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Jul 8, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome to our show on this Tuesday night's among other things tonight to talk about Pink Floyd getting back together. To do would do well. Some this materials can be from previous recording sessions the Pink Floyd will be releasing new album coming up in October. Is deployed tonight he -- about Pink Floyd getting next -- for this new album you can read it this year with the others. It's on our website -- advocate will not count. I have to admit I was that a huge Pink Floyd fan what when I was growing up there's a band from the sixties and seventies. And is there a young disc jockey to music radio here in the world and so remember playing severely. But it -- -- the seventies always respected him but I was an acute conflicting. But to those who are big people fans this is really great. But when I heard what he -- them back together to do is do well. -- -- -- -- In October I couldn't help but think of the other things that we would love to see come back together so we'll be talking about that tonight in our top -- and eight. It's time for tonight's top later date here -- the top three things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. It's mosquito season you probably didn't need me to tell you that I. It was a -- and I'm dating lives in in just hands and you -- -- but -- her house at nights on the weekends. The mosquitoes are. Horrendous I just it's just it's amazing how many mosquitoes there -- in certain areas of of of this general. Area and and generally speaking there -- no mosquitoes downtown. And I guess it's that there's dolby stagnant water or were there are desperate to win I don't know it dispute is don't hang out downtown. But here a couple of interesting things and I found out about mosquitoes and so you might learned this just gets you to know that -- it's biting you just a little better. Of the mosquito species that do bite humans and they all don't bite humans for all of the species that bite humans. Only the female mosquitoes -- And a female mosquitoes are attracted to the blind. For the protein to aid there egg production. So it's nice to know. That does little suckers are getting are blinded because they need to produce eggs so they can produce more mosquitoes. To buy more of us. Research also shows that female mosquitoes prefer men. Over women. And adults. Over children. And it is true it's not just a myth but it is true that pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitoes. Because they give off more heat. And carbon dioxide. I just thought you needed to know that some think about all of that the next time a mosquito likely get really is it's it's part of the it -- part of the whole mosquito animal kingdom. They bite us. They suck the blood it produces eggs and and they they bite us again and I'm sure you have the same memories that I do. When I wish I'd be a teenager and yeah dating candidate be parked at the Lakefront. There'd be unity quiet and he'd be making out or maybe to be a little music playing as a president usually quite quiet. And you'd hear the buzz of that mosquitoes. Mean Alison you're -- else to make any real noise so you'd hear the device is just the out of the mosquito. In a car and then it would land and did you feel it biting you or I remember growing up without air conditioning. And in the room I'm going to sleep at night we hear this mosquito. -- -- And he lifted its recognition to -- Atlantic. Just some thoughts about mosquitoes as we continue to work her way through this mosquito season number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama administration labor secretary Thomas -- says. When members of congress say -- unemployed Americans are not trying hard enough to find jobs he says I want to punch. I know liberals punch people. You -- a liberal would really punch some. He kind of smiled and the reporters laughed when he said it but he said. The thing that they say that angers me most is win is what politicians say that. There are suggesting that unemployed people are unemployed by choice and they're just sitting around eating bon -- And you and I both know that that's not true but I wanted to denounce that. Violent gesture. From a member of the Obama administration going to punch members of congress who. Don't give respect to the unemployed number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Such -- three suspects in the shooting in Slidell. Say they became very angry when a man pumping gas gave them a dirty look. The man was shot he's in serious condition. Slidell police say that on the night of July 5 just after midnight. Shots were fired at a gas station witnesses say they saw two men approach a man who was pumping gas. Shots were fired apparently there was an argument that preceded the shots being fired. The victim is set at 43 year old he's in serious condition but is expected to survive. The victim told police and is pumping gas and exchange looks with two people that he did know. The two -- then left that immediate area. And returned later with a gun. And fired several shots hitting him once played a police arrested a 24 year old a 23 year old and a 25 year old. The suspects have been cooperating with police who have been questioning them they admitted that they became very angry. Win. The victim gave them a dirty look at the gas station. What is book with a second degree attempted murder kept his second degree murder. And the other two or both are charged with principle of attempted second degree -- all suspects are currently being held in jail. In -- will ultimately be transported to the saint Tammany parish. Sale now. You know we often talk about how ridiculous. Some of these shootings or. And the ridiculous things that that lead two different shootings but this is among the -- the dumbest things secure and here. I mean it just goes to show you how how volatile. The violent streak is an insult people and how close to the surface that is where somebody gives somebody a dirty look. Or are addicted to like -- later meaning get I don't know -- I don't know what are dirty -- is -- get some looks at June. He feel like they're judging you -- or something but it but here's what amazes me about the story. Okay somebody gives him a dirty look they didn't like that. They left wing got a gun in the process they didn't cool off they cooled down their tempers didn't com. And they that they went back and shot the guy. Again I think this just tells us an awful lot about how. How close to the surface. Anger issues. -- so many people. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. President Obama will fly to Dallas Texas to address the growing crisis. Some children being sent to America. For a better life Texas governor Rick Perry suggest. That President Obama is somehow involved in the plan to send children to the United States. And I don't know whether this is says -- conspiracy theory but some people think that. -- the more. Hispanics succumbing to this country that means more voters for the Democratic Party. So. Obama is trying to flood the market with potential. Voters for the Democratic Party I don't police that but that's what some people believe. A Perry has also refused to meet with the president on the tarmac of the airport tomorrow to shake his hand he says he will meet with the president and have a meaningful conversation in private. But the White House extended an opportunity for Perry to meet the president on the tarmac at the airport in Dallas. I shake his hand and then I guess they would talk after that -- declined to sit I have to believe that. When you don't do anything to respond -- either inept. Or there are some ulterior motive. Which your functioning from. And he said that this week on on ABC's this week and Sunday morning appears saying that the Obama administration has some incentive to bring all these people. -- into the country we're gonna talk about this more on the show tomorrow. And to talk about what President Obama says about. Missed this human crisis I mean it's really sad you know because we we wanna say hey note you know you have to come to this country legally. Attended these kids -- these. I mean there's there's got to be human part of you that feels badly for these children. Mean did you move when you were a kid in orders like to go to when his school. It was like to go to a new neighborhood it was dramatic sometimes to move from one city to another city. And and learn about new things into people mention again kid many of them without their parents. Being sent to the United States. And their parents just hope they get -- hoping that they have a better life there. They're fleeing -- much of the year that the drug violence. That is so prominent in Honduras and some Central American countries. So on a human level it's it's really sad but. You know we just can't take care of everybody who wants him to come to this country I don't know what the answer -- I I hope President Obama has some. Good answers tomorrow we'll talk about that on the -- show torn right here and a bit of -- Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Washington State has become the second -- to open retail stores that's. -- marijuana for recreational use. The state of Colorado was the first state to do so. And Colorado has already generated 24 million dollars in marijuana revenue so far this year. This is the seventh month of the year 44 million dollars in their -- revenue. And Washington State is project projecting a hundred in nineteen million dollars in revenue from pot. Over the next four years. Now many states like Louisiana need money so should we legalize pot. Apparently one thing that they're concerned about in in Washington is it that applies to run out they don't know if they're gonna have enough. Now the Washington liquor control board is set patrolling this. But -- they just don't know if they're gonna have. Enough stores with enough pot to supply the demand. Now a crime is down in Denver -- I talked to a friend of mine in Denver point who worked with him briefly. And he was he's this is a conservative guy and he's a Republican conservative. Owns his own business. And he doesn't smoke pot. But he sees the positive impact of legalizing pot in Denver. He said crime is down there's less of a threat because it did the -- has been taken out of the hands of criminals. Would -- not working here. Now most of the Washington State shops planned to limit their customers to two grams. Per transaction. -- because you make a transaction Bullock outside. The comeback. I don't know and -- they'll be ways to to get around. But right now in in Seattle they're selling out -- for fifteen to twenty dollars. Per Graham. Now -- I don't I don't know what that means. So if you want a semi tech Santelli is is is that -- -- I hear that it I hear that it's going to be expensive. In Seattle I don't know what it is in in Denver Colorado. But tell what's the street value upon in this city fifteen to 220 dollars a gram. It Seattle's so what how did that to how would that compare to what it would cost to get -- in the city just you know send via Sony -- 877. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New York Yankees -- is suing Major League based. -- and ESPN because the announcers made fun of him what he fell asleep in the stands during a game with the Boston Red Sox. Is this guy have a case. Or if you're in public are you are you fair game the guy's name -- in director. And he's filed a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit against ESPN announcers. And Major League Baseball advance media. He slumped over in his chair. He's not this kind of opened his is pettis is leaning and the guy is just the guys to sleeping. Ten million dollars in damages -- they were pretty vicious the commentators were were well there are other issues. Now here's part of what they were saying now what you do this picture picture. Kind of a big guy a young guy and we say he's and 2325. Minutes and early mid twenties. Close crew cut tight haircut. And he's just sleeping he's hit his head is is tilted over to his cell right side. And the guy is just like totally out here's what the announcers were saying as the camera -- focusing in on this guy. Big twelve years this this -- oblivious to how good it is join the millions of subscribers may -- even this guy. Watch every out of market game alive and she reached -- over 400 devices -- able. And often get good sleep. That's not the place you come to sleep good. Tell you left out comfortable is that. Neck problems tomorrow. I mean Zacks guide to. Whose body was just letting them sleep first year law. Was doing and maybe you maybe that's his body and he likes a lot better when he's asleep. It's really more concerned. Fingers through special items. -- -- Why share. He's asleep when. This goes down. You think it's only the fourth inning I don't feel -- you can sleep through. -- we've developed trouble in the 45000. He seemed comfortable. Look like he just started to see. And the whole time they're focusing on this guy now it went on that's the only audio that we can get from Africa that -- works like stupor. Fatty unintelligent. And stupid are used by the announcers in the guys just the guys just sitting. Like sleeping. And cam commerce focused on him and I mean anybody they would know who this guy is would would hear what they're saying so he's filed a ten million dollar lawsuit. Against Major League Baseball ideas -- and does the guy have a case. I mean they were they were berating him as he slept there but if you're in public are you fair game. As one of the things -- talked about on this crucial right if you -- join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point 78. And a text oversees 7870. Before we get to. -- number two I've misplaced number two -- list of the top oh there it is opening again this is a papers get all confused here. Before I get back to that I'm getting a text here. It says says yes it's the same in New Orleans on the street fifteen to twenty dollars -- Graham. So that's that's the street price of of -- year. Present I I heard that the price was gonna be really high in Seattle in the first retail store opened up today and the selling pot for somewhere between fifteen and twenty dollars a gram and since I don't smoke -- I don't know how that compares with the prices here. Was just interest and if you would update us on -- text numbers like 7870. Never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending fifty million dollars. Of his own fortune. To fund eight pro gun control group notice every town for gun safety. The group is gonna begin surveying incumbents. And candidates for the mid term elections coming up in November. To determine which candidates they will give money to and give their support to. His gun control group every town for gun safety. Is trying to counter the power. Of the NRA. Here's a double WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Would you vote for or against a candidate. Because -- their views on gun control. Give a sure thing in my go to our website WWL dot com would you vote for or against a candidate. Because of their views on gun control it's it's hot button issue especially in this part of the country how important is that to you. Again give your opinion by going to WW dot com and we've attracted -- from Russia give you an update coming appear it just a few minutes. Can finally tonight's number one night on tonight's list topic today. Heard it today John -- and tried -- for the -- philharmonic playing the sympathy because he's does its job justice every night. Pink Floyd. Has announced the release of new album in October 1 L 120 years the album will be titled the endless river. And will include some material recorded during a session up four previous album. This really got to thinking about. Bands that you would -- -- come back and and reunite him as they do something new or at least continued to perform. So to -- on the show we'll talk about the band or the performer that you would love to see. Get back together. And perform again at a specially. Do something do. And we'll also talk about those bands that because of the death. Will never ever get back together. The scoop like tonight -- title Pink Floyd coming together for new album it's on our website at WW real dichotomy. And they give us your opinion. By going to our FaceBook page as well. And we got that conversation going on FaceBook which is WWL radio if you wanna join us tonight what would they would you love to see get back together. And what -- you really sad will never get back together because. Somebody's -- Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- receipts have BA -- this is this cute show and we're coming right back live from New Orleans on this Tuesday nights on WL. Now when I was really talking about that -- get there an -- late show with Crosby stills Nash and you know and it would do well. Should opt silly little bit about wouldn't call what it was late night to -- watch -- kind of talk about and get ready go out there but talked via. And looked Pink Floyd thing has become. McCain this week ago but I think it was. Correctly -- -- it's it'll the late eighties and make it would be a big deal more that it Hitler all Roger Waters stated that little. And it did. Depending paying the -- -- -- And just saying that I'm talented they table it in the lights went off let that happen now it came back to play one of our camp -- it was. It is I mean there's no way out outlet that did it a bit and that players used to -- -- like that the ball to go one. I never saw Pink Floyd he's our guy here at the laser light show is unbelievable in fact if I'm not I'm mistaken isn't there. Isn't there like a laser light show that to the music of Pink Floyd did influencing that they're. It was color pink this tool at these big -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I pot that pot of suburbs because I used to play music that object at all because he is absolutely -- -- -- opposite -- It now. Got a -- report and now. It was absolutely phenomenal man -- it is pitch black bit you know. -- Iraq secure local unit that brought a lot 00. Did you know mr. -- but that these two articles like that. It's just you go back. You copy. You don't like -- notably. So are its soul you know to Seoul also what you try to do political. At all what it it's it's gonna happen on the technical details lauded. Well they thought well. It and you know well and now accurately be good group -- let me. What are these people and operate a lot that -- -- in the bourses globally water action that ticket is -- -- all canceled. I've got -- Doobie Brothers Peter and government opened. QB to triple nick a lot of twenty. They get a steal again that it's a -- -- oh. You know like -- Gonna get the ball all the corporate comes back so what topic. I got a little trip to offer like that we've got. -- thing for a pledge and share in the story what is -- you're joint site with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in -- a -- 7870. I remember seeing -- -- are separated move back to new worlds a couple of years ago remember seeing Randy Jackson from zebra. Singing with the Louisiana philharmonic the music of Pink Floyd. That was phenomenal. Jacqui you're on WW of the evening. I married you -- wonderful. We all just telling her about. A little bit about the what do radio announcers saying. The TV guys were talking about a guy who recess sleeping and added the New York Yankees fan fell asleep it was it was the fourth inning and it -- score which says it was two to one the Red Sox are leading the Yankees have believe. Callously and they were making fun of him because he fell asleep in a stance he's he's file telling -- ten million dollar lawsuit you think he's got a case. He -- -- a really. Coming. -- -- in public in your apartment are easier. But yet. They get smaller and and bad indifferent -- -- -- bandage he Labor. Day. Yeah this is kind of -- suit to argue because there are sites it is you know a year you're in public and say oh you know I guess year you're fair game mr. public but it. You know but it it. -- put it on national TV now. And Carter and savvy and as other names I heard he's -- But you know. I guess the question is Jackie. You know as it is tasteful or is it something that they should be punished for. Should there be a lawsuit against and there are a lot of -- currency that are are distasteful it's going to be really interesting to see what happens with this case and I'm sure that. I'm sure the lawyers liners are just looking for some sign some kind of out of court settlement. Probably know them. Out of court settlement out of the chair acting here at the stairs and there will do the best we can't follow Jackie and talk about -- -- -- I Josie I here's a text cell Led Zeppelin new album. And I wish I could've seen Jimi Hendrix were talking about those bands that you would love to seek come back together again and maybe do something to largest come back together and still do what they. They had done. And then the bands that your sand will never get back together again because a key members dead. And I got a couple text here about Bob Marley. I would love to see Bob -- today. Never saw him but I was a big -- Bob Marley fan in the seventies before it was really cool to be into the hole breaking thing. -- here's a Texan reads pan terra rest in peace -- dime bag. Here I've got a couple text would love to see the doors back together but they will never get back together because Jim Morrison is -- out of -- Marcus here -- -- You're good markets after. That. How. Cheap when -- look it's -- coming out to seek out and and -- They then -- are your groups that the videos 100. -- truly. Saw that would you know if you actually. Celtic are really appreciate it. Until like the last ten years. You groups. Hands it has I would say the queen was one of the vans and McCain to appreciate. After. An -- outfits. Did somebody want. To write songs. It is great -- we will harm your outlook -- Yeah that's that's ago when -- in fact. Members of queen art art touring with them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Adam Lambert is that it was an Adam -- I remember. One idea when the lights on American Idol he's saying I'm bohemian rhapsody. All this guy has the voice it but he went on a doodle is kind of pop stuff but. He really does have the voice to to do that I would like to see him but I would have loved tootsie Freddie Mercury and outfit that he and he wore. It for the -- just because of psychotic. So this city yeah the accuracy in this -- also want to let that out well pretty close. Since yesterday on that story the attic full program. And and they sit and absorb The Today Show I saw it and today. Where politics and the war's most conference what may happen but the fact. That the the actual cultures. Like that about the stuff I mean yeah it was kind of cool welcome -- -- just -- tropical. You know you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- when it did say it that we have to words what it. The social. Network it's -- that what you -- -- did go in the air you've basically they're. The coast UPS Rick where there. A problem in his. -- Decent people sort of backdoor look at him -- to the people respond to. Well it was my understanding that the announcers. Said it when they were broadcast of the game and and showing this guy now there may have been other versions that have kind of come out but he's suing the announcers from ESPN. And a Major League Baseball because they've they've put the camera on him during the game I got a text a moment ago from somebody said just goes to show you how boring baseball is if that's only had to talk about. Well -- knows this -- they day they really that I a couple of months ago. Did you speak to brawl. And and I mean you don't keep the maybe it really like say what they say -- lights. At the end -- to. -- -- -- -- -- it was all after couldn't wait a -- so at. Well if that if that was something that appeared on social media I don't see how you can sue for that that's you know it's it's just apart and not even sure you can sue. If it's on television Marcus I'm glad -- called the shown naturalistic. If you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 26 old white seventy toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. And -- text numbers 87870 and also telling were talking about former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg spending fifty million dollars of his own fortune to fund a gun control group. He wants them to co owner the NRA the group is called every town for gun safety. And they're going around surveying incumbents and candidates for mid term elections to determine which candidates. Get their money which candidates they will support. And here's -- DaVita -- a pretty general opinion poll which you vote for or against a candidate because of their views. On gun control. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WL dot com. And we're also talking about this disguise that the commentators have focused on where and he fell asleep. Yankees sand fell asleep in the game against the Boston Red Sox -- suing. For ten million dollars. Fair game when you're in public. We're coming right back with more of your comments this is the -- showing WW Ellen yes I wish I would have seen -- hybrid now of all the bands that I scene I never saw queen. With Freddie Mercury. But queen is now touring with Adam Lambert will be right back. Under -- WLX. -- -- announced that they're gonna get back together and remote release a new album coming out in October that got me to thinking about the fans that we would like to -- come back together. What do they do something you're just come back together to perform a got -- Texas -- places CTO doctor overdrive but let's see him get back together. And we're also talking about the fans that we're really said we'll never get back together again because sixty member is dead the doors Bob Marley queen -- Ice cream with. Freddie Mercury and I got a text your letters get hurt and it says oh wait a minute they got back together anyway. Got another text of Marvin -- and other when Stevie Ray -- So you can -- join us for your comments 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- separate attacks overstate 7870. Former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is a spending fifty million dollars of his own money. To fund this gun control group called every town for gun safety. He's trying to counter the impact on elections that the generate seems to have. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll question to -- would you vote for or against a candidate because of their views. On gun control. 19% say no but 81%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com after the West Bank mark welcome to WWL. That reward without they. Are you like that one balances. Who's alum soups and stews and well that bill grown -- power plant -- -- -- it won't -- announced that you know. -- That -- yankees game that was a regular season game correct. You -- you lose you. Okay. In the nineteen certainly not a little series that went seven games some games six -- -- the pilots are playing the Orioles. That pilots are getting blown out. They -- an old man. With a French being head on parade. With with a bunch of -- cigar in his mouth. Falling asleep. And in the game was over after the war -- -- fall asleep. In this regard drops in the structure ruling roll overs -- belly. And they -- it back and forth in slow motion. Should you ever heard enough from the but it was obvious so we'll watch it. In the latter part of -- eighties from Philadelphia made him. Was going for a foul ball in his little boy it was about toward as little glow formed. -- the ball. And the father was so excited not get out of is. Now I have never seen this before. I was watching the game. -- next pitch. -- think it should have felt all he has is the little boy trapped. Do you remember that video and that hit you or it's a look -- for quick -- you know obviously at that. Well it is a couple. -- I appreciate collar bar here's a Texas as a student neither announcers said those things. Do you did really negative things were set on social media sites. They had a lawyer on ESPN saying that it is fraud and this will never make it to court but -- again yeah I mean this is somebody. Yeah is somebody suing. Just because they think they can get a quick out of court settlement. So the -- to stand falls asleep in the stands -- that the announcers are kind of making fun of him but that's a really ugly comments are made on social media. If you're in the stands or -- fair game. That's one of the things we're talking about tonight. -- -- Here. Is. A text Steve Miller Band. You like this is Steve Miller Band back together again. Net -- -- -- like this song -- like you do now Steve Miller. We're talking about the advance that we would love to see get back together again Pink -- hitting it together released into album coming up in October. We're also talking bans that it's sad that they will never get back together because somebody stand. -- student will be right back on to -- -- -- And it's. -- We're talking about the bands that we would love to see come back together. And neither do something new or just continue to do the stuff that they've done a -- -- would love to see The Commodores get back together again. And I guess I could mean minorities. Still around. Tick tick tick me there's something really comforting. About these fans. Still performing I mean there's something there's something. It gives me secure feeling about the fact that The Rolling Stones are still performing. And if you -- commodore stand if you saw The Commodores with slider which he come back together that would do to bring on a feeling of security. Here's a text the Moody Blues we're talking about this because pink Floyd's releasing a new album coming up in October 9 sort of thinking about it the bands and and performers debts I would like to see is still performing today and then the ones that will never get back together again because somebody's dead. And I got a -- a text here that. Touches of my heart when it comes to supporting you'll never. Be able to get back together again and that's Nevada. Because of Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain was so innovative. And such an integral part of that whole grunge alternative music sound. In the early mid nineties. They did such innovative things. But I would love to see what Kurt Cobain would be doing today. And by committing suicide he robbed an entire young generation of of of maturing. And also seeing how how Kurt Cobain somebody that they they looked up to -- they admire somebody that created music that helped define their generation. He rob those generations of seeing what he would do later. -- the -- like tonight is is all about typically coming back together again but it really is about. That the comfort of bands that. They're still performing today. In house Saturday is when bands. Can never get back together because somebody's dead -- you and -- our show with your comic tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 866889. Here -- every text -- State's 7870. Is Cisco show live from New Orleans on a Tuesday night she will be right back on -- WL.