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7-9 9:10am Tommy, legal marijuana

Jul 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jim Shore, a partner in the Labor and Employment section at Stoel Rives LLP, about legal marijuana in Washington

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- talk about legalized pot -- were also to talk about Ray Nagin in the watch continues he had any idea timeframe mine's David when he's going to be sentenced a brown tan is what were expecting we will carry it live Korea we have team coverage here at WWL and if for whatever reason you can't be near. A radio all you have to do is text the word news next news to 87878. And sign up for news alerts you'll get the word as soon as it comes down -- Text that out. Yeah as soon as he gets on the -- if not before it and it's absolutely free the only thing you do have to pay -- your normal. Whatever year text -- data rates. Are they apply it to his camera quick happened here off the air. You know part of my duties CR to psychoanalyze. The employees at WW wow it's in my contract -- get another -- absolutely occur. So I'm talking to Jordan and I'm and the talent him. My opinion because I hear him talk to the priest that we have on. And I and I know that he feels differently about religion and I and I say you know -- tell you why you're lapsed Catholic. Because of this because of that and because of the other thing. And Jordan says but I never was Catholic. So Little -- to get our feet yeah so those. Maybe mine ice. Here Psycho analysis the user. So I'm lecturing Yemeni news yeah but but but. But and think you know it is -- Smart guy went to Alabama. Magna cum -- graduate he thinks you know overcome my tournament but. You're ripping through -- like Jordan wide. A net was cast. Eyes of the word comes down on raining and they will have -- for you as soon as it happens and you be able talk about it again Anderson -- about Ray Nagin being able. To be out on his own Woody Allen house incarceration -- determine his after reasons. And nom I get a text here that says apparently some money familiar with the Bureau of Prisons on every -- a background check is done. To see who they may hurt or who may hurt then there's also the issue of unique health care needs until a government employees figure out. That figure that where do you go on in other words you can't report to prison. If the judge doesn't trust you -- shields in jail if your flight risk. And many say that that's a courtesy that is extended to you if you some renter. So if you surrender and to Bill Gates yet then I guess it lets you say until they figure everything out they think your flight risk and they will. Like -- immediately says thanks to whomever. That it. Burger appoint an -- I -- Syria again with the speculation that. The judge could give him on sixty days to get his affairs in order. But he's had since February. Eldorado Texas ninety plus days you'd think after he was. Convicted that the Bureau of Prisons could do all of that too. I don't know we'll see avenues for a year WW well see what happens as soon as it happens so Jim short joins us right now partner labor and employment section that. Still old -- LO OP in Seattle gonna get it close -- Jim. Geo Group -- -- Partner in the labor and employment section at stole Reeves is that right LLT. Correct that morning good morning thank you get up early -- and then. Seattle two dollars behind us and congratulations by the way new Super Bowl victory. Yep thank you got a little like listening to the weapons report on the fumble that they found a lot like. -- Not with highs of 92 or 94. -- -- How we're doing pretty well OK good tell me about. The legalization of marijuana and how that. Relates it transfers over to the workplace. OK what what we're talking about. You know full pot legalization -- really talking about it in a trend happening on the on the state level right now in Washington State and Colorado. And it's you know legal implication of that equipment no but it. Legal certain purple -- certain amount and you know that there variety of conditions that the issues that. It is being created is that marijuana army illegal for all purple under federal law and. And we can't -- not only to state government an -- federal government and in the United States and. Long of marijuana remains illegal for all purple and under federal law. Can't really be called legal. So any company. It because I guess labor laws primarily federal nature's own any company. That wants to test their workers for a bit drugs including pride. They have every right to do that. Well the -- employers or government but state and federal law that as the general employers. Can still prohibit marijuana use in the workplace. Prohibit employees from working under the influence. Eight. In many in many states they can drug counselor qualifications. And and and then an employer can refuse to. Even accommodate these medical marijuana for the label them fully. For Washington State where we have Supreme Court ready. And a lot of issues come here. Are because. Marijuana remains. On schedule on the federal controlled substance which means. Remarkably it's been treated him well he and -- couple. Where under the federal definition high potential for abuse note that the -- you can't -- if we use even under medical supervision. And I think most people on both sides of the issues. Think that that. An anachronism. And needs to change. To a lower schedule and it can only be studies and we get a little scientific. Input into the national proposed the polarization. Going on right now between -- advocates and people do. I don't think Maryland should be legalized under any circumstance. From the the pool of employers I guess or -- news. Group of employers that you deal with have you heard any. Anecdotal. Problems with this where where they think it's the worst thing could happen nor are they relieved it is. This is finally legal so they don't have to drug tests anymore or in the. You know I hear all all were open to really depends on the employer because you know for example if you have a workforce in the very artistic. Web designer. You know that that creative with very different culture than a workforce of people who were building federal airplane. Airplane parts for battle con war air traffic control that air traffic control correct. And you know about. On the other hand Adam you know. CEOs of companies. Tend to get these younger people moving in and in -- management iPad company owners. Where -- for example -- took over -- does look look I'm no longer want to drug plan. Other employers and in parts of the country particularly from rural areas to the -- I can't protect it won't be able to hire anybody. -- they they put down but some employers are required drug to secure federal drug. Covered by the federal drug free workplace act because -- -- -- for the federal government contractor you have to drug test the if you drive have truck drivers are covered by federal drug test and regulations you you have to -- to -- -- a customer requirement requiring drug. In which. -- the issue and -- had before Washington court. Replied yeah. The customer. I required my client to drug tests. -- employees who were working for that -- of 83 is only. Yet now at the published case called wrote he'd tell tent and it Metallica and outsourcing company and they had customer contract -- one of these telephone. Company to provide customers -- a moment because we could argue that if you -- and customers are pretty. Telephone company may be no possible you know beat beat beat that it was. But I don't know about showing up on time GM. You might be a little late. Now deliberately here's the thing and and you know I -- Morgan FM radio -- haven't done these radio remotes you'd be at a a convenience store perhaps in -- this -- mean how many guys he'll win. And you see -- carpet truck she sees them plumbing trucks no disrespect anybody flooring trucks. And the guys go in and they get two out of nothing column tall boys in Seattle but these big giant Beers and -- -- -- And just like you don't want anybody hi showing up to do you work you certainly don't anybody that's. Drunk doing it either and when it comes of federal law even though it's illegal substance. I don't know is -- related test somebody for alcohol after the fact. Is and it is it legal to do that. Marijuana. Now for alcohol because legal substance and my point -- don't want an air traffic controller. And sets the example we made you know 11 working hi Taylor. Or maybe if they got hide the night before on and on marijuana words -- you certainly don't want somebody come and in that had so much to drink before. They're either still a little bit intoxicated as you hear about with DUI cases or or maybe they'd gauges to so hung over the can't do their job effectively. Well that threaten and many employers didn't have them both drug and alcohol testing program. You know alcohol certainly would be -- under the influence standard and -- marijuana but the problem. At least -- understand it right now and that would exacerbated by the federal government not allowed to have stepping in to Merrill bought up Merrill on. It is what you can't. Really the accuracy have weather on the beat who under the influence that may be changing. As well science regretful that. I think they're called can happen and when -- you know how they remain in the book and and how that affects both -- particular individual dependent on the weight. -- -- -- It is that but that's still up for conjecture. Jim I appreciate your time I really do is anything we're missing -- joined the mansion. -- you know I I think it was definitely an issue to keep watching it does it wouldn't have let that. That is the cutting edge of of of what's going on society they're about half the states right now have medical marijuana law I think that's going to continue in New York very large state joked. Just -- on the -- I think there's -- recognition. You know at the very least. That this issue needs careful consideration by Herbert London and that at some point the federal government who's going to have to look at the schedule one classification. And decide whether they're going to leave it there. Or take it off schedule -- and allow. Re search and and that in the marijuana. Seems like that's gonna relate to demographics and who votes and just matter time you think. I I I think the flow you know right now we have pretty paralyzed. Federal congress and I don't see it happening any time soon but. You know five years from now we may not be having conversations. Jim appreciate -- time I really do again congratulations on your Super Bowl victory for the Seahawks and oh welcome to the club. You were gone or he doubted that low -- tube to be careful isn't Super Bowl jinx thank you Jim. You're appreciated now we talked the end Jim short pardon or not labor and employment section at stole rivers LO peace so we're talking about that drug testing and hot being decriminalize sold under some very special circumstances in Washington State they're saying already. The demand is exceeding the supply. So -- you can just call under an assumed name more Jordan can pick. Musicians today he'll pick musicians and give yet and anonymous name a radio name if you will. Any answer this question would you try pot if it was legal. If not why not in one if you didn't have to smoke it. It is the thing that's keeping you away from -- -- the legality but the fact that you have to smoking and would you like to try it one time. So you know what you're talking about just to see what it does. And since Jim talked about his legal case of somebody showing up. Impaired. You tell me of is anybody ever showed up at your house where you knew they had been drinking in the war world -- on the Nelson did it affect the quality of their work please. No name's Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. -- little -- as Don says no this isn't he Bob W dot com well AM endeavor is the greens and the king. And a blue plaid -- they know I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I think it's a very attractive woman. That lady and it's and it's -- money in the name right now that the Burnett lady what's -- name. Mary Louise Parker exact. On the titans. I hate to call the audience out. Because we appreciate your listening desperately really do I can't tell you how much I enjoy spending time with you and appreciate your spending time with me. In the morning here six of ten every day about it and -- yeah I think in his case. I think you might be a little scared. Because I'm asking you would you try marijuana if a it was legal indeed you didn't have to smoke it. If it was available some other way of eating in and a cookie taken an appeal one anti. Maybe mix it in a drink like Kool -- which would be some of the coolest -- I'm guessing you've ever had not the point here's what I'm saying. I'm gonna gophers here I'm going to be honest totally honest. I have never smoked marijuana in my life never tried it. But if it was legal. And if I didn't have to -- it. I think I would try it at least once just to see. What the big fuss is about and and what. The argument is about visit -- -- load is reefer madness accurate. Am I gonna be instantly addicted isn't gonna do nothing forming how does it compare to drinking. Some understand a must tell you right out I would try it one time just disease. But it would have to be illegal because -- not to break the law and it would have to be uniform. That I didn't have to smoke a satellite to smoke anything. Except for brisket which is another conversation completely. Ray Nagin gets sentenced today it's expected to happen and about a half an hour. And we will have it for you live here on -- WL -- it will -- from the courtroom -- to do that but. As soon as the announcement is made we will bring you the news we will break into programming. So you'll know. As soon as anybody else does then you'll be able to discuss it. With Garland been operating jaguar opinion poll he can weigh in on this as well about Ray -- NT six -- 1878. Toll free 866889087. He should he have. The time to did they say sometimes get their affairs in order to happen with William Jefferson. Sometimes they say the bureau prisoners as to do their research and awareness and name. But it would seem in me in either case if it's time it is. If he needs time to get his fears and orderly -- convicted in February so. He should have had plenty of times to do it to get his stuff in order and from the federal government standpoint. They knew he was convicted they knew it was gonna get sadden so. I would think -- been able to do their homework to oh. So -- Ray Nagin go directly to jail after his sentencing and everybody's saying he's gone to jail is not a -- tennis spend it sends a probation here. Where should have some time to. Either get ready or is there any any excuse for him not going to jail immediately write down time prevent -- W offers news and I would go to Dave -- -- either way you are. Honestly every time I try to do something fun or exciting. You make it not that way. I hate. So much about the. The things that you choose to being. -- That wasn't me talking about Jordan but he could be -- today that athletica. From I think the audiences scared David because a couple of people called in to talk about -- marijuana if in fact. It was legal and you didn't have to smoke it and a couple of people laid culled in Jordan had given the musician's name. Names by aid to be anonymous now was Eric Clapton the other one was Fats Domino. Did not the real people maybe he shouldn't do that Jordan it's area is less a world that -- is Eric -- suing me because. That we reported him Nicole ends are so pick up the phone give me a call right now. And let me know if it was legal. And if you didn't have to smoke -- because I don't smoke anything that he could -- on what some brownies -- some however you do and I don't know of cookies yet -- however it comes if or even a pill. It might just take appeal I I would try it one time just to see what everybody was talking about. But it would have to be legal. As the -- to break the law and the you know I used to drain down drink anymore are no but I would just like to see. What the experiences. But I'm not a break the law on the other problem I have is that. There has to be. Some control over how this stuff has process manufactures says because these people can go on this street and buys stuff. You don't know if rats were crawling all RE -- you have no no idea what it is that your infusing are injecting any body. And -- call -- be will be anonymous about it let me know on its next guns in and says did you ever think. That may be nobody's colony and because all of the audience has tried it already. And could very I don't know -- audio audience you'd think. Until not a -- And I mean back in the day. You know maybe they did but it we've got younger folks and listen I don't know. As well but it would have tried and if it was legal would you tried again -- thing you know and if he didn't have to smoke it. Bombs and there's there could be a large group of people. Here in the audience are just around the country that did smoke -- one time. But as -- you know came into adulthood realizing. It I can't afford to be arrested are drug tested or whatever and so they left it alone. But if it was legal until edges in earnings and make that restriction if you didn't have to worry about drug test because here -- they don't drug test. -- our company. Because if they did. You'd probably be waiting to pick up a prize nice economic infinitely via the front on station is now. I -- some tax David -- time and body's system marijuana thirty days cocaine three days alcohol about twelve to sixteen dollars. -- the convenience store I have seen. And if you had David or not the people at work in your homes. Going to Nagin into tall boys and that's their lunch all right people come allows before you where you see the eyes are red. Do you think on the phone this person put my car opening down not banana victims all right guess you don't care. Eating is better than smoking it ended stronger high. Full body IE eight infused cookies last night tried it a feud sciences and says make me go to sleep. That's why would like to try just to see what it does. Alcohol he's made me sleep. After. Well yeah eight and -- and that's a mystery that's always a bug me nice I quit drinking what about twenty years and -- But -- people party in the quarter. All night long and they're still out there at 4 o'clock in the morning in my days when I did drink your yeah I get all kind of tired and you know I'm good for couple hours and assigned to go to bad maybe that's how you know when it's time to quit drinking they don't hang up on June of that unless they're taking. Something -- Placed on -- during a lot of Red Bull and those kind of things but that's how you know and it's time to quit drink it when all it does is make you tired you want go to bed. Time to give it up Tommy -- Colorado would you try it I probably would call although when it comes in Washington there's some some. Pretty sizable restrictions. And I'll tell you about those in the second American Covington -- under the WL. Good morning -- I'd get around that talent in this is going back about forty years. The tension. Between the -- in the works pretty well. You know the smoke. Did you try it. I say it could yeah -- in if you hand it would affect do you think winning and saying okay. And Edwards tried Pittsburgh now here's the point them out -- played a wonderful place. But what I am asking you is. From the effects of marijuana in general did it was at the same -- drinking -- you well now what was the difference. Our. The more outrageous a -- a calming. Relaxing and sure like music and people talk -- -- -- Are usually is what you actually shall we that you like people talking to him. Are -- at Angel talking to people and you -- listening to people most most every. Yeah I get caught a lot more or conversation. I definitely audience thank Derek I'm glad you called have a great day well -- bad -- 60187. Neitzel 38668890878. Texas I was eighteen and seven he's never tried it never wanted to still won't I was originally. I was the original designated driver boyfriend had it all. And I'll listen -- -- have conversations that went man MI stoned. I figured -- could manage to do enough stupid. Stuff. Without it and I'd been maybe that's likely drink and because they realize I don't I don't need to drink to make a fool myself. I have not heard the term model had since my dad passed away ten years ago you -- cracking me up wallets and we try to do I smoked. So much when I was younger I will never smoke again legal or not. On another one pot ball affects you first you she got to do it at least twice if you're susceptible to addiction of any thing. You'll have the propensity to become mentally addicted to pot otherwise it's fun to do your already a funny guy you'll be hysterically funny. With pot use I did all the time before my navy days I don't drink if it becomes legal I will do it again. Another one says if it was legal I'd be high right now another -- come on Tommy can't be that night about pot. I'm sure you know others see smoke and as it's quite common and I do I know some professionals that. Partake of it did very regularly but you can't really know. Would somebody else's feeling unless you go through it yourself -- thing. Difficulties 60187. Neitzel 366889087. And I get a text here that says. -- can definitely affects you. The first time. Announces Tommy -- and anything -- smoke bales of positive. -- lakes of liquor I took my blistering 27 months ago to date the effect is the same it's up for solution for life's issues. Plus pot -- you munch uncontrollable Lee who wants that. You may call 260187203866889087. Years here at the terms of it's legal marijuana is legal you don't have to smoke yet. And you don't get drug tested at work would you try it at least once just to see what it was about. Thank inflections of a W it literally have to go very far as federal courthouse right across street premise and soon as we found out find out will tweet it. Is -- follow us at WWL AM FM Jordan isn't it. At -- BW OAMFM and you can also. -- text in for news alerts go directly to you Smartphone and you text the word news NE WS. Tate's 78 Saturday -- attacks here comes in talking about -- marijuana if it were legal. Was -- swing going out and heavens and marijuana as opposed to going around -- one or two drinks at lunch. I don't know John in Metairie good morning -- on -- WL. What age and column topic I'd pick and any -- -- you know. People. Controlled at the -- -- he would do these kind of thing in the great gentleman. Like it. And I think you know by a lot of people actually you know. There's a lot that we use for it you know in the -- that. Vote is needed now. Even though you're actually. -- -- -- Any -- but it was -- -- a dominant -- you know instead that they an actress did not vote spot near an airport. He smoked cigarettes. -- so if pot were to become legal and you would not have to smoke in and again only to smoking -- would look at. Would you try it again or to get back to. But that bank committed. I think it is. In the crotch before it being that I had evidently there right there at that content -- And needed to gain the idea. Issues sleet and then drop yet like. But. You know mom my whole lot older -- -- -- what lives there and the legal and and drug -- I tried it now let out -- even. -- It's about the only. I can't let -- -- John and his story about the president being in in Denver Tuesday night. And I got to bars that you wanna hit this and he was offered some -- And they recently of course legalized recreational marijuana and then guideposts in the exchange and answer grams their body could see it the president of course admitted to smoking. Pot as a young Manny was an active member of the tomb gang in high school which respected all sorts of techniques. For getting high and since then the president says those times. Were bad choices for him and he didn't consider the army could do we keep in mind he grew up. In Hawaii I guess and Indonesia. I know it's been a long time so I would imagine it was that hard again. So. Back to the phone lines were guilty Shana West Bank -- on -- WL. I'm well thank you. And art. But he cut and how. It. At. -- the -- On the it will be cut by. -- get an air gap and why didn't that I had ample. Do you smoke cigarettes. -- So would you. Think cigars when women do. -- Eat what are they brownie you hear people talk about that I. I got to teach I'm glad you're -- -- and understand audience. They tell me about about Ray Nagin what he thinks -- he had timeout. Before it goes to jail or should they taken directly to jail. -- great. Are able to import the year reign in apple. -- I don't I. Don't think that at all. -- -- -- -- -- The -- out of time if you if you know love him and worked. And Cox cable what do you and liked him anything -- break bad what do you think made him go over to the dark side. -- I am all the -- and what. I'm glad he called T Shelby have a great trip really roared back to me William. I appreciate you coming back tummy tuck and -- that you.

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