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7-8 7:10pm Sports Talk: Most Hated Teams

Jul 8, 2014|

Deke talks to WWL listeners about the team you hate the most.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and thank you office stick around for the final now sports talk. On the east Tuesday eighth day of July 2014. -- ability -- -- -- by the Bears on vacation he'll be back with us. All on Friday a lot to -- two and had its say in the -- surprising actually his agent has met with the Suns. And the Mavericks and other teams and make -- and now LeBron the first basketball or he will meet will be Pat -- tomorrow in Los Vegas. And and gives him decide where they go from there -- LeBron is seriously thinking about. On somewhere else. Vacated the basketball expert we talked to sit he'll probably do a two year deal that way he can wait and see what happens the next couple years mean the Lakers in New York. We'll have more money. And is -- traditional or say traditional. As much as new -- and is classified as you know the the highest value franchise which they are. Don't have a lot of history. They really don't they got some greats. They've got some guys in an intern and I'll find some of the greats ever. But that was a long time ago. So you know he could wind up going mail one day or another stalling announced only to go to and win a title win one title. And will be royalty. Would be like. Willie Joseph winning. One title but will be loyalty because of relax relax since they -- to 371. To an early seventy's that's it. The vehicle into the finals twice since the nanny for -- then. -- -- So you know at that is what to look man it's at Baltimore when they had a lot of titles like Chicago or LA. In New York will be a landing spot. Do you think LeBron would seriously consider leaving Miami and I'm not knock in Miami. But from what I saw. You know Granger is a good -- I'm Matt Roberts is a good pick up all the should bands Napier who lucked out with the best player in the tournament this year is a great draft pick. But I don't see I don't seeded team beaten San Antonio. Policy team beat Oklahoma City. I'm maybe they might match up better with the Clippers. But. They don't have to do it. The Big Three going at the play better than a beard and making it because as a disperse the and I don't Spurs -- happy. But there's no way it's hard it it's very hard to put behind you the one that got away. And they could be look at that. Six titles in back to back championships. That's how close they -- But we'll see. I don't think LeBron has a better chance anywhere else. Unless he would have liked. I don't know don't Spurs. -- pace is awesome I liked it's already a hot here. Contending team but those teams the -- how to reach it. His best chance priority give back to the finals is with Miami. But although they were in the final that's up the gap. Between him and his -- -- -- -- it's -- award Dallas the only team to close it down to a seven game series in the postseason. Operated jaguar -- your photos online at WW dot com. Asking you if Jimmy Graham appeals decisions should the Saints still try and -- between long term deal. Cast your vote online at WW dot com soda pops and you were saying yes 25% you are saying now. If you could all one. Sports franchise. Which franchise would you -- And why. Could you pick a sport you don't know much about. But you know how to run a business. I think he can be successful like that I don't think it has to be you pick and a team or sport that you loved one like. At the actual model of business. -- -- you look at how your business and well you know those with the business class in the past two. On business in college. You know there's certain certain levels of differences of -- -- businesses and what was date you know each entity isn't that type of business but. That overall model you can follow. That would be success. A lot of people who -- in sports business. -- Scott in the sports background but they went into business so you may be a guy that runs a great business and -- wrong. A sports Francesca I would think you will be caught up with someone. To. Be able to successfully -- a franchise that it's their favorite team. I really would. Could you could you. You know on in a way might be bay might be caught -- TV news both the so that's in the mix and the team of France -- you just can't explain. It don't matter he wanna see them. Like for instance. The city of I'm like going to Atlanta haven't been awhile with that every SEC team in two games this autumn breeze played the -- and omni. I like to -- in Atlanta. -- minicamp of -- On and against the Hawks I -- like the Hawks. When it down and he spoke where they dot Rose tree around. And the Braves. Era -- a breeze when you first get cable. Ted Turner. But the Braves on a -- Just like in these parts we got cable I'm sure it was the same about them on the or shall. WG NS Chicago TV land. And TBS. Superstation who's at 32 I think maybe before gotten to now is 24245. To 47 at a time and it works. TNT and TBS. But watching the Cubs in the eighties and Andre Dawson Samberg you know teams. When -- was and him watch it. Dale Murphy in Atlanta -- Talk -- them watching them and it wasn't that I knew a lot about them but they grew a market. In different areas. Because they won't TV -- I mean they used it. I want to say a couple of seasons. They hated every Braves game on TV that's a bet that's -- -- -- -- -- TBS in the city -- sports franchises. Two things brought that an intimate scene and the NBA. The Braves. And wrestler. He had rest. And he'd pat people watching those network and -- and you see these other -- now. At a started out and they give people a lot by south 51 -- A few years back he was always only am and -- of -- -- -- with an eight they got hockey. And of course -- -- that it is now in DC sports there's actual sports cable channel but that's tidy cats have rebuilt their network. Already three sports. Did term it gate TV empire. It was on the Braves. It was on grass than any got a team BAD. In -- regular season me from -- sees the game with Justin -- with over. A pain in all sports TV is what they do it's ID be Ernie Johnson check. Charles and Kenny Smith. But that's how we -- -- there and adequately that he ball. He bought the classic part in -- and all of that from Lewis -- the wins all the great classic movies he has -- -- -- but that's that was found. So what sports franchise. Would you like to -- in one. And which one -- cain's pain no matter what -- 60 point 7868. 890 -- him he is one I don't like LA issue because they are Texas and -- big trials since the short -- ballplayers anymore. Aggies who has a tiger for Thanksgiving. -- and well. They may this Thanksgiving. And they might but I've always been one hand you talk noise. When you can't -- -- In LSU. Has beat -- in the last two years. In College Station. And -- bad routes. Always Jon -- -- horse of moments ever in college football uniform. This issue in November in Tiger Stadium. Against the other issue -- shut them down shut him down so. As you may be a bigger crowd and I think LSU fans appreciate David robbery to. But you have no room to talk no none whatsoever in ACC -- 02 and it's a time that you look at the Cotton Bowl. You all three he is detecting other NFL team players have this many problems -- player contracts yes. There's not really a problem it's more business and our. The Saints going to get a bad reputation but we don't do not sign a great players quickly tried to say might notice happens all the time big time. Contract negotiations. -- the teams and it's that is not a bad reputation. Because. The Saints have signed a lot of those guys to Max deals. Ball made him highest paid to -- in the course of the last few years. Jerry and McCain has paid -- -- golf when he was open is the Drew Brees became -- quarterback highest paid player in the league now Jimmy grandstand to become the highest paid hiding him. So. I don't think that's a fair ticked off fair assessment of the use and like that you bad reputation with the the Saints have become a destination. Where players want to call. And -- because they they like the system. And that is -- Outside look at you as one thing the word of mouth I think the Saints -- franchise that weren't enough the players that like ownership. They like being here they love the fans they love the CD. And they went. You know five -- last eight seasons call to the playoffs than in 1113. For last five seasons and -- So success stand in the numbers like this that you all -- to -- it is -- 260 points and the 8668890. Rights in the text me and 8787. And now we -- -- looked at as a told you take some college numbers. This is in -- revenue. Total revenue. In NCAA finance USA today released there's this the 2013 a few weeks back. Texas leads in revenue was not close -- you have to look at the revenue and X axis. And that's where. Am. Alabama. Take the -- Texas total revenue 165. Made it. Less 146. Mean -- mean that's a plus nineteen. We come by expenses Wisconsin aren't a 49 mean in revenue 146 and expense the football driven -- a good sports at -- basketball all the programs. Alabama wondering -- 43. Million. In revenues -- less. Won sixteen in experiences -- with Tony -- So you outside the look at what's been -- -- -- universe the it would speed too and Alabama's ousted -- and success. And -- football on us success in football with some of the of the program we'll -- -- saw both played at a high level. Basketball started off good that they've made in baseball at Goodyear. So they miscue and is it for Ohio State is it five from a Florida Oklahoma LSU. 117. In revenues of 105 minutes -- at the wanna publicize it D'Amato always to me in on the plus side. So college. Football programs college athletic programs. Are huge. All he did indeed it has shown a replay here on -- Germany and Brazil game. A match and in a span of like six maintenance. They just they shut the door on losing. It was like 10 to twenty minute mark and now one and and many markets found out they did dominated them. I mean at that point then you can ally who would have thought the -- rats they face. I guess you can look at it from a standpoint they were down five -- At the morning and 45 mark. 42 more. And the rest of way the only game of two gold if he can put a positive spin it from that standpoint. Back to the Texaco takes an 87870. I don't like LSU seems like every year they have two or three players it's over with hello. -- well our programs. I had players that are in trouble. Alabama has had Tom Flores and so -- and so -- He obligated -- -- TV's we see in the no you're right idea but. My plot was his -- Superstation would today's call to the station TBS and TNT. He built those two stations those two networks. On sports. With baseball debris it was wrestler in the enemy's press -- a full Losman. Ric Flair that that's harassment. And it was in the end -- now. He'd be able to -- Bible for. 260 point 7038668808. -- me is the number to get involved peak in this -- -- Dallas Atlanta. And New England. -- in the seventies and eighties hate the Cowboys in d'antoni. The -- beat steal big steal a thank you for the next text -- 87870. I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk annual listening to Debbie did you know. RI tomorrow morning. With Tommy -- Tummy tuck as gray day in day of reckoning -- -- cents should the fall temerity. Would be better punish him in jail. Put in the work in public service. Russell to a real dark at best to appreciate -- being -- about it -- church -- priest told it was a problem and as we've been under the flow. Should he be forced to testify now. Dioceses it would break the sacred seal of confession. Do you used to go to a pinch. And Tommy took him on the Obama administration and congress four billion bucks to deal with. Immigrants fleeing Central America into the USA. What you have at it and now. How do you draw the line between humanitarian crisis and securing the ball. The man has already exceeding supply. As the illegal sale hobby in Washington State. Would you trap -- if you will lead if not wanna. What if you didn't have to smoke. Went up and feel good. The thing that I -- -- -- thought about pot Wickham feel good with Thomas took weekday mornings from 6 AM. But the -- me you know that was talked about this issue the Super Bowl -- -- and both. Looking into the medical marijuana use I would do you know how it would help. And the and an athlete T take it as it becomes more legal if it because more legal. At that will be something that they looking to eventually the economy not close the door own. Think that independently correct stance on that. Will explore. That's a statement today that's -- finance and our -- -- fly but I guess we'll have to wait and see. What's sports franchise. Would you all if you could 01. Which would would you -- in one looking at the numbers here. In the NBA. The massive Oregon company. Owns the New York Knicks. They are currently valued. At. One point four million dollars. One point forced Q. Although a billion. That. Is not in the top point of most valued teams. In professional sports. Most viable sports teams franchise in the world the top three go to soccer Real Madrid 3.3 billion. Man you Manchester United three point 16 million in Barcelona at two point six made. The highest. Team in. American professional sport to New York Yankees 2.3 buried. The Dallas Cowboys two point one -- thought about a New England Patriots at one point 63. -- Most on the back in the top 2013. Through when he are NFL teams. Now. Looking at average teams and numbers. This with tennis I got the -- so much you -- the phone ground. It is. The franchises. That are worth the least. According to Forbes an NFL novel on the Oakland Raiders 825. Million. Number two -- Jacksonville Jaguars 840. Buffaloes 870. Saint Louis 875 Detroit 900. Cincinnati that's wonderful Atlanta that 33. San Diego 949. And Arizona and I'm 61. The Saints are at hand and a little will be. Point 004. -- the New Orleans pelicans. Are considered to be at 420. Million. The team was ball by Tom Benson in April 2012 for 340 mean. Mean our Minor League Baseball teams I think the Sacramento team -- got a -- -- those look amigo. They want to -- a minor league team. Or in the -- -- 38. Million dollar rains in Sacramento River cats at thirty may have -- said the year. New Orleans that was what the point point point five million so -- you some. Different numbers out there but the average worth of NFL teams -- one point 17 billion. NBA 634. -- that's a point 5% from matches or big increase as probable on -- even more because. Of the sale of a clip when it is finally on if you -- there on. It is going to be a -- two billion dollar. Major League Baseball. 811 -- -- and it's worth of a team in the NA TO is four under and thirteen me. You be -- a very exclusive home of a very exclusive neighborhood depending on your neighborhood or. In the Major League Baseball association the NFL you know the NA TO. Or. The NBA. The pretty jaguar opinion -- Jimmy Graham appeals of the season and I don't handful of days now. Today is the eighth. Got to the ten. And in the fifteenth as the next biggest day that is the day Saints -- that long term deal in place or put the tag on Jimmy Graham. If Jimmy Graham appealed the decision. Was done by. Arbitrator Stephen Burbank if he's that -- -- should the Saints do you try and sign him to a long term deal it is operated at warp -- youthful. At WW dot com where 74% you are saying yes. And 26% of you are saying now. He's 601 in 78668890. Writes him Ian Rapoport. Got into 'cause -- -- it takes me an answering questions. What does this mean what is that tag means get a tag him again next year it would rights as he -- would he be able to sit out how long was at four. Ian rabbit ball was now winners of NFL network and red -- on Twitter and I asked him those questions you want me to ask him the we got a little more. Educated in explain to us what. Is pending forthcoming on the dates in the team Jimmy Graham and the things you talk -- finished. Ian Rapoport joins us now he and grace in the to be back -- this again this week Ian thank you so much for the time. I did Jimmy Graham situation and let's say dead. The Saints slapped a tag on him and he plays this year. For the seven million dollar range with it takes is. What does that do moving forward for 2015. In all what rights would Jimmy have and what what -- the Saints do. Well OK first of all it's it's Jimmy Graham and injured not able to work out a long term deal by July 16 and they. You know and obviously he's gonna have to seven million dollar franchise tag at the tight end -- there's no guarantees that he shows up and is their starter -- and I don't think it's as simple as you know they get in the crowd and -- making sure that that plays I think opening day. Very very serious. -- complicated decision about whether to show up or not and. Essentially out to be with this team that. Though I'd just testified against him in an arbitration here I think that so. I think that's a decision that we don't know Jimmy Graham answer. But it's -- one that I think we need prepared seriously pay attention to but they're -- question. You know they -- They can try again you know after this year obviously it's note it's no longer feel like -- fifteenth after I've been here. -- could tag him again. You know a half million. And try to do long term deal then yeah. Or they can just say you know what -- now -- that. And let -- be free agent but you know Jimmy Graham. Has writes in his rights are so not sure a lot on the -- separate you know they're right trees that are essentially all the player hostage this franchise back. So in other words even if they put the tag army does have additional that's that's tone of the MLB around the seven little over seven million. And they can put another and they can put another tag on him next year for over eight in the right correct. Right contacts so let's say Jimmy Graham just for the sake of our military decides not to shop bunt sign and he does -- Logan Mankins did with the Patriots. Couple years ago Jimmy Graham base leash have to show up by. The -- -- mildest season week nine or ten okay get an accrued year toward free agency and potentially make sure this year count. They would get paid a pro rated salary -- they could. And again. The following year -- and again wonder he's gonna. Show up for not into the for the Patriots and Logan Mankins. I needed -- perhaps the year and then it finally did a long term deal. The next off season. 'cause they -- so valuable he was in that they it is certainly something to monitor. It to say that the play. Let's say eight games without Jimmy Graham what does the offense look and -- -- bad. Then all the sudden the momentum in negotiations -- to embark. On -- In -- board as our special -- is sodium basically in and a handful of days -- of the tent in the fifteen we're gonna learn a lot about this situation. Oh yeah we -- gonna really gonna learn you know almost everything about the situation because. You know it is they do long term deal. The same -- those things one under Jimmy Graham watched Duke they do long term -- and basically it's over. You know show up they'll be happy. And that's the end the issue you know and and in triple the next tie it and slash receiver. Won't take shifting to arbitration and and exercise court. But if they don't too long term deal and really only getting started didn't -- -- as usual for camp doesn't start the season that you shop open all. What is the Saints offense look like without them all of those issues on become very very real. -- is there any -- -- that let's say he does what you're view you bet he could do is not like natural two week nine OT and get dead of a coupon and of course of course. -- -- -- -- Off the fans obviously but dean if you talk about the offense struggling on not as productive as any kids in here. In offense is as productive as it was before when he was here in the mean it's still like. Well you know it's about that point in time so it is still to this deal an opportunity like they were better -- him there without him let's make this -- had. -- and I think Iraq like let's say -- -- the incumbent circle at the same without them. They showed up and do a great band I think the -- -- faced with the prospect of paying him. No more than ten million a year maybe eleven million. Per guy that changes in the offense and I think about point. You know the Saints would would probably realize -- It's an extra couple million a year but he's worked because we got happen in that match really you know it's -- it's so not a great situation for the -- to that at the Shell out extra money. But at that point it will be -- that not only single market which space on the alternatives. NFL media and -- out of foul him at rap sheet -- Ian Rapoport also applaud of NFL network and NFL total access. It's on the NFL network at -- -- PM Monday through Saturday Ian always a pleasure. Thank you so much for the time and as we get closer looked into the fifteenth will look ticking with. Our. Herbert thank you very much -- that was from the 0:5 o'clock now Ian Rapoport and you know what's interesting news. Asking him about you know we just think it's this year discount like them kind of a what GMs -- not just this year and that's why I'm a token Andrew Brandt. Was a in the front office at the Packers during the negotiations for Brett Favre deal. As -- last big deal with the Packers. And and ask -- BC you know the France asked today. Is the ultimate to Fuji. Because it was this place. It's in place and I think sometimes. I'm like I must say I like you to the fan says -- It's an increase in pain. It's just a one year deal. And it's you know it's 77 million but from the other side that -- the players look at it. A lot like -- to commit to me at all. More guaranteed money stability. Dislike it your your current job -- -- explain it -- whatever you do if you had. I don't know 34 year deal and so -- was guarantee. I still got to work. And you could be fired any time. But what is guaranteed it's it's. It's like we you know I guess -- peace of mind more than anything you know more than anything and that's that's the same thing look -- I mean I hear you when people say well. Was enough not to get paid a lot of money. But you know -- look at it it's its debt market. It's their marketing it's this. You know sometimes something is worth a lot more. Than other times -- right now NFL as a campaign more than they have a hand. In making guaranteed more money. In -- -- before what -- steal not up to like what baseball and basketball and hockey gear on the when they sign in name more than Don Imus guaranteed. Every cinema is guarantee so -- guy like Amare Stoudemire is going to be what the cut -- pay players this year who came off the bids to New York. Last year 22 point three million dollars. Awhile awhile why would he take that -- while he take a settlement now if guarantee he's been no reason idea what to help the team. You know money is guaranteed. Coming out that there's been great to get to business. That's no different in teams. Getting players that's why a lot of teams I think the -- as it has to beat how many young younger players can win with players -- a -- -- -- first rookie contract. If we can get the most bang for our -- and you may sound again. And at any position they -- -- tremendous amount of -- Bundchen that gaining proceeded to wise as much bang for your book and you may be way anymore. But it's their first contract in what you game. Like Jimmy Graham McNamee his contract is first contract and lead the league. In receptions. -- -- touchdown receptions that's a lot of bang for the book whereas now you give gave -- the book -- on a couple of L team won a championship. But he's going to be any higher -- as well he should be I think it would be -- the pretty jaguar paid you -- If Jimmy Graham appeals decision should the Saints do try and sign him to a long term deals sports headlines Germany all over -- Seven to one -- in the World Cup semi finals a lot of history there today the worst loss ever -- received by Brazil. The most. Goal scored by a team in semi final action and Germany's bombs in two on nova. Moral -- On the -- -- expected to meet with pet right tomorrow in Las Vegas the bronze agent has met with several teams including the Suns. The Lakers and the Mavericks. And you say LeBron just panel meeting with other teams I don't know about that. Pat Riley is such. A coup calm. And solid businessman. I think this is all. All what he knows to -- And he -- with Cologne. Boy am I want to retooling here and now soccer and mean. The passion I mean executes. On Tebow ran. It really you know even if you don't know anything about soccer I don't know -- It does give you rest -- if you do do that the respected people all that intense tour. And they they have that passion about it in any -- paying you you parallel the passion you have for your team or your sport. If you have their passion for sport or team was certainly someone else can. Today without -- they reclaim now at halftime -- up 10 to twenty minute walk and in the span -- about man and a half minutes they scored four goals the -- win. Seven to war. A big Bellamy was a sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. I'm Deke Bellavia. Now a lot. Coming up on tomorrow's program as we get ready for the college football's the historic. College football season the first of the four team playoff. Fall -- Alabama great national champ coach. Greg McIlroy will be worth the talk about his debut in the SEC network predictions the SEC. And now he's days at LSU coach former LSU coach and Alabama coach Nick Saban and Ramon talk Saints beat writer for the advocate. The bases take on Jimmy Graham just six days left. Talk about him getting a long term deal and a data. At -- tomorrow on him being able to make the -- And LSU. For the Tigers have what it takes to win the SEC in 2014. And -- and national championship. All that the -- program. Will go to Alabama will go to Oxford book oldest dog Ville Georgia and we'll talk Oklahoma the top rated teams top teams pre season -- has -- to be. This season and those top teams if you look at the top three. And unless I am in no particular order it is about it provides pre season top three is Alabama Oklahoma and Florida State. Some have Auburn out there. Some say you UCL a could be that -- All in the top spot so will preview that we'll talk about some comfortable getting low educated tomorrow it would take this you know -- Tommy when you go get all those college football magazines so -- Would take this opportunity tomorrow to preview the college football season coming up next -- by the scooped. Pink Floyd announced they're releasing a new album in October. What banned from the past would you like to see release a new album and what to ban Hornets are you most sorry you came here new music. Queen and The Beatles -- all of us -- scooped. And pro gun control group led by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is starting a campaign to survey senate and house incumbents and candidates. To find out how they feel about gun control issues. The group hopes to count on the NRA's political and would you vote for or against a candidate because of their stance on gun control. The -- show pushing boundaries on this highway 1838 states and beyond week -- eight until -- All right I look at. And our final pretty jaguar numbers of our poll follows -- in my shift it Jimmy Graham appealed the decision to the Saints try and sign to a long term deal. Sammy for the city you say yes 26%. Of -- say no I thank you for participating. In operating -- opinion poll tomorrow on the program can the Tigers. Win the SEC. And who will win the national. Championship. But I is on the -- -- Tigers in the pelicans go to WW OO dot com thanks almost a gym and so all in the news. Also Balkman on Steven gala Kristy -- Tebow they've gone -- sports team. And the lovely -- grants and -- is up next on the Bolivia talk out of the bottom -- from 48 PM on sports talk on WW.