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Jul 8, 2014|

Deke talks to Vegas Runner of phillygodfather.com about the odds Lebron will return to Cleveland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports -- I'm Deke Bellavia -- can in his back -- -- all on Friday. Coming up on today's program Vegas -- the all he will be what is the talk about. What is coming up as far the odds would take a look at the it's never too early college football who all the teams that are expected. To get to the first Iowa -- team playoff in college football. What's happening with the NFL odds have things changed in BA odds and also. It's not even on -- world on them and now if you can bet on it well if it's something and Vegas as you can -- it all. Also Gabe Feldman director of totaling sports law program will be Willis will talk to them about what's coming up developments in the Dallas during lawsuit over his -- -- Of the LA Clippers and the approval of the judgment against the NFL on go on concussion. And related health if you will talk about that as well of the -- seminary. Million dollar lawsuit has been opened up back up meaning that they can seek more money. With the NFL sides saying that enough the formal players' side who have had a lawsuit saying that he is not nearly enough. That is coming up on today's program and your input. And operated jaguar opinion -- 2601 and seventy. 866889. You rates and of course right now and in NFL all season it's about. Teams skating -- there's no more work now going on right now players organize and be among themselves. But it's downtown until camp began that a couple of weeks and at the -- point -- -- is little more things than look forward to. But it -- point -- NFL was hot button topic is the player who led the league in touchdown received a year ago and Jimmy Graham. Now we've talked before about the decision the decision that was made -- we've got two of the field. We've asked you would you be upset. Is Jimmy Graham appealed all the trade Steve reverberate decision to call them I mean. So he says yes and these things at the right to it brings out some emotion. So -- kind of twisted it a little bit all worded differently and operated at -- -- asking you if teammate -- appeals decision. Should the Saints stereo tried signing him to a long term. In 60187. At the dates and the -- and now. Remember the campus -- -- you know what I'm saying right now so we will continue to repeat but there is that old saying. Business is it is it just business -- personal. I think sometimes. It's even discussed. And I think look what's all failed to table is fair what's all legitimate legal is that -- to me in the what somebody has a right to semis and title to. All that comes to account but the and is also the I think there's a feeling every -- life which we can dive into football. You do well for us we did we go for you it's kind of -- what. Do you think sometimes in sports. That Sachs Canada. Disagree. On things that although it may be completely right maybe -- within the rules that you can do. It's a situation where -- well you know we've worked with them but we feel maybe they should work with a small. And just are on a different subject it's kind of gives you gone back which he admitted himself he being LeBron James. A few Summers ago we saw the decision. That was all. What -- LeBron James is right he had a right to go. To another team because they were clean and in need more money Cleveland campaign that's one thing you don't like about the NBA. It gives the team that. Players under contract with the opportunity to pay their players more money substantially more to keep that area where they all. It took to the players when they wanna go somewhere else but that was -- in his right but sometimes when players. Decide. To. Opt out players decide to. Skip a mini camp. Even if it's mandatory. It it hits a little bit of a backlash against people -- So -- Jimmy Graham appeals decision should the Saints still try and sign him to a long term deal. -- -- vote on line. At W did you real dot com and I was -- -- different numbers and looking back now I've got all sorts of information from them. The value. Of franchises -- get into the value of college football programs which are some towel quite larger than. Professional teams in certain sports. But the value of franchises has become astronomical over the years. For instance. Missed the grown all -- The latest team value according to Forbes. The Saints. Are right. One. Point oh all four. -- -- Now. The team was purchased. For a seven million. In 1985 info does a great job may break this thing now about operating income. Did value play experiences. Wins the players call ratio. The population of the area where it Demetriou of the team is they break it and as I chart. I mean it's it's awesome but to give you an idea of franchises. The average worth of NFL franchise. Is one point 17 billion. The average. Worth of it in BA team is 634. Million now that's up 45%. From 2013. The New Orleans -- Hornets. Now pelicans sold in April 2012. For 340 media. The average worth of an NBA team is six aren't 34 and that could substantially increase. With number us. The television. The new television -- kicks in a company news is that occurred haven't notice which will be another big one. And the sale of the Clippers to be -- can be astronomical. So factor that in Major League Baseball average worth of a Major League Baseball team is 811 Mahan and any TO teamed with 413. -- The least. Valued franchise NFL's Oakland Raiders and estimate eight point five. That's a group and when you win. I mean it obviously source through the route to -- -- -- -- get that ball. Also things you know what is sold. Merchandise. Popularity. The bandwagon -- with a jump on board. All of that and it's more Werth too so -- asking you today. If you could own one France -- -- the -- Sports franchise would you all which one would you purchase. NY. 260 point 7866889087. All -- you just keep your mind your pocket maybe get this week ago was that after that part of it but when you look at the top ten most valuable sports teams this was -- right before the first the year. Real Madrid. With football but -- 3.3 billion. Manchester United three point 63 point 16 -- Barcelona. Two point 60 billion. You know they -- popular. If the NFL what worldwide like soccer -- And the highest valued NFL team at the Dallas Cowboys two point one billion. Would be over three billion like rumored three. The New York Yankees all the highest. Franchise. In all -- American sports 2.3 billion. The Dallas Cowboys come in and number five at two point one period the Patriots a one point 63 period. Thought about the dodges the Redskins and Giants -- Arsenal. The Boston Red Sox. And another soccer team in Munich. Bayern Munich one point. Three. -- Rounding out the top point a mostly NFL teams Houston and thirteen the Jets. Philadelphia Chicago San Francisco Green Bay Baltimore and Indianapolis. Round out there they don't know. No NBA teams. In the top. -- Of the Forbes most by -- teams however the New York Knicks or valued at just over. A billion dollars so if you could own one franchise in sports. Which one would it be. Would you do anything to with each week. Would you change to make it more fan friendly. -- may because against the grain a little bit. Although it almost be like going against the union because being a member of the league year you your own house in a in a very exclusive neighborhood that's what each one of those franchises all right the home team. They look at their way in a very exclusive neighborhood. You be going against the neighborhood rules but -- do -- and make it more fan friendly and you gotta wonder I think we all. Appreciate football of the NFL what is an infield hit a -- And when they go on to you at all when it's like okay. In a thousand dollars on those athletes eat soup bowl face value. It's Kamal I mean what what point does it stop all well that. Will does this study showing his yet. To have any type of stock in slow down -- hit that wall so called me up to 601878668890. Rates and the -- is an 8787. I've got the NFL list in front of me being in BA. -- would as ever as a worth the pelicans. To Timmy the third into the mix. I'm Deke Bellavia hand if Jimmy Graham does. Appeal all the trees the number -- makes decisions should the Saints Theo. Transcend into a long term deal what would you do this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back out of takes coming it -- so much that takes folks but you know as always please be safe out there and trying to don't take in -- and politics is second to get distracted on -- Out on the Yankees sell them in the bout with saint pocket that if I'm at now or who him and if I can only if a team. With the depth and you know we we talked about how teams that when they are having success dismantle the Knicks the Knicks of the highest value in the eight team though will be. And it terrible they've now won a championship since the early seventies -- forty years so if they want to win a championship now. That bad normal with so just like -- Dallas has that Dallas has only things that in the -- Worth. And they would want a title now. All of you brought the roof coming they would they would they would probably move up. Now with one of those numbers close those -- Of franchises. Welcome back and be Bolivia if you could own an NFL ought to be a sports franchise. What would be. Which one would be made some small Minor League Baseball. Developmental MBA. Learn how to run it in would you be actively involved as one would you be actively involved. Like some owners all. -- to kind of be like -- missed the bit to how the right people. And let them do their job a would you be up handle. All. I think he's -- handled like Jerry Jones or somewhere in between how about them before we get to VR to squeeze in -- Rick Rick thank you for calling WW ago. Yeah I agree with. Most everything sale that -- actually -- 1984. -- -- -- and only date should make dollars. What there was there were other people at that what part of the purchase at that time. Over the course and the ball the ball all of those now. It. -- -- -- Right -- people. One. And it may in. May. And Medicaid and 64 million would that interest. So locked -- a great sound like a small business move to me. I felt like he knew somebody that 1984. -- critic called for a two million dollars but. It. What -- -- like how the Los Angeles Lakers got alone you sounds about my educated sports I don't know if you know. How does the -- ball the Lakers but he had the money you know we -- the money from. Donald you're Donald Sterling. You -- it -- out at a ball the LA Lakers so but they will look we elements -- an everyday. I always learn from him when he's on the program the all Vegas from a -- got -- dot com and of course he's on Twitter. And FaceBook the -- thank you so much for the time. The New Orleans Saints went on their numbers right now -- to the NFL season is always simple block. Good to be in north. I'll. Take that Auburn -- -- the ones. -- ball so it does that does that mean they were once one you won Emmys and Cuban -- known him. Exactly. Kind of you won a seem to be because if you remembered and so he then I told you that I find the ball. Six simple ball had been one. Tight jeans that lower. Hired and well the want and let them match point and the one so well at that point except -- -- -- we call the number one -- On deputy CN NFC championship event finally get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. We have not seen in the paper that team better report by the one. When the Super Bowl and prior the last few are certainly good spot hovered around that if people want and I think that -- on the back on your own thing. The -- of Philly godfather dot com also FaceBook at Toyota is Hannah Campbell -- -- each and every Thursday night during the season as we have our. The view from Vegas segment -- India right at the the players show the are now -- who who -- the top two favorites. In the in the NFL and Super Bowl and who is the one would that the biggest longshot in the inning affair. Right now. The see so -- get this yet FC is it bird take you at the notable being and it is Ebert. By three point nobody yet the so expect at least the NC is this stronger conference this year. People are always fit this same teams we saw last year that the Hawks. Five the one. San Francisco at. In the one out in the NFC and the AFC we have the Denver Broncos fine don't want followed by the Patriots. Don't want now look at the -- on the board no surprise there either. Jacksonville Jaguars. Which are at -- to conjure one range. And the Vikings also at 201 of the tight between the two. Followed by the Oakland Raiders add on to a one. Via our tank Tyler take a quick regular come -- give -- to what's up with everybody -- and on the Cleveland Cavaliers bandwagon a very unique story has taken place. Also look at some odds on this World Cup. He knows his business in his business is that Thomas. The all Vegas round of Philly got followed dot com column on FaceBook and would double of the oddest moment of the WW stands for 31. Time the first news we'll go to Jim handle. People look at that number is now leading some value some good value corn dog he has to be awfully -- dot com. The best handicap -- says the New Orleans Saints are of good value keeping attuned to what's gone on. In the World Cup Germany's just scored. Who more times in the seven the eight minute it is seven to zero. Germany -- dominating brazile welcome back to sports talk. If Jimmy Graham appeals the arbitrator's decision should the Saints -- tried signing to a long term deal. Here's why I think he's a wide receiver if you -- how to do one job at the values have been another job. That gets higher pay but you'd never got -- -- you would be upset so yes that they. He will appeal and yes -- risk at all so thank you so much so for the picks. The -- now are as far as before we get to the Cleveland Cavaliers are college football. What do what do what audit the top for us over the top four teams because we're going to a fourteen playoff right now. Yeah and and I remember which college football they put the batting lines com. Out here at the Golden Nugget every single year for more or less. The entire season com and and once they began seem to. -- -- games from the betting syndicates the wise guys state sport to make their -- meant right now where it. Florida State is still the odds on favorite to win the BCS championship. Ring and I don't want to get them right around that. To read an article want changed. To winning at all of course no surprise. Right there with them is Alabama and -- one day and one and looked at those teams are paying him. Right around that six point one points to win it now one of the surprises. That got a lot of respect. Out here it is UCL way you feel it was up around that -- range. Obviously they have a lot tougher road on because that there. A lot of the short batters thought there's some value -- them possibly. Common now that comprehensive. And now. And one deep deficit -- gitmo. You feel and of course -- -- -- -- tell -- there at 21. To win the BCS championship. The are now on the Cleveland Cavaliers a lot of people are baiting. On the am because they have what 607080. Maybe -- her to want caused it to win an NBA title but a lot of people just take him a chance. I'm here now because Vegas is saying they would take a bad if that were to happen some sports books even actually taken up some bits themselves all the books to Khobar. Their backs so to speak have you ever seen anything like -- the full. -- and. Used to do a lot of that where. They would KG is what we call and when their two lopsided. One sign or more importantly one future that would have a on the exposure I'll go ahead in the shop. And -- -- -- -- Don't summit that exposure. And put themselves in a position where they can limit their liability and possibly even prompted. You know that there. -- -- get a better -- and then what they've altered their minds now that we would easily in. It just. Absolutely ridiculous. Because. Good. Just people mind people. In it it would have been -- in. -- don't want to win it all okay. People looked at the bookmakers here and they started thing you know they may be. A chance for the book nickel back to Cleveland dropped a little -- -- by the one even though they have been. And what happened around the -- that we do and it went. His -- him. And she stayed. Home sweet home the countdown is real and what she it was she put up on -- -- both Cleveland. And LeBron don't count tech or she put it. The bookmakers in a panic out here would take it as simple they dropped it fifty don't want. That new got about the deployment is white and all of a lot better story on the window and why can't believe that the team wants. And now down to what was tend to want to compensate. It. Beyond what some other teams such as the Miami Heat which were -- one now there. You know things that he moves like. That. Then and pensions to is that New York the next even. There's also at the -- -- -- that option. You could do it. We're. Staying in Miami. And -- Carmelo staying in New York or not done yet. -- date is mine is 140 so the sports books don't need the chance. That LeBron couldn't stay in Miami and there's a 50% change -- expect Carmelo as being in the court. So don't. Play according sport that they went and the future -- -- changing our own teams. Where the whispers are they may go out there so that's the confusion that protected. And trying to get the good -- instead -- there's been news. The are now. As far as. Looking at this World Cup how much action it is big worldwide as a way to look at it vagaries in the world why would know it's captivating. The world's attention it's so popular man just talk about the list of the value of sports franchise in a world top three. All soccer clubs a global kind of action is being put on on the world -- It's tough to -- globally because I remember a global stage now soccer is bigger than anything we could ever match. I'm here in you know in the United States. The bond knew that if they get here and it was sports betting is legal now remember you know it's. Illegal in every other day that much money had been outside of the -- about in fact. How we think we've been lucky and get them and I think a very good guestimate is that we talk about one per cent. Up the world handle. -- sport here in the state in the bat till 9% of all other bad things -- out all right how are they words legal. -- -- and here -- of that but -- -- is comparable. To the board of March Madness Topeka. The entire World -- The entire tournament but up from one to the championship game. This thing behind him that they do. That first weekend of March Madness that Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. Which has really become a tradition like a pilgrimage now where at least sports book is standing room we -- and people coming in from all over the country. Too -- the first and second round games. -- so when you look at it. From the angle it's 28 and it's constantly. In opera but apparently. -- it into the pond in certain passes and anything else that we could he didn't come up with. You know which is cute on a global level means soccer is the most bets work part not even a week here in the states would argue that it. And yet here it is but at the level where gaming you know like -- that is the apple now soccer dominates. VR how could everybody follow you own land in only two and a. Check me out. -- -- -- dot com China great stop their man and as a golf professional -- the guys that became. Intimate with the game in the game that the -- Donnie -- that betting syndicate. That don't work what now chair under information as well and -- at biggest final Twitter. You still now where's the -- Absolutely man you know me I can't leave Vegas as much as I loved the visit elsewhere once I'm away from -- -- couple days I start to miss that. If I have if I have -- get out the of the problem you'll. -- -- off fairly godfather that count bottom on FaceBook and two of the ought thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right you Jimmy Graham appeals decision the arbitrator. Made it he's excited to the Saints the were trying to sign him to a long term deal Germany Paulo Brazil 70. At the 87 made him walk. All of this a -- America Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back on and on who has a member of our sports department piecemeal to -- talk about we're gonna talk about -- tomorrow show. And he's is the -- down the World Cup soccer as a Germany beat host Brazil seven to zero. He's as it could get ugly over there course in -- Brazil was the host city. And don't want flip side you think man you know of course won a Super Bowl is hailed in a certain town there's always to -- divisions of if it holds team. Were to play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium -- winning that's kind of what Brazil was trying to be here and they got the semi finals but. Dominated the day he without one of their best players that was injured -- not able to play and they got beat by Germany seven zeros at the Germans. They advance. To. The finals this week in game brazile. Operates at whopping -- -- Jimmy Graham appeals of the season should the Saints to try and sign him. To a long term deal -- if you could home one professional franchise. Sports franchise. What would be. Now and has won 21 at -- how involved would you be. Is it somewhere in between. Saying -- mr. Kraft Robert Kraft isn't all that involved but he's not like involved. Like Jerry Jones. I think offer Blake this from same as you know he's only silence sometimes it comes down toward in the -- seen on TV was in April dome before. But I don't know if he's involved as much as a guy like Jerry Jones news is Daniel Snyder. Would you be may become like a Mark Cuban. He may be situation where you for your team your promoted team that you speak vocal Obama be -- In the decision and he will come out they know we got a center will assignment all calls. I think you want to do you disappoint they weren't able to retain Steve Nash when they had those players at that point down -- -- back to the Mavericks team. So I Timmy got a few old some open the obviously have a right. To do what you want your own but is he healthy is it good to be that involved. If you're not. In their business meaning. You can always something. That -- mean you know everything you need to know about that particular bit you can learn but. Anybody of a business structure will take you there are certain areas. And you may be -- owning a business. Owning a business that does mean you're not good at running a business. That lies in the way you have to hire the right people to run it. Would you be more of a -- let him run it but no you know I'm mobile home will be hands zone I don't know every detail about a -- all means the -- means and all that. Let's look at that now he is a good idea I would sign Graham to a long term deal because he's one of those rare players. In today's NF fail thank you so much the ticks that's made it seven eighths and this is WW all right buddy and homer thank you for calling debuted at -- Here at the body -- my -- -- you wanna buy into the more you liked home. Are like -- altogether but there. -- -- -- -- Now -- was hello. But he say is that he would like to own mind it obvious this is -- France. And that's what offense does what they can -- back the winning what they are. That be Big Ten but the problems in Dallas who Jerry Jones he should just be alright and by himself. From the other jobs. A lot of people would agree with -- I would by the Yankees note trust the money has been on a GM and coach I would be. Hands off most. Owning a franchise could could Jude distance yourself could the fan and you allow its business. I'm going to be a part of it but I am not going to be kind of like Jerry Jones and what's franchise would you pick to all of the ability at this is WW.