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Jul 8, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: Pink Floyd announced they’re releasing a new album in October. What band from the past would you like to see release a new album? PLUS: which band or artist are you most sorry you can’t hear new music from—Queen, The Beatles, Nirvana, others? ALSO: Colorado already generated $24 million dollars in marijuana tax this year since legalizing recreational pot. But, emergency rooms and veterinarians report an increase in people and pets admitted because of pot-related use. Washington State projects $190 million in revenue over the next 4 years. With so many cities and states BROKE, is it time to legalize pot?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just picture them getting back together and doing a new album coming out in October -- well people -- look to see. Still performing today some candy colors their dads have the we get back together because now. Members there. What do you founding members of people. No one here -- apparently the other members are still around to think what's coming back together. So tonight on the show we'll talk about the bands and performers that you would love to see. I still perform today maybe do something new. And those that you'd like to see but it's a democracy in the it's -- with its like. -- White getting a number of Texas. Good blog is about people are coming back together but it's it's really about. How comforting it is for fans that we grew up with to still be performing today. It's on our website at WW real dot com also tonight we're talking about. Whether or not you would vote for or against a candidate because of their views on gun control that's attributed to a -- -- opinion poll. 22% say no but 78% say yes. They would vote for or against candidates. Because of of their views on gun control. There were talking about this because of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is funding a gun control group every town for gun safety. And the group is -- try to counter the power of the NRA. And just brings to mind -- question of which you vote for somebody just because of their views on on on. Gun control and control or Oregon writes. Here is here here to questions. From days gone since voter question they're now this is what is this pro gun group is putting out every town for gun safety is the group. And they're surveying incumbents and candidates for the mid term elections coming up to determine which candidates will get their support and get their money. Here's question number one this is for it and the candidates and incumbents. Do you agree. We can both do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and protect the rights. On the responsible law abiding people. Question number two was about background checks -- keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Do you support requiring background checks for all gun sales with reasonable exceptions such as transfers between close family members. And temporary transfers. For cutting and self defense. These are among the questions in fact we've got the at the full questionnaire that is pro gun control group wants to. Once to have these these politicians answer to determine whether or not to gonna get support for this this group. We've got the full question here it's on our web site on the -- page but the top bar shows and schedules cyclical and -- go to -- page. And it's it's listed there if you wanna join us for the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text -- receipts every Saturday here's a text Rick White Rick -- from Pete Floyd apologize to you that that's true but there's still some. That really prominent members Pink Floyd that are gonna come back together. You know I've I've always thought how Saturday is that some fans will never come back together because. Somebody's -- Have got quite a list of those -- to afford that people would love to -- back together the police journey with Steve Perry and by the way I've heard talk about that. Steve Perry's singing -- get. And I've heard that there is talk of a of a reunion Steve Perry with journey that would be phenomenal. I'd -- -- with Peter Wolf attacks as he really knows how to work a crowd. Chicago. Bachman turner overdrive The Commodores. Here's attacks Guns 'N Roses. I'd of the text in Moody Blues and Cat Stevens. And here's some of the ones that have been named to -- that they will never perform again because their dad or somebody uses a key member of the band as did the doors. Bob Marley. Queen with thirty Mercury although I mentioned last hour aquinas touring with Adam Lambert the guy new world of make up from American Idol. And he really has helped force. And I remember singing bohemian rhapsody. One of -- -- on selections on American Idol and I was stoned. My disguised voices in disguise disguise as Freddie Mercury kind of voice so I guess they noticed that is well he's touring with them but it's it's not the same disparity Mercury. I've got a couple of text from people who say they would love to see Stevie grave on a perform again. Nevada of course later skater although -- did get back together even though they did have all the original members. Marvin gay. And detects and also with his says sometimes. Into a former Tammy to rail. On Led Zeppelin of course to -- she court -- small. The Beatles Jim Croce. And the Ramones. It would seem remote -- get back together but -- and -- -- -- Here's a text Led Zeppelin but John Bonham is dead best drummer ever. Yeah in -- didn't John Bonham son. Take over for for John -- there I thought that was kind of cool. -- and you know with with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant still. -- -- you could -- kind of have a Led Zeppelin reunion of sorts although plated page -- I've toured together. If you -- join Russia with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy. And a text number is 877. From New Orleans Cameron you on this crucial -- WL. -- -- Part at -- or are. -- Or deter at her now. Well. At the -- or that. -- -- -- brought to see just incredible. Out of why. -- out and -- out. The true master -- of the art the car out there. -- Sugar goes. A net and people aren't -- the outward. That we're at it they're artists where where. Fortunately. Shot but it -- that there -- Out. It really is it it's really interesting to think about what some of these performers would be doing today in my my rent the number one. The number one performer on my latest is as Kurt Cobain in Nevada I would. Her body was so innovative I would love to know what he would be doing today how would he be relating to the times -- if sold now what he'd become commercial. One of the things I think -- -- is in addition to his drug issues in health issues at a severe stomach problem I don't know what it once but you know he was in and constant pain. Kurt Cobain could not stand the idea of being commercially successful. And just the idea of becoming a pop star are really bothered him and some people speculate that that's one of the reasons why. He. Ended his life. Right at. The -- that talked about it. IT but why not talk about that. You. Like that. -- all top spot. They're. Actually out all our. Ports are. There ought not try out you know. About that. -- -- it is fortunate. That a lot actually like that but. They. Knowing when people die -- whether they're killed -- commit suicide day. Rob young generations of experiencing what they would do is. As time goes on and is the the fans grow over time it's very comforting for me to see a lot of the bands that I grew up with. Still performing today Kara good to go -- place listening to WW -- night. Here's a text Beastie Boys here's another text Alice in Chains. Warned Steve on. And the text Jethro tall. I would think Jethro -- -- Anderson still a lot when people -- just told me back. It's not a guy to -- Ian Anderson was the fly out missed is that you would say it before the flutist. -- of these floats the flowers. And it distinctively fetus does rock band from the seventies that would have believed I will be playing flute because you know that's that it's admit that you associate with. Rock music the jets' hotel could come back together. If you -- -- -- with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a -- is it 77. When it toward your tech. Here in just a moment also another update on our deputy of -- pretty. Here's a text that says -- in regards to gun control no that's only one facet of a political campaign. And yet a lot of people are so passionate about gun rights or gun control. That they would vote for a candidate based on their views. On that one issue. Give us your opinion by going to our web site of -- if you don't like comes wouldn't you love to know after coping with the during the day kind of stuff -- -- -- -- Every week maybe I doubt that he would do and I think they've become like the police I don't see the police coming back together again all the -- I'd love to see that. But I just don't know for -- would -- want to get back and we do something to be in the past where I still think it's -- it's very sad that it -- was what he was he doing today. This is this your show coming right back on that if you well. And is there a young generation today that it has sometime in this in the future will. Be very interested in seeing people like Bruno Mars continuing to reform and I will still be here on the radio. Then giving away tickets to the young generation to -- but Dumars can answer. We're talking about bands pants you'd of this economic together and bands that sadly will never come back together because. Somebody is is dead. How are also talking about this in New York Yankees and who are suing Major League Baseball and ESPN because announcers made fun of him when he fell asleep. He was in the stands is yankees game to the Boston Red Sox. Fourth inning score was -- to once it was a good game that I fell asleep. And the announcers kind of make fun of it will will play recording back of that but he suing because it's. There were really brutal things that were said about him what social media. With this video that was where was released. And I guess the question is if you're in the stands or -- fair game or was that simply not fair. -- given to Russia with a comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a Texan receipts -- -- a tomorrow morning with the Tommy Tucker WL first news says I'll -- we will be talking about Ray Nagin says. Day of reckoning has arrived originate in the former mayor of New Orleans controversial in many ways. It's going to be sentenced tomorrow and then -- Angeles you know from one. From one to three wall to wall coverage of the sentencing of Ray Nagin. And financial with the -- will be breaking down the judge's decision. Legal advice and information coming from attorney former assistant DA and US attorney -- parade. To be WL TV investigative reporters who have been covering that they can trial all along Paul Murphy and Michael pristine. And the president of the Mexico to crime commission -- going to cheat and criminologist from pseudo. Doctor John penny all of that Angela from one to three tomorrow and then at 3 o'clock doctor -- -- he's in New Orleans doctor talks about women's health. No questions. Are off limits. And that's it today at 3 o'clock tomorrow all of that coming up on Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill. To our only days -- -- -- -- -- -- well also we're talking about former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg spending fifty million dollars of his own money to fund a gun control group. The group was called every town for gun safety. And they're they're sending surveys to incumbents and candidates for the mid term elections coming up to determine. Which candidates will win their support and their money and they're trying to counter the power. Of the NRA. So but I guess that's okay with you support the the NRA. During issued also support. This group that is a pro gun control group. Here's our WQ a project opinion poll. Would you vote for or against a candidate. Because of their views on gun control. 24% say no 76%. Say yes. From battery Brian your WWL. Excuse that they they McCaw about the marijuana and believe in and I'm actually support it if we got on the ballot would actually vote for it and I'm. Absolutely lean toward the canary Newton and not I don't consider him a couple of the Erica that a lot thank a disagree with them about open actually supported. And I thank you think about the voter turnout will -- younger people majority of the younger people of that goes on the ballot. You know that would draw a lot of younger votes. To the polls. I'm on it no problem -- it I'm not -- what stupidity would Smartphone and a member of marijuana smoke marijuana. And I just think you know. I mean a lot of people who've been in the medical industry for -- let me take a copy and conduct upon data that goes book frigate named you -- supporting my. Utica and. And he was supposed to and at one point but more recently looking into it supports. The medicinal use of marijuana I think he goes to force to support legalizing pot. Right I mean spirited it was a pretty big turning point for me when -- more until it and you know I don't have a problem -- it and I think. It'll hysteria it's still go to Randall from a locked on the -- a member of the -- for a crisis it was in the fifties -- competent -- -- propaganda. Reefer madness that is -- it's a comedy it wasn't supposed to be it was supposed to be a documentary. Showing what can happen to you if you smoke pot. And anybody who's ever smoked pot or being around anybody who has ever smoked pot. I would would watch the movie reefer madness and think it's an absolute comedy and a joke but that's how serious this country was about spreading propaganda about pod. And it's it's still part of course that that propaganda still part of our society. If it ready additional money in the com goes down may now because he could be again there. You know excellent if you know what seemed an operator -- where it's legal common thing you know they look -- Glad you called the show I was talking different mind yesterday in Denver he owns a business he's a conservative. Proud to be conservative does not smoke pot. And he was telling me that he has been very much in favor of legalize pot in Colorado. And -- in Denver. Crime is down and I read an article about that as well -- crime is down in Denver. If you take. Marijuana away from the criminals. And illegally sell it. And taxes now it -- your state earn money but. -- to get some of the criminals off the street something else we're talking about tonight Washington State. Has now become the second state to officially open retail stores that sell marijuana for recreational use. The state of Colorado was the first to do so Colorado so far this year. Only in the seventh month so far this year Colorado has generated 44 million dollars. In marijuana revenue and Washington State is projecting 190 million dollars in revenue for pot over the next four years and we all know that. We can use money here in Louisiana so is it time to legalize pot. If you wanna join us with your thoughts your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- what's happening -- breezy 77. From New Orleans Alan your -- scoop she'll want to be WL. Astute. Just a decade in the cat would sleep yeah I think it'll. Google is at least because they were quick to warm it'll but and it's your debt but. Closely eagle ridge incident happened in the eighteen to gain. In the crystals. No but we begin crystals. Out and until we fell in -- Well it took liberties with the -- you know they were reading Tea Party and that in jail demeanor you know you call. Do you mean that the Vick in the case this fast food restaurant and Herbert street yeah yeah I do remember that. That's the criticism he -- that that's -- Crystals in Iraq it will lead to stand on -- and -- we -- pretty. -- I mean if you if you read the back of a ticket if you go to -- states gamer pelicans gamer you go to any sporting event if you read the backing your ticket you're pretty much responsible for everything that happens if you get injured in the stands. I've you're responsible and yet people don't read the back of their tickets but it says it's quite it's quite a contract between you and that the sports team and the arena and I believe you're pretty much fair game for the cameras in what somebody might say. What they said was rude and what people said on social media was very very rude. But I don't know that this guy deserves any money. Yet that these group would be pretty someone. You know being where all he'd probably has pretty much suture. Them. Well. I mean it depends I don't think that the LSU fans feel asleep and then where's. Winners and say oh yes yes no he didn't deserve that I don't think -- -- -- that. And when you're in in in public. I -- freedom of speech is always going to protect things that are offensive. Things like making fun of people you can slander somebody. Now know nobody could say this guy is a drug -- when the skies and alcohol you can't damages. He has his image in that -- -- siblings -- -- -- First Amendment that are angry that you can use the First Amendment to to make fun of people. Yeah and that the audience to regret what actually like eagles' opening up -- slow like. You know people would be useful lives people still will it get. But I mean he is troubled. Honestly wanted -- more. More palatable palatable. You know some people like she. I guess mid Atlantic theater which I don't let it be in they or Ukraine and. Oh yeah yeah yeah absolutely there is arguably one of the best rock bands ever. He unit and a group and you will see if you want to. What are you right here I think -- -- and when the -- rock bands of all time and our highways -- deceive him twice when they were at their therapy didn't in the seventy's. You -- Jimmy Page. You know I have I didn't I didn't meet any -- -- But I'd -- Sullivan a couple of times I was. Still young in my career then and Agassi didn't -- the -- to always get backstage in those situations but it never met him but I did purchase it but I never saw The Beatles and Priscilla queen with Freddie Mercury -- -- and the bandit. People would mention tonight that they reluctance to get back together but sadly they won't be able to get back together although they are currently touring with Adam Lambert. Who was that American Idol contestant to the one -- world that eyeliner. Your each Simon -- popular TV the role skulls people we haven't did you ever seen you down oh yeah pictures that you did. Yes I was backstage with the stones in the in the superdome. Okay beauty of ordinance -- I'm going to pursue a sudden they can Grambling in 1960 at -- stop you Matt went. -- and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks solicit here's a Texan reached at Three Dog Night great harmony and versatility. I remember seeing Three Dog Night act what was it called the legal field house. And we dog I play I think I sold them at a couple of times and I remember once. I had a chance to go on stage and introduce them as at this anchor. So that a couple text votes Three Dog Night would like to see them get back together I think there'll still alive or in Three Dog Night. Where did chuck Negron -- it's really sad when you don't remember somebody is just general life. Here is attacks that says the -- That was a really popular New Orleans and Michael O'Hara was the lead singer. I think he's been nominated for four Grammy Awards Michael O'Hara and the -- Michael Herrick called me. About two weeks ago. And he's coming to the world's for special show. And we'll have all the news about this I believe it's going to be July the 26. And we'll talk to Michael hero of the -- on the show. But he's getting back together to do this this performance in New Orleans later this month and we'll be talking about that's one description. If you're Jewish site with your comment about any of this effort talking about it's always had a lot of stuff going on. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And our text numbers 87070. Here's another text Three Dog Night here's text CCR credence Clearwater revival. A text is easy top. Have you noticed -- -- easy top looks like the the -- -- -- -- dynasty. Her -- similarities there. Here is -- Reid said the Allman Brothers. And they they could all get back together but it's great goldmans is still around believe it against releasing and we you'll always remember. Who's dead or. Or who's a life. But it Floyd coming back together to I give us a new album coming up in October I I admitted earlier that I mean I have a social little dirty. Dirty kid that I wasn't into Pink Floyd like a lot of my friends war. Because I was. I was nuts is smoking pot or doing anything it at that point not that you had to smoke pot to get in the Pink Floyd bit. Yeah I admit this Pink Floyd at the time was a little too sophisticated to me. Now later but early in my mind music radio career. -- playing here it's on the area in the seventies. And I have a lot of respect for Pink Floyd would never saw them. And -- are always known for their big -- laser light show but the album that's coming out in October is gonna be titled the endless river. And it will include some material that was recorded during a section of a previous album included a member who is now deceased. So we've been talking about what baiting you would love to see come back together and maybe release something new or what -- performer are you sorry. Can never come back and perform again because. Somebody's dad. Here's a -- original temptations of the Jackson 5 when Michael Jackson was -- I was this past Sunday I was watching the top twenty countdown. On VH one. And I saw the video for the song -- Justin Timberlake song I think it's called. Love never felt so good. I saw that video and it's all of the it's dancing with Michael Jackson. From -- it from Billie Jean. Beat -- early the early Michael Jackson dancing stuff. And as I'm watching this thinking. This guy we soul in movies when Kate to dance. -- said that he's not going to be around to maybe invent new dance steps. And that's what happens when somebody dies before they're supposed to die read Michael Jackson Lewis was older than. A lot of rock stars when they when they die but. Michael Jackson when it's just such an innovator. When he came to a -- steps mean he did things that nobody had done and everybody was copying him. And when I I look at that video. And just see those classic moves by Michael Jackson -- I think about how Saturday is that he's not here to. To do that again. Here's a text desk who do you think music is better while on substances. While I can't answer that question I don't. What substance and what fans and here is -- no I would not encourage doing substances because it makes music better but I don't think there's any doubt. -- the baby boomer generation. Saw. Drug's influence music. I mean look at the progression The Beatles. Meeting went from. That pop music of I wanna hold your hand hell she loves you all that kind of stuff. Then they got into sergeant pepper magical mystery tour. Revolver I mean that was a really dark side he does anybody really understand the concept of the white album yet is anybody ever figured that out. The Beatles really even by the own admission experimented with drugs or even LSD and if you look at the imagery. Magical mystery tour and hear some -- -- have been music from the attitude it's pretty obvious that and maybe they were a dabbling a little bit. Here's a text -- trash metal bands here's a textile warrant. And text here. Led Zeppelin original lineup bottom was a machine on the drums. If you listen to those early Led Zeppelin songs are the songs -- really came out later when they were just at the height of their career. John Bonham lives in machine -- drops. Bites you could have a semblance. Of a Led Zeppelin reunion with the plants. And page and the and they have toured together I have not seen them together in concerts so I don't know. If they do play a lot of -- what separates if you -- Jewish I would comment about any of this effort talking about our numbers 2601870. Still free 8668890. Point seven. And -- -- -- is a 7870. Here's -- give -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight would you vote for or against a candidate because of their views. On gun control. It is your opinion by going to our web sites WQL. Doctorow. This is Justin Timberlake. -- never felt so good. It's kind of a duet with Michael Jackson the the visual is Michael Jackson's all these these. Dancing always dance moves and Justin Timberlake is so talented he's another performer who's going to be around. For a long time it. Young generations today and we'll be winning tickets for me on the air many many many years from now when Justin Timberlake comes. Back to New Orleans I'm -- we'll be right back on WWL. Got a text just a moment ago from somebody that says say you obviously know nothing about -- dynasty they -- is -- topsoil of the opening of every show. Yeah I admit I don't like -- dynasty. -- my deal. They open up the show with sharp dressed man by CC -- this is easy tough legs and a compound on mentioning this because like I I quite often talk about us. The media. But the show. And one of the things that Fox News does better than everybody is they show a lot of legs. They purposely show the legs of attractive female anchors. Well I'm noticing that CNN. Is now starting to show more legs. Of attractive. Female -- so. I don't know if that's gonna -- either start tuning in more but it'll be interesting to see if if that does happen and by the way. The other night I talked about making -- really cool new haircut on Fox News Channel. Well I see your -- back to the way it used to be not that there was anything wrong with that but I just thought she had the sharpest. Hairdo the other nights too -- here -- hairstyle here was styled. It reminded me of very early David -- but I thought it looked really phenomenal tomorrow night on the show we're gonna talk about something and I I saw last night. Of -- in -- -- video poker. And I say play video poker. Because all he was doing is just as quickly he could he was pushing the -- And he was almost accuses some. Are people becoming video poker -- And is it fair to say you play. If you just sitting there pushing the button and you become so obsessed with just pushing the button. Do you gamble. Are you addicted or do you play the game what do -- enjoy playing and how do you convince yourself to walk away we'll talk about that on the show. Tomorrow night -- here's an update on our -- if you're a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Would you vote for or against -- candidates because of their views on gun control. 27% say no but 73%. Say they would vote for or against a candidate. Because of your views on gun control. And we're talking about this because of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending a fifty million of his own fortune to fund a gun control group every town for gun safety. And the group has begun to serve a incumbents and candidates for the upcoming mid term elections in November. And based on how they answered the survey. On that will determine whether or not they get this group's support and money just of their kinda like this -- reciprocal of the NRA. We have the we have the full it's called the big -- cents voter. A federal candidate questionnaire. And we got that on this two page of our website at WW dot com. A but the top is aboard they -- click on shows schedules go to the scoop -- you find the entire questionnaire there. Also we have the the audio of the announcers. -- Major League Baseball game talking about the fan in the stands who had. Had fallen asleep effect coming up in the next hour will will will play back what the but the announcers were saying. But this guy is suing Major League Baseball and ESPN because that the video went out and there were some really ugly ugly comments that ended up on social media. Fannie and intelligent. Stupid -- and a couple of other notes. An and so this guy is is suing now I realize that it's hurtful. But does this -- have a case. If you're in public. -- public. Can anybody. Make fun idea of year if you're in public and and and again this idea of -- suing for ten million dollars obviously. There's an attempt here to get an out of court settlement. Which they may get. But if this guy gets an out of court settlement what would stop you or me for pursuing somebody for something ridiculous. Just in hopes of getting something. It would be found money. Nothing that we earned. Something that we just got up but I wouldn't want people to be saying that these things about me if I was in the stands but you know I've had people talk. Negatively about -- on on their radio shows. I have to to deal with that and I do I'd really take it is is the ultimate compliment. But if you're in the stands and you fall asleep I guess that's the -- you know don't fall asleep at a at a game. Don't -- knows -- and don't you know don't do anything really stupid because. Well it may end up being. A focal point. Here's a text I agree with this -- -- hair very nice in different. Well it was really nice it was really nice the other night out again it's it is she's a very attractive woman and very intelligent. But her hair was like really cool the other night announcing its change of us that's what observation but the other observation and I've been noticing his. And CNN. Is starting to show more legs and I guess their credit starting to understand. The formula of what it takes to attract -- -- I'm sorry that it comes down to that it's not my fault -- That's quite often when it comes down to. I here's a text dispute Led Zeppelin played their final show 34 years ago yesterday in Berlin. And -- carriage. Early Pink Floyd died six years ago. Yesterday as well. Among other things were talking about the bands that we would love to -- come back together and and perform and maybe give us something new -- Pink -- And also sadly we're remembering the bands that can never reunite because somebody's dead and somebody -- text in excess. With Michael hutchins. So we either committed suicide or accidentally. Died during some auto erotic. Hanging things which are never really understood the appeal of a -- Apparently is something that some people get into. Any event in excess phenomenal thing and the eighties never get back together again because recollections as to. This is this -- show interview to join us for numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident at a Texas -- Seve -- and we'll be right back on to BWO. It's a Tuesday and I don't Cisco show and we've been talking about Pink Floyd announcing they're gonna release a new album in October 1 album released in twenty years the album will be titled the endless river. And that just started did me thinking about all the bands that are still performing today in the vans that are no longer performing that we would love to see reunited to just hear -- them again. Whether it's new stone for this stuff that we grew up listening to or fell in love with when they were popular. I'd also -- assembly thing about the bands that can never get back together again because a key members dead partner on classic example Bob Marley and the whalers. Here's a Texan read so I scoots with Three Dog Night Corey wells and Danny hot there's still performing chuck Negron dropped out. But did a Christmas album a third guy does the harmony is good. They were my Fave group though my Fave show on right is rock I mean it's missed the rich voice of Karen Carpenter. Who died of anorexia nervosa. Her recording of Leon -- superstar was a first take from a napkin. With a perfect pitch voice. She saw. Herself as a drummer -- of the show and it's from Angie Angie for excellence that. Karen Carpenter was a phenomenal. Phenomenal singer she's just an incredible voice. If I will actually play carpenter song coming up next hour as opera music I know it's kind of clarity in hokey but it. My guide she was a phenomenal singer and somebody who died and -- achieve she should've. This is dispute show and we're coming right back with more of your text and more of your calls on WWL.