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7-9 6:10am Tommy, Ray Nagin sentencing

Jul 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL News Director Dave Cohen about what Ray Nagin's sentence could be

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And David we usually try to start the day in a positive manner and try to make people feel good that I got to tell you this is just a sad day for most of new long ones America's. Will new loans at least most beloved mayor Ray Nagin. Being sentenced today after being wrongly convicted and and being railroaded quite frankly this guy with a client the bullet. It was one of the much charming. Fair minded honest public officials that we've ever hand. And because. Com or whatever reason you're reading from a prepared script went. And you know it was like I've figured you worked. -- this group was awakened whose lives oh says that a lot of paper rolled Laura's on the charter pilot lost as he lost his mind at exactly eight he's been -- -- -- again. Now which you know it is kind of a sad day for the city in and I think his seventeenth public officials since Katrina. To be found guilty. Corruption. In one form or the other. So let's -- a lot of folks it is and you gotta wonder if it was always going on and after Katrina. Word came from Washington keep an eye on is because time and money is gone and in the area and as a result they found some. Among other things going on you'd also have to. Wondered now -- the get a -- US attorney in office and I believe you said in you know they get -- mayor Andrews screaming for help from the feds in terms a crime -- If maybe the corruption will come back in one form -- the other night that it's over -- completely. Known it never will go away completely do you think maybe of -- a top federal official when they were getting ready to send down. Although that money and it was a lot of money said after all you know snore owns. We just that. Is idea. Doubt seriously I think so honestly I really you really you know has a lot of money this -- on the night he would get past. Is that you know. Every every high federal I was going to be watching what you did right you knew that the area was under more scrutiny than ever hole in the world could you b.s though. What's important thing you know we had so much you brewers -- so. Arrogant arrogant you would do this I I it it's like no Ocalan -- security cameras all over the place and alliances and or is gonna come down and keep me from coming out element and smashed a case and take the necklace. Image restore does that make any sense to not much of that on -- -- I have no earthly idea yet permit says he's been hanging on a talk about Ray Nagin -- morning Janet and you're on house Jethro and granny you've never heard that before had it. No no. Comment. That is -- with which -- that. And million the first one Jack blood it never came up with that very clever and it's not this -- on your. W two and Brittany. My my whole thing with them part of her argument there right now is. Is bringing it's like now it's obvious corruption it heroin in fact when he first came and we at all. We're excited for it changing. Everything that was going on when he -- -- The I remember correctly I even had a and nephew. Convicted. -- -- what the taxi -- slept. Break out are part sticker and expect. And the Brigham break taxation is mentally I've moved out Orleans parish because. Of the way I was treated at the break taxation on general Meyer that I some lead one of these people out. And I always tell people I was treated like a criminalist comes turn out by a criminal and that's the first thing Ray Nagin did. Nor did they Katrina changed him. Yeah and actually it is. I don't think -- -- -- better words I think that kind of more expensive I think it -- at them like. Our governor at the time and you know. There's there's other people before him and that program. Have gotten away Scot free and it's kind of been the case yeah. -- we get we do then -- gotten it cut away. Let me clear this up right now I am not making any excuses for sea Ray Nagin but when you hear for Katrina engine. Do you think it changed you. Our. And I just one of it in change -- it's no wonder it didn't change him 9 -- and no matter what happens inches. Violate the public trust and sell your office others wondered if that -- in this and it should it fit into it when it comes to him being sentenced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- yeah. And double -- -- thing continues when he yesterday's. And honestly I think where means white collar crime. Oh win knew when you say the -- in Munich apart you. Well it corny or thirty years for. Well -- get a presents investigation and the guidelines were a minimum of twenty years you'll see I think he's about my aids and we would get out of jail when he is around seven. I'm that's Japanese something I'm saying that if you add twenty years on his age. -- had better thank you for calling him look I love the dry sarcasm with your plant in response heard her give my kinda guy -- a good day. You can thank you and sale at a grand just getting 615 coming back under the W. Is there -- federal prison facility in California to which Ray Nagin will be sentenced -- to. Allowed -- sent there. I'm not likely. We think he'll -- Florida. Florida Texarkana. Jordan I just thought about this let's change up ready jaguar opinion polls. Should -- be nicer than they -- office space the movie but should Ray Nagin go to country club jail real well he's not going to understand what I just assume Dinah and it's -- -- I understand as an opinion by the fact. And out we -- -- -- -- a sentence of less than ten years to go to just a fun little pull out of bed Itochu to go to clutch -- should get a real jail. Thank you Dave let's talk about -- in -- go to -- that. What's at -- you like to go to club that I knew a guy that went to -- said and somebody at work with -- -- not free but it was dropping all had some problems in the stock market. And you thought that he was gonna. Be free on appeal and judge at that time. It had a bad day and said no human -- now and London so -- -- stripped from his family and boom off he goes. But he told me that you re instead club feds still not a lot of fun. Ha because I tried to sneak in some stamps one time in a book and they caught that and I think you get punished for that and you don't. -- -- That you tried to sneak into the stands I mailed them to them. I forgot -- now. All of the cup but anyway my point is people think club said is. Country club and it's not you have no freedom you're not yield it's safer nutria loaded -- yard and in leavenworth the real deal but. Blow it way up the topic here let's talk about Ray Nagin when we come -- -- don't do that tonight about the sentencing and about. How this all started in the history of Ray Nagin -- you -- for all of that. And I think a lot of times out and say it would look at history as a snapshot when in fact it's a motion pictures and and we didn't get from muted there. An alien didn't drop something goddess from there it here so fascinating story it is and that's -- only talent blowing at time when we come back Dave -- news director. I guess I'm sorry it wasted so much time with. My fed prison story right I didn't go to them tempered traffic six when he -- for that we go to terror Robinson. Tommy Tucker David Cohen in talking about the sentencing of Ray Nagin is Dana as absolutely as Steven. Talk about it you hate to say legacy is it's a positive. -- history of Ray -- would be a little better it is says this all started in 12002. I think. Well he was elected in 2002. And you remember in 2001 he emerged under the seen as this. Amazing new reform politician -- no one really knew other than from. Access cable television show he did where people enjoyed his ethics and it is straightforward. And he comes out as a businessman who's gonna reform City Hall who's gonna Ron New Orleans like a business. Hi this coming after mark -- Al had two successful terms but could not convince the voters to give them an opportunity to serve a third term. And voters deciding that the term limits weren't important thing that even mark Maury Allen who had crazy popularity. Could not overcome so here comes Ray Nagin. Late in the election cycle he burst onto the scene as skyrocket. To the top of the polls. He is. Elected as a reformer as a management change things. And there was a lot of optimism surrounding Ray Nagin Democrats and Republicans alike in many cases like Ray Nagin -- a lot of cross community support. Black and white. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he talked about how he had this positive relationship with the federal government to find and root out corruption. And and things started fall apart really -- Katrina. Really head and Ray Nagin was roundly. Criticized for his inability to hold it together. Personally and as the mayor through Katrina and his administration knew it Eddie compass on Oprah crying about people being killed baby's been -- in the superdome them and then program and though but there were lots of wars stories about these things happening network reported nationally. And when he comes in police chief right the police chief. City councilmen the mayor. You know most of those stories were found to be untrue but. You know we hear stories about -- the president the United States finally comes to New Orleans. And that he says to the mayor and he can go you know shower in Miami in in Air Force One clean up get yourself right. And you know we hear bottom -- OpenId. In the fetal position crying on the four. And Air Force One and that it was a significant. Change in Iranian at that time and ended in in the way he was perceived. If they don't when I find -- seeing you use the word in takes before and Cox cable. That they like watching is public access shield and at some point. Be it tipped and people became tired and his antics well not. So much because he got reelected. Now given that no sitting mayor in the history of New Orleans to -- reelection as ever lost. By -- Nagin beat Mitch -- for reelection in 2006 despite. The controversies and all the stories about his difficulties dealing with Katrina and all the controversy that followed. With claims that. He was not effectively leading the effort to rebuild the city that he was on us -- line yeah he was leaving him in and spending long periods of time when no one saw him after Katrina. In other questions about his his ability another. This election that. This great re builder who comes in and and I immediately runs in the brick walls everywhere returns and makes overbearing statements that. Many thought were grandiose than he was just playing to the emotion instead of to the reality. But Ray Nagin nonetheless. You know that we get in January of 06 the chocolate city speech. And in fact even more than so than Katrina I think marked. The beginning of. The change in what Ray Nagin legacy would be and it might be that might be the point where people's some people. Got tired as it takes at least where he went from being and a popular guy too with some segments. 01 of America that America went into long ones most dislike mayors and picking up here we come back with Dave Conan news director and -- move on to the other things that the mayor was actually convicted of limited timeframe on that. And speaking of time how much time he's likely to do right now tempered at WL first news for that. Definitively quit Dave Cohen. I think we left -- chocolate city and that's probably win. That divide occurred between him and some parts of or some citizens of new loans and so take it from there it's 2006 he makes chocolate city comment. Essentially telling the black people who had been evacuated from New Orleans that on his watch. Claims in the media that New Orleans would be -- refine that Katrina was going to be used to keep. The poor black New Orleans from ever returning to the city he was saying that's not tree. He was his point was hey this city at the end of the day will be like it was before. But the way he went about saying that by saying that he had woken up and had a conversation. With the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. In his bedroom. And that Martin Luther King Jr. had told him these things. And then to use the term chocolate city that at the end of the day New Orleans would be eight chocolate city I mean. It really did mark the beginning of a huge change. And in the way that rainy it was perceived and it was only downhill from there he did of course win reelection beating Mitch Landrieu. And did get another term in office but as we said is never in the history of new Portland. -- -- sitting mayor who was eligible for another term didn't get it. He also did win that with the ability for people who were evacuated the vote and voting outside of Louisiana most notably in Houston. Where tens of thousands of New Orleans had been evacuated. And to me I'll jump in here at the irony of that is and they get s.'s collection alive only when I'm out of town and that is. Lot of people found different and then their cases better lives and Atlanta and Houston in the different places to which had been evacuated so. While Ray Nagin was I guess attempting to appeal to them saying they weren't going to be forced out some problem. Adding a sizable number decided not to come back because it like where they live better day than they decided that come back or situations where that they test. Could not easily come back so at what point does the federal government get involved in this at what point do eyebrows begin to be raised. Well there are serious questions Indians second term. About his technology department about it is information director about several people in his inner circle. We started to learn that Nagin was getting these trips. To Hawaii and two other exotic locales and he had mideast again Diana -- for free but you know. And I yeah he does nothing wrong here. You know that does nothing to hide here and he continued to still try to align himself with the federal government doing a lot of these investigations. And but it just started. Slowly. Unfold as he peeled away the the those layers of the onion as as it were. And the deeper that we got in the things you know we knew -- in the suns had started a granite countertop business after Katrina. But -- the allegations of who was involved in this and it just kept growing in snowballing and of course after he got out of office was when it really exploded when the federal government he had made it very clear. That they had several cooperating witnesses that they had been able to I convince. One after another person to admit in the public record that they had bribed re Canadian and work with them on contracting these corrupt schemes. And when it came to trial. It was an overwhelming mountain of evidence. Parade of witnesses taking the stand testifying against Randy in cooperating with the government he was left alone on a tiny island. Still go to this day insisting he is innocent despite his conviction on twenty of 21 corruption charges. He'd decided to go go to trial take his chances instead of take a plea I don't know if you heard any numbers given blood you know he's looking today I read a report that said did do the pre sentencing investigation. Twenty years being the minimum probably that's being recommended judge -- don't have the option of them seem within those guidelines. Or not it -- a -- go -- -- really for ten years to forty years it's early call net. And you know mostly in some of things earlier about. The credit card that charges with his wife remember for dinner he says if -- -- city business I think -- Then it was OK if somebody walked up to women and and that hey mr. mayor -- suddenly it was a business meal plan and then we we had the emails though I think its side with schedule right -- and he would release -- schedule. Yet WW LTV requested a copy of his schedule because anyone who is a meeting with what he was doing how we're spending its time amid allegations he was out of town a whole lot. And the absent mayor. And City Hall responded by handing over schedule that had black lines covering every single thing in the schedule so that he helped absolutely. Zero to figuring out what the mayor had been up to and that became the subject of a court battle eventually the schedule had to be released but. Yeah that was kind of the first. Eyebrow raising incidents of wait a minute. That only is he gone a lot claiming he's got a lot of you know he's got to rebuild the city of New Orleans so he said he was spending a lot of time traveling to do work on that. But then you know. Channel four Assam where you then and a -- balls refuses to hand it over when he does its shares no information. And we don't know exactly when the federal government that. We need to get involved now in this NC what's going on but it. It all -- seems to conceal around that time frame and continued as the investigation unfolded post season -- -- season computers at city hall of time member than they found that the emails had been deleted they weren't even on those compute person there was obviously a concentrated effort to conceal this schedule. As -- whenever they handed over and then when. Those things that's computers and records reckless subpoena these fifty something right. And if he goes -- -- fifty ideas deal for twenty years B 78 when he gets out which a lot of ways feel like sentence and federal time you do that right there's not. A day off for a day a good time and -- 80% every service at least 80% of your. State thanks so much for taking this through this and remind in this pilot started when it when it went bad for him and and now what he's looking at Dave -- news directly take Eackles. We come back -- six 187 -- 386 exceed 89087. Do you think Katrina was a thing that changed Ray Nagin or do you think he was always drop in the tiny. Came in and win which is put on one face and in doing something different. You know on his own time there have been no charges and then think. And if I remember correctly now one of the vacations heaven right after Katrina and I thought there may have been some of the stone branded stuff that went back to him before Katrina. Now science at the ready jaguar many people forming -- go to white collar jail issued a go to. Maximum security prison. Phone lines -- Obama talking -- Tommy Tucker dev W 651 Tommy Tucker -- WL first news and we're gonna have the announcement as soon as it happens will have somebody live at the courthouse. Right across the street from a federal courthouse to give you the the news about Ray Nagin and Mike kind ascendancy receives but if you're not going to be near. A radial I would suggest you sign up for -- WL text color alerts and I have to do is text the word news NE WS. Tate's 7870. And you'll find out about it perhaps earlier -- -- seconds before it hits the air. So forgiving him being a beating with somebody -- to be near radio just. Text news NE WS State's 787 in you'll get the word as soon as it happens sent directly to you Smartphone. We don't charge anything but the normal texting and data rates do apply -- home on good morning thanks for calling aren't out -- WL. Hey good morning age are. Ready. To need a president would like. An age I'm serious yelling while. I. Respect the man when it first command op. I figured you know -- you know he he he care reform of the city he could be a good person for the city. Art you know you businessman. -- negative. And it sounds like he knew woody talk. Well. What do you what do you think it cause him to break bad and yes -- in the title of the show came from breaking bad because some point do you decide to go down that. The wrong road in and did change everything year old Bowden create. Greed greed you think was because of money because it basically you're saying now on and nobody made that. That he took a pay cut big pay cut money left Cox cable. Yeah -- -- -- might add audio video or whether users should he make more money. You know Mario. I mean look. Look daddy -- army you know. He made money under the table yeah. Are you saying go to jail like. And -- quickly over run out of time Oakland city go to real hundred jail or maximum security prison Angola. It won't be because federal -- but they are white collar prison. So again. So white college yeah yeah yeah. Right yeah well I'm glad you called in. I'll tell you what if you gotta Smart phone text 878 Santa Anita debit WL and type in the word and no text news that's it NE WS. To 87870. You'll find out citizens citizens it happens. Pre sentencing investigations suggested a minimum of twenty years judge ginger buried in -- Take note that in consideration I'm sure and enroll later on today 654 time -- Traficant for that. Would -- a -- Robinson Tommy Tucker talking about Ray Nagin will continue to do so attacks comes in and says he should go to hell. I've got to help Republican. Corruption -- in my go to hell for this a priest is. In a confessional twelve year old girl tells him that an adult member of the congregation is abusing her. And a precision no one does because all kind of trouble just keep it to yourself. And it happened several times -- and with the -- testify he says they a sanctity of the confessional I can't reveal what was said we'll talk when we come back.

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