- -- touch you know terrorists tens of thousands different arms. Spread -- that are on these really warm climates and there are some supermarket -- that there who really try to control. And monitor the specific farms that they are sourcing from. But there's also just a lot of people that are just buying all the deficit commodity. And it's not that much oversight and as we realize that recently there's a story and that. The newspaper the guardian which found that. Certain portion of this fish meal and that's you know trash fish that they catch. Is that the Asia and the graded -- -- to the -- Well certain portion that seems to be coming. To the market from slave labor. -- which impressing people on these boats to catch the fish and then that grand happened. That you have in this primer this primarily Thailand and. The pilot is the one that was recently -- for it and -- -- and also Thailand. Had a huge. Do these outbreaks last year there's this neat -- to see that's been. Kind of pond hopping from China to Vietnam to Thailand called early mortality syndrome. To bacterial disease and -- -- -- years that islanders -- -- billion dollars. In Trent. Is that true consumable term human through joint. I just does it mean that -- you have to be careful not to be a total scare monger. You know commitment in all kinds of diseases you know there was. I'm white wait spy yellow head meaning -- that the and it science fiction names. And you know they they yell at turned the idea and -- -- -- them like spot. But definitely split. But what it does do. Is it it's bacterial disease -- means that the army question it's more likely to -- and about it to control an outbreak. And competitive viral disease -- Treat a virus with and about it at all you really can do is I'm drain upon start again. But you know the money to drain on -- -- again you might just. Abandoned the pond and he and other. And -- and aggregate the opposite of that estuaries and coastal ecosystems has been really important to keeping it well. You know. At the Vietnam have lots -- you know tens of patented acres of mangrove forest. Two ponds and when they lose and the potential to produce more while he did and up -- route their -- margin. You know causing Clinton you know and let the what you guys have -- manner. And so much drill bit is. A lack of information like from dollar. I was listening to a reporter on the way to work. That. Very large group of mothers who is protesting monks and a and -- -- genetically modified. Seeds. Because they're they're convinced that brought to them and many of the diseases that. Nobody knows where that come from or diet related both the mother she knew what's on the -- -- -- we're doing that probably the same protest. Well we do so no more anymore about it. We just widgets and now I mean you know its system in this country it's really a paper and them. You know like for example -- and certain amount of our wild salmon to China we -- that we go to China gets -- did. Bones read frozen and sent back to its place present so there's like this kind of just wondering situation going on. In places like China. -- we -- -- one of our big subject and you would think we'd know this but I assume that most of us don't new book American catch. Applied a -- local seafood and get the 91%. Of the seafood Americans eat calling for more brawl in 1%. But 13. Of the seafood Americans catch. Get so -- two other countries. And where the author of the book with the Paul Greenberg all the few good. Wrote that repeat what happens to us over the better matches that we may. Well look Alaska salmon in which we catch millions and planes that -- -- with work every year. A -- at it we free agency when we catch it we send it to China. But it -- for opted in China where it is delayed and bill and then it is or eat fruit and that -- -- and sent back to the United States where we need it completely unsuspecting. Now I've beaten troops that don't. And have these birds of this -- machines. That put 441. Of the billboard free ride the rapids back Q and Al. And and -- On frozen and it tastes as good as French at least to me -- -- you on revisit and reason again. -- isn't something loss than that brought. Well so we treat them the EP it depends at how quick -- treated the what happens is that cell membranes can rupture if you don't -- -- -- -- quickly and what that causes. To happen is that if this could get past flat that it -- yet thanks so. Detroit. That risk to rupturing a member and senior fish. Is greater. I know that yet of these processors -- you know have really good technology and they can really let -- it really quickly. But still keep in mind that this is not happening in China. So you know there's -- could put processes in China we have another and that the processors in China. It's a you know it's kind of hard thing to understand what's really going on there so. Personally I mean -- -- unity that and then I'd like to try and find them and it. Didn't make it -- trip to China have it and it comes my lap couldn't even it was once it might politely went to prison equipment directly from Alaska. And and I think it was in an interview reviewer either of these and you -- wrong. Were willing there -- -- overseas are willing to pay top dollar for our bills seafood. And we do so will -- so we want our food cheap in these. Yeah well I mean look at that fish that deep and it is finished that's pretty popular on the West Coast called black -- it's not it's not a -- that it -- -- -- -- It's really high in you know that are healthy Omega three. Abundant. Sustainably harvest. And almost not all that gets exported. Mostly just could Americans don't they don't know -- -- to -- that could get. But didn't really have good ideas and it really get a chance to realize at that it is. Because the people who are selling it you know -- sold the port he'd caught practically you know these these people port contract -- that. And this happening to other countries as well you know. Chocolate lobster that we are is that abroad. And it. They said you know Alaskan and then a lot of it is -- comes back to it and that's when he ran trip. But a lot of that state over there. A group of cajun country -- Where I grew up with a little string at peace -- went out and got the big blue -- -- you -- -- even threw back the media and so as we today those are called number one. And their very difficult spot and coups I've been told over and over. We ship them to other parts of the country do you have any idea we're shipping -- -- oversee its. You know I've heard I'm not a great expert and perhaps other than having caught a bunch of them in my life that one pitch today haven't looked at too deeply but it you know. That's something like I mean when it looked at the latest and internationally and fisheries service. Statistics. A good chunk of the crab meat that we eat is coming from abroad and Asian history. But again is that being moved around back and forth Thomas and -- are -- -- overseas. Again I don't really quite understand why but that does seem to be happening. In the again and another interviewer read -- as soon. The American tendency. Is to -- Taste. 795%. Of American ruling or not so much into labor. You Maria and. I kind of agree I mean you know and it kind of one of those rare exceptions where you know you don't really -- Wild seed I mean not many people well. Eat this shrimp -- and -- and has afterwards you know -- -- like we did his part. You know with the police department -- -- I don't know if -- as the. You know that's the real distinctive -- the very brainy you know. You know wildness to see that that's a great. The most Americans on deal that intact. You know somebody that is if he. Wholesaler the thing that -- -- like Latvia it's separate in a popular in this country every. Everywhere. They call it that -- delivery system and other markets you know. When American and it's is that is that Matt -- -- -- and -- -- that message inside their interest in the DO it right -- And then whatever he can put over the top now of course -- in the -- to -- Which you know that your. You don't know that your -- that that that this is going to be did an apt to be genuine. Is that we've seen so many stories over a trunks quote being caught. Serving a certain fish the -- isn't certain -- a lot of times it is a lot -- You know keep that fraud is rampant and that country and as a nonprofit group on that did serve and and. They like it anywhere with 37%. At the seat in front had been labeled a depends on -- statement in every region but yet because once we lose that familiarity. You know the specificity of the texture or -- than an individual species. Then kind of that hammers he has the wipers and traders -- think he had an opportunity to put it cheaper sessions and other higher price -- let me take that opportunity. And and you mentioned that -- -- -- -- Mentioned exactly that we would -- a broken chain we've taken the of the experts out of that. Printed in the hands of traders. You know we we really don't know what the issues being delivered much anymore. We count and in supermarkets it used to be. This market and -- mongers accounted for like three quarters to -- betrayed in this country at the retail trade. Now. To market account for -- the three quarters so in the end at the -- -- in the Bronx. At the where they've moved he'll go to market it to me he said you know every -- -- Bronx accent you that you know what happened today the -- becomes the story. They go to the pitch count a candidate guy he doesn't know anything that this -- became open daily count that he recommends something it's terrible once in every -- again. The elder of tell tell people quickly if you will the name your book and a Stephen Colbert Doug mourners go to Amazon.com. Product relatives that you feel that we're book. Well let's -- get it done it's it's America and that's despite our local seafood. -- to catapult remembered dot org website you can find -- or ideally by the book. Paul thank you so much -- dynamite or -- concert. We're well we know that it's strange when you've been -- loans and believe me -- did Susan about that. But everything else learned of them for years. It certainly is central up and nuclear issue where it is along the Louisiana coast. In that it's the nursery that were the big -- from it. Before I got and -- is important seafood. Studying it over the decades museum. I hate to admit justice from them for an -- of their babies out of Google opened it. Swam into. Oh wetlands for protection and they got caught in the end of the spectrum from the red position. -- they don't grow. On listener in Spanish words. And I'm not real good would you take away. Notes helpful -- -- and that one football field and a war. Those special -- or threatened. And they could disappear. Or re quickly. And probably I guess smug and being polite to him live -- income majors or in the boy from all the way out. But pick up his book appeal today and it's American catch. The plight or local C approved. And that's it from the direction that their children. Not any one person in his sleep from Americans see in this country and need 1%. Come from a brawl. Not that surprised me there but we're figure and 13. Of our best. -- form. And we're sending it overseas. To get a better pavement to get a -- rebel report. And in some cases. We go or sending it overseas. Rosen from here like to try and elected violent. They do you won't be the one reason. And the Diebold. And get a word looks good in the reason that isn't intended to. In the goods they're keeping. And -- the lesser. Of VO do we get. And we like it because it keeps price that. It's two -- can bury bird -- And as always when your computer go to the experts Roland appears once again and sure with the gulf seafood princes who joins us Arlen thank you so much. While I appreciate -- and -- -- we should come and show what you wanna talk about -- good chuckle policies that he's. Questioner. And indeed get much you know -- discretion would -- -- In war in Modesto stage years in Louisiana and our product is what this state -- -- -- but it does it but does it because. Well a bit if there's into a loves -- -- number one up by -- impart that number two when that's an idea how many number ones. They always go. It's it's almost like. Crack cocaine. So Truman that for the -- but most of whom we -- -- -- is that really true. Note on a short time. Also reverse like what -- coaster great scratchy and we'll get a lot or East Coast and again here well actually stopped -- ones on the East Coast and in the production. Don't ever seen of course in May have -- round again -- -- astonished and -- Every insult you mentioned Katrina Rita and Austria will be optional. The production some of the blame on people like that on the -- to go check. G ingress egress and partially born area -- in this year or your cold weather Nicole. You know just try and things. That can't expect their -- at the -- that Chad. We really don't -- and interest we need every need you right here good job. Out of him on the East Coast equipment one's on me -- it happening right now. But other than that that pretty you're pretty much -- which has just been tight eventual. Lot of it to be -- -- problem which you and I both agree that our stores are inherently. Quite honestly you're war you know all of -- light which you can -- -- shop on state. It's never gonna -- it's always been especially our lack of your products in a critical reaction to talk about. But what issue look sharpen things. We were were were banking on our current state right now less import very -- Productions cantaloupe -- -- and everything is. Just not convinced that so. Again trying to stay all our products pretty much prettier and start talking about chipping around the country and 91% import almost you're right -- basically. That's our policy options. Thank you we don't attack that we don't do here. I'm I'm a proponent global company -- -- our product and ears you know. We need to -- here and keep most of the year you know Portugal on opposite electrical production. We got one of our biggest all -- that now importing more traditional sushi. We ought to do do good story came from a couple articles in -- headlines like Phillips. The great pitch walk all Americans downgrading its own sweet -- law. And it mentions. Not any 1% of the -- American League calling for more broad. -- 13 seafood Americans catch it's sold. Back to other countries. We have Arlen appears with this. -- on the gulf seafood institute said yep that applies to of the species good but not here and we were come -- coach and his. But hall and you I think -- all good news concerning orchards. You know -- Dubuque didn't show -- most people are and where this -- what's happening with Nordstrom's. Well you know we ever since the could be cute then they -- problems strictly your side or oysters. Heavy war intrusion and we put in actuary peaking or allow patients -- -- We we probably don't sixteen million dollar -- -- Oyster shell back or wind don't -- back -- -- -- and try to get re growth of the war which we did not developed yet so. Robert rivers pretty -- geopolitical -- production Russia emerged fine and and a lot of things going on Google matchup but our production talks. Apple should be at a lot of that's -- -- different things I can't be in tune regulatory process. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To want to think -- yet they have oyster refrigeration and how on the -- It's to be white can't be we can ship it anywhere shot. Champion -- are our future PK question. You know. That can't get what you can only be in Louisiana so it is it can't go state it yet to be triggered by and then you've got a shocking portions attempt twelve hour. Refrigeration such a lot of things in the summer car. National summit that we have to put up that because every regulatory processes or at least West Coast is trying to. -- our our production ability to keep themselves strong. Proportions in general particularly as we get in August September I'm very tough to find the end and they got that depression is no doubt about it they get. 134 -- computing -- -- has just started Cheney by an important. In except in May need to rest I have to go to that extent particular -- daycare need to get -- yeah -- other. One of our problems at the end lack of action to try. We're starting late trading -- west Louisiana. We have a billion Shaq so oysters in -- But because we've got our analysis -- that and -- -- foolish -- that -- Fishermen on the other side in Texas and a lot of this year are -- additional at least we have been opened. When in fact when you do open an area oil production will -- it bigger and bigger and bigger and grow as we struck out. That track and we've tried to put different control mechanisms are that it worked with enemy action that it can't get which is ridiculous. So there's a lot of things going -- as trite as well some other businesses -- the secret industries that. We need help and a lot of this lack of fortunately that cloudy right now until -- years our future years Oakley is better right now -- I'm Paula Jones could wouldn't cereals and it is to -- -- -- even think about it -- on the -- and -- -- what you thought about the issue some. The Arab we've got decades. -- we have a problem does the yeah. Master plan with the rebuilding one and gives hope for -- your thoughts. We get it didn't year coming you know one of the international where is that he got a net capers -- possible. Our shores golf ball beautiful -- of interest are all so. When we get that point in the street very -- -- too late. So our estuaries that are like well that's where that's what makes us call. Louisiana have won their that your query in this country a long time I'm sure we don't have that anymore. Yeah the mighty Mississippi River all new trees coming down that river. You'll really be part of it you know that we let -- and we get some things and you know salt water while Russia though are actuary. A lot to do what's going on. If you look at what's involved in too much for war that side. We got posters can grip trouble get them back you know what struck salt ones coming in now so. Everything we talk about your move if we don't have an actual. So we've got to make sure that we do their clan first takes care of the that the action and that they should make sure that we cover -- take care but also make sure that. We begin to grow this actuary in some way shape or form as we move into the future to get it done. And in a while back -- at some people from out of town. And I showed remote -- time lapse video of the loss of broke wetland. And they said we thought the coats was from attracting it looks like. It's disintegrating from the inside -- it's an idea of that's a big part of that. So -- is that affecting issue worries more than that the coastline was simply receding or. Does did not have a bunch -- effect. So our -- -- no you know no no areas that the larvae in the big -- to come inside high grasses and talk like that yet that are much effect has. Eight intrepid late that they need to slow on the shore like right now degrees for the light to start I'm an inch. They didn't get a big advocate out of our way and without the cover without the pressure out aggressions out that sucked it back so. You do have a problem when we just got this very -- to avoid. -- water that's that's not doing what we need to do. Our shorts so it's not an exaggeration. Tuesday it's very possible. Read -- spectrum. Could go away very quickly. Well again in Hoosier queries it's not last. A slippery slopes are big demonstration he did it just its call. Stopped you have a Tribune's these. The Spanish or triple -- comfortable and and actually grow so it's very difficult but it. It just stonewalled it more than just social Dan becomes what you -- best golf ball so well and -- -- and how much money in their cruisers seem prudent from the well over two billion now to political that you dial change it in a way of life. What -- in the air about what -- restaurants. The great -- group didn't produce you know and in different practical community -- -- -- And that's what you went you know further we get away from what we do what we've gotten -- trial -- should be started things. Election become war celestial become media. You know and so one -- our job now to give more actions in Garland you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- quarters. You would never resolution. -- declaration that -- But a lot of occasions politically and that I actually really need our restaurant -- more access spectrum which are more -- mr. Richard. Still don't have to buy in from Mexico -- reached -- rumored. We're gonna do your colon and do that -- -- thank you so much for the teller and that married German major important votes subject. Good talking. About our governor of the obligated celebrity area moral applied to different.