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07-08 11pm, Scoot/ Pink Floyd's new album

Jul 9, 2014|

In October, the classical rock band; Pink Floyd will be releasing a new album. What band from the past would you also like to release a new album?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Connects -- our show on this Tuesday nights it is a comfortable -- is going to be another warm day today there was some big showers around the New Orleans area. You might have been and you might have escaped and puts -- -- extra hours earlier today is another chance it's a big thunderstorms tomorrow it is simply that time of year for those of you who have yards. And gardens I know you're praying for rain because Europe they're watering and and nothing is better than that that good -- a slightly been done talking about it a couple of different things as we always do. A pres Obama is gonna fly to Texas tomorrow to address the growing crisis of the children be sent to America for better life. Texas governor Rick Perry suggests that. The president is somehow involved in this plan to send children here. And one of the theories is I don't know if this is Rick Perry's theory but one of the conspiracy theories is. The Obama administration wants to to get all these young Hispanic care kids in in America. Because they are potentially. Going to be. -- democratic voters in the future I don't believe that but again and it's what some people think and there are people who are always looking for. Some kind of conspiracy theory when it comes to us something. -- Governor Perry of Texas says that he is not going to meet the president on tarmac to shake his hand. He says that he will meet with the president privately but has turned down an opportunity to greet the president and shake his hand when he arrives. Is that good politics or simply. Bad taste the -- tonight is about something we've been talking about Pink Floyd coming together for new album. And and thankfully coming together to do this new album coming out in October it's. It's going to be some I think new stuff but also some things that -- recorded during -- past session. But it will be new album for Pink Floyd we've been talking about the bands that we would love to see get back together. Continue to tour. Or maybe even give -- something do. And then it's sad that some fans can't get back together because a key member is dead if you wanna join us for the comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- here which seventy. In a -- -- receipts have VH seventy and the scope blog release is -- is is more a bouts but just Pink -- getting back together it's really more about. How we eat it provides comfort and security for. Generations to. Mature and roll -- and still experienced. Many of the performers that they grew up with and it's really sad win. With summer like Kurt Cobain is not going to be around to show that generation and even my generation to admire occurred coping. To show what he would be doing today. Because of all the performers who were no longer withers. I think I would be most interested. In what Kurt Cobain would be doing today. But he of DN. Somebody who did become more commercially -- economy was a big commercial success but that's one thing that always thought -- -- And that music and upon at sound garden those bands out of Seattle. In the early mid nineties that was and that was a big change in music since with The Beatles in the British invasion had established. In the end in the mid sixties we've also been talking about Washington State becoming the second state to open retail stores that sell marijuana for recreational use. Colorado was the first state to do so Colorado has generated 24 million dollars in marijuana revenue so far this year. Washington State is projecting a 190 million in revenue from pot over the next four years Louisiana needs money should we just legalize pot. And crime is down in Denver where crime decrease in New Orleans if we took the marijuana trade. Away from criminals. If it was legal. Now I read that and -- I don't know with this this means in terms of street value. But I read that today in in Washington and in places like Seattle they're they're concerned about running out there's -- there they're concerned about. Not having enough marijuana to sell all the people who wanna buy it. And it apparently is is being sold for somewhere between fifteen and twenty dollars per -- -- I don't know what that means how does that compare to say street value. In New Orleans. 1520 dollars -- brandished his semi -- 877. I'd like to know how that how that compares to those who were buying buying it on the street. And we've also been talking about former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's group he is he's funding a group -- -- money. That she is going to be a pro. Gun control group. And they're going to be the reciprocal. Of the NRA. The pro gun control group is called every town for gun safety. And they're starting to survey incumbents and candidates for mid term elections. To determine which candidates they're gonna support and give money to. In the same way to the NRA supports candidates. That. Support gun rights and oppose gun control. Here's our WVU property jaguar opinion poll tonight's would you would you vote for or against a candidate. Because of their views on gun control. 25% say no but 75%. Say yes. Amazing that that issue is so important to some people that they would vote for or against a candidate. Based on gun control. Give a -- -- you're going to our website WW dot com. We have a full list of the of the question here it's on the scoot page -- -- will dot com it's a question -- from -- -- pro. I'm gonna control group is titled -- sense of voter federal candidate questionnaire. And his ten questions. That they believe I'd need to be answered before they're going to give support. To a candidate. Here's -- here's one of the questions do you support requiring background checks for all gun sales with a reasonable exceptions. Such as for transfers between close family members. And temporary transfers for hunting and self defense. We've got the full questionnaire. On the -- page on our website go to shows schedules at the top of our page at WW old icon. And you'll find it on this two page board who text are coming up from New Orleans -- you're under VW well. Yes it is yet but it's. Or some -- at The Beatles. That's ever been proven. That it reached where -- -- -- do. Army captain but -- caddie for Spain but we did and -- -- not too well but I don't I don't really think The Beatles were ever going to secretly get together all -- that you know yeah. As as I mentioned earlier -- it was it was not probable but there was talk and there was at least the possibility. And this was before John Lennon died in one of the feelings that I had when I've I've found that it dominated and killed as it that was something that. Would prevent The Beatles from obviously getting back together again and so something from my generation was lost permanently. And there was not even the possibility that that happening and I remember having those feelings -- I'm a real -- was killed. Yet yet but it -- that cold one all part of -- -- -- -- that people actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- of this would have been late seventies and there well John and it was killed in 1980s so. In the late seventies there was talk of The Beatles coming together and they were people it is critical for somebody said that it Lorne Michaels of Saturday Nightline. For The Beatles a million dollars which at the time was a lot of money actually yeah deal balls out of money. Yes it is and so people -- old -- world the beetles be it ever did it all in off each other now but teach him but he. Time. He can't but rebels want it on a two man yet to mediate actually sport torch Eric and I'm reading couldn't come at a country so at that meeting. Get out down ringel. -- -- King and that Al torture I mean in the United States it and sound indoor air and read and their -- -- -- No bid bulletin to talk about that speculation that they were out there and that's a true story from the book allowed BP ever get old -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Principally we -- we agree. The -- to you can't do it together but -- inspect. You've met senior U you see Iraq roll cage it'll be about Beijing's streets and see queen when he where -- -- No I never saw a green and I would've loved to sing -- they're there refute. There for a few groups and a few people the superstars and never to say I had the fortune of seeing us so many people and had an opportunity through being Indian radio deceased so many people but I never saw queen and and I would love to see them. What about the object of fire when he really make -- -- the majority -- I saw the Jackson 5 when they did their reunion tour. In Dallas and this would have DN. 85808485. But -- the art objections. Commercial. Yeah I don't I I saw them hit it that reunion tour but I did receive Michael Jackson Jackson 5 when they were really really -- young. -- witnessing evercore -- like that you get great error could not lead agency. Aren't since. Excellent match. Never -- Crosby stills Nash but it will be seeing them at this anger in August. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- McCarty is has rescheduled. He's coming to town on that you need to yet he's come to us -- coming to count. I don't see him much he knew a couple of times it stirred up. I mean out that you -- apple corps as a half. We're aware program -- per year or listen. With. I appreciate you calling going to. I had a brief meeting with -- according he was says it was in New Orleans. And he was with Linda at the time to tell you one of the things -- to this day stands out in my mind about meeting Paul McCartney. It was it was of a party. And -- pitchers to go to party now so I'll I'll never forget the feeling that I had went. Because I was a kid to cope with The Beatles and hearing about meeting Paul McCartney. I'll never forget the the feeling that I had when he he he jumped out of the limousine. Any literally jumped out of the limousine and he Paul was. And I guess to some degree steely is -- kind of like a kid. And he just cutting jump out of the limiting -- and I saw Paul McCartney and I thought that was phenomenal. Ice a strategically waited until the party had gone on for awhile before I I went up to talk to him and I'm actually a waiting for him to. Walk over -- everybody talked to him and and I kind of stayed in the background. And I had a private moment with him. When he he he walks over to witness this one particular area and nobody was there or -- that's when I went over and and and talk to him. And I don't remember a lot about the conversation other than it was was very pleasant and and he was really a pleasant guy and it just. Just like just talking to a person and of course we know that they are they're just people. But I just had just a normal conversation with. But what I do remember is Linda was with -- for part of the conversation. And what stands out in my mind that this day is that Linda did not -- -- And she said American but she lives day in in England with with Paul and that's more of a European thing that it is an American thing and for some reason that still stands out in my mind and Alan I'll never forget to one of the members of his band. I've came over and privately asked me if I can get them some pot. And you know at the time I I couldn't. If I could've what I have done it probably. Not that that's the right thing to do but I probably would have done it. Are so we're getting some attacks on the street value of high grade pot twenty dollars a -- is normal street value for high grade pot. Here's another text tornadoes a Graham. 543. Point five grams a hunger for seven grams 300 for 28 grams those in New Orleans prices. Here are some of the text a lot of people -- the -- -- the street price of marijuana. 1520 dollars would be acceptable for mid to high quality stuff. You can buy cheap stuff for five dollars -- Graham. It really depends on the quality. But it's the only way you cut out the dealers. Is if it's cheaper to buy it legally and that's that that's an interesting aspect of all this. If marijuana is legally on sale. But you can buy a lot cheaper on the street illegally. And it's gonna still be part of the street trade if you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy and a text -- is a 77. Could also be talking. About this New York Yankees fans who is -- Major League Baseball and ESPN efficacy announcers made fun of him he fell asleep to the stands during yankees Boston Red Sox game. And they were really having fun with this guy. He was literally. Sleeping. And they camera stayed on famous Dave's work. Doing their commentary -- this guy obviously it's really very funny we're gonna replace it for you here just a few minutes. But the guy suing for ten million dollars because there were comments like Fannie. Unintelligent -- stupid really derogatory comments on social media as a result of that. Camera shots from the game that was captured by ESPN. Does this guy have a case. I don't -- him. I'm -- will be right back going to be a -- well. -- Texas leads the real Paul McCartney died in 1966. This was one of the sauce that was part of and massive -- on radio. I remember as a kid tuning into the radio every night here at the latest clue. It always did. And this song I am the walrus was part of because I know there's a connection between the walrus and damp. And if you've played a certain song backwards it says -- I don't we're supposed revolution number nine if you if you split that's backwards instead. I -- today and I am again. And then there where. Do you remember the clues did you did you grow up remembering this tremendous rumor this Paul McCartney whose dads. And I don't know how this ever started when it was on radio every night. The latest clue it would publicly -- the latest -- that Paul was did. You river valley of the clues if you do you -- -- jog of memory never. 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here recently -- -- Amber's late 7870. I think there was some some deal with Paul's height. Outstanding on and standing on the the the cover of Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club band album. Or maybe it was walking across the street -- need the Abbey Road. Album but they were all these clues every night and about Paul McCartney being dead and of course obviously he he he wasn't it was a it was a great -- protect a lot of people believe that. It was an urban myth put it was. It was done so well and I. I I guess it was a concerted effort you might just have been something that started in and people just continued to to add to it. But it was a very very sophisticated -- many of you going to be too young to remember that but I do remember subpoenaed. Tuning into radio station every night to listing to the latest news. It would have the latest clue of why Paul is debt. Here is attacks. That res I cannot believe that nobody has yet mentioned The Blues Brothers. All what I wouldn't do to surround myself with the magical genius of Dan Aykroyd. And John Belushi. Even for just an hour. Since a Pink Floyd -- getting back together and doing an album that there are still many surviving members of Pink -- couple of have passed away. But they have been out of viable group even in more recent years. And I think the last album was 1990 force of this is the first album release repeat Floyd twenty years just kind of got me to thinking on this and summer night. In July about to advance that we would love to see get back together perform now that the answer would give us something -- we're just bands that would get back together and and and perform and this was a conversation came out recently and others filling in for Tommy -- in the morning show. -- giving away tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at the -- a theater in August. And I thought about how how great it is that there. Still performing and young -- with him but the Crosby, Stills and Nash will be performing at at the singer and I think that's awesome. And I got a text 1 morning from somebody said. -- but there won't be any bands out now that will be around thirty years from now that people wanna go see. And that led to a whole conversation about the bands today. It will be around in the future of the performers today that will probably. Make -- to the point where they actually become legends and icons for the young generations that are entertained by their music today. And I'm thinking about brutal bars. Justin Timberlake. I think I mentioned dragons. Has that that kind of talent and Andy innovative foresight to into music that they may still be around longer one in the future. -- from lake view Michael here on this crucial WL. All of them okay so there were exit the I have football at an agreed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very involved -- -- -- when and where is. On the street. All. That implies. That -- more. Rumors but so. -- That Q what is it. Noted that at the time. It was widely believed among the young generation and that Paul was dad. Yeah. Well you see I was even I was too young I wasn't even -- and -- -- I mean I didn't I didn't -- my first -- -- receive 25 -- I've admitted that I have been smoked in the past I don't now has the long time and I I don't wished it was my choice but I'm for the legalization of pot for a number of different reasons but. -- you know I would I was stricken I guess I was still drink and a doctor pepper active and in still believes that Paul was. Was dead. What if you go out of it that this is the one draw that trip all the technology. -- should the hit that if that Christian analogue technology outlook on the perverse pleasures of record backward the big that -- -- them out. Should grow at that would bird expert she's. I can you imagine how quickly rumor was spread with social media which we -- back then. Michael -- -- Erica recession are -- two W ago. I here's a text a cold player Maroon 5 the two bands that I think has the talent in innovative foresight to become. Iconic elections in the future. It's it's so quick to do is news to dismiss music today. As many people do especially many people who were in my generation the baby boomer -- knows music that racist joke it's trash it's. Never manipulating these these these performers are collapsed. What's really scary is that's exactly what my parents and about The Beatles. And all the bands that were part of the British invasion. Said those exact same things. So why would really be any different. You know we like what we like in many of the performers and our parents generation totally dismissed. Still performing today. The stones. Aerosmith. And the list. Goes on. One thing that to this day still -- -- fascinating about The Beatles is you'll never and these were simpler times. In the sixties. But there'll never be another day and it. Evolved so much. Over such a brief period of time. You can correct me if I'm wrong I'm not I'm not a rock. Statistic. Expert I don't know all the facts. But I think The Beatles only -- in America. From 1964 to 1960 -- -- and correct me if I'm if I'm off here but they were only to get it only touring for a few years. And I think that quick 6760. -- and around that time. They quick tour but think about what they went throw. Think about the the evolution. That they experience and that we experience with them. It was meet The Beatles it was the poppy stuff of a wanna hold your handing she -- you -- hard day's night in hell there was all of that stuff. And then there was. More serious. Stuff like sergeant -- and magical mystery tour. Mean they did a lot of different things. And one thing that we talked about tonight which is also windy scoop on tonight but thankfully getting back together. It is win when John that it was killed in 1980. There had been a lot of talk that The Beatles might get back together. And while it was maybe not probable. They were still that possibility. And they were Lotta people that did just. Felt the tremendous loss now because John but it was killed but also that part of their past. Was never gonna come back. The deals would never be back together again. Here's detective Jack White. I agreed to check -- as. The innovative foresight musically and the talent to perhaps become an icon in the future. And the same waited years ago is giving away tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash. Here I am today all these years later it was still giving away tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash in the future. When. When Bruno -- finally comes out of retirement comes back on tour I will still be on the radio giving away tickets to that Bruno Mars. Reunion concert tour. This is. This is one of the most heart warming aunts and animal stories after. And I almost don't -- share almost -- -- -- toothless because I don't like stand animal stories. It's releasing it. I guess in a way there's there's something good about it but it says to lease it says so much about animals. Fifty years ago -- issue the elephant. Was captured. Believed to be captures a baby. -- abused. Was held in -- change its 24 hours today. It's also was forced to live off of scraps. For tourists that that passed by this president in in India. Last weekend wildlife conservationist. When he and and and captured the elephant. And freed the elephant. Wildlife SOS is there a group it is set up to protect endangered wildlife in India. And they set out to rescue rod issue. In July 2 they did. Fifty years after he was captured they believe as a as a baby's legs were constantly bound and spike changed. He'd also been beaten. Mateen was astounded. After he was freak. Fifteen of people who rescued broad issue. Said that they saw him they saw tears rolling down his face. After and during during and after the rescue. But person said it was incredibly emotional. When you and our hearts. That he realized that he was being freed. Elephants -- majestic. And highly intelligent animals. And we can only imagine what torture for the past half century. Has -- has been for him. And I I I saw pictured you and you couldn't Google listen and find a picture yourself. -- I saw a picture and you can you could see where here's his skin is is wet. Big streak. Underneath his thoughts. This elephant. Realizing he's being -- -- And there might be some people who don't believe that I'd I believe that and I believe that some animals do have. That kind of ability and and sense. Of awareness. Here's attacks last Beatles US concert anyway as sad story but I aborted this year which you mainly because. It just says a lot of doubts about animals that I am an animal lover. The last Beatles US concert was 1966 in California I think Hollywood Bowl or -- Cisco. Notorious for sergeant pepper -- the white album or magical mystery. A tour. Series of text a few of the clues I remember from the Paul McCarthy a conspiracy. One is the white VW beetle and the license plate. LMW. 28 by half. Which people thought stood for Linda McCartney weeps. And the real Paul. Would have been twenty years old. At the time at the Abbey -- release. He was still alive but then again there resisted to tremendous concerted effort to make its make it seem missive. Paul -- was dead and of the lot of people believe that here's a text as Ebert wrote a song about it John Lennon. It is called labor well look -- -- you know I've gotten a couple of -- and people say you know of the bands that they'd like to see get back together zebra is one of -- and I do know that they've got back together kind of recently it wasn't that long ago. And for those of you who have just joined us tonight if you if you grew up in New Orleans and you remember the band the sheiks Michael -- sheiks. Had a conversation with Michael here the other day is coming to New Orleans and I'll have him on the show. And sheiks are getting that together for a reunion concert in New Orleans and I wanna say it's July 26 out. I'll find out more information about that and I'll let you know on the show tomorrow night here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Would you vote for or against a candidate because of their views. On gun control. 23% say no but 77%. Would vote for or against a candidate. Strictly because of their views. On gun control. To soon issue way especially this part of the country wonder when a dominant issue that is. And of Michael Bloomberg former. Mayor of New York City is -- formed an organization with his own money. It is right now. Surveying incumbents. And candidates for the upcoming mid term elections in November. And based on how they answer these surveys we've got the full survey if you winner reinsurer with others it's on the -- page WWL dot com go to shows and schedules at the top and click on the -- ratio. The -- down somewhere at the at the bottom. But the full questionnaires they are they do -- determine who they're gonna support and who they're going to bash publicly because of the year they're stance on gun control. Are they don't want gun control. And you know when when we talk about gun control let's let's talk briefly about these three suspects in the shooting in Slidell. Three people arrested there in -- a slight -- They're cooperating with police and they admit. That they got angry when a man pumping gas. Gave him a dirty look. They left momentarily. Went and got a gun and then came back and shot the -- The guys in serious condition he's expected to Libby could be dead could've been killed. 23 year old victim. And these guys admit that they got angry. Now what gun control law. On the books. Or what new gun control laud its proposed. Could possibly. Have prevented something like this from happen. It really comes down to the individual. Not availability of a gun. And it would be really easy if we can pass certain laws and and I think we can do something about crime. But it really comes down to the individuals. Who use an instrument like a gun. To commit murder. Or to commit a crime. -- and wanting it's just stands out in my mind about this particular story is how. How close to the surface. Rages. And so many people I -- somebody giving you a dirty look. As somebody called -- show earlier -- he was a former I think district attorney he said. In the northern part of the state. And he said he came to to learn. That if you if you make eye contact estimating and you're told by Lotta people Lotta people promote this idea. If you if you walking on the street you see some might make eye contact but because then you're less likely to be mugged. Well I don't know if that's true. And he said that what he learned is you can make eye contact but if you hold eye contact if you if you stare at somebody. It's taken in the wrong way as as an act of aggression. In the minds of some people and again I just I think it's. It's so sad that there are some people who are. So. Personally. Fragile. They might look tough. But they're so. Personally. Week. That they have to shoot somebody. Over a dirty look. I just don't remember that being part of society in America. If you wanna join our show with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. -- text -- -- 7870. Is a Texan reads of my employees only -- six and he believes Paul McCartney died in a car wreck. And got. A lookalike that sounded like he and he showed some of those things on the Internet. But how true it is I just don't believe it. I just remember there was another win. Yes he blew his mind out of the car the lyrics from. -- day in the life. Sergeant pepper. That was another clue -- McCartney Tuesday. I'm suits and will be back WL. They're talking about performers and bands it will never. You know later come back because they're reluctant witness. And a number of text that I Jimi Hendrix but you by Janis Joplin I would love to see which Jimi Hendrix. Would be doing today. And I believe Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin. Kurt Cobain. And Amy Winehouse I believe they all died at the age of 27. Not to look into that. Maybe there's something magic. -- about the age of -- 27. A tomorrow -- -- -- we'll talk about President Obama beating with Texas governor Rick Perry who by the way has decided not to. I'm not to accept the invitation to meet the president and shake his hands on the tarmac at the airport in Dallas when he lands tomorrow. He's gonna talk about what what can be done about these children that are are coming to this country. Children that are being sent -- innocent kids are being sent to America. By many parents are willing to give up their children in hopes that their children have a better life. And what makes this complicated is these are children. During studies -- -- move as adults. Mean imagine how difficult it is to be sent to another country. And and even on your own and ginger kid. And I realize we have immigration problems and a -- I don't know what the answer is to this. But there's a part of me as a human being it just feels so badly for these innocent children. That are or are caught as pawns. In what is turned out to be a big political game and it's it's truly a human tragedy will talk about this on the show. Tomorrow night. You know talking about these three suspects at the shooting at this gas stations like L -- became angry when demanded that gas station gave him a dirty look that they -- got a gun and then -- I had a text almost instantly. Say I bet I know what color they are. And I couldn't help but respond with what difference -- -- And if you really think about it why. Why are some people so quick to wanna define. The skin color of -- perpetrators mean what good does that really do. The crime still committed. Here's a -- reads I bet I know the color of the text or. But it's irrelevant. Because -- human beings who breathe the same there. Each person is as good or as bad as the person next to them. It's to a -- what difference is to make I I think you give some people some kind of sense of security. To define it as a problem that's not a problem with with their community. But the group that their partner. But if a crime is committed that there are occasions when race comes up on the show but it. Much of the time when we talk about crimes and we don't talk about the race of the the perpetrators or where the victim of me sometimes it it. Sometimes it's it's part of talking about the story but I quite often bull like in this case. Talk about three suspects. Tennessee with corridor. That instantly and encourage somebody to two and ask will I wonder what colony or why no I I think they know what color ER. Again what difference does it make. A New York Yankees fan is suing Major League Baseball and ESPN because the announcers made fun of him when he fell asleep in the stands during a game to the Boston Red Sox in April. Ten million dollars he's suing for. Defamation of character. Now what happened was descended upon social media and that's where there were a lot of really ugly derogatory comments. But this is going have a case I don't think so. Now what are replay with the announcers said they were focusing on this kind of stands. And he's. Is twice I would say he's in his twenties. Probably early mid twenties. And he's had is just totally tilted over to the right side and the guys like -- his mouth is partially open. And is a guy sitting next to him meeting some kind of like fried chicken fingers are suffering. So listen to what the announcers are saying it just envision this this guy sitting in this chair asleep and the cameras focused on him during his baseball game. Big twelve years this this -- oblivious to how good it is join the millions of subscribers may even this guy. Watch every out of market game -- and -- reached -- over 400 devices visited them. And often get good sleep. That's not the place you come to sleep good. Tell you left -- comfortable is that. Neck problems tomorrow. I mean Zacks guide to. His body was just letting them sleep first year law. Was doing and maybe you know maybe that's his body and he likes -- a lot better when he's asleep. The other guys -- -- more concerned. Finger to a special items. Why share. He's asleep for. Stands out. You think it's only the fourth inning don't feel they can sleep through. -- -- -- -- Look like he just started to -- You know sometimes people like dead end up becoming kind of famous than me this guy might be against on. On a talk show somewhere. Maybe he can do commercials or some kind of -- sleep aid of that some nine. Whatever the guy's name is what what is his name and his name here. -- and director for ambient or her whatever. This is this to show. We'll be right back on -- of -- Saying it's phenomenal band and arguably still are. There. Light show was so famous that I actually remember there was some some try to deceive but there were some some sort with Pink Floyd music and a laser light show. I was -- but the -- wasn't there. And I remember Randy Jackson from zebra. Anti -- Jackson theater this was just a couple of years ago. A singing and music of Pink Floyd with the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra which was absolutely. Phenomenal. Randy Jackson did an incredible job I love his life. -- -- school with their teachers didn't have to leave you alone they get feature. Now they have to leave -- -- We're just say publicly again -- I'm very disappointed that it Megyn Kelly from the Fox News Channel went back to world hairstyle. Not that it was in nice and not that she hasn't always been pretty and an intelligent. But the other night I talked about her her new hairstyle and it reminded me of early -- That was really nice but apparently she went back to work. Older -- here's a Texan -- that Jim Morrison of the doors Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse all died at 27 as well as a bunch of famous music artist. I'm gonna look into that. I'll see if there's something to this age of 27. Here's a text that says so what -- had to do a show and country music. I like I like country music and into -- the woman of dating and she her daughter's love country music so I'm I'm now exposed to country music a lot. I don't know as much about country music as they don't -- rock music so maybe that's one of the reasons that and I'm not not boycotting it and I I really like country music. It quite often we do what we do talk about it but I haven't done a show -- yet so maybe will it will do that sometime -- here's a text about the a Paul McCartney clues. And there were two more are supposed clues on the sergeant pepper album. -- he put the album in front of a mirror it's spelled out in some weird Latin message that always dead. The other was the yellow funeral style flowers supposedly spilled out -- name. It is mosquito season. And there's a good possibility that you have been attacks. There are very few mosquitoes downtown that's not something you see in the French Quarter not something you see downtown site I guess is the coasters. No real standing water like there is in many parts of the the area but on the North Shore really throughout this part of the country lot of -- -- visit our friend and industrial and just tons of mosquitoes. While I found an interesting article today not every species of mosquitoes bite humans. But of the species that bite humans only the female mosquito. Bites. And they're attracted to the blood. For protein that leagues that that aids in their egg production. So those little suckers are feeding off of us to produce eggs. To produce more mosquitoes. And the vicious cycle goes on. Research shows that female mosquitoes prefer men over women so I guess that would indicate that there are for the most part. Heterosexual miscues. They also prefer adults over children. And it is true that pregnant women or more attractive to mosquitoes because they give off more heat and more carbon dioxide. Not that it's gonna change anything but I just thought she'd like to know little more about those little you know what's that are bitter biting. One of like John wicker studio producer tonight also reject here is helping out in the other studio. Have a safe and great evening and we're back tomorrow night's I'm -- -- in New Orleans.