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7-9 8:15am Tommy,immigration crisis

Jul 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Malvern Burnett, an immigration attorney, about the rising number of undocumented minors

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about this immigration thing that's going on with Central America the Jeff Sessions a Republican says that. This is all happening because of the president's failed immigration policies and that. -- three point seven billion dollars that he wants. To deal with -- -- all borrowed money and -- the advertises the administration's amnesty efforts now the UN. On the other hand news and blow people use that are considered refugees. Iran and away from political ethnic conflicts but. America -- America around there might be the first place in which people are flinging it. Get away from violence and extortion at the hands of the criminal drug gangs. Melvin -- immigration attorney joins this right now and one answer how -- What. Good am confused about all this because I don't know how you draw the line between not protecting the borders. And as I just said a legitimate humanitarian crisis. He's not they're recording of unaccompanied minors and -- states. -- it's not the case that we're not protecting the borders and they're actually walking up to the border and surrendered so integration it's done so that they can themselves. Available in the interior of the notch -- actually -- right better up front here. All the choir and the law requires. Eight or altered to take on the popular fighters and begun to take it build it with. To deport them. Both project to put memorable proceedings there you know that it department of argument sort -- dictate these individuals. And diplomatic medical exam picture of the immunization throughout. There area. And Google want to. Other facilities that -- odd place to but did that in -- to -- the of the either and accordion or am now. So they kick everybody want from detention -- -- many of them are just look what the attitude the cut via. And the. You're young attorneys you can argue both sides of of any issue -- -- if you if -- -- good attorney and I and I -- under the assumption that you -- -- I guess I'm asking can you make the case that these are refugees that that need asylum. Yet because now -- actually make it hard and a bargain basement following. That the countries that these book muted as a problem there really that -- there are countries are unable to control of the violence. That primarily related and when the government is unable to protect its citizens. You do internal -- strikes back and serve as bases to -- one Padilla. -- When we send money to and I am trying to think of some of the of the the places we've sent money to Africa when -- been prizes before we send money to. The Middle East I -- to help with refugees going political turmoil. Is they are we being disingenuous here or maybe being hypocritical wears -- long did you not hear it's okay well B album if you come here and not so much. Well it. I don't think -- K -- were actually helping you did that look it's. You know I think they are placed in removal proceedings are to change. But something -- that Nicaragua is a -- a lot these kids that they aren't painted by the parents are important. They are able to two -- the process. State courts to be declared the Pentagon on various states. And by so doing they all are for -- Supreme Court. And that's another collections that they would wind up with. Family that's eerie. In America already or. From. Other. Orphanages I don't know way to go. But -- -- question OK so if they if they don't have a hair you know and they are required an in state court. And while -- -- -- -- with immigration and inside of about six months to a year went there's an Olympic sports. -- -- -- -- They would it reduced so -- It's possible that they could be secured Ernest. We see some real support -- -- -- that that. On the we point seven billion. Good strong. And dedicated toward. -- -- immigration judges and also providing -- at it help. These the -- -- and immigration laws. On why civil criminal. Proceeding where you got the right now we're not eat right counselor lord of cheating. So a lot yet or what would it would amount of very complex. Civil procedure. Without it is councilman and Obama where. Contains a rhetorical one at -- Why -- attributed it. When -- sorry about what they're leaving gang violence is all over drugs and doesn't speak to a failed war on drugs such as seen in this country but worldwide. I don't know construct well I'm sure the drug contribute to a you know policy guys did a -- -- -- -- they they learn their craft the United States. You know back thirty years ago -- Gang violence is unheard of the Central America. What happens -- a lot of these got involved with criminal activity not states they went to a criminal court system that got reported. And the start of the -- it's such a -- I ended in one more question Melbourne on -- you know this for a factor averages anecdotal or these kids that are run away from home the parents are sending them. To the United States it did to get away from what's gone on there even though they themselves I I can't come on just wonder muddy kids about themselves. I I can address that anecdotally I noted of the art walk a mile per. Others have relative appeared in advocate com. With knowledge -- appear to you know to have. One to get him away and protect him from everything that's going on there. Per catch -- Melvin -- appreciate your time I really do in -- go to guy and I'm sure we'll talk to you again. Well I can't believe I'm on the radio with the inevitable I'm. Well here it happens you know seeing and put them on you resonate better yet don't. Every --

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