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7-8 Scoot Show 10pm, Past Bands & Sleeping Fan

Jul 9, 2014|

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And here's what we're talking about all this good show tonight tomorrow President Obama will fly to Texas to address the growing crisis of children being sent to America. After a better life and it breaks my heart to see these these kids. And they are the innocent Collins and this political game Texas governor Rick Perry suggest the President Obama is somehow involved. In the plan to send children to the United States. Perry is also refused to meet the president on the tarmac at the airport and shake his hand tomorrow when he arrives in Dallas he said he will meet and have a meaningful conversation with the president. In private settings will not shake his hand on the tarmac at the airport. Could politics or. Bad taste. Also we're talking about New York Yankees fan who we suing Major League Baseball. Ideas -- and because announcers made fun of him when he fell asleep in the stands during a game against the Red Sox back in April. He's suing for ten million dollars. Guy's name is Andrew rector. Now he's he's really upset with many of the things were said about him on on social media once this story came out. Stupor. Fatty. On intelligent. Stupid. These were some of the comments that were were made on -- social media. So wanna play with the announcers sand when the camera focused on him. And as you know during sporting events sometimes the that the camera will focus on somebody in particular in the in the -- so the scores two to one -- game the Yankees and the Red Sox fourth inning. So it's pretty exciting game. And this guy he's got the big guy and not that that matters. And I would say he's. 22. To 25. Really -- short here. And he says he's asleep. So when you when you hear the announcers talking about here and just -- disguised sitting in his in his seat. -- is head is it's totally tilted over to the right and the guys to sleep and here's what the F -- with the announcers -- Big twelve years this this -- oblivious to how good it is join the millions of subscribers may even this guy. Watch every out of market -- live in true HD over 400 devices physically -- Often get good sleep. That's not the place you come to sleep good. -- you left out comfortable is that. Neck problems tomorrow. I mean Zacks guide to. Whose body was just letting them sleep first year law. Was doing and maybe you know maybe that's his body and he likes a lot better when he's asleep. Fingers through special items. -- -- Why share. He's asleep for. Didn't see you know stands out. You think it's only the fourth inning I don't feel they can sleep through. Obviously Isabel tropical. He seemed comfortable. Look like he just started to see. -- It's really funny but I I wouldn't wanna be that guy because. If you knew the guy or -- ever saw the guy you'd go that's the guy who fell asleep to use an and you may you make fun and you know there might be a way there's there's always a way to took partly something like that into. Some kind of celebrity status of me made me a guy could. Could become a spokesperson for a mattress company or some kind of a sleep aid. I mean it was it was -- Catherine Webb was -- her name the the girlfriend of the -- the quarterback for Alabama when she was shown in in the stands at your name is Catherine -- As she had a a brief career as a result of the camera focusing in on herself sometimes says people can. Benefit from that kind of stuff I if you gonna join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 8787. Washington State today became the second state to open retail stores that sell marijuana for recreational use. Colorado which you know is the first thing to do that. In Colorado has already generated 24 million dollars in marijuana revenue Washington State is projecting a 190 million in revenue from pot over the next four years. We need money in Louisiana. To legalize pot. And I talks a friend of mine who is a business owner in in Denver he's a conservative and doesn't smoke pot. And he says crime is down. And doesn't care what people do in the privacy of their own homes he -- and and legalize recreational pot is generating a ton of money. Now I believe it's it's legal to smoke pot in public in Colorado. But I don't think you can smoke in public. In Seattle or Washington State that's my understanding of the laws. We're also while also talking about three suspects. In a shooting in Slidell Sadie became angry. When a man was pumping gas. And gave them a dirty look. They left and -- to get a gun and came back and shot the guy. Because he gave him a dirty look. Just a reminder of how close to the surface. Anger and hate is in it in so many people. Here's our WW up pretty -- low opinion poll tonight would you vote for or against a candidate. Because at their views on gun control. -- about it which you'd make a decision. Based on their views on gun control. 23% say no but 77%. Say yes. They were talking about -- -- former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending fifty million dollars of his own money to fund a pro gun control group. It's called every town for gun safety. And the group is gonna begin serving incumbents and candidates for the mid term elections coming up in November to determine which candidates will get their money and their support. This gun control group is trying to count the power of the NRA. So would you vote for somebody. Because of their. Position on gun control -- gun rights. Mr. W a pretty -- of people give us shipping by going to our web site WW real dot com here's a text reminds me -- the signed filled episode and with the TV announcers made -- it's -- But the US open yes they've they've they focus that George was one of the outer areas outside the stadium. Anyways -- comfortably eating his hot fudge chocolate Sunday at some kind ended the ice cream is just driven all over his it was just he was very he was eating it in a very sloppy manner. Andy and made a lot of fine print on him some I guess I guess appear in public. I guess. Your your fair game. So as we continue our conversation about bands that you would love to seat come back together. Who had we not mentioned. Here's a list of the news from the audit detection calls have come in and you'd love to see get back together the police. Journey was Steve Perry. Network. Jake I'll -- with Peter Wolf. Boston. Chicago. -- return -- draw The Commodores. The Moody Blues. Guns 'N Roses. Cat Stevens. Dismiss. With Morrissey know they'll never get back together because of -- -- attitude. The cheeks with Michael O'Hara who are coming to New Orleans and I believe the date is July the 26 ought to check on it but I I talked to Michael the other day and we're gonna have him on the show. When they have when they connect to town for this special show in New Orleans. Also -- -- -- you love to see a come back together Alice in Chains Genesis with Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. That would be phenomenal. I got a number of text about Three Dog Night and yourself a follow up to a text that are register moment ago. What are you guys at WWL always listen every day and they morning. And any sports and talk show -- thanks for reading my full text. I was uncomfortable saying the chuck Negron a Three Dog Night at a cocaine problem his voice sounded. So that affected by that on the Christmas album but thanks again appreciate it appreciate that the text. Yeah I -- -- on. Is among those rock stars who had a very. Series got a problem. And that can affect your your voice. But he's still around and it would be nice if we don't bank could come back together I remember seeing them a couple of times in. -- time in my careers and that music disc jockey or radio station I had a chance introduced Three Dog Night. And tonight at the singer but they really did have have great armies if you put into initially with your thoughts your comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- which seventy. At a text -- -- 7878. Here's attacks -- what color of what color of the guys what was the color of the guys doing the shooting at the gas station. I -- I could guess. OK but what difference does it. And why would it make you -- why wouldn't we with talked about this on the show recently because of the the rush to judgment. Of who people thought. Were involved in the -- street shootings. And a person has been a -- who is a suspect. Is in jail in Mississippi. Doesn't fit that description. But I just I can't figure out what difference it makes if the crime is still committed. Why does it have to be reduced to that. And white is sit what does that make you feel better to say OK I think I know who it is it's it's that this type of person it's dispersant. It's not I I know I know who the colorized I don't know what their colors. What why does that matter. This should be part of the the honest conversation that we have about race in America. Is not being so quick to prejudged and if you do prejudged. Figure out why you're doing it. Why does that make you feel good it. A crime is still committed. Up from blue link below Euro -- -- -- WL. -- -- were trying to do. A couple things. There are -- which we got the ball game. Department and -- -- will make -- the situation just a funny situation that he happened to be in that I don't law to work your current. Yeah I would I would agree -- it was a brutal -- set on social media but I eyes still want the -- got there a case in. I would hope that they don't settle out of court because that opens the door for you me and everybody to just start suing over ridiculous reasons is hoping that we get some quick money. It's created but -- -- -- you got archer. You're absolutely right it -- sad that our president purchase. Ridiculous. Secondly -- -- -- -- that -- over perceived dirty look it it's creepy dead dirty look to -- shot bullet in my opinion it's a portable. Personally tribe area are cute smile and greet everyone can make contact which just so there is no proceed. Dirty looks on the air network -- I every ally accidentally or purposely make eye contact with someone now it's not my greet them they are you don't change keep market on what I'll knock it out never had any trouble. Because -- that. And so everybody did that end. We would have their -- Yeah bill that's a really good thought and I didn't realize that that's exactly what I do if side. Accidentally make eye contact -- I say that because we really go through life trying not to make eye contact with people which is really -- But if I actually make eye contact with somebody that it's walking down a street. I will say something like I -- -- hey you're good morning year you know good afternoon or something like that it just. -- what might be perceived as some kind of some kind of tension. Right so kind of and so and it. Not on what I've never had an antidote to that point so it's important for me. All right bill well what is so that continues to work ethic you bring -- beleaguered point maybe we should. What you have a right you have a right to look at somebody. With a dirty -- You. Have a bright to offend somebody. And nobody should be offended by the stinks maybe we should just try to be a little nicer to each other. And nothing makes me wanna be nicer to people then when I hear the carpenters. Karen Carpenter died of generation nervosa and apart a lot of attention to. Deceased it's caused by a infatuation with being -- And not -- And it was the first time I'd ever heard events that disorder. Are we talking about hands that can never come back because somebody's dead. The carpenters have to be mentioned it again I'm -- I know in some ways here. Kind of hokey. -- and brother and sister in fact I saw him at memorial fieldhouse years ago. But this woman. Had one hell of influence. And -- and we'll be right back going to be WL. These -- moaning and grads into history. That means that red strategies. These. What -- would you love to see get back together I'll. And -- Or maybe you can do something you think Floyd's gonna release a new album in October. And what fans can never get back together because the team members -- There's attacks so blind. -- Bradley -- died may 25 1996. Of heroin overdose that -- was on the verge of bringing Rikki -- Joba. Mainstream. Great times. Yeah. They were indeed unique. Sadly they've never get back together again. When I heard the Pink Floyd was releasing a new album in October right I thought about how exciting ways for Pink Floyd fans to. Dad despair and come back together. But I also thought about the bands that will never reunite because. They can't because a key members -- I'll never forget the feeling that I had when John Lennon was murdered since 1980. I was doing a morning radio show. And I had gone to bitterly that night so I missed the breaking news of John Lennon's death I believe it happened during Monday Night Football. I missed that news. And breaking news didn't travel as fast in 1980 as it does today and there was no social media. So I remember being alone on -- dark side -- in downtown New Orleans getting ready to walk into the radio station when a picked up the newspaper. For one of the -- newspaper vending machines. And there was alone on the street died I read that John Lennon had been killed outside his apartment building in New York City. There had been growing talk up to that point about a possible reunion of The Beatles. And -- which really unlikely. Just the possibility of The Beatles getting back together. Died when John went into -- And my thoughts focused on the finality of but The Beatles. A band of my generation grew up with an bandit. And a major impact on our lies and and society. And I felt that sound. Of something had been lost for ever and even though it wasn't likely to the appeals are gonna get back together again there was always that possibility. But that died when John -- tonight. Which Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994 -- I thought about the loss that that would mean to a young generation that boys. Daily part defined by the music of Nevada and that the whole grunge alternative sound of the early mid nineties. By committing suicide Kurt Cobain -- an entire generation of experiencing how he would have musically you fall. As they matured. I would love to see what -- -- would be doing today. How would he have evolved. How would he have changed how would he have continued to fit the times will we be doing today. And it said that a young generation was was robbed of that. As I watched the curative voodoo fest last year. I imagined how important it was for fans of the band to watch Robert Smith and cure sounding and I know for the most part pretty much looking like the used to look when they were popular in the eighties and nineties. I'm a member of the baby boomer generation and I find their tremendous comfort in knowing that the bands that I grope with many of them. Are still performing many of the bands that I wish playing on the radio there early in my radio careers had disc jockey into world still performing today. The Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney. Aerosmith. The upcoming reunion concert -- new world -- the sinker Crosby, Stills and Nash which sold out the first week it. To have these -- still performing. Gives us a sense of security. That it's okay to mature. And we still can experience the comfort of the music that was the soundtrack of our lives. That's why I think it's so sad when summary like Kurt Cobain is. Is not around to to still still perform that they may even get back together with Nevada. And performed today. It's sad when any performer dies but it's particularly -- When somebody like recovery times. And I think back on. The significant changes state winners. Was part of that movement in music it was should part led by Kurt Cobain sound card Pearl Jam -- change all the -- out of Seattle. That really represented the first big change in pop music since The Beatles in the British invasion. The mid sixties. When I watch this video of Justin Timberlake in the song love never felt so good which is on the new Michael Jackson problem. I see the innovative dancing of Michael Jackson I've realized that Michael Jackson will not be around to continue to mature as. Many generations that touched it that he touched will mature. And I wonder if today he would still be in fitting those new dance moves. So with the announcement that the legendary Pink Floyd will be releasing a new album in October. What they would you love to see come back together. Intercepting two or just tour. Reunite and tour and what Bandar used sorry will never -- because a key members dead if you at a -- show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And I text number is 877. We've also denied talking about the did. Just did this sad news that. Yeah yeah. The sad news that people are so quick to. To judge should not I mentioned a moment ago but the three suspects. In issued in Slidell. It became angry when a man pumping gas gave him a dirty look and they're cooperating with police with a question. Navy did admitted to police that they became really angry when this this guy gave them what they thought was a dirty look. So they they didn't instantly shoot him they are no they they took a moment to go get a gun and come back. So this process of going to get a gun they didn't cool off. -- tempers. Didn't cool. They stayed and we have to go back and shoot the guy. And I get a text from somebody. I bet I know what quality war. Why does that matter. As somebody called it said that day. Dave they like to make a gesture if they've blocked somebody in the -- -- Do. Make eye contact with somebody they they like to say something friendly and and try to be friendly. And I think that's really good advice but here's a Texan reads how did that greeting work for you when you got -- You know I still get taxed from from some people who almost. Enormously happy that I got -- -- seemed happy. Now or or think that I somehow deserved it. -- I've admitted that I was in the wrong place. At the wrong hour. It wasn't my fault. But I did put myself in position. For something to happen. But it -- -- just there's an awful lot of ugliness. In the world. Well in some situations. You could greet somebody unit it really wouldn't matter what it because they've already got intent. On their mind they already know exactly. What they wanted to. Here's a text more. Then likely. You did nothing at all -- young thugs either looking for a target or like the guy to gas station they -- disrespect it. When that happens. They will. -- scope they will attack. It's the plug away. They don't realize. You -- respect. Well it's true. It is it is certainly true. That. You do earn respect. And it is certainly true that some people can't some people are so they might look tough. But they're so weak and insignificant their spirit they're sold so insignificant. That they can't deal with. Being disrespect it. We can't deal with disappointment. So that we all have to to deal with. Here's a text queen will be the same without Freddie Mercury. That's true queen will not be the same at a party where I never did see a -- would love to -- that was thirty Mercury aquinas as far as I know we still touring with Adam Lambert the American Idol contestant who -- man's -- and eyeliner. He had incredible voice when I heard of single -- rhapsody. I wonder song selections on American -- what I got this guy's got a voice like Freddie Mercury. Well obviously queen recognize that as well. It's not the same but I -- does a great job and a -- number of Tex would love to see a journey with us Steve Perry and I have heard rumors that that may actually happen. Here's a text Van Halen with Sammy Hagar. And that debate still continues. Van Halen with David Lee Rother Sammy Hagar from entering Gregory you're on the -- -- to be WL. -- -- -- -- Currently there on that. -- especially this time it's war is you know because out of a grew up low. Spinning a final -- an. Immediate -- -- Well no that's right I've been doing this for very long time and I I acknowledge that I. Should be part of Iraq. The idea. That Iraq bull and directed at four. In no brainer that The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately it. One problem. Of course it would great look on. And I would like duke and would. -- When the guys from -- -- on Michael. A million to show up. Well I don't remember that specifically denied all -- I get through that or things like it was. But fortunately it was killed there was a lot of talk that The Beatles word sorry -- get back together. Absolutely true story alone -- that even admitted it on its patent Ringo. Which John Lennon's apartment at Dakota. When they had first heard got a phone call from somebody -- -- -- deeper in and and Rico took very good talked about we give Johnny Angel -- until -- man. Where -- so like a weapon of course slipped up when John I'm dying. Beyond local. Because I grew up and mentally that meet early eighties I would like -- the union of the coal and kept all our. The cold yes. They brought him into the air. And even in national -- -- is now used to -- and during the intermission. -- the Oprah and. I don't remember Allen doing stand up in the -- -- but I do remember that the president and for those of you who are newer to the city there was a time when there was a big river vote. Yes as president and there were concerts. On the river boat I remember seeing Cyndi Lauper there and my god it's so. Amazing so many fans on -- so. Here was this floating concert up and down the river and they actually had -- -- actually had a break at a jail on the on the ship you to -- they put you in the jail. Many. Many memories didn't make great music on it yet -- Let me keep it light than it does that's what kept going on and just a minute but people -- could appreciate it. Gregory alleged -- children thanks listing to your derby WL indict here's a text or Jimmy and Janice. What would they be doing now that's from on -- -- a friend of our show. I did get a call -- facilities and I would love to hear which you Hendrix would be doing today. From may industrial Hank you're under VW real good evening. -- a cute this -- coming year. Turn on the radio while and -- -- -- about the are good. That's some relevant experience there that coolant -- of the story. I was an assistant district -- -- open and -- or stake. And can -- one where. Just for no reason. Got a gas station just. This beat again to poll. And it's in the there was no reason and. But the and that had to prosecute that case and independent. He's essentially and one that he didn't mean. What do you mean mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the clean and being blogging. I mean not mean you know my target sites you. And then he would give them. Just I mean my dirty. And -- hard over the years that you know some people. People away ago only kidding attacked. If you look. People in the and I challenge demise screamed at -- Cases criminal cases that that's not the thing that the mean you want to look at somebody and make them. And let them know that your aware of their program. But it's kind of almost like some of these people. It's. I it's where -- in this flight. Is it's a way that small children and is bitten by it's staring into the dog. In the dog people were bought it. Eros. And maybe unanimity may be Astaire like -- making. Continuous eye contact is somehow misunderstood. Is. Some kind of and are granted an emotional aggression of MySpace. Right apple have that feeling our way -- you know it was explained to me I mean there was no hand and him happen in this reliance and turned and that explanation. Here. And the only thing that -- related to. That's far from my perspective admin and my allies that just dealing with -- animals that had dogs that did you know if you. The particular more vicious breed of dog if you look try to stare them down. They perceive that as a threat and they get. They get hostile towards here and so you know -- Told people you know. You look at somebody you know let them know that you noted that there -- there but don't look at them continuously look at it may perceive it beat. You know aggression and your art and and you actually provoke. So travel back kinda let them it's just it's wild that. You know you can't -- people out. You know here in you don't -- making threatening gesture and things just look at match but Albert did it and. That and that's what the defendant in the case admitted to me you said. It in India when he continued to stared down at -- Take our you are sharing that information of news. That -- you -- to actually interestingly a look at. And I guess my instinct is to not maintain eye contact but market on the street quite often -- make eye contact with somebody. But that I know I don't stare. Apparently few stairs that is is seen as some kind of an aggressive move. On that person but again I'm guests. And continually amazed that I shouldn't be. And -- people who are so quick to act on something so superficially. Insignificant and meaningless. As a dirty look. Somebody gives you a dirty look and you shoot them. What does that say about the world we live. I'm -- here's abandoned the lot of people would love to -- get back together RE AM if you wanna join us tonight -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- and receipts have and he said he scoop like tonight is title pick Floyd coming together for new album but it's really ballots differently about the comfort of bans. That we grew up with still performing today. And the security did that that brings all of us. We'll be right back with your comments on WL though they were very successful with the number of pop hits after this early heads. I Gin Blossoms lost their bass player. And their lead singer here's a -- -- -- -- the story is so one of the best space players of all time and you -- and -- singer did a lot of their writing. He OG in his bus to -- Tina's I didn't know that I knew that he would OT but I didn't know that DO DD is positive routine it's. I know it's Shannon Hoon. I -- blind ballot. Happily he died for -- cocaine or apparent overdose music tour bus I don't know when there's activity is about but it was in in New Orleans which was sent. But Jen Gin Blossoms. A lot of people think that it would be an even bigger had the lead -- bass player. On not -- a from Slidell David you're under the WL. I can. I apologize I mean every little bit there's there's one hand like to -- reunited I don't know about. They were in the late seventies early eighty called the -- And that probably number one hand. I want throughout the city plane like -- music and things like. And the amazing thing is on YouTube. Expecting and having videos them on you to. And I'll click in the sheets -- -- now. Like toward the -- won't let. But close -- the UK. And yes to witness. And on the day. Meaning. It's actually. Out. There. Serve quite. That I mean elderly Baghdad and another thing you mentioned the preferable president. That -- -- like to see you re uniter the Romo. And they were on the removable. It's hard to believe it's hard to believe that so many big people or on the the riverboat president and again for those who were not today in New Orleans during that time there was this huge river vote and he was bigger than a nationalist. Bigger than any of the river boats that we -- it was a concert hall. And thousands of people would. Get on board I don't remember how many -- -- 2000 I don't know but it was always crowded and a lot of teams a big river -- -- And these concerts we go on on this river boat going up and on the river and -- says it was a fun thing that that young people did. Sir. And actually. The hearing. About the -- some. That I don't know why it never fear to. -- -- -- But. -- it was like (%expletive) you'd. David gold good. I did talk to Michael era of the sheiks -- a couple weeks ago. And he's putting together show and they're going to unite and be in New Orleans I think it's July 26 but I'll have a location all the details coming up in just few days. Our -- Amanda Campbell that's great. -- David good to call -- -- a gets a break if your -- stay with us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy at a text over -- 87870. The Ramones on the -- president if that was a really a phenomenal time. A remembrance on their -- 97 and had a conversation with Cyndi Lauper so what you come to new -- to a concert and we worked it out kind of on the year for her to be on the present it at that moment it's. It's amazing but that's the way it was that a lot of fun facilities but today. This is the -- show what we're coming right back on every WL. Tomorrow is judgment day for former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin reckoning day has arrived he will be sentenced tomorrow. Tommy Tucker will be talking about that tomorrow morning and every WL first news. Would it be better to punish him by putting him in jail or make him do work in the public. The public arena. -- we'll talk about that tomorrow also tomorrow with Angela. An open minded mentally ill from one to three -- -- 1 and 2 o'clock hour wall to wall coverage of the sentencing of Ray Nagin. They'll break in width of the judge's decision will be legal analysis with attorney and former assistant DA and US attorney chick for -- W real TV investigative reporters have been covering this Nagin trial all along Paul Murphy and Michael pristine will be -- A president of the metropolitan crime commission Raphael going to achieve and criminologist from its you know. Doctor John -- Now all of that -- tomorrow with Angela and at 3 o'clock it's the doctor doctor -- -- he is primarily focuses on women's health issues. No questions. Or off limits which always makes for an interesting show Angela. An open mind tomorrow with the legendary Angela hill here into the WL a for the French Quarter Vinny you're on WWL. -- -- -- Are you avoid them away who. And -- -- I've -- -- and the president. And apartment right correct -- So. And there wouldn't be it -- What. Will it. Yes. I remember what had double a lot of those the president was wouldn't. Very just give me a quick concert you remember from the president got to get to a news break. -- -- This is this gonna show it will be right back after the -- on WWL.

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