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Jul 9, 2014|

Dave talks about the Nagin sentencing, if pizza makes everything better, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's July it's the nine it's 2014. You're darn right it is and it's hump day well let me be the first to wish you and yours a happy. We -- -- elements. And I often -- sanity. Dan I think that we should elicit more -- out is walking down history. Hey. Happy hump day and you know we should tell them man. They should do harm to actually you should tell them well then let's do art but it's you know -- Everybody asked. And yet get the adrenaline pump and now -- juices flow on instead they keep back moving it and I don't know if you back here in the event and got -- a -- -- A couple of -- from Miami thank you do in the -- himself as a dad. We try and go home gently if you're driving -- and everyone else it and doing. I don't know Ray Nagin should -- -- on the -- I don't think so. Sentencing today federal court in New Orleans for the there. You've talked to several us -- yes I doubt we thought this through we've discussed. There's a lot at stake here there's been letters written by members of the community friends of rain -- in clergy. Has been letters written by opponents of Ray Nagin who believe that he is done very bad things and deserves to be punished very harshly the prosecution of course leading the way from the US attorney's office and asking for me. Vary. Loud message he sent to others that's what they're calling no. Mercy no mercy for rain and the judge in a position where. QB anywhere from twelve and a half years to 333. Blocks now years does it quite a well why did. Range of options available to judge. Federal sentencing guidelines are no longer binding and it is so they can do really whatever they want -- it and it's a big range in I get that Reagan's wife recently wrote a letter. Seeking. Leniency but even seeking a delay in sentencing you have the delay thing didn't look like that's -- -- This is July 1 she submitted this letter in the court. But in it he maintained. That her husband is not -- That he still has a shot she says it is an appeal. As a judge. Would you rather. Someone who fought tooth and nail but lost. Come before you once sentencing day. Apologetic and contrite. We're still maintain their innocence in terms of how long you're going to sentence them. To prison. That's the thing there just hasn't been any. Head down and apology Yi guy he really didn't. A loss in my mind I don't know what I respect something. But instead it's and just straight face. This letter from. The -- gives us some insight. That apparently Ray Nagin still plans to fight through the appeal process. That apparently -- in it does not want to admit to lying during the trial now -- sentences. And maybe he still believes that he's got a shot -- -- and -- -- -- got kind of Sturm. Hold your ground -- from him former mayor and approach to the judge. I don't know not -- I mean but I mean hearing guesses anywhere from fifteen to 25 years out while that's that's leaving only the judge knows. It's true. We've debts and a fifteen to 21 needed to -- five right in that range. Twenty I hear a lot of twenties. But as you say and go higher -- person all right Texas today 7870 show no remorse Max sentence. That shows no remorse -- sent him because he shows no remorse on me ask you folks Texas and it's avenue it's every year the judge. How long -- reining in a prison. Are you making an example of him to warn other politicians. Hate. You accept bribes you can -- kickback schemes. You break that trust. Of the taxpayers. And you'll pay a hefty price Mason he's got -- young daughter. He's. Marijuana and did die in federal prison. -- just give enough to say hey you did a bad thing you need to be punished for. -- given. Twelve. 1520. Years text -- and it's and it's tickle your forecast and sports up next Jimmy Graham may not be in camp with the saints. Then we've been hearing is not gonna get a long term deal that everything's going to be fine. But maybe now on. I'm mark but with that after an interesting comment today it's 7871. Person says. Thirty years. -- murderers and drug dealers don't get twenty years how does the punishment fit the crime for Ray Nagin if he gets time. 25 years as another attack method -- maximum sentence. Don't pass go don't collect 200 butler's thank you for them monopoly -- referenced. Poses five years just for the chocolate city comments vital that you consent. Those there's fifty years this -- to be stopped. Theoretically I guess of the sentences to run concurrent -- that it had done that. President hoping it's 25 years at hard labor not 25 years -- a country -- will -- anything over ten years and it it's it's not club fed is some call it. I'm not that clubs that is freedom but now he is definitely not going to a minimum security facility Margaret text messages coming up now you forecast. Four you Wednesday afternoon scattered thunderstorms around the area again they're starting off early along the coast this morning look for those to increase about a 40% chance. With highs near ninety today. And even -- lower tomorrow 88 with a little extra cloud cover and some higher rain chance is 50% for Thursday. We're looking at a 40% chance on Friday with highs of ninety. From the pinpoint forecast -- I meteorologist Clark Alcatel. All right -- now today she says some showers already around the humidity definitely back text message today it's -- it's every throw away the key arrogant piece of -- -- regret that. And us as I think we should let Edwin Edwards decide the sentence thing. Does does Nagin needs a minimum sentence equaled Edwin Edwards sentence Edwards did his time -- -- needs to do is to. Now he's not gonna get -- Edwin Edwards and Edwards served less than ten years no way according any analyst sneaking gets that. And I guess the question is that the message Edward sentencing derivatives terror anymore politicians. I doubt I need more than hands and fingers and toes but I have to count how many politicians have gone to prison. In the federal system for corruption cents at at. -- and I scared. Maybe this judge tries to scare them but they hefty sentence for -- Ray -- I got a little scared when I heard. She is true art art sports. That there's a lot of thought out there that Jimmy -- maybe isn't what this into the season starts. -- there certainly is the one phone out there a share that was an all the sports here on this hump day let's get into the saints have six days remaining before the deadline to sign Jimmy Graham expires. So what a big deal doesn't get done the NFL network's Ian Rapoport says. The option to sit out might be a very real outcome for the former Miami Hurricanes it. Jimmy Graham and not able to work out a long term deal there's no guarantees that he chose -- and is their starter seat and. Rappaport says Graham may have a hard time returning to a team he recently filed a grievance against. I'll think it's simple they get it right. Played. I think so today very rare period. -- complicate decisions about essentially house to see with this scene I'd just that the body is an arbitrary. If Graham does play under the franchise tag around seven million dollars for the season. Those -- record setting day for Germany yesterday at the World Cup in a game that stunned the home crowd rooting for Brazil -- Brazilian faithful were in tears by halftime. As a German rolled to a five nothing lead at the break. The divide -- even further from there and Germany won the semifinal match 701 to secure a spot in Saturday's final. The seven goals scored -- Germany in the first place all time in terms of goals scored throughout World Cup history moving past Brazil. -- now await the winner of today's other semifinal showdown between Argentina and the Netherlands. Donald Sterling testified in court yesterday in his lawsuit over being forced to sell the clippers sterling said his wife -- is terrified and frightened of this NBA. Direct quote there and they feels his team is worth more than the record setting two billion dollars the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bit the team. Think he could be anywhere from two and a half billion to five billion if allowed to be involved in the sale. And the newly re -- Charlotte hornets have agreed to an offer sheet with created Gordon Hayward. Who make the move from the Utah Jazz -- will get 63 million dollars over four years. I'm mark an -- that is your early look at sports so what do you think I mean everybody keeps. On -- god Jimmy Graham in the sense now that this is behind them they gonna work at a long term deal we have less than a week together -- of the July 15 deadline. A deal get done everything will be OK but now we hear the other side of the story that may -- -- that may mean Jimmy Graham is angry maybe there's some bitterness between him -- the team and maybe this money fight is deeper than. Many think and Jimmy may hold. Me I guess that's possible I I still although I'm of the mind that. He's gonna -- by July 15 and will probably be right around the last minute as the country deals usually do. Hope you're right photo by Pataki and what a let it be right with more sports here on WWL I am not diamonds now account. He's mark when -- nine gave Cohen are about talent your forecast are some that are coming up next. Five point seven your forecast. Thunderstorm chances will be increasing today starting first along our coastal waters and in continuing and -- 40% chance with highs near ninety tonight's lows around 76. And then tomorrow even milder 88 for a high that's gets -- with many 50% chance for scattered thunderstorms. Then Friday 840% chance for rain with highs of ninety from the pinpoint forecast Fenner I'm meteorologist -- Tell no -- 91% humidity cloudy 76 at the airport in -- clear and 72 with a National Weather Service office in slide down line gave -- -- at the early edition of WWL first news. Lot of people think and that. Judge should throw the book training enough -- to more text messages coming up. One person says put Megan away for good if -- were you or me we would never again that we -- -- for a forever -- -- what politician is crooked. He just got caught. People are saying leniency but dollars an ounce Omaha -- thirty years says 120 years says another but there's just make him work for minimum away. Since he took advantage of the people in New Orleans when we needed him the most gave him the Max mine naturally after ten man. How many years Ray Nagin will be sentenced to prison 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this the ninth of July 2014. Hooded green. -- Dan is pomp -- happy home. -- Golf. -- everybody -- Looked it up you know we're gonna. Open up. -- of the newsroom. Everybody Alia. Or yes you can if you're -- the sound of this zone you should be doing you know right now you should be open -- if you're driving future. -- give us a today I don't know what happened the first half of the week. This quote gone flat yet they're journalists replied good glad that it. People it accidentally created a 70%. And most of them are not advocating a lenient -- -- for former new world. Mayor Ray Nagin -- that today shortly after 10 am and exactly how long did you they'll -- to deliver the sentence we don't know what exactly happened in the courtroom but. And we think it'll happen fairly soon after 10 AM line -- -- when it does it here on them PW text the word news State's 7870. We will text you as soon as the sentences and -- to know what it is if for any reason you can't beat new year on your computer your radio and listen. What presence as from the chocolate city to the Steel City. For a Max sentence Steel City allies -- again a lot of chocolate City Council out of -- cannot read on the another says life. For Ray Nagin. And that's one of the things that his supporters just saying in the letters to the judges that anything over. Fifteen years could be up to -- absolutely for him and us as public officials are held -- entrusted to higher standards thus when they commit a crime. And -- convicted their penalty should be no less put him in the and and lose the key. News. It's. -- -- I thought it was interesting though when you talked earlier about the you know the letter written Barrios. Reagan's wife and in this whole thing about. You know he's not apologizing. For anything because he's going to repeal and he's still not go didn't do it. It does hurt your chances for appeal if you're going to admit to -- captains yeah exactly. But his appeals seem to be based on prosecutorial misconduct. May -- different maybe you really think is gonna get another trial. And is afraid to comment to make that sentencing can then be used against him. I fifties. Going through this trial again am I don't know and the legal analysts do expect him to win his appeal the point. I don't know the legal analysts have stepped up on that and I spread get a good shot and another trial. It seems that the issues on which. Ray Nagin has been appealing and alleging prosecutorial misconduct faults hinged on. The allegations made in blog gate about prosecutors in the US attorney's office. In appropriately trying to influence the jury pool are releasing secret grand jury testimony. And online lawns around it so far with very few exceptions. Has that gotten any track that really hasn't guy you're right no traction on that for the most part and so alone. Good luck -- one. Person does this chocolate city has. It. There's a lot of chocolate city jokes thank you for those keep them coming most of them you've got to realize that can read -- -- on the radio and it. Imagine being out of their point. And having to divert. Instead of going to Denver to line Landon shy man. And then having to sit on the runway for hours are I don't know I would use the ruling. Can be a bomber would -- make it any better. Pizza the pilots with a of a Frontier Airlines plane and treated all 160. People on board to pizza after storms diverted. -- -- A great guy apparently he's got a message is do or does picked up his phone and called. Domino's Pizza in -- again. At 10 PM. On Monday night and the employees were packing up and walking out genocide has some are closing time -- wise but he said. I need to feed a 160 people fast and he explained the situation. The manager says and I quote. I put my hand over the phone and I said guys pick that back. And you're gonna make a lot of -- they -- 35 Pete says that brought them to the airport and had The Who represent. Do the plane. The flight attendants had to actually bring it out there of course I -- But. Gee that. -- so good because you've got the if you know it's coming in article anticipation that kills time and getting the pizza -- -- need that kills more time I don't even told me it done. But does that he's surprised that I don't know what if he waited to the -- it was actually on board I would've waited just in case. It was a problem like TSA now that counter at the speaker of the other way bottom line for a horrible laws. Experienced arm or maybe missiles -- that's pretty horrible to be diverted out of the city wanna -- -- you're sitting on a runway for hours you know and I gonna get we're going to all kinds of plans of Britain now messed around Wyoming. Yet. You're in Wyoming and Colorado it's -- I -- I'm not too good to make things better doesn't go on the good guys they couldn't touch him the tournament first. Imus meteorologist Laura but now you better be given up it up right now. In the pinpoint forecast then it must. Have been music but I do it in any way -- well you can imagine pageant I know this song. Tell me airplane that -- massive telling their plants along I think there are indeed playing the other side to it is it's called. And this snuck up on me. I don't panic that I don't want it instant thing that we did the fact that said that it Marty -- Given what happened to come to a screeching -- but. If you haven't gone by quickly. Yes I don't I don't I had a holiday in the blink of and I suddenly -- while ago it's already a day is here. All right so we got -- up by the way but not the showers attorneys certain. Are already out there this morning and thank you -- that means they're gonna be had a moving in the area it's early it's you know this morning time certainly through the midday after game like yesterday just a higher than normal rain chance that. Once Eric -- on and on the coastal areas you know it's not to be too long before their little farther north in the inland areas. Yeah you know -- actually it's quite -- be everywhere you know way therapies I had rain yesterday morning at my house then added having things for the rest today while they were thunderstorms kind of and other areas that. It's going to be a mess that yes there will be some thunderstorms somewhere. Beginning this morning and lasting throughout the app. I actually welcome that cloud cover and a little bit of rain yesterday because it wasn't one of those sudden downpours that went away and then it gets steamy out afterwards. It's day -- -- stuck around and I went to bed it helps healthy AC -- -- -- -- well what about -- -- Friday eve tomorrow you have to keep. You haven't keeps decent rain chances and -- through the rest of the workweek today tomorrow and Friday at aggregate it. -- this same thing kind of over and over again repeat forecast through the end of the work week in this sneak peek at the weekend we can't dry -- in America. Outdoor plans -- of course he had a little drier more sunshine. And quiet in the tropics and it's a pan am told by Sheldon master control its fixed the feed you receive. And you should be able to legitimately now do this week yeah. I'll try. I I'd better really do -- Lots did it twice in August on that don't understand -- Went Telecom today yet. Just felt a bit. On the dance along with the other commercial break we are. Actually again that we are now all right doing the up in the Eyewitness News. Studio and pinpoint forecast -- this morning. But it channel war. An Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have a story where I thought I was gonna give up. A guy although he's breaking the loss of or creativity. But I think that we don't know it -- now we -- bad I was gonna give kudos for creativity anyway. And and I read the rest of the story and found that he belongs. To get back vial anyway took it to us back Alley get the briefly. Authorities say at New Mexico inmate. Escaped by hiding in -- jail laundry basket. But that's pretty clever. He gets it with the eyes of Andre yet they've ever -- to clean that thing apparently they do laundry at this facility it's and its other jails. So authorities say when he yelled Kevin Mathews park in packed themselves in -- laundry basket on Monday. To get away from the metropolitan detention sent an artist in the laundry basket was headed to another facility that and help if he had -- -- well but he even was Smart enough that when the truck stopped. And they opened the doors at the other facilities he jumps out the basket took off running. Which apparently surprised all the officers that were there because none of them stopped him or reacted quickly enough of -- does he got a -- -- ram. A short time later. They get a call from an assisted living complex. That he have a suspect breaking and entering into the complex. And well they found broken glass. And apparently he cut himself pretty badly. Breaking the glass to try to get in -- and everybody -- know they follow the trail of blood and found him a short distance away so. Whatever. But I think it's that time the high each Alina -- whatever intelligent. Lot he had to get out but I never thought about it via. Here's the part that's exactly that as well here's the problem he he had colon currency he had 50% of the -- he got the -- Can I say that all the time. You gotta go the full list he can't just go after after he I have to. All public and you -- up all the possible thing in the areas of what could go wrong look at that the -- prepared for that he you know. And it's at Martin was to get halfway if you don't get all the way you know it that you might as well that even if it acts. Sage advice from mr. meteorologist Laura but now thank you know at one orbit though I'm an Eyewitness News forecast the harder. He can't just go half the way we'll go all the way to sports department are right after this. Thank you probably text messages about the RVs that it's fully engulfed in flames on the -- -- heading from Gramercy to applause. Do expect delays here heading into applause from -- this morning. No delays if you expect sports it's time for that right now here on WW wealth of that market and thank you David it is it possible that July 15 could come and go without the -- getting a deal done with Jimmy Graham. -- FL network's Ian Rapoport says that if that does come to pass Graham may not be suited up opening weekend. Jim Ingram has right right charter and not -- -- -- average. You know they're right. Potentially all the oxygen this treacherous there. And of course the deal doesn't get done will be talking about this all over again next summer at which point Rappaport says the saints could actually let Graham walked. They could drag on the and that they have millions and try to do long term deals and or they can't just say you know what it's it's not where -- -- going to be. Free agents will learn the outcome and less than a week. Four different players scored for the German just crazy totally dismantled Brazil in the World Cup semifinal. The seven of one loss was the worst ever for result left the home crowd and utter disbelief. With many fans sobbing in the stands near a -- close -- became the all time leader in goals scored the World Cup as a German -- him booed in his sixteenth all time. Germany will play in the World Cup final Saturday against the winner of today's matchup between Argentina and the Netherlands. LeBron James that this is expected to finally meet with the heat president Pat Riley today. The port on MVP is once again the most coveted free agent on the market just that he was when you first look at talents to South Beach for years ago. But he hasn't been particularly eager to make a decision. Quality and his agent has met with a number of the a number of teams king James himself has yet to involve himself personally in the -- in the negotiations. What with filming commercials and taking vacations. And Donald Sterling appeared in court yesterday to testify in his -- over being forced to sell the clippers. Sterling called the -- the franchise a tremendous opportunity that he believes that he was allowed to be involved in the process. He could sell the team for as much as five billion dollars rather than the already record setting two billion bid by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. I'm mark Menard that your early look at sports and I hope that there -- Brazilian soccer players in the witness protection program says south American soccer fans can be very angry when it team plays -- badly. They can be. And and we and we could see that play out again today when Argentina. Faces another. I've demand -- I don't recall -- whole lot of attention to World Cup soccer but. What was the final score of Brazil and in Germany seven to one it was five nothing at halftime. Even even the commentators were just leave Brazil the team that made it this part of the World Cup there in the semifinals. And they just got crushed. The -- meeting with LeBron James you were a betting man where would you -- LeBron and applying all of these negotiations discussions and meetings. You know I think it's still too early in the process to predict because we don't know even who he's gonna meet with -- but my heart would love him to go back to Cleveland. I'd love to see him in the family -- thing that happens. You know it's possible because there's a lot of rumors Vegas blew up over the fact that he might go back to Cleveland so bulls. Listener text -- it's 7870 wondering comedy franchise tag players in the NFL and never sat out for a season. And it's not comment according to Jordan -- control last time it happened was seventeen years ago. Know that that players have sat out until the deadline for them to come back which. Logan Mankins did a couple years ago for the patriots sent -- half of the year apathy. And and and you'll hear it in my next report but he gave that the player a lot more leverage -- let's hope that ultimately mean the saints. Before next week at -- no thank you will work things that come back with more -- than fifteen minutes here on WW without your forecast. -- text messages about Ray Nagin can. A lot of people think that -- Nagin took it twenty to thirty years in federal prison that's the overwhelming majority of the tax that is. But one -- how about just making him and all those purposefully involved. Pay it back seven times and that's all that that would be enough. He's got that. It -- coming your forecast for your. Wednesday mostly cloudy skies some coastal thunderstorms this morning but those will be increasing Immelman by later today highs around ninety been dropping into the seventies tonight. Another decent shot at some rain tomorrow 50% that she keep highs in the upper eighties. And by Friday were back to a 40% chance for scattered downpours and a high of ninety. From the pinpoint forecast center I -- to -- just larva. Cell towers were evident from the coast right now cloudy 76 at the airport clearance 72 -- now. On first detected 7870 says man naked -- will pollute the land with Willy Wonka and the that chocolate city thing it's just never gonna go way I think that'll be his legacy. Well along with of course. Being -- going to federal prison another person tech today 78 Denny's has no matter how long Nagin is sentenced to prison it's not. Long and now we'll find out shortly after 10 AM right here on WW well how long Ray Nagin will serve have a great update --

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