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Jul 9, 2014|

Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Garland talks to Attorney and WWL legal analyst, Tim Meche, about the sentence.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we're gonna go to mesh terms of the -- legal analyst Tim Whitman. Richard your thoughts. I'm not surprised that. Well on record and in the media they got me via. I predicted ten to twelve years in the -- it was. When you look at those being that that you're involved and bit there's a difference between law -- -- And the reason to guideline numbers were so they were called were -- -- and its. It could big guideline book -- based on the amount of loss to the victim in that case would be the citizens of war. And they used all those contracts. That. Especially the technology people. Which were billions of dollars and those numbers ratchet up guidelines ha. But the fact that matters mr. Nagin did make that much money as a result of the criminal activity. The people who make the money mr. sang here mr. Baffert -- yet do me any time it. And -- element in making actually made -- at -- And -- well that's what drove the judge to issue of their vote them. And -- the figures are sold was 500000. That I assume that correctly. They added that number and what they. He did would they calculated the amount of money those trips were were what the trip to New York trip to Jamaica trip to Hawaii. -- the -- -- -- that apparently talked to mayor may not have been -- in them made him work was. But it's not like mayor Nagin received a -- Of 400000 dollars in cash like former governor Edward. The actual money. That actual and we're a couple of investments to the green and company won 141000 dollars and another for May be 50000 dollars. But it was never real evidence that anybody actually -- them being actual money that he actually. -- Themselves. Cannot do that's what drove the judge's decision here. -- and on and noble woman -- -- -- long this morning to social most historically. Saying it's gonna be twenty years we'll be pimping that twenty years. What did so many people in the legal industry think it was going to be that it. Well Garland here's what. As you know the emotional reaction to Ray -- in this community. Especially. In the chocolate city speech. Has -- and so string. From all across community. And I think that perception was that you know we have a tendency in the city for whatever reason that either. Think that. They're worn -- responsible all of our problems. All are they're warned. And permanent pixel crop. You know all the school superintendent he's Britain over the years we out of that one. And I think emotionally a lot of people in the community legal analyst Burton what included. Had that feeling about race in you know he was responsible with a problem we have in the recovery. And every did you look at that the book yeah. But the fact of the matter is that you look at just to carry itself. And the fact that he really didn't make that much money. And the judgment as significant finding today that he was not the leader of the activity. The leader were people like that word shank a year ago. And to some extent that he can't -- -- as appalled and taken advantage. They're the ones who pocketed all the money not yet. And I will keep -- did release these because. You know being emotional reaction to Ray Nagin or all of the reasons. A well document. There everything -- says Doug George paragon. May -- give a little bit less of votes and as they give a little bit more. But shoes were you totally restricted with -- all the federal guidelines and then the other thing you have to and they were just apologized. He probably get a lower -- Willie didn't apologized. In Sheehy. Gave him is vastly different sentence than moved from talking about what happened. Well we're -- not that by the guidelines -- few years ago the US supreme court's that no longer mandatory either by. Accurately. Judge -- and before she became a judge them years ago -- crumbled and that should -- its -- ball. And she won't sting and how the process works and the fact of the matter is that somebody gets on the witness England and testify. It's not likely that that encompasses and -- him and say -- would judge I'll lie to you months ago when I took a note that former -- Instead I would not DOD. I mean that you'll -- and -- not take responsibility for what I idea -- it. She recognizes that that's just not reality and that's not expect. So of all the judges -- who was not likely to hold that against him it would be somebody like her with the past experience. Let's go to low one Brooke called Eric in Texas -- -- with Tim. Ereader for all of our look at operated on -- and wired but what you wrote the -- they're very adamant it would Connors -- -- Are very I didn't follow it. Every day but I think people are Bernard I think it -- from our -- or current at all. I hope in there when the immutable. Beautiful art or -- or a parent. -- a couple -- years -- and living your life and our finger when you're supporting but it doesn't matter at all. -- -- aren't bad luck I'll bring listeners. Are all all of the word and the opera will bring. -- There's. The org reluctance to -- not been that long ago. -- where you think good news -- to literally make a difference. You know I think entered its -- experience. What's significant. Virtually every case we do obviously the family members of those convicted. Sometimes even after the deal. -- believe in there now who's in. That just. An emotional human beings sort of thing and I think the judge recognized. And I. Think because her experience she didn't hope that it -- mr. The experience over the years would these type of -- Exactly -- -- toward easier to market or that she was called the guitar. And -- at work in and we think about it among you know going in. Wouldn't you expect your style or walk -- spell all the believing your benefits especially after you've taken the witness stand and put that. I mean if the a little bit unusual expelled. Wrote a letter to the dirt actor and current like and by the way I know he's guilty and remotely like we could stay however he's a good -- it practice it that's not consistent with reality. Former mayor Ray Nagin. Ten years starts his -- on September the eighth. And though got a number of caller we're gonna go to and just amenable -- -- -- where this sort attorney Debra BO legal analyst. Tim did the the -- I think is live Matt Coleman Europe's attorney's office. He mentioned the appeal was he talking about the that the US attorney -- went to fuel this sentence. Yet they do you have the right to appeal. And he also mentioned that it's not a to hear him or he has also is it's up to the solicitor general all those in Washington. -- Goran before and I mentioned that a few years ago the US Supreme Court issued a monumental move. -- -- Guidelines are no longer mandatory that we just advisor. Back when they were considered mandatory that government would routinely. Put your sentences that they get life. That we -- in accordance with the guidelines and they would -- After that US Supreme Court decision. The government routinely does not appeal the sentence is because they know. Jeremy advisor. And they would have to share that the judge abused her discretion which is a very high standard. And I predicted or likely that they're going to -- Get permission from the solicitor general to appeal. And it is this a message from -- Gooden threw the prosecutor. -- well that could be it could be that she wasn't as impressed. With their case. As they want it to -- And like us I mean they were a number of factors Conchita get very -- these children reasons and so we're very fast. You know them that big and bigger bridge case -- judge in court issued its sentencing. And he read a sentence saying. Reason that 163 pages long. That lasted for about two out what he gave specific reasons for what he was doing widely used do and it's and what you saw about the case just -- -- But beyond numbers saying it could have influenced her one of which are things like. The leaders of the people who made the money these activities like mr. mayor -- for instance. You know beware allegations that he had discredit Kourtney spent millions of dollars and went stripper club and Californians. Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars you know he had done yeah. And. You know and use that cause you rule the world and on the -- Exactly and -- judges were bothered by the fact that the government has the ability. To treat certain dependent. Differently than others and the fact that they would need you don't hear them. And they you know use their resources. Go after -- and demanded twenty year sentence. We're not likely that he's gonna do. He's been close to and he not gone to jail yet. Who knows what it's fine -- that will be. But that bothersome to -- you know they wanna have a sense of equal treatment. She didn't say that but it's likely that that would have Bob burger. And again and the fact that making that he could do it late. That much money I mean even if you believe that 500000 dollar figures it was like somebody step 500000 dollars cash. In his pocket there couldn't bank account and we just didn't like trip and you know -- -- -- staying. And. Ray Nagin has been sentenced to prison ten years' worth. Starts assailants on September the unity George -- organ gave him. Just about helpful what the the Fed were asking for. -- -- about what this to better understand that ruling double mobile legal analyst. Timid funeral mindless bring in some people that have been holding on that code to Donny -- Euro and other bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- insult our laws and I would groups on the sort of war has brilliantly -- Cox cable and so on. So that. Could handle it and I question the true. To the task. -- and then try to limit -- -- -- sure your -- we have urged him. To the table and six year old little problem -- Which. An. All or skill to Drupal. Sought formal fast -- quick solution with Somalia and of course that. And then it's like that prospective that's. And -- and didn't. Do we are. Sort of side by his own Merrill. Well orchestrated but by was brought certainly set up. But it didn't trip or so although there are all concerned problems. Call -- but when it isn't called. On it changes the whole picture of my whole. Goal or of them. All followed no (%expletive) storm go from. But it's -- While. It would be an elected partner and then. He -- a battle up there doesn't get so -- as there on the course. Soak up error error. Or. Judge steps. On. Supposed to look at. -- Two. And okay so to make an example. Should. Didn't screw screw this stuff. Introducing thoughts. -- e-book Tim. If plunged the board Donn Edwards talking about. I think. And that you may -- or 500000. Dollars in the private sector is an executive. And -- came out of the -- -- 130000. There was a lot of talk. That he just didn't have -- and they dances. To sustain his lifestyle -- -- out of the -- he was doing. Oh was what he -- done in corporate America. If if that true or if that's part of the story. You think the judge took that kind of thing in consideration. Yeah I think it is very considerate toward what it does -- she's scary way here. Things that are going on community should -- participated. In the community in civic activities but fortunately came -- And I think. May -- more so than most of the injured on that bench. And no other real world work and I think that was a factor. Primary interest -- Or -- scoot to load said -- -- down. A little hole or you do that. I had -- -- to -- anyone born in Ukraine role in the world you still. You know you have to you'd -- a quick as -- you and you you know I'd be. My concern is these two certain prosecutors. Who leaked it -- -- officials -- media all on different you know under different aliases. You know why aren't that would be. In the they should be penalized some because. -- it it it was -- opposite thing about. Killed in -- possible life as well as I believe is that the millionaire that guy. I believe if they would. That type of implementation. It is getting people greeted wouldn't be Ngo and if you don't. And -- and you know talks to -- -- are probably he's done before. -- Well that was. Litigated pretrial motions in the involved and if no not relevant. Four properties of this trawl. The fact that not to happen -- prosecuted probably not a real. Betty it's relevant. To -- and she may have considered that interest in the market that she's got a stronger where. What happened in the real world in this community and that could have been factored in. Hello you have you been a lawyer. At Rutgers. Have you ever heard of that he. Prosecutor being prosecuted for wrongdoing here and so where. -- that is that the Cedric the bad pure and they don't get prosecuted. They've done some things you read books about bread they do something you and would have gone under the GO four. But there are impervious it'll give prosecute. In -- Tim. Or as secure with who do you mentioned Greg -- And and seeing stability. One of those that the benefited greatly. But because he rolled over on these other people so far he got off. If bureau a politician. That. Is a good -- you know good good girl try and do the right thing. Don't -- to have to be totally. Wrong all because. If they start going -- somebody -- acts. And really wanna get used to. All they have to do is tell that person we're gonna give you twenty years sentence. Unless you rolled over on. Some audio. Out of somebody become a politician today and and and -- the war. Well it is scary and that's why aren't we it is -- -- Hold the government accountable to prevent them from. You've been political both countries have so much so called and they had. So much ability to make cases. Nothing. And that's why we need to hold them accountable you know that lies whenever. A bit scandal broke about walking date quite frankly can't let that -- That soiree whenever we have better BI director mr. -- is -- -- you remember. We started given political speeches to civic groups intimating that he won't run all those immediately he would actively. Our bid department just this is opposed to being nonpolitical. Non -- it. Sometimes we get individuals within their ranks who don't abide by them and that hold it accountable. To whom I appreciate the time and the expertise you have radio and true won't be calling you again soon. -- Tim mesh attorney double a bill legal -- this is double of the old big 870 immoral five to reopen you do store and -- Ray Nagin sentenced to ten years in prison begins in prison since September of.