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7-8 5:10pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham's Contract

Jul 8, 2014|

Deke talks to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport about the latest on contract talks with Jimmy Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening about -- our number 20 sports talk on the ability to Kasey Kahne is back -- those ball on Friday. Coming up this now on the program a lot to get to. Wanna thank our last -- VR Vegas front of the big on special guest talk about the odds on the site that why so many people all betting on. The Cleveland Cavaliers that taken a chance LeBron James that's why they think he may want to. Sending his team why else would you bet on it longshot at the camp or -- -- want to -- -- Winning in the final. Instructed them to tend to war because they've gotten so much action on the camp is now called the the -- james' agent. He -- visit with the Suns the Mavericks and the Lakers -- among other teams -- to meet with more people face to face. I don't know it's not like. He's doing this as a recruit these don't get a Max contract. And maybe he's. He is thinking about going somewhere else who knows but the wait and see Jimmy Graham -- -- can't he has to make eight an appeal. On the arbitrator's decision that he is -- idea. Operated jaguar -- ball and shoot it TB Graeme appeals decision. Should the Saints do trying to sign him to a long term deal would you do transcend into long term deal. Cast your vote online at WW and a cup and if you could own in purchased by one sports franchise. Which. Franchise. Would -- be. Would -- be. In New York -- the highest value in BA team would be to Dallas cowboys' highest valued. And failed to gain the Toronto maple leaves the highest value. In eight -- team. Or. Wouldn't be the New York yankees' highest -- Major League Baseball team the most valuable sports team. Before with the first the year -- -- -- Real Madrid. Soccer club. 3.3 billion Manchester United three point 16 billion. In FC Barcelona two point six -- there are no in BA franchises among the top. -- most valuable teams in sports. Number twenty is the Indianapolis Colts at one point. 15. VO year the average. Of NFL teams. Average Werth. Is the highest among the professional sports leagues at one point 17 billion. In BA teams it's a -- 5% from last year. 634 million Major League Baseball 811 main name in a -- at hockey team's 413. Merely. And would you be an owner that is hands on approach. And this is if if Jerry Jones was a guy that. Went to. Arnold via mobile football background it was all -- football team gambled a full -- background. Would you move. Would be more well doc understand he's been more interest in all. Oh what would that make it more -- if it's if it's a person who's who's in that profession. Dan does that make a difference or would you just be -- that -- own the business it's my job to pick him hire the right people. To make my business the basic can be. All you handle. Just every day you'll note -- bottom line here who's there who's playing where -- why he -- on net. Epic its kind of hard sometimes too because when you go to all. You know at a certain rules -- mean as union rules -- rules to protect the players and coaches and you know as they are any workplace. But you sit back you mean not like we have players act. But that's a coach's job -- -- you -- playwright. Not a known. As an -- you got to write a now like it has to. Be rooting you know and you came. Physical -- Basic contract mound. But you -- would you be that type of -- Analog sports. Has ranked Tiger Stadium as the top college football being. According to their. Game day atmosphere of pole they have Ellis should number one. Ohio stadium which that's what the book -- horseshoe two. Austin stadium. That is what our employees. Three cow field Brad -- stadium. Notre -- Neither stadium Stanford Huskies data -- Washington and beaver stadium brown out. The top teams now the people who will all the panel that voted Jonas that's a good background. Bruce Feldman of fox sports. -- -- of Big Ten network. To remain dale as a big name or football. Tim Brando. -- Fowler. Tambien hard. So a lot of people Augustin just like oh all -- street visas and gas that can go to these different statements -- -- -- the best thing you. And college football. 260187. In essence and take stock takes -- 87870. Years it takes Brees and some they won't make EB and make -- and all star. -- forgot he is only good because of his quarterback. I don't I don't necessarily agree with that I don't think Jimmy Graham. -- got anything. I don't think -- mean do you think out as a unit caller -- that email do you think Jimmy Graham. -- change anything media's attitude in changer and as a business side of things and this is a business part of it. So I mean I don't I don't think he's he's changes attitude change and will see what happens on I was there right now he has to July 10 to appeal. The arbitrator's decision Stephen Burbank handed. He hands. To July 15 to things due to sign him to a long term the 2601878668890. Timmy. And the ability of -- a sports thought we will continue boy -- texting emails and calls open mind to Sally here on WW and welcome back to sports talk. USC fans. I guess tonight is bitter as Osama. Because he -- will go into the trojans hall of fame welcome back to sports so this is the most that most things having the sport and sometimes. -- -- program gets in trouble or something happens and kind of -- is the image of a coach. Or player in that in a welcome back open all the sort of speak. But the Caro who led the trojans to two national championships. Of course dominated Dallas a machine. At that point -- USC was a machine I mean they they really -- I mean I dominated the conference I'm from 2002000. They won the conference if it's on one conference one season. And I know I'll have you always not BAC -- in saint. But I don't care what conference changed. I don't care what district union. If you win some seven years in a row that's impressive. So but the care will go to the USC. Hall of fame and I still think one of the most exciting national championship games Novoa. Their matchup with Texas and USC in a battle basically who could stop Kuo who couldn't stop too but when he had to have. Texas cable Beatty got the once thought they needed got data to position. And they've shown. Talk about a guy who -- skates is lightning in a bottle. Took advantage skyrocketed. Came out in -- -- last -- in the league but really had some decent success in May -- Pro Bowl. I've had a good rookie season but this career just in the last at all. Here's a take -- no appeal too late that they Jimmy size to protest and in and uses the other younger on new contracts from the -- next year. Just like the -- situation a few years ago Graham gave his money. I I think so I think is going to be -- a fair amount of money as we talked yesterday. Now with a couple against the wall on the program. You know you look around and nine point five million mark what it's that's more game gronkowski who was the has -- time at the time. So you've become the highest paid I mean in any one point in time. This is a situation worries. No disrespect but from a -- did stamp on the player's standpoint yet to think about you know your family. You know. What can we gear and -- idol fans look at -- at spam me when is enough enough but you know sometime to negotiate and you think about -- it's a few more -- thousand dollars but over the life of the contract that's a lot of money. A lot of money is it takes to air NBC is this is so. Tim Graham is very talented but he cannot block well enough to. -- And to be considered great. And how many quarterbacks and it's. Can he achieve his numbers which I think some people. Would agree as far as the quarterback in who you're with. But. I think he's good to. I mean is no question about it you can't throw anybody out there. Just like OK Marcus coastal with a long shot. He walks so round draft pick -- in fifteenth place away from being mr. irrelevant. He was a good player. I mean you got the right place the right time but he had a lot to do and Jamaican team. So you just can't put somebody out there and just say oh he's making anybody better yet to a certain extent. But that person's got to be pretty good too. From from a standpoint. And if you could all A franchise in sports. Would you all want. Again I'm giving it averages average of NFL team is one point 17 billion MBA six 34 mean. 811 main -- Major League Baseball. If foreign thirteen mean for any TO. It could it would it would have to be the sport that you vote. It could could you -- disassociate yourself from a standpoint of being their fame. And do what's right for the business in my point toward Jerry Jones so he's a -- bit more talk about all -- -- to a more involved -- Ian Rappaport. Joins us now ease and grace in the to be back with a a game this week Ian thank you so much for the time. I did Jimmy Graham situation and let's say dead. The Saints slapped the tag on him and he plays this year. Off ball the seven million dollar range with it takes is. What does that do moving forward for 2015. And all what rights -- Jimmy have and what book at the Saints do. Well let me say first of all it -- Jimmy Graham and injured not able to work -- -- long term deal by July 16 and -- You know and obviously he's gonna have -- dollar franchise tag at the I didn't. Say there's no guarantees that he shows up and is their starter C and I'll think it's simple as. You know they get in the. And making sure that the plays I think they'll say. Very very serious. Aren't complicated decision about whether to show up or not and. Essentially out to be within a scheme that. You know I just testified against him in an arbitration I think that there. I think that the decision. We don't know Jimmy Graham answer. Which one I think we need to prepared you pay attention to but -- -- questions. You know Beijing. They can try again you know after this year obviously it's note if no long -- feel like -- -- -- -- here. Could tag him and then. You know a half million. And try to do long term deal and or they can just say you know -- -- where. And let -- be free agent but in Jimmy Graham. As writes in his right star and not shall. They separate you know they're right. Prefer and or the player hostage this franchise back. So in other words -- -- they put the tag on he doesn't have additional that's that's totally up to him that will be around the seven little over seven million. Annika put another and they can put another tag on him next year for over eight in the correct. Right I can go where Paige Jimmy Graham just for the strike partner pretty decides not to show on time and he does well Logan Mankins did with the Patriots. Couple years ago Jimmy Graham would basically have to Shell out by. That you know mildest season week nine and get an accrued year -- create your attention action this year count. That he would get paid a pro rated salary and could act again. The following year and then again wonder he's gonna. Show up for not into the predictable in nineteen. Eventual perhaps the year and then it finally did a long term deal. The next season. Could -- a valuable was is eight it is certainly something to monitor. It to say that the play. Let's say eight games without Jimmy Graham what is their offense. And it's bad. Then all the sudden the momentum in negotiations -- to embark. On there. In -- board as our special -- is -- -- basically the next handful of days out of the tent in the fifteen we're gonna learn a lot about the situation. Oh yeah we -- and really you know -- in almost everything about the situation because. You know it -- they do long term deal. The same pattern of the Saints -- and Jimmy Graham watched you they do won't turn the other day it's over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the end of the issue you know aren't in in triple the next tie it and slash receiver. Won't take should change arbitration and and makes fight court. But it's been too long term deal and really only getting started -- and -- as usual for camp doesn't start the season that you shall at all. What is the -- -- look like without them all of those issues aren't become very that are real. -- is there -- -- -- that let's say he does what you're view that he could do was not like natural two week nine at -- to -- -- of a coupon and of course of course. Feelings would be. Off the fans obviously but the end if you talk about the offense struggling on not as productive and any kids in here. In offense is as productive as it was a full when he was here in the meets the alike. Well you know it's about that point in time so it is still to this deal an opportunity like they were better -- -- him there without him that's make these do you have. But yeah and I think Iraq like that carried out the province circle at the same without them. They showed up and looked great there and I think the Saints are faced with the prospect of paying him. No more than ten Iranian navy eleven million. Per guy that changes an offense and adding -- that point. You know the Saints would would probably realize our. It's an extra couple million a year but he's worked because we got happen and that's really. You know it to its not a great situation for the Saints to Shell out extra money. By at that point it will be -- that not only single market which space on the alternatives. NFL media and -- out of foul him at rap sheet -- Ian Rapoport also part of the NFL network and NFL total access. It's on NFL network at 7 PM Monday through Saturday -- always a pleasure. Thank you so much for the time and as we close the tent in the fifteenth will look ticking with. I'll write some good entrapment. Thank you very much interest stuff right there so between the -- at the fifteenth. We will learn a lot Jimmy Graham of course the Saints have an opportunity to put the tag on him this year they can do that. To protect themselves and Lowell with seven million but Graham doesn't really had to show and beat -- wanna play an event I'll leave that. He has to show about week manor team and to gate to a -- procured a season. That means you know that that's the always got to say okay he was here and he did play that season. Andy and to Saints wanted to continue and how long term view they can put the tag on him looking in at around eight hand mean in 2050. BW it is time is 532 it's not the first names we'll go to Jim Hansen. And welcome back to sports talk operated jaguar opinion -- was at WWL dot com if Jimmy Graham appeals the decision of arbitration Stephen Burbank. Should the Saints still trying to sign him to a long term deal. Cast -- vote online at WW a duck that good stuff. From Ian Rappaport saying that it you know the next few days between now in the first to make sweet -- England on -- awful lot. Now if a long term deal -- I -- place in it becomes more of a waiting game. It becomes more does Jimmy Graham. -- -- Does he play ball a little seven -- under the -- If not. He can sit out like Ian said Logan Mankins with the Patriots it's an out all the way until what is cold over here. The middle of the season it's about -- Matta team and it's in November -- cooler. -- -- And in. Taking a chance on both sides you know. Does Graham C. That the Saints offense is productive without him. And he should grow it and play to open a simple -- some point oh million. Ought to flip side he takes -- Saints then not as productive. And when you get there. They -- more to -- Seats if they count you know juicy -- man it's count cat and mouse game. So to speak. And in the Saints could also slapped the tag on Jimmy Graham the following season which about eight in ahead of me in 2015. So all of that is in the mix 260187866. 889 he rates in the is number game ball as to talk about soccer yesterday and how how world of the sporting his house follow it and it's just across the globe. Germany dominating post brazile seven -- one I was reading some of the notes on assign a heavy espionage here. The seven goals scored by Germany at the most ever. In World Cup semi finals. The German -- known to be one of the better. Soccer teams in the world so but so is brazile. And be addressed the -- As -- one of all Augusta follow soccer pretty good moment ought to be addressed the you know is that a lot of fallout all the -- in disappointed and upset. But this with this was over early meaning that three or four goals. Earlier in the contest it was. 50 in the in the fortieth. And for between 4050 minutes into the match so maybe that helped cool off a little bit. -- on that one defeat. Was inevitable. The most valuable sports franchise in the world one of the top three. All soccer teams the first professional. Sports the in North America -- the Yankees or 42 point three billion the Dallas Cowboys are the highest ranked. Rated value NFL team at two point one billion. The Patriots a half a billion less or pin. Dallas at one point 63 -- and just let me know if the Cowboys would win something. Then that mean they're already the highest value franchise they've -- would be. -- pins in in sports. And in American sport to think about Major League Baseball basketball football hockey without question -- -- They've beat fourth only behind the three soccer club Real Madrid. Manchester United -- you -- alone. You've got to wanted to but. Is it Jerry Jones jinx and it's so much success early but tough year that it turned it around and Abe what to -- else beat the bans. Also -- in the divisional round. In and they took off. You know one of what to Super Bowl on three syllables with the triplets but. Was it all worth it -- you go you know what he has in sports what are if Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Would have been able to agree to agree to have agreed to disagree. That's what -- kind of -- There was like that that team it is. Don't don't miss. -- -- wanna win some bowl. I think at least one more props possibly two more titles and he stadium notable Bears blitz by the bear with a base coach but. Allen -- and I do mean news. Had all of us you -- the list I went to like six malls on let's say a year of of both knowledge. We could have been applauded the Dallas Cowboys stared in some ways a reform. Inequality control with the talent they he got to the Super Bowl I do agree with that now we had a had a right coaches. But that's how loaded at that point it was you know and at point Tammany and it's the Green Bay was on Iraq -- us. And you had I mean that the foreign and as a steal and a little bit what they want it. And any fourth season when -- it's the only when it 66. TD passes and it -- rule. They dominated. San Diego to 9:1. WW Rio. Yeah that was pretty much the closest to you to go -- Archie gave the women for metro card ballots were you the job. But in hockey championship back here that they are they at all or -- And then they came back the following year beat -- Yet yadda I don't -- waited for a role but you know they do you mean they won three in -- -- Arnold but Timmy Timmy closer easier to Super Bowl and you you'd lose -- only 21 in court that. Because -- mean our absolute but I mean when you you look when you look at it though you know when you get to a championship game. That's obviously I would like me who's been close in San Francisco Giants threes. You know I mean a Super Bowl to the AFC title game appearances and in laws. Allows one and C title game and they're banking on overtime loss to bull to you know they were down and they came back almost as -- the game so that. -- at one career for. Here but that second year. Player. No no at echoed that you're right David had that go to show you know what's what's so -- -- out with San Francisco has done even when the Saints at the when he won and -- and they came back. And went to the playoffs have won eleven games. Historically it's it's a big challenge for a team to make the playoffs yet they won a Super Bowl. And especially now create -- it -- the he struck. The coaches got there may and in their their bigger drop out the other -- -- you get knocked out of the playoffs or you don't like the playoffs each. If you're lucky still that your job and believe me you're watching everything it. Happened with that she's been in the playoffs and he -- you're coming out. You don't guard plays and trying to -- drop in there. Yeah have to lose OJ was on your mind about Jimmy Graham. Well as what happened security. You know. Well. We got although less than a week left in particular which will give Jimmy Graham's agent. And an eventual guaranteed money you know again -- -- for your -- awards start out you Darrell may be -- under chip billion dollars this year. -- you know pops up each year to worry make it 1213 million dollar at the end of the character. You groups appeared he'd party regular -- bank Drew Brees Jack -- there's not been like a bit tight end. You are six foot eight Q ordered that he found what areas. Our security blanket shot object in the interest of the team they need to get it feel to it and. Are you confident that the deal will get done today. I am absolutely count that the real big big deal will get on board I hope that both sides. Well not a doubt I would -- she Jimmy Graham missed out. She's more or even at right guard got knocked army and -- to trying to -- quicker it makes a big effort -- what you're what the unit. You know those weeks -- the pre season at the receiving games. You're -- play all time but you know you're prepared like a real game you're not rip it out. Our guys in. Franchise in sports -- franchise with Jules. We moved here a bit softer out. Went straight the Cowboys will be huge Cowboys -- secured. No but you could it be had been a fan you all you could own the same thing and distance yourself from a known. -- be hard to do. Yes they got out there that's what the -- is -- a as a little that's a little harder the games you know cause as you look at as a business but it's like amicable. You can be thing which caught -- your hand you don't -- business. Well there but there's a story that might explain what our pitching has been trajectory over at he's bad he's been as beer and advocate are really think he came in chi holding the straight four out of -- interest of key keeping that -- in this city. They had you know not so much as a football -- backers are there when he first saw the Saints in the uniforms what -- this quote was we got to get these courts we got. Well that I can say one thing through about missed the minutes in when they came me and I mean the bit him by any team in the amount of success they made it wasn't long ami thought about it in the eighties. When Guzman is sale went well I'm not sure yet I was dead date that was huge because of -- the things that you say thank you for the call. Has such a great background on what media you know -- it would with Minnesota as a player but I mean it. It would bears' franchise and he was a guy that was responsible for government you want to pretty good signing him and in. In all the front office is he -- different franchise and organizations. Missed the things at a great track record and that was. That's what. Made the Saints. Across the country. That OK they got a football team for the longest time it was almost like you know looks like all we play in the -- like a homecoming game. When was the piece came and -- to -- and they got -- dome patrol. Team when a playoff game but. They were for real you knew you local sort of bit depleted Sammy gave a lot of Pratt and of course now. -- DelHomme -- the effect and has taken it to another level this is sports -- and the ability on WW and welcome back to sports talk. Getting your take. On operated jaguar you blow it Jimmy Graham does appeal -- the number of makes decision. Should the Saints -- transcends to -- to a long term deal can't -- vote online at WW -- Dot com talked about if you could -- one. Professional franchise which franchise would you all will kick it up a notch in the next now the franchise. That you love to hate and I know here. In these sports it's a two hated race it's almost like down the stretch they come it's a photo finish. Between the -- was pause. In the dirty -- So maybe answer it and who's a third team capable of tuna Amir Kamal who do you least like is that and a all it's. Dallas and right. Or as someone else the ball though that into the mix to the team you just. Cain's pain -- Don't match get a free leather jacket if they gave -- Iowa and -- Which team. I'm Deke Bellavia 5042601872038668890. Rates him. And cast your vote online at WW dot com on operated jaguar opinion born to immigrant -- was the decision. Should the Saints -- trying to sign to a long term deal this is well on WW.