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Jul 8, 2014|

Deke talks to Director of the Tulane Sports Law Program Gabe Feldman about the stall in the sale of the L.A. Clippers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to Alabama three of sports -- I'm big ability -- -- came by BA Bears on vacation he'll be back with us. On Friday open lines is now a lot to get to -- up operated jaguar thing info -- Jimmy Graham appeals decision. -- the Saints. Still try and sign him to a long term deal you can can -- vote on line. At WWL. Dot com it's an update on the pole here in just a few moments -- we're talking also about. If you could -- one. Professional franchise a sports franchise woods' sport. Would you choose which team would you be -- and -- Would be yankees could be Saints. To be to pelicans no right or wrong reasons judicial thought to would you be a hands ball on all. Like. Jerry Jones. How would you be secure enough. And could you really are your favorite team. In equity in the -- And now we threw another. A little twist into the mix. As we talk about pro franchises. Saints fans football fans who you love to hate. I mean -- just the Falcons. Is -- Falcons in the -- Could you just narrow it down a -- in those it to eighteen to disdain -- Which team just gets on do you skiing in the most in 1260. Points and 86688. 08. Hate hate hate for amounts but seats aching arm movement -- wrong on this. And see the reason why there's hate there because of Frisco and Seattle. It was a good team. I mean. A team this sorry nobody hates. Do -- I -- really -- my style I hate the clip was now because they started winning and because of the two of eighty you don't. Donald's -- Why do you hated team in one and don't have to just be. Pro can be counts is somebody says Alabama wanna watch. Also Jerry Jones is a -- -- not a football man to the salary cap. Even the playing field in in did amazingly ha me. -- and Jerry Jones teams became simply am yeah -- The -- has certainly put a oh put somebody in their place -- was the kind of evens the ball in the revenue sharing as well. Deke it would be Atlanta Dallas and the Yankees. And -- -- And and Atlanta could not give you a ringing because they don't have -- -- -- -- quickness -- if he was a team that he won a championship. Could you tinkering from. -- not in why do you hate it is because they beat your team. I mean I don't think it was really -- sorry I mean come -- a sorry season. But I expect -- Sunday will be another tight game. As a me another tight game with the Saints in the final. And they were kind of all got our own reasons its arrival that's the saint rival you know different parts of some teams in pro sports have have more than one run. You know -- NFC east you know Cowboys Gretzky. And you get cowboy was in the Cowboys -- in nobody really likes -- outside them. I guess it to bed on mute bedlam but nobody will go away when -- get to the big -- First of the Patriots despise Tom Brady. He's a whining a cancer in the second will be. Accountable. You got that right -- to Dallas now pants and -- so let's hear what you have to say let's go to phone. Gary on line to hello -- Hey you don't need I'm doing fine how are you. Well good. The -- argument here follow locate. The Falcons -- And then the Cowboys. And then -- Seattle's did and you know kind of players -- incorrectly. And why you hate him and I don't. The Falcons and goes all the way -- do. You know first. -- -- in trouble with. And in order to upstage. The Cowboys and Jerry. Right flat -- I think Jerry Jones is part of it but I think people who hate Dallas they hated him way before Jerry Jones. I think I think if if this makes any sense I think Dallas. And Dallas fans. All more likely to hate Dallas now because of Jerry Jones because of the way. You know those overnight masters they caught it was went down when they got rid Tex Schramm and obviously the way they showed Tom Landry to dole. Yeah and then you kind of blah. He's gone about it Super -- Well in game I mean you know he's he's got to do within the rules so you know game due to Ramon. Like you -- you -- checkbook out. Yeah but I mean he can't I mean he's he's he's like every team has to give players within the cap. -- and being regular Khatami every team wants to get the best player so I don't I don't know that's -- -- that. Well but. It would it would state. To -- Only admitted there in a team and it in in the world it would -- that stadium. Oh on pretty good. In he had the -- -- -- -- And you know why he did day he's don't want -- given more national championship games than he's got big time boxing fights. He would bet that board that will be it already has that turner to be a great business move. Yeah sure so so it should sign the dry evening I was gearing. Oh and would go -- don't. Know how it out. A decade so. -- -- -- -- -- could could you all element in function properly you know your favorite team we -- think. As a business guy in that Jabbar. -- -- I got -- and I and that way you can do I mean I pockets he you do alone in. And I had to do did you go to games enjoyed it's just like Tom Benson. In and you know there's. Just had a right people and move by the way and just let him do what they do. I got a well I think historian sports people that have done that have had a the success I mean you're looking guys that are involved bowl and -- I'm sure there on in other sports also but we CJ Jones has -- -- list. I think Daniel Snyder. Is another I don't know how much more involved he is then Jerry Jones book he seems to be somewhat and its more involved in like the typical all his involvement. But they you know they really have a warning -- -- -- in alone tan well I don't know what that -- can help them but anyway Vick could hold on I want to thank you for calling Debbie did you know. Yeah. Yeah. And 10. Okay and and that's all. Yes I Cheney made it but they have -- -- front. And what you -- often a year. -- -- -- But. Yeah. So Q when you went out to the game -- they -- -- -- -- or. 00. So you week you went to the playoff game. Poll. And our. Guys. You know you -- did you go to the first meeting to logistically out. Good to play. But you. Are and our team. Currently -- honorable. -- to -- and it didn't. -- -- -- Argue Hewitt taking everything on you going and you pass somebody must -- to. I've got a guy who beat big do you think do you think the Saints should still try and sign Jimmy Graham to a long term deal if he appealed. Think -- ago. Yeah give it an -- you know to get it beyond this year you would always took a blow. You. Well opening Auburn -- Maloney here. All right -- where our. Audience out there I'm not posted yet thunder get a break -- -- -- -- -- less Jeffrey -- out GA. 260187866889. Busy right Sammy. A big ability it with the team you just Kane is paying you love to hate if it does a slam dunk. As the Cowboys in the fountains. And if so why and and they you know it's. I that you take any pleasure and seen -- -- -- -- You wanna do -- But you've got in the -- even if you're not doing well. You your team in Atlanta and Dallas and not go well. You do feel the -- Bill Belichick. Takes me 8787. This is WW. The I don't know -- show big fraud you know opening we don't need now the and you -- brick in the wall yes. He's releasing a new album in October and scoot by apart and talk about them last night. What banned from the past would you like to see you release a new out all Maine as can be a good topic what banned from the hands would you like to see -- in the it W. Economy. Would like this was it be easy. As -- -- which band artists are you most sorry you can't hear new music from. He's in the -- and -- to be used Pavano will also Colorado has already generate 24 million dollars in marijuana X. This year since legalizing recreational pot but emergency rooms it veterinarian. Emergency rooms event and reporting increase in people in its immediate because probably use. -- -- -- -- It's is emergency rooms and -- -- there reporting increase in people in its immediate because the popularly used. So I guess some don't know while a -- all of us to have that name is saying -- I've -- been used to with. Is that rumbles on the thing. You know males and that's -- -- maybe some of those. Washington State. Predicts a 190 million dollars in revenue over the next four years with so many seasons state broke is it time to legalize pot. All of that a small tonight on a school and chill and when he leads off with these famous top 88. Pushing boundaries on this guy away reaching 38 states and beyond week nights eight -- midnight on WW the loans we go. It's cool to. Charlie in -- hello Charlie. -- All right -- -- was cool where and then Greg and coach. I -- -- I know he's a good thing a little absolutely stunning. -- -- We needed. To. Be part it would be -- merry. Lord in all yeah. I would. Auburn in the the -- he loved to tell you digital phones have been embodied in -- and if he wanted there. That. -- See it. The other thing -- you know grew up love and Tom Landry. Yeah well -- just -- Love them and now that David. Jerry Jones bought the team and Arctic where it. Was on them the way he. Yet you know our our -- out -- did there was a great book awhile back on it it's called Thomas Landry the last the last cowboy. And they give in to. Is his wife and him and his family and look. I can understand why Jerry Jones wanted to clean house if it does no good time to do but that's a perfect time. And you know have had in Atlanta finish out of town side of it was will or turnaround we thought we had some people in place we we we just can't determine. You know Michael Irvin and but if he goes decent. Being near the test went to OK now I'm really not able -- you know he's still got these people here and now I can understand. But the way it was handled was horrible so I mean they blew demand as a family retreat at a golf golf resort somewhere would spamming -- -- people who know football. Coaches don't get away more. I mean they they don't give a wave my team when they do is put it and the they flew there on a -- vacation time to basically 10 AM not even tending to his face and -- he came back to Dallas in and they did it. That's I think that's that personifies what people think of Jerry Jones he may be in the eyes got. Looked eager coming in game puts me in my face in it would make a -- in the I don't know if he's in my eyes out -- not. I he's a successful businessman. He's won titles but the reason why a lot of people and end the I think the field they get -- Jerry Jones is more of the field the way he handled. Tom Landry immoral and -- him not. Exactly the Garko in the other team what does it do it it's the 49ers spirit they broke hearts -- -- how many. Now let's just say -- were backing Obama as he west. Where I want. -- the Saints could have a bad over for an announcement they would they would a once in Super Bowl coming here what are the Saints the Saints not only his second best team. In in in the NFC wins at -- hand several years they were the second best team in the NF fail. Because that's how strong in at the AFC west was but that was also how strong. The NFC was me -- and -- I mean now there's so many -- Minnesota put a warning. Philadelphia could've won it all our great state. -- -- -- mean it was a lot of teams that could one but they just couldn't get over it. -- but you're right. It is the only team whether the club our own. And I -- -- hand -- would not to do it does collect them mailbox money that the deal but just actually be direct about the yeah I'd like on the Yankees bottom line unit starting. He had -- -- day to day they got the second has payroll Allen though was in but they always make a ton of money this year I saw it yet. And I thank him and we appreciate his go to algerians. To Jeffrey hello Jeffrey. I different. Are there Duke blue and mambo. You're -- logo on the Yankees. I say I don't like the program mainly -- because that's our rival bright guy but my attitude -- that I really do not like. Other Cowboys disappeared. I don't like that we did. Ohno would use them right. And do not like the Carolina appear to expand. I think one of the most important moves in the history is Portis on them get and I'll say it's underrated overlooked. His went to extra ram negotiated. The Dallas Cowboys to be in the NFC east. And that was strictly done strictly done on media -- He was to EET he felt like in on the act the way asked me LA so far it's just like the Saints being in the NFC west. Mean there was a point in time where if you reviewed in a -- realignment and there would have been different divisions but. He sold in the NL the Wall Street don't have a feature on his every is -- how he negotiating tactic if in the -- in the east. And take advantage at that point in time you know winning in FAO -- It is -- market is always a flight -- an -- when you started reaching peak when you start to gain popularity and yet there's been on in clarify an awful long time. But some late sixties and -- -- seventies and -- the cal because that was the pack early and the success of the Cowboys in love him hate him. They're playing Washington plain knew you all their play and opt for the death day in day in AFC east in New York media market. And they won't TV the majority of time and that's off. In those cheerleaders got known worldwide and -- I mean that was just a hell of a move. They -- -- You brought another group of people -- ago like in at the -- Really now why you don't like to -- Well -- -- debate between -- -- used to be -- I've gotten you must be you -- young he was -- in the -- Yeah I got yeah. As from the Packers say they will go up against the four and I hit a what does big beat them once or twice and they thought that. They kind of took over the role who would who would be up next against Dallas and and they assume in a row before they got the -- Google. Right in the Packers are always like he which he knows every -- you know -- At. What was that group that way in the that'd be the -- beat up on my crap please do so. I got I've got -- different -- different man I'm glad -- -- in here. Thank you so much for the time Gabe Feldman the director of sports law at -- university. Will be what is next. WW -- that these 632 was have a first news we'll go to Jim hands so when you wanna talk about sports law there's no one better no more qualified in a guy who is not a hot commodity by the big networks out there. Gabe Feldman director of -- sports law program gave thank you so much will be had a great. Our fourth of July Donald Sterling now -- -- BA's exit to sell a France asked for a record two billion dollars. But there's a few roadblocks in the way just simple question what is holding off. The sale of the LA Clippers. Well right now it's as Donald Sterling hanging on in the I didn't and. At different patent or other probate court a lot and don't Donald -- is trying to argue. That it light did not they're right -- on the need to be a bomber to go out. And one that are the obvious -- it's resolved. In papers they're -- and we hit in the elbow -- certainly true about him -- We've got resolve despite it in the sterling family they'll they'll want that resolve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gave -- now. Long and drawn out are up. Is there a timetable it is their lack of when you say like okay. Do you leave call one day could it be something that may be Eckstein and this -- long time where these could linger into the start of next year. Well -- -- in -- in this case a -- and any. Then we're talking about something that it linger into the evening next season. -- -- -- now on a limb here and that this is hitting it pretty quickly that it gets it -- that recognizes that. -- Is urgency here and McCain needs to be in and the at all or some. When and it didn't panic got beat by the -- and a -- and limited it to be pretty quickly it'll be any moderate plate now owning winning. And he said that. So telling didn't have the power itself change because he was competent big debate at the power. Did they beat a team umpire. Randy BA will likely talk sportsmen so -- And it's pretty -- adults aren't gonna bite out body -- -- seek an injunction and that dictate the but I legal battle -- -- to get along I think you look likely scenario is the cherry thrilling win. I'm here to coordinate and get built a bomber that we can trigger on the. Gabe Feldman is hospice against the director of tooling sports law program getting on the Donald sterling -- in the sale of LA Clippers -- the holdup there also. The NFL -- all gone concussion related a soup it's going on judge -- need to Brodie. Giving preliminary okay -- NFL because of sentiment around a 670. Million. Mark was was the settlement and all of the years and all the people they have I guess I'd have to be a part of this suit. Gave it seems like on a small amount of money especially you think about. Not just attack is in there ATT universities won't depart is DirecTV for 44 billion and the one. That one contingency on that deal being consummated and gone through. Easiest eighteenth tee to get the NF go to Rio -- it ticket if they don't they don't have the purchase DirecTV in both sides agreed to that. So 670. Meehan is is there an opportunity. To increase that it doesn't seem like a lot of money when you factor in all the players and what's at stake. It can make it here wanted the amount of money compared to not -- or make and that number -- -- in striking given that -- BA. -- thirty billion dollar a year industry in that decade. Apparently it well and make it in like they're a lot gear out around Emery. I'm what these guys have been injured then -- second group. And the tactic a big 75 million cap to the settlement up until last week. People that out that you pop who had a 4500 named plaintiffs right now and it only -- former pro player. And that frequent the while. These four players being tight and it's the public speaking you know thirty at thirty or brains or check that you outside that UT. And it people haven't spent the dementia alzheimer's. And it's going to be generally. The company is no way that it standards that we partner are almost more players. At a particular project that when you rejected that initial battle. -- that geography how that money can talk about it for prior and that didn't you settlement with the Jets did get the -- I'll preliminary -- definitely. As -- okay. And it doesn't think he'll go pick 135 million but there a cap on the -- -- that it be paid out. What their cap I don't know how much each player and get an early detonated by. What she played out though we get mail that he'd get a ticket package by Atlantic yards yet it's come up to three million at the -- DP about four million that cap it now but you don't oval cap and how much indicate. And that's that's a that's going to be like -- -- by case basis in and eat each player right. Right -- -- to iron out to prove that. Whatever night it might be on an anemic in Monte. Now now Adriana out of -- -- -- -- your -- today so would you say. What -- might be is would that be the the defenses sag a bit eat it this is this is what our doctors all to be to prosecution sat on it. -- -- Who could who decides like -- of the case 'cause I mean you know it's almost like. You had a CD set of doctors that is it designated by the judge as far -- who could back out to. Indeed it about it settlements who have to make that final -- -- operation and under what guidelines. And it also in double -- Bit shorter plate yeah I told you all the way you don't get. But it isn't the only -- like -- it's something else culture problem. And it schori played more like it's coming -- about that problem the numbers like -- without that -- -- Might be higher than they actually are when they get it out. Is that one complaint by a lot of former players that it's -- too difficult then to get their money and it's not going to be enough money to pick their actual problems I think the biggest complaint is. The players or former players who don't have diagnose. Alzheimer's parkinson's or LS. They're not doing anything other than reimbursement about the call. But that that should be -- might -- a fair number of players opt out of his element continues -- Gave him a -- the two -- sports law program as a Spanish guess I gave -- I would imagine things have gone on Osama but take me through the fall. Class takes an in and someone I'm sure -- classes is hard to. Outs in game two but then as -- -- a waiting list how how to use ball all game from a guy who -- -- obviously like sports have been in sports but. -- -- -- people who come up to class that you really ought not in the sport but they just want to know the loss side of it. What how do you jumping in and it is there a certain format you go about people who wanna be agents they come into the program ticket to the student it in there. Yeah well then I went out and law school I was in the middle of the game player ever ordered an agent and I think that you know the -- being there -- want to general manager. I am more more into cup -- so not that does the fact that flop but the general manager and their favorite -- and the people who wanna be lowered their era relief. And now -- that he laid it up that leaderboard is out there. But it's a much smaller number that he beat delegate and people at the sport sparked -- about sports -- -- -- -- the -- -- And a great thing about it a lot and really believe the learned I think that's -- pop. At a lot of great opt out there and -- you can tell me back multibillion dollar industry but it spoke cookbook out so while that might be a lot of doubt out there a couple of. Gave did you did you get drawn to what you do. From the loss out of Indian sports how was it sports that drew Utah law. It was a combination. A lot more down -- -- blocked interpreted won a combined with their. And I think a lot a lot inside -- that the ball a lot and it really enjoyed aggregate but it it it's a great way yeah understandably that. Sports work the relief work with the team at work they didn't understand the -- -- hard to understand why I believe it came at the limit. He is the director of Tulane University sports law program gave filming gave -- folks Cuba with you on Twitter. At sports -- -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the time we'll talk again soon. All right Gabe Feldman folks in the you know during the NFL long lockout and when a big negotiations. He -- can be seen being quoted at the highest of highs web sites. At the biggest TV station's biggest radio stations. NFL network it was almost like he was a resident there on a -- now he what he says it is it is is that legit and the truth thank you so much -- I'm Deke Bellavia here as it takes the ADI hate thing and welcomes the -- every damn cheaply. Now don't know what their favorite team number two -- -- -- Number three the Falcons can't think -- with the seasons on the same thing. The cowboy cal girl up because -- I'm rob -- favorite team. The Laker its because all my -- level. On the foreign not just the effort aspects have been kicking off book I think he's somewhat doubt it. He is one of a Packers fan polite -- go all the only major -- team all by the thing. Anybody can buy a share a class organization this is an annual contender. Proud to be a -- Just to all one's shape he's -- -- accomplished and Tim thank you so tears it takes that was I was three with -- talk about the night as well as. You can here album most of the from a ban. Now and new album as -- were banned from the past I would like to hear news from. It would be cool. I'm Deke Bellavia 26018786688908. Sammy this is sports talk you're listed at WW -- Boy you can always tell via passion. And the about anything especially sports I'm sitting in their recapping the Germans win over the Brazilian team seven Dejuan. And it is initial public does that mean. It's a long haul -- -- once every four years can you imagine if they it was a soup bowl just once every four years. I mean that's basically what this is Sam here and there would assure them Brazil with the LaSalle defeated but. How that makes it any easier seven Dejuan instruments and also to -- that's the worst loss -- the Brazilian team World Cup history the most goals scored. By a team in the semi found which was seven so the German's move own two. The championship game the World Cup final here is -- takes -- I hate the Patriots most of all a balance of crybaby -- He. How about crybaby but I think they they -- they have earned at least a course that time I don't know it's so off. As a -- cheating. Kind of at least Faldo when you -- because of what took place and had taken. The Rams practice. And when you do that. If it was fair. But it's it's. The reason why teams don't charge a mission. To camp practices. Because if they he would be in the they could be illegally taped. And best at that press. Meaning if somebody charge X amount of dollars in going to watch a practice when you're going if ailment -- -- somebody you. That's what I call -- they -- free and over to the -- But when they filmed. Someone thing home that yesterday shady. You know it wasn't like somebody who worked in the dome filmed it in -- total you can have it. They had somebody in place. When a Rams practice here in New Orleans during the Super Bowl. You may take to. And same thing with the deal with you know -- guests in the signals from the Jets. But. I don't know if they have. If enough time pants the statue limitations and not be considered. -- -- in in Baltimore without a better knowledge of that of course that is union. Would be more. -- If your best suited to. That's ticking and on top priority tag -- opinion poll and we are asking you if Jimmy ray Graham appealed the decision of -- the Burbank. Should the Saints steal try and assign him to wait long term deal. As to what to slam down 74% of you saying yes they shoot 26% you are saying you know they should. Can you vote online. At WWL. Dot com. 2601878668. Statement mutiny in the franchise. You just can't stand the most I've heard Seattle or San Francisco some -- at the Patriots but mostly his mean and and a and lesbian. Down. Next now we'll get into mold of what college. Football programs. Total revenue. From last year. And the with -- them value. And you know you may be surprised its -- This is -- of the 2013. Years that the finances total revenue told experiences. Subsidy. To the -- of subsidy. So all and that is a lot of SEC teams have been out of the big programs so we'll get into that. And yes -- that much if you don't like Dallas the state at Texas the hop on the list. As another program. It is unbelievable amount of of a fan base and also support the University of Texas at Austin. I'm -- ability at 5042601872038668890. Rates him at this is sports talk on WW. Are I want more out of total reset at table put everything in the -- And said they'd -- table. To have a rapid fire around. The -- you don't know where I would talk about so -- like you've -- -- talking in general talked to as well. That -- Copy here what brother school will be talking about tonight also in the morning with Tommy token Galarraga gets excited I got he's ability that he's a course -- -- But Agassi here and see what Tommy. In Garland and -- everybody else to talk about. And that economy today do you would you talk about it -- comment don't you know. Just like a conversation in -- on are any of those sweet tea and eliminate the coffee some -- -- -- that's the -- albeit etc. Little Annapolis -- -- more power to go to be entertaining you wanna hear commute takes me 8787 email as a big TP WWO. Dot com -- pick up the phone call. 866889087. -- painful this is WW.