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7-9 7:10am Tommy, seal of confession?

Jul 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Father Jim Weiss, Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College, about whether a priest can ever report what was said to him in confession

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Hi David blatantly come back we're talking about AM. And -- legitimately legalities of this. Is it because it's the technical part of it because it's an -- -- and a judge ruled one thing. But basically what happened is this from a young girl goes in session twelve years old and says that she had. Inappropriate relations I guess she thought it was her fault with with an older man or current three times it'll freeze that. This older guy had inappropriately touched her canister and told that he wanted to make loved her -- -- emails -- stuff and nurses in construction. Yes -- well a priest allegedly told her that she needed to handle the situation herself. Because. This is your problem he says sweep it under the floor. And get rid of it now that would be bad -- happened one time. Abuse continued after the confession on. All known known. And apparently. Parishioners observe day in an appropriate closeness between the guy in this older guy in his twelve year old girl. And I mention all of that because. Com. And then now they want. The priest. To testify as to what happen in confession and the archdiocese is saying now it has already they confession out cannot do that they young lady is free to testify and -- to talk to -- Priest friend and and find out. What went well if there's something like this has confessed you really can't go to the authorities within. I don't understand why is. Sarah and her reserve place redraw the line. This is obviously terrible crime but what about on a murder. Half our or worse -- and I've seen movies before where priests did -- was one problem when you know. Dramatic turn of the priest is actually accused of the crime. And he knows who did it because a confession but he can't say anything. So will talk about that when we come back in the end even mine is not a priest that did the abuse as a priest -- saying I can't testify because. Of the bonds of confession. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This guy it was the size of my house in terms of weightlifting when when these guys. And then it was he was stricken with parkinson's. So they're gonna have a benefit boy I'm that rock and bulls this Sunday 2 o'clock eight bands are performing. The yet panic crescent city's -- the wise guys groovy seven Louisiana spies. Boogie -- ninety degrees west Bobby cure and the summertime blues and he doesn't do. A lot of shows anymore with summertime blues so -- to be a lot of fun for a great cars that cause admission. Only twenty dollars and you call 5047376717. For tickets and I'll try to post this on my page and keep in mind even if he can't go. Well just make a contribution hinders your gut and maybe you can help on quick what up with that no time for the song but I'll tell you this police in Provo Utah are arrested a 46 year old woman. Trying to my math. From an off duty police officer said the purchase was a birthday gift for her sister now who. And I guess you -- -- in the traditional cigarette pack cellophane right yes. Coming back and evidently. Tommy Tucker I know we have a predominantly Catholic population here and in the city in the surrounding area and there's something going on in the diocese of Baton Rouge they say the sanctity of the confessional is under tank. By a Louisiana Supreme Court ruling that says a priest could be forced to reveal what was privately told him. It was sold by a twelve year old girl who is being sexually abused by an older man in the parish. The suit says it was a again on the funeral home and that there emails to back this up. In his obituary -- I'm all right with my guy he knows my heart I'd bet my life on him -- ain't worried. The disease says are wanting to finish in three times -- twelve she told caprice that. This 62 year old man and inappropriately touched -- -- and that he wanted to make love to priest allegedly told her she needed to handle a situation herself. Because quote too many people would be hurt. He also allegedly told this is your problems we've been under the floor. And you -- of written. The yeah allegedly abuse of acts continued after the confessions were made. Now the church still young lady she could testifies to that of her own confession. But the problem is they want the priest testifies to what she said in an -- concerns a lawsuit between the family in the church because the perpetrators. Is dead this civil and criminal action. Father Jim Weiss joins us right now -- friend of ours associate professor of theology at Boston College -- actually finds himself or we find him in Chicago this morning. I don't -- All right. It's -- we're waiting for use -- can now buy you some good food. Out there tell me about it. Confessional first off inserts teachings and and what they say about it. Money go to confession and talent -- with they did. Okay -- actually we're in for a couple of surprises here first civil this is not just Catholic issue. He privacy of confessional -- is is that matter of law in Catholic but also blew -- and the episcopal. Our tradition -- church law but here's the big. I'm glad you said that father because we're discussing in the office yesterday who went to confession. And Jordan was raised episcopalian he said no so it appears the bulls go to confession and method has got a confession. -- Well I'm not -- about Methodists believe they do -- it is alien and we lose. Yet that -- the right confession is recognized in those two churches and the that tradition that and legality of those churches. Also holds the the -- price of secrecy to be absolute but here's the surprise. Every one of the fifty states including easy. -- and the District of Columbia have legislation that protects the absolute confidentiality. Of what the law termed secret communications. Between a member of an clergy and a member of any -- So this -- road Catholic thing. All the -- he has revised statutes section fifteen article 477. Scripts that privilege. What that means is that the law. Considers the for the privacy between aid clergy person and member congregation. Somewhat more broadly actually of the Roman Catholic Church. Because because several religions have conception. So I don't know what you're Supreme Court is up to but -- it's completely overturning what your -- statute. In terms of did did did church policy yours or theory or law Canon law if if a priest. Is -- concessional. And a guy guy comes and says they father like outside people lawyer there's been a man shooting in the city NEC jamming guys that did it the -- cannot go to law enforcement. Absolutely absolutely. Under no circumstances can any priest. Reveal anything that is set -- to confession that pleased the priest enormously vulnerable that you could imagine. People can make up all kinds of stories about things that happened in confession. And the priest is not free even to deny them. So -- of -- if if a young girl or young boy goes and says you know father Smith. I don't know who else Telus would father Jones and and I mean to make this thing but it is is abusing me you know we're sort of way. He doesn't have to be part of a confession -- 'cause it happens in the confessional. Is it covered under the same I guess secrecy. Will it be if the understanding. Between the two peoples speaking or at least -- the understanding. On the part of one of them. Is that this is consent in this is a confection going. Or it an act of the sacrament of reconciliation. The secrecy is absolute now let me say this. The priest and urged the person in confections. To do various things outside -- those -- and those could include. Please stick it up with me in the conversation. Outside the conception. So that we have the that we have the freedom to talk about this -- the people. Or the priest can say you really need to go to the authorities need to go to your teachers your -- A hole here at the police. -- I think a good priest would certainly. Recommend those things in conception I have no idea what is the alleged. Very specifically here. Holiday saying is that. He he told her allegedly vision problems we've been under the floor and get rid of it. Yep that's bad I mean that that that just battered by bad practice called. It is it's hard to know -- twelve year old girl who's very very upset cute. That's one of the you know the issues in this case. Especially after the senate likely be five or six years of of let it. It's it is very hard to know what the -- with the girls. But clearly -- good priests too who is aware of the problem of sexual abuse in society. Would -- somebody. To deal with it day in an appropriate manner and not actually not a -- of the floor and certainly would not tell the person you -- your world with this. So. But we'll have a bill that means that the point is that. For the for the for the sake of god. Desire to reach out to a that are called that the absolute nature secrecy is rooted. In -- committed to conflict between two people. And the reason that it's absolute is that it guarantees that a tortured soul confined forgiveness. It is all about making -- -- Yeah. And don't forget this. As clear and as safe as possible. -- of people listening right now they don't go to confession. They on -- not a Catholic. The the church is very clear that. No one knows. No windows the final judgment of god any soul. I mean -- anything I would hope your listeners would return to the practice of conception. Two discovered the kind of unique healing can take place there but. The year Catholic Church would not. Can't secure it would not make a statement that ball if somebody doesn't go to confession certainly felt itself. It's always possible for someone to make an act of contrition in their hearts. And we do that they'll look how a got to deal with The Beatles. Confession is the ordinary for -- -- -- While expressing. -- forces that receive forgiveness is important reform but there certainly ways to -- connect outside of the. -- when a -- of the funny concessions orient my manually here are. Get your article though it's not my concession I was in second grade and I made my first communion answer. As part of that you make differs concession in Yamaguchi. Second grader just like most people aren't here and I -- -- tell -- something not a -- right -- -- depicted commandment and -- number six. And I went in there and confessed to adultery and I got my behind you don't like you wouldn't believe because I had no idea what it was. And the -- -- you know it was not a joke there's not a laughing matter at all clear that like saying bomb and an airport I had no idea what I said well. What. Court. Again and the second Euro two of woodie held to eight years old and second grade nine father like every time I really do -- Tell me the way that they priests and go to peace and praise from me in there. You get that right right it right -- to thank the father are you that -- that Jim Wiseman my associate professor of theology at Boston College. Let me ask you do you go to confession if -- religion requires it which would be catholicism which would be episcopalian which would be. Not Methodist as I said but Lutheran -- go. And did did you stop on. I'll tell you must -- we come back and had nothing to do with the adultery confession in second grade 726 timely and trapping of that would -- -- Terrell Robinson. Hi Tommy Tucker morons priest in confession and should they be allowed it to go to the the authorities have been in -- year -- Morton avenue did that. Right now time for them WL first news within the public to get there right hot now days that. Let me tell you what's gonna happen here when news breaks about reining in sentencing we break in here at first on WW way down Garland for example. If it happens during the show you'll hear about it first up. There any talk about it with him and am presume if that happens on Angeles show you can talk about it with our. Absolutely. But I think it's gonna be this morning and -- it'll be blasted out from the delegates governor didn't take care about. Yet he got -- right chief. Let me ask you this when it comes to religion I don't wanna pry any personal life because quite frankly when animals you sacrifice -- my business. But. As far as confession. I you know and and that's why don't go to the church same carriage where they know he anymore or from. Well -- among the reasons but because I got to be free to talk about this without people looking at me in church Stanley Dylan you know I mean I'm so -- And I I always thought. It was kind of silly to have to go. Does somebody when god knows what you did. If you believe in -- on -- only have to go through an intermediary. You're following. I understand what you're saying but I am I do understand the other side it's. It's is it would be nice I guess in some instances it did to be able to go in with a priest and and why it out there. And I've done that and you feel better when you do that however one time. I was surprised because they said well let's talk about this and -- brought me around from the screen announced in their talking face to face with somebody and it changes holds heat and -- you are rounder. -- -- that the healer in the screen setup and those -- -- -- room with two chairs and analysts and voters on Merv Griffin and I -- -- that exactly so. That kind of touted me away from it and from the one time -- as a kid I gonna confession I saw a guy in from enemy at which used to be the big story on general mired in an insult pigs it was a groceries or progressive independent -- not the point. From an aside guys and they're talking no woman -- -- -- -- -- -- mine you know follow the blank is you know it's admirable woman there and inline into settlement he's not a priest anymore. And a week before I confess the deepest darkest secrets of a teenage boy and we can all imagine what they -- -- -- so I didn't feel very comfortable about that -- and finally -- open a phone lines of this. -- To have young kid it's being victimized and they feel guilty is though it's their fault so they go to confession. And tell -- and and the priests can't go to the authorities but he can say well if you wanna talk to me. Outside of the bonds of concessions. Well then we can do it ages. These these letter of the law things in religion just drive me cores out I understand because as of right and there's a wrong. And I don't think you have to follow every letter of this is that as far as good -- concern for it says. Com. For it to -- you tell me what you think it's 60187. Neitzel 3866. 8890870. -- if you're Catholic or whatever other religion goes do you go to confession. Do you think it's necessary when it comes to religion. Com two years. Do you follow every every letter of the law do you kind. -- -- is a good basic philosophy and then from there. I'll kinda do the parts that make sense and not the parts that don't make sense I'm not trying to make fun and Catholics a year but. Tom George Carlin did a routine went on my -- If you -- man and you Wear hats to church then it's disrespectful if you're a woman and you cover your head that's what you're supposed to do at least in the old days. But -- get to the bishop who wears like three hats so I don't know what you're supposed to do Tommy Tucker talked to -- when we come back under the W. -- Tommy Tucker talked about a case in Baton Rouge. Yeah I'm trying to make this simple in terms of the legalities of it because we've spent half an hour talking about it but basically a twelve year old girl. Goes to confession about older man now allegedly having. Inappropriate contact with their now than what the priest testifying in Louisiana law says doesn't have to. As does Catholic Church in Supreme Court is trying to change it. From blade on the -- thanks for -- let me clear this up to my thoughts on confession and as soon as mean that that doesn't sound doctrine that night right or wrong it is my opinion and you're entitled to yours is well not you specifically played just for everybody else. I welcomed a -- W. The mortgage on it. I have to look. Statements on the inspection thing when. When I was they can you -- gay marriage as a little boy and we -- got -- at the concession. We would -- -- class was not a word about what god was gonna do. We -- so worried that if you messed -- what you went conventional. Might -- you know comply and unconventional and -- you lock out of the confessional embarrassed. By it yet. Did everything wrong way you use it. Like me confessing to adultery in second grade to that pick to -- men and it was I didn't know so I would number six. Instead it's been blessed people love it you start with the wrong sectors that that was it you. But the other -- he has you as a look at -- education grownup who raised Catholic. Idea that I can bet just about years ago and when I met with the pastor I asked what would be baptists. Remedy. What was equivalent. Not it's really look a lot copper -- well you you beg forgiveness so. And you got -- sincerely sorry in Cuba and did anyone -- not. Yet debate but get this now. And low. You would you really wanna be a child abuse and well you that's what you do but that's a -- one. Got to that they thank you blade I'm glad you called on go to the father of John Brown's yet I think I get to name my -- is sheds some light on confessions -- -- and how you Dylan. Good but I hope I don't go to hell because I hear Hitler's table manners are terrible. At. Tell me out of that tell me about concessions. Great -- it by ear infection while not an update you know my first comment would be needed to ensure that the judge concession based on what one particular priest has done. I think that Buick judging. You know all of the law you know civil law based on some abusive cop or. It and it has not been -- on the brown it's easy -- sheds some light on it in -- number other browns had -- confess that right out unit -- today. All right and -- the difficult name and now. He's today was. But. You know try to remember that. We always depend on each other or operate it and some -- Think about it. He can't so. You know you can't go to concession to your you know binders. Which is -- we -- that. Simply go straight -- and they. Got -- you can. You. But there is great him so and so and that is that sort of the ball well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give yourself communion or any of that. -- -- Olivia -- his father when it comes training and you know obviously don't want to disclose anything not supposed to. But today did they talk about counseling and all do they tell you. Just to listen do they tell you and I'm not trying to be -- and here they give me any guidelines on an incident -- leave that up to UN yard. Well most certainly -- -- -- trying to be what they call pat cool in conception rights you know way to try to help this person. With what their particular need dollars so some. Some better as well as. And it's been days since our last confession and I'd let her work. Well you know that person doesn't need a -- I'll believe that's right. But a person who's been away from any sort of prayer for you know thirty years and finally made it back in the -- wanna -- and -- the greatest art equipment and you know that person deserve I think a little bit more sort. Conversation helped lead them in the right direction and and so that that would be attacked. Do you -- get up on that hope the cellphone iPhone comes back -- of a -- area. For promptly -- to have people stop going concession. Not our concern concession -- yeah I would say that I I hear a lot of concessions and I would say that probably one out of every fifty -- forty. Is somebody who cannot wait for multiple year. And sought out -- -- seemed to build people returning to sacrament. -- -- now it may have something to the present focus there who knows but it seems like a lot of people that. I'll answer your question now and I hope and answered honestly for me I would presume. That occasionally if you are you stationed in a parish. I am heights school and a work more apparent at Paris for the weekend. -- so I presume sometimes analogy sensitive let out any secrets here but I would presume sometimes you you do recognize of voice or know to whom it is Oreo whose confession you're hearing. There so how can you as a man. Not hand that. In your mind when you see this person Miller DD -- do that. Well at in my -- that sort of certain yet what it is that -- But it bigger part of that try to put on -- our rights right -- that -- you may yet you know this person may get you another sense but I also -- -- And that makes a lot -- base and after they told you deep dark thing you know that you are. Responding with that are -- in -- -- in -- church celebs got loves you and and really whatever it is your pat. Is senior pat and you are working on being acrid saint and so world for a and let me just sent. -- you know on and I'm not trying to -- -- clown and around here you really do want these questions answered as the -- art yeah so does so if somebody goes in -- to you when you recognize the voice and they say vomit just can't stop stealing. Are you gonna watch stuff a little more closely. So. On the handle Tammy breaking up on here this. Bottom up which you on hold go to traffic is telling -- the answer this 17537. Before eight. Jordan says I think he's a jazz would go blue jays timely trappings of that we have -- -- Robinson. -- Tommy Tucker WL father brown nice enough to call backs of father and I'm not the end an idiot I'm trying to do wanna say this but. He has money as a confession you recognize their voice and maybe they say -- thief. And he you do you watch is stuff maybe to make sure that. Do you watch stuff well how can you separate the two or worse yet you you find out from somebody. That they have a hard time being around kids not a -- somebody in the in the day in the parish. And then you know that they're involved -- altar boy administering you advise them to go and do the right thing but. I guess you bound by the confessional so then if you recognize the voice do you try to keep that person. Out of the ministry at the altar boys I only -- that -- did that go through a bond of how do you separate the two. OK so first bought tickets picked it sort that's the general but in general what are strict rule that we bill. Take information recurred in depression and use it outside. Right. So so what we would do or what I would do -- that would happen that would immediately out of that person within concession. To do something about it but find a way to get there and impressionist sincerely. Admitting that they wish they weren't like father would have. Sample we come back -- he got a couple more minutes. 1053 WW LFM and HD 110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.

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